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Passions Recaps: The week of June 24, 2002 on PS
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Monday, June 24, 2002

Diana and Brian pledge their love to one another. Brian tells Diana that he will never let her go again. He swears to kill anyone else who would try to take her away from him.

Nick fills Stan in on the dirt he dug up on Sheridan Crane. Nick is sure that Diana and Sheridan are one and the same. He is sure that Sheridan Crane's father and brother want her dead or to appear dead. They see Sheridan and Luis in their engagement photo. Nick smiles and asks Stanley what he thinks would happen if Brian came face to face with the fiancÚ. Stan is amazed at how rich the Cranes actually are. Nick plans on getting his hands on Sheridan's trust fund. Stan tells Nick that he could never get Sheridan away from Brian. Nick says he could get her if Brian were dead. Nick remembers that Brian said he would go back to racing cars. He plans on making Brian's death look like a racing accident.

Two state troopers stop Sam, Eve and Ethan from getting Theresa and her newborn baby to the hospital. Sam lies to the troopers by saying that Ethan did not help Theresa escape. They say that Ethan was ordered to bring Theresa to the cabin to help stop a premature birth.

Timmy assures Julian that everything that happened at the Over The Rainbow Hotel really did indeed happen.

Theresa passes out and Gwen yells to Eve that the baby has stopped breathing. The troopers reluctantly agree to let Theresa and the baby go to the hospital.

Rebecca smiles when she sees an unconscious Theresa being brought into the emergency room. She is sure that Theresa will soon die. Pilar can tell Rebecca is taking pleasure in Theresa's desperate condition. Pilar says that if she did not know better, she would swear that somehow Rebecca is behind it all. Rebecca sees blood all over Gwen as Gwen explains that Theresa actually stabbed her in the back. Rebecca says good riddance to Theresa. Gwen is appalled at her mother's callousness. Ivy goes after Ethan and unbraids him for helping Theresa escape. Ivy is happy to hear that Sam covered for their son to try to get him off the hook. Eve says that the outlook for the baby is grim and he needs a specialist.

Nick arranges for Brian to race. Nick swears that it is a race that Brian will not finish.

Sam tries to raise bail for TC and Hank. He says he may lose his badge soon for covering for his son Ethan.

Theresa blames herself for her baby's condition. She says she is being punished for not wanting him. The baby goes code blue as Theresa watches in horror.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Nick sets the wheels in motion for Brian's death. He gets a friend of his named Randy Harker to set Brian up in a car race. Randy and Brian meet. Brian is set to race the next day. Liz and Diana tag along to the track. Liz wants to make sure everything is on the up and up. Liz feels slightly suspicious but Brian tells her to stop worrying. Nick tampers with Brian's car.

Nick tells Stan that he will love to watch Brian O'Leary die. It would put a smile on his face not to mention the fact that he will be able to get his hands on the beautiful Sheridan Crane and her billions.

Theresa blames herself for her baby's near death situation. She cries in Whitney's arms that her baby cannot die. The baby's heartbeat stopped. Once they revive him, he stops breathing. Gwen seems genuinely concerned for both Theresa and the baby. Rebecca tells Gwen that it is a waste of time for the hospital to keep trying to save Theresa's life since she will be put to death anyway. She also says that Theresa deserved to die during childbirth. Beth overhears Rebecca and calls her a cold-hearted monster.

Rebecca overhears Beth talking to herself about Luis. Beth says that Sheridan is dead but she is right hear and she will not let Luis go. Rebecca asks Beth what she would do if Sheridan were alive and Luis wanted to go back to her. Rebecca does not give Beth time to answer. She tells Beth that she would plot and scheme to keep Luis. Rebecca calls Beth a hypocrite and says that they are exactly the same. Beth tells Rebecca that she is insane but Rebecca smiles knowingly at Beth. Luis interrupts their conversation which leaves Beth uneasy.

Ethan tells Chad about the baby's birth. He says that holding the baby in his arms changed him. He feels that the little boy should be part of his life. The baby passes the crisis. The state troopers plan on taking Theresa to death row. David and Grace show up at the hospital.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

The state troopers come for Theresa. Sam begs them to give Theresa five minutes with her baby. Theresa looks lovingly at her newborn son. She tells Ethan that she needs to name him before they take her away. She says that she would never name him Julian Crane Jr. She says she could name him after her father, Martin but she has another name in mind. She wants to name him after the man who brought him into the world. She hopes that the baby will love this man as much as she does. She tells Ethan that she wants to name her son after him. Theresa names the baby Ethan Martin. Ethan says he is truly honored.

Randy Harker cannot understand why Brian's race is so important to Nick. Randy thinks it is because he wants Brian's woman. Nick tells Stan how the car will spark and the gas tank will incinerate, killing Brian.

Timmy gets Julian a gig as a wrestler and sets him up in a match. Julian says no but a wrestling promoter tells Julian that his manager "Timmy" signed a contract that Julian cannot get out of.

