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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 1, 2002 on GL
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Monday, July 1, 2002

Inside the Bauer cabin, Tory and Ross are snuggled in bed wearing robes. Tory is 'good to go', but Ross claims that he has thrown his back out in his urgency to prove his love to her. Tory says she's beginning to doubt that Ross really wants to make love to her.

Danny and Michelle are talking at Infierno. He says when he saw her laughing and dancing at the beach with Marah, Ben and Bill, he realized he couldn't even remember the last time he saw Michelle that carefree. He promises her, though, that their life together will be happy again.

Ross tells Tory that it's not quite as easy as he thought to jump right back into an intimate relationship. He says he is distracted with wondering what they are going to do about Blake and her interference. Tory says she's got it all taken of, she has a plan. A plan to deal Blake justice that does not involve the police or any courtroom. Tory tells Ross she is going to kill Blake, and then their lives will be perfect.

Beth and Phillip, Alan and Olivia are having breakfast together at the Mansion. Beth thanks Olivia for taking Lorelei's diary. She tells her in this case, out of sight really is out of mind. Olivia is glad and says she hope that means that Beth is going to be equally forgiving about the kiss that she and Phillip shared in the hot tub last night.

When Ross gets out of the bed to check the tape recorder, Tory returns from the bathroom and is surprised that his back has suddenly been cured.

Edmund walks into Infierno and finds Danny and Michelle there. He asks to speak to Danny alone about his "vacation" in New Jersey. Michelle takes off for Cedars. Danny smiles and tells Edmund he hopes he enjoyed that little trip because he just happens to have sent Carmen off on one just like it. Danny tells Edmund that Richard is in the hospital, and he had best get there to see him as soon as possible.

Cassie comes to ask Olivia to buy her half of the Beacon hotel. Olivia agrees, and Cassie leaves. But Alan then reminds Olivia that she has no money with which to buy Cassie out. He calls Cassie back, informs her of the situation and offers her a loan. Cassie is confused but desperate to get back to Richard, so she gratefully agrees.

Blake calls the caretaker of the cabin, who reports that Tory and Ross just left the premises together. However Tory is lurking in the doorway, and sneaks into the cabin when he leaves. She finds the tape recorder and starts trashing the cabin.

Phillip and Beth go to the Beach. He tries to explain the kiss with Olivia to Beth. She's not happy with his actions and said she thought he was over that kind of retaliative behavior towards Alan. Phillip uses his charm to sway Beth to let it go. He starts talking about the past and how they've always been in love. He tells her he is ready for the next step - marriage. But Beth is not ready. Not yet.

Cassie stops by Infierno. She asks Danny if he will lend her money. He has to decline though, he says, because the 'way' his family lends money is not something she wants to be involved with. Cassie says she doesn't care about the circumstances, she needs the money and she needs it now. But Danny cares too much about her to put her in a worse position than she already is.

Edmund rushes to Cedars, but when he tries to get into Richard's room, he is stopped by a nurse. Edmund is dirty and ragged from his trip, and the nurse is having trouble believing that he is truly Richard's brother. Michelle arrives and verifies Edmund is family. When Edmund walks in and sees Richard, he is truly taken aback with shock and grief.

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

When a lifeguard quits at Ben's beach club, Shayne suggests hiring Marina. Marina ecstatically accepts the offer. As she leaves, she runs into Harley and points out the private investigator who was bothering Gus. Harley tells Monica to warn Alan to stay out of their lives or face the consequences. Edmund talks to his unconscious brother and orders him to wake up. Josh and Reva are stunned to find him in Richard's hospital room. When Edmund claims to love Richard, Cassie demands to know why he rejected Richard's attempts at reconciliation. After Edmund leaves, Cassie continues to push Reva away. Josh tries to explain Richard's reason for keeping the car dealership a secret. Finally, Cassie hugs her sister and thanks her for her support.

Wednesday, July 3, 2002

At the Bauer house

Mel was hanging decorations while Rick was instructing her how to place them. He commented that if he had gotten the heart he would be lying in a bed at the hospital and would miss the barbeque. But Mel didn't want to discuss how he missed getting the heart transplant. Michelle entered carrying decorations for the barbeque. As Rick was talking to Michelle, she was preoccupied thinking about Danny and that he wasn't there with her on their anniversary. She said that something is definitely wrong and walked away. Michelle said she wanted to surprise Danny with an anniversary present, but he wasn't there. Rick suggested that she give him a call. Danny enters. He apologized for not being there and admitted that he was the one that caused her a lot of worry. He promised her that it is all going to change. He suggested she come with him. They exit. Mel enters. Mel wanted to know where Danny took Michelle. Rick wasn't sure. He then started gasping for breath, and Mel rushed to his side and put the oxygen back in his nose. Phillip enters and wanted to know if he was ok. Mel exits to get his medicine. Phillip commented on how good the place looked. Rick told him that he has good and bad days. Phillip gave him grief about not taking the heart that was available. Rick told Phillip what a good friend he is.

