One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 25, 2002 on OLTL

Starr faked being kidnapped and took refuge in the funhouse where Troy had been imprisoned. Keri was upset that Carlotta disliked her. Natalie blackmailed Al into helping her break up Seth and Jessica. Troy hallucinated that Lindsay was Nora.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 25, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, February 25, 2002

Troy reacted badly to his spider bite, and lost consciousness as he tried to free himself from the restraints. Troy then heard a woman's voice and saw Nora.

Meanwhile, Keri found the personal ads that Carlotta had left for Antonio. Keri feared that Carlotta would never accept her, and Antonio urged his mother to give Keri a chance.

Jen interrupted Natalie's discovery, concerned about her mother. Al took the opportunity to escape the truth by sending Cristian off to help Jen, but Natalie warned Al that he could not pretend forever. Seth and Jessica wondered why Natalie appeared determined to torment Al, and Seth informed Natalie that he had moved on.

At the hospital, Claire found Nora at Troy's computer and told her to leave. Nora complied, but as Claire turned off Troy's computer, Nora took a file. When the coast cleared, Lindsay stepped out from hiding and rifled through everything. She couldn't find the damning tape. Defeated, Lindsay left, but not before bumping into Jen and Cristian. Jen questioned why Lindsay wasn't in Paris, and Jen didn't buy Lindsay's tearful story about the lost passport.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

security system installed at the house. Hoping to mend fences with Carlotta, Keri invited the entire Vega family over for dinner. Jessica made plans for a romantic evening with Seth. In the funhouse, a feverish Troy imagined he saw Nora approaching him with a warm smile.

Disappointed by Carlotta's rude behavior toward Keri, Antonio cautioned his mother not to force him into choosing between her and the woman he loved. While Blair happily welcomed her guests to the christening, Starr got nowhere trying to interest any of the grownups in her story about the strange man. Jessica told Seth she had booked them a hotel room for the night. When Al wondered what her silence would cost, Natalie ordered him to help her break up Seth and Jessica.

After a piercing alarm suddenly interrupted the christening, Blair and Todd were frightened to realize that their daughter had disappeared. Meanwhile, Starr tore up her dress and rubbed mud on her face. Mistaking Lindsay for Nora, Troy declared his love. Starr ran back into the house, shrieking about an attempted kidnapping, then fainted in front of her panicking parents.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Starr ran into the house and collapsed in Todd's arms. He tried to prevent Ben from checking on her but was convinced by the others that it was all right; Ben was a doctor, after all. As Ben gave the okay, Starr "awakened" and continued with her fabrication about the big, shaggy, hairy man, mentioning that the christening would probably have to be canceled.

Asa arrived at the police station, flattered that Bo had called him for some help on a case. He was annoyed to find Rae waiting to see him about his missed court-ordered appointments for therapy. Bo ducked out after admitting that he had tricked Asa. He was informed of the break-in at the Mannings'. At first, Asa refused to participate in the therapy session, but after Rae announced that she could wait him out, he gave in.

Asa began to talk about Rusty, his first horse, and proceeded to talk about every horse he'd had thereafter. Rae finally stopped him; he had succeeded in driving her crazy, but she had another idea -- role reversal. They pretended to be each other, and after hearing what he sounded like, Asa understood. He was really touched that he had actually upset everyone such a great deal and realized he shouldn't have hurt them like he had.

Keri left R.J. a phone message at Capricorn, stating her dinner plans and her intentions to entertain the Vega family. Nearby, Max overheard and tried to prevent R.J. from leaving, but R.J. had to run home. First, though, he deleted the message then playfully wondered what message Max was talking about.

Nora found a table and went through Troy's files as Hank stopped by to hand her the one that she'd dropped, the deed to Troy's loft. Hank wanted to know what was going on, as Nora seemed extremely nervous. She admitted that she was worried over something that Troy was doing that involved her. She confided that Troy's interest in Lindsay was a scam, and she was concerned that Lindsay would find out.

