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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 25, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, February 25, 2002

Oakdale was filled with tension. Barbara confronted James about his role in the disappearances of Carly, Emily, and Rose. Simon tried to wiggle his way around his past, his wife's birthday, and Margo's job proposal. Jack tried to deceive Julia into thinking he loved her so he could plot his escape. Isaac wanted to know where he stood with Bonnie, since he had professed his love.

A mystery woman gave Simon a check from the firm of Preston, Drysdale, and Lang from Beverly Hills in the amount of $500,000. Simon said he was done trying to prove anything to her partners and that she should leave Katie out of it. She told him he couldn't run from his past and asked if he was "scared I'll tell her?" Katie walked in, and the woman excused herself. Simon explained that the woman was a lawyer. Katie was still hurt that Simon had lied to her. Katie left him alone in the restaurant.

At Java, Ian asked Isaac if he had fallen in love with Bonnie. He said he had, admitting, "I love her." Bonnie was shocked but tried to contain her excitement. Ian wanted to talk with Bonnie alone to clear up some issues. Isaac didn't agree and stuck with the ex-couple while they hashed out Bonnie's choice of a new life. Ian said it was okay to dump him. "Turn your back on my castle, but find yourself a kingdom," he said. He pointed his thumb over his shoulder to Isaac and said, "Don't settle on him."

Bonnie told Ian that he was done and that she had "traded royal for loyal." On Ian's way out, he tossed in one last dig at Isaac. He stopped and said he admired Isaac for professing his love for Bonnie, but "it's a pity that she didn't offer her love in return." He winked at Isaac and left.

Isaac went to Bonnie and asked her about her feelings and why she hadn't said "I love you" back. He said that if she had been the one who had said, "I love you," and all Isaac had said was, "I care for you," Bonnie would have gone nuts, and Isaac would be in the doghouse. Bonnie told Isaac that he had said, "I love you," out of "hurt pride, not love." Isaac said that guys didn't use those words unless they meant it.

Isaac's words touched Bonnie. She said she'd call Ian "right now and tell him that I love you." Isaac stopped her and said, "You don't need to tell him. How about me?" She stumbled to respond, "I...I...I can't just say I love you on demand. I...feel it. I just can't..." Isaac stopped her, saying, "I have to get back to work." He turned and walked away.

In Jack's bedroom, Jack was faking sleep while locked up in a straitjacket. Julia sauntered in singing to the tune of a nursery rhyme. "Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping? Husband Jack? My biological clock is ticking. Ding-Dong-Ding." She sidled up to him and asked, "Did I tell you I want to have another baby?"

Julia stroked Jack's cheek and whispered, "And when he's sleeping, he'll look just like you...without the straitjacket." She left the room, and Jack urgently struggled to escape. Jack heard Julia approaching, and he started to choke on his gag. Nurse Julia rushed to his rescue. She ripped off his gag and started to pat him on his back to help clear his throat. He was feverish, and she got him a blanket.

Later, Julia took Jack some food. Jack's lips were dry, and she offered to get him some water, but he wanted Julia to wet his lips with her own. That threw Julia off. She was not sure if she should believe him or not, but she only hesitated for a moment before she planted a nice wet one on Jack. He shivered with a chill and asked Julia to warm him up. "Make love to me," he said. That was more than Julia had ever hoped for -- a man in a straitjacket, begging to make love. Julia left to dress in appropriate romantic attire.

The press learned that James and Barbara were both at the station and were ready to reveal what they knew about the kidnappings. The media was frenzied, and a photographer got in Barbara's face for some shots. Dr. Dixon shuffled her out of the way, and James slimed his way up to Barbara and asked if she was scared. She spat out, "Scared? You wish!" James said menacingly, "You should be. Even on your best day, you were never a match for me." Relishing in her newfound confidence, Barbara said she didn't care if she went to prison for the rest of her life because it meant that "so will you."

