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Port Charles Recaps: The week of February 25, 2002 on PC
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Monday, February 25, 2002

At Lucy's place, Livvie arrived to visit Alison after receiving a call from Alison about Rafe's disappearance. Alison explained that she and Rafe had just been talking about having a baby when he'd disappeared, and Alison had no way to know where he had gone. Alison was shocked when her friend told her she should be glad Rafe was gone.

Meanwhile, in the Manhattan alley, a surprised Ian searched for Amy but found only one old homeless man.

At the lighthouse, Lucy and Kevin entered the studio and were shocked to find Christina alone. When they asked where Paige had gone, Christina replied, "She was right here, and then she wasn't there anymore."

Ian called Kevin and told him that Amy had literally vanished right before his eyes just as she had been about to tell him what had been going on with her. Kevin admitted that Paige had also disappeared. Ian asked if Kevin meant that she had left the house, but Kevin told Ian she had vanished.

Meanwhile, "Upstairs," Angel Boss Ed admonished Rafe, Amy, Paige, and Casey for their unangelic behavior. As Ed listed the angels' various misdeeds, he began by reminding Rafe that it was not wise to be thinking about starting a family with his pretty blonde girlfriend. Turning to Paige, Ed pointed out that Kevin was not strolling down memory lane for the exercise -- rather, Kevin was fishing to find out who Paige was and where she was from.

Paige hotly protested that that simply was not true, insisting that Kevin loved her. Ed continued, saying Amy was just about to spill everything to Ian. When Casey pointed out that she was not talking, Ed reminded Casey that she was all set to lose her virginity to someone she'd just met. "You four delinquents are making me look bad, very bad," Ed informed them, "and it leaves me no choice except to put an end to it."

Meanwhile as Ian and Kevin spoke on the phone, they discovered there had been a flash of lighting in both places when Amy and Paige had disappeared. Ian asked whether or not Paige had touched anything before she'd disappeared, and Kevin mentioned the book Paige had been reading to Christina. Ian suggested that Kevin dust for fingerprints and further suggested that Kevin wouldn't find anything, and it would be as if she hadn't even existed.

Lucy returned and was very angry that Paige had left Christina alone, especially since Christina was not feeling well.

In Heaven, Ed admonished Paige for playing games with "the white light," as Paige insisted that Kevin was not stringing her along. Ed told them bluntly, "You four have broken the rules, big time."

Amy admitted that Ian had almost tricked her into revealing the truth about herself but said she was onto him. Ed continued, as he pointed out to Casey that it was okay for her to like Ricky, and Casey quickly observed that Ricky would be a total pain up in Heaven, so it should be okay for Ed to leave Ricky alone. Ed said he could see what was inside Casey's heart. Casey asked how he could know what was in her heart when she didn't. Ed told her not to give away something that was precious to her until it meant something.

Ed went on to point out that Rafe should know better than any one of them that he had no business discussing starting a family with Alison. "How many angels do you see carrying diaper bags?" Ed asked, answering his own question, "Zero!" Ed pointed out that who did and who did not have children was decided in Heaven, so Rafe's plans for a family with Alison would not get very far without heavenly assistance.

As Paige angrily insisted that they were tired of being scolded like schoolchildren, she asked what their punishment could be. Amy pointed out that they were already dead, and Casey asked what she would be waiting for -- and asked if she'd find another angel. Casey insisted that her decisions about Ricky were her private business and that Ed had no business talking about that in front of everyone.

When Paige said, "Everyone who is tired of the unending criticism should raise their hands," all the angels raised their hands. Amy pointed out that they were doing the best they could, and if Ed didn't like it, he could just go to hell. Rafe said, "Oh, oh," and then urged Ed to stop, as Amy continued saying, "We're capable of taking care of ourselves." Ed clapped his hands, and the women disappeared. Rafe asked where they had gone, and Ed said, "Amy saying 'go to hell' gave me an idea."

Meanwhile, back at the lighthouse, Lucy ranted to Kevin about what an improper houseguest Paige had turned out to be, Kevin admitted that he had been trying to figure out Paige and insisted that he was going to find out what her purpose was.

Meanwhile, at Lucy's place, Alison was insisting to Livvie that Rafe was not like Caleb. "Rafe is good and gentle and kind, and he loves me, and now he is gone." Livvie admitted that she did like Rafe but that Caleb and Rafe both shared one thing in common, and that was that they were fantasy men who used magic to dazzle. Livvie said, "It's magic -- a trick -- that does not last."

