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Monday, July 1, 2002

At the Light House Bridge, Lucy is overjoyed when Kevin suddenly appears out of the mist.

In her room at the Roadside Motel, Livvie lies in bed and wonders where Rafe is, as she contemplates the Bogus Diary she set out to convince Rafe that Livvie's version of events was accurate.

At the same time, Rafe is kissing Alison in Alison's ICU Room at the Hospital. And Alison slowly wakes up! Rafe is surprised that this girl who has haunted his dream seems to know him. Alison asks if she died and went to heaven but Rafe assures her that she is very much still on earth.

When Alison asks how long Rafe will be there, Rafe confesses that he does NOT know WHY he is in Alison's room and does not even know who Alison is.

Meanwhile, Back on the Light House Bridge, Kevin tries to describe for Lucy his life in the Enchanted Limbo of Nowhere. Lucy then explains to Kevin how Ian channeled Kevin. Lucy quickly fills Kevin in on Alison's situation but, as Kevin begins to call the D.A. to tell the police to let Alison out of jail, Lucy told Kevin that it is not that simple!

While, at the Hospital, Rafe does NOT believe that Alison IS Alison - because he met 'Alison'

Jack and Jamal rush in when they see that Alison is up and talking. Jack told Rafe that Jack KNEW that if Rafe returned, Alison would recover. Ian rushes in and can NOT believe what he sees of Alison's condition. As Alison's friends gather around, Rafe flashes back to remember his meeting with Imposter Alison and that it was Livvie who TOLD him that the girl he met was the REAL Alison!

Jamal asks WHY Rafe has been missing at a time when Alison needed him most. But Rafe told them all that he does NOT know - Rafe went on to tell everyone that he does NOT recognize ANY of them - that he had some kind of accident and does NOT remember the last several years of his life.

When everyone else leaves, Alison asks if Rafe is there on a mission from God. When Rafe asks WHY Alison would be talking about God, Alison replies that it is because she needs an explanation about WHY Rafe is acting like they are strangers!

Back at the Light House Bridge, Lucy explains to Kevin that Alison collapsed in Court and Lucy is surprised when Lucy learns that the ONLY way Kevin could return was if someone who truly believed lit the candle. Lucy is grateful when she realizes that Kevin has returned because of the kindness of a good-hearted stranger.

Kevin explains about making sketches of Lucy and Lucy shows Kevin the sketch she found on the Light House Deck.

As Lucy and Kevin talk about Kevin's experiences in Nowhere, Victor shows up with Serena and Christina on a scavenger hunt and they are all thrilled to find that Kevin is back and give him a warm greeting.

As Livvie stews at the Roadside Motel, waiting for Rafe, Shirley - the clerk from the Front Desk - arrives to tell Livvie that she needs the $20 back that Shirley loaned to Livvie's husband. When Livvie returns the money and asks Shirley where Rafe was going, Shirley told Livvie that Rafe was on his way to the Hospital to find Livvie. Livvie races off to rescue Rafe from Alison's clutches!

Meanwhile, back at the Hospital, as Jack and Jamal marvel at Alison's speedy recovery, Jamal observes that it appears that Alison really DOES love Rafe!

While, in Alison's room, Rafe explains to Alison that he just woke up in the woods a few weeks ago with no memory of HOW he got there.

When Alison told Rafe that he left because his pass was up, Alison is surprised when Rafe asks if he was in the military and on some kind of leave. But Alison told Rafe that he does not quite have it - yet.

Alison told Rafe that the important thing for him to remember is that they really love each other and now that Rafe is back, no one can touch them! When Alison asks Rafe to just hold her, Rafe told Alison that he can NOT do that - because he is married!

Back at the Light House Bridge, as Victor, Serena and Christina greet Kevin, Kevin suggests calling Livvie, - to make his homecoming complete but Lucy stops him.

Back at the Hospital, as Ian puzzles over Alison's recovery, Ian calls Lucy - but is surprised when Kevin answers the phone!

In ICU - Alison told Rafe that the wedding Rafe remembers is the wedding to Alison. But Rafe shocks Alison when he continues to maintain it was NOT Alison that he married. When Alison asks WHO else it could have been that Rafe married, Livvie arrives and shows everyone her Wedding Ring, and says: "Me, Alison! See? Yeah - we - we haven't sent out the announcements yet - but Rafe IS married to ME now. So, would you mind getting your hands off my husband? Please? ' And Livvie swats Alison's hand away from Rafe.

