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Roger returned to town and reunited with his daughter, Greenlee. Leo and Simone bonded during their times of sorrow. David forced Joe to resign, but the board of directors named Jake as Joe's replacement. Anna and David got married.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 11, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, March 11, 2002

As they stood in front of the minister, listening to the service, David and Anna were confused as to when they were supposed to respond. When Earl asked if there was anyone who objected, his wife spoke up and said, "This wedding is all wrong." She told them that the wedding would be cursed if they didn't speak their wedding vows from the heart. David and Anna put on a charade of being lovebirds as Anna began her vows. She said she was looking forward to a great adventure, and she was having a wonderful time.

In his vows, David thanked Anna for taking him as he was and challenging him. He also thanked her for being his wife. Mrs. Tuttle was very satisfied, and Earl concluded the ceremony, declaring them husband and wife. Afterwards, Anna and David told the Tuttles that they were planning to honeymoon in Pine Valley. However, when Earl and his wife informed them that the road to Pine Valley was flooded, David and Anna decided to stay in the honeymoon suite next door.

Later, in David and Anna's room, Anna set some ground rules. She didn't want to announce their marriage or risk jeopardizing her chief of police position. Second, if he became wealthy due to his research, she would get part of it. He agreed to both and said he had no problem if she became wealthy out of the marriage. He said he'd never forget that she had protected him against Jake.

Mrs. Tuttle showed up at David and Anna's door with a package for "Mrs. Hayward." Anna was surprised when she opened the package and saw a pink nightgown. David said it was supposed to have been a negligee, and she didn't have to wear it. Anna said that she would, however, and she went into the bathroom to change.

In Maggie's room, Bianca said that Maggie couldn't run away. Bianca explained to Maggie that her testimony could stop Vanessa. Maggie responded that she couldn't testify against Vanessa. Bianca continued to try to convince her as Maggie got dressed. Maggie explained that she was a nobody, and people didn't listen to nobodies.

Before Maggie could leave, Bianca asked her what had happened the night Frankie had been killed. She responded, "Fine," and she sat on the bed to explain. She told Bianca the sonnet had spelled out, "Vanessa" and "evil." She went on to tell Bianca about Vanessa's henchman killing Frankie. When she finished, Bianca asked her how Maggie could leave after what had happened.

Bianca accused Maggie of letting Frankie down if she didn't testify against Vanessa. Maggie got defensive and said that going up against Vanessa was pointless. Bianca argued that Frankie deserved justice. She said that if Maggie left Pine Valley then Bianca would make sure that Vanessa was nailed to the wall. As she left the room, Bianca said that she wanted justice and revenge against Vanessa.

Vanessa told Dr. Zeke Torres, formerly Dr. Macmillan, that she hadn't signed a release form for sodium pentothal. He said that he wouldn't need truth serum if she would tell the truth. He asked her who she was, and she responded, "Rosie Wells." He told her that Rosie Wells had nothing to hide, but Vanessa Cortland did. He said that she wasn't Vanessa Cortland or Rosie Wells, but she was Proteus.

Zeke then asked to speak to Proteus. Vanessa responded with comments about "Protein" and how her mother wanted her to eat much more protein. Zeke told her that he had checked on her stay at the Hills Institute when she had lived in California. She had been checked in because she'd had a breakdown, and she had been psychotic. He told her that he believed she was faking.

Vanessa continued her act, but Zeke wasn't having any of it. He told her that he would love nothing more than to inflict the same pain on her that she had inflicted on others. He couldn't remain objective, so he told her that he was recommending another psychiatrist. If it were up to him, she'd be injected with something more powerful than truth serum.

As SOS, Mateo wondered why Simone's cab hadn't arrived yet. Hayley told him to relax and enjoy the night. Later, Dr. Macmillan arrived at SOS. He found Simone and asked her if she had gotten her forgiveness from Mateo. She said no and accused him of checking up on her to give her an "I told you so." He said he had just gone down because he had wanted to make sure she was safe.