At the Beacon Hotel

Danny enters. Cassie approached him and wanted to know if he was there about the loan. But Danny said no he dropped by to see his friend who is a part of the crew. She once again begged Danny for the money, but he said no because it would have to come from somewhere else. Repairman entered and wanted to know if he should tell Olivia that Danny could fix things. Shocked, Cassie asked how he was going to fix things. Danny told Cassie that he and Olivia are not doing anything to compromise the hotel. Cassie couldn't understand why he was helping Olivia and not her. But Danny once again denied helping her because it could be dangerous. Frustrated and yelling she said she understood but she needed money. Danny apologized but still said no and suggested she go to Reva and Josh. Finally, Danny gave in and said yes. Danny exits. In a flashback, Cassie remembered telling Richard that fairy tales can happen anywhere. Reva, Blake, and Harley enter. They brought food and wanted Cassie to eat something. Blake got out the glasses and decided to have a toast with lemonade. Blake said that the bottom line is they didn't need men. She then apologized and said she wasn't there today. Cassie told them that it isn't working. Cassie wanted them to be themselves and not worry about what they say. Cassie said she had a story. She began by talking about the day in St. Cristobel she had a doctor's appointment. She explained that Richard decided to take care of the children while she was going to be gone. She said that when she got back the room was a wreck and how she fussed at him for not being able to do something so simple. She said he looked at her smiling and said, "You want some breakfast?" That is when she realized how special he really was. Crying and laughing, she said Richard had made heart pancakes and they were awful but she ate them anyway. Harley told them that she isn't single anymore. Blake wanted the scoop on her and Gus. Cassie thanked Reva. She thanked her for knowing what she needed, making up with her, and being her sister.

At the Spaulding mansion

As Olivia is signing some papers, she remembered Phillip's kiss and how passionate it seemed. She finally realized that someone was rubbing her neck and saw Alan behind her. He wanted to know who she thought it was. Out of his jacket pocket he pulled out a box and gave it to her. She opened it and found a string of pearls. But she denied them and put them in the trash. Alan told her that a simple no would suffice. Olivia told him that she sensed an ulterior motive. Alan suggested they could use it as a peace pipe. Olivia yelled at him for helping Cassie with the Beacon Hotel. He reminded her that he has limits and he knows she has learned her lesson. Phillip enters and yelled at Alan about him approaching Gus. He told Alan to stay out of it. But Alan didn't back down and mentioned that it could come to the expense of his son. Phillip wanted to know why she got involved with Alan. Phillip commented that he didn't know what to do to keep Alan out of his life. Phillip apologized for what happened and told her to leave Beth alone. Olivia apologized and said that she was trying to get back at Alan. Phillip mentioned to Olivia that Beth was fine, and he thanked Olivia for getting rid of the diary. Phillip exits to visit Rick. Olivia got the diary out of her pocketbook and said she had a score to settle. Olivia called a publisher about a book that she wanted published.

Police station

Gus dropped the file about the lady that Frank is trying to locate. As Harley picked them up she found the picture of the woman. She wanted to know who the woman was. Frank enters. He told Harley that he was helping Gus work on this case about the woman. Frank said he had to go to the morgue. Frank exits. Harley wanted to know what was wrong. She tried to understand if someone was following Gus. Gus said he would not keep her out of the loop. Gus told her that he had some rules for more kissing. With a smile on her face, Harley exits. With a sign of relief, Gus looked at the picture and threw it in the trash. He retrieved the picture from the trash and asked Bryan, a police officer, if he would show him how to use a machine that would identify someone. Bryan gave him the information that he needed, but Gus tried to convince himself to leave it alone.

At Company

Harley enters. She interrupted Alan and his private investigator. She suggested that Alan fire his investigator because her son was going to stay with her and that grandparents have no right in this matter. Blake enters. Alan told her she is fired. He told her that from now on she works for his son, Phillip. She gave Alan a file on Gus. She informed Alan that Gus got into a fight with someone and the person landed on his head. She also mentioned that there was a witness and that witness could make it rough for Gus.

Blake told Harley about what happened with Tory. They exit.

