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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 24, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, June 24, 2002

Lily is in the hospital awaiting some word from Dr. Samuels about her baby. She is suffering from cramps and high blood pressure. Dr. Bob Hughes comes in to have a talk with her. Holden brings her up to date on the Rose situation; he tells her that Katie got a telegram from Simon asking for help. Holden is distracted by worry for Aaron and why he is so late returning from the concert with Lucy. Lily tells him to take Luke and Faith home as they are becoming restless waiting at the hospital.

Alison is down to 21"Bottles of Beer on the Wall," much to the annoyance of Lucy and Aaron who are impatient for the tow truck to arrive. Aaron goes out to see if he can spot the truck. Lucy is worried, but Alison wants to play "Truth or Dare." Lucy catches Alison in another lie about visiting her father, Larry McDermott.

Craig arrives at his suite in the Lakeview but there is no Lucy. He hears the message on his machine that says she is spending the night at Alison's. He has suspicions about that and picks up the phone but is interrupted by a knock on the door. It is Susan Stewart looking for Alison. She is under the impression that the girls are spending the night at Craig's. They both realize that their daughters have lied to them and they have no idea where they are.

Emily is getting a glass of milk at night and Hal catches her snooping in his work bag. He accuses her laughingly of searching for an engagement ring. He playfully handcuffs her to a chair in the kitchen and is just about to unlock her when Susan comes to the door. Susan surprises Hal and he drops the handcuff keys. They stall Susan while Hal scrambles around looking for the key. They let Susan in, who doesn't begin to want to know what they are doing with the cuffs, and asks Emily if she knows any particular reason why Alison would be so upset. She accuses Emily of telling Alison about her true parentage.

Aaron overhears Lucy accusing Alison of deceiving them yet again. Alison confesses that she could not even knock on her father's door after she peeked in and saw the "All American family" inside. She feels she doesn't belong here....or anywhere, for that matter. Lucy is not buying this, but Aaron is sympathetic. Alison swears to tell the truth from now on.

Lucinda and Katie arrive at the hotel in Avanya. The desk clerk seems to recognize Lucinda from a previous visit, but she denies it. A stranger beckons to Katie and identifies himself as "Slade." He warns her that her husband is a dangerous man. The clerk tells Katie that Simon is doing some night fishing, and Simon walks in with a huge fish. He gets playful with the local woman and Katie is confused. She is even more confused when Simon tells her he did not send the telegram asking for help.

At the hospital, Bob tells Lily that she needs to spend the night there and then must make some drastic changes in her life-style if she wants to avoid pre-term labor. She needs to take time for herself and to slow down and lower her stress.

Craig arrives at Holden's but neither of them knows where the kids are. Craig badgers Holden who tells Craig about Lily's hospitalization. Craig backs off and returns to the Lakeview.

Alison lies again to Aaron and Lucy about the car keys which she pitched out fo the car. The tow truck arrives and they are on their way home.

Hal finds out where the kids are from the Chicago police, but Susan is still on a rampage that Emily has upset Alison.

Simon is acting very strangely and tells Katie that he has seen Henry. He sends Katie and Lucinda up to their rooms and joins in a poker game. Katie is furious but Lucinda tells her to back off and let Simon do his job. The mysterious Mr. Slade speaks to Katie again.

In Oakdale, Alison bursts into Hal's house and demands to know what her mother and Emily are talking about. She knows they are keeping some secret from her. Aaron takes Lucy to Craig's suite and Craig is waiting up for them.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Carly goes over to see Abigail after she called because Molly hasn't come home. Molly finally stumbles through the door after she had been out all night. Carly has a talk with Molly about how this hurts Abigail. Molly goes on about drinking her problems away and how she knows it's wrong, but it seems to work. Carly offers her a place to stay but she turns it down because seeing her and Jack would make it worse. Molly lashes out at Abigail and tells them to leave her alone because nothing will fix her problems. Molly admits before they leave, that she doesn't know what she needs.

Alison finds out the truth about Emily and Susan and her conception. Alison realizes that all of Oakdale is talking about her behind her back. Emily tries to explain everything will be better now since everything is out in the open. Alison freaks and tells Emily the only reason she wanted this to be told was because she wanted to move in with her new family Emily figures honesty will win over Hal. Susan wants to leave and Alison doesn't want to go with her. Alison thinks nobody wants her and she decides she doesn't want anyone else to be a burden to anyone so she leaves. Susan and Emily have words and Susan leaves.

