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Natalie Marlowe Dillon
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Actor History
1985 to 1992; 1998; July 4, 2001 to fall 2001
Melody Anderson
1992 to June 30, 1993

Taken off life support on June 30, 1993


Former nurse

Acted as fund raiser and head of the Mason Foundation

Resides At

Formerly at the Dillon House, 312 Pine Street

Formerly at Chandler Mansion (300 River Road)

Marital Status

Married (Trevor Dillon)

Past Marriages

Alex Hunter (widowed; deceased)

Jeremy Hunter (divorced; deceased)

Palmer Cortlandt (divorced)

Adam Chandler (divorced)

Trevor Dillon (dissolved by her death; deceased)


Wilma Marlowe (mother)

Janet Marlowe (sister)

Amanda Dillon (biological niece)


Tim Dillon (son; with Alex; adopted by Trevor)

Amanda Dillon (daughter; with Trevor; via adoption)

Flings & Affairs

Ross Chandler

Jeremy Hunter (deceased)

Dimitri Marick

Trevor Dillon (deceased)

Crimes Committed

Went after Erica Kane with a gun

Shot Silver Kane and hid her body in a pond with Palmer's help

Brief Character History

Natalie Marlowe, ever the gold digger, was married to Alex Hunter, but in love with his son, Jeremy. She married the father as he had the bucks. Natalie wanted Jeremy after Alex's death, but at the time he was involved with Erica Kane. Natalie and Erica shared a common interest in many men and were rivals until the day she died. Natalie was always looking for money first and love second.

When she was left a fortune by an elderly patient, Mr. Mason, she started a charitable foundation called The Mason Foundation and this became her sole occupation -- not counting her roles as wife and mother.

Just as things were finally looking good, her sister Janet Green (played by the same actress) came to town. Janet who had been jealous of her pretty, smart, sister her entire life had now become obsessed with assuming Natalie's life. She threw Natalie down a well, dyed her hair and became Natalie. She thus pursued Trevor, bedded him and became pregnant with his child. When the truth was divulged and Janet was caught and sent to prison, Trevor and the real Natalie married and adopted Janet's child, Amanda. Natalie was able to forgive her sister for her crimes and even sent Janet photos of her daughter to help pass the time in her jail cell.

A mysterious woman wormed her way into Natalie's life. Her name was Laurel Banning. Little did anyone know, but Laurel had a secret past--she embezzled money from the companies she worked for to help pay for the care of her autistic daughter. When Nat hired Laurel to help with the Mason Foundation, Laurel's bilking pattern continued. Natalie learned of Laurel's scam and was about to confront her, but on her way to Erica and Dimitri's wedding, she had a car wreck, went into a coma, and became brain dead. Trevor had to make the choice to "pull the plug" on his beloved doll and had a hard time getting over the loss of her.

Around Christmas 1997, Natalie re-appeared as a ghost to help Tim after he ran away from home and was subsequently jumped by two boys. Natalie told Tim that his running away would not solve any problems and to give Janet another chance because she really has changed. And the most important message that Tim received was that his mother loved him very much and she would always be with him, in his heart and soul.

Several years later, Natalie made what would be her final appearances. The first came in an appearance to sister Janet. Janet was to wed Trevor, but she feared that Natalie would be furious with her for marrying him. Natalie appeared in church and gave Janet her blessing to go through with the marriage. When the Dillon family dog, Harold, passed away, Natalie returned to escort the beloved pet to Heaven.

Natalie's heavenly duties were not yet done. In July 2001, Natalie "returned" to help guide another beloved Pine Valley resident to heaven. Gillian Andrassy was shot and killed by an assassin, but she was unable to accept her death and move to the afterlife. Natalie and several other late Pine Valley residents helped offer guidance to Gillian in her quest to finish her "task" and move to Heaven.

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