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Monday, March 18, 2002

During a moonlit stroll with baby Danny in tow, an embarrassed Ian admits to Eve how he blundered in his last encounter with Amy. Meanwhile, Chris watches Amy's reaction with great interest when he remarks on how much of a family resemblance she bears to her father. Following a blissful "wedding night" in the barn, Alison told Rafe she wishes she could tell the world how happy she is. Kevin cautions Paige that underestimating Lucy's power of intuition is never a good bet. Eve is delighted when Ian readily agrees to take their little family on vacation. Though Rafe asks for the chance to meet his "in-laws", Alison sadly explains how her parents never had time for her. Chris goads Amy by gleefully reporting that he placed the telltale photo into Eve's purse. As Kevin puts the finishing touches on Paige's portrait, Lucy arrives and announces that all three of them are booked on the next flight to London.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Jack and Jamal fought. Ricky was furious when Casey said she was leaving in a week. He insisted she was leaving because he was disfigured so she told him she loved him. Eve and Ian planned a honeymoon as Amy hid in the apartment. Eve sensed her presence when Ian went to check the electricity. Ricky rejected Casey. Jack and Jamal finally talked it out and Jack got through. Eve and Ian realized someone had been in their house as Any planned her revenge.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

At the park, Livvie and Jack discuss how their friends are doing. Livvie is concerned about Alison. She thinks Alison is just setting herself up to be hurt by falling in love with Rafe. Jack figures they have as good a chance as anyone has to live happily ever after. Livvie adamantly refuses to believe that. She told Jack that Rafe will leave Alison. Soon. Jack is curious why Livvie doesn't like Rafe. He decides that it must be because Rafe reminds her of the whole Caleb fiasco.

Alison and Rafe are cuddling at the Recovery Room when Jamal comes over wanting to talk to Alison. Rafe leaves to give them some privacy. When Jamal sits down, Alison notices he has a bruise on his face. "Jack knocked some sense into me." He explains. Jamal apologizes for his behavior when Valerie died. He knows now that Alison was the best thing that ever happened to him. She didn't deserve the way he treated her. Alison told Jamal that he will always be her first love. Nothing will ever change that. They part as friends.

Rafe takes a seat at Casey's table where she begins pouring her heart out to him. Casey is frustrated because she doesn't know why she's been given a second chance or what she's supposed to do with it. She begins to cry as she told Rafe how Ricky laughed at her when she tried to tell him she loved him. She thinks she really messed up and wasted her time on earth. Rafe told her she needs to try again. She has to make Ricky listen so that when she went back to heaven, she will have no regrets.

Chris shows up unexpectedly at Eve's apartment. When he asks about the extra locks on the door, Eve told him someone broke into the apartment. They didn't take anything, but strangely enough, all they did was move Eve's purse into the playpen. Chris asks if Eve had time to look at the picture he gave her. Eve doesn't know what he is talking about, so Chris explains that he slipped the picture in her purse.

Eve believes Chris is obsessed with Amy and her secrets. Chris says it's because Amy's story has "so many holes you could drive a truck through them." He can't understand why Eve isn't as curious as he is since after all, Amy is going after her husband. In order to get Chris off her back, Eve searches through her purse for the picture, but it is missing. Chris immediately jumps to the conclusion that Amy took it. She must have been the one who broke into the apartment. Eve remembers that Amy never did return the extra key they lent her.

At the hospital, Ian startles Amy as she is about to put the picture into the shredder. He wants to help her because he is afraid she will hurt herself. Amy has no choice but to hand over the picture. She is relieved when Ian shreds the picture without looking at it. Ian is worried that the break-in at the apartment may have something to do with the fact that Amy stayed with them for awhile. He thinks someone may be looking for her. Amy says that this means she has to stay away from Ian and his family. She gives him a goodbye hug as Eve marches in to accuse Amy of breaking in to their apartment.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Rafe brought a blindfolded Alison to the Barn so she will not be able to see the way he has fixed the barn up for a special party. However, Alison guesses they are at the barn because she can smell the little purple wildflowers that grow only around the barn. 'Since you've ruined my surprise,' Rafe told her, 'we might as well go home.' Then Rafe told Alison that he had a picnic packed, thought they might take a nap - even stay the night - again. As they go inside, Alison sees that he has decorated the barn with Chinese lanterns and a formal dining table - set for a party.