Margo got rid of all the press and Lucinda then took Barbara to the holding cell, since she had confessed to her involvement in the crimes. John threw a fit, saying that she was still out on bail, but Margo hauled Barbara away anyway. James was taken to the interrogation room. Later, Jessica tried to calm down a peeved Margo. They decided to interrogate both Barbara and James at the same time.

Lucinda went straight to Paul and asked him to get down to the station right away. She needed to know what was going on in the interrogation room. John walked in and asked her "what the hell" Lucinda was doing there.

Margo took Barbara into the interrogation room, to James's surprise. Margo and Jessica made sure that both James and Barbara were aware their confessions would be videotaped. Margo asked Barbara for her version of the story. She finally admitted that she'd ordered James to get rid of Carly, Emily, and Rose because she'd perceived that each of them had been stealing something from her life. Barbara explained, "He made me feel attractive. Wanted. I wanted them gone." Margo asked, "Dead?" Barbara adamantly replied, "No! Just gone."

Barbara smirked and played her trump card. She said she'd kept a record of every phone call, every meeting, and every correspondence she'd ever had with James. James's arrogant face turned sour. Margo asked where the list was. Barbara leaned back in her chair, smiled, and slowly pointed to her head. Tapping her noggin, she said, "In here." James recovered his arrogance and smirked at her across the table.

It was James's turn. He put on an impeccable poker face and said he intended to confess to everything. He asked Barbara about their previous marriage and how it had affected her. Barbara briefly described how he'd drugged her over the course of a few months then had had her committed. Barbara agreed the marriage had been very taxing. James then admitted his past deeds had finally succeeded in driving Barbara mad.

Barbara lost her composure and yelled, "I'm not crazy!" Calmly, James said, "She is obsessed with me for the wretched way I treated her." Barbara asked, "How dare you try to deny what you did to those women?" Calmly, James said, "Easy now. It's very easy for you to go into Never-Never Land." That was the last straw, and Barbara got physical. She jumped up and lunged for James's throat, shouting, "You're lying!" He replied, "Prove it! You get confused. You can't be trusted!"

The session was interrupted when Simon asked to see Margo. He told her that he'd found out Jack hadn't left Oakdale. She told him even though it was Katie's birthday, he had to find Jack as soon as possible. Simon went home and found Katie fake sleeping in bed. He made a speech to her back, saying how sorry he was for not being able to spend time with her and for not being able to tell her the truth. He kissed her cheek then left to search for Jack.

Back in the interrogation room, Barbara threatened James, "I am taking you down with me." He calmly said, "My dear, you can't prove anything."

Jack gathered all the strength he could muster and hopped on his one good leg down the stairs and into the living room where he found a cell phone. He knocked it on the floor and was able to dial a number. He loudly said, "Hello! Is anyone there?"

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

As Margo and Jessica insisted that James remain at the station for further questioning, his attorney, Sheridan Blake, arrived and insisted that they ask him only about the missing three women. Barbara admitted that she'd felt threatened by the three women, stating Emily was taking Hal, Rose was taking Paul, and Carly was taking her business. She also admitted her role in the plan and blamed James for the actual kidnapping.

James denied being involved and tried to convince Margo that Barbara needed help. James was then allowed to leave while Barbara was told her bail was being revoked, and she would be asked to surrender her rights to authorities the next day and return to jail the following day to await possible charges.

Meanwhile Lucinda and John stayed at Hal's house to keep an eye on a sleeping Will while Paul went to the station.

Julia returned to Jack's place before her captive, Jack, could reach Holden on his cell phone. Simon went to Lily and Holden's house to inquire whether they'd heard from Jack. He found out they thought he'd gone to Paris. While Simon was there, Jack tried calling Holden. However, the call was cut short when Julia returned. For Jack making the mistake of trying to escape, Julia decided to get rough.

