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JR received flowers from his late mother, Dixie. Erica had to cope with her emotions as she watched Bianca get ready to go to the prom with another girl. Ryan grew suspicious of Trey, who wanted Kendall to plead insanity. Brooke convinced herself that Maureen was really Maria.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 24, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, June 24, 2002

When Hayley and Mateo asked Joe what the next steps were before performing the transplant, he told them that everything's done except waiting for the donor. Hayley was convinced that there prayers were answered, and hugged Mateo. Meanwhile, Edmund told Brooke that he's thankful she and Tad went into overtime to find Maureen Gorman, and he can't wait to meet her. However, Joe informed Hayley and Mateo that the donor was Tim Dillon. Hayley and Mateo were ecstatic that Tim was a match, even though his blood didn't match. Joe told them that it works that way sometimes. Everyone was all smiles as Hayley told Mateo that Enzo is going to be all right and Tim is coming home to them. Hayley hugged Marian and Stuart goodbye, and asked Stuart to fill Adam in. After they left, Joe gave her Tim's number, and she told Mateo how nervous she is about calling him. Mateo reassured her, though, and she gave him a call. She thanked him for all he's doing for her, and told him she didn't know how she could repay him. After hanging up, she hugged Mateo. Later, Isabella showed up with Enzo, and Hayley and Mateo shared the news with her. She told Mateo that she prayed to God for a miracle, and he delivered. Mateo asked Hayley if she was ready to go, but Hayley said she just needed a minute. Hayley and Mateo walked into the nursery, where they set Lorenzo in a playpen to play. They sat down on a bench, and Hayley told him that she sometimes feels helpless around Lorenzo. Mateo convinced her that there friends are there for them, and they've all stepped up to help save Lorenzo. He said that they aren't helpless with as long as they have family and friends. Hayley and Mateo got up to get Lorenzo and were excited when they saw him take his first step.

Liza was shocked when Adam told her that he lost a cufflink. He noticed her attitude and questioned whether she was all right or not. She screamed at him that she's fine, and she doesn't want him always questioning her. He offered to get Mia for her, because Mia makes her feel secure, but she responded by asking, "How does Mia make you feel?" Adam ignored the question and asked her to sit down, but she exploded at him again. He moved to get Mia, but she stopped him and apologized, in an attempt to prevent him from going to Mia. He managed to convince her that he'll be right back, and she let him go. After he left, she remembered walking in on Mia and Adam hugging, and Mia running away in tears. Liza put her hand to her mouth and said, "My God!" Liza tried to convince herself that it was just a hug and he wouldn't do that with her sister. However, she remembered another scene with Adam and Mia and responded by throwing a picture frame against the wall.

In his room, Ryan put out the candle and picked up the phone, trying to track down Kendall. He left a message on her cell phone to call him back.

Anna hung up her phone after issuing an APB for David. Aidan walked up to her, and told her that Chris went up to check on Erica. She asked him to go to the park with her, and he said he'd meet her there. As Anna was leaving, she ran into Kendall who told her that she needed to talk to She told Anna that she's being framed for the fire, and she's her last hope. At first Anna wasn't interested in helping her, but Kendall told her that she overheard Bianca telling Chris she would lie on the stand. Anna told her that if this is true, she would need some concrete evidence. It can't be her word against there's. Aidan came out and joined them. Before leaving with him, Anna made sure that Kendall was clear on what she had to do, and Kendall said she was. After Anna left, she called Trey and left a message. She then thought about the proof Anna asked for, and remembered hearing Chris tell Aidan about the phone lines running into Erica's new penthouse. She smiled and thought about how Aidan could help her get into Erica's phone lines.