Craig is waiting for Aaron and Lucy to sneak in and when they do he lashes out at them. Aaron tries to explain to Craig but he is less than receptive of any answers. Aaron then goes to see Holden and Lily at the Hospital awaiting to be discharged, and Holden lashes out at Aaron calling his actions and behaviors stupid and disrespectful. He tires to explain how Alison lost the keys, but he didn't want to hear it. Meanwhile Lucy has her curfew shortened and is no longer aloud to see Aaron under the threat of being sent back to Montega. Craig rambles on about what he thinks Aaron is like and is not willing to change, so Lucy decides she will call her mom herself to pick her up. Lucy admits to not wanting to leave but Craig tells her how she has changed since she has been going out with Aaron. Lucy agrees to compromise with Craig.

Aaron and Holden continue to have words at the hospital and Aaron apologizes for not being there and Holden lets him have it. He tells him how he let his family down and to go home and wait for him and they will finish it at home. Aaron goes to the farm only to have Alison show up and want a ride out of town since he is also leaving. Recap --->

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Isaac and Bonnie enjoy some time together and while they are kissing at Java Underground, Marshall Travers walks in. He orders a Bloody Mary and starts to talk to Bonnie. During their conversation, it comes up that Bonnie's mother is district attorney. Marshall begins flirting with Bonnie and says to her, "If I died looking at your exquisite face I'd die a happy man." Bonnie replies that when her mother mentioned him, she didn't mention that he was also a snake.

Meanwhile, Lisa tells Isaac that she wants to get rid of Brandy. Lisa is still angry that Brandy seduced Adam and broke up Adam and Abigail. Just as they are talking, Brandy comes in. She says she got there early so she did the inventory and cleaned behind the bar. Isaac is impressed but Lisa isn't and Brandy knows that Lisa doesn't like her. Brandy says she's trying to get her life back together. She tells them she is on academic probation and really needs job. She fakes a cry and runs away. A little while later, Brandy comes back and against Lisa's better judgment, Isaac says they will give her a chance.

Isaac asks Bonnie what Marshall wanted. Bonnie tells him about the flirting. Isaac is ready to confront him but Bonnie says she handled the situation. Isaac and Bonnie go to the back and Brandy is left in charge of the bar for a little while. She walks over to Marshall. He asks if she is still interested in his proposition. She agrees to get information on Bonnie's mother and in return she'll receive an expensive watch, (among other things).

Lily is still in the hospital but will soon be released. Holden tells Lily he had a fight with Aaron and that he feels really bad about it. Holden says that Aaron was hurt and he wishes he handled things a little better. Lily assures him that he acted fine and not to be so hard on himself.

Lucy is upset because she received a message from Aaron saying that he was leaving town. Craig comes home and Lucy tells him that the deal they made last night is off. She says it is very important that she go see Aaron. She feels he is leaving because of her. Craig says Aaron is just a teenager but Lucy says their emotions are real and shouldn't be dismissed just because they are teenagers. She tells Craig she is trying to respect him and could have just snuck out. Finally, Craig agrees to let Lucy go see Aaron and they agree to have dinner with Aaron and his family.

Alison tries to hitchhike but Aaron won't let her. She says she want to go to Las Vegas and become a dancer. Aaron says they look for girls like her, "little dopey runaways from the Midwest." Alison tells Aaron why she wants to run away - because she was conceived through in vitro and Emily was the egg donor. Aaron says he knows what weird families were like - he was conceived when Holden had a one-night stand with his mother Julie. He says he's running away because "Holden wants a kid who never screws up and that's not me." Alison suggests that the two of them go off together. Aaron wants to leave alone and tells Alison people will be looking for her. He says he feels bad about screwing up in Chicago. Silently remembering how she threw the keys, Alison tells Aaron it wasn't his fault. She finally agrees to not run away and says she wants to go see Emily. Aaron says he'll take her on his motorcycle.

Lucy arrives at the barn but only sees Aaron's bag. She calls Lily hoping he didn't leave yet. Holden rushes to the barn and Lucy tells him he has to work things out with Aaron. She says he has to fix it or else Aaron will leave town.

Hal has planned a romantic night to propose to Emily. In the meantime, Susan comes over and tells Emily that Alison has run away. Susan and Emily call all over looking for her and Hal offers to send some police officers around town to look for her. Emily and her mother argue once again about the decision to tell Alison about the in vitro. Emily is upset and Hal convinces Susan to go home and wait for Alison. Emily asks her mother not to yell at Alison when she returns home. Susan says that believe it or not, she does know how to be a good mother. As Hal and Emily stand in the kitchen, Hal decides to just do it - and he proposes to Emily. She is ecstatic and they kiss. Through the window, Aaron and Alison see them kissing. Alison says she knew it was a mistake to come.

