One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 24, 2002 on OLTL

Jen was angry after Cristian took Natalie's side. Téa admitted that she'd told Blair about Todd's plan. Ben realized that Viki was really Niki. Starr was disgusted with her father. Niki attacked Ben, and he went through a window of an upper floor at Llanfair.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 24, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, June 24, 2002

Keri is in a tizzy as she realizes that they are not any closer to finding Mark. Antonio brings Keri back to the hotel room. Keri is ecstatic to find all of the old high school yearbooks there.

After Rae receives a phone call, she decides she must get to Hawaii right away to stop Antonio and Keri from finding Mark. Rae runs into Hank on her way out. After begging her to slow it down some, Rae collapses in Hank's arms. After Rae regains consciousness, Hank tries to get her to the doctor. Rae refuses, she explains she has a medical emergency to attend to and will visit the doctor as soon as she gets back.

Lindsay runs into Ben as he is coming to visit Allison. Lindsay tells Ben she feels her life is in danger. Lindsay explains about Allison making the knife to use on her. Ben is skeptical that Allison will buy the Dave routine. He believes Allison is way too smart. Dave is who Allison lives for, counteres Lindsay. Lindsay begs Ben to be Dave as Allison walks in and screams at Lindsay to get away from Dave.

Jen confronts Natalie about the garden shed. When Natalie denies being there, Jen calls her crazy. Meanwhile, Niki was about to dispose of the "evidence" and ran into Cristian at the front door. Cristian had come to find Jen.

Chad is working on Emily's computer at the University. He no sooner gets it repaired and the Dean comes in and tells Chad he needs to see him. Molly and Shawna pick this time to introduce themselves. After going on about themselves, they "clue" Emily in to Chad. Emily stands up for Chad. Shawna hopes she doesn't see Emily on any internet XXX sites! Chad arrives as Molly and Shawna are leaving. He looks very concerned as Emily goes over what Molly and Shawna had told her. She knows it could not be true. Chad doesn't say anything.

Cris enters the living room and Natalie and Jen are still going at it. Jen shows Natalie the jacket she was wearing, and it is dirty. Niki asks Jen and Cris to leave. Niki apologizes to Jen for the misunderstanding, but Jen would like an apology from Natalie. Cris and Jen go out to the foyer while Natalie and Niki have a discussion. Natalie runs through all of the items Jen said she did, as Niki looks on with concern. Niki uses this opportunity to make Natalie doubt herself.

Jen blows up when Cristian wants her to apologize to Natalie. Cris knows Jen was there to pick a fight. Cris reassures Jen that he and Natalie are just friends. Again, Cris asks about the apology. Jen is not sorry and storms out.

Antonio finds Mark. Keri is thrilled until Antonio shows her Mark's last name.

Dave emerges to speak with Allison. Allison is so happy to see Dave! Dave wants to speak about Viki with Allison. This disappoints Allison, she does not want to discuss Viki. Allison scares him sometimes, like with Viki. Allison agrees to stop and Dave agrees to come see her again. Allison is on cloud nine.

Lindsay asks a glowing Allison about her visit. It was so great, but she is having problems decoding the message he was trying to send her. Allison figures it out! Dave wants her on the outside! Allison is busting out of jail!

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Niki finds some lethal liquid medicine and pills in Ben's doctor's bag. Her plan is to make Natalie think she has DID and kill Ben (doing that as an alter). Ben comes home from seeing Allison; he does not tell Viki he went to see Allison but tells her that Allison won't be bothering her any more. Viki tells Ben she has a headache and when he reaches for his bag she panics because she has taken the medicine to use on Natalie. She then tells Ben her headache is gone. Ben wants to go upstairs and make love and Viki tells him no that she is under too much stress. Ben says he is getting tired of hearing this and tells Viki it has been two months and they have only made love one time. Ben gets mad and asks Viki why she won't let him touch her. They continue to argue and Ben tells Viki he does not know her any more that she needs help; that they both need help and he is going to call Rae Cummings. Viki snaps and tells Ben he can't call Rae; jerks the phone out of his hand. Ben continues to be disturbed with Viki. Jess interrupts to tell Viki that Roxy is telling people they are friends. Jess leaves and Ben leaves saying he has to call the clinic, however he remains outside the door and hears Viki call Roxy and warn her about telling people they are friends and about their plot against Natalie. After Ben overhears Viki/Niki's conversation with Roxy; Viki appears with milk and cookies for Natalie (she drugs the milk with something she hopes will put Natalie in a state so she will kill Ben.) She takes it upstairs to Natalie and pretends she is concerned about her; they talk and Natalie starts eating the cookie and drinks some of the milk.

