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Janet Marlowe Dillon
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Actor History
Melody Anderson
one day in 1993
1994 to May 9, 2000
Lisa Gold
2005 to 2007 (Janet double)

Former accountant at Enchantment

Former bookkeeper for Holidays

Former secretary for Dr. Jonathan Kinder

Worked as an accountant for Orsini Vineyards

Worked as Accountant for the Chicken Shack

Tutored Hayley Vaughan in math.


Near Denver, Colorado

Formerly at The Dillon House, 312 Pine Street

Marital Status

Widowed (Trevor Dillon)

Past Marriages

Axel Lester Green (divorced)

Trevor Dillon (invalid)

Trevor Dillon (mid-1990s to 2005; dissolved by his death)


Wilma Marlowe (mother)

Natalie Marlowe (sister; deceased)

Tim Dillon (nephew)


Amanda Dillon (daughter; with Trevor) (adopted by Natalie at birth)

Trevor Martin (grandson; Amanda's son with Jake Martin) [Jun 12, 2009]

Two unnamed sons with Axel (not mentioned since the 1980s, later implied to have been dogs)

Flings & Affairs

Trevor Dillon

Trevor Dillon

Palmer Cortlandt

Pierce Riley

"Ralph," an orderly at Oak Haven (fliration)

Crimes Committed

Drugged Trevor soon after arriving in Pine Valley (hoping that he'd sleep with her)

Put vodka in Harold the dog's water dish (trying to kill him with alcohol poisoning)

Kidnapped Hayley

Shot Brian Bodine

Kidnapped Natalie and left her in a well to die

Pretended to be Natalie and married Trevor under that pretense.

Murder; killed Will Cortlandt with a crowbar

Kidnapped Nat again, forcing her on a train and later shot her

Returned to PV under the assumed identity of Jane Cox

Trapped Kendall in a church basement during Trevor and Laurel's wedding

"Fixed the brakes" on Laurel's car, trying to kill her

Tried to smother Laurel with a pillow while she was in the hospital recuperating from her accident wounds.

Blackmailed Palmer Cortlandt after he slept with her

Paid an actor to pretend to be Will Cortlandt to drive Dixie crazy

Drugged the Dillon's dog, Harold, and packed him on a U-Haul headed to California

Helped Erica lug around the corpse of Jonathan Kinder (before they knew he wasn't dead)

Violated the restraining order Trevor had against her on numerous occasions

Tossed Sophie Malinowski's body in a trash dumpster when she believed that she had killed her

Set a trap at an abandoned warehouse to kill Sophie

Killed Sophie (with a crowbar) in self-defense

Lied about Trevor's involvement in Sophie's death

Killed Trevor and stored him in a freezer. [Late 2005]

Dangled Kendall from a hammock on the Fusion rooftop.

Pushed Babe down a flight of stairs at the hospital. [Nov. 18, 2005]

Drugged the pumpkin soup at the Chandler Thanksgiving dinner [Nov 2005]

Knocked out David Hayward and scheduled him for open heart surgery [2005)

Started the fire that nearly killed Kendall and Greenlee [2005)

Kidnapped Little Adam and dropped him off in a manger scene. [Dec 2005]

Pushed Di Henry through the ice at the boathouse [Jan 2006]

Drugged Krystal Carey and Babe Carey [Jan 2006]

Kidnapped Brooke, Joe, Opal, Adam and Krystal [Jan 2006]

Loosened the gas valve and set the explosions at Erica Kane's Mardi Gras ball (leading to the death of Ethan Cambias) [Feb 2006]

Kidnapped Babe Carey and Adam Chandler III to make JR Chandler think Babe kidnapped him [Feb 2006]

Kidnapped Jenny Martin [May 2007]

Escaped from Oak Haven [Spring 2010]

Attacked Natalia Hubbard [May 3, 2010]

Tied up Amanda Dillon [May 3, 2010]

Shot Natalia Hubbard [May 4, 2010)

Stole Amanda Dillon's wedding ring [Spring 2010]

Brief Character History

Janet arrived in Pine Valley in 1991 to find her sister Natalie. She became very jealous of everything that Natalie had and decided to take everything for herself, including Nat's fiancÚ, Trevor Dillon. To do so, she kidnapped Nat, threw her in a well, and assumed her life. Gut instincts told Harold the dog and Tim that "Natalie" was not the real Nat. Trevor married her, thinking she was really his "doll". Janet became pregnant. When it was finally discovered that she was not Natalie, she was sent to prison. At her court hearing, Janet revealed that she was pregnant with Trevor's child. Janet was placed under the watchful eye of a police officer at the hospital. While there, she escaped one night and killed Will Cortlandt. She then kidnapped Natalie again and while they were in the cabin where Janet planned to kill her, she went into labor. Nat ended up delivering baby Amanda. As a parting good will gesture, Janet allowed Nat to adopt Amanda.

