One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 18, 2002 on OLTL

Lindsay pleaded insanity in order to avoid a jail sentence. Todd and Blair apologized for not believing Starr. Jen agreed to marry Al. Todd and Blair argued over Jack's adoption. Carlotta refused to apologize to Keri. Rae hypnotized Viki in order to speak to Niki.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 18, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, March 18, 2002

Todd and Blair accuse Starr of lying again, but Sam stands behind Starr and explains that Troy was the man on the wheel. As a result, Starr rejects Blair's comfort and gives Todd a list of demands.

Distraught Sam reveals to Blair that Troy loves Nora and that Troy can give Nora the one thing she wants, Lindsay's confession. Blair tells Sam she wants Jack's adoption to be legal which infuriates Todd.

Meanwhile, Troy presses Lindsay to confess by threatening to tell Jen about the altered pregnancy test, and Lindsay promises to comply if Troy does not involve Jen. Lindsay's arrest greatly upsets Jen, and Cristian vows to win Jen back after overhearing her tell Al that she needs his comfort to get through the ordeal.

"Seth" angers Chad when he learns that he hit on his sister Katie, and Natalie enjoys the success of her ruses. Cristian nearly catches Al returning Seth's coat and scarf, and Al overhears Cristian explain that Jen and Cristian would reunite if Al could walk. Al finds his wheelchair locked in the storage closet and bribes the custodian to keep quiet about it.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Todd and Blair argue over having Jack's adoption made legal. Blair talked to Sam about it and Todd is furious because he is afraid they will find out that Jack was never adopted from Nellie and that Nellie is not Jack's real mother. Finally, after more arguing about the adoption, Todd tells Blair that Nellie is not Jack's real mother any longer (he stops short of telling her the real truth that Nellie is not Jack's real mother.)

Starr has demanded that Todd and Blair apologize to her for not believing her story about Troy being confined to the wheel. Troy comes in and thanks Starr; he begins to feel weak from the spider bite and leaves to go to Nora's.

Carlotta and Antonio have it out about the things Carlotta said to Keri. Antonio tells Carlotta he wants her to apologize to Keri for peppering her food. Carlotta tells Antonio she will not apologize and will never accept Keri. Antonio tells Carlotta he will not be coming back to eat at the diner – he will take his business where he is respected. R.J. walks up and wants to if Carlotta tried to poison Keri and Carlotta told R.J. that pepper does not poison anyone. R.J. tells her he wants to make peace because Keri and Antonio want to be together that they would be family if they marry. Carlotta became furious and stomped out of the diner and said she was going to end it once and for all.

Niki has come back to haunt Viki. Unbeknown to Ben, Viki went to see Rae to talk about her alter (Niki) coming back. Ben comes home and questions Viki about where she has been. As he is embracing her, she sees Niki over his shoulder and Niki asks why she does not tell Ben what is going on with her and her alter. Viki does not tell Ben that Niki has come back, nor that she has consulted with Rae. Ben begins to get romantic with Viki because no one is home and the doorbell rings. Rae has come over to talk to Viki about their session about Niki reappearing. Ben leaves the room and thinks they are talking about a fundraiser. Viki tells Rae she does not understand why this is happening to her that she is supposed to know everything the alters know. Rae tells her maybe she does not want to know. Viki continues to tell Rae she does not understand why the other alters have not come out. Rae tells Viki they should expose Niki in their therapy sessions. Viki becomes furious and says she will not do that. Ben comes in and hears Viki shouting; he asks what is going on. Rae covers for Viki and leaves. Ben and Viki are leaving the room as Niki appears and tells Viki she knows something that Viki does not know.

After Cris overhears Jen and Al talk, he bumps into Keri and tells her he has to let Jen go – Keri tells Cristian he can talk to her about it. Keri tells Cris that he is deserving of someone because he is a caring person like his brother. Carlotta arrives and is outside the door. Keri and Cris talk about Carlotta not wanting her to be involved with Antonio and Cris apologizes to Keri for Carlotta's behavior. Keri tells Cris she understands that Carlotta is a protective, loving and strong mother and she hopes to be like her when she has children. Carlotta, on her mission to tell Keri off, is touched by what she hears. Antonio walks up and asks Carlotta what she is doing. Carlotta tells Antonio she was wrong about Keri that she did not realize she was a caring person, that all she could see when she looked at her was R.J.; she said she wanted to apologize to Antonio. Keri and Cris walk in and Carlotta and Keri make peace. R.J. is watching and is not pleased.

