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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 25, 2002 on GL
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Monday, February 25, 2002

Lillian was shocked that Lorelei knew the song she had sung to Beth years before. No one else could have known it because Lillian and Beth had made it up. Phillip reminded her that Edmund was a very good teacher. Alan accused them of not protecting Lizzie while nursing a con artist back to health in Beth's bed. Lillian told him about the song, but Alan was unfazed, insisting they send Lorelei away.

Lorelei tossed and turned in her sleep, calling out, "Mama?" Lillian said she would "be right there." She told Alan that it would be too hard on Lizzie to see her mother's look-alike carted off to prison. Alan said they were not doing it for Lizzie but for themselves. Phillip insisted that if they nursed Lorelei back to health, then Lizzie could have closure.

Alan left to catch a plane to Rio, threatening the worst if Lorelei was still there when he returned. Lillian tried to make her patient take aspirin for her fever, but a delirious Lorelei pushed it away repeatedly. Lillian got upset and said, "Beth, you have to. Beth!" She stopped herself, saying, "That's not Beth."

Phillip understood Lillian's frustration, admitting he, too, saw Beth each time he looked at the impostor. Lorelei woke, said hello to Phillip, and told him about her dream. They had been in Arizona, and baby Lizzie had been crying, and she'd found a pink bear by the jade plant near the garage. Phillip appeared stunned by the revelation.

Lizzie sat with Lorelei, insisting that she was her mother and promising that the rest of the family would realize the truth in time. Lorelei cried, "Why won't they believe me?" They exchanged I love yous as Lizzie lay down on the bed with her. Phillip watched the interaction, uneasy.

In the Emergency Room at Cedars, Catalina feared the worst as Ben held her hand and tried to reassure her. She reminded Ben that "this baby means everything to me -- and to you, too." Ben said he could get Marah on his own; he didn't need Catalina to keep Tony occupied. He insisted they would all be okay.

Dr. Boudreau entered, and Catalina begged her to save the baby. Mel explained that Catalina was experiencing premature labor, but she had given Catalina an I.V. in order to stop the contractions. Her words were doubtful, however, and Catalina picked up on that, insisting, "I have to keep this baby. It's my whole world." Ben told her she wouldn't lose the baby, but the doctor said all they could do was wait and see.

When Mel left the room, Catalina prayed, "God, please don't take my baby. Don't punish it for the lies I told Tony." Suddenly, Catalina sat up in pain, screaming, "Something's wrong! I think I'm bleeding!" Ben looked terrified as he ran out to get help. Several nurses accompanied Mel into Catalina's room to see that she was hemorrhaging and scared. They quickly took her to the OR for emergency surgery.

Catalina woke up from the surgery and saw Mel beside her bed. Catalina was confused and groggy as she asked what had happened. Mel tried to be comforting as she apologized for not being able to save the baby. Catalina cried helpless tears.

Alone in the dorm room, Tony professed his love for Marah, declaring, "I love you, and you love me. Now that has to count for something." Marah resisted. She didn't see the point, since they could never be together. Remy arrived at the door to return Catalina's history book. He shook Tony's hand and said, "Congratulations," and "I'm sure you'll make a great father." He commented that Catalina would be a great mother -- she had good instincts.

After Remy left, Tony apologized for the interruption, but Marah welcomed it, saying Remy had sent them back to reality -- she and Tony were not the only two people in the world, though she'd prefer it that way. She agreed that Tony would be a great dad; she had seen how good he was at taking care of the people he loved. She couldn't hold back the tears any longer, as Tony said, "I never wanted any of this." Marah reminded him that he had a family, and she was not a part of it. "You have to go," she insisted. Tony didn't move.

Marah said that family had to be first and was frustrated that he couldn't see it that way. "We can't see each other anymore," she insisted. As she cried, Tony told her he'd never had a father growing up, so he had to be there for his child. He admitted he loved the baby already, but he loved Marah too. "Well, you can't have us both," she reminded him.