Bo walks in on Gabrielle and hears her on the phone talking about taking an apartment. When she gets off the phone, he asks her if she is planning to move. (Bo is apparently falling for Gabrielle). Gabrielle and Bo talk about her leaving; Bo seems disappointed. Gabrielle makes plans to pack her belongings. The phone rings, Bo answers it; it is a call saying that the apartment fell through for Gabrielle; Bo is thrilled. Gabrielle comes into the room and questions Bo – asks him if he is glad she is not moving. Bo tells Gabrielle yes - he is glad she is not moving.

Rex, Seth and Jess are having lunch at the country club when Roxy comes in and demands to be seated. She is told she cannot come in because they don't know for sure she is Max's wife. She tells him she knows Viki; to call and ask her to verify her identity; Jess overhears conversation and tells Roxy not to be telling people she is friends with her Mother. Roxy leaves and tells Jess that she will be back because she and Viki are friends. Jess tells Seth and Rex she has to leave; she needs to go tell Viki that Roxy is telling everyone they are friends. Seth and Rex leave the club to go to work at Break Bar. Seth is having trouble with Rex because he thinks Rex is out to get money from Jess and/or Natalie. In the meantime Jen runs into Seth and asks him what is wrong with Natalie. Seth tells Jen that there is nothing wrong with Natalie; that she can be a good friend. Cris shows up and Jen tells him she is sorry for causing trouble; that Seth reassured her about Natalie and that Cris can do whatever he want to with Natalie; that she understands. Cris seems skeptical.

Emily asks Chad about the porno site that Molly told her he set up for Cris. Chad makes no comment and leaves to get sodas; when he returns he tells her it is true. She asks him why he would do that and Chad tells her is was for money; that someone wanted Cris and Jen to break up (he didn't tell her it was Lindsay who paid him). Emily is disturbed by the news that Chad set up the porn site and becomes very cool towards him and tells him she has to go. Chad is upset over the turn of events with Emily.

Cris is at Llanfair in Natalie's room trying to find out what happened between she and Jen (Niki was playing the role of Natalie to make Jen think it was Natalie who pushed her in the potting shed). Natalie is becoming increasingly upset; Viki/Niki is telling her things to make her think she is crazy and/or has DID. Natalie does not tell Cris that her doubts are because Viki/Niki has told her this and has set up some instances making Natalie think she is crazy. Natalie tries to explain to Cris she did not attack Jen and they start trying to figure out what is happening. Cris questions Natalie and she tells him about the incident with the red sweat suit; that she didn't own one but that Rex found it in her car. She also tells him about clothes from the boutique that were delivered and when she returned them the clerk said it was her voice on the phone when the clothes were ordered. (The voice was Roxy impersonating Natalie). Natalie tells Cris she is scared that she has DID. Cris tries to reassure Natalie that she is really okay; Cris' phone rings; it is Jen but she has hung up. Natalie tells Cris to go to Jen so Cris leaves.

Roxy's old boy friend comes to Break Bar. (Max called him to come there) Max tells him that he and Roxy are married; Greevy tells Max their marriage won't last because Roxy is nuts about him; when she sees him she can't keep her hands off him. Max has a plan to catch Roxy and Greevy in a compromising position so he can divorce her. (Nora has advised Max this might work). Roxy comes to Break Bar (Greevy has gone to the Mens Room). Roxy complains that the country club would not let her in because it was not on their record about their marriage. Max talks Roxy into going home and waiting for him there; he tells her he is sorry about everything (he is doing this to set up a rendezvous between her and Greevy.) When Greevy returns from Mens Room, Max continues their conversation and tells Greevy to stay away from Roxy and gives their address on purpose hoping Greevy will go over there and find Roxy in sexy clothes waiting for a romantic episode (she thinks with Max). Roxy is dressed, lights candles, chills champagne and waits for Max. The doorbell rings, she says it is open because she thinks it is Max and Greevy comes in. Max is outside with a camera waiting to catch them.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Jess interrupts what seems like an argument between Seth and Rex. Though the guys initially deny it, Rex finally breaks down and tells her he'd like to be honest. He admits to finding newspaper articles about the Buchanans and Natalie and their situation before he came to Llanview. He didn't want her to know because he was afraid she'd think he was only after her money. He really wanted to meet her and see Nat again, he says. Seth thinks he's really up to something. Rex leaves the couple alone and Jess informs Seth that she doesn't trust him now because he never told her about this problem with Rex. If he would have mentioned it earlier it could have been cleared up long ago. She accuses him of hiding it while Rex is the one who told the truth. She then brings up old news, that of he and Natalie hurting her when they first came to Llanview. Seth truly believes that he has done the right thing but Jess is upset.

