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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 24, 2002 on GL
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Monday, June 24, 2002

by SBC

At Cedars, Cassie is still taken aback by Reva's willingness to keep Richard's new job a secret. Did she think Cassie wouldn't be able to handle the news of their financial situation or Richard's new career? Reva admits she wanted to tell, but Cassie doesn't want to hear it, "How long have you known?" Reva tries to explain Richard's reasoning for keeping his wife in the dark, but Cassie says she'd rather she heard it directly from Richard. Reva shakes her head in acknowledgement. Cassie goes on to blame Reva for Richard's condition - if she had known about the job she would have been with Richard and he wouldn't have been rushing to get to her for their date. The accident never would have happened. Reva tries to comfort Cassie and continues to apologize. Still hurt, Cassie explains to Reva the even a little lie can do a lot of damage, and she wonders if their relationship can ever recover from this. Cassie goes to check in on her husband but not before politely asking her older sister to leave. A tearful Reva says nothing and goes. Cassie, keeping a vigil at Richard's bedside, tells him she knows everything and wishes he could have been the one to tell her. She reassures Richard that she loved him for who he was and not what he had. She's fought alone before, but with him by her side she can handle anything. She urges Richard to come back to her.

The same argument rages at Harley's. She says things never work out and always have a way of blowing up in her face. Gus says he's been trying but Harley doesn't want to hear it. She claims Gus tells her nothing while she tells him everything from her past. Gus defends himself by saying it's not that he doesn't want to tell her who he protected to end up in a juvenile home but that he just can't tell her. Harley still insists that she tells Gus everything to which he replies. "I don't have a child for every heartache to prove it." Harley gives in, telling him to keep his past to himself. She picks up one of his garbage bags, and throws it out the front door into the hands of none other than Alan Spaulding. Alan has come for Zach to take family pictures. While Harley gets Zach ready, Alan and Gus have a man to man. Alan starts by asking Gus how long he's been cohabiting with Harley. Gus answers and Alan wonders why Harley didn't hold out for more than flashy tattoos and spiked hair. Gus defends Harley by saying Zach is a great kid because Harley is his mom and not because he's a Spaulding. Harley and Zach enter and Harley tells Alan what a practical jokester Gus is. Gus remains silent while Alan comments on his appreciation for her mothering skills. Alan further discusses his distaste for her "Don Juan" - she's reached a new low. As he leaves with his grandson, Alan smugly suggests that Harley change her life. Gus tells Harley what an amazing mother she is and not to care what Alan thinks of her. A shaken up Harley asks Gus if he is still leaving. Gus says he's not going anywhere. Gus gathers up all his cigarette boxes from seclusion in the living room, and tells Harley he's quitting - she's good for him.

At the Marlers', Tory confronts Blake about her plans to trick the police. Blake continues to play the role citing that she isn't playing any games and that Tory set her up. Tory doesn't buy it but Blake asks her why would she set her own self up for Tory's murder. Ross listens from the hallway as Tory says she's going to explain. Blake says only three people know about the cell and Tory starts to put it all together. Tory assures Blake that Ross will be hers once Blake is convicted and sent to prison. Tory and Blake continue to discuss Tory's pseudo-relationship with Ross. Before leaving, Tory briefly tussles with Blake and tells her she & Ross will never get back together. Ross appears and wonders if Tory bought Blake's act. Blake hopes so. Blake & Ross discuss his plan to secretly meet with Tory. He has framed an ad in the Springfield Law Review (a favorite of Tory's) that she will know when and where to meet up with him. Blake says Tory feels the only way she can keep Blake from getting in the way is to kill her.

At the Spaulding mansion, Marina and the girls fantasize about their futures after a swim. Marina lends her prayers to Tammy and heads out. Lizzie follows, telling Marina they can't leave Tammy alone - not when her father is in the hospital. Marina doesn't know how to help. She starts to tell of her runaway days to which Tammy says she can no longer stay and leaves. Later, Alan walks in on Marina on his phone and he privately warns Lizzie to watch the company she keeps. Alan asks if Lizzie would like Zach to live with them on a permanent basis. She says yes, knowing that Harley would never go for it.

