Passions Recaps: The week of March 11, 2002 on PS

Hank tried to reunite Luis and Beth. Timmy got a message from Charity. Grace warned Kay to leave Miguel alone. Theresa publicly declared herself Mrs. Julian Crane and intended to go after the Crane fortune. The murder investigation accelerated, and accusations flew. Zombie Charity watched her plan unfold with delight.
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Passions Recaps: The week of March 11, 2002 on PS
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Monday, March 11, 2002

Everyone converged on the Seascape Restaurant. Zombie Charity invited Tabitha and Timmy to join her. She did not sit with the rest of the Bennetts.

T.C. and Eve called their daughters. All of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds were having dinner at the Seascape as well. Zombie Charity was glad to see Theresa, hoping she would put her evil plan into motion.

Theresa did not know that Gwen and Ethan were having dinner there. Zombie Charity was excited over the evil about to begin.

Ivy and Rebecca, as well as David and John, were at the Seascape. Rebecca was curious as to what Ivy was up to. She could not understand Ivy's calm demeanor when the DNA results were about to be returned, exposing Ivy and her plan to get Sam. Chad was working at the Seascape, playing music. Ivy planned on using Chad and his job to help get Eve to change the DNA results.

Ethan and Gwen planned to leave when they saw Theresa and her family walk in. Theresa instructed Luis to tell Ethan to stay. Theresa said that they would be running into each other and needed to get used to it. Ethan was glad to see how mature Theresa was acting.

Ivy received a special delivery. It was a tape of Eve singing the blues from her jazz club days. Ivy had a waiter take the tape over to Chad so he could play it for everyone at the restaurant.

Miguel asked Charity to sit with him at the restaurant. Zombie Charity made the excuse that she had invited poor Tabitha and Timmy because they had been lonely, and she wanted to sit with them instead. Grace did not seem pleased that Kay asked Miguel to stay with her and her family.

When everyone heard the singer on the mysterious tape, they could not place the familiar voice. Eve went and asked Chad for the tape. Ivy warned Eve to change the DNA results, or all her secrets would be exposed.

Sam made it clear to Ivy that if she'd had anything to do with David posing as Grace's husband and John not really being Grace's son, she would pay. He warned Ivy that she would be dead to him and probably Ethan as well.

Grace cornered Kay and told her not to go after Miguel. Kay could not believe that her happiness meant nothing to her mother. She told her mother that Grace cared for everyone else more than she cared for Kay. She also said that she wanted Miguel and planned on getting him.

Theresa set the zombie's evil plan into motion. She announced to everyone in the restaurant that she wanted to buy them dinner. She said to send the bill to her, Mrs. Julian Crane. The announcement seemed to horrify both Rebecca and Ivy.

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Liz reminded Brian that he had promised to paint another one of her guest rooms, but since he had been so busy helping "Diana," he had not done it. Even though Brian was dead tired, he told Liz that he would do it.

"Diana," who was actually Sheridan, had a dream about her lover. That time, instead of seeing Luis' face, she saw Brian. That made Diana get out of bed and seek Brian out. She watched him very closely as he painted the guest room. He told her he had to finish it by morning.

Diana realized that she was reason Brian would be up all night, painting, so she offered to help. As they pair painted, they got playful and began to paint each other. They took a late-night swim to clean off. Diana seemed to be looking at Brian differently.

Theresa's bombshell, that she was the rightful Mrs. Julian Crane, did not go over well. Her family begged her not to lay claim to anything from the Cranes. Theresa told them that she had to put her baby first. Theresa went over to Ivy and Rebecca and told them that since she was the rightful Mrs. Crane, they'd both better "get the hell out" of her house that night. Ivy got so upset that she began to hyperventilate.

Gwen went over to her mother and said the joke was on her because Theresa had won. Gwen told her mother that Rebecca was homeless and penniless. Gwen then said that she was not on her mother's side but her own side, and she wanted nothing more to do with her mother's plotting.

Hank invited Beth to join them at the Seascape. Luis seemed pleasantly surprised. Chad cornered Whitney and told her that Theresa had to be up to something and still trying to get Ethan back. Chad admired Theresa for not giving up and sometimes even going against her family. Whitney bragged that her family, especially her mom, was perfect.

Ethan went to his mother, who seemed ill, and called Eve to help her. Eve then told Ivy that she would not buckle under to Ivy's threats. Eve said Ivy was going to end up with nothing, and that was what she deserved.

Zombie girl turned into Julian and appeared to a frightened Rebecca. Julian told Rebecca he was there to help her by telling her who his murderer was.

Rebecca announced to everyone at the restaurant that Sam should arrest Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald for the murder of Julian Crane.

