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Erica struggled with her doubts about Kendall's innocence. Aidan figured out what Kendall was really up to. Ryan left Pine Valley after learning of Kendall's breaking and entering. Mia discovered Adam's true intentions and told Liza the truth about Colby's missing money. Roger continued to blackmail Simone.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 1, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, July 1, 2002

Bianca and Maggie talk over the Prom in the Park.

Meanwhile, In the Hayward Site, David and Anna enjoy some alone time and Anna tells David that she wants to enjoy such times with him every day.

At the Valley Inn, Count du Pres delivers the DNA results in a sealed envelope to Leo and Greenlee and they decide to head for the park to open the envelope.

At the Pine Cone Motel, Ryan tries to convince Kendall to fire Trey because Trey wants Kendall to plead Guilty By Reason of Insanity. Ryan promises Kendall that he will clear her name with - or without - a lawyer.

In Erica's Hotel Suite, Jack is shocked when Erica tells Jack she is not sure Kendall could have started the fire.

In the Valley Inn Dining Room, Adam tells Liza he spoke to Mia and that Mia will be able to babysit Colby while Liza and Adam book a room for the night. But, when Liza turns around, Liza spots Mia entering the Dining Room with Jake for dinner, so she knows that Adam did not just speak with Mia. When Liza calls Adam on his obvious lie, Adam covers by claiming that he just wanted to enjoy the evening with Liza and was afraid that, if Liza was worried about Colby, Liza would cut the evening short. Mia and Jake notice Liza and Adam and decide to join them.

At her Hotel Suite, Erica fails to tell Jack that she KNOWS that Myrtle saw Kendall at the Boarding House at 7:30 p.m. on the night Erica's house burned down.

At the Pine Cone Motel, as Ryan is positive he has convinced Kendall to fire Trey, Ryan goes to take a shower. When Ryan is in the shower, Aidan comes to the door and asks Kendall if she stole a passkey from Erica's Penthouse - and Kendall denies the charge - while hiding the passkey behind her back.

In the Park, as Greenlee, Leo and the Count read the DNA report, they are all pleasantly surprised to learn that the Count IS Leo's father! However, Wolfe secretly watches from some nearby bushes.

In her Hotel Suite, Erica asks Jack if the Fire Investigator found out the TIME the fire started. Jack tells Erica that the fire could NOT have started any later than 7 p.m. But Erica still does NOT tell Jack what she learned from Myrtle.

Meanwhile, back at the Pine Cone Motel, while Kendall is flirting with Aidan, Ryan calls from the shower for more soap and Aidan is suddenly turned off by Kendall's flirtatious come on.

Back at the Hayward Suite, Anna talks to David about losing Robert and the years out of Robin's life that she missed out on and Anna confesses that she is afraid of losing the eventful life she now shares with David. When David assures Anna she won't lose anything, Anna brings up David dropping everything to rush off to Switzerland to identify Dixie's body. David replies: "Dixie was a path that I took which led me to you. You are my destiny - Anna! The one I want to spend my life with - have a home - a family.'

ANNA: "I missed you when you were gone.'

DAVID: 'Maybe I should go away more often.'

ANNA: "No - I don't want you to go away - ever.' They kiss.

Down in the Valley Inn dining room, when Liza tells Jake and Mia to order anything they want because it is on Liza - Adam abruptly excuses himself and leaves, leaving Jake, Mia and Liza wondering what is bothering Adam.

At the Pine Cone Motel, Kendall tells Aidan that Ryan is her ex and he just needed a shower before he left town to look for a new job. Aidan leaves, obviously not believing Kendall's story. When Ryan comes out of the shower and asks why Aidan was there, Kendall tells Ryan that Aidan asked her for a date. Ryan tells Kendall that he sent Kendall's mother - Alice - a ticket to come to the wedding and Kendall is thrilled at the news.

Outside, in the park, Adam fumes about Liza's embezzlement of Chandler Enterprises money. Then Adam remembers finding out about Trey's call to Liza, agreeing to help Liza hide the Chandler Enterprises money. And Adam places a call to Trey, offering Trey $100,000 to switch sides.

