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Passions Recaps: The week of July 1, 2002 on PS
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Monday, July 1, 2002

Theresa faints dead away when Ethan breaks the news that she is going to be executed tomorrow. He tells her that there is no time for an appeal. Beth's mother eavesdrops in on Beth and Luis. She keeps wondering what Luis would think if he knew that her daughter ripped up a picture of his precious Sheridan.

Brian gives his car the last once over before the race. Nick and Stan are hiding in the back room after they finish tampering with car. Nick has his gun drawn in case they are discovered.

When Theresa comes to she asks Ethan to call Alistair for help. Ethan tries to discourage her attempt to reach Alistair and Theresa can see it in Ethan's face. She finally realizes that Alistair wants her dead and she is really going to die. Theresa then reverts back to her dream world and tells Ethan that everything is going to be ok. Something will happen and her life will be spared. She goes on to Ethan about how she is going to fill a new family album with pictures of Ethan Martin. The female guard interrupts and tells Ethan he has to leave. She questions Ethan about Theresa's sanity. She asks if Theresa realizes that she is going to die tomorrow. Ethan says she just cannot accept it yet.

Alistair goes to the warden. The warden explains how Theresa will die. He says she will be injected with 3 chemicals. The first puts her to sleep. The second stops her breathing and the third will stop her heart. Then she will be dead. Alistair replies, that it exactly how I want it.

Luis was ready to propose to Beth but her mother purposely interrupts. She tells Luis to come into her room because she must talk to him. Beth says," Damn it mother! You are always ruining things for me." Beth's mother, Mrs. Wallace tells Luis that a news bulletin just came on and Theresa is set to die tomorrow. Luis heads for home to be with his family. Beth asks her mother why she always ruins everything for her. Beth screams to her mother that Luis was just an inch away from proposing to her. Mrs. Wallace says "Hogwash!" She says that she is just not special to Luis. He dumped her once and will do it again. Sheridan was special to Luis not her. Mrs. Wallace calls Beth mean and says that she did everything for her daughter but Beth ended up mean and selfish. She whipped out the ripped picture of Luis and Sheridan and asks Beth what Luis would say if he saw it. Mrs. Wallace also throws it up to Beth that the Cranes took her business away from her. Beth prays that Luis will take her away from her nagging mother and save her from taking anymore of her abuse. Alistair shows up on the wharf and run into Luis. Luis too realizes that Alistair wants Theresa dead. Alistair says that his sister killed his son and should be executed. Luis asks when Alistair ever gave a damn about his son or his daughter Sheridan for that matter. Luis tells Alistair he could kill him. Alistair laughs and says that is how the Lopez-Fitzgerald family gets along, committing crimes. First his father, then his sister and now him. He tells Luis to go ahead and kill him. Luis gets angry when Alistair mentions Sheridan. Alistair also throws Antonio's running away in Luis' face and his father's running out as well. Luis asks Alistair pointblank why he hates the Lopez-Fitzgerald family so much. He threatens Alistair that when they cross paths again he will be sorry. Alistair silently promises Luis and his family pain when their paths do cross again.

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

Julian and Timmy wake up in the hillbilly shed. The grandfather of the family keeps making suggestive passes at Julian. Timmy calls them a twisted version of the Beverly Hillbillies but Julian says it is much worse. He says they are in a scene from Deliverance. Timmy tells Julian that he never saw that movie. Julian says it is just as well.

After breakfast, the grandfather leads both Timmy and Julian into the woods. He captures them in his "varmint" trap. He says he has plans for them and will be back later. As he puts his hands up. Timmy sees two black marks that look like the symbols for the demon's horn that he has been searching for. Timmy feels that he is close to finding the horn and saving the real Charity. The real Charity is slowly thawing out. The zombie and Tabitha visit her in the cave. Zombie Charity blames Timmy for the thaw. She tells Tabby it's because he is getting closer to saving the real Charity. The zombie plans on seducing Miguel a.s.a.p. She plans on chemically making the real Charity's essence so Miguel cannot resist her. She plans on seducing him today, the day of his sister's execution. Kay calls it a new low, even for the zombie. Kay goes to Charity's cave and looks for more signs of thawing. Kay realizes that the only hope Miguel has is the real Charity. Whitney goes to see Theresa to try to get her to reveal Julian's real murderer. Everyone ends up in Theresa's cell. They are all saying tearful goodbyes. Pilar brings Ethan Martin to see his mother one last time. Ethan tells everyone that they exhausted all hope of saving Theresa. He says Alistair must have gotten to everybody. Theresa will die in a few hours. The zombie talks to the TV audience and tells everyone that Julian will not show up in Harmony until after Theresa is put to death.

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

Everyone bids Theresa a tearful farewell. Father Lonigan begs Theresa to recant her confession. Ethan begs her to stop protecting the person who really killed Julian. Theresa refuses. She is shackled and begins to walk her last mile. Bertha hollers "Dead woman walking!" as Theresa heads toward the execution chamber.

Zombie Charity creates the real Charity's essence and bottles it. She plans on putting it on tonight so she will be irresistible to Miguel so she can seduce him even on the day of his sister's execution.

Kay tries to stop her.

The real Charity's hand breaks free of the ice. The zombie sees this in the scroll and gets very angry with Timmy. She sends a serpent to destroy him once and for all. Tabitha tries to talk her out of it but it is no use. The cage that Timmy and Julian are trapped in begins to shake. Timmy yells he hates snakes and calls upon Toto to try to free them.

Liz and Diana are sick with worry over Brian's race. Brian's mechanic looks over the engine and says out loud that someone tampered with it. Nick puts a gun to the mechanic's head and orders him to shut up.

Diana is so worried over Brian that she gets in the race car to test it, unaware that Nick and Stan had it fixed to kill Brian when the speedometer reaches 70-100. Brian and Liz hear the car and realize what Diana is up to and try to stop her. Nick looks sick thinking he may lose his heiress. Liz realizes that something is up and asks Nick and Stan what they are up to.

Theresa has less than five minutes to live. The execution viewing room is filled with her family and friends. Ivy and Rebecca show up early for "good seats."

Thursday, July 4, 2002

Due to coverage of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, Passions did not air. Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, July 8th with no lost episodes.

Friday, July 5, 2002

Due to coverage of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, Passions did not air. Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, July 8th with no lost episodes.

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