All My Children Recaps: The week of March 4, 2002 on AMC

Vanessa feigned mental illness. Donald Steele attended Mateo and Hayley's surprise party. Greenlee was torn between Leo and Jake. Tad learned that Dixie had left town without saying goodbye. Chris regained movement of his legs. Anna decided to marry David. Edmund and Brooke announced their engagement.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 4, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, March 4, 2002

In David's cell, David asks Mateo to make himself useful and get a guard, but Mateo refuses. Mateo says that he wants a private interview. Mateo makes veiled accusations about David being Proteus, but David denies it. Mateo openly wonders what it would be like to be Proteus, and to have that much power over people. David continues to deny it, and tells Mateo that he will be the one in trouble if he tries to hurt him. David tells him that Vanessa had to have set him up, but he refused to see it. David begins walking around the cell, when Mateo reaches through the bars and grabs him from behind, with his arm around his throat. Mateo accuses him of taking advantage of Vanessa's neediness, and that he's really Proteus. Hayley walks in and sees what is happening. She runs up to Mateo and tells him to let him go. She reminds him about how she failed to see Arlene until it was too late, and what David said makes sense. David screams, "Anna was right. Vanessa is Proteus!" Hayley tells Mateo she believes him, so Mateo releases him. Mateo says that he believes him, too. He was just testing David to make sure that it wasn't an act. Hayley says they have to convince Stamp that it's Vanessa, and they take off. David says to himself that Vanessa drove his father to suicide to keep her drug business, and she better pray he never gets out of jail.

Anna continues to try to convince Stamp that he made a mistake about David. He tells her that she will join him as an accomplice if she keeps on defending him. As she continues yelling at him, Erica arrives and rips into her for talking to Chris like that. Anna and Erica exchange a few words, until Chris calls and asks for an agent to remove Anna and Erica. Anna again tells Chris to call the station and release David. Erica reminds her that she is hardly objective, and she should remove herself from the case. Anna and Erica exchange a few more words, until Erica asks her to step outside so they can spare Chris from their conversation.

Out in the hallway, Anna accuses Erica of not caring about what's happening to Chris and David. Erica interrupts her and says that she agrees with her. She agrees that Chris' fury and depression are standing in his way. She can't bully him about it, though, because it doesn't work. She tells him that Chris is building a wall around himself, and they have to break down his way. She tells Anna that she contacted a specialist to investigate his spine and his legs. Because Chris wouldn't agree to it, however, she wants Chris to think that Dr. Stannart was sent by the FBI. Erica tells her if Stannart can prove that David didn't cause the paralysis on purpose, Chris will stop his vendetta. She tells Anna that she won't give up on him, and she doesn't want him to give up on himself. Anna agrees to help Erica and tell Chris that the doctor is from the FBI.

Outside the boathouse, Jake and Greenlee hear a gunshot. They run inside, and see Leo take the gun away from Vanessa. He tells Greenlee that the shot hit the ceiling. Jake tells him to put the gun down, but he refuses. He fills them in, and tells them that he took the gun away from him. He goes on to say that Vanessa had the gun pointed at him, but couldn't pull the trigger. Therefore, she apparently can't shoot her own relatives. Greenlee surprises Leo by saying that she can and did. "She killed Frankie," Greenlee said. Vanessa accuses Greenlee of making it up, but Leo questions her. She says she's not at fault. Greenlee and Jake inform them that Maggie's missing, and ask her where she is. Leo again asks Vanessa if she killed them. She dodges the question, and asks him to go talk somewhere private. She says that Jake and Greenlee don't understand them, and they don't need their interference. Leo tells her that he's through with her. He turns his back on her, and asks them to call the police. Before they get far, they hear an engine. A man, dressed in black, shows up, and pulls a gun on them. Vanessa says that it's her back-up plan. Leo asks her, "What are you?" He tells Jake and Greenlee to leave, but Vanessa tells them that they better not. She says that she must be going, though. Leo tells her to stop, and points the gun that he took away back on her.. He says he's not going to let her escape this time, and asks her henchman to put it down. Greenlee tells him to do it, pull the trigger. With the gun pointed at her, she begins pleading for her life. When Leo doesn't lower the gun, she tells her henchman to leave. When she turns to leave, he says, "No, stop." Vanessa tells him that he's going to have to use the gun, because she isn't going to jail. Jake grabs Leo's arm and prevents him from shooting her, allowing Vanessa to get away. Jake says that he did it to stop him from ruining the rest of his life.