Zeke told Simone he had been with a patient, and it had made him worry about her. She immediately assumed it was Vanessa. She told him that she had heard Vanessa had multiple personalities. Mateo overheard their conversation and walked up. He told Zeke that he'd better not let Vanessa out, or Mateo would kill her. Zeke cautioned Mateo to be careful about making public threats.

Simone and Zeke left as Hayley walked up. Mateo was irate as he walked behind the bar. Sensing his mood, Hayley told him to settle down. Mateo filled her in and told her that Vanessa was going to plead insanity. Hayley told him that it was possible, but Mateo said she wasn't getting away with it. She showed him a picture of Lorenzo to settle him down.

As Mateo and Hayley discussed their trip to Texas to get their son, a man showed up and served Mateo with a subpoena to testify in a pretrial hearing. Unfortunately, he couldn't leave town. Later, Bianca showed up looking for Edmund. She was carrying a copy of Tempo with the Proteus story. Mateo asked to look at it, and Bianca gave it to him. He opened up the magazine and began reading with disgust.

After Bianca left, Hayley asked Mateo if Bianca had seemed a little off to him. He ignored the question as he pointed out the story in Tempo. Hayley left to start the car up as Mateo continued his preoccupation with the story.

Greenlee repeated that she loved Leo, and she had never been more sure of anything. Jake walked up and said, "Really? I was under the impression that you loved me." Greenlee reacted in shock that he was there. He accused her of running off with Leo, and she told him about the phone call she had received about him. It had made her think that he was suicidal. She repeated to Jake that she loved him too. Leo reminded her that she had said she loved him.

Frustrated, Greenlee responded, "All right, I love both of you!" Jake told her that he'd help solve her problem; he withdrew from all competition. He told Leo that she was all his, and he walked out amid Greenlee's protests. Leo told her that she'd never love him and him alone, and he was tired of begging. He walked out on her too.

Later, Jake and Leo both returned to Greenlee's loft. They began packing their belongings, and Greenlee walked in. Greenlee asked them what they were doing and told them that it was ridiculous. They both accused her of being a little girl who always needed to be saved. Jake said that her life always appeared more important then his. Leo told her that she wasn't capable of being loved, and she didn't know real love.

Before Jake and Leo could leave, Greenlee stood in front of the door. She repeated that she loved them both, but they didn't have the right to "spit on" her. She made a last-second plea to both of them. She said that she hadn't done anything wrong, but Jake responded that she had done everything wrong. She said when they walked out that door, they would be giving up the best thing that had ever happened to them. They both grabbed their bags and left.

Later, in her hospital room, Vanessa got a call from a distorted voice. It said, "Vanessa. Congratulations. You're still alive, but not for long. You'll be rewarded for what you've done. Very soon." Vanessa dropped the phone in fright.

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

In her hospital bed, Vanessa awakened and found Mateo staring at her. Vanessa said that she was supposed to have a "private suite." Mat advised her to "cut the crap." He snatched away the call button when she tried to grab for it and then grabbed her hand. Vanessa acted as if she was one of her multiple personalities and asked who he was. Mateo said he was a disgruntled employee who wanted her dead. Vanessa told him to stop the strong-arm tactics.

Mateo asked if she remembered who he was, and she feigned stupidity. He reminded her that she had forced him to sell drugs and at the same time had threatened his family and had almost had him killed. Vanessa begged him to let her go. Mateo vowed she would be punished. She reminded him there was a security guard outside her door. Mateo assured her that he had learned a few things about getting rid of guards.

Vanessa asked what Mateo wanted. He wanted the time she had taken from him, Hayley, and Lorenzo, which she could never give him back. He vowed to give her a punishment that would be slow and painful. He let her go, and she closed her eyes as she rubbed her hurt hands. When she opened her eyes back up, she was alone.

Greenlee slept in the Enchantment office as a mysterious man walked in. He tapped her shoulder, and she jumped up. She looked up and in shock she said, "Oh, my God." It was Roger. Greenlee gave her dad a hug as he told her that he had tried her place before going to her job. Greenlee claimed she'd had work to finish up.