After Jen found out about Lindsay being charged and put in jail she runs to Al. She tells him she really needs him and he is thrilled. They embrace as Cris watches. Cris and Jen are still in love with each other but Jen will not admit it to herself or Cris. She continues to lead Al on into thinking she cares about him and may consider marrying him. Jen finally tells Al about why her mother went to jail including that she knew all along that Lindsay injected Nora with the drug that erased her memory and ruined her life. Al tells Jen she will get past it like he did when Gabrielle went to prison. Al thinks about his lying to Jen about being able to walk and tries to soothe her about not telling what her mother did. He attempts to help Jen justify her reasons. He tells her love comes first. Al then tries to give Jen the ring that belonged to his grandmother so they will be engaged; Jen tells him she can't, but Al tells Jen he will be there for her when her mother goes to trial. Al keeps talking until Jen agrees to marry him.

Sam is leaving Blair's house and runs into Troy – Troy tells Sam he is there to thank Starr for saving him and thanks Sam again also for saving him. Troy and Sam argue about how Troy went about getting Lindsay to confess to what she did to Nora; Sam tells Troy what he did was not right and that he could never have done something like that. Troy tells Sam he does not care what he thinks. Troy and Sam continue to argue about what Troy did and Sam tells Troy that Nora was getting her life back and he interfered. Troy tells Sam he has lost Nora, which makes Sam furious. Troy and Sam continue to argue and are getting into a fight when Todd hears them. Todd tells them to take their fight somewhere else. Troy introduces himself to Todd and tells him he came by to thank Starr. Todd invites him in, but tells Sam he needs to talk to him outside. Todd is mad at Sam for trying to help Blair with Jack's adoption; they get into a heated argument and Sam asks Todd what he is afraid of. Sam gets tired of arguing with Todd and leaves in a huff.

In the meantime Troy has left to go to Nora's; just as he gets to her porch he collapses.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Ben and Viki are asleep when Viki has a nightmare; everyone is laughing at her and Niki seems to be laughing the loudest. They talk about a secret that everyone knows. Niki tells her that she is the only one that can reveal this secret but Viki will have to let her out. Viki awakens and pulls Ben closer to her, waking him up too. She denies having a bad dream.

Natalie pretends to be leaving Chad a phone message once Jess is in earshot. She tells him that maybe the whole incident involving Seth isn't true and that perhaps Chad's sister is a liar. Natalie "sees" Jess and tells her she doesn't believe anything she's heard about Seth and Jess shouldn't either. She "accidentally" lets it slip that Seth's jacket and scarf were described perfectly. When Jess takes off to find out from Seth herself, Natalie can only gloat. Later, Jess asks her mom's opinion of Seth but she answers by stating that Jess' opinion is important and suggests she trust her own instincts.

Al reassures Jen about her mother and voices his amazement over their impending marriage. She figures she'd better visit Cris and break the news to him herself.

At the diner, Antonio presents his mother with flowers as he and Cris tease her about finally getting with the program. Cris tells his brother that he's ok about Jen and he realizes that nothing can be done. Cris informs Carlotta that he has to move on although she believes that Jen will find her way back to him. Just then Jen comes into the diner to speak with Cris so Carlotta heads for the kitchen. She made a mistake, she tells Cris. She wasn't clear to him before but she's making a commitment to Al and will marry him, it's only right. She mentions her mother getting arrested and tells Cris that Al was there for her and that he needs her. Cris doesn't believe that Jen really wants to marry Al and demands that she put her engagement ring on if it's really true. She does and on her way out, Cris sincerely tells her that he will never hate her for what she's done although it could be them getting married if Al weren't in the wheelchair.