Later, Simone is watching Chris through his window, as he is trying to make his leg move. Dr. Macmillan walks up to her and asks her what she's doing there. She tells him that she screwed up. Before she can explain more, Mateo and Hayley arrive and Mateo tells him not to get too close, because he might get him shot. Simon runs away, and they follow her. Mateo yells at her for showing up at Chris' room after almost getting him shot. Macmillan tells Mateo to let her go. He introduces himself as Zeke Macmillan, Simone's dad. She tells him that this is the couple from the story she was working on. She tells Mateo and Hayley that she didn't want Chris to get shot. Mateo says that he made a mistake working with her. He leaves, but Hayley sticks around. Simone continues apologizing to Hayley. Hayley says that she can never forgive her for what happened to Chris. After Hayley leaves, Simone tells her father about what happened between her and Mateo. He acts concerned for her and asks her what she's doing for money after she lost her job. She tells him about freelancing for Tempo, but she doesn't have anything steady. He tells her to try to make amends, and to stay open that she might be forgiven. He asks her to stay with him, but she says she'd rather stick by herself for awhile.

After confirming that Vanessa got away, Leo is upset that Jake interfered. He says he was only going to warn her, and Jake let her get away. Jake tells him that it wouldn't have been just a warning. She could have ended up dead. He says he didn't interfere to save Vanessa, he did it to save him. After Derek arrives, they fill him in on what happened. Derek questions why they didn't stay at the station earlier to file the report, and they tell him that they wanted to do it together. Derek's phone rings, and Leo hears him mention "Vanessa Cortland." He grabs the phone from Derek, and hears news that prompts him to sit down, and say, "Oh, God." Derek takes the phone from him, and finishes his conversation. Greenlee goes over to Leo, and he fills her in. He tells her that Vanessa's car went off a road, down an embankment, and exploded. Jake and Greenlee leave him alone to think about his mother. After a few minutes, Derek returns to Leo and tells him that he doesn't think anyone could have survived the accident. Leo responds, "OK," and Derek leaves. Greenlee walks over to him and asks if there is anything she can do. He turns away from her, and she runs back to Jake's arms.

Erica returns to Chris' room and tells him that Anna left. He says that he wished she left, too. She continues to try to butter him up, but he isn't buying it. He tells her to take her fruit basket and leave. She says she will, but she'll be back tomorrow. Chris says, "Don't!" He doesn't want her hanging around and feeling sorry for him. At that time, Dr. Stannart arrives, and Erica excuses herself. Chris tells Stannart to get him up so he can walk out of here.

Anna goes to see David and tells him that she didn't have any luck with Stamp. David tells her he's come to grips with the fact that Vanessa's guilty. Anna's phone rings, and, after listening for a few seconds, tells David that it's about his mother.

In Stamp's room, Mateo and Hayley storm in and tell him that Vanessa's guilty and he has to put an APB out on her. Chris tells him that he doesn't, and he goes on to tell them about Vanessa's accident.

Meanwhile, near the crash scene, Vanessa is laying unconscious. Suddenly, her eyes spring open.