Roger told his daughter that he'd been a bad father at a time when she had needed him. However, he needed her more than he ever had. He asked for money to get out of town so he wouldn't get arrested. Greenlee wanted to know what was going on. He begged her to just give him the money. She wouldn't give him any money without an explanation. He revealed that he had worked for Proteus and had been drawn into the drug ring. However, he hadn't known it was Vanessa until he had read the article in Tempo.

Greenlee was in shock over the news. He assured her that he had been a pawn in Proteus' game and demanded to know if Greenlee was giving him the money. Greenlee called her father a selfish pig and was upset that he had caused that stress for her after she had lost both Leo and Jake. Roger tried to apologize for his words. Greenlee said that they were both pathetic. Roger demanded his daughter's help. "You can't have it," Greenlee spat.

Greenlee was upset that Roger hadn't even tried to see if she had been okay after the kidnapping. He said that he had been trying to lay low and prevent being caught by the cops. She asked her father if he'd ever done anything for someone else. She felt that he was only looking out for himself and didn't "give a damn" about her. She then admitted that he had given her one thing -- the ability to take care of and look out for herself.

Roger continued to beg for Greenlee's help. In the middle of their argument, the police burst in the office and arrested Roger for his crimes. He begged his daughter to call a lawyer for him. Greenlee refused and told the cops to inform the D.A. that she'd be more than happy to testify against him in court. In the middle of everything, Mateo walked in. Roger continued to beg for her help. The two police officers escorted Roger out of the office.

Mateo advised Greenlee to calm down. Greenlee told him that he had worked for the woman that had tried to kill her. She needed to talk to someone about what had happened, but remembered that neither Leo nor Jake would want to talk to her anymore. She apologized for talking about her problems. Mateo understood and later suggested that she be a little easier on her dad. Greenlee wondered why he was defending her dad. Mateo told her that Vanessa had made an art of threatening her workers, including Roger.

Greenlee asked if Roger had stayed on with Proteus to protect her. Mateo admitted Roger had done it for her. Greenlee was surprised her dad had actually done something to protect her. Mateo advised Greenlee to try to find a lawyer for Roger. Greenlee wondered if Vanessa would ever be punished for her misdeeds and how to punish a person who had no feelings.

A wasted Leo slept on a park bench. Simone woke him, gave him some sunglasses, and offered him a meal to cure his obvious hangover. Leo refused to accept anything from the reporter. He advised her to back off. She blasted him for rejecting her help. Leo said the last thing he needed was another person who wanted to rescue him.

Simone asked if Leo thought she was trying to pick him up. Leo thought she might be doing just that. Simone assured him that no one would want a guy who looked like hell and smelled like a keg. She assured Leo that she was not desperate enough to pick up someone as obnoxious as him. Besides, she had already made a fool of herself by trying to seduce a happily married man and also getting a Fed killed.

Simone said that she had just been trying to help him out, since Greenlee had obviously dumped him. Leo assured her he hadn't been dumped. Simone disagreed and pointed out that nobody would want to hook up with him. She threw the food she had bought him in his lap and called him ungrateful. He asked why she was wasting her time, talking to him. Simone agreed. After all, his mother had royally screwed up her life.

Leo blasted Simone for even mentioning his mother's name after what she had done to him, Greenlee, Frankie, and Maggie. Leo left the park but returned a little later when he couldn't get any money out the ATM to buy coffee. Leo apologized to Simone for his earlier actions. She brushed it off. Leo wondered why he would have no money in his account and soon figured out that Vanessa had probably taken it. Leo couldn't believe that he not only had no money but also no home.

Simone mentioned that she had just bought a new place. Leo asked why she was telling him about her new living arrangements. Simone said that since she no longer had a steady job, she needed to save money. He could help her move, and she could cancel the movers she had hired. He could also stay a couple of nights until he could figure out what to do next with his life. Leo wondered why. Simone said it was to save $500. Leo wasn't buying it.

Simone admitted she felt sorry for Leo. He took her up on her offer. Simone gave him the address, and Leo was in shock. He realized that it was the same building Greenlee lived in.