Alison reminded her friend that if Rafe was not an angel -- but a mortal with only a couple of weeks left to live -- Livvie would see nothing wrong with loving someone who would be gone in a few weeks. Livvie pointed out that maybe it had been Rafe's last noble act, and that was why he was gone. Alison insisted that Rafe had not wanted to leave and wanted to spend every possible moment with Alison that he could. Alison then told Livvie that Rafe had been worried that he would be "called back" if anyone figured out about there being angels in Port Charles then asked whether or not Livvie had told someone else about Rafe being an angel.

Meanwhile, up in Heaven, Rafe told Ed that he believed Ed had played a "cheap trick" on Casey, Amy, and Paige, so Ed clapped his hands again, and the not-so-angelic angels returned, indicating it had been a bit warm where they had just been. Ed then told them all that he needed to remind them that their journey could end up in one of two ways, and it was amazing what a little field trip could do.

When Amy asked if their blunders meant they would all be pulled back, Ed admitted that it was too late, because they had started things down below that had to be finished. So, Ed told them that he would have to clock out and go down to try to straighten out the mess they had made of things. When Rafe asked about the Fifth Chair, Ed told him that he would find out when the time arrived -- and not before.

Meanwhile, at Lucy's place, Livvie insisted to Alison that she had never told anyone about Rafe, adding that, if she'd wanted to blow the whistle on Rafe, she would have done it a long time before. As she prepared to leave, Livvie told Alison, "This can only end badly for you, Alison. Trust me!"

After Livvie left, Alison continued to cry alone until she felt a pair of arms around her and realized that Rafe had returned as mysteriously as he had disappeared. Clutching him fiercely, Alison sobbed, "Don't ever leave!"

Meanwhile, at the lighthouse, Lucy was in Kevin's studio, studying Paige's portrait, when Christina arrived and asked, "Is Paige back yet?" When Lucy admitted that their guest was still away, Christina asked, "Did Paige go to heaven like my other Mommy? Lucy assured Christina that Paige was fine and took Christina out to tuck her back into bed and read her another story.

Downstairs, Ian arrived, and he and Kevin discussed whether they thought Paige and Amy were ghosts, space aliens, or maybe even vampires. As they compared notes, they discussed how both Amy and Paige had shown up at the same time, both had identical watches, and both of them had left at the same time, Their discussion was interrupted by the doorbell. As he went to answer the door, Kevin suggested to Ian that he should fix him a drink -- he thought they were going to need one. But when Kevin answered the door, Amy and Paige walked in, followed by Ed.

Ian asked Ed who he was. Ed said, "Someone with answers for you about Amy and Paige. It's time you knew the truth."

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Ricky and Jamal exchanged words as Casey arrived at the hospital. Ricky was angry with Casey for disappearing and told her he didn't care about her. Chris studied Amy's picture, and Eve entered looking for Ian, who had signed out. Chris implied that Ian was with Amy, but Eve thought not.

Ed told Ian and Kevin that he was responsible for Amy and Paige and that, if the men kept snooping, the women would be in great danger. He implied that the women were part of a witness protection program, but Ian and Kevin didn't believe it. They reluctantly agreed to back off.

Gaby was feeling better, but Jamal and Ricky bickered. Joe arrived with good news for Gaby and asked her to return to live with him, and she decided to go. She asked Jamal and Ricky to stop fighting.

Kevin asked Paige to leave but agreed to finish her portrait. Ricky looked on as Casey propositioned Jamal and admitted tampering with his bike. Kevin worked on the portrait. Eve did some checking and confronted Ian and Amy.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Jamal was angry with Casey for messing with his motorcycle. He told Ricky to keep Casey away from him. Casey left but not before needling Jamal about being "kicked to the curb" by Alison. Ricky and Jamal decided they should just stay out of each other's way. As they were talking, two men approached looking for a game of dice. While the men were setting up the game, Ricky switched the dice for a pair of his own.

Alison wondered if Rafe had something on his mind. He told her he did, but he couldn't talk about it. Alison begged him to talk; she couldn't take any more secrets. Rafe was adamant. There were some things he just couldn't discuss with her. Alison said Rafe's disappearance had made her realize what it would be like when he was gone. Rafe assured her they had a love that would never die.

Alison wouldn't let the subject drop. She wanted to know if she'd caused Rafe to be called back when she'd started talking about the possibility of having a baby. He told her that a baby was not in the cards for them. Alison accepted that then told Rafe that when his time on earth was up, she didn't want him to disappear, but she wanted to have time for a proper goodbye.

As Alison went to the kitchen to finish up her baking, Casey walked through the door. She whined that her second life was turning out to be worse than the last one. Then she went on about the problems she was having with Ricky. Alison overheard and figured out that Casey had to be the other angel in town. Casey freaked out when she realized she had let out the secret, and she took off. Alison also overheard Casey refer to the Fifth Chair. She demanded to know who was going to die.

