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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 4, 2002 on GL
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Monday, March 4, 2002

Fooling Dr. Boudreau:
Outside Marah's room, Mel asks Ben how he's been holding up since Catalina lost her baby (she assumed Ben was the father because he was with Cat at the hospital). Ben says he is not the father. Mel asks why the real father wasn't at the hospital. Ben neglects to explain, merely describing the situation as "complicated." Marah exits her room and joins them. Mel tells Ben to ask Cat to call her if she needs anything. Marah is surprised she knows about what happened to Cat. Mel explains she was the doctor who took care of her. Ben looks panicked as he tries to guide Mel toward Remy's room, saying he'll tell Cat she stopped by. Marah mentions she was at the hospital that night and Remy was the one who told her and Tony that Cat was there. Mel turns back and asks about Tony. Marah says Cat "was so tired, it must have been really close." Mel looks at her confused. Marah thanks her for saving the baby before rushing to catch the ringing phone in her room. Mel looks at Ben, realizing why he was trying to make her to leave. "Catalina lost her baby; you know that. But for some reason, you don't want Marah to know, and I'd like to know why." Ben says Cat is devastated and has convinced herself she's still pregnant. He assures Mel that the father knows the truth, but Cat doesn't want Marah to know (while they were roommates, they were never close friends). Mel is worried about Cat's state of mind, telling Ben, "You have to stop pretending she's pregnant. Starting NOW." Ben says he agrees, but doesn't feel it's his place - it might further detach her from reality if he calls her a liar. He does, however, wish to respect Catalina's wishes and not tell Marah the truth. Mel starts to object, but Ben mentions "doctor-patient confidentiality." When Marah returns, Mel simply says that Catalina needs her friends right now, then she leaves to visit Remy. Ben asks Marah who was on the phone. She is secretive, "A friend." He was afraid she was making plans for tomorrow night with someone else - He has an "indescribable" evening planned for the two of them. While Marah is afraid of surprises, she lets Ben leave her with a kiss "to great expectations."

Referee Cooper:
Outside Company, Blake stops Tory and tells her she's the one with the problem. Tory reaches for Blake's sleeve, but is shaken off. Tory lands, dramatically on the ground, screaming, "She pushed me! Somebody get her away from me!" Not buying it, Blake tells her to get up. Fed, up, she reaches out, but Tory clings to a bench in fear. Buzz stops Blake, but is met with anger, "She's was the one after me." Buzz disagrees, "Well, she's down there. You're not." Tory gets up slowly as Blake comments, "You're not fooling anyone." She asks an on-looking couple if they saw Tory "pretend" to fall. They refuse to say if Blake pushed her or not, then leave for a different restaurant." Buzz whines, having lost paying customers. Tory accuses Blake of having "rage issues," but won't press charges this time. Blake is in disbelief, and starts to argue. Buzz intervenes, telling Tory to go for a walk. Blake is angered that Buzz doesn't believe her. "That girl is certifiable, and if you can't see that, you're crazier than she is!" She storms inside, nearly knocking over Marina. Buzz stands, shaking his head, "You're all certifiable."
Inside, Blake hangs up her cell phone in frustration after getting no answer. Buzz apologizes for not taking her side, but he doesn't see Tory as a threat. Blake is still angry, saying "Tory baited me in front of the customers... she made it look like I pushed her..." Buzz asks what Tory wants. "Ross. She wants Ross... but she's not going to get him," Blake vows, heading for the door. Again, Buzz shakes his head, "I gotta stay home more often."

The Detective's Daughter:
Marina busses tables, listening to a headset. She takes off the headphones when Shane comes in. He asks her about the bag she asked him to watch - he was ok with it until Romeo snatched it from him. Marina ignores him, asking if he's heard this cd - "Romeo turned me on to it." Shane warns her that Romeo is "bad news." She reminds him that her dad is a cop, so Romeo "won't mess with me." She puts her headphones back on. Shane hollers, "We have a test tomorrow!," and suggests they study. They sit at a table where Shane quizzes his unenthusiastic student.
As a welcome study break, Marina heads to the counter for a milkshake. She overhears her dad and the Chief of police discussing a gambling bust at Infierno. The chief mentions Carmen, Tony, and Romeo. He asks Frank to "make an example out of them." Frank leaves as Marina ponders, "Romeo?" Returning without a milkshake, Shane asks what's wrong. She asks him to cover for her - if anyone asks, she's at the library. Shane is reluctant, "This isn't for Romeo, is it?" Marina sits down, begging. She puts an arm around Shane, who gives in and agrees. She kisses him on the cheek and hurries out.