A shadowy figure suddenly appears near the sign saying 'Welcome to Port Charles.'

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

At Ricky's Place, Karen and Ricky talk about the differences in their backgrounds but decide to shelve the discussion in favor of some R and R.

At the Hospital, Ian told Kate about the miraculous way Alison came out of her coma as soon as Rafe arrived.

Meanwhile, in Alison's ICU room, Livvie desperately clings to her story that Rafe and Livvie fell in love and Alison killed Kevin in retaliation - when Rafe left Alison to be with Livvie. But Kevin arrives just then and Kevin told Livvie that he was just lost and finally found his way home.

When Kate reminds Ian that Alison still has a murder charge pending, Ian informs Kate that Kevin is also back, so Alison no longer has to worry about the murder charge.

As Kate and Ian make a date to discuss the strange happenings they have just witnessed, a badly beaten woman staggers in and Ian and Kate rush to help her.

As Livvie rushes into Kevin's arms in ICU, Lucy arrives. When Lucy sees Rafe, she grabs his hand and exclaims: "Cousin!' But a startled Rafe pulls away from Lucy and informs Lucy that he has NO idea WHO she is!

Alison explains that Rafe does NOT know ANY of them and Rafe suddenly rushes out of the room. When Rafe leaves, Lucy assures Alison that Rafe will get things sorted out soon, but Alison informs Lucy and Kevin that Livvie is married to Rafe. When Kevin demands answers about Livvie's marriage, Livvie told Kevin she needs to speak to him privately, and they step out into the hall.

Meanwhile, at the Nurses' Station, as Ian and Kate try to help the badly beaten woman, she told them she only fell. Then her husband arrives and breathlessly claims there was a faulty hand railing at their home and that he wife fell while he was away. While Ian attends to the patient, Kate secretly calls the police.

In the Hallway outside Alison's ICU, Livvie told Kevin again that Livvie and Rafe fell in love while they were with someone else - the same way Lucy and Kevin fell in love while married to different partners.

In Alison's room, Lucy urges Alison to keep on believing that Rafe WILL remember their love and Alison should NOT give up hope!

Meanwhile, Rafe finds a quiet spot in the Hospital and sits down to try to sort out all the conflicting things he has been told in the last few hours.

As Karen and Ricky fool around in Ricky's apartment, Karen accidentally knocks over a box that has Casey's picture in it.

Karen picks up the pictures and told Ricky: *'I just wish I could have known her. I've HEARD she was quite a girl!'

Meanwhile, back at the Hospital, Ian succeeds in getting his patient admitted, while Kate reports to Ian that the Police are on their way.

As the patient's husband heads for the exit, he mutters that he IS going to kill her next time. But, just then, the husband sees a stranger creeping up on him, and he is terrified.

As Livvie went off to find Rafe, Lucy told Kevin SHE will fill Kevin in on the details of Livvie's marriage to Rafe. When she is alone, Alison vows to get to Rafe to talk to him.

As Rafe puts his Medallion back on, Livvie finds Rafe and told her husband that her father has invited them over but she told Kevin that Livvie and Rafe were going home.

LIVVIE: "He invited us to come over, but I told him we were just going to go home! And --'

RAFE: 'I'm not going to go anywhere until you start telling me some stories that make sense! Because that Alison I just met is NOT the Alison I met at the Cabin! And she is NOT a killer either. So, I'd like to know what else you are telling me that is not true. Or is everything, including us, just one huge lie?'

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

At the hospital chapel, Rafe told Livvie that you are supposed to tell the truth to people you claim to love. Although he was moved by what he read in her diary, he can't understand why she lied to him about Alison. Livvie says she lied because she was scared and felt threatened by Alison's obsession with him. Rafe is angry that she kept him away from people that care about him and away from his home. He told her that if she really knew him, she would know how important these things are to him. Livvie sticks to her story of trying to protect him, but Rafe is through with her as his sole source of information. He needs to find out who he is...on his own beginning with Alison. The *real* Alison.