With a big bouquet of flowers, Craig goes to the hospital to "visit" Lily. He says that he comes in peace and invites them over for dinner. Holden accepts but wonders what Craig's up to. Lily says he just wants his daughter to be happy. When Craig returns back to his suite, he makes a call to one of his contacts. He says he needs information on Aaron by tomorrow night.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

by MJ

Aaron escorts Alison to Emily and Hal's and insists she faces them. Once inside, Aaron excuses himself and leaves Alison to work out her problems with Emily. Emily gives Alison permission to stay with her and Hal for the night, Alison uses the opportunity to be the center of Emily's attention and create havoc on Hal's romantic evening he planned.

Lucy explains to Holden about the previous night's events and problems. Holden suggests Lucy wait for Aaron in the barn, Lucy decides to stay, until Holden discovers another backpack that Lucy recognizes as Alison's. Lucy, upset thinking Aaron is planning to run away with Alison, leaves for home dejected.

Aaron returns to the barn only to have to confront Holden, who apologizes to Aaron. Holden explains to Aaron that he hasn't raised a teenager and that Aaron needs to realize that running from problems is not an answer. Holden informs Aaron of Lucy's feelings and tells Aaron that the families are getting together the next day to work things out.

An excited Aaron leaves to tell Lucy. At first, Lucy doesn't want to speak to Aaron, but eventually he persuades her to talk to him in the hall. Aaron tells Lucy he was just helping Alison, by talking her out of running away and helping with family problems. Aaron also informs Lucy about the scheduled dinner, both teens seem very happy. Aaron swears that nothing will keep him and Lucy apart.

In Avanya, Katie sees a changed Simon. Even when Simon arrives at the hotel room, he pushes Katie away and admits to stealing the provenance from Henry. When Katie tells Simon to give the provenance to Lucinda for safe keeping Simon scoffs at the idea. He tells Katie to leave him alone; that he isn't interested in her nagging at him. Katie leaves to the lobby. In the lobby, Lucinda shares information with Katie that she was told Simon was a very nice person when he arrived and his character has changed a lot since that time. Lucinda acknowledges that Katie has a problem with Simon, but expresses concern when Katie says she might leave for home. Lucinda explains that Simon needs Katie now more than ever.

While Simon is a changed man, we see an imprisoned Simon Frasier being held against his will in a jail somewhere in Avanya.

Friday, June 28, 2002

Margo visits Hal at his house and she tells him how tired she has been since she has so many cases pending. She asks if they can go inside and have a glass of water. As they are going toward the house she almost faints and Hal catches her before she falls. After they get inside the house and get a glass of water, Hal tells her about his impending nuptials. Margo starts to cry. She explains to Hal that she is happy for him. Hal decides that Margo needs to eat some food. The thought of food make Margo sick. Hal puts two and two together and asks Margo if she could be pregnant. Margo tells him that she is absolutely not pregnant. Hal makes her wait at his house while he goes out for some grocery items. When he returns, he has a pregnancy test for Margo. He makes her go upstairs to take the test. As she is stomping up the steps, Hal mutters, "You're welcome."

It is morning in Avanya and Katie comes downstairs to the hotel restaurant to have breakfast. She finds a table in the sun and orders some food for her and Simon. When Simon comes in, he is even nastier than the day before. He orders the waiter to bring him a bloody mary. Katie can't believe that he is going to drink so early in the morning. She tells him that she can't take his behavior anymore and she is going back to Oakdale. He tells her that is the best thing he has heard in days. Katie stomps out of the restaurant and Evil Simon finishes his drink.

Elsewhere in Avanya, Good Simon is trying to escape from his prison. He finally gets the bars loose from the window. He checks to make sure that no one is watching him. He goes back to the window and breaks the bars from the window. He lays the bars down and escapes through the window. He doesn't make it very far. A guard brings him back to his cell and handcuffs him to the cell bars. The guard tells him that they will fix the window tomorrow, but for tonight, he will sleep on the floor.