Greenlee, Leo, The Count, David, Anna, Maggie and Bianca arrive at the Valley Inn and Leo announces to all of them that the Count really IS Leo's father and they begin to celebrate.

Meanwhile, at Oak Haven, as Vanessa desperately tries to get a call through to Paris, Wolfe poses as Dr. Wagner in order to visit Vanessa.

As David checks out Leo's DNA reports, Anna mutters that she does NOT think Leo's relationship to the Count is so incredible.

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

Trey finds out that the judge has requested additional information on the fire at Erica's house. Trey says to himself that he is not going down for the fire.

Chris and Bianca have breakfast. Chris is worried that Erica is not eating right or sleeping okay. Bianca tells him that she is worried about Kendall and the trial. Chris tells Bianca what Kendall told Jack she overheard. Bianca declares her innocence of perjury proclaims that Kendall is guilty. She also expresses concern for Erica's feelings toward Kendall. Bianca leaves to talk to Kendall.

Ryan and Kendall wake up in their hotel room. Ryan tells her that she was screaming and crying in her sleep and wants to know if she remembers it. Kendall thinks it may be a dream about prison. Ryan tells her she needs a new attorney, one who will stick up for her. Kendall defends Trey and Ryan decides to drop the subject. He presents Kendall with wedding band that says, "Love always trusts." Kendall reassures him that she trusts him and he replies the same. Ryan leaves to tie up some loose ends and seconds later Trey knocks on the door.

Kendall tells Trey she wants a new attorney because she feels that he is doing his job. Trey convinces her otherwise and suggests she plant an illegal recording device in Erica's hotel room to eavesdrop on Erica. Kendall thinks it's too risky but Trey convinces her that it needs to be done. She agrees but is apprehensive.

Bianca barges in and tells Kendall they need to talk. She tells Trey to leave but Kendall tells him to stay. Bianca confronts her and tells her that she misunderstood what she heard. Bianca tells her that no matter what Kendall does, she, Bianca, will always have a home with their mother. Bianca can't understand why Kendall feels so cheated since she had a loving normal family anyway. Trey leaves and reminds Kendall to think about what they had discussed. Kendall proceeds to tell Bianca that the real reason she wants to get to Erica is that she never really felt a part of her adoptive family. She always felt different and that Bianca should understand that feeling. A livid Bianca storms out.

Outside Kendall's hotel room Bianca calls someone on her cell phone and tells them that she would do anything to get Kendall away from Pine Valley. From inside Kendall overhears her and calls Trey. She tells him what she heard Bianca say and that she is leaving to plant the device. Trey hangs up and immediately calls PVPD. He says he is a concerned citizen and that he has reason to believe someone is going to break into the construction site that evening.

At the hospital, Adam reminisces about Liza's message from Trey. Hayley walks in and asks him who is on his hit list today. Hayley drops the magazines she is carrying and as she bends to pick them up Adam has flashback of when he almost caught Mia with the bankbooks in Liza's room. Adam excuses himself to make a business call.

Ryan walks in looking for Hayley. Ryan tells Hayley that he and Kendall are getting married that evening. Hayley expresses her happiness but is a little shocked. Hayley is concerned about Kendall's impending jail time but Ryan reassures her she is innocent. He also tells her that after the trial they are departing Pine Valley.

Adam runs into Liza and Mia. Ryan comes along and he and Liza walk away to talk. After they are alone, Adam tells Mia he thinks that mentally Liza is not the woman he married. Adam tells Mia that he doesn't want to put her in the middle but Mia defends herself and Liza. Adam tells her he wants his life back, completely and totally. Adam tells Mia he hopes he can continue talking to her, openly and honestly, and that he needs her now more than ever. Mia says "Of course." They embrace as Hayley returns and catches them.

Ryan tells Liza about his impending nuptials and that he plans to depart Pine Valley soon after. Liza tells him she is happy for him. Ryan asks if Liza ever thinks about what might have been. Liza assures him that she has and that he will make a wonderful father someday. They reaffirm their friendship, embrace and say goodbye.