Chad approaches Seth and accuses him of trying to pick up his sister while bragging about the stolen money and cheating on his girlfriend. Seth denies it all as Max approaches and wants the scoop on what is going on. Max and Chad continue to throw accusations Seth's way as he continues to deny it all, stating that he was in the library the entire time. Al arrives and observes quietly nearby as his dad lays Seth off. Natalie shows up behind Al and smiles to herself though Al is concerned. He asks to speak with Max who apologizes for the ruckus but Al defends Seth, calling him a "good guy." He also informs Max of his upcoming marriage but acknowledges that he wants it to remain a secret. He reiterates that Seth is a "good guy" and expresses hope that the cops will not be called. Seth interrupts and announces that he wants to meet Chad's sister so that he can prove his innocence. Al and Natalie become a bit agitated at this but Chad, who previously offered, reneges on his sister showing up; he's not having her come back from California. Al disgustedly tells Natalie that he's done doing her dirty work. When Jessica arrives looking for Seth, the duo decide they'd better leave. Jess asks Seth where he was the previous night and he explains what happened at the library and how he went for a book when the computer froze, leaving his jacket and scarf behind. Jess appears doubtful.

R.J. drops Keri off at school where she is approached by Rae, advising her of the allegations brought up by one of her students. This student claims that Keri was involved with Antonio while he was a student and furthermore, they believe that Cris is receiving undeserved A's due to his connection with the professor. Keri heatedly denies everything and Rae informs her that she believes her and in fact ordered the student to drop it. R.J. overhears the conversation and also eyes Shawna as she walks into the building. He wanders back to his daughter to see if she's ok and Keri assures him it's just politics. R.J. suggests that perhaps she wants to take the position that she was offered at Stanford. Of course, he says this as Antonio is walking up to the group, looking confused.

Ben is off to check a problem at Crossroads and after she's alone, Viki recalls her nightmare. She calls Rae and asks that she see her. When Rae arrives, Viki tells her that Niki is around again and she knows something. Viki is afraid to disclose any of this to Ben because she's afraid it will affect their marriage, she cries to Rae. She wants to be hypnotized to bring Niki out.

Antonio is insistent on finding out about Keri's Stanford offer but she tells him that she can't leave Llanview because of her new family as well as him. She also tells him that she's having a problem with a student. He mentions that Lindsay was arrested which perks R.J. up. He excuses himself and tries to reach her by telephone without success.

Back at the carriage house, Al admits that he feels bad for Seth and all he's done to him, though it was worth it when Jen accepted his marriage proposal. Just as Natalie is saying that they'll both get what they want, Jen walks in and wants to know what they're talking about.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Jen arrives just as Natalie is saying, "We'll both get what we want." Jen asks what's going on and Natalie makes up a lie about an "A" on a Sociology Test. Natalie leaves and Jen confesses to Al that she has no trust in Natalie and doesn't even believe that was the true reason why she was here. She asks Al if the two of them are really friends. He tells her that Natalie is really just friends with Cristian. He continues to tell her about how Jessica walked in on Natalie and Cris being very friendly. Jen connects that this was what Natalie was talking about before. She becomes visibly upset and Al asks her why she should care and if she told Cris about the wedding. She says yes and that she also wants to go through with the wedding. Jen decides to leave and go visit her mother in jail.

Sam visits Lindsay in her jail cell. She has been reduced to a ratty sweater and rejoices when she sees him. She tells him that she knew he wouldn't desert her. Sam shows no remorse when he tells her that she made him loose everything and he will never help her. Sam tells Lindsay that he has called Will and Lanie and told them about everything she has done. She asks him how he could do such a thing. Sam replies that it will soon be in the tabloids and Will will soon figure it out when he receives Christmas cards from the County Jail every year, for thirty years. Lindsay tries to remind him of how Nora also betrayed him and broke up their marriage many years ago. Sam shoots back-- "You'll look good in bright orange Lindsay. See Ya!" As he leaves, she reminds him that he can't blame her for Nora running into Troy's arms.