Buzz asks Frank to cover for him, but Frank says he's on duty - ask Marina. Looking around, he doesn't see his daughter, so he asks Shane where she is. Shane says "the library." Frank is astounded that she is actually studying, and that it was her idea as well. Frank sincerely thanks Shane for being such a positive influence on Marina. He leaves for Infierno. Shane sighs in guilt.

Keeping Secrets:
Holly repeats the million-dollar question: "Did you sleep with the girl? Yes or no." Ross says a definite "No." Relieved, Holly apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion. Ross stands still, saying he can't do this - he can't lie anymore. He admits he slept with Tory. Holly immediately slaps him. Ross concedes, "I deserve that." "You're damn right you do!," Holly rages, "Blake doesn't deserve this!" Ross explains his depression a few months ago. He should have sought help, but instead he turned to Tory and his fantasies of his first great love - Vanessa. He needed to rid himself of the regrets from that relationship, and he saw a chance with a woman who so resembled her. He assures Holly that they only slept together once, and that he wants to marry Blake, not out of guilt (he bought the ring months before he met Tory), but out of love. Holly accuses him of proposing in order to make himself feel better. Ross wishes he could change things, but it's too late. "You owe this confession to Blake, not to me," Holly advises. Ross refuses, saying he loves Blake too much to hurt her. Holly accuses him of building a new life with Blake that is based on lies. She insists he tell Tory that it's over. He has, but to no avail. He refuses to let one mistake ruin his future with the mother of his children. He reminds his mother-in-law that Blake cheated on him as well - with three different men. But they are still together. He demands that she keep this from Blake.

The phone rings, but Ross lets the machine answer it. He calmly explains that Tory is confused, she's a young widow whose law professor made her the center of his obsession. "But," he promises, "she'll get over it." Holly blurts out, "She's been stalking you! She took your children!" Holly isn't so sure Tory will get over it any time soon. Ross hates to mention it, but he reminds Holly of her recent "hard time." But, she came out of it and so will Tory. Ross's fantasy meant nothing, so there is no reason to tell Blake. Holly disagrees, "You're using love as an excuse to hide your infidelity. That's not protecting Blake - you're saving yourself!" Ross remembers how insecure Blake used to be - telling her would only make her feel that way again. Holly says, "If you really loved her, you'd trust her to rise to the occasion, but you won't even give her that chance." Ross asks what will happen to the kids if Blake cannot handle the news of his affair? They, too, will have to suffer for his mistake. Holly insists Tory will keep this game up if he does nothing. Ross is convinced she will move on, "She will. I'll see to it." Holly doesn't see how, "That's a pretty mighty assumption, Ross. What have you got to back that up?" Ross asks for Holly's help. He apologizes for burdening her with this, but "for the sake of our family, keep it to yourself." Holly is unsure - he's asking her to lie to her own daughter. Ross is insistent, "I will not let Tory or anybody else destroy us. I swear that to you, Holly. I swear." Blake breezes in and says hello. She sees her husband and mother staring at each other and asks what's wrong. There is silence.

A Lost Spaulding:
Phillip peers into the windows of Company and mutters to himself, "No, too many people." He sits on the bench and says, "This is the best thing... but why do I have this nagging feeling I shouldn't have let her go?" Suddenly, Buzz is standing over him, asking if he's alright. Phillip says he's meeting Rick there. Buzz is glad the two didn't let Harley ruin their friendship. Buzz sympathizes with Phillip and all he's had to deal with lately ("the Beth nightmare"). "It's difficult to break your kids' hearts, especially the second time." He leaves Phillip with that thought.