At the Lighthouse, Paige is in the Studio when Kevin finds her and told her that it's time for them to head to London. But Paige admits she is not ready to leave because the peace and brief moments of happiness that she has found at the Lighthouse have become too precious to her and she feels like she can NOT just walk away.

At the Hospital, Eve angrily accuses Amy of being the intruder who broke into the Thornharts' apartment and told Ian that Amy stole a picture of Amy and her father from Eve's purse. As Ian tries to defend Amy to his wife, Chris steps in to point out that Amy's name could NOT be Stradling because, in the picture that he has, Amy is wearing a necklace with the initials A.H.

Amy angrily retorts that she doesn't have the faintest idea of what Chris and Eve are talking about and that she does NOT plan to stay to let them interrogate her.

Then Chris told everyone that, since Amy has probably already destroyed the picture of Amy's father that Chris gave to Eve, he will just run another copy of the photo on his laptop, while Ian observes: "I think I helped her shred it!'

However, as Chris prepares to run another copy of the incriminating photo on his laptop, Amy suddenly knocks the computer onto the ground and smashes it, screaming at them: 'Leave me alone!'

At the Barn, Alison told Rafe that he has prepared something beautiful, but Rafe replies: 'Pretty - yes! But Beautiful is YOU!'

Rafe quickly explains that he has all of Alison's favorite foods and Alison notices that she CAN smell all the delicious things Rafe has prepared for her, but when she announces that she IS starving, Rafe told her that they can't touch any of it until the company comes. When Alison begs for a hint as to whom the company might be, Rafe told her that: 'In our special place, where all good dreams come true, I promise you, Angel, that you'll be surrounded by all the love that you deserve.'

Back at the Hospital, Ian is genuinely shocked by Amy's outburst and Chris says: "For a psychologist, Amy, your anger management skills need a LOT of work!'

Amy asks to speak with Ian in private, and while they go off, Chris bets Eve a hundred dollars that Amy will find a way to worm out of this one too. But Eve says that she is not so sure about that.

Privately, Amy told Ian that she just could NOT let Chris Ramsey go showing that picture around to just anyone. Again, Ian is shocked: 'So you DID break into our loft?' he asks.

AMY: "I had no choice. I can't explain it all to you now, but my father is the reason I am running - OK?'
IAN: 'NO! It is NOT OK! You scared my wife half to death!'
AMY: 'And if you don't help me prevent Chris Ramsey from showing that photo around, it could happen to all of us. He's going to get me - and everyone close to me - killed!'

Meanwhile, over at the Lighthouse, Kevin told Paige that, if he could, he would let her stay forever at the Lighthouse. But, IF they did that, then Paige would NOT be able to complete her journey. Paige told Kevin that her time at the Lighthouse has been so full of beautiful moments - that letting go hurts so much. However, Kevin promises Paige that wonderful things WILL be waiting for her in London. Paige once again puzzles over Lucy's insistence that Paige DOES have someone left in the world who IS connected to her. And Kevin reminds his friend that Kevin KNOWS that 'Miracles DO happen!'

Kevin then assures Paige that she will NOT be forgotten, that he will think of her every time he went into the studio or picks up a paintbrush. Then Kevin asks again if she is ready to do this.

PAIGE: 'If it's with you, Kevin, I'm ready for anything - whatever comes.'

And Kevin begins to remove the portrait from the easel and roll it up for travel.

Back at the Hospital, as Chris and Eve wait for Ian and Amy to finish their little chat, Eve asks: 'How does it look?'
CHRIS: 'Looks like I need a new laptop.'
EVE: 'Great! No picture.'

As Ian and Amy return, Chris told Ian: 'Hope you have a clearer picture than we have here.' Ian warns Eve that their snooping could put them in danger. Ian told Eve that Amy is part of the Witness Protection Program. Amy steps in during Ian's explanation and claims that she hadn't told Eve herself because she feared that coming clean would put them in danger. Chris was initially skeptical, but eventually came around and said that he wished Amy would have told him sooner. With that, Chris handed over his disc and Ian broke it in half.

Back at the barn, Rafe stews that 'Both of them should be here - they should be here by now.'
ALISON: 'It'd be easier to help you if I knew who 'they' were!'

Believing that he has heard someone arrive, Rafe went outside to check, while Alison says: "If you were NOT actually an angel, you'd be MY angel because EVERYthing you do is just a little miracle.' While Alison waits, Rafe's phone suddenly rings and, when Alison answers the call, she realizes that it is one of her parents, calling to tell Rafe that they will NOT be able to make it to Rafe's party for Alison!