Back in Vanessa's hospital room, Vanessa told Jack that a dark-haired man she hadn't recognized had threatened her, and his name had been Mateo. Jack called in a female guard to ask if Vanessa had had any visitors. Rosie Wells was her name, Vanessa spat to Jack. The guard assured Jack that since her shift had begun the night before, no one had been in Vanessa's room.

Vanessa assured Jack that the guard was lying and mentioned the call she had received the night before. She was confident the distorted voice had been Mateo's and that he had been threatening her. Jack said she didn't have any phone privileges -- or a phone -- in her room. Vanessa looked around and was shocked to see there was no phone in the room.

In Elk Green, newlyweds Anna and David awoke in bed together . David greeted "Mrs. Hayward" with a seductive kiss. Anna pulled back, and David assumed that the fun was over since they had become man and wife. David told her how he had enjoyed everything they had done the previous night after the wedding. Anna got out of bed and said she was starving. David was starving, too -- for Anna. He pulled her back into bed as she reminded him that they had only gotten married to prevent her from testifying against him in court.

Anna wondered if she should be sending David there instead. Before she could answer, David found out the storm was over, and they could head back to Pine Valley. David told Anna she was free to turn him in. Anna assured David that he had misinterpreted what she had said. David said that they might have gotten married for nothing -- he hadn't been charged with anything yet. He asked if she was miserable. She denied his accusation. David assured her that she looked it.

Anna wondered if she and David had rushed into matrimony a little too fast. She wondered if either of them knew the rules. He reminded her that getting married had been her idea. He also said that she had all the power in their relationship. He was shocked to see that she was already getting dressed. Anna figured it was just time to get on with the day. He kidded her about sending out wedding announcements.

David assured Anna that he wouldn't spill the beans about their wedding until she could become chief of police. Anna asked him to help her put her necklace on. David couldn't resist kissing the back of her neck. The couple wound up kissing passionately and back in bed. Afterwards, Anna got back up and made an attempt to get dressed again. David finally put on her necklace but couldn't resist kissing her neck again.

After Anna suggested David needed a shave, he asked if she was going to be a nagging wife. She wondered if he was going to be a lazy husband who drank beer and watched sports all day. David assured her that wouldn't be him. He assured Anna that he cared about her. Anna knew that they would help each other out in their own ways.

David seemed disappointed in Anna's views on her marriage but kept it from Anna. Anna wondered why she would say what she had just said to him. David told her that he'd check out, and she could get the car. He revealed that he had a little business to take care of after they returned to Pine Valley.

Later, a scream emanated from Vanessa's hospital room. The guard went to see what the commotion was. The guard walked in and found newlyweds David and Anna holding flowers.

Ryan woke up in his bed and found Kendall lying on him. Ryan asked her to wake up. When she opened her eyes, he asked if she had slept well. "Like a rock," she answered. Ryan reminded Kendall she was supposed to have slept on the couch. Kendall felt his bed was a better option and asked if he wanted to play.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Kendall begged Ryan to get rid of whoever was at the door so they could have some fun. Ryan reminded her that she was supposed to be looking for a job that day. Kendall had other plans and suggested that he take advantage of the fact that she was wearing his shirt in his bed. Erica continued to knock, and a fed-up Kendall went to answer the door. Erica was shocked to find her daughter at the door and a shirtless Ryan in bed.

Erica asked to speak to Ryan about Chris -- alone. Kendall got dressed and offered to get coffee for herself and Ryan -- but not her mother. After Kendall left, Ryan told Erica he was not telling her anything about Kendall. Erica assured him that she was there strictly to talk about Chris. She said that he was about the same, but she was worried about what would happen to him after he was released from the hospital. She wanted to take him to her house, but he would never go for that if she suggested it. Ryan said that he wouldn't be able to convince him to move into Erica's place either.

Erica asked if Ryan wanted his father to get better. Ryan assured her that he only wanted him to recover. Beyond that, he was washing his hands of it. Erica said that Chris loved him. Ryan didn't believe it was true, despite the fact that Chris had taken a bullet for him. Erica told Ryan that if he helped her with Chris, she would pay him enough money so he could move out of the Pine Cone and get a fresh start away from Kendall.

