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Dimitri Marick
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Actor History
September 1991 to September 20, 1999; May 5, 2000 to March 2001; June 12, 2013 to September 2, 2013

Born February 18, 1954

Presumed dead on July 26, 1999


Head of Chandler Enterprises' media division, producer of the internet program Talk Tempo

Hungarian Royalty (Count Andrassy)

Former owner of WRCW

Multimillionaire businessman and investor

Member of the board of directors of Pine Valley Hospital

Resides At

Vadzel, a castle in Budapest, Hungary

Formerly at the hunting lodge at Wildwind (3900 Glenview Road)

Marital Status

Single/Divorced from Alexandra Devane [Married: July 1999; divorced: unknown]

Past Marriages

Angelique Voynitzeva

Erica Kane

Erica Kane

Gloria Marsh


Hugo Yakov Marick (father; deceased)

Anna Sporades (mother; deceased)

Edmund Grey (paternal half-brother; deceased)

Samuel Carlos Grey (paternal nephew; via adoption)

Madelyn Flora Grey (paternal niece)

Alexei Von Voynavitch (uncle)

Maxime Von Voynavitch (cousin)

Gillian Andrassy (cousin)


Anton Lang (son; with Corvina)

Unnamed child (miscarriage; with Angelique)

Unnamed child (miscarriage; with Erica)

Flings & Affairs

Corvina Lang

Natalie Marlowe

Erica Kane

Maria Santos-Grey

Brooke English (kissed)

Crimes Committed

"Abducted" Gloria to Monte Carlo

Nearly ran down Erica and Sonya while speeding in his sports car

Accused of raping Kendall Hart; Kendall later admitted that she lied

Kidnapped Maddie to Vadzel after learning of the true paternity

Switched Edmund's painkillers for amphetamines during court trial for custody of Maddie

Health and Vitals

Stabbed in the chest by Erica with a letter opener

Suffered a degenerative neurological disorder


Blood type is AB+

Brief Character History

Dimitri Marick, a rich, mysterious, and handsome millionaire businessman, made his first appearance as the man who ultimately rescued Natalie Hunter from a well on the Wildwind estate. Dimitri and Natalie were briefly engaged, but that ended when Dimitri's first wife, the formerly comatose Angelique, was wheeled into their engagement party by Dimitri's housekeeper, who was Angelique's mother, Helga Voynitzeva.

Later, Dimitri learned that his boyhood friend and sometime enemy, Edmund Grey, was also a rightful son and heir to Hugo Marick, Dimitri's father. Helga did everything in her power to prevent the secret from being revealed, but in the end, Dimitri and Edmund learned that they were brothers. The newfound relationship reignited their childhood conflicts.

Dimitri's family tree was further rocked when he learned that he had a long-lost son, Anton Lang. A Marick maid, Corvina Lang, had seduced a young drunken Dimitri, who remembered nothing of the encounter.

Dimitri became involved with Erica Kane in an epic love affair. Their long and tempestuous relationship resulted in two marriages. In a time of great emotional distress for them both, Dimitri slept with his sister-in-law, Maria Santos Grey, and Maria subsequently found out that she was pregnant. Skye Chandler learned of Dimitri and Maria's affair and doctored paternity test results to make it look like Dimitri was the father of Maria's child. Erica learned of the affair and hit the roof. She left Dimitri and later went on a tirade that including kidnapping Maria's infant and passing it off as a baby she had adopted from Russia.

Dimitri managed to turn a loan to Stuart Chandler into a way to steal ownership of WRCW. He allowed Stuart to use WRCW as collateral for the loan then turned around and demanded to have Stuart repay the loan on the spot. Because Stuart didn't have the cash to pay back Dimitri, Dimitri and his bigwig lawyer coaxed Stuart into signing over ownership of WRCW to Dimitri. Liza Colby checked up on Dimitri and found that too many of his investors were not born in the United States, which violated an FCC regulation, and she swindled Dimitri out of ownership of the station.