Greevy encounters a scantily clad Roxy; Max hides nearby, camera in hand. She tries to turn him away, dodging his clutches and making excuses, especially since he appears to be drunk. An elated Max snaps some pictures as Greevy manages to climb on top of her and passes out. He's smothering Roxy who keeps crying out for him to get up off of her, she's unable to breathe. Max is torn but finally dashes in, puts his camera down and pulls Greevy up. He takes him outside and orders him off. Greevy doesn't remember a thing, he must have blacked out, he mutters. Roxy is ecstatic at being saved by Max but her celebration is short-lived when she spies his camera. Max rejoices on his way back inside; he has pictures! Roxy holds up the now exposed roll of film that she's removed from his camera.

Bo tells Gabrielle he'd like her to stay; she agrees it's what she wants too, but she wonders why Bo feels this way. As he's about to disclose the reason, they're interrupted by a knock on the door; it's Asa. He's there to prevent Bo from making a mistake but after he insults Gabby, Bo stops her as she's heading back out the door with her suitcase. Asa can hardly believe it. Bo accuses Asa of mistreating Gabby and using her like Max did which is why she is "used goods" as Asa calls her. She was only desperate for love and money. Asa wonders if Bo has any pride in being with her. Bo answers that he's proud she's his friend and she's better than lots of other people. He trusts her as well. Asa grumbles that she's playing him but Bo utters that he's happy whenever she returns home. He ushers his father out. An overjoyed Gabrielle who has heard everything thanks him for his compliments. She only hopes that she sees herself in the same light some day, she confides. Asa talks to himself on the way out; he plans to bring down Gabrielle.

Troy and Nora are all set for a run in the park until Nora hears that it's a 5 mile run. She pretends to receive a cell phone call but Troy's not fooled. He wonders if she's been enjoying all of their exercising and healthful lifestyle. She just thinks it's more difficult than she thought it would be, she confesses. She enjoys the company more though. Their run is delayed by a call from Starr who thanks Troy for stamps he sent her and asks for advice on how to handle missing her dad. He suggests that she think of all their good times together.

Blair, Starr and Jack wait at St. Ann's for a visit with Addie. They decide not to tell her about the situation with Todd but as soon as she sees them she knows something is wrong. Blair spills the beans. Suddenly, a working Sam shows up and immediately upon introduction, Addie tells him he looks sad. She learns about Nora and Troy while Blair explains how Sam is a saint to her. Addie thinks that Blair misses Todd but she can see that she also likes Sam alot. Sam's feelings are mutual, he says. He needs to get back to work; Blair discloses that she will see that Sam gets back the love of his life, Nora. She has a plan to seduce Troy away from her, she declares. Addie thinks she's crazy. Starr, who was in another room with her sitter Suzanne, gets ready to leave for a playdate. She announces that she was on the phone with Dr. Troy earlier and he's at the park. Blair suddenly remembers something she's got to do.

Somewhere on an island in the South Pacific, Todd lies still as Téa continues her search for him. She locates Ross first who doesn't want to help her out but finally agrees. They find the spot where Todd is still down, his ankle being crushed by a fallen log. After contemplating the pros and cons, Ross reluctantly agrees to help Téa remove it. She cleans up the cut on Todd's head as he awakens while Ross decides to try to find some help. Todd still will not believe that it was Téa who foiled the kidnapping, he thinks she's just protecting Ross. He tries to take off after him but his badly sprained ankle stops him. Téa continues to say that she was the one who ruined his plans and finally Todd sees something in her face which makes him realize she's telling the truth. He'll never see his kids again, he laments. Maybe he should kill her instead then.

Not quite done with their run yet, Nora regretfully tells Troy that she has to leave and get Matthew. She urges him to finish. After she's gone, Blair shows up all decked out in running clothes-she's ready to take Nora's place.