When Blake rushes past, Phillip yells after her to say hello to Ross. Harley approaches him, also hollering to Blake, "You better not be late tonight." She stops in front of Phillip and says hi. He's waiting for Rick... and he needed to get out of the house for a while. Harley understands. Phillip tells her that Lorelei has left town and it's "a good thing for everyone." "Is it?," Harley asks. Phillip avoids the question by apologizing for canceling on Zach last week. Harley says it's ok, Rick loves to take him out with Jude. Phillip reflects, "You try so hard to please everyone in your life... but somehow, somebody always gets left out." Harley agrees, "Well some people take up more space than they should," (implying Beth). Phillip takes the criticism and says he doesn't blame her. Harley assures him she is happy now with the kids and with work. Phillip laughs, commenting on her getting stuck with a partner. She laughs too, saying Aitoro isn't so bad. "I think I can handle him." Phillip agrees, "I'm sure you can." Buzz sees them and asks if everything's ok - he's had his share of confrontations outside Company today. Phillip decides to leave - if Rick shows up, Harley agrees to tell him Phillip went home. Harley tells her ex to call her if he should need help with Lizzie. Phillip accepts the offer, gratefully.

Five Card Dud:
Tony asks Romeo to compile a list of baby doctors - he wants a second opinion on Catalina's condition. Carmen enters, commenting on his fatherly instinct, "It runs in the family. Love of children before everything else." Carmen asks Tony for a favor, saying she has something cooked up for that evening and promises him a piece of the action... "if you play your cards right." Romeo takes his cue to leave. Carmen tells Tony that she has a group of high-rollers coming to Infierno that night, looking for a quick hit. She promises Tony a house cut, and they will share the rest. Tony asks, "Share?" Of course, Carmen had to do all the leg work. Tony isn't thrilled, "Nobody cuts me in. This is my place." He warns her not to set things up without checking with him first. Carmen says she's sorry, and rephrases, asking politely to use Infierno for one night. Romeo nudges Tony, encouraging him that it's a good idea (and so is the money). Tony gives in, but wants nothing to do with Carmen's associates. This is her operation. Tony leaves as Romeo turns to Carmen with a sarcastic, "You're welcome." She likes his ambition. "Just give me a chance to prove it," Romeo says, confidently. Carmen nods toward the door where Tory has just entered, "You can start by clearing the room." Romeo tells Tory there's a private party tonight. She is disappointed; she was looking forward to one of Romeo's "signature cocktails" to help her celebrate. "By yourself?," Romeo asks. "Not for long," Tory responds, slyly. Romeo realizes she means Ross. Has he discovered that she is the one? Tory says he hasn't yet, but his "significant other" has major problems and just "went off the deep end."
Carmen tells Romeo she's hired a private staff for the evening, who will stay hush-hush. Marina slips into the club and tries to tell Romeo what she overheard at Company. He cuts her off and pushes her out the door, before she can warn him. Marina looks hopeless until she sees a woman enter the club with a sparked cocktail dress over her shoulder...

Marina comes down the stairs, wearing the waitress's dress. Carmen schmoozes several high-rollers, including a man with red hair and a beard, called "Frisco Red." She promises him a good night, then turns to Romeo and tells him to make sure Red "loses his shirt... and don't let him touch the cards." Romeo nods in assent as Marina makes her way across the room. Carmen seats the players and tells Marina to get drinks for the table. Marina ignores her and keeps walking. Carmen follows and stops her, "Who are you? I've never seen you before. What the hell are you doing?" Marina looks uncertain.

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

Ross still refuses to believe that Tory poses any danger to him or his family. But after Holly tells him that she will tell Blake about his affair should Tory make threats again, Ross goes to Tory and explains that their brief affair was the result of his fantasy/mid-life crisis. When Ross asks her to let go, she leads him to believe that she will, but once he's gone, the tearful young woman declares "you're wrong Ross, neither of us will ever be happy unless we're together. I just have to prove it to you."

Having dressed as a waitress to warn Romeo of the impending raid on Carmen's poker game, Marina runs into trouble. When a player wants her to stay at the table as his good luck charm, Romeo drags Marina into the back room with the intention of throwing her our of Inferno. Marina manages to tell him about the planned bust, but Romeo can't get to Carmen in time. When Frank and his men raid the game, they are forced to let everyone go because they can't find the money. It doesn't get past Carmen that Romeo's "waitress friend" (Marina) is missing along with the money, but the girl soon returns with money in hand - it seems the teen has saved the day for Romeo and company.