Tony looked trapped, blaming himself for all that had happened. Marah suggested that maybe it was supposed to be that way. He couldn't accept that, but she screamed for him to leave. Shaking, Tony asked, "How do I say goodbye to you?" He asked Marah to promise she would always remember him as "someone who always cherished you." Marah promised she would, as long as Tony left and never looked back. He promised as well.

In the hallway, Remy called Mel at the hospital to find out what time they were meeting for dinner. Nurse Kathy told him that Mel was in emergency surgery, while another nurse in the background asked Kathy for type A blood for a patient -- Catalina Quesada. "Catalina?" Remy asked, not sure if he had heard correctly. Kathy hung up in a hurry.

Remy went to Marah's room and told Tony that he thought Catalina was in the emergency room. Tony was confused but reached for his cell phone. He got nowhere on the phone, so he panicked, looking for his keys. Marah saw the state he was in and offered to drive him to the hospital.

The Marlers entered Company, frantic. They told Frank the kids were missing, and they couldn't find Marina either. Ross went to Tory's room to see if she was there with the kids. Frank and Eleni couldn't believe Marina had left the kids with a perfect stranger. Ross returned, saying Tory was not home, but he promised Blake that his former assistant would never hurt the kids.

Eleni was furious with her daughter's latest screwup, asking, "When is she going to grow up? I can't believe she did this!" Frank calmed her, saying the first priority had to be finding the children. Then he demanded that Ross tell him what reason Tory might have to do something like that. He wanted to know what had set her off. Ross was hesitant. Frank asked where Tory might have taken them.

Blake cried as she described the twins' jackets and Clarissa's pajamas for the police report. Frank promised he would find them. Marina and Shayne were hit with a barrage of worried faces and questions as soon as they walked through the door. Marina said Tory had stopped by the house and had agreed to take the kids off her hands so she wouldn't miss the concert. Tory had said she would call to let the Marlers know, but apparently she hadn't gotten through.

"Calm down!" Marina demanded, rolling her eyes. Frank told Marina to take it seriously. She thought Tory was a friend, but Eleni quickly reminded her that Tory had been fired recently. Marina hadn't known that. As a wave of guilt crossed her young face, she let out a defiant, "So, is it supposed to be like my fault that Tory just decided to take them somewhere?"

Frank pulled Marina aside and reminded her that both he and the Marlers had trusted her, but she had let them down. "Maybe you're not as grown-up as we all thought you were," he said. He promised to finish with her later, but he had to concentrate on finding the kids. Marina rolled her eyes again, commenting to Shayne, "God, you'd think those kids were dead or something." Shayne was not amused and said, "They're just worried." Marina realized she had screwed up again.

Ross tried to comfort Blake, who noted that it was very cold outside. Ross said he was sorry and that he should have predicted it. An angry Blake vowed to "deal with Tory personally," once she was found. Frank announced that he had sent out an APB.

Eleni offered the Marlers food, but Blake was sick of sitting around. She put on her coat, ready to go look for her children. They suggested places Tory might have taken the kids -- the pizzeria, the carousel, and such. They all agreed to split up and search for them. Ross grabbed his cell phone to see if Tory had left a message. Blake told him not to bother, explaining, "She's already left us a message, Ross. And we haven't heard the end of it."

Tory carried Clarissa into a dark room. The twins were afraid of the spooky warehouse until Tory turned on the lights, illuminating carousel horses covered with cobwebs. She told the boys to pick a horse, and they would have a "snow derby horse race." Tory narrated the race between the kids, who loved every minute of it. They were about to start a second race when Tory got an idea. She flipped another switch on the wall, and carnival music started to play. The kids were excited and giddy. Tory smiled, kissed Clarissa on the cheek, and said "I always knew I'd make a great mommy."

Ross and Blake entered the dark warehouse, and flipped on the lights. No one was there, even though they had seen tire tracks in the parking lot. Ross dialed Frank on his cell phone as Blake spotted something on one of the horses. It was Jason's mitten. Excited, Blake yelled to Ross, "They were here!" Ross agreed and added that if Tory had taken them there, it wasn't a malicious kidnapping. Ross held Blake as she pleaded, "I just want my babies."