Simon asked if Lily and Holden had a key, and Lily remembered Mitzi did. Holden said he'd call Mitzi and have her meet Simon at Jack's house. Upon arriving at the house, Simon and Mitzi went in, and Mitzi realized Jack had to have left the heat on, so she went to turn it off while Simon noticed a file on the Stenbeck case on the table. Mitzi decided she should go upstairs to see if Jack had left anything else on.

Julia hid herself and Jack in the bedroom closet and kept Jack at gunpoint as she heard Mitzi heading up. After not hearing from her for a few minutes, Simon called for Mitzi, and after not hearing a response, he decided to go upstairs after her. He went up and found Mitzi but nothing else. Simon and Mitzi were disappointed to find no trace of Jack, but as they left, Mitzi was curious to spot her flowers in the trash.

After John and Lucinda worked hard to convince Paul to either help or ignore Barbara, Paul called Lily about James. He met her at the station, where they worried about the missing Rose after James was released. Paul tried to assure Barbara he believed her, but she was unappreciative of the gesture and left.

Later, James called Paul and offered to tell him where Rose was if he'd first meet with James. Dr. Weston advised Rose that she'd be reunited with her friends that night, and he forced her to swallow the blue drink. Libby assured Rose that she'd help her escape that night. However, before her escape, Rose saw Lucinda, Paul, and James, only to find out she was hallucinating.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Katie was upset with Simon because he'd left her alone on her birthday. Simon said he would make it up to her. Katie asked him, "Is there someone else?" Simon said, "I found more with you than I could have ever hoped for." They kissed, and Katie felt the check in his pocket. While Simon took a shower, Katie was surprised to find the check, "with a lot of zeros," made out to Simon.

Dahlia stopped over to show Katie the video cover and saw Katie holding the check. Dahlia asked what it was. Katie replied it was a certified check and wondered how to find out who'd issued it. Dahlia suggested calling the bank or just asking Simon, since they had such a close relationship. After Dahlia left, Katie called the bank and discovered the check was from a woman named Monique Ferrara.

At the police station, Margo was swamped. Jessica stopped in with a cup of coffee for Margo and also to tell her that the state attorney's office wanted to indict and convict Abigail for the murder of Nick Scudder. Margo said she hadn't had time to work on the case because so many other things had been going on. Bonnie walked into the police station, looking for her mother. She told Jessica that Isaac had said he loved her and that Ian was in town.

Jessica asked her daughter if she loved Isaac. Bonnie said she had feelings for him. She told her mother that she was no longer the superficial princess she had once been. Ian had asked her to meet him for breakfast, but she didn't know if she should go. Jessica said Bonnie needed to make that decision on her own. They hugged, and after Bonnie left, Jessica called Isaac and asked him to meet her for a few moments.

When Isaac went to meet Jessica, she asked him how serious he was about Bonnie, and she told him that Ian was very smooth and that Bonnie needed closure. Isaac showed Jessica the gift he'd bought Bonnie, and Jessica told him to find her and give it to her.

Meanwhile, Bonnie was having breakfast with Ian. Ian admitted that he was a fool and took the blame for everything. He presented Bonnie with his family crown and told her he could only imagine going to events with her standing next to him. He said she could stay or she could go with him, and he told her, "You'll always be my duchess." Ian kissed Bonnie's hand and walked away, telling Bonnie he was leaving at midnight. Isaac saw Bonnie holding the crown and put his gift into his pocket then walked away.

Craig arrived at the police station with Lucy. He said Lucy wanted a tour of the station. Margo knew Craig was just fishing for information, but he said he was simply "multi-tasking." Margo refused to give Craig any information about the investigation, but she did tell him that Jack was missing and had never gotten on the plane to Paris.

At Jack's house, during the Misery scenes, Julia delivered breakfast to Jack -- fresh oysters and goat weed pills. She told Jack she was ovulating and wanted to try to have a baby. She made him drink juice that she'd put the pills in, but he spit it out at her. She said he'd made a "big mistake." Jack said, "Then kill me already."