Cassie, Reva, Harley, and Blake go out on the town, leaving Richard in charge of the Winslow children. He soon finds out though, that running a country is much easier than watching the 3 youngsters.

When Lorelei implores Edmund that they must get out of town, he arranges a seat at Carmen's poker game so the couple can win their travel money. Although he's unfazed by the near raid, Edmund sees that Lorelei seems spooked. Although she doesn't tell her partner, she is worried that if she goes to jail again, she won't be able to control Beth - she is in a big hurry to get out of town.

Meanwhile, over at the Spaulding mansion, Naomi is demanding that Phillip produce her friend. Rick stops Phillip from throwing her out, just long enough to get some information. The men are confused to learn that Naomi and Lorelei aren't life long friends - it seems the two have known each other only about 6 months, having met in Chicago. Rick suggests they do some research to find out more about Lorelei Hills. Phillip calls directory assistance in Virginia and learns that Lorelei Hills is the name of a town, not a person, and wonders aloud "if she's not Lorelei Hills, who the hell is she?"

Wednesday, March 6, 2002

At the Spaulding Mansion, Olivia enters the study where Alan says she is a little early and couldn't wait to spend time with him. Olivia reminds Alan she was the one that finished the Rio deal and that she has skills of her own. Phillip enters and welcomes Alan home. He tells Alan that Lorelei is gone but he did some digging. He called directory assistance and found out that Lorelei Hills is the name of a town. Phillip tries to convince Alan that something doesn't fit. Phillip and Alan go into a shouting match and Olivia breaks it up. Phillip tries to convince Alan that there are things that Lorelei said that are things that only Beth would know. But Alan said they are con artists and know what they are doing ... referring to Lorelei and Edmund. Phillip tells Alan that Edmund was there. Olivia said that Phillip has the right to be upset, but Alan disagrees. Alan exits. Phillip asked Olivia how she stands to be with him. But she replied that he is being hard on Alan in this case because dropping the charges was her idea. Olivia doesn't like the idea of someone trying to impersonate Beth. But Phillip still feels that Alan cannot acknowledge how difficult this situation is. Phillip said it doesn't matter now because she is gone. Even though Phillip didn't want to hear it, Olivia reminds him that he and Alan are a lot alike. Phil admits he will miss her. Phil exits. After Phillip exits, Sam enters and surprises Olivia. He wanted to say goodbye and that he will write. Olivia wants to know if he said goodbye to Marah. He said he did that two weeks ago. Sam admits it is hard to leave everyone. Alan enters and says hello to his favorite repairman. Alan wishes him luck. Sam said he had better get going and told Olivia he loves her and will miss her. Sam exits. Phillip enters and noticed that Olivia seems upset. She tells him that Sam came by to say goodbye and that is why she's upset. Phillip finds a box that was in Beth's closet and finds a pair of her shoes and got emotional.

While at Company, Sam tells Holly he has some people he needs to say good-bye to. He reminds Holly that she is the one that gave him the opportunity as a journalist and is appreciative. Sam exits Company after saying good-bye to Holly and thanking Buzz for his advice.

Mel's brother, Remy, enters Company. Mel and Rick enter Company. Mel sits at table with her brother, Remy, and asked how he is doing with his injured knee. He tells her that her boyfriend is the one that is bugging him. He thinks that Mel got the job because she was associated with Rick. Rick reminds Remy that people gossip.

Reva asked Marah where the iron is. Marah tells Reva that Ben is taking her some place this morning and she needs to iron a few things. Reva wants to know if they are an item. Marah says he is fun and she likes him, and she feels that Ben is a good guy and is loyal to her. Marah wants to know how it is going with Reva and Josh. Reva knows they are pretty much one on one. Reva tells Marah that she wants to spend some time with her two kids and that everything is fine. Marah answered doorbell and asked Reva to stall for her. Ben enters house and asked if Marah is there. Marah enters and Reva exits. Ben tells Marah they are not going anywhere because he needs to study. He appreciates Marah understanding. Ben exits. Reva asked Marah what is going on. Marah is upset because Ben cancelled date. In Ben's defense, Reva said the note Marah found could mean something different. Jokingly, Reva tells her to chill. Marah exits.