Edna, a female officer, searched through paperwork on a desk, certain she'd left the fingerprint reports there. From his cell, Edmund called out to her and asked if he could make a phone call. Even though it was against the rules, she let him use her cell phone. He called someone, told them he was in jail, and asked for help. Minutes later, Olivia arrived to visit him, smiling wide at seeing Edmund behind bars.

Edmund asked his former business associate to post bail, reminding Olivia that, after all, she owed him for her success with the Harbor Project. Olivia saw things differently, blaming Edmund for ruining her marriage by involving the mob. They stopped arguing long enough for Olivia to deny his request for help, as she said, "I think you're exactly where you belong." Edmund said that when he got out, he would go to San Cristobel -- where the monarchy was restored and where he had a brother he had never met. Olivia called his bluff. "Bull," she retorted.

Alan told Olivia what Edmund had done to his family -- exploiting Beth's memory and hiring an impostor to steal the Spaulding fortune. She couldn't forgive him for that. Edmund admitted he'd made a mistake but said that if he could get out on bail, he would take Lorelei away from Springfield for good.

Olivia smiled cunningly and said, "My, my, Edmund's in love!" Edmund didn't deny it but promised they would leave town immediately, and no one would be hurt. He reminded her that she had been given a second chance and felt that meant he deserved one too. Olivia pondered the question for a half second before she said, "No, you can sit tight and rot."

At Company, Alan complained that the airport was closed because of "a little snow." He was anxious to get to Rio to see Olivia in a "teeny bikini," sunning on the balcony of his hotel room. Olivia corrected him -- they would have separate rooms. She mentioned her visit with Edmund and how he had begged her to spring him, but she had refused. Alan liked her attitude, adding that at that moment, in his guest room, Lorelei was "playing Lillian and Phillip like a violin."

Olivia offered to help with Alan's unwanted guest -- and he wouldn't "even have to lift a finger -- well, except to dial." Olivia explained that as long as Edmund was in jail, Lorelei wasn't going anywhere, but if he got out, he would take Lorelei away, perhaps to San Cristobel. Alan countered that if he set Edmund free, "Phillip will have a fit." However, Alan couldn't resist a word Olivia said. He praised her for not being "a sentimental female." He added, "I love the way we think alike."

Edna approached Edmund's cell and unlocked the door, telling her prisoner he was free to go -- Alan Spaulding had dropped the charges. Edmund was ecstatic. He set off to find Lorelei and get out of Dodge, "Phillip be damned!"

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Catalina was adamant that she could not lose her baby. Ben tried to comfort her and get her to accept that it had already happened. Mel, thinking Ben was the father of Catalina's baby, was confused about why her patient thought the baby's father would leave her when he learned of the miscarriage.

When Tony arrived at the hospital, Catalina realized that he did not know of the miscarriage and told him the baby was okay. A relieved Tony pledged his support to Catalina and the baby, and he promised to be a good father. While Ben tried to keep Marah from going in to see Tony and Catalina, she insisted, but Ben had not had the opportunity to tell her of the miscarriage. When Catalina told Marah that everything was okay, Ben kept quiet about what he knew.

As they were leaving the hospital, Ben and Marah agreed that sleeping together would have been a mistake. He hoped they could still see one another, and Marah agreed that they could. After Ben left, Tony emerged from Catalina's hospital room and found Marah. Catalina overheard the couple admitting they would always love one another. After their heartfelt goodbye, Marah told Tony to go back inside because "your baby needs you. He'll always need you."

After lecturing Gus on community relations, Harley turned her attention to the Marlers. The couple had arrived for help in finding their "kidnapped" children. While Gus treaded lightly, reluctant to call the situation a kidnapping, Harley called in the night shift to search for the children. When Tory and the kids turned up at the Marler house, Gus had a few words for Harley about throwing the book away on the case.

