Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 11, 2002 on GL

Tory tormented Blake as she stalked the Mahlers' every move. Phillip was determined to find Lorelei, who was really Beth, and get her the help she needed. Gus tried to make amends with Danny for Harley's sake. Catalina continued her deception of a clueless Tony. Marah decided to move on.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 11, 2002 on GL
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Monday, March 11, 2002

Blake slammed on the brake pedal, but nothing happened as she struggled to regain control of the swerving car. It finally stopped. She exhaled gratefully. "The brakes do work," she exclaimed. She caught her breath and spoke as if talking to Tory, "For a minute there, I thought you were trying to kill me."

On the phone, Ross again questioned his secretary about the nameless woman who had called his office. He got nothing other than that she had sounded anxious to reach him, so his secretary had told her that the Marlers had gone to the Bauer cabin. Michelle overheard his conversation, and when he hung up, she asked if something was wrong. He admitted Tory had been "harassing" them lately. He suspected she might have been the one who had called his office.

Michelle suggested Ross talk to Frank. Ross said he had, but the police could do nothing until Tory actually committed a crime. She was troubled. Ross blamed himself for mistreating her. Michelle tried to put him at ease, saying Tory should seek help. Responding to the baby monitor, Michelle headed upstairs to check on Robbie.

Blake returned in a huff, saying that there was nothing wrong with her mother -- Tory was the one who had called, pretending to be Holly's assistant. Not only that, but she had been in the back seat of Blake's car. Ross didn't understand because he had told Tory to get out of town. Blake couldn't believe he had talked to Tory alone, after all she had put them through. More importantly, he should have told Blake about it.

Ross explained that he had been desperate - he had thought that talking to her directly would make her understand how serious things had gotten, and she'd realize leaving town was for the best. Blake disagreed. Tory obviously hadn't gotten the message, and she was making up phony emergencies in order to get Blake alone. Ross justified Tory's behavior by saying that maybe she honestly thought that tricking Blake was the only way to get her to listen, so that she could say, "You've won," and goodbye. Blake was subdued for the moment, then revealed, "That's just what she said."

Ross seemed doubly assured when Blake said Tory had asked to be dropped off at the train station. However, Blake wasn't convinced Tory was gone for good. Ross said she had no reason to stay in Springfield -- he had made it very clear that he loved Blake, and he had seen how defeated Tory had looked when he had told her he'd never leave his wife for her. It was done; "It's over," Ross insisted. Blake hugged him unassuredly.

Later that evening, Blake commented on how quiet the cabin was with so many kids upstairs. Ross said the kids were all asleep. Blake agreed but guessed the twins would be awake -- they weren't in their room. Ross insisted he had put them to bed before Blake returned. "You don't know where they are?" Blake asked, worried. Ross suggested that perhaps they had gotten dressed and gone sledding.

Blake went outside, panicking, "What if Tory lied? What if she took our boys again?" The couple searched the cabin frantically for Jason and Kevin. Blake went to the closet for her coat so she could search outside for footprints. Suddenly, the boys burst out of the closet, screaming and smiling, having successfully scared her.

Almost in tears, Blake told the boys never to "scare mommy like that again." Ross said they had only been playing, and the boys apologized. Blake forgave them and sent them to bed. Once they left the room, Blake broke into sobs, saying, "Maybe we should put bells on them or homing devices." Ross held her comfortingly, saying it was okay, "Tory's gone." Outside the cabin window, Tory lurked in the shadows, watching.

Out on the snow-covered hill, Harley arrived just in time to break up an Aitoro-Santos argument. Danny was not happy with Gus being there. He left after telling Harley she could hang out with whomever she liked -- "just don't bring him around." Gus hollered after him, "That's right, run away -- classic Danny Santos." Harley cringed and asked why he had to start trouble with Danny. She doubted they could have a relationship at all.

Gus apologized, knowing he had reneged on his promise to be "on his best behavior." He sincerely told Harley that he didn't have a lot of important people in his life, but he was loyal to the ones he had. He promised to be nice to Danny while at the cabin. Harley asked what would happen back in Springfield. He didn't make any promises. Harley was visibly frustrated. Gus screamed, "What do you want? A miracle?" She wasn't amused, saying, "Well, it would take one to open up your eyes."