Up, Up, and Away (Hot Air balloon)

Michelle and Danny celebrate their anniversary in an air balloon. Danny thought it would be good to get a different perspective of things. As Danny held Michelle, they reminisce of their life. He said if they step back they can see they are the same two people who loved each other a long time ago. With the wind blowing and the balloon moving through the sky, they kiss. Michelle confessed that she reserved the air balloon too. They kiss passionately and began to make love.

Thursday, July 4, 2002

At the Bauer house

Ed is holding Robbie as he raised the flag. Michelle enters and watched Ed talking to Robbie. Rick, Mel, and Danny enter. They are quiet as they watch Ed and Robbie. S he Michelle waked around serving hamburgers to the guests. Josh and Reva enter. Reva said she remembered the barbeque last year when Richard showed up and surprised Cassie. She commented how romantic it was.

Rick told Ed that he is burning some of the hamburgers. Ed asked Danny if he wanted to take over the grill. Rick asked him if he missed Africa. Ed said, "No not on your life." Rick told Mel that it is hard to have to stay in the wheelchair and not be able to move. With a worried look on his face, Rick said next year he will throw the biggest bash anyone has seen. He begins to daydream of the upcoming year and his plans. He dreamed he was singing Yankee Doodle with Lizzie, Marina, and Michelle as cheerleaders. Also in his dreams are the men of Springfield dressed in stars and stripes carrying fireworks. When he returns to reality, Mel kissed him on the cheek.

Ross asked Blake if she was ok. Blake said that everyone thinks she is out on bail. Blake told Ross that Harley knows about Tory going to try to kill her. Ross said that he thinks that Tory has eyes and ear everywhere.

Bill approached Beth and commented that it was amazing how they keep running into each other. But Beth said no because she feels he is following her. She mentioned to Bill that there are still some gaps in her memory. But Bill said it shouldn't matter because she has Phillip and the kids now. Beth felt that is hard to live with these feelings. Bill suggested that she let it go.

Phillip asked Olivia where the king was. Olivia said he is out getting his crown fitted. Olivia told Phillip for him to stick by her until she gets her barring straight. Phillip laughed. Olivia said it is hard to go places and feel unwelcome. Phillip said she is hoping that the timing is right and Alan will walk in. Alan enters. He said that it is a surprise to see them together. Phillip is surprised to see Alan at the barbeque. He said he liked to mingle with the commoners. Olivia asked Beth if it was difficult to see Bill. Alan told her to leave it alone. Olivia walked away. Olivia dreamed about Phillip as the president and Alan as his guard. Phillip was sitting at desk and signing papers. Olivia, the first lady, enters dressed very sexy. She told everyone to leave. Se told Phillip that she is having a great time. She pulled out a letter from her low cut dress and it is from Alan begging Olivia to come back. He reached up to her and kissed her passionately. But then Olivia returns to the present.

Harley and Gus enter dressed in uniform. Bill is seen staring at Beth. He dreamed of him and Lorelei in a hot tub. Dressed in a red white and blue outfit she got in the tub with him. They kiss passionately. He returns to the present as Michelle is trying to talk to him. Harley told Blake that they are following the lead of the threat on her life.

Holley asked Blake if Ross has heard from Tory. Ross enters and said that Tory just emailed her to meet him tomorrow. She suggested that Ross make up an alibi. Blake commented that she couldn't wait until she is locked up for life.

Beth asked Reva how Richard was. Reva said that he is in a coma and in a lot of pain. Beth asked Reva to tell Cassie that she is praying. Beth commented to Reva that there are things she cannot account for in her life. She sensed something happened, but she cannot put her finger on it. Reva explained her experience of having flashes. Reva suggested that she find someone to help her fill in the blanks or go to where Lorelei lived and that may help.

Beth told Phillip that she made a decision to go to Texas immediately. She wanted to find out about Lorelei's life. But he reminded her about Rick and that he needs her. He also mentioned Lizzie. But Beth continued to insist that she must do this to give her peace. She kissed Phillip and exits.

Josh returned to Reva's side and she told him that she has been thinking about everything. She felt that their wedding was the brightest spot of the year. Josh mentioned September 11. Reva asked about the servicemen that are fighting for our country.