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

At the Pine Cone Motel, Ryan lays on his bed thinking. Kendall bursts in and tells him that she's found a room at the Motel 8 in Center City and they need to move out now. A skeptical Ryan asks if she's for real. Kendall reminds him his dad was just shot outside the door a couple of days ago. That's a good reason for him to leave-but why is she leaving with him. Kendall doesn't want to be around a crime scene either. She's already having nightmares and can still see the bloodstains on the ground. Ryan tells his Ms. Hart that he has to do a lot of soul searching about who he is and who his parents were. Kendall advises him to get over it and leave. Ryan says that his mom and dad were still together quite a while after he was born. Lavery wonders if his dad knew Chris was his real father and if that was the reason why he hated him. Kendall hugs Ryan, but he pulls back and says that he doesn't want to discuss any of this with her. Kendall says they've been through the same thing regarding not knowing their real parents. Ryan says it's not the same. Kendall says that she was still an adolescent when she found out she was adopted. "Is that why you're more screwed up than me," Ryan queries. Kendall says that it could be a toss up between the two of them. Kendall recalls how she accidentally found out she was adopted. She remembers overhearing her parents recalling when they got the family dog, Lulu, and that it was the same time they adopted her. Ryan states that she uses the fact that her adoptive parents kept her true identity from her to be a nuisance. Kendall says that Erica was a lot worse than the Harts ever were. On the other hand, his real took a bullet for him. But why, Ryan wonders. Kendall thinks it's because Stamp loves him. Ryan wonders if it's because he was just doing his job. He also wonders why Chris waited until recently to reveal his true identity. Ryan begins having a headache. Kendall goes to his bathroom to get three aspirins and a washcloth for his migraine. When she returns, he's gone.

Anna confronts Chris in his hospital room and reveals that she has proof to clear David of being Proteus. Too late-David's charges are being dropped. Chris has more news regarding Vanessa-she survived the crash. She was thrown out of the passenger's seat. However, the driver died instantly. Chris says that they've got a strong case against Vanessa with the voice distorter and drugs found in the car she was in. However, the case isn't full-proof. Anna says David should be cleared of all charges. Chris advises her not to put her emotions in this situation, like he has. He admits that she was right about the identity of Proteus. He also admits that Hayward didn't cause his paralysis-the bullet did. Anna suggests Stamp apologize to David for accusing him of the paralysis and being Proteus. Chris doesn't see that happening. David could have aided Vanessa in her crimes. Stamp asks who taught Vanessa how to induce heart attacks. Anna says that David's been accused of enough and he should back off him. Anna then asks about his recommendation for her being Pine Valley chief of police. Chris isn't sure she deserves it since she didn't tell him about David's cabin. Anna says he can do whatever he wants to do-that's what he'll do anyway. Before Anna leaves, Chris admits she did a good job with the Proteus case.

Kendall gets confronted by Mr. Wolfe, the landlord at the Pine Cone. He wants her out of his establishment as well as the money she owes him for rent. Kendall says that she'll be moving in with her "boyfriend" Mr. Lavery. Mr. Wolfe is skeptical since all he hears them do is argue. Ms. Hart insists that they're a lot more subtle when they "make up" later. She tells the landlord to put her debt on Ryan's tab. Mr. Wolfe warns her that they'll both be out if he doesn't get his money. After he leaves, Kendall wonders how she'll convince Ryan to let her bunk in with him.

At the police station, Leo, Greenlee, and Jake give their statements and ask Derek if they're free to go. Derek allows all of them to leave. Leo wants to wait and see if they bring Vanessa's body to the station. Derek has more questions for David. Greenlee and Jake head out. Leo tells David that he held a gun on their mother. David tells him that she's crazy and that she never loved either of them. Derek comes back and reveals that Vanessa is still alive and is being sent to the hospital. She's unconscious. David thinks they need to find out where Vanessa has Maggie stashed. Derek says they need to find someone who knew of Vanessa's recent whereabouts. Just then, Stuart and Marian arrive and reveal that they saw Mrs. Cortlandt at the old pump house. They thought she had someone there with her, possibly a lover. David thinks it was really Maggie. He asks Derek to release him so he can give his cousin medical attention. Derek says that he's not free to go yet. Leo agrees to go with Derek to the pump house. Marian and Stuart can't believe Vanessa is a drug pusher. Stuart admits he has always liked Vanessa, in spite of her evilness. All she needed was someone to smile at her. Marian is touched by her husband's sensitivity.