Harley admitted she didn't see a future for them if Gus was unwilling to drop his vendetta against Danny. "Everybody has a reason to hate. The hard part is getting past it," she said. She reminded him that her mother had been murdered, just like his father had. She told him not to let revenge consume him. "I put the past behind me. Why can't you?" she asked. Gus was adamant, "I can't!" He saw Danny "with his kid and his wife, and it makes me sick to see him getting away with it." "With living a normal life?," Harley asked. "Why does he get to have a normal life?" Gus screamed.

Harley sighed and said, "There are so many things that are terrific about you. I wish that other people could see that stuff." She warned Gus that the thing a person hated could become who they were, and eventually there was no room for growth or even love. She knew from experience -- when Phillip had slept with Beth, hating them had become her obsession. She had needed to get past it in order to live again and to "open myself to new people."

Harley said Gus obviously cared more about putting Danny in jail than he did about her. She loved his passion but needed someone who was passionate for her, not for revenge. She left him alone to think about that.

Gus caught up with Harley and said he felt like he had bared his heart and soul to her, but she didn't understand. She said maybe she understood more than he wanted to admit. He gave her a wildflower he had found growing in the snow -- a "mini miracle. You've just got to hang in there with me. Even if I'm not smelling like a rose right now." Harley was choked up, saying, "This is the stuff that makes all that other stuff so hard to take."

Gus promised he could change but told Harley, "I need you, so I know that I can make it work out." He promised not to burden her with the "Santos stuff," implying he still planned to keep his vendetta alive. She felt like she was not enough to make him forget his obsession. Harley resisted, saying, "I can't do it anymore! I can't be around that."

Harley admitted it would be hard to ignore her feelings for Gus, "but it's even harder knowing what a lifetime of hatred is going to do to you. 'Cause I sure know what witnessing it will do to me." She released the flower and said, "And I don't think that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make." She hurried off toward the cabin. Gus picked up the flower and smelled it. He closed his eyes with regret.

Danny returned to the cabin from his failed sledding expedition and told Michelle he'd had words with Gus. She suggested he think positively. Danny agreed, saying, "Aitoro is not important. If Harley wants to get involved with that lunatic and destroy her life," that was her decision. They agreed to take Robbie home and spend some time alone.

Naomi greeted Lorelei and Edmund as they entered Company. She found it exciting that the couple had plans to leave town with an unknown destination. "Goodbye Springfield, goodbye Spauldings, goodbye Beth," Naomi said. Lorelei looked uncertain. Naomi reassured Lorelei that she'd forget about Springfield as soon as she left. Edmund picked up on her doubtful expression and asked if she was having second thoughts.

Lorelei wondered how she would say goodbye to Lizzie and James -- she loved them like her own children. Edmund was stern, insisting, "You just do it." Lorelei snapped out of it and agreed, "I'm not going to listen to that part of myself anymore." Edmund eyed her suspiciously and said, "You scared me for a minute there. You had a look in your eye." Naomi asked what they'd do for money. Lorelei smiled and said "Eddie Ivories" would pay their way.

Edmund started to refuse, but Lorelei leaned in and said that she loved it when he sang to her -- it was "so sweet." The seduction worked, and he was convinced. She held his hands across the table and confessed she was lucky to be hitting the road with someone as special as him. A nosy Carmen interrupted Lorelei's swooning with a curt smile, saying, "Well, I guess there's nothing left to say but hasta la vista."

Carmen asked Naomi to leave them alone. She inquired about their mystery trip. She pretended to be sad at the prospect of never again reminiscing over "old times" with her former partner, the prince. She would have loved to have chatted at Infierno the other night, "but you left so fast." Edmund and Lorelei blamed Carmen's reputation and her "old times" for the police raid. Edmund was surprised Carmen wasn't in prison for illegal gambling. She denied it -- after all, they had been playing with chips, and the police had never found a dime in the club.

Lorelei bragged that she would have cleaned Carmen out had she gotten the chance to play cards. She and Edmund were a team, and they were in love. Carmen held back a laugh as she told Lorelei that Edmund was the one who had taught her how temporary love could be. Lorelei was defensive, saying that was all in the past, and she and Edmund were leaving town. Carmen smirked as she said, "Edmund Winslow, slinking out of town with his tail between his legs -- my, how the mighty have fallen."