Michelle enters and wanted everyone's attention. She said she was eavesdropping on Reva and Josh. She reminded everyone how fortunate everyone is to live in this country so she wanted everyone to say something about what this day means to him or her. Rick said that we all come from different backgrounds and it doesn't make any difference. Alan said that he loves free enterprise. Shayne said he loves the American cheeseburger and Bill added beer. Ben said rock and roll. Holley said freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Ross said best legal system. Marina said fast drying nail polish. Olivia said ambition and innovation are encouraged. Harley said you could reinvent yourself and start over. Lizzie said Backstreet Boys. Josh agreed with Harley about starting over fresh by marrying the same woman three times. Reva said the right to be who you are. Blake said spirit, tolerance, and fast drying nail polish. Phillip said anything you want is there for the taking. Danny said being able to choose your own path. Michelle said the freedom to love and appreciate. Mel said the freedom to speak one's mind. Buzz said the firemen and the policemen who gave their lives on September 11 and that they risk their lives everyday for all of us. He said that spirit and courage are important because that is the best things about our country. He said people like Harley and Gus, and his son Frank and all the others. He said they are our heroes. Buzz hugged Frank. Ed said he wrote down something he read from Thomas Payne. After he read it, the fireworks were seen. Michelle started to lead the singing with a patriotic song.

At Cedars Hospital

Cassie sits quietly by Richard's side. Reva and josh enter. Reva wanted Cassie to go with them to the Bauer barbeque. But Cassie said she cannot go because if she goes she would be wishing she was with Richard. Reva reminded Cassie how happy Richard was to be working on his own again as the ambassador. Cassie was still optimistic that Richard is going to get better. She thanked them for offering to go to the barbeque, but she wanted to stay with Richard. Reva and josh exit.

Calendar shows time passing to July 2003. Cassie is seen with Richard at the hospital. He said the doctors gave him a clean bill of health. Cassie hugged him tightly. She said it has been the worst year of her life. But Richard said it is over and they can go home and live their lives. Cassie turned away crying because she thought she had lost him. He kissed her cheek. But she looked at the calendar and saw the date of July 2002. She returns to his bedside to hold his hand.

Friday, July 5, 2002

Cassie has that dream again, where the lion is coming towards her. She tells Reva this means that there's going to be a change in Richard's condition. A good change.

Gus and Harley are in a van on a stakeout for Tory Grainger. The lack of sleep (for Harley) and the lack of cigarettes (for Gus) are taking a toll on their temperaments.

As Ross and Blake ready for the initiation of the trap, Blake is questioning Ross about the time he spent in the cabin with Tory. Blake cannot get the image of Ross and Tory making love out of her mind. She asks Ross if Tory had pushed the issue - whether or not he would've been able to have sex with her. He says no. But that doesn't seem to be enough for Blake, who is haunted continually by the idea of Tory having Ross.

The Spauldings are posing for a family portrait. Since Beth has taken off for Texas, Olivia offers to stand-in for her so that Beth can be digitally inserted after the fact. Olivia is secretly thrilled to be on Phillip's arm. Alan is not so secretly annoyed.

Reva tells Cassie that she has got to begin to face the fact that Richard is never going to get better. That in fact, Richard's pain is going to steadily increase as times goes on. She suggests that Cassie look ahead to the future and consider how much pain she is willing to let Richard endure.

Harley gifts Blake with a bulletproof vest. But Ross doesn't want her to put it on because that would mean Tory was much closer to Blake than their plan intended. He reminds Blake that the goal is to catch Tory en route to the house, that he doesn't want Blake put in danger. Gus has a really bad feeling about all this, and it's not just the cigarette withdrawal.

Cassie reflects on her experience of having to make the decision to end life-support for Hart. She tells Reva perhaps she made a mistake, maybe she should have held on for a miracle. Cassie supposes this situation with Richard could be her opportunity to make the "right" decision - a choice of faith in life and in the miraculous.

Ross reluctantly agrees to go along with the prescribed plan, which has him at the university and Blake home alone.

Alan tells Olivia that if she would just behave and be a "good girl", she could be in that photo of the Spauldings as a real member of the family. He proposes. It's kind of a marriage proposal and kind of a business proposal. Olivia is under-whelmed with the romantic nature of Alan's offer. He thinks she should realize how mutually beneficial their "merger" could be. She reluctantly agrees to think it over.

Blake is wired and wearing the bulletproof vest and ready for Tory.

Phillip and Olivia have a talk about Alan and his controlling nature. Phillip feels like he is handling his father's manipulations poorly, but Olivia urges him to give himself a break and see he is doing the best anyone could under similar circumstances. Her words reassure him.

Gus and Harley see a pizza delivery guy walk up to the Marler house. They ask Blake over the wire if she ordered pizza, which of course she did not.

At the beach with Tammy, Cassie tells her daughter that they need to will Richard to live. She talks about all the miracles that have happened in their lives so far, and says she believes they have one more coming. All they have to do is believe. They hold hands, close their eyes, and imagine Richard well and happy with all the hope they have in their hearts.

Reva is at Richard's bedside urging him to come back to his friends and family, if he is able. She conveys everyone's love and well wishes for his recovery. She talks about their son, Jonathan, and wishes he could be here too. Richard's eyes open and flutter.

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