Jack went to visit Alison and finds her on the floor. As he helps her to her feet, Alison told him she has to find Rafe. Jack convinces her to lie back down. Alison explains that Livvie is trying to destroy Rafe. He doesn't remember anything about Alison or the love they shared and Alison is frantic to find out what happened. She went on to tell Jack about Rafe's marriage to Livvie and how Livvie must be feeding him lies and taking advantage of Rafe's goodness. Stressed to the point of exhaustion, Alison collapses. The nurse tends to her and warns Jack that Alison needs to rest. When Rafe comes in, Jack ushers him to the door telling Rafe that if he hurts Alison again, Jack will kill him.

Kate and Ian are puzzled over the man's story that he was attacked by an *Angel of death*. Kate believes it is a simple case of vigilante justice. Ian has seen enough strange happenings in Port Charles that he thinks it could be something else. Karen comes out from the emergency room to inform them that the man is suffering from broken bones and other serious injuries, but there is not a mark on his body. The fact that the man is still alive is a miracle. While Kate is satisfied that justice was served, Ian wonders about the hooded, faceless creature the man described.

Thursday, July 4, 2002

Alison wakes up in her Hospital room, asking for Rafe - but Jack is there instead. Jack told Alison that Rafe DID stop by to see her, but she was asleep. Alison begs Jack NOT to interfere where Rafe is concerned.

Mary is cornered by a couple of thugs on her way to the July 4th Picnic. Ricky suddenly arrives and told the punks to get lost. Karen arrives and introduces Ricky to Mary - but introduces him as Gabriela's brother - Ricky Garza. After Mary leaves, as Rick and Karen sweet talk, Frank happens by and creates a few tense moments.

As Livvie searches for Rafe in the Park, she runs into Kevin, who invites her to share a Holiday picnic with Lucy, Kevin, Serena and Christina.

As Lucy gets the picnic table ready, Rafe shows up. As Rafe and Lucy talk, Rafe told Lucy that the ONE thing he is positive about is that Livvie actually DOES love him. Lucy told Rafe that, even though Rafe is married to Livvie, Lucy is convinced that Rafe belongs with Alison.

Back in Alison's hospital room, as Alison tries to get up again to go find Rafe, Jack reminds Alison that Rafe is married to Livvie and does NOT remember Alison at all.

In the Park, when Kevin urges Livvie to talk with him, Livvie breaks down in tears and Kevin promises that he will always love her - no matter what. And she will always be safe with Kevin.

In the Park, Frank apologizes to Karen for flipping out on her, then he shakes Ricky's hand and told Ricky that there are no hard feelings. When Frank leaves, Ricky notices the wistful look in Karen's eye and told Karen that it is obvious that Karen is NOT over Frank yet.

Elsewhere in the Park, Livvie told Kevin that she has no idea who set Alison up - but Livvie was with Rafe most of the time, so Livvie was not even around for most of it. When Kevin asks about Livvie's sudden marriage to Rafe, Livvie told Kevin that she and Rafe kept their love a secret because they did NOT want anyone to get hurt. When Livvie mentions that Rafe still does NOT remember the past several years, Kevin volunteers to work with Rafe at remembering - but Livvie turns down Kevin's idea.

In the Hospital, Alison urges Jack to go home and get some rest. When Jack leaves, Alison has a dream about Rafe and Livvie coming to Alison's hospital room to tell Alison that they have found true love - with each other.

Back in the Park, as Rafe explains to Lucy that he just does NOT remember Alison, Lucy urges Rafe to try to spend some time with Alison. Rafe finally agrees and heads toward the Hospital.

As Ricky and Karen sit in the Park and discuss their past relationships, Karen told Ricky that it is time for them to make the first public appearance as a couple. They kiss and leave their bench, but Frank appears from the shadows and watches them as they leave.

As Mary hurries to the Park with the picnic supplies, the toughs once again approach her and begin hassling her.

When Kevin finds Lucy in the Park, Lucy suggests that they need to let Livvie solve her problems without their help this time. Lucy urges Kevin to go with Lucy, Christina and Serena on a trip to London to hang Rebecca's portrait beside Paige's portrait in the Smith family gallery. Kevin agrees to go with Lucy.