Thursday, June 27, 2002


Ross looks around the island for any signs of life. Meanwhile, Todd begins to believe that Téa warned Blair rather than it being Ross fault. Téa tries to explain her reason for doing what she did. By warning Blair and preventing the kidnapping, she stopped him from losing any sort of relationship with his children. Téa says that Starr and even Jack would come to hate Todd for taking them away from their mother. When Todd was caught, he would be placed in jail and see his children less than he does now. Todd can't believe that he would be put in jail for kidnapping "his own" children. However, if it did happen, Starr would forget him and he would lose his children forever. Téa reminds him that Starr loves him so much and she will never forget her Dad. And that Blair knows how much her children need their father and will work something out. Ross returns and breaks the news that there is no one on the island, or ever has been. They are in paradise, "Adam and Eve and one extra man. A completely deserted island."


Upstairs in Natalie's room, Niki checks to see if Natalie is completely out. After she's satisfied she picks up the phone and calls Ben for the next step of her plan. Meanwhile, downstairs, Ben calls Rae and leaves a message regarding Viki. Once he hangs up, Pete, the landscaper, comes in and hands Ben a book he found outside. He assumes that it's Viki's because she likes to read out in the garden. The book is entitled, "Murder and how to get away with it." Ben is interrupted by a phone call from Niki. She tells Ben that she wants to apologize for how she's been acting lately. To make it up to him, she has planned a romantic evening for the two of them. They can "make love" and do other things that they haven't done lately. Ben says, "That sounds wonderful," but his face doesn't show it. Then Niki asks Ben if he is at the clinic. Ben looks down at the book and lies that he is. Niki asks him to stay there a little longer, for a few hours, so she can prepare for their big night. When they hang up, Niki says, "This will be a night you will never forget." Ben makes more calls, one of which is to Natalie. He leaves a message that he needs to speak to her as some as possible. Ben then calls Sam and leaves a message to call him back.

On the patio, Jess tries to recover from her fight with Seth. Rex walks up and asks if she hates him now. Jess explains that she could never hate her brother and she understands why he lied. Rex: "So you weren't crying because of me?" Jess tells him about the fight she had with Seth and that she just can't be with someone she can't trust. Rex offers to get a glass of water for her and bumps into Ben inside. Rex explains that Jessica is very upset and Ben asks if it's Viki. Rex tells him about Seth and the conversation turns to Viki. Ben pressures Rex to tell him anything he knows about Viki and her behavior lately. Rex tells him about his encounter with Viki in the parlor. Viki had said if he said anything about her behavior, she would make Natalie and Jessica hate him.

Back upstairs, Niki tells herself that she needs to plant some evidence. She picks up Natalie's computer and types an entry on her diary. "I hate Viki and Ben! I want them out of my life!" Then, with latex gloves on, she takes the syringe out of the wrapper and puts Natalie's hands all over it. "Now, all I need is a witness." She walks over to the window and sees Jessica lounging on the patio. Niki walks to her and Ben's room with the syringe with her. She injects the poison into a wine bottle and daydreams about how everything will play out... Ben, dressed in a robe, and Niki, in lingerie, toast to their love. Ben: "To my undying love." He drinks an entire glass and asks Viki why she isn't drinking any. Niki: "Because it's poisoned, my darling." Ben keels over and a very hazy Natalie walks in. The police arrive and Niki accuses Natalie of killing her stepfather. Niki: "She has D.I.D." The cops drag Natalie away while she yells that she didn't do it. Niki kicks Ben and shouts, "I'm free! I'm free!"

At Nora's, Sam brings Matthew over for some quality time with his mother. Sam asks if he should take Matthew back with him in case Troy and Nora have some plans. Nora says that they have no plans and Matthew asks if they all can play the new game he got. Nora agrees that they can have some fun and they play Candy World (otherwise known as Candy Land).

In the park, Blair offers Troy some company while he goes on his run. He agrees and asks about Todd because Starr had called earlier. Blair says that she is over Todd and needs to move on. Blair says that first; she needs to stretch because she hasn't run in awhile. In an obvious attempt to gain his attention, Blair makes all sorts of noises while she stretches. She shows off her flexibility and says under her breath, "You get a good look, doctor." Troy smiles and occasionally looks over.

...Back to reality...Niki puts on her red wig and puts on a handless headset to make a phone call to Jessica. Outside, Jessica picks up the phone. Niki tells her that she is at the nursery and plans to pick up some more flowers for the grounds. Niki asks if she should put them under the second story window, hoping for Jessica to notice "Natalie" in her room. Instead, Jessica looks at the other end of house. Niki then asks for her to check the shutters of her bedroom window to see if the paint is peeling. Jessica looks and notices "Natalie" in the window.