After assuring Erica that he was not involved with Kendall, he asked her "who the hell" she thought she was. Like Chris, he refused to be bribed by Erica. Erica told him that she simply needed help with Chris. Ryan said that he was sorry Chris was rejecting her, but there was nothing he could do about it. He did admit that he wouldn't give up on Chris to recover, and neither should she. He wouldn't give up because of what Chris had done for him.

Kendall returned and told Erica that it was time for her to go. Erica said that she and Ryan weren't finished, but he said they were. Erica left, and Kendall was happy that he had told Erica to leave. She noticed Ryan seemed upset and asked him what was wrong. Ryan remembered saying that he would never be like his father, but he had told Erica that he was like Chris. Kendall assured him that it was no big deal.

Ryan asked Kendall if she ever felt like she was like Erica. "Good God, no," hissed Kendall. Ryan wondered what he needed to do. Kendall rushed out and told Ryan she had to go on a job interview. After stepping outside, Kendall called the hospital on her cell phone and asked for Chris's room number.

At the park, Erica met up with Jack and asked him if he had tried to bribe Kendall to get out of town. Jack said he had, but apparently it hadn't worked. Erica asked him what it would take to get Kendall out of town permanently.

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Mia arrived at the hospital because of Jake's request. He told her he had a proposition for her, and she was mildly intrigued until he started talking. When Jake finished describing his deeds, Mia ripped into him. She was stunned that he had arranged for an internship in physical therapy at the hospital for her, plus a job at the hospital that wouldn't interfere with the training program.

Mia said Jake had done that to appease his guilty conscience. Jake tried to deny it, and Mia asked about Greenlee. Busted, Jake refused to go into details but admitted that he and Greenlee were no more. Mia told Jake to go save some other damsel in distress and walked away from him. Just then, Joe walked over and told Jake that Vanessa wanted to see them.

David and Anna continued their visit with Vanessa in her hospital room. Vanessa was screaming, and the guard entered to check. David told the guard that his mother was just overwhelmed with the news of his recent marriage, and the guard left. David and Anna gave Vanessa details of their elopement. David said they'd go to see her every Sunday in prison.

David turned to his blushing bride and said Vanessa looked a little jealous. He wondered if it was because Anna was everything Vanessa could never be -- kind, decent, caring -- and that Anna had won his heart forever. Vanessa burst out, "Never! She'll never replace me in your heart!" David asked her why she thought she was irreplaceable and what her next move would be. Anna and David kept badgering Vanessa until she blurted out, "I'm the star of this show. You can't replace me."

Anna left David to talk to his mother. David told Vanessa that she was "playing to an empty house," but Vanessa kept up the pretense. David told her she was all washed up and gave her a mirror. He also told her she was either going to prison or an asylum. David then said that Anna was going to help him repair all the damage he'd done because of the way Vanessa had raised him. She just kept preening in the mirror while David said that with his new wife, he'd finally become the man he was intended to be.

His mother snarled at him -- as Vanessa, not Rosie Wells -- "I made you with blood, sweat, and more money than God!" David questioned her, and she said she had financed all of his awards and grants throughout his life. David said that was garbage and that he had gone through medical school on a full scholarship. Vanessa said she had endowed the university with things like a new building, a foundation, and a laboratory, and they had given David a scholarship. David was stunned speechless for a moment, and Vanessa went on to say that the only thing bigger than his ego was "mummy's pocketbook." They continued arguing, and she said she had a career's worth of canceled checks to prove it.

David ran out of the room, extremely upset. In the lobby Anna tried to comfort David and said Vanessa couldn't take credit for his intelligence, his talent, or his gift. She said David had made himself an incredible physician, not Vanessa. David took it all in then told Anna that she knew something else about him that no one else could find out. Anna said that it was okay; she was his wife. David said he always felt like Vanessa was looking over his shoulder, she was always a presence in his life. Anna told him Vanessa was gone, he was free, and she knew he would do great things.