Dimitri always had his eye on Gloria Marsh. Gloria fell in love with Tad, but his insistence that she cut off her friendship with Dimitri put a rift in their relationship. Dimitri used their difference of opinion to draw Gloria closer to him. Eventually, Dimitri convinced Gloria that Tad had cheated on her with Liza, and she agreed to marry Dimitri.

After a horrible plane crash in which Maria lost her life, Dimitri sought custody of Maddie. Dimitri took Maddie to the hospital and found that she was biologically Edmund's daughter, because her blood type did not match Dimitri's. Dimitri thought that if he told anyone, he would lose both Maddie and Gloria. Instead, he took off to Vadzel. Edmund and Tad tracked them down and brought them back to the states.

After winning custody of Maddie, Edmund and Tad planned to set Dimitri up at the Crystal Ball in the crypt, by getting him so angry that he admitted to everything, which he did. What he did not know was that Tad had taken Gloria to the crypt to listen to what Dimitri had to say. Upon hearing what she had hoped was not true, she entered the room, slapped Dimitri, left him, and filed for divorce. Dimitri was so upset and enraged, he pulled a gun on Edmund and shot him.

Little did Dimitri know was that a magician had replaced the bullets in the gun with blanks after Tad had found out that Dimitri had the gun. Thinking that he had shot Edmund, a very terrified Dimitri confessed that he was very sorry for everything. When Edmund opened his eyes and let Dimitri in on the sly trick, Dimitri got even angrier.

Dimitri walked outside of the crypt and was hit by a falling tree. Stuck, he felt helpless. Edmund rescued him and rushed him to the hospital. Gloria had to restart Dimitri's heart, but she still ended their marriage. Gloria finally left town to get her life straightened out. Dimitri tried to make peace with everyone -- knowing that life was too precious to be vengeful toward anyone.

Dimitri's attempt to piece his life back together worked quite handily. It took some time, but eventually he and Edmund became close again -- and it was that closeness that allowed Dimitri to repay his brother. After it was learned that the evil Jim Thomasen was responsible for the plane crash that had claimed Maria's life, Jim lashed out at anyone who could prove that he had a hand in the disaster.

Jim chained Edmund to a metal grating inside an aqueduct. Dimitri arrived for the rescue but rather than immobilizing Jim, Dimitri raced inside the aqueduct to rescue his brother. It almost proved to be a fatal mistake. Jim recovered from the blows that Dimitri had inflicted upon him and locked Dimitri inside with Edmund. In a few hours, the tide would roll in, and both Edmund and Dimitri would be goners.

Luckily Dimitri managed to free himself and Edmund -- but Jim Thomasen was not done haunting them. Thinking that Jim had killed Edmund and Dimitri, Brooke lured Jim to Stuart Chandler's art gallery and shot him to death. Dimitri arrived on the scene and told the police that he had been the one to kill Jim. Brooke silenced him and confessed that she had been the one to do the dirty deed.

Dimitri stood by Brooke's side throughout the subsequent murder trial. After Brooke was acquitted, she and Dimitri saw a lot of each other. Brooke, though, was not ready to get involved with another man, and her budding relationship with Dimitri withered and died.

Unbeknownst to anyone, shortly after being trapped in the aqueduct, Dimitri began having dizzy spells. He flew to Europe to be checked out. He thought that he might have water trapped in his ear, but his problems were much more serious. Dimitri was referred to one of the top neurologists in the word, Dr. Alexandra Devane. Dr. Devane diagnosed Dimitri with a very rare disease that prevents the cells in the brain from rejuvenating themselves. Over time, the cells that died were not replaced by new ones, and the brain essentially died.

Alexandra developed a miracle cure that put the disease in remission. By that time, though, she and her patient had fallen in love with one another. Following their surprise marriage, Dimitri and Alexandra flew back to Pine Valley to announce that they were husband and wife. On the plane trip back, Dimitri was believed to have suffered a fatal brain aneurysm and died. It was later discovered his wife, Alex Devane, was hiding him at Seaview Hospital.