Julia began to cry and got very upset. Jack saw it and said he would make a baby with her, but he thought they should just "hold each other." Julia said she needed "stud services," and she wanted to get him a "harness." Jack at first was shocked but then went along with it.

Julia said she'd be right back and told Jack to behave or else she would harm Mitzi. Meanwhile, Mitzi went to Margo at the police station and told her that something just hadn't seemed right at Jack's house. She'd thought it was too neat, and she knew he wouldn't have thought to throw out the flowers before he'd left for his trip. Margo was busy and told Mitzi she didn't have the time. Mitzi decided to investigate on her own.

At the Snyder barn, Lucy was there and saw Julia. She didn't know who she was, and they exchanged small talk. Craig walked in and saw Julia. He ordered Lucy to go inside with Emma. Once Lucy was gone, Craig told Julia he hadn't known she had been released and asked her if she had seen Jack yet. Julia said her relationship with Jack was in the past.

Julia commented on how sweet Lucy seemed and told Craig to take care of her. She'd heard that he had lost his son, and Julia said she knew what it was like to lose a child. As Julia left, she told Craig not to mention that he had seen her. Craig went straight to Margo and told her that he had just had a "polite conversation" with Julia. Observing how interesting it was that Julia was in town and Jack was missing, Margo immediately called Dr. Michaels.

In the meantime, Mitzi went over to Jack's house. She started to look around and heard a noise. Jack tried to call out to her, but his mouth was covered with tape. He then banged his head against the headboard. Mitzi went upstairs and saw him. She took the tape off his mouth, and he told her there wasn't much time, so she had to quickly undo the straitjacket.

As Mitzi was trying to take off the straitjacket, Julia returned. Julia noticed the door was ajar and knew something was amiss. She said, "You've been a bad boy, Jack."

Thursday, February 28, 2002

Julia returned and knocked out Mitzi before she could free Jack from the straitjacket. When she threatened to kill Mitzi, Jack suggested they hide out at Carly's place after leaving Mitzi tied up. Meanwhile, Margo had photos of Julia passed around the station and ordered all cops on duty to beware of the dangerous woman.

Dr. Michaels reported to Margo that Julia had been freed from the institute on a judge's orders, based on a recommendation by Dr. Lloyd Apperson. She then revealed that the judge and the doctor had been dead for years. Margo and her cohorts broke into Jack's place but only found Mitzi.

Meanwhile, paying off Carly's landlord while claiming to be Molly, Julia spiked Jack's juice with Viagra. Molly and Jake were upset when the police arrived with a new search warrant, though Tom explained that it was legal. When they grabbed Abigail's diary, Molly warned Tom that her secret words could be incriminating.

Adam and Abigail entered Nick's place, where Abigail remembered that the person in the boots had been a woman. Outside in the hall, the woman in boots locked them inside and arranged for a gas leak to threaten them. Margo returned to the station and was shocked to find Hal was back.

Friday, March 1, 2002

At Carly's apartment, Julia was trying to make love to Jack, but he didn't want to have anything to do with her. She had given him Viagra to get him going. He tried to think of other things like baseball and his grandmother so he could keep his mind off of Julia. He looked at Julia and told her that he loved Carly and not her. Julia got a scarf, blindfolded him, and left him alone. While she was gone, Jack daydreamed about Carly.

When Julia returned, she tried to talk like Carly. Jack told her that it wasn't going to work, but Julia begged to differ. She sat on top of him and did the dirty deed. When she was finished with him, she microwaved a frozen pizza and tried to get Jack to eat some with her. He refused. She informed him that if "the deed" hadn't worked that time, they would have to try again. She told him it could take up to two weeks for her to get pregnant.

Jack asked what happened if she didn't get pregnant then, and she said they would have to wait until the next month. He said people would be looking for him. She told him to relax, and she would give him the long back rubs he loved. He asked if, when she got pregnant, she would let him go. She said she couldn't let him go; she would have to kill him.