Rae continues to convince Viki to not let Niki out. Viki says that Niki will come out again eventually and she wants to be able to select the time and place for it to happen. Rae agrees and concludes that hypnosis is the best method to access the area of the brain where Niki exists. Viki hopes Rae can control her better than she can; Niki does not like to be told what to do. Rae contends that the hypnosis might not be successful but they might as well try. Viki agrees, only if Ben never finds out. Rae reminds her of all the times Ben has helped her and this might be one of those times. Rae states that maybe Viki shouldn't do this because the secret Niki knows might be too painful. Viki reminds her how she once learned that one of her alters murdered her father after sexual abuse, and nothing can be as horrible as that.

At the Break Bar, Seth and Jessica argue about the validity of Chad's sister's claim. Jessica says that she wants to believe Seth, but how did the sister know his name or the details of his coat and scarf. In addition, Seth wasn't at the library when Jessica dropped by. Seth reminds her about his trek to find a book and that he was never at Rodi's with Chad's sister. He tells her that he lived a life a crime earlier in his life and paid for it but now he's trying to turn it around, for her and for himself. He contends that if Jessica can't believe in him then.... Natalie walks in and says, "I believe in you Seth."

Nora opens her door to find Troy unconscious on her front porch. She tries to call for an ambulance but Troy refuses. He tells her that he only needs her. He has been chained up and alone for several days and he just wants to be alone with Nora. She leads him inside onto to the coach where they accidentally fall on top of each other.

At the Police station Bo tells one of his officers to not inform the press of Lindsay's arrest. They will eventually find out but not now. Just then, Gabrielle walks in and overhears their conversation. Gabrielle says that she came to invite him to breakfast but maybe not because of the situation he's in. Bo tells her that he doesn't want Lindsay's arrest to leak out and asks if he can count on Gabrielle's discretion. She agrees, only to turn around and call Todd about the information. Bo approaches Gab while she is talking but she covers by pretending she is talking to her manicurist about a broken nail. He reminds her about his dependence on her discretion.

Lindsay paces in jail when the guard announces that her lawyer has arrived. Lindsay tells the lawyer that she has to get a deal because she can't stay in jail for 30 years. The lawyer tells her that everything will be all right but she has to know everything before she can defend her. With the tape player on, Lindsay talks about Troy's confession tape and what she did to Nora. The lawyer begins to ask questions such as, "How did that make you feel? Do you regret what you did to Nora? Etc." Lindsay realizes that something's fishy and asks her if she really is her lawyer. The woman states that in reality, she is a reporter from THE SUN and wants to get Lindsay's opinion. Lindsay becomes hysterical and throws a chair at the bars. The report leaves and Lindsay contests that she can trust no one. She says that she has to do something because she will become crazy if she doesn't.

At the Break Bar, Natalie continues to stick up for Seth. She concludes that maybe Allison had something to do with this; after all, she did steal the money from the bar. Jessica disagrees and asks how Allison would know about Chad's sister and why would she want to frame Seth in the first place. Seth tells Jessica that she's essentially sticking up for Allison and doesn't understand why she can't believe him.

After meeting with Lindsay, Sam meets with Ben at the police station. They begin to talk about Nora and how he should just talk with her. Sam decides that he will think about it. Bo thanks them for their statements regarding Lindsay's case when his officer gives him some bad news about Lindsay's encounter with the reporter. Bo looks over to Gab just as the reporter says, "thanks for the tip" and gives Gab the tape of Lindsay's "interview." Bo walks over and asks for the tape. He tells her that he is very disappointed in her, to put it mild. She tells him that it's her career on the line. He walks away to let her decide. Later, Gabrielle changes her mind and places the tape on Bo's desk without saying a word. He looks surprised as she walks out. On the way out, Gabrielle runs into Jen and expresses her remorse for Lindsay. Jen thanks her and informs her of her and Al's engagement.

Ben arrives at Llanfair in the middle of Rae and Viki's discussion. They avoid suspicion with the fundraiser story. Before she leaves, Rae asks Viki if she should make the arrangements for the event that they talked about. Viki agrees.