Blake and Ross rushed home to their children. No worse for the wear, the children didn't even realize their parents had thought they were missing. Ross declined to have Tory arrested but issued her a stern warning to stay away from his family. When Blake found out that Tory had been let off scot-free, she was incredulous. She wanted Tory arrested to "pay the price."

The Bauers staged a welcome home celebration for Danny. When Rick went to Company to pick up food for his sister and brother-in-law, he found Mel there. She was there to have dinner with her brother. But when Rick left, Remy made it clear to Mel that he did not approve of her relationship with the doctor by mocking the couple. When Rick decided to return to Company to dine with Mel and her brother, Remy made a hasty exit, leaving no question about it -- he didn't want to dine with Rick.

Michelle wanted Danny to tell her about his conversation with Carmen. Danny agreed to tell her but warned her that she was not going to like what she was about to hear.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Josh and Reva were in the palace garden on their way to Singapore. They discussed how Cassie and Richard would be better off and that they got to keep Will. Josh reminded her that San Cristobel had been an important part of their lives too. Josh reminisced about the earthquake and his reaction to her being hurt. But he told Reva that he'd known she was alive. She remembered that when she'd called out from beneath the palace floor and Josh had answered, she'd felt it was a lifeline. Reva said she couldn't imagine not loving Josh even though she'd argued with Noah that her feelings for Josh hadn't existed.

Cassie and Richard entered the garden and saw Josh and Reva. Cassie was excited to see them. Josh wanted to know what their plans were. Reva said she knew exactly what they should do. Reva suggested they should move back to Springfield. They tried to compare Springfield and San Cristobel. Reva thought Richard could help Josh, and Cassie could work at WSPR and have her own show by interviewing heads of state and royalty. However, Cassie preferred to stay in San Cristobel.

Cassie felt she was the reason everything had happened, and it was because she could not give Richard a child. Cassie shed tears because of leaving the island and remembering when she had lived in a foster home. She knew heading back to Springfield, she would have to deal with all the old stuff. Reva said, "You have to do what you have to do, and you give it your best."

Cassie was trying to figure out why Sarah had given her away. Reva knew there was nothing she could do for what Sarah had done to Cassie, but Reva had made Sarah a promise that she would find Cassie. Reva took off her necklace and gave it to Cassie as a reminder that Sarah had loved her.

Reva returned to the garden, where she asked Josh what kind of papers he had. He told Reva that Olivia had sent them to him by messenger.

Cassie showed Richard a daily plan as the president's wife and said it seemed strange they had to leave. She felt that Alonzo should have the palace. She said she would miss having her day planned down to the second. Richard assured her that she could make her own choices.

Cassie felt unsure about the future. Cassie apologized because she should remember how it would affect Richard's life as well. Richard reminded her that she always put herself first, and he would have time to help her. He said when she decided what she wanted to do, he would be right by her side. Richard took her hand and wanted to show her a surprise.

Frank told Elena they had found all three kids, and they were fine. Frank was upset because Marina had given the kids to Tory Granger. They were both worried about how Marina was going to turn out. However, Frank didn't feel things were as bad as they seemed. Frank told Elena that he knew how kids were and that Marina was a combination of her and Harley. He felt she was having problems because of their breakup, and maybe they could fix it for her. Elena said they should be partners for Marina's sake. Frank agreed.

Shayne approached Marina at Company, where she was working. She told him her parents were suffocating her because she had to bus tables too. She thought what Tory had done was not all her fault. She thought it was ridiculous and blamed Elena because she had told Frank how rotten Marina was. Marina wished her mom would disappear. Shayne said if he could help her out, the days would get better, starting with algebra.

Romeo caught Marina's eye as he entered Company. Shayne told her Romeo was with the mob and to stay away. Marina said she'd forgotten she had a paper to do. Shayne exited and said he would be right back. After Shayne exited Company, Marina asked Romeo what she could get him. Marina reintroduced herself to Romeo and asked if he remembered her.