After the run, Blair offers Troy a trip to Serenity Springs for a protein shake and some time in the hot tub. Troy says thanks, but he has plans with Nora. Troy turns to leave but Blair makes one last attempt. Blair: "Maybe you can help me, doctor. It hurts when I do this. (She stretches her leg behind her)." Troy: "Well, I suggest you don't do that." Troy rushes off and Blair tries to figure out why Troy didn't "jump my bones in this outfit." She guesses that he really must love Nora, but all she needs to do it work a little harder.

Sam, Matthew and Nora are having a lot of fun playing Candy World when Troy returns from his run. Matthew offers Troy a spot at the table to play, but Sam sees this as his cue to leave. Sam says that he has to be somewhere and offers Troy his spot.

Ben thinks about what Rex said after Rex leaves. He remembers all the times that Viki has acted a little unusual: her reaction when he tried to call Rae, how she said "over my dead body" when Blair asked if she could babysit Starr and Jack, and Natalie saying that Viki has been very mean lately. Meanwhile, Niki tells Jessica that she will be home soon and hangs up. She takes the syringe and puts it back into the liner. "All I need to do is plant this in Natalie's room. This is all too easy." Ben suddenly enters the room and sees Niki holding the syringe.

Friday, June 28

by Tony Cantiello

Niki is congratulating herself for having drugged Natalie and putting her prints on the syringe, which she is about to hide in her "daughter's" room when the sound of her bedroom door being slammed announces Ben's arrival. He insists on knowing what's going on, but Niki, ever the consummate liar, implores him to give her a little more time to finish planning something special for him. He asks what she is hiding behind her back and she drops the hypodermic onto the floor and out of his sight. When she does reveal her latex gloved hands, naturally he is curious about them and the red wig. Niki retorts that it's all part of the salacious role playing game she had planned, to make up for her sexual distance. With that he accuses her of being Niki Smith. He serves up a barrage of questions and accusations, releasing them with rapid-fire intensity. She just as quickly refutes each one in turn, until she relents and reveals her true identity with relief.

Starr returns from a play date, having heard the truth from her friend's babysitter that Jack is her blood brother and her Father a liar. Understanding now that keeping the truth from Blair tore her family apart, she promises never to lie as her Daddy had to her Mom. Blair endeavors to explain that Todd really loves her and Jack, but she is inconsolable and says she never wants to see him again.

While en route from the Mainland to Hawaii, Rae phones ahead to Maui, ignoring the message she sees Ben had left, and checks on the whereabouts of Antonio and Keri. She drifts off into a daydream of reuniting with Mark, telling him to keep her past secret from anyone who might ask. Saying it may be just as well for him, he agrees. She returns to reality realizing she must stop her well intentioned friends from discovering the all too real ghost from her past.

Demanding that Rayburn find a way off the Island, Todd is reminded that he is responsible for wrecking the boat and their present predicament, which Ross doesn't view as a gloomy prospect. In fact, considering that he is wanted by the cops, he thinks of the habitable yet deserted Island as paradise. While alone, Téa and Ross explore their options. He suggests they join forces, he taking care of her and leaving Todd to toil on his own. His libido is in overdrive, mistaking Téa saving his life for a mutually sexual attraction. She immediately and adamantly sets him straight on that score, and runs off to find Todd.

While Rae is airborne, Keri and Antonio arrive at Mark's doorstep. They show him the old Photo of he and "Gretel," he laughs and invites them inside. They explain the purpose of their visit and begin asking questions about the time he and their friend had spent on Maui so many years ago.

Todd is at the shore where he finds a bag. It's contents useless to him, he discards it, wades into the water and discovers a picture of his family has washed up.

Natalie is beginning to stir from her drug-induced sleep, hearing the raised voices around the other side of the mansion.

With Niki unable to convince Ben that life with her may not be so bad, he's had enough talk and threatens to call the police and report her thwarted attempt to murder him. She is quick to point out that Viki can't handle the real secret, and it's a big one. He demands to know what it is but Niki is prevaricating, desperate to buy time.

Antonio and Keri are just leaving Mark's place when Rae arrives.

Niki strikes at Ben with the syringe, he overpowers her during a struggle. As he rises from the bed she rushes him, his body sails through the second floor window.

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