At the Bauers', Rick, Mel and Michelle return home from the hospital to Rick's new bed space in the middle of the living room. Mel is still mad with Rick for giving up his heart. Rick tries to reason with her but she thinks he gave up his chance to live - their only chance to grow old together. He threw away their future when he passed up the transplant heart. She says it wasn't his future to give away - it was theirs. She loves Rick too much to stand by and let him throw his life away. She walks out, crying.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Beth confronts Olivia, accusing her of taking Lorelei's diary and demanding it back. Olivia admits she has the diary and tells Beth that she certainly understands why she wouldn't want anyone reading the contents. Out in the hallway, Alan tells Phillip that Gus was at Harley's when he went to pick up Zach and wants to know why Phillip hasn't dealt with that situation yet. Phillip tells his father that he thinks he can handle the affairs of his son, just fine on his own, thank you.

After observing a suspicious conversation between Tony and Danny, Michelle confronts her husband and asks to be informed with the details. And by the way, she wants to know exactly how Danny got Ed home from Africa and how many laws he may have broken along the way. Danny wants to know why it matters whether or not the means was legal, if it had to be done to get Ed home safely. He lets it slip that a large sum of money was needed, and that it came from Olivia Spencer. Michelle is livid to find out that Danny threatened the Beacon and blackmailed Olivia to get her to lend him the money. Danny says he'd do it all over again.

Phillip and Alan walk in on Olivia and Beth arguing. Beth tells them Olivia stole Lorelei's diary. Alan demands Olivia give it back at once, but when she does, it is a pile of shredded paper. Olivia claims she destroyed the diary to "help" Beth.

Reva and Marah talk about the night Tony attacked Marah and tried to rape her. Reva confesses she wants to kill Tony Santos. Marah tries to explain exactly why Tony was so angry, so out of control. She tells her mother about giving up her virginity to Romeo.

As Maria Santos is being released from the hospital, Tony is waiting for her. He tells her to admit that she has been a "bad girl." He accuses her of letting him take the rap for her crime of planning Catalina's death with Romeo. She assures him, she never intended for him to be blamed for the murder. She intended to tell him and the rest of the family everything, but the stroke silenced her. Tony tells her she had no right to take Catalina's life away. But Maria defends herself and her actions, saying she did it all for Tony.

Beth suggests perhaps the shredded remains are not Lorelei's diary, that Olivia just wants her to think it is. Phillip says if it is the diary, maybe that's not such a bad thing after all. Beth cannot believe Phillip is defending Olivia, Alan is angry with both Phillip and Olivia.

Danny shows Michelle the family photo taken at Rick and Mel's wedding with her father in it. He tells her there is no way that scene would have ever happened if it weren't for him and how he handled the situation. Michelle questions whether or not those illegal lengths were necessary. Did Danny even consider other ways of getting Ed home? Danny tells her if there were other ways - he couldn't see them, that he did what he had to do to get Ed Bauer home to his children who needed him.

Alan tries to convince Phillip to take Zach from Harley. Phillip tells his father that he trusts Harley's instincts with their son. Alan said he figured Phillip wouldn't have the wisdom to do what was necessary, so he has begun the process of getting Gus out of Zach's life on his own. Phillip is fuming and wants to know what his father has done, but Alan just walks away.

Olivia is reading Lorelei's diary in the hot tub when Phillip arrives dressed in a robe. He tells her he prefers to unwind alone, but Olivia beckons him into the hot tub and begins to soften him up with talk about how domineering Alan can be.

Tony is getting his grandmother's medication and preparing to leave the hospital when Marah walks in. Marah puts her head down and tries to walk on by, but Tony asks her what she's doing there. Before Marah can answer, Tony adds, "Like I care", and walks away.

Danny embraces his wife and begs her not to ask him to change any more than he already has. He wants to know if she can live with things the way they are, the way he is. Michelle considers this, her head swimming.

Phillip and Olivia have a little heart to heart in the hot tub. He tells her she has probably done him a favor in making Lorelei's diary disappear. She thanks him for standing up for her in front of Alan and Beth. Just then, Phillip becomes aware that Alan is watching them. He whispers to Olivia that they have an audience, and she pulls him into a heated kiss. Lots of steam, both from the hot tub and otherwise.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

At the Spaulding mansion-Hot tub

Phillip reached into Olivia's bag to see if he could find the diary. But he pulled his hand out and said it doesn't matter. He told her that she did them a favor. She thanked him for sticking up for her in front of Alan. Phillip told her that they had an audience because he saw Alan standing at the doorway. Olivia moved closer to Phillip and kissed him passionately. Phillip returned the kiss. Alan clapped and said it was a nice performance. He asked Olivia if she was charmed by the kiss or trying to make him jealous. Phillip got out of the hot tub and told Alan it was his idea, and he will take full responsibility. He exits. Alan wanted to know what she is up to now. Olivia asked Alan to hand her a towel. Olivia exits.