At Inferno, Tony is thinking back to the time he was kissing Marah. Father Ray enters and asked Tony what is on his mind. Tony says he doesn't even get a pat on the back for doing the right thing. Father Ray tells Tony that marriage is serious business. He shows Ray the houseplans for building a house that will be over 8,000 sq feet and this should show how much he cares for Catalina. Ray says he hops the foundation is strong enough and you can't build on something that won't hold. But Tony says the relationship is strong.

Catalina enters church and kneels and says a prayer about it being wrong to sleep with a man before you are married. But in her prayer she admits that she does love Tony and knows that she has done many bad things. A hand appears on her shoulder and it is Father Ray. Catalina tells Ray that she needs to talk to him. She prays for strength. She admits to Ray that she hurt Tony. She tells Ray she lied about the baby and explains the whole story. Father Ray wants to know why she lied. Catalina refuses to tell Ray and reminds Ray that he cannot tell him either. Ray suggests that she tell Tony or it could get worse. Catalina promises that she will tell Tony. Father Ray reminds her that you cannot build a marriage on this and she should tell Tony the truth. Tony enters and asked ‘the truth about what?" Catalina said she was scared. Tony told her that he is building a house for them and wants to know why she was scared. Her reply was that she was afraid she wouldn't be a good wife. Father Ray said he isn't going to perform this marriage!


Thursday, March 7, 2002

Marah goes in search of Ben expecting to find him with another girl. What she finds is that Jackie is a young boy who Ben is tutoring. Marah hangs out with Ben while he finishes his assignment, then the two go off to spend more time together. It seems Marah has become quite smitten with Ben.

Not knowing that Felicia knows Blake, Tory cries on the doctor's shoulder about her boyfriend's crazy wife. Tory is surprised when Felicia tells her that Blake gave a different version of events. Realizing that Tory is living in a fantasy world, Felicia shows her Ross and Blake's wedding invitation, and tries to get the young woman to accept some counseling sessions. Tory makes an appointment with the doctor, but after Felicia leaves, Tory tears up her card. When Tory poses as the wedding planner, she is able to find out that Ross and Blake have gone to the Bauer cabin.

Harley is furious with a deadbeat dad she's hauled into the station. Gus gets her to back off and let the guy leave, but stops him short of the door and warns him that he'd better pay his child support. When Gus realizes that Harley witnessed his strong-arm tactics, he thinks she's going to lecture him again, but to his surprise, she asks him out for coffee. When Gus has to postpone the coffee date because of an assignment, he learns that Harley won't be around later as she's going up to the Bauer cabin. After Harley arrives at the cabin to spend a few days with Ross, Blake, Danny, Michelle, and all the kids, there is a knock on the door. Harley answers the door to find Gus - delivering the coffee she had asked for earlier that day.

Catalina is weaving quite a tangled web with her lies. When Tony wants to know why Ray won't marry the couple, the priest tells his brother to ask his fiancée. Cat tries to cover by saying that it's because she's an unwed mother, but Ray lets Tony know that's not the reason. When Tony presses Catalina to tell him why Ray won't marry them, she makes up a story that Ray made a pass at her. Furious, Tony goes to confront Ray. Although he tells Tony that Catalina is not telling the truth, he is bound by his vows to keep quiet about the real reason. Ray tells Tony to bring Catalina to the church so the three of them can get everything out in the open once and for all. Upset that his brother won't tell him what he knows, Tony tells Ray "don't let me down."