Jake and Greenlee arrive at her loft and Greenlee is thankful to see her home again. She notices messages on her answering machine. The first was from Leo from when they were on the island. She erases it and listens to the second message. It's from Derek, letting her know that Vanessa is still alive, but is in police custody at the hospital. Greenlee is upset that Vanessa has risen from the dead. Jake says they should be grateful that she's at least in custody. Greenlee remembers the spot where Vanessa drugged her. Greens wonders if Leo knows about his mom being alive and what he will do if she's incompetent and he would have to care for his mother. Jake tells Greenlee that it's okay for her to worry about Leo and feel sorry for him. After seeing what kind of person his mother is, he feels sorry for Du Pres as well. However, she shouldn't let him ignore her own needs. Ms. Smythe is ready to start over fresh. Jake says that it'll take some time to do that. Greenlee thanks Dr. Martin for helping her find Leo. Jake says she was right to look for him. Greenlee gets closer to Jake and kisses him. Jake tells her that if they are to make love again, it will be because no one else will matter to one another but each other. Greenlee says she would be dead if it wasn't for him. She admits that she should be with him and not Leo. Jake says he wants to share a lifetime of beautiful moments together. Greenlee lays with Jake on her couch and says she could lay with him all night. Just then, the phone rings. Val is on the other end asking her to get to Enchantment in a hurry. Greenlee goes to take a shower.

Ryan confronts Chris at the hospital to ask about his relationship with his mother. Chris isn't interested in that discussion. Ryan demands answers to his questions, starting with if his affair with his mom happened while she was married to Patrick Curry. Chris tells Ryan he knows they were still married. Ryan asks if it was a coincidence that he killed his so-called father years later. Stamp says he was only doing his job. Ryan doesn't believe his dad. He wants a clearer explanation of why he did what he did. Chris says that there was nothing abnormal about the details of his birth. Ryan asks why he took the bullet meant for him. Chris admits it wasn't because of his job. Ryan's upset that Chris has been playing God with his life and has no right to interfere in his business. Ryan asks if his parents hated each other. Stamp says he knows that answer is yes. Ryan believes Pat abused him because he knew Chris was his real father. Chris suggests Ryan stop reflecting on the past. Ryan needs to make peace and the only way to do that is to know the truth. Agent Stamp gives his son an earful and reveals that his mother claimed to have loved him, but only slept with him to get information to save her husband's back. Ryan calls him a liar and heads out the door. Chris tells him not to leave. Ryan looks at Chris and realizes he has just moved his legs.

Back at the police station, Anna arrives and tells David that Stamp has cleared him for the drug charges. David is grateful for Anna's input. He admits she was the only one who totally stood by him. She says he probably would do the same for her. He wants to focus on Maggie's whereabouts. Leo and Derek return to the station and reveal that Maggie wasn't in the pump house. David suggests they grill Vanessa for Maggie's location. He feels that if Maggie dies, Vanessa will have more to lose. She's sane enough to realize that it would be better if Maggie was found alive. Leo thinks she's gone over the edge. Derek summons David to a private area to sign his release papers. Leo tells Anna that he actually wishes his mother hadn't survived the car crash. Anna suggests he go home. He has no one to go home to. Call Greenlee, Anna suggests-she'll keep him informed of Vanessa's condition. Leo phones Greenlee. Jake answers the phone for her at the loft. A heartbroken Leo hangs up the phone.