In the sitting room, Alan yelled at Phillip and wanted to know what he was thinking. Phillip said maybe he was doing this to get back at Alan. Phillip is tired of Alan interfering with his life. He told Alan that their kiss was for him and the next time he goes behind his back again, he will make him realize that he is really his son.

At the Bauer house

Danny told Michelle that she knew who he was when they got married. Danny tried to convince her that he could not change who he is. He reminded her that she and Robbie would always come first. Michelle sad she had to protect herself and Robbie. Angrily, Danny told her that he had been the best father he could be. But she reminded him about Robbie being in the car when he tried to help Tony. Michelle said she couldn't accept it. Danny told her that they had a problem and he cannot continue pretending to be someone he isn't. Danny exits to go to the club. Ed embraced Michelle.

Rick told Ed that his legs were absolutely killing him. Ed told him that he knew he faked the fever to help the other family in getting the heart transplant. Rick told him that the man was going to leave behind children and a pregnant wife. But Ed said he couldn't agree with what he did. Ed told him that it bothered him because he made that decision on his own and that he should have talked it over with Mel. They continued to argue about Rick making the decision on his own. With tears coming down his cheek, Rick said he thought he was in denial. Beth enters. She told him that she believed another heart was going to be found. Beth suggested they talk about something else. She wanted to know how Phillip would react if he found that she had some unusual experiences as Lorelei. Rick thought that it wouldn't change anything. Bill enters. They enter the house and Rick yelled for Michelle that they have company. Michelle enters. Beth wheeled Rick to the kitchen. Michelle asked Bill what it is like to be back in Springfield. Bill asked Michelle if everything was ok. She told him that Danny is working again for the Santos family. He suggested that she hang in there because family is everything. In the kitchen, Rick wanted to talk about Bill. Bill told them that he rented the room above Company. They began to play s word game. Rick called and paged Mel. He left a message for her to call her husband.

At Cedars Hospital-Richard's room

Mel told Cassie that Richard was not as well as they hoped and that the surgery didn't relieve the pressure on his brain. Mel suggested that Cassie get some coffee, but Cassie refused to leave. Reva, Tammy, and R.J. enter. Cassie told Tammy that Richard might seem like he doesn't know she is there, but he does. Cassie and the kids exit to see Richard. Cassie told Tammy that there were some IV's and monitors on Richard and she didn't want Tammy to be scared. Tammy commented that Richard wasn't moving. Csssie told her that he was in a coma but he could hear everything she said. Tammy talked to Richard about her day. She told him to get better soon because they have a lot of stuff to do for the summer. Tammy started to cry and told Richard that he has to get better and she would take care of the family until he came back. In tears she turned to Cassie. A tear was seen streaming down Richard's cheek.

Cassie is crying as she was sitting beside of Richard's bed. She wanted him to think of their love to get him through this. Mel entered and wanted to talk to Cassie.

As Cassie was at Richard's side, the monitor alarms went off. Nurses rushed in and Cassie went to Reva for comfort.

At Cedars Hospital-outside of Richard's room

Chief administrator of Cedars hospital spoke with Reva about payment matters. She told her that he had limited amount of coverage to cover the costs. Reva said she would take care of the medical expenses. Reva told Cassie that Josh took the kids back to the house. Chief administrator enters and told her that Reva had taken care of everything. Upset Cassie wanted to know what was going on. She told Reva that they could handle it on their own. But Reva insisted that she let her help. Yelling at Reva, Cassie reminded her about what she did by not telling her about Richard's job. Reva told her that she is going against her wishes and she had the right to stay there.

Outside of Richard's room, Mel told her that his brain is damaged. Mel said that his body had taken a bad beating and he probably wouldn't get any better. But Cassie couldn't accept that. Cassie said, "God wouldn't do that." She yelled at Mel to cure her husband and exits.