When Rafe returns, Alison told him that she knows what he tried to do and she truly appreciates his thoughtfulness in trying to arrange a family reunion for her, but, Alison told her special angel, 'They're not coming - my parents are NOT coming!'
RAFE: "I'm so sorry. I was so sure.'
ALISON: 'You meant well, but, Rafe, they don't have time. They NEVER have.'

'But,' Rafe protests: 'I talked to your Dad. He PROMISED me!'

Alison agrees that: "I know. I'm sure he did. And if I had known, I could have spared us the time. Rafe, my parents promise all sorts of things. But they NEVER come through.'
RAFE: 'But why? Why do they do that to you?'
ALISON: 'It's OK. Just forget about it. Don't think about them. Don't make ME think about them. Not here! Not in this special place that you worked so hard on to make into a loving place for both of us. We have more important things to think about.'
RAFE: 'Like the promises we made to each other - right here!'

Alison points out that there is ONE promise Rafe has not come through on yet and that is ONE thing that married couples do before the celebration really begins - to share the first dance. As Alison whispers, 'I am so, so loved,' they begin to dance.

Later, at the Hospital, Chris sees Amy headed toward the elevator.

CHRIS: 'Hey, there.'
AMY: 'Chris! The gift that keeps on giving!'
CHRIS: 'You know, those laptop computers don't grow on trees.'
AMY: 'I know. I'll replace it - maybe!'
CHRIS: 'You know, Amy, I'm not really a bad guy.'
AMY: "Define 'bad!"
CHRIS: "I just think that if you had trusted me a bit more, things might have been different.'
AMY: 'Well, maybe if you had played a little bit nicer with others, we might have enjoyed some real laughs.'
CHRIS: "So - I guess I missed my chance?'
AMY: "I'll tell you what - let me show you how much fun we COULD have had...' And she kisses him. Then she strolls into the elevator: 'And that is as close as you will EVER get!'

As Chris is trying to get his breath back, he suddenly realizes that Amy bit him!

As Eve and Ian return to the nurses station, Ian is making sure that Eve understands WHY he kept Amy's secret and Eve agrees that he probably could not have done anything any differently. Eve hands him a bunch of brochures from the resort she planned for their vacation and leaves Ian to look at the brochures while she picks Danny up in Day Care. However, Ian is suddenly shocked when he sees Angel Boss Ed's picture in the brochure with a notation that his name is Ed Grant and that he died in 1972. 'That's impossible! He was here two weeks ago!' Ian exclaims.

At the Lighthouse, Kevin packs up Paige's portrait and Paige again thanks him for the vague flirtation with happiness that she has had during her visit. Then, as Kevin and Paige hug good-bye, there is a sudden flash of light and when Paige checks her watch, it shows that she has only one week left. Kevin urges her to hurry up, because, 'We can't waste a minute.' However, after the two of them leave, Kevin's phone begins to ring - It is Ian - hoping hat Kevin will pick up soon.

In the park, the Light flashes on Amy, who also checks HER watch and says: "Time is almost up - for BOTH of us - Ian!'

Rafe and Alison see the light, and when Rafe checks HIS watch, Alison clings even more tightly to him, as he reassures her: "Everything's fine. As long as I've got you in my arms. I promise you that everything's going to be OK!'

Friday, March 22, 2002

Rafe and Alison wake up in the barn, after another blissful night in their special place. As the newlyweds talk about their evening, Alison thanks Rafe for inviting her parents for dinner - even if they did NOT show up! Then Alison told Rafe that she wants him to meet the ONE person who has ALWAYS been there for her.

At the Smith Estate in England, Lucy, Kevin and Paige arrive to hang Paige's portrait. Standing in the Great Hall, Paige suddenly tears up as she observes that: 'My life is behind me. It's over!'

At the Hospital, Ian shows Victor the picture of Ed Grant he found in the travel brochure and told Victor: 'When I met him, he told me he was with the Witness Protection Program.'

But Victor told Ian that is hard to believe because ANYbody involved with the Witness Protection Program is a Sphinx - NOT inclined to talk about ANYthing dealing with the program. Then Ian points out that the article says that Ed Grant died in 1972 and asks: 'How could someone who died thirty years ago be talking now?'

Meanwhile, Rafe and Alison have arrived at the Barrington attic and Alison begins to frantically search for something. Rafe told her not to worry, that it will be OK. But Alison insists that it can NOT be OK, since she is the ONLY one who comes up here and there that she feels she MUST find what she is looking for.