Outside the study, Adam explained to Mia that he doesn't know what's wrong with Liza. He told her that his love is no match for whatever's happening to her. Mia told him that everything will turn out okay, and she hugged him. Liza opened the door just in time to see them hug. Liza turned around and led them into the room. Oblivious to how she was feeling, Mia began telling her about Colby. Liza turned on her, and began screaming at Mia. She told her that Colby is her daughter, and not some replacement for the son she abandoned. Mia was in shock as Liza told her to stay away from Colby. Adam tried to say that "we" are only trying to help, but Liza said that "we" used to include just her and Adam. She told Mia to stay away from her, permanently. Mia asked her what's going on, and Liza accused her of using her. She asked her "Why are you sleeping with my husband?" Both Adam and Mia tried to tell her she was wrong, but Liza continued. She told Mia about the cufflink, and how it was Adam's, not Jake's. She told her how Adam likes younger women, and how this fits him perfectly. She turned to Adam and told him that she can't believe he was tripped up by a cufflink. Adam, however, said that he wasn't looking for a cufflink, he was looking for a pen. Liza stared at him, as he said, "I told you that." She went step-by-step through everything that Adam said, but he reiterated that he said he lost his fountain pen, not a cufflink. She asked Mia to go get the cufflink, while Adam continued trying to convince her that he said, "pen." When Mia brought it back, Liza showed it to Adam and confirmed that it was his cuff link. She asked him what it was doing in Mia's bed, but he responded, "You tell me, Liza." She began to doubt herself, and stammered, "Why would I put your cufflink in Mia's bed?" Stuart and Marian entered the room to tell them the news about Lorenzo, but noticed the tense situation. Stuart asked, "Is there something wrong," as Liza, Adam, and Mia stood in silence.

In the park, Anna quickly filled in Aidan on Kendall, but then switched gears and asked for more info about him. He told her that he was just looking for more information after finding his mother's trunk. He said that his mother obviously loved her, because she kept all of her drawings, and Anna said that she wished she new her better. Aidan reminded her that she was called "Tigger", and Anna laughed, telling him not to tell David. Aidan then asked her what she's doing with him. She told him the short version of why she married David. She went on to say that she loves David, but she also loves a challenge, and that's what David is. She told him that he's seen him at his worse, and Aidan responded that he doubts that. She changed subjects and told Aidan that she's made some inquiries about him, and found out that he was stationed in Afghanistan. Aidan told her not to make anymore inquires and to stay out of his business. She apologized and told him that she wants him to be able to trust her more, if he decides to stick around. He told her about Chris giving him a job, and she asked him if he has a place to stay. He said he doesn't, but he'll invite her over when he does. She said, "I'd like that."

Ryan was on the phone to the police when Kendall walked in. He asked her where she was, as he hung up the phone, but she ran up to him and put her arms around him. Ryan asked her where she was, and she told him that she went to see Chris. He was upset with her, and told her that it's not her job to try to put things right between him and Chris. She confessed that she's afraid of losing him, but Ryan told her that she never has to worry about losing him, and that he will always be there for her. Later, Kendall laid in bed next to Ryan and remembered Chris saying, "Whoever has access to these lines will be privy to everything in Ms. Kane's life, personal and professional."

Edmund brought coffee back to Brooke, who told him that she was going to call Maureen Gorman, but decided to keep there options open until they knew Lorenzo was completely well.

Maureen Gorman checked her messages, and heard a message about "some nice people from Pine Valley, Pennsylvania" who visited the hospital. Maureen appeared to react to the name of the city as she hung up her phone.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

At the Chandler mansion, Stuart and Marian enter to tell Adam, Mia and Liza the good news about Enzo but obviously notice that they're in the middle of a conflict. Stuart mentions the tension but continues to tell everyone that Tim Dillon is a perfect match. Adam gets very distant and leaves. Stuart and Marian follow and Mia turns to Liza tells her that she thinks she knows how the cufflink ended up in her bed. Mia thinks that Colby's dress-up trunk has cufflinks in it and that she was playing with it in her bed. Liza agrees that it could be the answer and apologizes to Mia. Liza admits that she hasn't been herself lately but Mia says that she is fine.

Bianca calls Ryan from the park but Kendall hangs up on her and unplugs the phone before telling him. Bianca leaves Maggie in the park to watch JR and goes to get Ryan in person. Maggie sees into JR. As she tries to talk to him he gets really freaked out and says he makes it a point not to talk to dead people. He tells her to get lost but she assures him that she is Frankie's twin sister. She asks how long he knows her and deduces that he is the one Frankie was with the night she died.