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Brian and Diana enjoyed their swim. Diana got a little nervous when she told Brian she was cold, and he replied that he would light her fire. She seemed relieved to see that he had built a fire for them on the beach. Diana wanted to find something that she was good at. She knew that even with Brian's help, she would never be a good waitress.

Hank once again urged Luis to move on with his life. He thought that Luis needed a push in the right direction.

Rebecca dropped a bombshell that Theresa had killed Julian. No one believed it, even though both Rebecca and Ivy were pushing the issue. Rebecca painted a picture of Theresa as a "money-grubbing little slut." Pilar slapped Rebecca in the face, and Rebecca retaliated by saying that Theresa had to have gotten her violent side from Pilar.

Rebecca said that she had seen Theresa on the wharf by the cannery. Theresa had pulled out a gun and gone into the cannery, and then Rebecca had heard a shot. Everyone asked Rebecca what she had been doing on the wharf that night. She said that she had gone for a walk and had started to follow the sound of a wheelchair.

Rebecca said that only one person had an electric wheelchair, and that was Ivy. Ivy refused to let anybody believe that she could have killed Julian. Ivy said that she had been at the wharf and had heard Eve's voice. Ivy then said that Eve had had a gun in her hand. T.C. stepped in and told Ivy that Eve had had no motive to kill Julian.

Everybody threw suspicion on each other. Ivy questioned Eve as to why she had been at the cannery the night Julian had died.

Gwen begged her mother to stop throwing suspicion onto Theresa. She said it would only make Ethan want to rush to Theresa's defense.

An on-duty Luis heard an alarm going off at the Book Cafe. Luis tackled an unsuspecting Beth. They had a laugh over the incident. Hank watched from the bushes, proud of himself that he had set off the alarm and gotten Luis and Beth together. Luis confided his frustrations over Theresa to Beth. As he began ranting, Beth kissed him.

Tabitha got caught stealing a lobster from the tank at the Seascape. Timmy stepped in and told the waiter that Tabitha was a little forgetful and tried to get her to give the lobster back. It bit both the waiter and Tabitha.

Zombie Charity told Miguel that she thought Theresa was guilty of murder. Kay defended Theresa and looked good to Miguel in the process.

Diana surprised Brian by finishing the paint job in the guest room for him. Sam swore to make Julian's murderer face justice, no matter who it was.

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Beth planted a passionate kiss on Luis at the Book Café. Sam announced that he was going to start taking formal statements from all the suspects in Julian's murder. Suddenly feeling self-conscious about being so forward, Beth rushed off in embarrassment while Luis realized that it was Hank who had set off the burglar alarm to draw the couple together.

Brian resisted giving "Diana" any more insight into his painful past in Harmony. Theresa quietly assured her fretful mother that Chief Bennett could not connect her to the shooting. Whitney gave Chad the cold shoulder. As Theresa continued to play lady of the manor in her new role as Mrs. Crane, Ivy and Rebecca contemplated various ways to take their mutual enemy down.

Hank again urged Luis not to blow his chance with a wonderful woman like Beth. Brian explained to Diana why his romance with Liz had fizzled. Later, Brian stunned Diana with an impulsive marriage proposal. Chad asked Eve why she had trashed the tape he had received from an anonymous diner at the Seascape.

Friday, March 15, 2002

Zombie Charity returned home with Tabitha and Timmy. She asked Timmy to mix up a pitcher of Martimmies. Timmy and Tabitha worried that she would turn out to be even meaner if she had a few drinks. Tabitha urged Timmy to go up to bed.

Timmy went to the ancient scroll, which infuriated the zombie. The scroll produced a hologram of the real Charity. She begged to be rescued from her block of ice. Timmy tried to talk to Charity but realized that it was only her image and that there was nothing he could do. She said that the only thing that could help her was the book of spells.

Diana and Brian, otherwise known as Sheridan and Antonio, began to tango together. Sheridan knew some special Lopez-Fitzgerald moves, and Brian could not believe that she knew them. Diana herself could not explain it either. She then had a flashback of dancing with Luis. She cried and ran into Brian's arms.

Luis and Pilar tried to talk a headstrong Theresa out of laying claim to the Crane fortune. Luis was especially upset with her and told Theresa that she had given the police a motive to suspect her as Julian's killer. Theresa refused to listen. She said that the Crane money would make everyone's lives easier.

Theresa asked Luis how his beloved Sheridan could ever have been happy living in a small apartment, cutting coupons. That hurt Luis, and he told his sister that Sheridan had been eager to become his wife and live in an apartment with him. Theresa apologized. Pilar went to pray over Theresa's decision. She asked her to think her decision over. She asked, "What would Jesus do?"

Miguel and Kay grew closer. Miguel said his mother had told him when looking for a wife to look for a good friend. Kay said her grandfather had told her to find someone who she could share history with. Kay silently promised herself that she would become Miguel's wife.

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