At the hospital, Eve confronted Ian and Amy. She was angry that he had run off with Amy, once again leaving her to find a babysitter for Danny. Her anger boiled over as she snapped at Ian, "How long have you been sleeping with this bitch?" Ian tried to calm Eve down by saying that it wasn't what it looked like. Eve wasn't listening. She told Amy that she wasn't the first woman for Ian and mentioned Lucy and Arianna. Next, Eve told Amy that she knew Chris Ramsey was digging up her secret. Eve vowed to help Chris, and when she found out what Amy was hiding, Eve planned to shout it from the rooftop.

Ian stood up for Amy and asked Eve to stop. It made Eve even angrier to know that Ian was cheating and taking Amy's side. Ian's beeper went off, leaving Eve and Amy alone. Eve turned on Amy, telling her that the only reason Ian was interested in her was because she was a poor little blind girl who was helpless and needy. Eve left to go to the roof for some fresh air. Amy followed, wanting to finish their conversation. The conversation turned heated, and as Eve and Amy struggled, the railing broke.

Thursday, February 28, 2002

Rafe and Alison were at Lucy's place, and Alison had started to figure out that "the Fifth Chair" meant that someone was going to die, and that person would be close to Casey -- or to Rafe. Then Alison speculated about why there would be a Fifth Chair and decided it had to mean there were four angels instead of just Rafe and Casey.

Alison wondered if she would be going back with Rafe. Rafe insisted that Alison was going to have a long and happy life. But Alison immediately wondered how happy her life could be if it would be a life without Rafe there to share it with her. Rafe begged her, "Don't go there."

At the lighthouse, Paige told Kevin that she was packed and ready to go as Kevin held Christina, who was still not feeling well. When Kevin went to answer the phone in the kitchen, he put Christina in Paige's lap, and Paige told Christina, "I love you as if you were my own little girl."

Lucy overheard Paige and jumped all over Paige, telling her she did not want Paige talking to her daughter that way, since Christina had just lost her own mother, and Paige was going away as well.

On the hospital roof, as Amy and Eve struggled with each other, the railing gave way, and both of them fell over. However, Ian arrived in time to grab Eve, but Eve told Ian that Amy had fallen.

At Casey's room at the Scanlons', Casey complained about the state of her life since Ricky had brushed her off, and she looked at the key around her neck.

In the Emergency Room, Eve and Ian were both astonished to learn that Amy was okay -- there were some cuts and bruises, but nothing more serious. The attending doctor remarked that it was as if "someone upstairs had their eye on her." However, when Ian asked Amy what had happened, Amy said that she had grabbed Eve and then Eve had grabbed her, and the next thing she'd known, she had been flying. When Ian asked Eve if that was what had happened, Eve leaped to the conclusion that Ian was implying that Eve had actually attempted to kill Amy by throwing her off the roof.

At the Scanlons', Casey decided she would find her tightest outfit and go find a "fine man," but her britches ripped, and she ended up staying home instead.

At the lighthouse, Lucy grabbed Christina away from Paige while Kevin demanded to know what was going on. Paige defended herself by saying she had merely told Christina she loved her, and that was all. Lucy angrily grabbed Christina and carried her off to bed.

When Lucy left, Kevin suggested to Paige that it would be easier if he could tell Lucy about the witness protection program. Paige said the more Lucy knew, the more likely it would be that Lucy would end up in danger herself. Kevin once again promised Paige that they would get a chance to finish Paige's portrait. Lucy returned and suggested that they all go to bed. Paige agreed and told Lucy she'd never meant any harm. Lucy replied that she hoped her visitor found whatever it was she was looking for.

At the hospital, Ian and Eve continued to argue, and Eve said, "If you think I could throw Amy off the roof, you don't know me," and stormed out. As Amy urged Ian to go after Eve, Ian told Amy that he was just glad she was alive. Amy laughed at that remark and suggested to Ian that maybe they should go ahead and have an affair, since they appeared to be taking the heat for it already.

As everyone settled into bed, Ed visited each of his angels and tuned in on their dreams. Casey was dreaming about a perfect wedding to Ricky. Rafe dreamed he was back with Alison for good, and they were planning a regular life, with babies, growing old together, and rocking chairs.

Ed reminded Paige that, "A dream is a wish your heart makes," and saw that Paige was dreaming that, before she went, Kevin told her he loved her, and Lucy handed Christina over to Kevin and Paige and told them she was going to be getting out of their lives. Christina said, "God bless us all, every one." Amy was dreaming of being able to see and having a chance to actually "see" Ian. They kissed passionately.