As Alison sleeps in her Hospital room, Livvie arrives and vows to her sleeping rival that Alison will NOT ruin Livvie's life. Livvie suddenly hears Rafe coming and slips into the next room. Livvie listens in as Rafe asks Alison to tell him everything about their relationship.

Friday, July 5, 2002

At the Hospital, Kate drops off some legal papers at the nurses' station and asks Colleen to take the papers to Alison. Then, as Kate leaves, Kate slips on the floor beside the stairwell door. As Kate starts to get up, she sees a shadowy figure in the stairwell and screams, which naturally brought Ian running.

In the Park, Jack and Jamal are surprised to see Ricky and Karen together. As they stop to talk, Victor arrives, looking frantically for Mary. They all go to help Victor search for Mary.

Elsewhere in the Park, the two thugs are robbing Mary when a tall, hooded figure approaches.

Meanwhile, back at the Hospital, Livvie listens from the closet beside Alison's room as Alison told Rafe the history of the way their love grew from friendship into genuine love. As Alison told Rafe how they got together, Alison told Rafe that it was destiny that kept drawing them to each other and to the same places at the same time.

Elsewhere in the Hospital, Kate's scary shadowy figure turns out to be just an ordinary orderly, hurrying to deliver lab results. Kate accuses Ian of making her jumpy with all of his talk about hooded, shadowy figures - and that was the reason Kate screamed when she saw the orderly's shadow. Kate told Ian that she is ready for that drink he promised her and they head off to the Port Charles Grill.

In the Park, Victor, Jack, Jamal, Ricky and Karen look for Mary as Mary is being robbed by the two hoodlums. The thugs suddenly see the shadowy figure approaching them and scream. Mary looks up and sees that the Tough Guys are suddenly gone. Victor, Jack, Jamal, Karen and Ricky find Mary. Karen starts to take Mary to the Hospital to check her out. Ricky takes Karen, Victor and Mary toward the Hospital as Jack and Jamal search the Park for the thugs who robbed Mary.

At the Port Charles Grill, Kate and Ian talk about The Shadow Man and Kate told Ian that Port Charles seems to be a magnet for the 'woo-woo.' Kate makes a call to someone and told that person that she loves them and misses them and will be home soon. Kate explains to Ian that that was her Significant Other. Ian leaves and after Ian is gone, Kate receives another call.

KATE answers: "Hello. Damn it! How many times do I have to tell you - I'll GET you the money as soon as I can! Please! You can't do that! Be patient just a little longer! I will get you the whole $20,000 as soon as I can. Yes - I know what will happen if I don't! I'll do anything I have to - trust me. Hello? Anything I have to!'

At the Hospital, as Livvie listens to Alison describe to Rafe the way that 'Destiny' seemed to play a part in ALL of their meetings - even when Rafe was drawn to the Hospital room of a total stranger - Livvie is convinced that Alison is the one who is telling lies to Rafe!

Alison suddenly asks Rafe to get a blanket for her from the closet. As Livvie is afraid she will be discovered in the closet, Colleen suddenly comes in to take Alison's vitals. Alison asks Rafe to fill her water pitcher, as Colleen pulls the screen to take Alison's tests. Livvie uses the opportunity to slip out of the closet, past the screen, and into the hallway. Livvie decides that she will need to create a little of her own 'destiny' if she wants to compete with Alison.

Meanwhile, Ian meets Karen, Ricky, Mary and Victor heading toward the Hospital. Jack and Jamal soon join them. When they all hear moaning, they rush to see what is causing the noise and discover the two thugs, hanging upside down from some trees. As the thugs beg to be cut down, they describe a guy in a robe and hood with no face who hung them in the trees.

Back at the Hospital, Livvie watches from hiding as Colleen leaves Alison's room - then Livvie waits for Rafe to leave.

Inside Alison's room, Rafe asks Alison WHY he left her and Alison told him that she believes that that is something he needs to remember on his own. Alison then urges Rafe to go home and get some rest and think about everything Alison has told him.

When Rafe leaves Alison's room, Livvie pretends to run into Rafe by accident and then pretends to be surprised to find Rafe at the Hospital. Livvie appears to be trying to ditch Rafe, so Rafe naturally demands answers from Livvie. As Livvie continues to appear to be hiding something and Rafe presses for answers, Livvie 'reluctantly' lets 'slip' that she believes she is pregnant.

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