Gabrielle spoke to the assistant manager about arranging a special dinner for herself, her son, and his father. When the woman assumed the father was her husband, Gabrielle didn't correct her. Max overheard and made mention of it rather loudly, so the woman excused herself as the two began to bicker. When the taunting became too much, Gabrielle stormed out.

At R.J.'s place, Keri nervously awaited the arrival of Carlotta and Cristian as Antonio tried to calm her down. When they arrived, Keri had a treat in store for them as she served a Puerto Rican dish as an appetizer. She successfully seemed to have broken the ice until R.J. showed up, claiming to need a key. He was sickeningly sweet as he extended individual hellos to the Vegas and was extremely pleased with himself once he was back outside. Antonio attempted to reassure Keri once again that everything would be fine.

Lindsay couldn't believe her ears -- Troy had just told her that he loved her, but of course, he was hallucinating and thought she was Nora in his feverish state. He'd get well since she was there. He'd known she'd find him because of their connection, he stated. He reminisced about their New Year's Eve kiss and especially the night in the cemetery when he'd kissed her and she'd kissed him back, though that had been a goodbye kiss. Lindsay muttered that Sam ought to know about that.

Lindsay played along, pretending that she was Nora, and continued to learn some interesting information. She learned that Nora had felt bad because she'd known that Troy had never loved Lindsay and had known of the entire plan from the beginning. Lindsay was not surprised to learn of Nora's involvement.

Troy told "Nora" that he'd kept his promise by fooling Lindsay. He gloated that it had been easy to get Lindsay to love him and confess. He urged her to hurry and leave before Lindsay returned. He pleaded to be released from the handcuffs. He would do anything to get Nora out of the funhouse as quickly as possible, he said, so "Nora" asked to let her hear the tape with Lindsay's confession. She told him she wanted the tape.

Bo arrived at the Manning house and assured Todd that his men were checking the property for the stranger. He spoke to Starr to get her story while Ben excused himself to investigate outside on his own for clues. Viki told Blair about the time Kevin had made up a similar story, around the time that Joey had been born. Ben returned with a pair of scissors and the piece of cloth cut from Starr's "ripped" dress, and by that time, Bo had also realized that the whole story had been made up.

Todd and Blair wondered why everyone but them had realized their daughter's story was false. Todd informed the little girl that he was going to send her to boarding school so she would feel safe, and Blair offered to go right upstairs to start packing. They scared Starr into admitting the truth -- that she'd wanted more attention from them. They would always love her, they told her, and they made her promise not to lie anymore. She agreed grudgingly but crossed her fingers behind her back. The christening was continued; baby Jack was baptized.

Bo returned to the police station to check up on Asa and Rae. He was astounded to learn that progress had been made. Bo and Asa apologized to each other for previous actions on both their parts.

Forgetting to pick up the wine earlier, Antonio told Keri he'd take care of it but would get back quickly. While he was gone, Keri overheard a conversation between Carlotta and Cristian as she returned from the kitchen. Carlotta realized that the pair would never work out, and she was happy about it. She was emphatic that no son of hers would ever be involved with R.J.'s daughter.

R.J. returned to Capricorn and told Max that he thought dinner was about over. Nora confided that Troy had feelings for her but insisted to Hank that she loved Sam and that Troy was aware of it. Hank knew there was still more that Nora hadn't told him.

Thursday, February 28, 2002

Troy's hallucinations switched between Lindsay and Nora. He mainly saw Nora, but eventually his fever broke, and he saw Lindsay. Troy still played along as Lindsay attempted to act like Nora by rubbing his chest and arms. He couldn't stand it any longer and violently shook her off, saying, "Get off, bitch!" He continued to plea for his release, and Lindsay even said that she didn't want his death on her hands.