David later heads to Vanessa's room at the hospital. She lies unconscious and pale. David urges Vanessa to tell him where Maggie is. Suddenly, Vanessa awakens when he mentions Maggie's name again. She mentions Maggie Smith, an actress she'd worked with during her days as an actress. A delusional Vanessa tells David - who she called "Mr. Mayer," after the found of MGM -- that she's better for the part than Maggie Smith and can be as mean as he needs her to be. She asks what she can do to prove she's right for "the part."

Wednesday, March 6, 2002

In Vanessa's hospital room David and Leo tried to get her to tell them where Maggie is. Vanessa kept talking about Hollywood and playing a part in a movie. David didn't believe her, he was sure she was pretending to be crazy. Leo wasn't so sure though. Vanessa kept calling David "Mr. Mayer" and went on about being new in Hollywood. She went on and on about parts she's played and other actresses while David and Leo talked about her and the situation. Vanessa insisted that she was "Rosie Wells, the actress." Leo told David that was her first stage name, many many years ago. David started out of the room to get the police but Vanessa yelled out "Maggie!!." Leo and David ran to her bedside and Vanessa just cried, saying "That poor girl!." She went on one of her hysterical crying jags and insisted again that she was not Vanessa, she was Rosie. Leo then asked "Rosie" to tell them what Vanessa did with Maggie. She told them that Maggie was now in God's hands. David yelled at her "Did you kill her?" which sent her into another hysterical panic. Leo and David argued while she babbled and Dr. Joe came in to calm things down. Vanessa didn't know who he was and asked if she was in a "real hospital" because she thought she was on a movie set. Then she told Dr. Joe she didn't belong there because she didn't have a break down, she was just getting into her part. David and Leo went outside the room and David told a cop to call Derek Frye. Leo said he didn't believe that Vanessa killed Maggie, he thought Vanessa was trying to tell them where Maggie. David didn't think so though and when the psychiatrist Dr. McMillan showed up, David insisted that Vanessa isn't crazy and she should go to jail. When Dr. McMillan came out of Vanessa's room David told him Vanessa is a con and that he'd better not fall for it. But the doctor insisted that he be allowed to do his job. He said when he asked Vanessa questions about Maggie she just covered her ears and began singing church hymns. Derek walked away with the doctor and David looked at Leo. He cried out "I know where Maggie is!" and they ran out of the hospital.

Outside Chris's room Erica overheard Ryan say to Chris that he moved his legs. Ryan told him to do it again and Chris was able to move his feet. Erica was overjoyed and thanked God for helping Chris. Anna arrived and Erica told her the good news. Erica said Chris was going to get better and he'll soon be himself again, "not so angry." Anna wondered if that meant he wouldn't be angry with Erica, but Erica just walked away to find Chris's doctor. Anna heard Ryan tell Chris he would get his doctor for him but Chris insisted they finish their talk. He wanted to tell Ryan the good things about his mother.

Greenlee and Kendall ran into each other at the hospital. Greenlee threw insults all over Kendall and said she was a fool. Greenlee said she reads the tabloid articles about Kendall but Kendall just told her to shut up. As they argued Erica rushed up to the nurse's station and told the nurse to page Dr. Stanert and tell him Chris Stamp needed him right away. Then she saw Greenlee and Kendall. Greenlee started to tell her she was looking for her on Enchantment business but Erica was too excited to listen. She told the two women about Chris moving his legs and Greenlee hugged Erica with joy. Kendall just stood by and watched with jealousy. Then Erica told Greenlee she had heard what had happened to her and she expressed her sympathy and said she was glad Greenlee was ok. Greenlee then told Erica the reason she was looking for her. The employees at the Enchantment warehouse had found a huge shipment of drugs. Erica and Greenlee discussed strategy while Kendall eavesdropped. Erica expressed her appreciation of Greenlee and said she didn't know what she'd do without her. They both looked at Kendall and walked away to talk some more. After they finished their discussion Erica walked away and Kendall stopped Greenlee. She said Greenlee was a suck-up and was trying to be everything Erica could want in a daughter.