Marina asked Romeo if he was into dangerous stuff. She wanted to know if she could help him out and said that Frank would never know. Romeo whispered and told her to get him that cup of coffee. She delivered the coffee and told him it was on her.

Marina was begging Romeo for a job. Romeo agreed. He told her he had a bag and wanted her to hold the bag and not show it to anyone. Marina thought that was easy. She took the bag and was in the process of opening it when Frank walked over, and she lost the chance to look inside.

Shayne entered and sat with Marina. Marina wanted Shayne to do her a favor and asked him to take the bag, and she would meet him outside. She warned him to not look in it. Shayne exited with the bag. Outside Company, Romeo took the bag and told Shayne to get lost. Romeo entered the restaurant and told Marina she had failed. She wanted another chance, but Romeo said no and exited.

Danny and Michelle were at home, talking about Carmen and the fire. Danny said Carmen had denied having anything to do with the fire at the warehouse. However, Danny told Michelle that he'd had a run-in with one of her thugs at the warehouse. Michele said she knew Carmen was involved. Danny said Carmen hadn't known he was gong to be at the warehouse. Danny attempted to calm Michelle by explaining that he had made a deal with Carmen. Danny exited to take care of Robby, who was crying.

Carmen entered. Carmen had Danny's favorite dish from the restaurant. Michelle was suspicious. Michelle reminded Carmen that Danny had told her not to go anywhere near them. Danny entered and told Carmen she had broken the rules already, and all bets were off. Danny shut the door in her face. Danny wanted to forget about it, but Michelle continued the conversation.

Aggravated, Danny said he could handle Carmen. She wanted him to call the police, or she would. Danny listened as Michelle discussed Carmen and how they were fighting about obnoxious things. Danny said they were a regular married couple that had fights about the evil mother-in-law. Michelle decided not to call the police on Carmen and thought maybe in time she would feel different about Carmen and her own mother. Danny said to Michelle that miracles could happen.

Thursday, February 28, 2002

Much to Harley's surprise, Gus arrived at the Marler house with Tory. The detective explained that he hoped to facilitate a discussion that would sort everything out. While Blake and Tory exchanged heated words, Gus watched Ross for his reaction. After Blake and Tory nearly exchanged blows, Harley decided that Tory should leave the house but warned her not to leave town. While Harley tried to reassure Blake, Gus questioned Ross about his relationship with Tory. Although he admitted he had led his young assistant on, Ross stopped short of admitting to Gus that he'd slept with Tory.

Josh and Olivia's divorce was final. While Josh was relieved, he felt like a failure nonetheless. It seemed he had realized he had never allowed himself to be alone, and he wondered what that said about him. Reva encouraged him to go find himself -- and assured him that she would be waiting in Springfield. With that, Josh decided to go to Singapore by himself.

When Edmund realized that Phillip had Lorelei, he headed for the mansion to rescue her. Phillip had called Rick over to check on Lorelei but warned the doctor "she thinks she's Beth." When Rick went in to see Lorelei, she was in Beth persona and was certain that her friend would help her convince the others of her true identity. When Rick injected her with a sedative, Beth felt betrayed, telling Rick and Phillip "after everything Bradley and Carl and Edmund did to me, you were the only two I could trust."

While Lorelei was alone in the room, Edmund entered through a window and tried to wake her. At first, her Beth persona pushed Edmund away, but when Lorelei took over, she was relieved to see him. While Edmund tried to get Lorelei out of the room, Phillip caught him and demanded that he let her go then threw him out of the mansion. While a confused Lorelei was looking in the mirror, Beth confronted her, introduced herself, and added, "It's time we met."

Alonzo wanted Richard and Cassie to stay in San Cristobel, but their minds were made up -- they were returning to Springfield. While saying their goodbyes, Alonzo managed to convince Richard that he should at least accept the position of Ambassador at Large, and operate from Springfield. The prince said a heartfelt goodbye to his son, Will.