Friday, March 8, 2002

Lorelei joins Edmund at Towers to remind him they're broke with no prospects. He apologizes that there doesn't seem to be many want ads for experienced card sharks like herself. She says she would have cleaned up at Infierno if the police hadn't broken up the game. Edmund hands her the newspaper; Lorelei reads the headline aloud: "Prince William of San Cristobel Ascends the Throne." William is the brother Edmund's never met. He has no idea how to run a country so, Edmund assures her, he will welcome the former prince (and Princess Lorelei),with a sizable allowance for their help. Lorelei refuses to go to San Cristobel - "too many memories." Edmund reminds her she's never even been there. She says that there, Edmund will only see Beth when he looks at her - "Why can't it just be you and me?" Edmund promises her that Beth is his past, but Lorelei is his future. She's the one he wants. She kisses him, gratefully and assures him they can make it on their own. Suddenly, Lorelei remembers Edmund can sing! The very thought of Eddie Ivories (and his purple tux) makes the former prince cringe. Lorelei kisses him and promises that if he gets into the tux, she'll be more than willing to help him out of it. He finally gives in, and they leave to find the manager.

At the police station, Phillip asks a female officer for information on a former prisoner - Lorelei Hills. Edna reminds him that the charges were dropped and the background check is most likely lost in a pile of paperwork. Phillip offers to put in a good word for her with her boss if she does him this favor - he needs to see that report. She asks him why he's so interested in this woman. He says, he's "curious about where she might have come from."
Phillip has a drink at the bar at Towers with Rick. He tells him he went to the jail and that an officer will call as soon as she finds any information on Lorelei Hills - a name which, he reminds Rick, is fake. Rick is not surprised a con woman lied about her name. He tells Phillip that maybe his suggestion to find out more about Lorelei was a mistake. He intended for Phillip to get to know Lorelei and realize she is different from Beth. Once he can separate the two, it will be easier for him to get her out of his head. Then he can help Lizzie to move on as well. Phillip understands, but insists that he "needs to do it." Lorelei opened the door to all he felt for Beth, and that door will not be closed easily. When he sees her, he sees Beth. He still has Beth's shoe - she was wearing the other one when she drowned. Olivia had compared it to Cinderella's slipper, and, he tells Rick, he believes it is. After all, they never found Beth's body in Mexico. Rick discourages the thought by saying "some towns don't even have phones." Rick quotes from a psych class he took in college - saying that Phillip is only seeing what he wants to see, and just like Lizzie, he's projecting Beth's attributes onto Lorelei. If he can see Lorelei for who she really is, he'll be able to let go. "Beth is dead. she's gone and she's never coming back." Just then, Edmund's voice fills the room. He stands at the piano, wearing a tuxedo, and tells the crowd that "Eddie Ivories is back!" He sets a money jar on the piano and says, "Musicians cannot live by applause alone," before he starts to play.
Eddie finishes a song, and Lorelei, dressed in a sexy satin gown, applauds and dramatically puts a tip in his jar, urging the crowd to do the same. She makes a request for "Since I fell for you," as Phillip leaves, telling Rick he'll be right back. When Edmund finishes his set, the crowd cheers and Lorelei hugs him. They can go anywhere they want with all the tips he's made. Phillip and Rick approach, and a defensive Edmund tells them he's only trying to make enough money to get out of town. Phillip puts bread in his jar and tells him to relax -he doesn't want to make more trouble for them. He just wants to give Lorelei something she left at the house. He opens a shoe box and takes out Beth's sandal. Lorelei says it's not hers, not even her size. Phillip asks her to try it on. Edmund is fed up - doesn't understand Phillips fascination with a shoe. Lorelei sees the pain on Phillip's face and agrees. She jokes about her ugly stepsisters and fairy godmother before trying the shoe. She barely has a strap over her foot when she returns it to Phillip, saying it's too small. Phillip is devastated. He stands, staring at the shoe as Edmund and Lorelei leave. He keeps his back to them as he say, "Goodbye, Lorelei." Rick consoles his friend, "I'm sorry, pal. I hope this answers all your questions." Phillip answers his cell phone - it's the police station. Edna located the fingerprint report and says that there was one "prior offense" on the record - murder. She also tells him that Lorelei was arrested under another name - "Beth Raines." Phillip stands in shock.