Ryan moved closer to Chris as he talked about meeting Ryan's mother for the first time. They were in Chicago and Ryan's mom was at the police station, having just been beaten up by her husband. She passed out and Chris took her to the ER and waited for her. Chris told her that she should always go to the cops when someone is hurting her and she just cried. Ryan said he'd never seen his mother cry, not even when she was being beaten. Chris said she'd asked him to take her back to the hotel where she was staying and when he did, it was a fleabag dump. He got her to talk about what was going on and she admitted that her husband was beating her and was starting to hit the little boy. She cried herself to sleep and Chris stayed with her all night. In the morning he told her he wanted to help her. She told him it was "A blue sky day." This hit a cord with Ryan. Chris said he took her and the little boy to his place. He fell in love with her and was sure she loved him too. He decided to ask her to marry him and when he went home to pop the question she was gone, back to her husband. The doctor arrived to check Chris so Ryan went out into the hallway. He spoke with Anna and told her that Chris had been telling him about this mom. Ryan realized that his mother had loved Chris Stamp. He wondered why she had turned her back on Chris though.

Inside Chris's room Dr. Joe and Dr. Stanert discussed Chris's recovery. Dr. Stanert said he could almost guarantee a full recovery. They left Chris to sleep. Erica showed up and walked on in the room. She touched his forehead and told him he was healing and soon he was going to walk her down the aisle, because he was going to marry her.

At BJ's Jake was sitting alone at a table, reading the menu. A waitress came over and asked if he'd like coffee. Jake, without looking up, said yes. The waitress, who was Mia, said "On your head or in your lap?." Jake looked up sheepishly at Mia. He said he'd been trying to call her and she said she'd moved and had no phone yet. She was a little bit bitter towards Jake, since she'd given up her job and apartment to go sailing with him. Jake tried to explain what had happened but she didn't want to hear it. Mia said "Let me guess. You finally realized you really do love Greenlee." Jake admitted this was true. Mia said she was happy for him and that he didn't break her heart, he was her "dependable friend." Jake said he wanted to help her get back on her feet but Mia turned him down. She told him she really does believe he loves Greenlee but "don't let her hurt you!." She kissed him on the cheek and walked away.

In the living room at Chandler Mansion Adam and Liza were having coffee. JR came downstairs having finished unpacking his things. Liza tried to make a little joke, saying she'd have a maid pick up his room every day but JR thought she was accusing him of having drugs in his room. Before a heated argument could start Tad burst in and demanded to know why Dixie would leave without talking to him first. Tad was extremely upset and threw questions at JR, who yelled back "I don't know any more than you do!." Tad said JR should've stopped his mother from leaving. JR screamed back that it wasn't his fault and he couldn't control his mother. JR stormed out of the house and Adam told Tad it was his fault that Dixie had such a bad year and felt that she needed to leave Pine Valley. Tad backed down and agreed, and said he'd go find JR and apologize. Adam wouldn't let him, saying he'd go find his own son. That left Tad alone to talk with Liza. He said he just couldn't accept that his marriage was over. He told Liza about the one night he and Dixie spent together making love, before the divorce and how perfect that night was. Liza suggested that it was Dixie's way of saying goodbye but Tad didn't believe this was true. Liza said Dixie had planned this completely, down to having medical care in Europe. Tad said she couldn't have done that without David Hayward's help and that he must have something to do with this. Liza was appalled that David was messing in peoples' lives again and Tad said he was going to make David pay. He left Chandler Mansion and made a call to David, demanding to meet with him. David asked why and Tad said David was going to tell him what he knows about Dixie leaving Pine Valley. David said he didn't know anything and hung up on Tad. This made Tad sure that David knows something he's not telling.

Adam and JR walked into BJ's and found a table. Adam said he doesn't know why Dixie left but that she'd been through a crisis. JR didn't want to talk about it. Adam said he was looking forward to having JR live with him and to all the things they could do together. JR thought this meant Liza wanted Adam to keep JR busy and out of the house because she hates him. Adam denied this and started to say that Liza cared about JR as much as his mother did. JR yelled that Liza does not care about him. Adam just started at JR.