Jake and Joe went to see Vanessa. She was in her Rosie Wells act and told the two doctors that Vanessa had been there. She said Vanessa had told David she had financed his career with drug money and that David had known about it all along. She looked very smug as Joe and Jake raised their eyebrows.

Joe and Jake left Vanessa's room and contacted the hospital board. The two doctors walked through the lobby just in time to see David and Anna kissing. Joe told David the board was having an emergency meeting in 15 minutes, and David needed to attend. Joe got a call and left. David asked Jake what the meeting was about, and Jake said, "We're going to nail your coffin shut."

Ryan stepped out of the shower and into his room. He was startled to find the front door wide open and even more surprised to find Liza sitting on his bed. She didn't acknowledge him at first but finally told him she was totally stressed out. She asked about the shooting, and Ryan told her that Chris had taken the bullet for him. He then told Liza that Chris was his father. Liza was surprised but still a little spacey.

A knock on the door interrupted them, and Ryan opened the door and found JR standing there. JR handed Ryan a wad of money. Liza jumped up and demanded to know what JR was trying to buy. She went crazy on Ryan and JR for dealing in drugs. Ryan tried to explain that he had loaned JR some money and that it had not been for drugs.

Liza didn't believe a word of it, and she and JR kept yelling at each other. She wondered what JR's probation officer would have to say about him cutting school. JR told her there wasn't any school that day, and then Liza remembered she was supposed to pick Colby up from school. She ran out.

Adam sat in his home office, reading Tempo. He called WRCW, looking for Liza, but was told she wasn't in. Stuart walked in and told his brother that he had picked Colby up from school because Liza hadn't shown up, and the school had called him. Adam thought that was strange but wasn't worried. He showed Stuart the Tempo magazine, and Stuart said he just couldn't believe that Vanessa was Proteus.

Adam said JR had gotten into drugs because of Proteus. He also said he couldn't believe Palmer hadn't known about Vanessa and said that Courtland Electronics was going to take a hit for it. Adam called Chandler Enterprises and wanted to talk to Doug Mitchell, the Chief Financial Officer, but was told that Liza had fired him. Adam was very angry, and Stuart tried to calm him down as Liza walked in. She thanked Stuart for picking Colby up from school and then began telling Adam about finding JR at Ryan's. JR walked in, and they all began to argue.

Adam told JR to tell his story, and JR said he had gone to Ryan's to pay back a loan and had found Liza there first. Adam turned to Liza and asked why she had been at Ryan's instead of at work. JR and Stuart left the room, and Adam again asked why Liza had been in Ryan's room. She claimed they had needed to talk about Gillian's playground, but Adam didn't believe her. She got angry and walked out. Adam sat down in astonishment, and Stuart returned. He said Liza had looked mad and asked Adam if he'd asked her about firing the CFO. Adam said no and told Stuart not to mention it either.

Erica thought Jack was joking when he said the only way to get rid of Kendall was murder. He told her to stop trying to control everyone and everything around her. She said he had tried to buy Kendall out of Pine Valley for Bianca's sake. However, Jack looked at Erica and said he had done it for her sake. Erica said she'd made a mistake, calling Jack, and wouldn't ask him for help again.

Erica got up to leave, saying she was going to see Chris at the hospital. Jack said, "Even when he doesn't want you?" She told Jack that she loved Chris and that he loved her, too, or at least he'd realize it soon. Jack said he had talked to Chris during Erica's trial and had tried to warn him to put up walls so as not to get sucked in by Erica's tricks. Erica was furious, and Jack told her to give Chris the respect he deserved. Erica just stormed off.

Chris sat in his hospital bed, ordering his legs to move. Kendall walked in with his lunch tray. He asked her what she was trying to pull, and Kendall said she was there to blackmail him. She said she had an update on Ryan, and Chris said he didn't need information on Ryan. Kendall said it was a farce that he and Ryan pretended not to care for each other. Chris said it was rich, Kendall giving advice on family matters.

Kendall told him that Ryan had said he was a lot like Chris and that he had said it like he was proud of it. Chris asked if she was quoting Ryan. She told him that she had tried to connect with Ryan and that they were living together. Chris got a bit huffy and asked, "What's your angle, and what do you want from my son?" He wanted to know if they were "shacking up," but Kendall told him they were not interested in each other that way.