Knowing Edmund and Lorelei were broke, Carmen ribbed them about flying economy instead of first class. "I've never known you to settle for second best, Edmund," she said. She left a poker chip on the table before leaving. Lorelei tried to reassure her partner, "We've got a solid gold future ahead of us, Eddie." Edmund said at that point, he'd "settle for silver."

He stopped a moment and realized the significance of what he'd just said. He said there was a fortune waiting for them out west -- with Beth's silver mine. They'd be so rich, they'd never have to return to Springfield again. Edmund explained the plan to Naomi, saying he hadn't even thought about Bradley's silver mine in months. Lorelei crossed her arms and frowned -- Phillip had told her Edmund had "chased Beth all over Mexico in order to get her to sign it over to" him.

Edmund insisted he had burned the deed, but it was still in Beth's name. Naomi followed his train of thought. He said, "You can fool those folks in Colorado that you're Beth just like you did here." Lorelei jumped on board enthusiastically. She started counting the cash in her purse, saying if they could afford a cheap flight, "it's so long Springfield." Suddenly, Lorelei sat back, subdued, saying, "Of course, we might wanna think about that a little bit."

Edmund eyed Lorelei and insisted, "No, there's no other choice, Lorelei." She snapped out of it, and they got up to leave for the airport. Naomi stopped them to confess that she had paid Phillip a visit the other night, and he had been asking a lot of questions about Lorelei's past. They made her promise not to tell Phillip where they were going, no matter how persuasive he was. Lorelei stopped at the door and took an uncertain look around Company before Edmund ushered her out.

An officer sat with Rick and Phillip as they studied Lorelei's fingerprints. The officer explained that the fingerprints matched those of the woman arrested for the murder of Carl Stevens -- "Beth Raines." Phillip was ecstatic, hugging Rick and ranting about all the questions he had for Beth. He couldn't wait to tell Lillian and Lizzie, who had been right all along -- Beth was alive. He finally understood why he'd had that feeling he hadn't been able to shake -- he'd had to find Lorelei because he had known in his heart that she was really Beth.

Phillip called Towers but learned that Lorelei wasn't there anymore. He vowed to find her before she left town, "or this time, she could be gone for good." Rick was quick to remind his friend that Beth was sick and needed help. She had clearly suffered a great physical and emotional trauma in Mexico, "and we only have Edmund's word on what happened."

Phillip didn't care. He only wanted to find Beth. Suddenly, he remembered Lorelei's stomach for Buzz's food. The two started to leave for Company, but Rick got a page from the hospital. In a rush, Phillip said it was okay. He would go alone.

Phillip arrived at Company and asked Buzz if he'd "seen Beth -- I mean Lorelei." Buzz said she and Edmund had left with suitcases, but they had been sitting with Naomi. Phillip rushed to her table and asked, "Where are they?" She was hesitant. He explained that Lorelei was sick, and she "isn't herself." He only wanted to help her.

Naomi was conflicted, but confessed that Edmund and Lorelei had gone "out of town." Phillip was persistent; he had to find them before it was too late. A nervous Naomi said "they took a bus," but she was not sure where. Phillip left and, once outside, said to himself, "Okay, honey, you say bus -- I got a 50/50 chance it's either the train station or the airport." He hurried away.

At the airport, Lorelei was asked for photo ID. She dug into her purse and handed the woman at the ticket counter her driver's license. The woman thanked Lorelei with a polite, "Thank you, Ms. Raines. Enjoy your flight to Denver." Lorelei stared at the license, stupefied at seeing Beth's name. Edmund asked if she was thinking about Lizzie and James. "And Lillian," Lorelei added. Sarcastically, Edmund responded that maybe they should stick around, even though the Spauldings would want nothing to do with her.

"You're as subtle as a brick in the face," Lorelei retorted before boarding the plane. An attendant closed the door to the ramp behind them and walked away from the gate. Phillip arrived and asked another employee if he had "seen this woman." He held up a photograph of Beth. Unfortunately, the employee said no, but he urged Phillip to try the next gate. Phillip rushed to the gate Lorelei and Edmund had just left but found no one there, so he moved on. The sign above the counter flashed, "Denver, Colorado."

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Reva and Olivia verbally sparred over their men again. When Holly arrived, she reminded Reva that the two former rivals could expect to run into one another often with Springfield being such a small town. After Olivia left the restaurant, Reva and Holly discussed their respective men. Reva expressed some worry that she had not heard from Josh since he had left for Singapore, and Holly confessed that her relationship with Buzz had not yet moved to the level of physical intimacy.