Brian meets an ex-flame named Kate. She tells Brian that she settled down. She asks Brian if he is married yet. He says no but he will soon be. He introduces Diana to Kate as the woman he is about to marry.

Ethan wants to make one last appeal to the judge to keep Theresa in the hospital with her baby a while longer.

Rebecca is worried that there will be more glitches in her plan to see Theresa executed. Ivy is worried that Rebecca's plan will cause Ethan more trouble. The judge rules that Theresa must go to prison tonight.

Theresa says tearful goodbyes to all of her family. She hugs Chad goodbye and pleads to Whitney to look after her baby. Theresa tells Whitney that they had some really great times together. She kisses Sam and Grace goodbye and tries to be positive. She asks Ethan to hold her one last time. She tells her son goodbye as Pilar watches.

Julian reads in the newspaper that Theresa is to be executed for his murder. He feels bad for his "Little Taco Belle." He also says he will not let anyone know he is alive until his murderer has been put to death.

A huge female wrestler sees Julian going after Timmy and tells him no -- Julian is all hers.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Theresa, clad in an orange jumpsuit gets locked into a cell on death row. She is taunted by another inmate named Bertha. Bertha tells Theresa that she is a dead girl walking and if her wealthy Crane in laws were going to help her, they would have done so already. The Lopez-Fitzgerald family rally around their newborn addition.

Luis thanks Beth for being there for him. He says he would never make it without her by his side. Beth thinks to herself that Luis WILL never be without her again. Luis tells Beth that he blames himself for Theresa problems. Beth tells Luis that he was both a great brother and father to Theresa. Ivy and Rebecca return to the Crane mansion to drink a toast and celebrate Theresa's impending death. The maid thinks they are hateful and tells them so. The maid says that Theresa was the best thing to come into the Crane mansion in years. Ivy and Rebecca tell her to shut up and bring them champagne. Julian gets into the wrestling ring with a man eater named Big Dog. Big Dog chases Julian around the ring. The wrestling match is televised and both Ivy and Rebecca watch the match. Rebecca thinks that there is something familiar about Big Dog's opponent. Ivy thinks so too. As they watch, they both turn to each other and say, "Julian!" They recognize his manager as Timmy, Tabitha's Lenox's nephew. They call Julian the Lazarus of Harmony and fear once word is out the Julian is alive, Theresa will be back in the mansion and they will be out on the street.

Luis tells Beth that they should have gotten married and had a family. He says that Theresa should have seen them happily married and maybe she would not have held on so hard to her fantasies about Ethan. Luis says that they should plan their future together. Beth is thrilled to hear the news. Hank is happy to see their relationship progressing.

Ethan goes to the governor to try to get Theresa a stay of execution. The security guards will not let him in. The door to the governor's office door opens and in walks Alistair. The governor asks what he can do for him and Alistair replies "Make sure that Theresa Crane is sent to the death chamber tomorrow!"

Beth takes a picture of Luis and Sheridan from the Lopez-Fitzgerald's home. She looks at it and says, "Luis is mine now Sheridan, all mine."

Ivy and Rebecca decide to keep quiet about Julian and wait for him to reveal himself after Theresa's execution. Ethan bursts into the governor's office and sees Alistair.

Friday, June 28, 2002

Luis kisses Beth goodnight and goes to the prison to make one last ditch effort to try to reason with Theresa. Luis brings family photos to show Theresa and he does his best to try to talk her into recanting her confession. He gets frustrated and angry at his sister when she keeps insisting that Ethan will save her from dying.

Ethan bursts into the governor's office and sees Alistair there. Ethan finally realizes that Alistair wants Theresa to die as soon as possible. In a fit of anger, Ethan rips the death warrant to shreds. Alistair laughs at his attempt to delay the inevitable. When Alistair coldly tells Ethan that Theresa only has a few hours left, Ethan goes for Alistair's throat. The governor pulls Ethan off of Alistair and Ethan storms out of the governor's office. He goes to see Theresa. Theresa can tell by the look on Ethan's face that something terrible is up.

Timmy bites Big Dog in the leg to save Julian. The ring official says that since Timmy got in on the act it can be a tag team match. Big Dog's partner bursts into the ring and Timmy and Julian run for their lives. They end up in the woods near a pig sty. They ask the strange owners of a ram-shackle cabin if they can spend the night there. Beth's mother is introduced. She is a mean nagging crippled woman who treats her daughter like a servant. She tells Beth that she does not know why Luis would want to spend any time with her. Especially after he was engaged to a beauty like Sheridan Crane. Beth runs to the living room and rips up the picture of Luis and Sheridan that she took from Luis' house earlier in the evening. Luis goes to see Beth after his disappointing visit with Theresa. Beth's mother hobbles in the living room, spying on Beth and Luis who are out on the porch. Beth's mother finds the ripped picture and says to herself she wonders what Luis would say if he saw the ripped photograph. She grabs the picture and looks out of the window at the couple.

Diana and Brian make love. They decide to go and look at Brian's car one last time before the race. They almost find Stan and Nick there putting the last deadly touches to the car.

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