She then asked what the "real deal" was with him and Erica. Chris said Erica had conned him, and there was nothing between them. He then asked what Kendall really wanted, and she said she had a pocketful of parking tickets he could fix or pay. He just laughed. Then Kendall regaled Chris with a story about a laundromat caper she and Ryan had had.

The two of them laughed loudly, and Ryan, who had just arrived, listened from outside the door. Erica showed up, and Ryan was confused because he had thought she was in with Chris, making him laugh. Erica opened the door and was furious to see Kendall and Chris having a grand time.

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Adam was worried when he found out that Liza had fired the CEO of Chandler Enterprises. He told Barry he also feared she was seeing Ryan again. Adam wanted back inside the company so he could regain some of his control. As Barry left, JR barged in claiming someone had trashed his room. He thought Liza was behind it. Liza entered and admitted that she had searched JR's room. She believed she had every right to know what went on in her home.

Liza poured herself a cup of tea. While she sipped the tea, Adam told her she was being unreasonably harsh with JR. Liza didn't respond. She stared into her teacup. When Adam became concerned, Liza explained that she had lost her train of thought. When Adam left to take a phone call, Liza turned angrily on JR. She threatened him that she knew exactly what he had done, and she would prove it.

David informed the hospital board that he was contesting his dismissal. Jake said that they had proof that he had deceived the hospital into hiring him. It turned out that Vanessa had paid for all of the awards that David had won. David was shocked at the accusation but was forced to believe it. Joe gave David a legal document to sign. It stated that David would relinquish all future claims against the hospital and resign. If David didn't sign it, the board would charge him with fraud and deception.

Anna looked over the document then told David he should sign it. She told him the hospital didn't deserve someone of his caliber and that he would be better off practicing in Europe, where they were more open-minded. David began to sign, then threw the pen across the room in anger. He vowed not to let them win. He went around the room, accusing each board member of some indiscretion, and called them all hypocrites. David swore that if he went down, he would take them all down with him -- along with the hospital's reputation.

Ryan heard laughter emanating from Chris's hospital room. He thought it was Erica, but instead found Kendall entertaining Chris. Erica entered right behind Ryan. She was certain that Kendall was up to no good and ordered Kendall to leave town. Ryan stood up for Kendall and said that maybe Erica should be the one to leave.

Kendall and Ryan waited outside while Erica listed all of Kendall's faults to Chris. She told him about Kendall going after Dimitri and how Kendall had tried to get her hooks into Dimitri's son, Anton. Chris was not impressed. He told Erica he'd take Kendall's tricks over Erica's sneakiness any day. Chris said that at least Kendall truly cared about him and Ryan. Erica didn't buy it. She believed she had been right about Frankie, and she'd be proved right about Kendall too.

Erica left then Ryan went back in to visit with Chris. Chris told Ryan all about his grandparents and how wonderful they had been. He told a story about how his parents had once given money to a woman who had been trying to steal their silver. Ryan was so touched by the story that he had to leave. He had always wanted grandparents like that.

Erica ran into Opal at the hospital and moaned about how things weren't going well with Chris. Opal thought Erica could patch things up if she just told Chris the truth about hiring the doctor to take care of him. Kendall overheard their conversation, and Erica was forced to beg Kendall not to divulge her secret to Chris.

Friday, March 15, 2002

At the loft, Leo helped Simone move into her new apartment. She mused that it was the same apartment building where Greenlee lived.

Greenlee went to SOS, looking for her father. She had looked for him at the police station and had been told he had been released on bail. She found Roger at one of the tables at SOS, drinking soda, and told him about her conversation with Mateo. Mateo had convinced her that Proteus was ruthless with her employees and Roger had been one of her victims. Greenlee no longer blamed her father for his involvement with Proteus. Roger promised to be the father Greenlee wanted.

As Greenlee and Roger talked with each other, Leo and Simone entered SOS, laughing loudly. Leo suddenly saw Greenlee. Leo approached Greenlee, and they began to snipe at each other, each blaming the other for their breakup. Greenlee slapped Leo's face when he insulted her about her reconciliation with her father. She quickly apologized and attempted to justify her behavior.