Adam leaves Mia alone. Hayley lets Mia know what she just witnessed and tells Mia she liked her until she started throwing herself at Adam. Hayley says she knows about the cufflink and thinks that Mia is playing a game. Mia tries to leave but Hayley grabs her and tells her that she is going to lose. Mia tells Hayley that she is sick to think that she would want Adam but Hayley tells her she is going to be watching her, day and night.

Just as Trey hangs up from his phone call to the police department, Adam storms behind him and asks why he has not returned his calls. He tells him he wants to know everything that Liza is up to. Adam thinks that Trey is the person to do the job.

Ryan visits Gillian's vault in the mausoleum to tell her that he is getting married. An emotional Ryan places a white orchid on her grave as he tells her that he loves her and always will. He tells his princess goodbye.

Kendall enters the construction site with the stolen security card and bugging device. Aidan catches her and tells her he knew that she took the security card so now he wants to know what she's really up to.

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

In her Motel Room, Maureen Gorman sketches Wildwind and remembers her Supervisor urging her to call people in Pine Valley so that she could save the life of a child.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Mateo and Edmund wait for Tim to arrive and Edmund takes a call about the liver transplant, but when he answers the phone, the caller hangs up. Tim arrives shortly afterward and they begin making plans for Tim to make a liver donation for Lorenzo.

At the Chandler Mansion, Liza asks Mia to go with Adam to Colby's Bluebell Troop Outing, and when Mia expresses her reluctance to horn in on a Father-Daughter Bonding Day, Liza apologizes to Mia for accusing Mia of having an affair with Adam behind Liza's back. Then Liza shocks Mia by asking for the Bank Books.

Meanwhile, in the Park, Adam meets with Trey and tells Trey that Adam knows WHO Trey is.

Ryan returns to the Pine Cone Motel with the newly purchased wedding rings and is surprised he can not find Kendall there. Ryan places a call to Chris to ask him to attend the wedding, then decides to hunt Chris up at the construction site for Erica's new Penthouse.

At the same time, Kendall is at the construction site, putting the moves on Aidan - but he does not buy her act and threatens to call Security - and Erica!

At the Chandler Mansion, Mia brings the Bank Books to Liza and Liza quickly realizes that some of the money is missing. Mia admits to Liza that Mia took the money.

As Trey balks at working for Adam and against Liza, Adam tells Trey that Adam knows that the REAL James H. Kenyon III died in a boating accident shortly after passing his bar examination.

Back at the Chandler Mansion, Liza tells Mia not to worry about the missing money - because Liza is confident that Mia truly needed the money if she took it. Liza informs Mia that Liza has decided she will ask Trey to put the money back into Chandler Enterprises but do it in such as way as to keep Adam from realizing that Liza took the money deliberately.

When Aidan decides to search Kendall's purse for the missing passkey, Kendal begins to strip to distract Aidan, just as Ryan arrives at the construction site to find Chris. As Kendall takes off her blouse, she looks up and sees Ryan. As Kendall tries to run after Ryan, she is stopped by a police officer who has the construction site as part of his beat.

Meanwhile, in the Park, Adam tells Trey that Adam wants a major payback from Liza and just exposing Liza's embezzlement will NOT satisfy Adam.

While waiting for Tim to be prepped for surgery ,Edmund gets a call from Laura and learns that Brooke did NOT go out of town to visit Laura. Edmund then learns that Tad is also out of town.

Mateo takes a call from someone calling about the liver transplant and when 'Maureen' hears his voice, she tells Mateo that it is good news to learn they already have a donor and, when Mateo asks who it is, Maureen hangs up.

Ryan arrives back at the Pine Cone Motel and angrily begins to pack. When Chris arrives for the wedding, Ryan tells Chris that he is finished with Kendall and tells his Dad how Ryan went to the construction site to find Chris and found Kendall stripping for Aidan instead.

Meanwhile, back at the construction site, Aidan tells the police officer that Kendall is a designer, working on the project - and Kendall is released and runs to try to catch up to Ryan.

Meanwhile, at the Chandler Mansion, Adam teases Liza about Chandler Enterprises and how hard she is working over there, when Trey calls Liza and tells Liza that he will need a map of her money trail to prove the money is clean before putting it all back.