Back at the Hospital, as Victor and Ian discuss the picture of Ed Grant, Victor suggest that there COULD be many explanations - the man in the photo could be the twin of the man Ian met, it could be a bad photo, there could merely just be a strong resemblance, or ONE of the 'Ed's' could have had plastic surgery.

Ian explains that when he and Kevin got suspicious about Amy and Paige, this guy - Ed - showed up out of nowhere and told them, among other things, that the watches were a homing device to enable them to keep track of people they were helping to hide out. But Victor told Ian that, in his experience, people involved in Witness Protection do NOT like homing devices and - besides - Victor had NEVER heard of a homing device being used in a watch. Plus, Victor continues to point out, if Amy really WAS in the Witness Protection Program, it would NOT have been possible to track down information on Amy as easily as it appeared to be for Ian and Kevin. As Victor prepares to leave, Victor sums up that this all: "Feels to me like some kind of Royal Scam!'

Meanwhile, in the On-Call room, Amy receives a package from a courier and, after locking the door, opens the package. Inside the package, Amy finds a deadly bug in a bottle and says: 'Welcome to Port Charles, my little friend.' Then Amy crosses over to put the box in her locker, telling her new 'friend:' "You have to handle a medical problem for me by the name of Dr. Ian Thornhart. Any day now. You deadly little bug! Any day.' {The bug appears to be an exotic spider!}

Meanwhile, back at Paige's ancestral home, as Kevin hangs Paige's portrait, Lucy suddenly asks for the Family Record and Paige obligingly shows Lucy that a record of births and deaths for every generation was started years ago on a parchment scroll by the first person in the first portrait they saw when the entered the estate.

At the Hospital, as Ian waits for Amy to get off her shift, he has brief flashbacks to Amy trying to destroy Victor's heat-detecting machine, then remembers how angry Amy became when Ian told her he had called her father. And, then, in the alley in New York, when Amy was prepared to tell Ian that she was 'an...,' there was a sudden flash of light and Amy disappeared. Ian puzzles over Ed's words as Ed told Kevin and Ian that Paige and Amy were in a Witness Protection Program. 'Amy, who ARE you - really?' Ian asks himself.

Meanwhile, in the Barrington attic, Alison searches frantically for the lost portrait. When Rafe tries to get her to calm down and just BREATHE, Alison told him: 'I will breathe once I find this painting!' Alison then told Rafe that the portrait is of her Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother Rebecca. Alison went on to describe for Rafe how she used to talk to Rebecca's portrait and that, in a very REAL way, Rebecca would give her advice. As Alison told her husband that Alison feels closer to Rebecca than to anyone else in this world, Rafe vows that he will make sure Alison sees that face again and they re-double their efforts to find the painting. At long last, Alison recognizes the red velvet cover that was kept over the portrait and Rafe helps her drag the portrait out to the center of the floor. As Alison dramatically pulls the velvet cover off the portrait and invites Rebecca Barrington to meet Rafe Kovich, Rafe is shocked to realize that he recognizes the woman pictured in the portrait.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Ian has gone to the On-Call Room and is annoyed when he finds that the main door has been locked. Ian turns his attention to Amy's locker and almost opens it, but notices Amy's stick standing beside the door to the shower room and, hearing the shower running, calls out to Amy that he needs to talk to her. However, after Ian has called out to Amy several times with no answer, he says: "To heck with modesty,' and went on into the shower room. But, Amy has turned invisible in the hot shower. An Invisible Amy then gets out of the shower and begins to materialize right in front of the amazed Ian. When Ian says: 'Amy!' she is startled by the sound of his voice.

Meanwhile, at the Smith Estate in England, Lucy has discovered a gap in the hall of portraits, which she believes is a clue for Paige completing her journey. Lucy points out that the portraits follow in order of the list on the parchment, but that there is a gap in the portraits - that there is ONE name on the list without a portrait. Kevin suggests that maybe the missing person - which Lucy says is a 'she' - just did NOT have a portrait painted.

But Lucy suggests that 'Maybe she did something so ghastly that they took the portrait down. Maybe they wanted to erase her from the family history forever.' Then Lucy told Kevin that she is SURE she is correct, as she shows Kevin the name in the scroll that has NO portrait in the hall.

Meanwhile, back in the Barrington attic, Rafe stands transfixed before the portrait of Alison's Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother Rebecca Barrington - because she appears to be an exact double for Rafe's fellow-angel - Paige Smith!

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