In Vanessa's hospital room a nurse got her sitting up in a wheelchair. She left the room and Vanessa thought to herself "I know they're watching me but they'll see. I couldn't even hurt a fly" in a vague, dreamy voice.

Thursday, March 7, 2002

Hayley and Mateo share fantasies of bringing Lorenzo home. In Mateo's version, everything is perfect: perfect food, music, atmosphere, music, etc. Hayley doesn't think it would happen that way. She thinks that Mateo would not be that organized, but it's ok. Both versions have a happy ending and that's all that matters to them. Hayley finally feels safe again. She can't believe it's real. Their quiet moment is broken with a call from Sally at SOS telling Mateo the cappuccino machine is broken. Mateo tells her they will be right over. Meanwhile, at SOS, a man at the bar overhears Sally's conversation with Mateo. He hands her a few bills, asking if she will introduce him to Mateo and Hayley.

Maggie is barely conscious, when she hears Frankie's voice urging her to wake up because it's not her time. David and Leo are outside, but Maggie does not have the strength to call out to them. As they are about to leave, Frankie can be heard begging Maggie to make some noise. Maggie struggles, but manages to croak out a feeble cry for help. David and Leo hear her, and break down the door to her attic prison. Leo quickly dials for an ambulance while David begins treating Maggie for hypothermia. He tells her everything will be fine and that Vanessa is in custody.

Erica overhears Greenlee and Kendall sniping at each other. She doesn't intervene until she hears Greenlee mention "Les-Bianca." Erica is furious when she hears the name calling. She lectures Greenlee on disrespecting Bianca, then turns on Kendall to give her a piece of her mind as well. Greenlee tries to make excuses for herself, but Erica isn't interested. She calls Greenlee immature. Greenlee explodes, telling Erica there is no pleasing her. That's why her two daughters are estranged from her, and Chris Stamp won't give her the time of day. Opal steps in to calm the situation down.

Erica goes to Chris's room at the hospital in time to hear him giving a press conference on the Proteus case. When asked about Erica's role, Chris praises her and calls her a hero. Erica comes into the room while Opal ushers the reporters out with a No Comment. Erica thanks Chris for "defending her honor." Chris tells her that is not what he was doing. He says he only said what he did out of a sense of fair play. Their relationship is just business now. Erica realizes that it's over. She is devastated, but tries not to let it show.

Greenlee sees Leo come in to the hospital. She goes to him and Leo pulls her close. He tearfully tells her about Maggie's rescue. He is finally aware of how evil his mother really is. Greenlee tries to comfort Leo until Jake arrives to pick her up.

At the Pine Cone Motel, the manager informs Ryan that his girlfriend moved into his room. He also asks Ryan to pay the $500 that Kendall owes. A short time later, Kendall comes to Ryan's room. She immediately apologizes to Ryan for what she has done, but to her surprise, Ryan is not angry. Kendall is perplexed. Ryan seems deep in thought, he suddenly blurts out that Chris really loved his mother and tried to help her. Every time he thinks he's figured out Chris, he turns out to be wrong. Kendall offers to leave, but Ryan tells her it's all right. She can stay for a few days.

Friday, March 8, 2002

Edmund and Brooke are at SOS waiting for Mateo and Hayley's arrival at the surprise party for them that Edmund and Brooke have set up. Brooke decided to hide her engagement ring on a necklace. She didn't want to take the spotlight away from Hayley and Mateo.

Simone is at Pine Valley Hospital to visit her father, Dr. Zeke MacMillan, the psychiatrist. He apologies to her for walking away from her and not being there for her when she needed him. Simone gets a phone call from Sally the waitress at SOS. Donald Steele, reporter for the "Intruder" has paid Sally to call Simone and tell her Mateo has invited her to the party at SOS. Simone leaves to go to SOS thinking Mateo has forgiven her.