At The Pit, Tad is the life of the party at a table of captivated female co-workers. He notices Simone and approaches her. He tries to charm her with the same funny story but she gets an attitude and throws a drink on him. Tad laughs off the rejection and tells her he was not trying to hit on her. He apologizes to her again and asks her to join him and his bevy of ladies. She does so reluctantly and Tad continues to tell his tale. Brooke and Edmund look on and mention that he is hiding his hurt. Tad sees them and invites them to join him and his party. Edmund declines and heads home but Brooke decides to stay. Simone decides to depart as well, leaving Brooke and Tad alone. Tad, very drunk at this point, leans in and kisses Brooke passionately. Just then, Simone returns to get her jacket and sees them in the embrace. Brooke pulls away and offers Tad a ride home. They walk out arm-in-arm.

In Adam's bedroom, Stuart and Adam discuss Enzo and but Adam turns the conversation to Colby and how, if anything were to happen to Liza, Colby would stay with him. Stuart naively questions what would happen to Liza. Adam brushes off the question as Stuart tells him to relax and stop worrying - everything is going to be all right. Liza enters and confirms that she will not leave Adam, ever, and she wants his forgiveness. Adam tells her that she's been through a lot lately but Liza continues to confess her love. Adam admits that Enzo's problems make everything else seem trivial. As they hug Liza tells Adam that she feels so alone and needs him. She starts to say "If the tumor ever grows back . . ." but Adam interrupts and says "It's not the tumor, it never was the tumor." Liza pulls away and asks him if he knows something that she doesn't. Adam admits he knows nothing and says it's just the stress of everything that has caused all of these problems. They hug and declare their continued love for each other.

Stuart returns to the office to find Mia gazing at Adam and Liza's wedding picture. She asks how Adam and Liza are doing and Stuart reassures her that they will work it out. Stuart questions Mia about Jake but Mia tells him that they're not on the best of terms right now. Stuart assures her that they may be able to work it out when they see each other tomorrow at work but Mia tells him that Adam asked her to quite her job at the hospital. Stuart is confused and asks why Adam would ask her to quite. Mia responds because of Colby and everything going on with Liza. Stuart warns her not to let Adam take too much from her.

Back in their hotel room, Kendall tells Ryan that they have to stop Bianca and Chris or they'll have no future at all. Kendall tells Ryan that she heard Bianca tell Chris she would lie on the stand. As Kendall goes on to Ryan about how they plan to twist the story in court, Bianca knocks on the door and storms in. After she and Kendall spar Bianca turns to Ryan to tell him that she saw JR drunk and hanging at a known drug hangout. Kendall pleads to Ryan that it's none of his business but Ryan disagrees and tells her to stop thinking about herself for once. Ryan and Bianca leave to go find JR. Kendall gets angry; vows to stop Bianca; and storms out.

Ryan and Bianca run into JR and his friends. JR is angry with Bianca for "ratting him out" but Ryan defends her. Ryan tells JR's friend that he is scum and to get lost. JR tells Ryan to mind his own business but Ryan says that this is his business. JR confides to Ryan that he wanted to "chill" but Ryan tells him that "losing his mommy" was not an excuse. Ryan tells JR that he was in the same place and he felt lost but he needs to be strong.