Kendall arrives at the Pine Cone Motel to find Ryan gone just as a thunderstorm breaks. Kendall finds the wedding rings Ryan left behind and rushes outside when she hears Ryan rev up his motorcycle. As Kendall runs out of the motel room, crying for Ryan to come back, Ryan takes off on his motorcycle. Kendall calls for Ryan to stop, but Ryan roars away with barely a backward glance.

Thursday, July 4, 2002

Anna is finishing up her morning exercise at the park, when she runs into Jackson doing the same. Anna politely asks about his campaign for governor and Jackson informs her that his platform includes police reform. He continues to needle Anna about her husband's criminal activities and accuses her of a lack of objectivity when it comes to David. Anna throws his words right back at him as far as his relationship with a certain cosmetics queen. Anna gets in a few more barbs before she realizes she has crossed the line. She apologizes, but surprisingly Jack agrees. He forgives her and they shake hands. Jack believes that if they could put their differences aside, they would make a good team. When Anna leaves, he says to himself that it is time to get on with his life.

At the Valley Inn, Greenlee has dinner with her parents. They are arguing over wedding details when Greenlee gets a phone call. Leo, disguising his voice, tells her she has important business she has to take care of right away. She excuses herself. Leo is waiting outside, sweeps Greenlee off her feet, and whisks her away.

They end up at the boathouse where Leo asks Greenlee to lighten up about the wedding. She has to accept that it is not going to be perfect. They go over the changes they want to make to their vows, then Leo playfully picks her up and jumps into the water. As they frolic in the lake, a stranger watches from the dock. Anna appears and thanks the person for keeping an eye on Leo. She asks him to be discreet, but keep Leo protected.

Simone looks for her father at the hospital. She excitedly tells Jake about their plans to celebrate the Fourth in Philadelphia. Jake sadly informs her that her father is attending a conference in Boston. Simone tries not to show how crushed she really is. She goes home and cries as she leaves her father a message asking if she can visit him in Boston. Feeling lost and alone, Simone resorts to calling Roger. He immediately comes over to offer solace.

Meanwhile, Mary is left alone at the Valley Inn dining room. She is ready to order another drink when she catches a glimpse of someone she used to know in the doorway. Mary drops her glass as she realizes it is Jackson Montgomery. Apparently, at one time they had a relationship. Jack comes over and tells her she hasn't changed a bit. She's still the same calculating, icy Mary she's always been. They make small talk until it is time for Jack's press conference. Mary is impressed when she hears that Jack could possibly be the next governor.

Jack makes a very moving, patriotic speech as Anna watches from the background, enthralled with the man and his words.

Before they leave for Colby's dance recital, Adam introduces Trey to Liza. When Liza gives a lukewarm response, Adam suggests that Liza is upset because the last time Trey was at the mansion, it was to have Liza declared incompetent. Adam announces to Liza that he wants to appoint Trey to the Board of Chandler Enterprises.

When Adam leaves to get Colby ready, Liza turns to Trey and asks how he expects to work for Adam when he already works for her. Trey tells her he really had no choice. Adam would be suspicious if he turned him down. An angry Liza tells Trey he is fired. When Liza says she will get another lawyer, Trey reminds her that now, one more person will be privy to her secret and one more opportunity for Adam to find out about her creative financing. Trey cites his concern for Mia and assures Liza that if she gives him the account books, in one week he can have Mia and her son set for life. Liza thinks about it, then hands him the books. Adam returns with Colby. Liza takes her out and Trey hands over the account books to Adam.

Friday, July 5, 2002

As the morning sun rose, Greenlee and Leo woke up in the boathouse where they had spent the night making love to each other. Greenlee told Leo the next time they made love she would be a married woman. Leo left to run an errand just as Greenlee's cell phone rang. It was Vanessa who demanded Greenlee come visit her at Oak Haven immediately or she may never be Greenlee's mother-in-law. Greenlee left the boathouse to go to see Vanessa.

