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Tim Dillon
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Actor History
Michael Shulman
1989 to 1991
Tommy J Michaels
Dylan Fergus


Resides At

Somewhere in Alaska [Nov 2005]

Formerly near Denver, Colorado

Lived in Paris, France as an exchange student

Formerly resided at the Dillon home at 312 Pine Street

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages



Alex Hunter (biological father; deceased)

Trevor Dillon (adoptive father; deceased)

Natalie Marlowe (mother; deceased)

Jeremy Hunter (half-brother; deceased)

Gilbert Nodstrom (half-brother)

Amanda Dillon (sister; via adoption/cousin)

Wilma Marlowe (grandmother)

Arlene Dillon (adoptive aunt)

Janet Marlowe (aunt)

Hayley Vaughan (adoptive cousin)

David Rampal (half-nephew)

Lorenzo Hector Santos (adoptive first cousin once removed)



Flings & Affairs

Maggie Stone (dated)

Crimes Committed

Used drugs (marijuana and LSD)

Stole money for drugs

Locked Janet in an abandoned meat locker

Brief Character History

Tim's mother, Natalie Hunter, was married to his father Alex Hunter. Alex died in a riding accident (that was actually a murder) when Tim was still a baby. His mother remarried a few times, but most recently with Trevor Dillon, who adopted Tim. He was very close to his mom, and had a hard time coping with her death (result of a car accident). Some older kids pressured him into using drugs. His friend, Jamal, alerted Trevor, who tried to get his son the help he needed. Tim was almost hit by a car, but Laurel pushed him out of the way leaving herself in the path of the car. This act led Trevor and Tim to forgive her.

While surfing the Internet, Tim came across some very provocative pictures of Laura Kirk and handed them out at school. Trevor scolded Tim and Tim vowed to never do it again. No sooner did he promise that and Tim set his sights on ruining his dad and Janet's growing relationship. Tim printed out past articles incriminating Janet and set them along with a threatening letter to Janet telling her to leave his father alone or he will be sure that Amanda sees the articles. Janet didn't back off. Tim then sent a jack-o-lantern with an axe cut into it to Janet's hotel room. Little did Tim know that Amanda was there. Janet confronted Tim and he ignored her wishes to leave her alone. Tim devised a plan that with his friend Oyster's help could be a for-sure way to rid of Janet from another plant Green. Tim locked himself in a meat locker and when he was found he blamed Janet. When Trevor found out, he had doubts about the story and took Tim to the Pine Valley Police Department to give a formal statement. Janet tried proving her innocence by taking a lie detector test - she failed. Trevor then took Tim to the crime scene and as Tim unraveled that day's events, Trevor caught him in a lie. Tim finally came clean and told the truth. Tim told Janet that he was sorry. Still upset about his dad and Janet's relationship, Tim tried to run away from home. Amanda alerted Trevor and Janet about it and they went to look for him. Two boys looking for money jumped Tim. Out of nowhere a woman appeared and bopped the boys with a lead pipe. When looked up, he saw a vision of his mother. "Natalie" has scared the boys away. In a heart-felt conversation, Tim listened to his mother's advice that running away was not the answer to his problems. Natalie went on to tell him that she loved him and that she would always be with him no matter how far apart they were. She also asked him to forgive Janet because she has already forgiven her sister. Tim returned home and did just that.

After Trevor and Janet got married, Tim easily adjusted to his new stepmom. Tim was accepted into an exchange program and left to study in Paris. Presumably he joined the rest of his family when they left Pine Valley and moved to Colorado.

Tim returned to Pine Valley briefly in the summer of 2002, and dropped hints that there was trouble with Janet back at home. He went out on a few dates with Maggie Stone, but she saw him as more of a friend and seemed more interested in Bianca than him. After their relationship ended, Tim vanished from the canvas with no explanation given.

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