Dimitri lapsed into a coma. Edmund was suspicious of Alex and accused her of killing Dimitri. Eventually, Alex caved in and admitted that Dimitri was not dead. Alex and Edmund plotted to heal Dimitri with experimental stem cell therapy. Colby Martin was believed to be the donor of the stem cells. Adam, however, swapped the stem cells with another child's.

The stem cell therapy was successful. Dimitri was believed to have sneaked out of the hospital of his own accord and walked into the ocean, where he drowned himself. His body was never recovered.

In May of 2000, the mystery of Dimitri's death grew even more complex. A wheelchair-bound Dimitri was pushed through the corridors of a Welsh hospital, Bryn Wydd. A secret group had kidnapped Dimitri from Seaview in the United States because he had started to dig around into Alex's past. The group decided that Dimitri would not be a threat while under their watchful eyes.

Dimitri's therapy continued -- and it was quite successful, though Dimitri pretended to be catatonic so that he could do some eavesdropping. Alex and Edmund continued their search into Alex's past. Dimitri was taken to a new location, and Bryn Wydd was destroyed. It turned out that the director of the secret group was Alex's mother, and she had lots of secrets that she'd been keeping. Charlotte ordered Dimitri thrown from an aircraft. She hadn't counted on Dimitri knocking out the man she'd hired to do her dirty deed.

Dimitri washed up on a beach near Pine Valley. Dimitri remained in seclusion until he revealed himself to Edmund and asked for his brother's help in getting Charlotte out of Alex's life. Dimitri didn't want Alex to know that he was alive because the chances of him surviving the rare neurological disease that had supposedly killed him were slim to none. Charlotte was eventually turned over to the police. Dimitri, however, ended up in David's office, and David forced Dimitri into accepting medical treatment for his condition.

Dimitri reluctantly agreed to let David help him, but one of the terms of his accepting David's help was for David to tell all of his loved ones that he had died. David agreed to do as Dimitri wished, but Dimitri's veil of secrecy was compromised when Dixie, David's office assistant, walked into David's office and found Dimitri. Dixie agreed to keep Dimitri's secret, but she could keep the secret for only so long. Eventually, she sent Alex to the hunting lodge at Wildwind with Dimitri's latest dose of medication.

Dimitri and Alex had a tearful -- and romantic -- reunion. Dimitri, however, urged Alex to leave him because he still believed that he wasn't going to survive. On the morning after their "reunion," Edmund showed up at the lodge. He spotted Alex's wrinkled clothing on the floor and put two and two together. Edmund pledged to accept that Dimitri and Alex were still married, but saying the words and actually honoring them proved to be two different things.

After his reunion with Alex, Dimitri kept a low profile. He and Edmund worked together to throw Ryan Lavery and Gillian Andrassy an elaborate surprise second wedding. Dimitri was terribly shaken when Gillian was shot and killed just a few weeks later. Shortly after Gillian's death, Dimitri and Alex left Pine Valley for Europe. Publicly, their explanation was that they wanted time away and time to have a honeymoon. However, their departure was shrouded in mystery as Dimitri got a peculiar phone call just prior to his departure, claiming to have "information."

Several years later, Dimitri returned to Pine Valley upon the request of Brooke English. She was engaged to Adam Chandler and oversaw Chandler Enterprises while Adam spent the majority of his time handling business abroad. Brooke offered Dimitri a position at Chandler Enterprises as the head of the media division which included the production of the internet program "Talk Tempo." Dimitri accepted the position and moved back to Pine Valley without Alex. He revealed to Brooke that he and Alex were no longer together.

Dimitri and Brooke worked closely together while Adam remained out of town. Dimitri expressed his romantic interest in Brooke and they shared a kiss. Afterwards, Brooke explained that she could not reciprocate his feelings because she loved Adam.

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