At Oak Haven, Greenlee reluctantly visited with Vanessa and demanded what Vanessa wanted. Vanessa told Greenlee she wanted to tell her the truth about Count du Pres and began to give information to Greenlee when she suddenly became hysterical and buried her head in her pillow. Unknown to Greenlee, behind her stood Wolfe, posing as a doctor from Switzerland. He gave Vanessa a menacing look, causing her to suddenly go into her looney act and told Greenlee to leave her alone. Greenlee left without knowing about Wolfe's presence. Wolfe demanded from Vanessa the $10 million she stole from him.

Mary Smythe, sitting at a table in the dining room, was having her morning coffee waiting for her father, Woody, to join her. He appeared and sat down at Mary's table. He congratulated her on her devoted mother act with Greenlee. Mary reminded him of the bargain. She would be the "devoted" mother in return Woody would finally release her inheritance to her. He said he would after the wedding. They were joined by Leo who told Mary she better continue the devoted mother act or she would answer to him and also demanded that Woody hold Mary accountable for her behavior towards Greenlee at least until after the wedding. Leo then left the dining room.

Roger entered Simon's living room buttoning his shirt cuffs. Simone was angry with herself for allowing her emotions get the best of her. She wasn't happy she had invited Roger over to have sex with her and she angrily told Roger to leave. She didn't want to see him ever again. She told Roger she regretted giving into her emotions and calling him to come over and wanted him gone. Roger said he would when she signed a contract giving him rights to the book deal on Proteus. She refused so Roger threatened to go to her father and confess he was having an affair with his daughter. Simone dug her heels in demanded Roger leave immediately.

Erica walked through the remains of her burned house. In her mind she went over the time line Myrtle had talked to her about, further convincing Erica Kendall could not have set the fire. Myrtle had seen Kendall just before the fire began so Kendall would not have had enough time to set the fire. Erica really didn't want to involved Myrtle as a witness in Kendall's trial and wasn't sure how she could avoid Myrtle testifying. Jack surprised Erica by appearing at the burned house. He wanted to know why Erica doubted Kendall's involvement in the fire but Erica didn't give him an answer. Jack went over the evidence he had. The forensic team could not find any trace of anyone else at the fire scene. Only Kendall. Bianca interrupted them and announced that Ryan had left town without Kendall. Erica realized there was a possibility if Kendall is set free of the arson charges she could stay in Pine Valley and be a threat to her and Bianca. So Erica told Jack she did not have any evidence Kendall did not set the fire.

At the Pine Cone Motel, Kendall sobbed uncontrollably as Chris dropped by to tell her to stay away from Erica and Bianca at the trial. He left the door to the room opened allowing Aidan to come in. Aidan thought Chris was the one Kendall had told him she was dumping. He also mentioned the fact that Kendall had taken her top off while she was seducing him at the construction site. Chris was stunned and left the motel room with Aidan. Kendall continued her sobbing and called Ryan's name. Trey entered the room and asked why she wasn't dressed for court. Kendall continued to sob and told him she was not going to court and didn't care anymore about her case. She had given up. Trey, with a sly smile, told Kendall he would appear on her behalf and left the motel.

Greenlee went to the Valley Inn for her wedding rehearsal. She became frantic when she saw no one else was there except her mother. Meanwhile, Leo has gone to Simone's loft and discovered Roger was there. He shouted at Simone she had promised to break off the relationship with Roger and he couldn't understand why Roger was still involved. Roger taunted Leo and said there was nothing he could do about it and Leo told him, yes there was as he slugged Roger in the jaw. Roger fell to the floor, semi-conscious and then his eyes closed. Simone reminded Leo of Roger's heart condition and Leo, in a slight panic, called his brother, David, and told him he thought he just killed his father-in-law.

At the courthouse, court convened with Judge Ann Callam presiding. She asked Trey where was the defendant and Trey announced Kendall's decision not to attend the trial and that Kendall would accept whatever plea charges from the prosecution. There was a mummer in the court. Erica, Bianca and Chris looked stunned. Meanwhile back at the motel, Kendall continued to sob for Ryan and then suddenly pulled herself together vowing she was not going to let them do this to her again. She intended to show them how strong she could be.

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