After some rest and some juice, Troy begins to feel better. He tells Nora that he was worried about her because of his violent encounter with Sam. He expresses his remorse for the trouble he has brought onto their relationship. Nora shies away from the topic and Troy begins to describe how she was the only reason he lived through the Fun House ordeal. He tells her about his hallucinations of her when he had a fever and how she was his Guardian Angel. "Beautiful, beautiful Guardian Angel." Nora feels touched and gently places her hand on his face. Suddenly, both turn around to see Sam in the doorway.

At the carriage house, Al gets up from his wheelchair and walks around. Just then, Gabrielle rushes in excited about the engagement. She is shocked to see Al standing away from his wheelchair.

Bo and Jen arrive at Lindsay's cell to find her on the floor playing with her mattress. She tells the guard that she doesn't want to see anyone. Bo tells her that he has brought Jen to come see her. After a while with no response, Lindsay turns around and childishly says, "I'm sorry. Mommy said I shouldn't talk to strangers."

Friday, March 22, 2002

Viki tells Rae she started seeing "Niki Smith" after the situation about Jessica and Natalie came out. Viki ask Rae what is the connection between "Niki Smith and her daughters. Rae hypnotizes Viki and asks to speak to "Niki Smith. Rae tells Viki to let Niki out. Rae asks "Niki" to show herself. Niki comes out and tells Rae "she has got to do something about her hair."

Troy apologizes for what happened between Nora and Sam. He said he never meant to wreck her relationship with Sam. Nora doesn't believe that Troy is sorry. She thinks he got exactly what he wanted. Troy tells Nora that he did everything for his brother, for her and for himself. He asks Nora to look him in the eyes and tell him she didn't want him to do it. Nora admitted that she wanted to Troy to go after Lindsay and get her to confess. She says she was his silent partner because she kept her mouth shut and because of that she lost Sam. Nora asks Troy to leave and also get checked out at a hospital. Troy assures Nora that they will talk again.

Gabrielle tells Al to tell Jen the truth that he can walk because Jen would be happy. Al says that Jen would leave him if she knew the truth. He thinks her feelings for him are starting to grow. He says Jen will get over Cristian and love him, but it will take time. Al says if Gabrielle tells Jen then he will not have time to convince her that she loves him. Gabrielle says she will not keep the truth from Jen, because she deserves to know the truth. Gabrielle said she understands how much Al loves Jen. Gabrielle reminded Al about the many scams she pulled and lost him and Max because of it and she don't want anything like that to happen to him. Gabby tells Al that if Jen leaves after Jen finds out then she never deserved him in the first place. Gabrielle tells Al to stand up and be in whom he really is. Al refuses to stand up because he thinks he will lose Jen. Al tells Gabrielle if she really loves him she will not tell anyone he can walk. Max wants in and wants to know what's going on.

Lindsay's attorney has her committed. Bo and Hank believes that Lindsay is faking and should not be admitted. Hank says she should be admitted. Jen asks Bo what will happen to her mom; Bo tells Jen that Lindsay will be okay since she is faking. Lindsay's attorney tells Bo to back off. Hank advises Bo to play it by the book. Jen goes to Nora's house looking for Sam to tell him that Lindsay is having a nervous breakdown. Meanwhile Lindsay continues her charade.

Blair and Todd allow Starr to have a day of reward for saving Troy. Starr fantasizes about receiving an award for saving Troy's life. Blair asks Todd to call Sam about baby Jack's adoption. Blair tells Todd she will not sit around and lose their baby. Starr tells her parents that she wants a manicure and a facial Todd leaves with Starr. Blair stops Sam from getting drunk over his problems with Nora. Sam tells her she is in love, married and happy. That she should go on with her life. He tells her how he found Nora and Troy at Nora's house. Sam tells Blair that she is very beautiful especially when she is anger. Later a woman recognized Starr and asks her to autograph her picture in the newspaper. The woman asks if Todd and Blair were worried, Starr says they thought she was at school, Todd jokes that he thought she was upstairs asleep. The woman reveals that she is Janet Majors from child services and has been looking for Todd. She informed Todd that they were being investigated for child endangerment.

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