Danny made a call to get more furniture for the office. Carmen enters. She told him that Marah slept with Romeo. Danny told her that he hoped she was happy with the mess she made and he has to pick up the pieces. Ed enters. He told Danny that Michelle was worried and how that Michelle told him how he got the money to get him out of Africa. He told him that Michelle was afraid they are drifting apart. Ed apologized for interfering but he doesn't want him to mess things up and he should be willing to fight for his marriage. Danny thanked him. Carmen enters. Ed exits.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Richard seemed to be having seizures. Mel tried to explain to Cassie that they are giving him medications. While Cassie gently stroked Richard's forehead, she apologized. Out of Cassie's earshot, Mel told Reva that there is not much they can do. Reva wanted to know the worse case scenario. Mel said that he would probably die. Reva mentioned to Mel that Cassie thinks Richard is going to survive this. Mel exits to take a call. Reva walked to stand beside of Cassie. Cassie was frantic because she felt that nobody was taking care of Richard. She tried to find some hand lotion to put on his hands. Reva stopped her and told her that Mel said they should talk about Richard's condition. Cassie requested that Reva leave. Reva exits. Cassie told Richard how good Tammy is doing in school. Watching form outside the room, Reva is troubled and worried about Cassie. Cassie wanted Richard to know that she is not angry with him about the moonlighting. With tears streaming down her face, she begged him to come back to her. Cassie said, "Give me a sign by blinking your eyes or squeezing my hand." But Richard did not respond. Reva goes to Richard and pretended that Richard was talking to her. She told Richard that she would stick by Cassie no matter what. Cassie placed Richard's hand on his side and got in the hospital bed with him laying her head on his chest. Reva sat outside watching as her heart ached.

Nurse told Mel that Rick wanted her to come home and that he loves her. With a frustrated look on her face, Mel shakes her head.

At the Bauer house

Rick checked again to see if he could get in touch with Mel and leaves a message with nurse. Harley and Jude enter. Rick wants to talk about Jude and his future. But Harley wanted to talk about the rumor she heard about someone giving up a donor heart. Rick, of course admitted that was him. He wanted to talk about Jude's future, but Harley still wanted explanations for what he did. He further explained about the gentlemen's wife that he saw with the children. Harley didn't want to talk about Jude's future because she felt it was depressing. Rick informed her that he set up a trust fund with a portion of the estate. Once again, refused to talk about it at this time. Harley consoled Rick in saying that they would find a heart and he would live happily ever after. Harley told Rick about Richard Winslow. Rick was shocked because he didn't know. Mel enters. Jude cried so Harley decided to leave. Harley and Jude exit. Rick told Mel hat he made a mistake and he is sorry. He admitted he was very impulsive and hurt her feelings. Mel apologized too. Mel told him that the next heart that comes up he is taking it, no matter what.

At Company

Marina commented to Gus how great it was that he stopped smoking. They started talking about working during the summer, and Marina said she would be working on her feet at Company. Marina commented how hot a guy was that was sitting in Company. Monica Parker, detective working for Alan, enters. Gus made comments on how hot she was. He told Marina to give him a menu so that he can take it to the new guest. Gus told her that he was a detective and worked for the FBI. He assumed that she was following him, but she told him that she wasn't.

Marina tried to get noticed by Ben Reed. She commented on how great his shirt was. She continued to talk about how exhausted she was from carrying around the plates and wanted him to check out her biceps. Finally, Ben put down the newspaper and started to listen to her. She left hints that she wanted a job where she could work outside. She offered to work at the Beacon. But Ben didn't want to hire her as a waitress because she was underage. She came up with the idea that she could do something else like being a lifeguard. She began to beg for a job. Gus told Marina that if Harley asked her she is to tell Harley he will return. Gus exits. Ben exits. Harley enters. Gus enters. Gus and Harley go outside of Company and Harley kissed him passionately. Harley wanted to know if she broke down and had a cigarette. Gus said he didn't. Harley told him that she loved him so much. He kept asking her to say it one more time. He also reciprocated by saying he loved her too. They continue to kiss.

Marler house

Ross enters and informed Blake the noise they heard was the neighbors flower pot that was knocked off. But Blake was still nervous since she felt she was waiting on Tory's next move. Ross hoped that he heard from her tonight but Blake is worried as to what might happen. Ross is planning that she will admit to her lies on tape. Ross tried to convince Blake that Tory would not hurt him. But Blake told Ross that Tory tampered with her husband's brakes and she killed two other people, one in grade school and her high school boyfriend. Blake explained how Tory confessed to her when they were locked up in the cell together. Blake wanted to tell Harley, but Ross disagreed because if Tory finds out she could call it entrapment. Ross knew that Tory would read the ad online. Ross checked his email and told Blake that he heard from Tory about the ad. He prepared to leave by getting his tape recorder. Blake was terrified that something is going to happen to Ross, but he reassured her that everything is going to be ok. He exits.