Cassie seemed to be at loose ends, feeling she needed to find something. Richard reminded her that she was not going to find what she was looking for in San Cristobel, and she could start her search by returning to Springfield. As the couple said a bittersweet goodbye to their home, it was apparent they were a prince and princess without a country.

Friday, March 1, 2002

At Inferno, Tony told Catalina how happy he was that she and the baby were okay. He promised to take care of them. Ben arrived with homework assignments for the absent Catalina. Tony left them alone so Ben could go over the work with her. Once Tony was out of the office, Ben confronted Catalina. He couldn't believe she hadn't told Tony the truth yet. "You call me a liar? You could write a book!" he said.

Catalina admitted she was desperate. She had planned to tell Tony at the hospital, but she had seen how concerned he was -- and how sweet. Ben interrupted, accusing her of playing Tony for a sucker. Catalina reassured Ben that Tony cared more for her every day, and eventually he would forget about Marah and want only her. Ben admired her determination. "Or is it self-delusion?" he asked. Catalina denied it, insisting it was love.

Catalina warned Ben that he'd better help her keep Tony any way he could "because this isn't just my problem, is it?" Ben might lose Marah if he didn't play along. Ben reminded her that he had paid his friends -- the bet was off. Catalina scrutinized, "Don't tell me you've developed feelings for Marah?"

Catalina seemed hurt, asking, "God, what is it about Marah that makes all you men idiots?" She and Ben agreed it was in both their best interests if Catalina was with Tony and Ben with Marah. However, Ben didn't see a way out. Catalina couldn't fake an entire pregnancy. He asked if she would fake another miscarriage down the road.

Maria entered the restaurant and sat with Tony. She reminded him that he and Catalina had missed dinner with her the night before. Tony apologized for forgetting, explaining that Catalina had been in the hospital with cramps. Maria asked if the baby was okay. "Perfecto," Tony beamed.

Tony took Maria into the office, where Catalina introduced Ben. Maria seemed very concerned as she asked how Catalina was feeling. Catalina assured her that she and the baby were fine. Ben and Tony left. Maria, the typical grandmother, offered to make Catalina some tea, explaining, "This will take care of everything." She left the room, and Catalina repeated abuela's words, "This will take care of everything? Oh, my God."

Maria returned with the tea, but Catalina was skeptical. When Maria asked what was wrong, Catalina asked what was in the tea. Maria explained it was from a friend in Cuba -- an old family recipe. "For what?," Catalina asked suspiciously, saying that when she'd drunk the tea the night before, she'd ended up in the hospital. Maria laughed as Catalina continued, "You wanted me to miscarry, and I almost did because of you!"

Insulted, Maria fought fire with fire, asking, "Are you crazy? After I treated you like my own daughter!" Catalina accused Maria of not approving of the way Catalina had gotten pregnant as a means to keep Tony, so she'd poisoned her. Enraged, Maria told Catalina to have the tea tested, saying "All you'll find is love from me!"

Pinned against the wall, Edmund promised he would leave town with Lorelei, asking, "Isn't that what you want?" Phillip never wanted to see Edmund again, but Lorelei was sick, and he refused to let Edmund take her. Edmund heatedly retorted, "Lorelei is sick," not Beth. He added, "Remind me again why you care." Phillip backed off as Edmund coldly reminded him that the woman in his guestroom was Lorelei, the woman who had played the Spauldings for fools, the woman who had lied and pretended to be the great love of Phillip's life.

Phillip accused Edmund of forcing an innocent Lorelei into playing along in his sick game. Edmund took offense, blaming Phillip for destroying Beth's life -- he'd made her weak. Edmund said, "She needs you like she needs a hole in the head. Give it up, Phillip. Give her up." Phillip threatened to have Edmund shot for trespassing. Edmund accused Phillip of wanting Lorelei out of spite.

A fed-up Phillip vowed to make it his "life's mission to grind you into the dust," enlightening his nemesis that the divorce papers Lorelei had signed were null and void, since Beth was really dead. Edmund wouldn't see a single penny from her estate. Edmund confessed he didn't care about the money; he just wanted to leave with Lorelei.