At the Bauer cabin, Harley asks Gus what he's doing there. He brought her coffee. Harley can't believe the gesture as Blake, Ross, Michelle, and Danny join her outside. They moan and express their disappointment at finding Gus at their doorstep. Michelle warns that he better not be there to question Danny about the warehouse fire. Blake asks if Gus has more questions about Tory. He says no to both, arguing that he thought Harley needed to see him about police business. He looks at Harley and decides to leave. She stops him, "Wait! Don't go." She pulls him back to the door and tells her friends that she wants Gus to stay. "because I like him. and if any of you have a problem with that, you can just say it or shut up." There is silence for a moment, then Michelle decides it's ok. Blake tells Harley she knew all along, but won't tell anyone. The two couples go back inside. Harley scolds Gus for taking her innocent invite for coffee and- Gus interrupts, pulling her close, saying, "There's nothing innocent about us."
Harley runs away from the pelting of snowballs. Gus grabs her and they wrestle like kids with snow in their hair. They laugh and smile in each others' arms. Harley shatters a romantic moment by suggesting they "talk." Gus cringes. Harley asks him to be on his best behavior (especially around Danny). He promises he'll be "a little church boy."

Inside the cabin, Blake gets a phone call from her mom's assistant. Holly checked herself into the ER, but it's nothing serious. Blake is worried and puts on her coat. She tells a concerned Ross to stay with the kids - they're having fun. She repeats that her mom will be fine as she heads out the door.

Out in the snow, Tory hangs up her cell phone, "Blake, you are just so easy to fool. Now it's just the beginning." She smiles, slyly.

Michelle asks Ross what he's working on. He shuffles his notes and says he hasn't a clue - he's worried about Holly. Michelle reassures him that Holly is strong and will be ok. Kevin asks Danny to go try out his new sled. Michelle tries to talk them out of it, but Danny is determined to make a full recovery. He wants to test himself to see what he's capable of. Michelle decides to go with them. All alone, Ross calls his secretary for a file. She asks if "that woman" got a hold of him. She didn't leave a name, but said it was urgent. Ross scolds his secretary for giving out personal information - she told this woman where he and Blake were. He hangs up and calls Blake in the car on the way to the hospital. He asks her if she's ok. She is fine and will call when she gets there. She hangs up, as Tory appears in the back seat, "Hello. Blake." Startled, Blake looses control of the car. Tory screams for her to stop. Blake gets control and screams at Tory, "What the hell are you doing! Get out of here!" Tory says she knew Blake never would have agreed to meet with her, so she had to trick her. Blake realizes her mother is alright. She is relieved, but furious at Tory. She warns that if she tries anything, "Ross is a click away on speed dial." Tory plays the innocent, whining in a victim's voice, "Why do you always think the worst of me, Blake? I just want to talk to you." She tells Blake, "You won." After seeing the wedding invitations, she realized that Ross really does love Blake, and she won't be bothering them anymore. Blake asks if she's really leaving town then. Tory, is somber, saying "You won't be seeing me anymore, so what does it matter? Ross is yours. til death do you part." She asks Blake to drop her off at the train station. Blake doesn't believe her, but drives on.

After, dropping Tory off, Blake mutters her frustration to herself in the car. She swerves, and presses on the brake pedal, but is terrified when nothing happens. She struggles to gain control of the car, screaming.

Sitting by the fire, Harley thanks Michelle for welcoming Gus. She had expected a huge disaster when she saw Gus had followed her to the cabin, but so far so good. She's glad he came. She decides to go tell him.

Out on the hill, Kevin and Danny sled and whoop it up like children. Michelle expresses her concern over Danny's health. He's relentless, and goes up for one more run. Michelle takes Kevin inside. Gus joins Danny on the hill, asking if he's ok to be doing something as active as sledding, since he just left the hospital. He says that if he were in Danny's shoes, he'd "play the disabled card a little bit longer" because women love to play nurse and he loves the attention. Danny is defensive. He heads up the hill, telling Gus to "go back to building your case against me." Gus starts to leave, muttering, "Well, it's not totally out of the question." Danny turns around, angry. He says that while his mother may be up to no good, he is out of the crime business. Gus accuses him of being "up to your eyes in it!" Danny drops the sled and asks Gus, "You want to see how recovered I really am?" They exchange heated words. Harley arrives just in time to break up the argument. She asks what's going on. They stare at each other with fire in their eyes.

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