Lindsay told Troy what he'd said about Nora's involvement and that Nora was probably on her way. From his expression, Lindsay could tell that Nora didn't even know about the place. She said she was going to pay Nora a visit. Troy told her to stay away from Nora and "stay away from her house." Lindsay figured out that the tape had to be at Nora's. As she walked away, Troy smirked.

As soon as Starr walked in, she asked her parents to go to a "Reptile Roundup." Blair told Starr she couldn't go because it was late and because of her lie about "the man." Starr stormed off and called her cell phone from the house phone. She picked up her cell phone as it rang and pretended to have a conversation with her science teacher. The teacher apparently wanted her to go to the roundup for a grade. Todd figured out her trick and sent her off to her room. Blair told Todd that the fruit didn't fall far from the tree, and they tried to blame each other for Starr's compulsive lying. While they argued, Starr called for a cab to take her to the roundup.

At the dinner, Carlotta told Cristian that she would not have R.J.'s daughter in her family. The affair was just a fling, and it would end. Cristian tried to defend Keri as Keri eavesdropped from the kitchen. Antonio arrived with the wine, and they began to eat. Carlotta suggested improvements for Keri's meal while Keri attempted to remain polite.

Keri said she had made flan for dessert, and she'd even found out where it had been discovered. Carlotta and Keri argued about the dessert, and Carlotta left for a supposed event she was catering for. After Cristian and Carlotta left, Antonio asked what had happened while he had been gone. After she told him nothing, he left to find out from his mother.

At Capricorn, Max and R.J. talked about R.J.'s effect at the Vega dinner. Max also told R.J. he had called a specialist who treated spinal cord injuries. At another table, Hank and Nora discussed Troy. She told Hank that she was worried for Troy, and if anything ever happened, she would never forgive herself. Hank asked what sort of feelings she had for Troy. Nora avoided the question, proclaimed her love for Sam, and said the secrets were destroying their trust and relationship.

At the diner, Ben joined Sam for coffee. Ben mentioned that the other day, Nora had been at Troy's office, looking for Troy. Sam hinted at his jealousy when he commented on how Nora was always doing something involved with Troy. Meanwhile, Hank convinced Nora to call Sam and tell him everything. Sam agreed to meet at Nora's house and talk.

Keri grew teary-eyed while recalling what Carlotta had said to Cristian. Hank rang, and when he noticed her emotional state, he asked if she was okay. She tried to be polite but blew up at him and told him to go away. R.J. arrived and asked Hank what he was doing to R.J.'s daughter.

The cab dropped Starr off at the funhouse by mistake. After hearing cries, she explored and discovered Troy tied to the wheel.

Lindsay entered Nora's unlocked house and searched for the confession tape. Nora arrived home, and Lindsay made a noise. Thinking it was Sam, Nora looked around.

Friday, March 1, 2002

by De'Etra M. Dennis

Blair and Todd blamed one another for all the stories Starr was making up. Blair realized Starr was missing. At the funhouse, Troy soon realized the image of Starr was real and hoped she could help him get away. Instead, Starr went home and told everyone she'd found a man on a wheel.

Keri told R.J. her fears about her relationship with Antonio. R.J. was happy that Keri had confided in him. Meanwhile, Antonio was blasting Carlotta for her attitude toward Keri. Later, Antonio went to comfort Keri.

Max happily told Al about a specialist that might be able to help him walk again. Al was adamant about not seeking help. Max was confused by Al's lack of interest in the specialist.

Natalie interrupted the conversation between Max and Al. Natalie had stopped by to see if Al had decided to help her with Seth and Jessica. Al reluctantly agreed to help break up Seth and Jessica in order for Natalie to keep quiet about the fact that he could walk.

Nora attempted to tell Sam about Troy's plan for Lindsay, while Lindsay hid in the house. An urgent telephone call from Jen stopped Nora from telling Sam the truth. Lindsay tried to sneak out of Nora's house, but Nora prevented her from getting away.

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