Kendall bumps into Aidan outside the hotel. As he picks up his box that she knocked over, Kendall reminisces about Chris's conversation with Aidan and how Anna told her that she would need to prove the conversation ever even took place. Kendall moves into action and questions Aidan about his participation with Erica's home plans. He tells him that he doesn't even have the job yet. Kendall flirts and tells him that maybe she'll stop by and watch him work sometime. Aidan asks why but Kendall reassures him it's only because Erica's house will be famous and she'd like to see it. Aidan still seems confused as to why Kendall is even talking to him. As Kendall tells Aidan that she is the welcome wagon and she's here to make him happy, Ryan walks up behind her and hears the whole conversation.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

In the park Leo raced to get back to Greenlee's loft with his tux. He ran into Anna, who demanded to know why he'd left the country and gone to Paris. He told Anna that he'd gone to look for Vanessa's drug money. Anna asked about Count DuPres and Leo tried to avoid the question. Anna said she had the Count checked out and that he fits the profile for laundering Vanessa's money. Leo said there was no way Guy was involved with that, he was a good man and no con. Leo told her they took a DNA test and Anna was surprised. She said they'd talk later and Leo took off running. Anna thought for a moment then left the park herself.

Simone opened Greenlee's loft door to welcome in the photographer and hair/make up stylist that Revlon sent for the photo shoot. They were very snooty and Simone nervously tried to make small talk. She told them how beautiful Greenlee is and how handsome Leo is. In stumbled Greenlee, looking like death warmed over. The two professionals looked disgusted at Greenlee's disheveled appearance. Greenlee sat down and the stylist began attempting to fix her hair. Mary and Roger walked in arguing. Mary stopped short and was horrified at Greenlee's looks. Greenlee started to whine and Mary said "You're Greenlee Smythe, you're my daughter and we don't cave!." Mary started ordering the stylist around while Simone went to make Greenlee some tea. Roger began to follow her but Mary demanded he stay and help. They began arguing again when the phone rang and Greenlee picked it up. It was Count DuPres but Greenlee could hardly hear him. She yelled at her parents to be quiet then spoke with the Count. She asked if he had the DNA results but before he could answer Leo burst in. He was shocked at Greenlee's appearance but was even more surprised when she handed him the phone and said it was Guy. Leo took the phone and the Count told him how happy he was to receive the wedding invitation. Leo was a little confused since he hadn't sent one. Leo told Guy that he didn't have to come to the wedding, especially since they didn't even know if they were related yet. Guy said he hoped by then to have the DNA results and that they could read the results together. They hung up and Leo sat down. Greenlee joined him and Leo said he can't get his hopes up yet, he's so afraid things aren't going to work out. Mary piped in and said they had to get announcements out to the papers that a Count was coming to the wedding. Leo jumped all over her for sending the invitation without his knowledge. She admitted to sending it to the Count, she claimed that she wanted Leo to have one presentable relative attend his wedding. They all began to argue and the phone rang again. Simone answered it and handed it to Greenlee. She burst into tears and told Leo the church they were getting married in had been hit by lightening. She said "If that's not bad karma I don't know what is!" and cried in Leo's arms. He comforted her and promised that their wedding would be everything she ever wanted.

In Oak Haven Vanessa read the newspaper article regarding Leo and Greenlee's upcoming wedding. She got more and more agitated and in walked Trey. She verbally attacked him, and demanded to know what he was doing to stop the wedding. Trey said he'd never let her son walk down the aisle. Vanessa went into her crazy actress act and Trey sat down and told her to cut the BS. He told her that Leo spent time in Paris with a man her age, a count. Vanessa said told him to go on and Trey told her about the DNA test. She got upset and told him to make sure the results were never seen. She ordered him back to Paris to "rewrite that scene" but Trey refused. Vanessa said she could replace him and Trey told her to go to hell. Vanessa kicked him and he grabbed her and threw her down on the bed. Trey began to choke Vanessa and demanded to know where Proteus's money was. She yelled for help and two orderlies rushed in and pulled Trey away. Vanessa yelled that Trey was trying to kill her as Anna walked in. But Trey pretended that it was Vanessa who had attacked him and claimed that he got too close to her when she was agitated and that he should've known better. Anna and the orderlies believed him and he left the room as the orderlies tied Vanessa to the bed. Anna was left alone with Vanessa and she tried to talk about Leo. But Vanessa pulled the crazy actress act again. Anna told her about Leo going to Paris and how badly he wants the Count to be his father. Vanessa told Anna to leave but Anna said she'd checked on the Count and that he's working for Vanessa. She said "Think what it will do to Leo when he finds out that the count is your accomplice." Vanessa said she couldn't help Anna and Anna just asked her to tell the truth. Vanessa refused and Anna said she'd just go talk to the Count herself. Vanessa went crazy and acted like she was having some sort of heart attack. Anna didn't believe her at first but finally called for a doctor. The doctor rushed in and told the nurse to call a code and get the crash cart, while Anna watched from the doorway. After they got Vanessa settled down and medicated the doctor told Anna she had to leave. Anna said to Vanessa "I saw you being honest for the first time, what are you afraid of?." The doctor ordered her out and Vanessa lied in the bed looking very frightened. A while later when Vanessa was better and alone her phone rang. She answered it and it was Wolf. He told her the Count is attending Leo's wedding. Vanessa said the wedding is not happening. Wolf told her not to do anything, that he wanted it to happen and he hung up. He sat in the mansion, polishing a huge rifle.