Phillip warned, "You are not taking her anywhere," as he physically tried to stop Edmund from leaving the room. Edmund gave him a hard shove and rushed out. Phillip got up from the floor and followed, furious. In the hallway, two servants, including the cook with a butcher knife, cornered Edmund. Phillip caught up and ordered his removal from the premises.

Lorelei looked in the mirror and did a double take at her own image. She shook the eerie feeling of seeing Beth instead of herself until the image spoke to her. "Hello, Lorelei. I think it's about time we met, don't you?" Lorelei blamed the fever for her apparent hallucination, but the image of Beth continued, "You're me, and I'm you." After the flood in Mexico, Beth had realized she had made such a mess out of things that she had invented Lorelei Hills as a way to protect herself -- to survive.

Lorelei was visibly shaken, denying what she heard. Beth's image went on, "I don't need you anymore. I want to exist. There can't be two of us. You have to go." Lorelei started pacing nervously. Beth asked Lorelei questions about her past, saying she had never given her one. "What did you wear to your prom? Who was your date?" Lorelei was shocked that she had no answers.

Beth thanked Lorelei for helping her through the previous few months. She couldn't have gotten that far without her. Lorelei was strong and brave, all the things Beth couldn't be. But the family had been without Beth for too long.

Beth apologized but told Lorelei, "You have to go." Lorelei raved, "You can't erase me! I like it here. Maybe you should go!" She was quick to remind Beth that she was much stronger than Beth had ever been, insisting, "I don't surrender!" In her rage, Lorelei covered the mirror with a blanket. Beth's voice begged from underneath as Lorelei stared in disbelief.

Phillip took a tray of food to Lorelei's room, but his patient was nowhere to be found. After closing the open window, Phillip told a guard to ask the staff if they had seen her on the grounds. As the guard started to leave, Phillip told him to never mind. Alone in the room, Phillip told himself, "The hell with it. I don't care where you are."

Edmund sulked over his drink at Inferno. A hand reached in front of his face, stealing an olive from the glass. Edmund turned and found Lorelei, beaming. "Lorelei! You're back!" Moving in for a kiss, she said, "Back for good, Eddie. Back for good."

Shayne paid Marah a visit, delivering her allowance from their mom. Shayne was well aware that Reva sent him to the college on those errands often so he would take a liking to Springfield U. and decide not to go away to school. The typical older sister suggested college in Alaska or Florida, full of "pretty girls in bikinis." A subdued Shayne uttered, "There's some pretty girls here in Springfield," implying more than just an observation.

Marah guessed Shayne had found a girlfriend. Shayne muttered a shy, "Maybe." The older, wiser sister reminded him that when it involved to relationships, "'Maybe' doesn't cut it. You're either in, or you're out." Shayne saw the hypocrisy and accused Marah of constantly being "in" and "out" of love with Tony. Marah stated plainly that she and Tony were over for good. Tony was with Catalina.

Returning to the latest gossip, Marah asked about Shayne's mystery girl. Shayne implied it was someone she knew. She probed, and he hesitated, but he finally admitted it was Marina. Marah warned him to take it slowly because "you never know how things are going to turn out." Shayne agreed, adding, "Like you can't choose who you're gonna fall in love with." That hit home with Marah, who said, "Don't I know it?" Shayne left, promising details later. After closing the door, Marah sighed, "Ben, why can't I like you the way I like Tony?"

In the hallway, Mel saw Ben approach Marah's room. She said hi, adding that she had just been visiting Remy but had wanted to check on Catalina. She informed Ben that losing a child could be just as traumatic on the father as it was on the mother. She asked Ben how he was holding up. Ben seemed confused, "Me?"

Carrying toiletries in a basket, Marah opened her door a bit but stopped to grab something else.

