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Passions Recaps: The week of February 25, 2002 on PS
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Monday, February 25, 2002

T.C. walked into Whitney's room. When Chad tried to explain why he was there, T.C. started to beat on him again. Marty was outside, listening, and called Ivy to give her an update. Marty was upset and regretted slipping Whitney the drug in her drink. He said it had caused more trouble than he'd ever imagined. Ivy told him it was icing on the cake. He called her cold and told her she had no business destroying innocent lives.

Simone walked in on the fight and tried to tell everyone the truth. T.C. told Chad that Eve had been right from the very beginning to keep the girls away from him. T.C. called it all an act to get on everyone's good side. He called Chad a punk drifter. T.C. ordered Chad out of his house and demanded that he never return.

Pilar showed Theresa the medal that she'd found on the floor of her bedroom. She told Theresa it proved that Antonio had gone home for Christmas. Theresa told her not to get her hopes up. Theresa told her mother she no longer believed in fate or miracles. She said she had no dreams left. Pilar blamed everything on Julian. Theresa said killing him would be justifiable homicide. They both promised never to talk of the night Julian had "died" again.

The real Charity melted and was almost free. Tabitha panicked and did not know what to do next. Charity began to mumble Miguel's name again. Outside the cave, Miguel cornered Zombie Charity. He demanded to know why Charity had changed so drastically over the previous few weeks. Zombie girl turned on Kay and said Kay was after Miguel. She called Kay pathetic for being in love with Miguel when he didn't love her. Kay left in tears.

As Miguel turned to go after Kay, he heard the real Charity call his name from inside the cave. He questioned the zombie, asking how her voice could have emanated from the cave. Zombie girl covered up the noise and laughed at Miguel. Inside the cave, Tabitha tried to shut the real Charity up. Zombie girl promised tears, heartache, and sorrow for everyone in Harmony.

Whitney woke up and appeared to be free of the drug. Eve explained what she had seen when she'd walked into Whitney's bedroom. They asked Whitney why she'd lost control. Whitney did not know what they were talking about. Whitney had no memory of anything that had happened. She could not believe Chad had tried to take advantage of her. Simone told Whitney she hated Whitney for making Chad look like he'd tried to take advantage of her when it was not his fault.

Charity broke free and looked around the cave.

Theresa felt she had no reason to go on.

Sam questioned Grace about Eve's slip of the tongue, when she'd called Chad by Julian's name. Sam said, as chief of police investigating Julian's murder, he needed to know about the connection between Julian and Eve.

Kay almost confessed everything to Miguel. Miguel told her he had never felt as close to Kay as he did right then.

Charity and the zombie met face-to-face.

Theresa went to the wharf and started to climb over the railing, saying she had nothing more to live for.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Good Charity and Zombie Charity faced off inside the cave. Charity assured the zombie that goodness would win out over evil. The zombie wanted to "have some fun" with Charity before refreezing her again.

Theresa went to the wharf and looked into the black depths of the water below. She remembered all the good times she'd had with Ethan. She was heartbroken that she would never have Ethan again. She felt sure she had lost him to Gwen forever. Theresa also fantasized about Pilar announcing her death to Ethan, Gwen, Rebecca, and Ivy. She envisioned them not caring and actually being happy she was gone. She said her life did not matter and planned on ending it in the water.

Kay and Miguel grew closer as Kay hoped the zombie had everything back in the cave under control. As the zombie went after Charity, Timmy watched helplessly. Charity claimed that she had the power of love, and Timmy told the zombie that love conquered all. Charity wanted to call on love and began to call out Miguel's name very loudly. Tabitha then insisted that the zombie refreeze Charity before it was too late and they were found out.

Ethan and Gwen went to the mansion to check on their mothers. They found Ivy and Rebecca at odds once again. Ivy and Rebecca each accused the other of Julian's death and leaking information to the tabloids. Pilar walked into the mansion, asking if anyone had seen Theresa. She informed them that she was sure Theresa meant to kill herself. Pilar openly accused Ivy of leaking Theresa's pregnancy to the tabloid. She said their hatred and scheming had driven Theresa to such despair that she felt she had nothing to live for.

Kay and Miguel saw Theresa before she jumped into the water. When Theresa saw them, she stepped down from the ledge of the railing. Miguel cautioned Theresa not to get too close to the water because the current was so strong that night, it could carry her out to sea.