Kendall woke up in the motel and realized Ryan never came home last night. She ran outside and bumped into Aidan. She went back into the room and called Trey, leaving a very desperate message. Ryan walked in as she finished her message. She asked why he didn't come home last night. Ryan said he was trying to help her out but Kendall went on about how she has enemies everywhere. Ryan told her JR was in trouble and that Bianca had asked him to help out. Kendall said Bianca was trying to frame her and that she has to fight. Ryan told Kendall they couldn't go on like this. He showed her the calendar and said they only had a few days until her trial and he wants her to stay away from Erica and Bianca until then. He told her to trust him and Kendall said that trust isn't something that comes naturally to her. Ryan promised that their life together would be great when this mess was all over. He said he had something to take care of and told her to stay put. He left and Kendall just wandered around the room. The phone rang and it was Trey. She said she needed his help now and Trey agreed to meet her at the Valley Inn immediately.

Chris and Aidan met at the Valley Inn for breakfast. Chris said he'd checked Aidan out and offered him a job, working on Erica's new home. Aidan accepted the position. Chris said they'd start today. Ryan showed up and Chris introduced the two men. Aidan said he needed to take care of some things before the job and left. Ryan sat down and told Chris that Kendall overheard Bianca say she was going to lie on the stand. Chris asked if Ryan really thought he'd go for a set up like that and told his son that Kendall was lying. Ryan said Chris was wrong about Kendall and mentioned that he gave her Gail's ring. Chris got visibly upset and angry. Ryan said he wanted Chris to understand how serious he is about Kendall. Chris said Kendall is just playing Ryan but Ryan insisted that she's telling the truth. Chris said he just wants what's best for Ryan and that Kendall is going to bring him nothing but grief. Ryan disagreed and said Kendall needs a fresh start away from Erica. Ryan said they have to put space between all of them. Chris hugged Ryan and said they'll make the best of it. Kendall and Trey walked in just in time to see the hug. Trey turned to Kendall and said "Everything you say to Ryan goes straight to Chris." She looked upset.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Maggie goes to Anna's hotel room frantic that her hair is a mess and she can't get herself together for the prom. Anna, who feels bad about missing Robin's prom, helps Maggie get ready. She gives her a makeover from top to bottom. Bianca stops by to say hello and to tell Maggie not to be surprised if Erica comes along with Bianca to pick her up.

Kendall sees Ryan having a family dinner with Erica, Chris, and Bianca. She seethes with jealousy and anger and is ready to go confront them when Trey stops her. He takes her to the park where they can talk. Once there, Trey warns Kendall that everything she tells Ryan, he tells to the other side. He convinces Kendall that even though Ryan says he loves her, she can't count on him to keep quiet about some things. Kendall decides to tell Trey about a plan she is working on. She tells him that her new neighbor is working on Erica's penthouse. Through him she can get access to the apartment to look for any evidence that Erica and Bianca are holding that could prove her innocence. Trey gives her a *wink and nod* and says not to do anything illegal.

