One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 11, 2002 on OLTL

Jen contemplated marrying Al. Sam rescued Troy from a burning funhouse. Lindsay was arrested. Carlotta attempted to show her dislike for Keri. Al and Natalie continued to plot against Seth. Viki dreamed about Niki. Gabrielle and Bo spent some time together.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 11, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, March 11, 2002

Jen heard the rumor that she and Al intended to marry. The news devastated Cristian, and he asked Jen to confirm or deny the rumor.

Shawna found Keri and Antonio kissing and decided to report Keri for in inappropriate behavior with a student after Keri gave Shawna a failing grade on her paper.

Lindsay confronted Troy about "Ramali" as electric wires started to spark, but Troy insisted that she could find the tape at the zoo. Lindsay unraveled the mystery clue, slapped Troy for lying, and left unaware that a fire had started.

Sam believed Starr's story about the man in handcuffs at the funhouse. Sam rushed to the funhouse and found it in flames, while Nora searched for the tape. Lindsay arrived at the gallery and discovered Nora.

Natalie stalled Max, and Al pocketed money from Seth's deposit envelope. Allison bumped into Seth on his way to the bank, and the money and papers went flying. After Seth's deposit, the bank called and alerted Max to a discrepancy in the deposit.

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Nora and Lindsay both figured out Troy's clue to where to find the tape with Lindsay's confession to giving Nora the drug that had wiped out her memory. Nora went to Lindsay's gallery and found the tape, heard the confession, and was about to leave when Lindsay entered. Lindsay asked Nora how she had gotten in, and Nora replied that the door had been open. Lindsay denied that. Lindsay asked Nora what she was doing there, and Nora said she was looking for Troy; Lindsay asked Nora, "Where is it?" Nora replied, "Where is what, Lindsay?"

Nora finally showed Lindsay the tape, and they listened to the part where Lindsay confessed. Nora told Lindsay that the tape would be played in court and that Lindsay would pay for what she had done. Lindsay tried to lie her way out, saying what was on the tape was not the truth.

The phone rang. It was R.J. Nora said, "Troy, is that you?" R.J. hung up. He had planned to tell Lindsay he had not been able to find the tape. Lindsay had threatened him and Keri if he did not try to help her find it, since he was the one who had purchased the drug for Lindsay to give Nora. R.J. had not known at the time that it was for Nora.

Nora asked Lindsay again where Troy was. When Lindsay wouldn't tell Nora the truth about where Troy was, they began to fight, and then the tape was thrown across the room. They continued to struggle, and Lindsay hit Nora on the head and knocked her out. Lindsay grabbed the tape as Nora awoke, and Nora chased after her. Nora stopped Lindsay from leaving the gallery, and when Lindsay continued to try to leave, Nora hit her, and Lindsay fell to the floor, unconscious. Nora got the tape back.

Antonio had planned a special meal for Keri at Carlotta's diner, unbeknownst to Carlotta. When they arrived, Keri remarked to Antonio that Carlotta would not like her going there, just as Carlotta walked up with a displeased look on her face. Antonio told Carlotta they were there for lunch; Carlotta reluctantly welcomed Keri. However, when she took their order, she was rude to Keri and for everything Keri tried to order, Carlotta either said Keri wouldn't like it or they didn't have it. Antonio told Carlotta to let Keri order what she wanted. Carlotta was not pleased.

While they were waiting for their food, Antonio and Keri kissed. When Carlotta saw it, she put a huge portion of red hot pepper on Keri's food. When Keri tasted the food, she began to choke from the hot pepper. After Keri regained her composure, she confronted Carlotta -- she insisted that no trick was going to keep her from Antonio, and especially not putting a lot of hot pepper on her food.

Keri gave Carlotta the plate to take back to the kitchen. Antonio agreed with Keri. Carlotta stomped off and was furious. Keri and Antonio talked about the things Keri had said to Carlotta, and Antonio told Keri that Carlotta would get over it -- or not. They left the diner together.

Al told Natalie that he was tired of doing what she said -- he stood up, and they nearly kissed. Al was beginning to feel guilty about taking the money to make Seth look like a thief. Natalie continued to badger Al about going through with the plan so she could get Seth back and he could keep Jen. Al told Natalie he knew Jen did not love him, and he thought he should let her know he could walk. Natalie talked Al out of letting Jen know he could walk and told Al that it was going around campus that he and Jen were getting married -- that she thought Jen really was crazy about Al, which was not true.

Natalie left thinking she had convinced Al to go along with her plan, and Jen went into the room where Al was. Al asked Jen if she had heard the rumor about their getting married, and Jen laughed and said yes. Al then told her they should make the rumor into truth and get married. Jen was stunned.