Greenlee wanted to end her relationship with Leo because it was making her into something she didn't want to become. Leo asked if she was really done with him. "I have to be," replied Greenlee. Greenlee asked for Leo's help in letting him go. She then left SOS.

Later, arriving at her apartment building, Greenlee entered the elevator just as Leo and Simone were loading more boxes. She was not pleased when Leo told her that he was moving in with Simone.

Kendall was talking with Erica in the hallway at the hospital. Erica wanted Kendall to promise not to tell Chris Stamp the secret she had overhead Erica telling Opal. Erica didn't want Chris to know she was the one who had hired the specialist who would help him walk again. Kendal didn't give any answer to Erica and walked away.

Erica promptly entered Chris's hospital room. Annoyed, Chris told her to leave, but Erica refused to leave until she told Chris she had hired Dr. Stannart from Geneva to help him walk again. She waited for a thank you from Chris, who changed the subject. He wanted to know the real reason she had told him about Dr. Stannart.

Erica tried to rationalize her motives, and Chris interrupted her. Chris tried to get Erica to realize that she wanted what she wanted and did what she wanted. He told her she had misjudged Kendall. She denied he was right and left the hospital room.

Kendall visited Myrtle and asked Myrtle if she could help her take care of Chris Stamp without Chris knowing about her involvement. Myrtle refused, ordered Kendall to scram, and went into the kitchen. Bianca secretly heard Kendall and Myrtle talking, and when Myrtle left the room, she stopped Kendall before Kendall reached the front door. Bianca told Kendall she thought it was a good idea for her to take care of Chris while he recovered from his injuries. Bianca believed Kendall's real motive was to get closer to Ryan through his father.

Kendall was delighted Bianca seemed to be on her side, so she asked Bianca to convince Myrtle to rent her a room. Bianca went to talk to Myrtle as Erica entered the boarding house and saw Kendall. Erica was surprised to see Kendall there and demanded to know what she wanted. Before Kendall told Erica anything, Bianca returned from talking with Myrtle and told Kendall she could move in. Much to Erica's surprise, Kendall defiantly announced to Erica that she and Bianca would be living together.

Agitated and completely out of control, Liza demanded the results of her blood tests from the nurse at the nurses' station at Pine Valley Hospital as David walked by. She was told they were completing them as quickly as possible. The results were hand-carried from the lab and arrived at the nurses' station. David grabbed them and told Liza there were no drugs in her blood. Liza insisted someone had drugged the tea that she had drunk. David wanted to make amends and asked her to lunch. She refused and stomped into the elevator.

At the board meeting, David presented to the board of directors written evidence that Joe Martin was not performing his job duties as chief of staff because of his heart condition and therefore was no longer capable of running Pine Valley Hospital. Dr. Joe's physician had recommended he cut back on his work schedule so Dr. Joe had been delegating some of his duties to his staff as well as taking sick leave often. Joe agreed he should resign and did so immediately.

David boasted he should be chief of staff and fully expected the board to elect him. He told them he expected a smooth transition. David was asked to wait outside the room while the board voted. David gloated in the hallway outside the boardroom and told Anna he was going to be the next chief of staff. Anna left. She had some of her own business to take care of.

Anna visited Chris Stamp in his hospital room and reminded him of his promise to get her the position of police chief. Chris, toying with her for a moment, told her he had already called the mayor and made the request. Anna was pleased and left the room.

As soon as Anna left, Chris made a phone call and told the person to see him immediately, and Dr. Stannart entered Chris's room. Chris revealed he knew the truth about Erica hiring him. Chris told Dr. Stannart he needed the doctor's help so he could walk out of the hospital.

Anna rejoined David outside the boardroom. Palmer invited them in, as the board had made their decision. It was announced that with great regret, the board had accepted Joe's resignation. They were sure, however, that his successor would do what was in the hospital's best interest. With that, the board introduced the new chief of staff -- Dr. Jake Martin.



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