At the Valley Inn, Ryan tells Chris that he still thinks Kendall is innocent. He can't understand how Erica can stand around and watch her own flesh and blood go to prison when she is not guilty. Erica swears she just wants to see justice done. It has nothing to do with Kendall. They leave and go to the penthouse. Erica is anxious to show Bianca her new bedroom, but Bianca has other plans. She informs Erica she won't be moving in. Erica manages to hide her disappointment. After Bianca leaves, Erica laments to Chris that Bianca won't stay and Kendall won't leave. At this point, Chris tells her that if Kendall gets off, she and Ryan are moving away from Pine Valley. Erica considers this new information. Once alone, Erica makes a call to Jack Montgomery.

Edmund and Brooke are having dinner at the Valley Inn when Edmund has to take an important call. While waiting, Brooke looks through the envelope Edmund received from Nevada. She sees a drawing of a castle done by a woman named Maureen Gorman. Brooke stares at the picture then calls the pediatric center where the drawing came from. She asks for a description of Maureen and is stunned at what she hears. When Edmund returns, Brooke lies and tells him she is going to see Phoebe. Instead, Brooke goes straight to Tad.

When Tad opens the door for Brooke, he wants to talk about the kiss they shared the night before. Brooke says there are more important things to discuss. She hands Tad the drawing and asks what he thinks about it. Tad studies the picture and says it looks like a drawing of Wildwind before the fire. Tad misses the connection. Brooke explains that it is too much coincidence that this Maureen person drew a picture of Wildwind, is a perfect match for Enzo, and fits Maria's description to a T. Tad is sure that if Maria were really alive she would be with her family, not at some hospital in Nevada. Brooke wonders if perhaps Maria lost her memory. After all, it happened to Tad. Brooke decides to go to Nevada and investigate. She makes a phone call to Edmund. Again she lies to him this time saying she is going to go visit Laura.

After hanging up with Brooke, Edmund gets another phone call. Thinking it is her on the phone again, Edmund answers by saying, "Forget to tell me you love me?" But it isn't Brooke on the other end of the line. It is Maureen. She doesn't say a word and hangs up.

Friday, June 28, 2002

Greenlee and Leo were at the Valley Inn with Mary Smythe making arrangements with George to have her wedding at the Inn. Greenlee was very stressed out because the church where she was going to have the wedding was hit by lightning. The reception has to be changed because there was an insurance glitch. So it is the Valley Inn for the ceremony. Greenlee insisted on having two white doves released as she and Leo are proclaimed man and wife. Leo asked George to concur there would be doves. George said the Valley Inn had squab and Greenlee became more hysterical that the wedding was going to be a disaster. She wanted a country carriage and white doves. She didn't want a redo of Leo's non-wedding to looney Laura. Leo told Greenlee there was one way to insure a no-stress wedding and that would be to elope. Mary, horrified, interrupted and said that was impossible because Revlon is paying for the wedding as part of an ad campaign. Greenlee told Mary and George she wanted to talk to Leo alone. They sat down at a nearby table to talk further about the wedding. Leo commented that Greenlee was getting quite frazzled. Their conversation was interrupted. Count du Pres entered the room and after greeting Greenlee, gave Leo a sealed envelope. It contained the DNA test results.

JR was dressed in his tux for his prom date with Laurie. Tad admired how great JR looked when the doorbell rang. A delivery person had a boutonniere for JR. JR read the card and looked sad. Tad asked if the lilac boutonniere was from Laurie. It's from Mom, replied JR. Tad read the card and then tucked it into JR's pocket. Dixie will always be with you he reminds JR. Dixie had sent the flower order from Switzerland before the car accident.

Adam and Liza stopped by Tad's house to visit with JR before he left for the prom. Liza gave him a hug and apologized for the unpleasant mood she had been in lately. She told JR she thought he was very strong while dealing with Dixie's accident. She invited JR to spend some time with her and Adam during the summer. JR agreed as he had promised Colby he would teach her to swim during the summer. Tad agreed it was ok with him as well. JR was pleased everyone had come to see him off to the prom. Adam and Liza hugged each other and briefly talked about Colby's first prom. Liza assured Adam he would be a puddle seeing her off to her first dance. Adam promised Liza she would be there to steady him. After everyone had left his home, Tad called Brooke and asked her if she had any more clues about the connection between Maria and Maureen. He told Brooke he was going to Nevada with her to find Maureen.