Later, Evil Simon has met up with Cooley. Cooley tells him that when he gives him the provenance then he will take him to Rose's father. Evil Simon says that he doesn't want to do that. Cooley says that was the deal and he knows that Simon doesn't want to go back on his deal. Simon grabs the old man by the shirt and pulls a knife on him. He tells the old man to tell him where the diamond is or he will kill him where he sits. Cooley says that the diamond is someplace safe. Simon asks again and the old man won't tell him. Evil Simon stabs the old man and asks again. Cooley mutters, "Katie!" Evil Simon asks, "Katie? Katie, what?" The old man passes out. Evil Simon pats him on the head and tells him to enjoy his siesta. As Simon tries to leave, Lucinda comes up and starts to talk to him. Simon tells her not now. Lucinda tells him that Katie is upstairs packing. Simon says that he has to stop her and he leaves. As he is walking out, two soldiers bring in Rose. Rose is happy to see Lucinda. She tells Lucinda that the soldiers want money for her return. Lucinda asks how much and Rose tells her fifty dollars. Lucinda says no problem and opens her wallet. One of the soldiers tells her that he wants one hundred dollars and then he adds, "Each." Rose tells Lucinda not to give them a hundred a piece. Lucinda tells her that she is not there to negotiate. She gives the men the money and they leave. Rose sits down and begins to cry. She tells Lucinda that the men took Paul and she doesn't know where he is.

Evil Simon goes up to Katie's hotel room where she is packing her clothes. He asks what is she doing and she says that she is leaving. He grabs her and says that he can't let her leave.

Rosanna stops by Craig's suite and they start to talk about Lucy and Aaron. Craig tells Rosanna that he is going to make Lucy see that Aaron is nothing but a criminal. Rosanna tells him that his daughter will hate him for that. She tells him her story. She explains that she was the ultimate rich girl and wanted for nothing. She ran away from her father to Emma's farm in Luther's Corner. She asks Craig if he sees any parallels yet. Craig says that Lucy came from Montega to live with him in Oakdale, but he doesn't think that compares. She tells him to keep telling himself that. She goes on and tells him about meeting a boy, Mike Kasnoff. She says that her father did not like Mike at all. The more her father hated Mike the more she liked him. She tells Craig that she hated her father for that until the day he died. Craig tells her about the dinner with he and Lucy and Aaron and Holden. Rosanna suggests that she attend the dinner also to be a buffer between he and the other three. Craig tells her that he is impressed that she wants to attend the dinner, but he can take care of it without her. Craig has a package delivered and he takes the envelope and looks at the contents. He puts the papers back in the envelope. Rosanna asks if he is going to let her see what is in the envelope and he says that she will find out when she has dinner with him and Lucy and Aaron and Holden. He looks at her and says, "I will let you try to get rid of Aaron your way. When that fails, I will do it my way."

At WOAK, Molly shows up drunk and insists on doing the news. Kim walks in and sees that Molly is drunk. She tells her assistant to call Abigail and Carly to come down to the station. Kim steps in and takes Molly to her office. Molly explains to Kim that she is having a terrible time since Jake's death. Kim tells her that she understands how it feels when your significant other dies and you are left alone. Molly tells Kim that all her fans had been so nice to her that she wanted to thank them on the air. Kim tells Molly to take a nap and she will give her 10 minutes at the end of the evening news. Molly tells her that that won't do because her plane will leave before then. Kim asks where is she going and Molly says that she is going away. Kim talks her into taking a nap and she leaves. As Kim is walking out of her office, Abigail, Carly and Jack show up. Kim tells them about Molly being drunk and that she is lying down in her office to take a nap. Abigail asks if she can look in on her just to make sure she is ok. Abigail and Carly open the door and see that Molly is asleep. As they are looking in on Molly, Bob comes in and tells Kim that Chris is coming home for a visit. Abigail twirls around when she hears that Chris is coming home. As they are listening to Bob and Kim talk about Chris, Molly sneaks out of the office and leaves. Bob and Kim leave to discuss their son's homecoming. Carly tells Abigail and Jack that she wants to get Molly out of there. She tells them that they should take Molly home and discuss what her plans are to leave. When they go into the office, Molly is gone. Carly turns to Abigail and says that she can't believe that she did it again. Jack tells the two women to go home and wait for him. He feels that it is time to get the police involved. Carly and Abigail go to Jack's house to wait. Jack come in and says that they have found out that Molly was booked on a flight to the French Riviera.

On the airplane, Molly is drinking, still. She asks the flight attendant how long will it be until they are in New York. The flight attendant tells her and then says that they will have a little lay over and then they will take off for France. The flight attendant reminds Molly to take her boarding pass if she gets off the plane in New York. Molly tells her that it won't be necessary because she is not going on to France; she is staying in New York. The flight attendant asks why and she says that she is covering her tracks. The flight attendant walks away and Molly takes a swig of her drink straight from the bottle and then she pours the rest in her glass of ice.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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