Outside Company, Buzz grabbed Holly and kissed her. He thanked her for making him go to England to visit Rocky and Coop. He was elated that they had been so glad to see him, and Buzz was relieved to have seen his kids happy there. Buzz did realize he wanted a relationship with his kids and that staying away from them might not be for the best, after all. Speaking from experience, Holly agreed. The couple took their suitcases inside, and Buzz suggested they go to his place.

Holly said she had to call her daughter first -- Blake had to have been going crazy since Tory had taken her kids. Speaking of the devil, Holly spotted Tory sitting at a table and approached her. "Well, if it isn't the local kidnapper," Holly said. "Takes one to know one," Tory retorted with a phony smile. She explained that it had merely been a misunderstanding, and Blake was in denial about Ross and Tory's relationship.

Holly commented on Tory's vivid imagination. Tory added that Holly was an intelligent woman, and she, of all people, should believe that Ross and Tory were together -- after all, she knew what Ross was capable of. Tory got up from the table. Holly rushed toward the door, telling Buzz she had to go. Confused, Buzz couldn't stop her.

Blake spoke low into the receiver, "We have unfinished business to discuss?" Ross's cell phone rang, but he took it into the other room, leaving Blake alone. From her catbird seat at Company, Tory explained that Kevin had left his toy in her car the other night. Blake recalled the night Ross's former assistant had kidnapped her children.

Tory ignored Blake's comment, offering to deliver the toy to the Marlers' home. "I don't want you anywhere near my home," Blake warned. She suggested someplace neutral and public. Blake agreed to meet her at Company. Tory hung up with a sly smile, mocking Blake's tone, "Someplace neutral and public. God, Blake, you just make things so easy for me."

Blake arrived at Company and cut to the chase. "I'll take the toy," Blake said. Tory smiled, saying, "And I'll take your husband." Blake was not amused. She reminded Tory that she would never have Ross and suggested she seek help "because you have problems." Blake started to leave, when Tory stood and said in a loud, innocent voice, "Don't threaten me. Don't you dare try to threaten me!" "Me threaten you?" Blake asked in disbelief.

Tory eyed the diners who were watching the exchange and yelled louder, so all could hear, "You say such hurtful things." Knowing a drama queen when she saw one, Blake called her out, telling her she knew what Tory was trying to do, but it was not going to work. Buzz played referee, breaking the argument up.

Tory was relentless at playing the victim, pleading, "Just keep her away from me! You are a sick and dangerous woman, Blake, and you need help!" Tory ran for the door, leaving all eyes fixed on Blake. Enraged at the scene, Blake ran after Tory. Buzz tried, but he was equally as helpless in stopping the daughter as he had been in stopping her mother.

Outside, Tory stopped as Blake caught up. "What is your problem now?" Blake asked as Tory eyed Buzz in the doorway and customers going in. Tory started to say something as she reached for Blake's sleeve. Blake shook her off, slapping her hand in defense. Tory fell down, dramatically screaming in the same victim voice, "Oh! She pushed me! What is wrong with you?" Tory pleaded with her concerned audience, "Please, somebody, get her away from me!" Again, all eyes were on Blake, who looked down on Tory with disgust.

Gus paid Ross a visit to apologize for offering to pressure Tory into leaving town. He realized that was not exactly the style of an honest citizen and family man. Gus commented that Tory was "either a really good liar -- or a psychopath." The detective warned Ross, however, that he might not be able to solve his problem alone, "unless you stop being so nice." Ross invited Gus in, where his visitor humbly admitted he had respect for the lawyer, despite their past.

Gus again offered his services, this time as a favor that could one day be returned. "A deal with the devil?" Ross inquired. He thanked Gus for stopping over and showed him out as Holly arrived.

Ross told Holly that Blake wasn't home. Holly said that was okay, explaining, "I want to talk to you." Knowing her son-in-law so well, she cut to the chase, noting that she expected an honest answer. She said it was obvious Tory had been attracted to Ross from the start, and Ross had encouraged her. Tory was claiming they'd slept together. Holly looked Ross in the eye and asked, "Did you sleep with the girl? Yes or no?"

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