Ethan tried to call Theresa on her cell phone, but she would not answer it. Ethan asked his mother and Rebecca if they'd had anything to do with driving Theresa to desperation. Pilar called both Rebecca and Ivy wicked and said if anything happened to Theresa, it would be on their heads.

Theresa felt sorry for Miguel's situation with Charity. Miguel vowed to continue to fight for his Charity. Theresa kissed Miguel goodbye and told him how much she loved him. After Miguel and Kay left, Theresa jumped into the water.

Zombie Charity refroze the real Charity before she could summon Miguel. She planned on destroying the lives of everyone in Harmony.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Theresa fell into the icy water off the wharf. She heard Julian's voice calling to her. When she opened her eyes, she was on the fast track to Hell, complete with fire and devils. Tabitha and Timmy could watch through a large piece of ice and saw all that was going on. Timmy was shocked that Theresa was in Hell. Tabitha explained once again to Timmy all her sins then said Theresa had committed one of the worst sins of all, suicide.

Ethan, Gwen, and Pilar continued to search for Theresa. Pilar was sure that Theresa would be doing something drastic. When Pilar saw Miguel and Kay, she questioned them and voiced her fear over Theresa. Miguel remembered seeing Theresa on the wharf and got nervous. He started to believe that his mother could be right.

Back at the Crane mansion, Rebecca and Ivy celebrated Theresa's demise. They were both delighted that Theresa was gone, and each planned on getting their hands on Julian's money with Theresa gone. Rebecca tried to blackmail Ivy into backing off so Rebecca could have the Crane fortune. Rebecca planned on exposing Ivy's plan to break up Sam and Grace. She reminded Ivy that it would hurt Ethan, and Ivy would lose him too.

John told David how glad he was that he'd found the rest of his family. John walked in on Sam and Grace's conversation about him taking a DNA test. Grace told him not to worry about it. She said she knew he was her son, but a question had been raised, and she wanted to put the doubts to rest.

Theresa entered Hell and met Hitler, Khrushchev, John Wilkes Booth, Mussolini, and other assorted evil figures. They told Theresa that she had friends there in Hell. Theresa saw an evil devil walking toward her, and everyone told Theresa it was a friend of hers. She looked closely, and the devil's face turned into Julian's. He told her he had been waiting for her. She attacked him. He turned back into the devil and told her beating on him would not solve her problems, but listening to him just might.

Julian told Theresa she had taken the easy way out. He said she could have gotten Ethan back if she were just patient, but she'd blown it. Tabitha and Timmy watched the scene. Tabitha was in awe of Julian's powers. She told Timmy that no mortal could walk away from the kind of evil Theresa was facing and not be changed. Tabitha said that Julian and the dark forces had a lot more in store for Theresa.

Pilar and Miguel met two women on the dock who said they had just called 9-1-1 because a girl matching Theresa's description had jumped into the water. Ethan feared the worst and jumped in to save Theresa. Kay called Sam in a panic and told her father that Ethan was in the water because Theresa might have tried to commit suicide. Sam and Grace rushed to the wharf, and John tagged along. Sam called Ivy, and Ivy was livid that Theresa was still hurting her son even from her grave.

Thursday, February 28, 2002

Sam got to the wharf and heard that Ethan had jumped into the water to look for Theresa. Pilar could no longer restrain Miguel, and he jumped in the water too. Sam heard that both boys were in the black water and jumped in to save them. Ivy and Grace both screamed, "No!" as they watched Sam jump in. Sam ordered Ethan and Miguel to get out of the water, but they both ignored him and continued to search for Theresa.

David taunted Ivy about how she could have killed Sam and her son that night. He also reminded Ivy that once the DNA results were in, Sam would know just what lengths she had gone to in trying to destroy his marriage. Rebecca speculated on how long Theresa had been in the water, hoping she was already dead.

Tabitha and Timmy were still in the ice cave, watching Theresa's torment in Hell. Theresa remained in Hell, being taunted by Julian. He told her that she could have revenge on Ivy and Rebecca as well as get Ethan back for herself. Theresa agreed, and Julian made her sign a contract in blood. She said she did not want to do anything horrible to get Ethan back. Julian laughed. He whispered a plan in her ear and told her to memorize each step.

Theresa shrunk away from Julian in horror after listening to his plan. She said no to Julian because the plan would cause pain to others. He asked Theresa why she should care about hurting Rebecca, Gwen, or Ivy. Theresa remembered all the pain Ivy, Rebecca, and Gwen had caused her. An alarm went off, and she had to decide if she would take Julian up on his offer or stay down in Hell with him and his "friends" forever.