Ed said, "Nothing has changed. Your dreams seem so romantic and sweet. But you can't fool me. I know that one of you is hiding a dark seed down deep in your soul. One of you is a Dark Angel, with a Dark Purpose. You've fooled everyone. If the people around you could only know what your real plan is! There is nothing I can do. As much as I'd like this to play out a different way, all I can do is watch and feel how much evil is lurking there in your hearts. Dark Angel. Dark Angel. Dark Angel. Dark Angel." As Ed's naming of a Dark Angel echoed, each of the angels was suddenly startled awake.

Friday, March 1, 2002

At the hospital, Angel Boss Ed continued to speak to his sleeping angels, "My angels. You all look so innocent, so angelic. But I know one of you is neither. One of you has a plan all your own as to who is to fill the Fifth Chair. One of you, it pains me to realize, is a Dark Angel. Someone will die because of you, and there is not a damn thing I can do about it. Except hope that, with this new day, you will see the light and take the path that was meant for you before it is too late. Wake now, my angels, and remember nothing of my visit."

All the angels woke from their sleep with a start.

In the morning, Paige informed Kevin that she was packed and ready to leave, but Christina said, "No, Paige. Don't go." When Paige explained that she was only going to go to a hotel, Christina handed Paige her favorite doll so she wouldn't be lonely. Paige told Christina they would be visiting soon -- so Paige would not really be all alone. Then, Paige gave Christina "something you can keep forever" -- a hankie that Paige had embroidered herself.

At the hospital, Eve received flowers with a note: "Meet me in the On-Call Room. We need to talk." Thinking the note was from Ian, Eve rushed to the on-call room, only to find Amy waiting there for her.

At Lucy's place, Rafe and Alison were going through some of Alison's old things, and when Rafe was amazed that her parents had saved things like some of her awards and prizes from school, Alison sadly informed him that her parents had been too busy to save all those things -- that Alison herself was the only one who had thought about saving some of those things. Alison told Rafe about going up to her attic and talking to a portrait of one of her ancestors who had once been a candle maker. "I had no friends," she observed, "so I talked to a picture on the wall. How pathetic is that?"

In the on-call room, Eve was shocked by Amy's admission that she was very attracted to Ian, that Ian knew about it, and that they had had the car accident because Amy had lured Ian out on a pretend call. But, Amy insisted -- Ian had told her that nothing could ever result from her infatuation. Amy continued, trying to open Eve's eyes to the brilliant gem Eve had in her husband. Amy urged Eve to realize all she had to be thankful for before some other woman scooped Ian up.

As Eve began to tell Amy that she realized Ian was not a saint, Ian entered the room and was angered by Eve's opinion of him. As Amy left, Eve and Ian argued about whether or not Ian should have told Eve that he knew about Amy's interest in him. Ian left after saying to Eve, "Give me a reason to keep fighting for us!"

At the Scanlons', Casey was still looking at the key around her neck and listening to old teen songs -- including "Teen Angel" -- on the radio. Then, remembering Ricky's last words to her, she observed that she had gotten a second chance at life, and it still sucked. She decided she needed someone to talk to, but as she started to dial up Amy and Paige, she decided that the blind chick and the whiny Brit probably would not be able to understand her angst and decided instead to go see someone who would be able to give her some good advice.

While Eve and Ian argued in the on-call room, Amy went up to the roof and spoke to her Papa, saying, "This is so hard, Papa. I know I failed you when you were alive. I'm trying to make you proud of me now. I love you so much. I miss you so much. I think about you all the time. I think about how safe I felt when I was held in your arms." As Amy finished speaking, black-gloved hands suddenly appeared around her, but when the wind blew, there was no one there.

At the lighthouse, Paige's cab arrived, and she once again told Christina that she would see her again soon, and she left. However, as soon as Paige left, Christina told Kevin that she did not feel good and suddenly passed out on Kevin's shoulder. In a panic, Kevin called Lucy and told her to meet him at the hospital -- something had happened to Christina.

At Lucy's place, Rafe and Alison were kissing, and she decided they should stoke up the fire and put on some music. However, as Rafe turned up the fireplace, he realized that something about the gas was not working, but before he could fix the gas, there was a knock at the door. It was Casey, who told Rafe that she had something important she needed to discuss with him right away.

Rafe told Alison that he believed that if he did not take care of it right away, Casey would not be giving them a moment's peace for a while, so Alison told him to go ahead. As Casey and Rafe left, Casey let Rafe know that she was shocked that Alison seemed to be privy to so many angel "secrets" and observed, "If your girlfriend does not keep her mouth shut, she might end up in the Fifth Chair herself."

Inside, Alison lay down next to the fireplace, while the music played, "Home? Would you walk with me home?" and the gas hissed ominously in the fireplace.

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