Max told Seth that the bank deposit had been $1,000 short. Al had rigged the deposit. Natalie had told him to do it; it was part of her plan to get Seth back. Max continued to question Seth about the shortage when Jessica returned to Break Bar -- she told Seth and Max she knew he had not taken the money. She told him to think about what had been happening about that time, and Seth remembered.

Seth said he thought Allison had taken the money; she had been in there, she had nearly run him over, and money had scattered everywhere. In any case, Max told Seth he would be taking money out of Seth's check until it was paid back. Seth and Jessica left Break Bar and ran into Natalie. They told her that Allison had taken a thousand dollars, and they were going after her. Natalie was distressed and said to herself, "What am I going to do now?"

Sam went to the fun house and discovered it was on fire, but he did not see Troy. Then he heard Troy calling out. Troy told Sam that he was trapped and chained. The fire was getting worse, and Sam tried to find his way around the maze of rooms to get to Troy. When he found Troy, he had a flashback about Nora saying she had feelings for Troy and that she had kissed him back at the graveyard.

Sam returned to his senses and started trying to free Troy, but the fire continued to get worse. Sam worked to free Troy and asked him who had done that to him, and Troy replied that it had been Lindsay -- and it was a long story. The fire raged on, and Sam continued to try to free Troy. A beam fell and knocked Sam down. Troy was still confined and watched helplessly as Sam lay on the floor.

Jen and Cristian talked about her and Al. Cristian said it was okay if she married Al, and Jen told Cristian it was just a rumor and that she was not going to marry Al. However, she still felt guilty about Al's accident, and Cristian told her again that it had been Al's fault and not hers. Cristian left, and Natalie was very pleased -- she thought her plan was working.

At the college, Shawna talked to Rae about the consequences of a college professor seeing one of their students -- she was talking about Antonio and Keri. She told Rae that the professor had given the student good grades and was doing the same for his brother. Shawna was mad because she had gotten a bad grade in Keri's class. Shawna planned to get back at Keri for doing that to her. R.J. was there and overheard the conversation.

Rae told Shawna she had better have proof if she was going to accuse Keri of being with Antonio while he had been her student and that she could find herself in court in the midst of a slander suit. When Rae left, R.J., who had heard everything, asked Shawna if he could buy her a cup of coffee -- Shawna was very puzzled.

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

As Lindsay and Nora fought over the tape, Nora knocked Lindsay out with a right hook. Nora attempted to reach Bo on the phone, and Lindsay awakened and managed to snatch the tape from Nora's hand. She tossed it into the trash compactor, telling Nora that it was all over -- the tape was gone. Nora took off for the compactor room and jumped into the trash heap, getting hit by falling trash bags as she dug through the mounting garbage.

Lindsay followed, but as she, too, jumped in, the door slammed shut behind her. The pair frantically searched for the tape, found it, and made a dive for it. Alas, it was not the one they were looking for. Nora told Lindsay that she didn't want to let Troy down, but Lindsay advised her that it wouldn't matter. Suddenly, they heard a noise and realized that the compactor had gone on.

Bo sat down at the diner and spied Gabrielle, sitting alone nearby. He accused her of following him, and though she denied it at first, she admitted to it soon after. She had grown accustomed to eating dinner with him and chatting, so she had missed that and had been looking for a friend, she told him. Bo hastily reminded her that they were not friends. Cristian wandered in looking distraught, and Carlotta quickly determined that it was because of Jen. She thought that Cristian needed to fight for her.

Bo stopped by to say hi and told Cristian he ought to apply for a job with the police department. Cristian didn't think that was such a good idea, since his involvement with the police had cost him Jen. Gabrielle interrupted and suggested that he work harder at forgetting Jen. She then began to lecture him about not interfering with Jen and Al, but Cristian refused to listen, mentioning that he had already heard it from Max. Bo then accused Gabrielle of interfering because he and Cristian were talking about the future; she should worry about her own life and stop trying to protect Al from everything.

Gabrielle apologized and went back to sit down with Bo, and Cristian stalked off to be alone. Bo and Gabrielle talked about their sons, which led Gabrielle to ask Bo if he was becoming a friend. He thought that was a maybe. He inquired about her work at the paper and wondered why Todd was pretty much letting her write what she wanted because it was not like him. Gabrielle tried to change the subject.

Al and Jen chatted in an empty classroom. Al asked Jen to marry him and make true the rumor that was going around. He wanted to know what Jen meant by sticking around for the long haul, though he realized he should probably just enjoy the moment with her. Jen sang his praises, but he credited her. She said she loved him, and when Al revealed his love for her, she clarified that she loved him as a best friend. She promised not to leave, and again he asked her to marry him.