The rescue team arrived, but Sam could not get either Miguel or Ethan to get out of the water. Ethan said, "Sorry, Dad," and dove under the water. He thought he spotted Theresa and dove further. Ethan pulled an unconscious Theresa out of the water. All of the men got out of the water safely. Theresa was without a pulse, and the paramedics did not start CPR. Ethan looked down at Theresa in horror and started CPR himself.

Theresa still could not commit to Julian's plan. Julian showed Theresa how hard Ethan was working to save her, and she told Julian, "Yes, I'll carry out your plan."

Tabitha said the die was cast, Theresa would get Ethan, and Harmony would know hell on earth.

T.C. watched Eve sleep. She called out Julian's name, which raised T.C.'s suspicions.

Much to Ivy and Rebecca's dismay, Theresa regained consciousness. She told Ethan she had returned to be with him. Ethan told her nothing had changed.

Tabitha told Timmy that she hoped nothing in Julian's plan would involve them. Julian appeared in the cave and said of course it involved them -- and in a big way. He told them they were going to help Theresa carry out his plan for Harmony. Julian turned into the zombie. Zombie girl confessed that Theresa had only thought Julian had been in Hell with her; it had really been Zombie girl. She said that she would use Theresa because no one would suspect Theresa of helping spread pain and suffering in Harmony.

The zombie turned on Kay and blackmailed her. She warned that if Kay tried to stop her from her plans, Kay would lose Miguel. The zombie told Tabitha that Ivy and Rebecca were amateurs if they thought they'd defeated Theresa. Theresa had the power of pure evil, and she planned to use it.

Friday, March 1, 2002

T.C. told Eve not to worry about Whitney. He said Whitney was just like her mama and would never take the "low road." Eve was frightened that T.C. was right about Whitney following in her mother's footsteps. Eve was angry with Whitney and point-blank asked her daughter if she'd purposely ingested drugs or alcohol. T.C. asked Whitney if Chad had been close enough to slip something into her drink. Simone snapped that it was not Chad's fault that Whitney was acting like trash. Whitney told her dad that she could not honestly remember what had happened the previous night.

Theresa talked to Pilar about her experience in Hell. She assured her mother that Julian was actually there. Pilar said that if anyone deserved to be in Hell, it was Julian. Theresa almost told Pilar about Julian's plan for her to get Ethan back and get revenge at the same time. She thought to herself that she could find a better way to get Ethan.

Zombie girl and Tabitha were watching Theresa in a crystal ball up in Tabitha's attic. Zombie girl was happy that Theresa had not spilled the plan to Pilar. She felt that it meant Theresa was going to go along with it. Pilar begged Theresa not to do anything wrong to try to get Ethan back. She told her daughter to let Ethan go.

Zombie girl turned into Julian again. She visited Theresa. Theresa begged the image of Julian to go away. "Julian" showed Theresa images of her and Ethan and said it could all be Theresa's once again if she would just follow the plan. Theresa called being tempted by Julian a mistake, and her mirror shattered.

Chad told Ethan about the run-in with T.C. Chad confessed he had been worried about Whitney and had wanted to see if she was all right when he had gone to her house the previous night. He said he was sure of two things. He knew that Whitney loved him and that deep down inside, she wanted to be a singer. He said she did not have the same passion for tennis as she did for singing.

Ethan told Chad about Theresa's suicide attempt. Ethan said if Theresa had been honest with him, he could have gotten past the fact that she was pregnant with Julian's baby. Chad told Ethan not to blame what Theresa had done on himself.

The hospital lab called Eve to confirm that there were drugs in Whitney's system, not alcohol, making her act crazy. Eve got angry when she heard that, thinking back to her younger years.

T.C. accused Chad of getting one of his friends to slip Whitney a drug. Both Whitney and Simone tried to defend Chad. T.C. told his daughters to lead a good and clean life just like their mother had when she had been growing up. A guilty look flashed across Eve's face. Simone told Whitney that Whitney had messed everything up for Simone and Chad, and Simone really hated her for it. Eve vowed that Chad would not ruin Whitney's life like Julian had ruined hers.

Chad knocked at Whitney's back door. Ethan showed up at Theresa's door, putting temptation in her way. Zombie girl was sure that once Theresa saw Ethan, she would go along with the evil plan.

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