Michelle was making the rounds, delivering invitations for Meta, who was under the weather. Michelle asked Cassie and Richard to cochair the Lighthouse Celebration with Meta, and they gladly accepted. When Michelle stopped by to see Reva and Holly about the press coverage for the celebration, Olivia overheard and offered to cochair the celebration. Olivia was disappointed to learn that Cassie and Richard would be assuming those duties.

Ben took Marah to use the hot tub at the Bauer house, thinking that no one was home there. It seemed he had assumed that since it was an impromptu event, they would have to tub in the buff. Marah went off to retrieve some towels and returned wearing a swimsuit and carrying one for Ben as well. Although he was clearly disappointed that Marah had found the suits, he kept mum. While the couple kissed in the hot tub, Michelle surprised them and told them that Meta had been watching them from the window. Although Marah thought it was funny, Ben was embarrassed that they had been caught.

Unaware that Tory was watching them, Blake and Ross were finally enjoying their stay at the Bauer cabin. During the night, Blake went outside to investigate a noise she had heard on the roof. While standing on the porch, looking up at the roof, Blake was bombarded with falling snow and icicles. Although Ross doubted it, Blake was sure that Tory had been behind her near miss accident. Realizing his wife was scared, Ross told Blake that he would take her home, where she would be safe.

While they were leaving the cabin, Blake told Ross that she just wanted to go home. "I wanna be safe and sound," she said. After they were gone, Tory emerged from the bushes and muttered, "You'll never be safe again, Blake."

Father Ray still refused to marry Catalina and Tony unless and until she told the truth about the miscarriage. Catalina was surprised to learn that Father Ray had called the bishop in and had told his superior all about Catalina's accusation of misconduct. Tony stood by his brother and tried to get Catalina to tell the truth. With Father Ray and Tony present, the bishop asked Catalina to tell "exactly what happened," and went on to say, "Your words may very well determine Father Ray's future."

Catalina stumbled for some words but then ran out of the church. Before going after his fiancée, Tony told Ray that although he was confused, he believed Ray. Father Ray told the bishop that he had faith that Catalina would tell the truth, and the bishop responded by letting him know that he had nothing to worry about.

When Tony caught up with Catalina outside Company and urged her to tell him what was going on, the desperate young woman faked abdominal pain, and a worried Tony ushered her home.

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Harley entered the police station and wanted to apologize to Gus for the previous night. Harley was upset with his obsession with Danny, so Gus said the conversation was over. Gus walked away to get coffee, but Harley intercepted him. She wanted him to know that she was the bitter one. Once again, she told Gus that she was sorry and wanted to know if they could help each other.

Escorted by a police offer, Danny entered and spoke to Gus. Harley was shocked and wanted to know why Danny was there, but Gus didn't answer. He took Danny in behind locked doors. Harley asked the officer what was going on, but the officer said he was just following orders.

Gus told Danny he had a broken taillight. Danny accused Gus of harassment. Danny wanted to know why Gus hadn't gotten him at the cabin, and Gus said he could have. Danny knew that Gus was upset and could not see reality. Gus informed Danny that they were going to settle "this thing" between them right then. Danny wanted to know what Gus was going to do.

Gus reminded Danny that Danny had gotten everything handed to him. He mentioned the things he had never gotten to do as a child, like having his father -- playing ball with him was one of the things he had missed because of his father's death. Danny said he could not get Gus's father back. Gus begged Danny to tell him something so that he could stop hating him. Danny was shocked because Gus had hauled him in so that he could get over his feeling of hatred. Danny didn't think that Gus could change and wondered why he should believe Gus. Gus said he was in a rut and didn't know how to get out.

Harley busted in the door and told Gus he could not "do this" to Danny. Danny told Harley he was fine and asked Harley to leave them alone. Harley exited. Gus thanked Danny. Danny did not offer to help Gus because it was up to Gus to put an end to it. Danny explained that Gus was wasting his life and asked if that was what his father would want him to do.

Danny said his father had made a lot of sacrifices, too, and he knew he owed it to him to have the life that his father hadn't been able to have. He knew how Gus felt and could share what had worked for him -- that would be to let someone in his life. Gus remembered what Danny had said about getting revenge and how his father would react. Gus told Danny that he was going to drop all of the charges and that Danny should go home to his wife.