As Viki and Ben shared an intimate moment, the doorbell rang. It was Blair and Todd with the baby, and they wanted some advice on how to handle Starr. They explained what had been going on with the poisonous spider and the man on the wheel. Ben wondered if Starr's story could possibly be true, but the Mannings assured him it was not. Viki pulled Blair aside for a chat, telling her a tale about Joey and Kevin when they had been small. She advised the younger woman that they needed to reassure Starr of their love and give her lots of attention. She was doing the same with Natalie and Cristian, she explained.

Blair wondered aloud how a woman could not know her own child, referring to Natalie. Viki agreed and suddenly felt strange. She became consumed by that thought. Todd and Ben discussed therapy for Starr, but Todd was against it. He told Ben that Sam was being nosy, but Ben figured that Sam had to have a good reason. After the Mannings left, Ben found Viki asleep on the sofa. He covered her up and closed the door. She was having bad dreams, hearing Blair's voice, "How could a mother not know her own baby?" She awakened abruptly and saw Niki.

Sam lay unconscious on the floor, having been struck by a falling beam and surrounded by flames. Troy urged him to get up. Sam stirred but was unable to get up because he was pinned by the beam. They both strained to reach the nearby crowbar, and finally Troy was able to grab it and at last free himself from the wheel. He managed to lift the beam enough for Sam to crawl out. Eventually, they made it outside and gasped for breath. Troy told Sam that they needed to get to Lindsay's because Nora was in trouble. They got to the gallery, where Troy realized that someone had found the tape.

The Mannings stopped at the diner on the way home and saw Gabrielle and Bo sitting together. They were uneasy and wondered what Gabrielle and Bo could be talking about. Blair urged her husband to check it out, so he sauntered over. He told Gabrielle he had a story for her that she had to pursue at the mall, but Gabrielle announced that she was eating. He went back to Blair, but Bo was busy watching him. He referred back to the mystery of Gabrielle working for Todd.

As Al talked about his love for Jen, she remembered Cristian's proposal. She couldn't accept Al's proposal right then, but she promised to think about it. Cristian arrived at the classroom door in time to overhear.

Troy filled Sam in on the tape as, down below, the women pondered their fate. There didn't seem to be any way out as the compacting began.

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Bo went to Llanfair to ask Ben if he had seen Troy MacIver recently. Ben hadn't seen him, and, as far as he knew, Troy was in Paris, eloping with Lindsay. They hadn't gotten that far, or at least Lindsay hadn't, Bo informed him. They also discussed Asa's change in attitude recently and hoped that they could all become more of a family in the near future. Bo hoped that Ben would get to see Asa as he had been before, the way Bo liked to remember him.

Meanwhile, in the library, Viki had a dream about Niki Smith. Niki was laughing at her and telling her that she didn't know anything about "something." Niki didn't reveal what the "something" was. Disturbed by her dream, Viki left to find Rae at the university to ask for Rae's help in figuring out what Niki was trying to tell her. On her way through the student union, she spotted Allison and asked what she was doing there. Allison refused to answer, but when Viki left, Allison turned the monitor of the computer she was at back on to reveal the website for Green Hills Sanatorium. As she was talking to Rae, Viki saw Niki standing on the other side of the classroom and waving at her.

Cristian overheard Al asking Jen to marry him. Jen didn't give Al an answer, but promised to consider it. After Jen left, Al warned Cristian to stay out of their way, and Cristian agreed. In the student center, Rae noticed that Jen was upset and asked what was wrong. Jen revealed that Al had asked her to marry him, but Jen couldn't give Rae a straight answer when Rae asked if Jen was in love with Al. Rae advised Jen to follow her heart. Later, Jen tried not to notice as Cristian offered to buy a cup of coffee for an attractive female student.

Seth and Jessica found Allison sitting at a computer in the student union. They confronted her about the stolen money, which Al had really taken to frame Seth, and of course she denied knowing anything about it. She suggested that maybe Seth had taken it himself and reminded Jessica of all the terrible things he'd done to her in the past. Back at Break Bar, Max informed Seth that he wasn't fired but that half of his weekly pay would be docked until the money was paid back. Seth wondered how he would pay all his bills, including the one for the leather coat he had purchased, but Max was unsympathetic. Jessica offered to pay back the money that was missing, but Seth turned down her offer. Jessica left with Seth to walk him to the library, where he had to work on a paper due the next day.

Also at Break Bar, Chad asked Natalie to help him show his sister, Katie, around campus. She was visiting on her way to California and might be interested in going to Llanview University. At first Natalie turned him down but later told him that her plans had changed, and she would be able to go. After asking Jen to marry him, Al went to Max and asked for the ring that his grandfather Wingate had given to his grandmother Patricia so he could give it to Jen. Natalie approached Al and insisted he do one more thing to help her, or she would tell Jen the truth about him being able to walk. Natalie wanted Al to steal Seth's coat and scarf in order to impersonate him.