At Java Underground, Isaac told Lisa and Billy about seeing Bonnie and "the duke" at the Lakeview, and Ian had given Bonnie a crown of jewels. Lisa tried to give Isaac some advice, but Isaac was convinced that Bonnie had decided on the duke. Bonnie ran in and apologized for being late. She was carrying a shopping bag with the crown in its case inside. Isaac asked her what she had in the bag, and she said it was nothing. She stuffed it behind the bar and went to the back to get ready.

While Bonnie was gone, Isaac looked into the bag and took out his small box that contained diamond earrings and a necklace he had purchased for her. When he saw the difference in the size of his box compared to the duke's box, he said, "It's over." Bonnie returned and made a comment about things not looking too busy. Isaac told her they had all sent out for sandwiches and asked if she was hungry. She informed him that she'd had a late lunch at the Lakeview. He said that was an expensive place to eat and asked if it had been a special occasion. She said no then asked about turkey or roast beef sandwiches.

Isaac said, "That's it!" He picked up the bag from behind the bar and took out the crown and asked, "What is this? Maybe the duke couldn't keep his kilt down, but somehow you ended up with his family jewels!" Billy walked up and asked if he should call Megan and tell her not to head in. Isaac said no, and Bonnie said yes. Billy said, "Word," and he walked away.

Bonnie asked if Isaac had thought she wouldn't go in for her shift, and he told her that he'd thought she had been crowned duchess of the Lakeview and wouldn't show up for her shift. She informed Isaac that if he had taken the time to find out what was going on, he would have known that she had told Ian she didn't want him. She started to walk away, and he asked if she wasn't even wondering why he had been looking for her. She told him she was afraid to ask. He took out his little jewel box and handed it to her. He told her he had bought it for her.

Bonnie opened the box and told Isaac they were exquisite. She told him he had good taste. He said that he had seen them and thought they were beautiful, just like she was, and he'd bought them for her. She told him that was not like him. He told her that she didn't know him, and she had a long way to go. She asked if he wanted her to know him. He said he wanted to "ride this out" and see where it took them. Then he said, "Stay with me, Bonnie."

As Bonnie and Isaac were talking intimately, Billy walked up, and they told him to go away. Billy said they "might want to see this." They looked up, and Ian was standing at the door, greeting Bonnie's father, Duncan McKecknie. She saw her father, jumped up, and ran to him, squealing, "Daddy!" He grabbed her, hugged her, and said he had heard his daughter was going to become a duchess after all. Isaac looked very disgusted.

At the police station, as Margo prayed for someone to help her, Hal walked in the door. As he and Margo discussed what had been going on while he had been gone, Hal seemed different to Margo. He was short-tempered with her, and he didn't ask about Adam. She informed him about Jack being missing, and she suspected James Stenbeck. Hal took James's side. He told Margo that he was working with the FBI and couldn't discuss anything with her.

Margo pressed Hal for information, and he yelled at her and said he wouldn't tolerate talking back from his subordinate. She asked him if that was what she was, his subordinate. He asked her if something had changed while he had been gone. She said he was the chief of detectives, and she had no right to interrogate him. He looked at her and said there was one thing he did know, and that was that there was no evidence linking James to the disappearance of those women.

Before Hal walked out, he told Margo that wherever Jack had run off to, he was wasting his time. After he was gone, Margo realized that something was not right. Later, Simon showed up and told Margo that he had been checking out Jack's house and had found an empty bottle of Viagra. He surmised that Julia had gotten it to get Jack in the mood to get her pregnant. Margo informed Simon that Hal had returned but was not acting like himself. She told him that she felt they needed to keep Hal in the dark about Jack, and maybe they would find him sooner.

Hal showed up at a dark boathouse. He said, "Hello, is anyone here?" James popped out of the dark and said, "Hal, my dear, loyal friend." Hal said he was there to report. James asked if everyone was thrilled that he had returned, and Hal said they were. James said, "Good, then everything seems to be going as planned."



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