Harley and Michelle entered. Danny told Michelle they needed to fix the taillight on the car. Danny and Michelle exited. Harley wanted to know why he had taken Danny in. Gus knew that he and Danny weren't going to be pals and that he had to let go. Gus repeated to Harley that Danny had said he was a revenge junkie, and he didn't want to be that. With tears in his eyes, he looked to Harley for help.

At St. Michael's church, Ross and Blake were talking to Father Ray about the wedding ceremony. Sister Teresa entered with a note and gave it to Father Ray. Father Ray excused himself for a moment. Blake and Ross continued to discuss the ceremony. Father Ray entered. Blake was talking, but Ross wasn't listening, and she apologized to Father Ray. She told Ross to leave and clear his head. He exited.

Father Ray told Blake that Ross hadn't seemed too enthusiastic and seemed preoccupied. Blake said, "Bless him, Father, for he has sinned." She explained to Father Ray about Tory and her husband's accident, how Tory had become Ross's legal assistant, how she believed Ross was her soul mate, and how Tory was stalking them. Blake felt that it was her fault, since she had gotten Tory the job and "now Ross feels guilty."

Outside of the church sanctuary, Tory listened quietly. Father Ray wanted to know if Blake had tried to get Tory help, but Blake said Tory was beyond help. Blake reiterated to Father Ray that they couldn't get a restraining order unless Tory committed a crime. Sister Teresa interrupted him and let him know there was a call in the rectory for him.

After Father Ray exited, Blake heard something. She thought it was Sister Theresa. However, it was Tory, dressed as a nun in the shadows. Blake asked who it was. Suddenly, Tory went after her with a sword-like weapon.

A student entered Company and talked to Ross. She mentioned that she had wished Tory was still in the class, but Ross said she had moved. The student said she had just seen Tory outside of St. Michael's. Ross frantically exited. Ross entered and ran into Sister Teresa.

Ross told Blake about the conversation he'd had with his student at Company. Ross begged Blake to not let Tory spoil it, and she would be his bride forever. They exited the church. A teary-eyed Tory was hiding in the church. Blake wanted to know why Tory wouldn't stop. Ross said he had to tell her something.

Tory prayed to God to stop torturing her. Her mind wandered as she thought of Ross getting married, but it was her in the wedding dress instead of Blake. Then she saw herself standing in the background as Ross and Blake were getting married. In her mind, she told Ross to tell Blake that he loved Tory. All she could hear were the words "'til death do us part." She snapped back to reality and reiterated the words, "'til death do us part." She exited the church.

At Company, Shayne had an egg that he and Marah were going to name. He told her they had to carry the egg around for a week and not break it. She told Shayne to be a good "daddy" and take care of it. Shayne lectured her to remind her that her life wasn't that bad, but she commented that she wanted something "big time" to happen.

Frank told Elena that the bust hadn't gone well and that Inferno had been clean. His buddy entered and told Frank that he had some pictures. Frank looked over the pictures but saw nothing. He wanted proof they were gambling. Frank motioned for Marina and introduced her to Officer Wilkins and wanted her to get them some coffee. Officer Wilkins got out the pictures again and wanted Frank to take another look. They saw Marina in one of the pictures. Frank showed Elena.

Frank asked Marina if she had found the book at the library the night before, and he wanted to see it. She said she had returned it after the test. Frank told Shayne he would deal with Shayne later, and Shayne exited. Frank wanted to know where she had gone the night before and told her he had police surveillance. Marina admitted she had gone there to get a drink after her test. He wanted to know why she had been dressed the way she had, and the picture showed that she was an accessory to a crime. Frank said he should arrest her.

Elena said she was tired of bailing Marina out and suggested that Marina go to boot camp. Frank disagreed with that option. Frank said the only thing that would stop Marina would be for him and Elena to love her. Frank was going to take her to the police station so she could tell him everything.

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Due to coverage of the NCAA College Basketball "March Madness" tournament, all CBS soaps were pre-empted this day. This preemption was planned for, and there were no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming was scheduled to resume on Monday, March 18, where the Wednesday, March 13, episode concluded.

Friday, March 15, 2002

Due to coverage of the NCAA College Basketball "March Madness" tournament, all CBS soaps were preempted this day. This preemption was planned for, and there were no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming was scheduled to resume on Monday, March 18, where the Wednesday, March 13, episode concluded.

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