Erica, as well, was helping Bianca get ready for the prom. Bianca asks her if she was ok with her going to the prom with a girl. Erica assured her everything was fine with her. Erica told Bianca that what makes you happy, makes me happy. There was a knock at the door and it was Uncle Jack. He came to see Bianca off to her prom and brought with him a gift of earrings that belonged to his mother. She wore them at her first prom, Jack told Bianca and now they are hers to wear to her first prom. Bianca was pleased. Erica, Jack and Bianca went to David's room at the Valley Inn to pick up Maggie.

David entered his room at the Valley Inn and interrupted Anna who was helping Maggie get ready for the prom. He asked what was going on. They began to bicker some and Maggie offered to leave them alone but there was a knock at the door. Erica, Bianca and Jack had arrived to take photos of Bianca and Maggie for their prom pictures. David set up his camera and they posed for a group picture. Afterward, they all left, leaving Anna and David to continue their argument. Anna wanted to know about his mysterious trip and David was peeved Anna had an APB out on him. She told him she was worried about him and thought she would never see him again. He explained he had gone to Zurich to give positive identification to a body that was thought to be Dixie. It was not Dixie. David could not understand why Anna was so angry with him until she explained it was the Day of Compassion and she wanted him to be with her. Robin, her daughter, is Hpositive. David did not know this and told Anna he was sorry he wasn't there to be with her. Anna told David she thought Dixie meant more to him than she did, even in death. David told her she couldn't be more wrong. They both agreed they were tired of fighting.

Erica and Jack returned to Erica's room at the Valley Inn. Erica told Jack she doesn't think Kendall set the fire. Jack was stunned. Erica wanted to know if there was any forensic evidence from the fire. Jack had none but he thought he had a solid case against Kendall anyway.

Trey went to the Pine Cone Motel to see Kendall but she wasn't there. So he talked to Ryan about a different plea for Kendall. Ryan became angry Trey wanted Kendall to plead insanity to avoid a trial. Only people who are guilty plea insanity retorted Ryan as he slammed Trey against the wall of his room. Ryan reminded Trey it was his job as Kendall's attorney to convince the jury she is innocent. Trey left the Motel.

Kendall, meanwhile, visited Aidan at the work site for the penthouse suites at Enchantment. She sipped on a cool ice tea as Aidan worked nearby, sweating. She offered her cool drink to Aidan. He replied, if you want me to kiss you, all you have to do is ask." Kendall continued to flirt with him as she inquired about the building blueprints spread out on the floor. She talked about the electrical lines and phone connections and wondered how fool proof the system is. Aidan said he had to fly and picked up his toolbox. Kendall said she was going to hand out for a while but Aidan said she had to leave for security reasons. No one was allowed there without a pass. Kendall noticed a security pass on the worktable when Aidan picked up his toolbox and secretly put it in her pocket. She then left with Aidan.

Kendall returned to the motel and saw Ryan had begun packing a suitcase. He wanted to be ready to leave right after the trial was over he told Kendall. He told Kendall about Trey's visit and Trey's plan for her to plead insanity. He told her to find another attorney.

Adam and Liza were seated at a table at the Valley Inn waiting for dinner. Liza suggested they rent a suite for the night. She gave her cell phone to Adam to call Mia to ask her to watch Colby for them. Adam noticed she had a message on her phone. Liza had told him she didn't recognize the phone number so she would call back tomorrow. After Liza had left the dining room to make the reservation at the front desk, Adam's curiosity got the best of him and he listened to the phone message. It was Trey. All he needed was Liza's power of attorney and financial records. He assured Liza in his message that Adam would never know she had stolen money from Chandler Enterprises and where the money is located. Adam, enraged, erased the message. When Liza returned to Adam's table, she was puzzled why he looked so angry. "What's wrong?" she asked.



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