At Greenlee's condo, Jake fixes her a cup of chamomile tea and tries to convince Greenlee she needs to rest because she is exhausted. She promises she will as Jake leaves to go to Pine Valley hospital to check on some post-op patients. Sally at SOS calls Greenlee and tells her that Leo is drunk and asking for her. Greenlee immediately leaves to go to SOS. Donald Steele grins and pays Sally for placing the phone call.

Mateo and Hayley arrive at SOS after receiving a call that the cappuccino machine is broken. When they enter their restaurant they see trays of cappuccino being served. Hayley tells Mateo since the machine is fixed, they are going home. As they are about to leave, everyone gathers around them yelling, "Surprise." They realize it is a celebration for the arrest of Proteus. Mateo sees Simone and asks her why is she at SOS. Simone tells him about the phone call from Sally. Hayley sees Donald Steele at the bar along with his assistant who is taking pictures. Simone asks for Mateo's forgiveness for double crossing him. He says he can't. The Mayor of Pine Valley arrives at SOS and presents a certificate to Edmund and Mateo honoring them for their participation in capturing Proteus. Later Hayley and the Mayor put their heads together plotting a plan for getting even with Donald Steele.

Donald Steele teases Palmer about the ruse in getting Palmer to come to SOS. Donald had told Palmer he would give him a secret private diary kept by Proteus. But there is no diary. Opal overhears the conversation and approaches Palmer. She asks him why would he want to see the diary. What secret does Vanessa have on him? Palmer dismisses her.

Greenlee arrives at SOS and finds Leo with his date, Kerry. Kerry tells Greenlee to get lost and challenges Greenlee to leave Leo alone. Greenlee throws Kerry's drink down the front of her dress so she can be alone with Leo. Leo, very drunk, tells Greenlee to leave him alone. Greenlee tells him she would do anything to make his life better and it is her fault he feels bad. She let him down.

Jake arrives back at Greenlee's condo and finds her not there. He picks up her cell phone and redials the last number. Donald Steele, at SOS, answers and tells him Greenlee is there with Leo. As Jake arrives at SOS, he hears Greenlee tell Leo she loves him. Jake is stunned.

Later, two policemen enter SOS and arrest Donald Steele for 15 parking tickets and take him to jail. Hayley gleefully takes pictures of Donald's arrest.

As the party continues at SOS, Hayley sees the chain around Brooke's neck and pulls out the engagement ring. Brooke confesses she and Edmund are engaged and everyone gathers around to congratulate them.

David enters Maggie's hospital room just as Vanessa is placing a pillow over her face. Enraged, he grabs Vanessa and forces her against the wall, his hands on her throat. Anna comes into the room with security guards and Dr. MacMillan. She tries to pull David away from Vanessa telling him she's not worth his going to jail for her murder. David finally lets go of Vanessa. Vanessa, seeing her audience, goes into her fake actress routine. The security guards take her back to her room. David promises Maggie he will keep her safe. After David and Anna leave her room, Maggie picks up the phone to make a plane reservation to leave town. Bianca suddenly enters her room and tells her to hang up the phone. She isn't going to leave Pine Valley.

Dr. MacMillan visits Vanessa in her hospital room and wants to have another chat with her. He prepares a syringe with truth serum as Vanessa looks on horrified.

In the hospital corridor, Anna tells David that the police are keeping his computer for evidence. David doesn't see a problem with that until Anna reveals that Jake has asked Derek Frye to look at the research files on David's computer. Anna reminds David that he has breached medical ethics by not telling Dixie about her medical condition. He could go to prison. Jake stops by to remind David that he will do all that is necessary to see that David goes to jail and that Anna is a material witness. After Jake leaves, David realizes that Anna could testify against him. Anna smiles and says she has learned at the W.S.B. there's always a way around the law. Anna and David go to a Justice of the Peace to say their vows.



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