Nora and Lindsay used metal bars and anything they could find and finally got the compactor walls to stop closing in on them. Lindsay managed to get the door open and crawled out. Spotting the tape, Nora picked it up and put it in her jacket before climbing out of the compactor. Unfortunately, it fell on the floor, and Lindsay saw it before Nora picked it up again. Nora threatened to take it to the police, but Lindsay informed her that if she did, she'd never find Troy.

Lindsay wanted to make a deal: the tape of her confession for Troy's location. Troy and Sam rushed in just in time to keep Nora from handing over the tape. After the security guard had confronted them and left to call the police, the men had noticed the open door to the garbage chute and had figured out where the women had been. Lindsay still tried to deny that she had been the one to drug Nora, even after Troy played the tape for Sam to hear, but Sam wasn't buying her story anymore. Realizing it, Lindsay tried to leave, but Bo stopped her and told her she was under arrest.

Friday, March 15, 2002

Bo arrested Lindsay. Lindsay told Bo she would tell him everything, but she just wanted him to get her out of there. Lindsay also told Bo to remember that the last time he had arrested her for murder, she had been innocent. Bo said, "Not this time." Nora told Sam, "Thank God it's all over."

Nora asked Sam how he had known where Troy was. Sam told her that Starr had told him. Sam told Nora that he and Troy had saved each other because when he had been trying to save Troy, a beam had knocked him out. Nora asked if he was okay and insisted that he should go to the doctor. Nora told Sam that he and Troy, as well as she and Lindsay, had almost died because she had wanted Lindsay's confession so badly.

Nora and Sam talked about their lives. Sam said they couldn't put "this" behind them. Nora said it was over. Nora asked Sam for forgiveness. Sam said he hadn't been able to seduce Lindsay to get a confession. Nora asked Sam if he thought she had wanted Troy to do that to Lindsay. Sam told Nora that she had known what Troy was doing and had done nothing to stop him because she would have done anything to get Lindsay to confess.

Sam also told Nora that she wanted Troy. Sam said it was okay. Troy had been so determined to get a confession, and she had let it control her. Nora told Sam that what she had done with Troy hadn't meant anything. Sam said that it did, and she should stop fooling herself. Sam said he saw the look she had on her face when Troy walked in, and she realized he was right. Nora told Sam she was sorry.

Sam said that thanks to Lindsay getting in the way, they knew who they were and that they couldn't be together. Sam and Nora said, "I love you" and hugged each other. Sam said their relationship had all been a dream.

Lindsay told Bo that Troy had locked her in the funhouse. Troy asked Bo and Hank if the tape was enough to put Lindsay away for what she had done to Nora. Bo and Hank exchanged glances. Hank explained that a taped confession wasn't enough because she had thought he was Colin. Troy said Starr had heard the confession, but Hank told Troy that Starr was a kid and wasn't considered a reliable witness.

Troy asked what he could do to help. Troy asked Bo and Hank to listen to what Lindsay had said on the tape right before she confessed. Bo confronted Lindsay about the fact that she had told her children that she had given Nora the drug that had erased her memory. Bo said he would get a signed statement from her children. Lindsay said her children didn't know anything about it.

Lindsay told Troy that Jen would not believe a word he said. Troy said he would tell Jen how Lindsay had switched the pregnancy test so she would think she was pregnant with Al's baby. Troy said he would also tell Jen how she had asked for a drug to make it look like Jen had been pregnant. Troy said Jen would know that if it weren't for Lindsay, Al and Cristian would never have gotten into a fight.

Bo called Jen to go to the police station. Troy told Lindsay he didn't want to do it to her, but he would never forgive her for what she had done to Nora. Troy told her she would not get away with it and that she had better tell Bo and Hank everything she had done to Nora, or he would tell Jen everything Lindsay had done to her.

Jen stopped Cristian from leaving, but Cristian asked if it was "so you can lie to me again about that fact that you said you were not marrying Al." Cristian told Jen he had heard her tell Al that she would think about marrying him. Jen said she had told Al that she would think about it because she had been shocked. Jen apologized to Cristian. Cristian said it was all his fault. Jen told Cristian that it was all her fault; Cristian said he would have forgiven her for sleeping with Al. Cristian asked Jen if she was going to marry Al.

At the library, Al put his wheelchair in the closet and stole Seth's jacket. Chad introduced Natalie to his younger sister, Katie. Natalie arranged for Al to run into Katie. Al pretended to be Seth when he ran into Katie. Katie asked if he had a girlfriend. Al told her he sort of had a girlfriend.

Natalie stopped Chad from looking for his sister while Al, pretending to be Seth, told Katie that he was a bartender and pulled out a pocketful of cash. Later, Katie told Chad and Natalie that she had gone outside for some fresh air and had met a guy name "Seth Anderson."

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