At the Spaulding mansion

Gus enters to talk to Alan. Alan wanted to know what he wanted. After they exchange greetings, Gus told him that he felt that Alan's values are screwed up. Alan told him that he is beginning to irritate him. He explained to Gus that he has an entire staff looking intro his background because he is concerned about Gus being with Zach. But Gus wanted to know what it really is about. Alan informed him that his past in under a microscope. Gus told him to go ahead and dig because he will find but that he isn't a nice person when he is crossed. Gus exits. Nolan escorts Miss Parker in to see Alan. Alan told her that Gus was involved in some kind of criminal activity and he wanted her to get the information for him.

At Tory's place of residence

Reviewing the personal ads in the newspaper using her computer, Tory found Ross' ad.


Ross called Blake to let her know he got to the cabin. He heard something outside and told Blake to hang on. Tory enters. Blake could hear that Tory was with Ross and kept yelling for Ross. Then she became quiet and started to listen.

Friday, June 28, 2002

Danny confronts Tony about what happened with Marah at Infierno. Tony says he's got it under control, not to worry. But Danny is not satisfied and suggests Tony make some changes in how he lives his life, that he learn to deal with his temper. Tony says Marah is out of his life for good, that she was the problem, and it's over, done, finished.

Ed and Michelle are going over medical terminology at the Bauer house in preparation for her next exam. Bill Lewis and Ben Reade burst in the front door dressed like hoods and say they're there to "kidnap" Michelle for some fun. When Holly stops by to see Rick, she is roped into helping Ed baby sit Robby while Michelle, Bill and Ben hit the beach

Marah is at the beach going for a swim and trying to purge her memory of the night Tony attacked her.

Up at the Bauer cabin, Tory has walked in on Ross' preparations for the next step in the set-up to trap her. Ross had been on the phone with Blake, and laid the receiver down on the kitchen table upon Tory's arrival. Blake, back in Springfield, is listening to everything being said, frantic at the sound of Tory's voice. Ross recovers quickly and acts happy to see Tory. He talks a good game and professes his love and devotion to Tory.

Danny breaks the news to Tony that he is going to be taking back the role of head of the Santos family. Danny tells Tony he is going to make the family and their businesses legit. Tony is not happy about this turn of events. He doesn't think the family can go straight, and he doesn't even think he wants to. Carmen walks in and Danny pulls her aside to let her in on the changes about to come. He reminds her that he told her long ago that if he ever came back to the family business, it would come at a cost -- a cost that Carmen will have to pay.

Carmen seems to think she is going to be helping Danny in his management of the family business. He tells her, thanks, he can handle it all on his own and suggests that she find a hobby. Speaking of hobbies, Carmen wants to know if Danny might have any idea where Edmund has gone, she hasn't seen him for weeks. Danny admits he sent Edmund away for an attitude adjustment after he threatened to tell Michelle how Danny acquired the funds to release Ed from Africa. After hearing about Richard's accident though, he told the people 'helping' Edmund adjust his attitude to bring him back to Springfield.

At the beach, Michelle and the boys are discussing true love and how to find it when Marah comes out of the water and happens upon them. They chastise her for swimming alone and Bill asks what her boyfriend would think of her being so reckless. Michelle interrupts the teasing and sends Bill and Ben into the water to give her a chance to talk with Marah alone.

Listening to the goings-on in the cabin and feeling helpless, Blake decides to go up there and rescue Ross from Tory.

Holly and Ed share lunch and talk about what Ed wants to do with his life now that he is back home. Rather than going back to work at Cedar's hospital like Holly assumed, Ed shares his dream of opening a free-clinic. When Holly suggests that Ed talk to Buzz about the old diner property on 5th Street, Ed declines, saying that his dealings with her boyfriends have never been a very positive experience for him in the past. Holly tells Ed that any comparison of Buzz to Roger is unfair, that Buzz is a good, honest man.

Danny tells Tony he needs him to take a vacation. When Tony protests that he doesn't want time off, what he needs is a job to keep him busy - Danny lets him know this is a job. He wants Tony to take Carmen away on vacation and keep her there for a while.

Ross tells Tory that he wishes they could be free of Blake forever. Tory kisses Ross passionately and demands that he show how much he wants her.

Marah tells Michelle that the guy Tony was that night, the one who almost raped her, was like a total stranger. Michelle says she can identify with how someone you love can turn into someone you do not feel you know anymore. Ben and Bill come back from their swim and put on some music to get the girls dancing. Danny is watching from the trees.

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