In jail, Janet was a model prisoner and she was given a chance for early parole by undergoing experimental surgery, plastic surgery to give her a new face. In jail, Janet met Kendall Hart, who'd been thrown into the slammer for perjury. The two struck up a quick friendship. Upon her release, Janet returned to PV to see her daughter Amanda, under the name "Jane Cox." She got a job working for Tad Martin and fell in love with him. Trevor and "Jane" became very close and the two were scheduled to be married. Laurel Banning, however, did some digging and learned that Jane was not who she was pretending to be. Before Laurel could break the news of what she had learned, her car plunged off the road --- the car's brakes had been cut. On the wedding day, Harold again saved the day and everyone discovered that Jane was really Janet From Another Planet.

Between her release and the wedding day, Janet obtained work at The Chicken Shack. Janet managed to seduce owner Palmer Cortlandt into bed and later blackmailed him.

Once the truth about Janet's identity came out, Dixie started a campaign to have Janet thrown back into prison. She felt that Janet had not served enough time for killing her brother, Will. Janet tried to drive Dixie nuts by hiring an actor to play her dead brother, but Tad uncovered her plot.

Janet devised a plan to kill Trevor and Laurel by placing a bomb in the church where the two were planning to get married. She could not go through with it (In actuality, the writers reworked the storyline because of concerns about the real-life bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City.)

That same day, she was hit by lightning, and everyone presumed she was dead. She ended up in the woods where she met a young, homeless girl named Laura Kirk. Janet became extremely ill as a result of her near-death experience, but thankfully a reclusive ex-military man found her and nursed her back to health. Janet became infatuated with this man, Pierce Riley, and she, Pierce and Laura soon started life in the wilderness as a family unit.

Laurel Dillon was shot and killed on the set of a television talk show and Janet was immediately arrested for the murder. As it turns out, Jason Sheffield had killed Laurel by mistake - he had wanted to kill her gay brother, Michael Delaney. Janet was released from jail and ready to celebrate her newfound freedom with Pierce, but he had already fallen for Brooke English. Janet was furious with Brooke for what she saw as stealing her man and then stealing Laura. Janet planned to resort to her unstable ways assume Brooke's identity, but that plan never came to fruition. Trevor got wise to what she was doing and prepared to warn Brooke and alert the authorities. Before he could do so, Trevor was involved in car accident and rendered paralyzed. There was no medical reason for Trevor's paralysis and the doctors claimed that his condition was caused by a mental roadblock, so to speak. Janet used Trevor's anger for her as a way to get under his skin. One day, Trevor was so furious with Janet that he rose from his wheelchair and tried to strangle her. When he did so, he suddenly realized that he was again able to walk.

Shortly after taking on a job with the Jonathan Kinder, Janet became wise to some of the doctor's not-so-good medical practices. Janet ended up locked in an abandon house and drugged by the evil doctor. During her time in lockup, Janet found that Jonathan was also keeping her wife, Toni, prisoner. In actuality, though, Toni was really Adam Chandler's daughter, Skye. As time passed and Skye and Janet gained their freedom, Jonathan ended up victim of a fall down the staircase at Erica's home. Jonathan had kidnapped Bianca. Bianca later pushed Jonathan down the steps. Erica enlisted Janet and Skye in a plot to dispose of Jonathan's body in her backyard. What no one knew was that Jonathan wasn't dead...

By playing a videotape of a past Cutting Edge episode, Amanda learned of Janet's past evil deeds. She traced her steps to the Marick mine to look for the woman that Janet imprisoned. While looking into the well, Amanda lost her balance and became a prisoner of the well herself. Janet managed to locate Amanda, but during a rescue attempt... she was also trapped in the well. The last person you'd think would rescue Janet, Trevor, turned out to be the one who saved her life when the mine began to crumble. While Amanda was in the hospital, she saw a special WRCW report that declared Janet as her mother. For several weeks Amanda turned a cold shoulder to Janet and wanted nothing to do with her. Eventually, though, she came around and consider Janet as "family" if not her biological mother. The chasm between Trevor and Janet also disappeared as Trevor allowed Janet to be a mother to her child.

In July of 1997, Janet heard the one word that she had longed to hear for six long years---Mommy. In what seemed to her as a moment of indifference, Amanda called Janet "Mommy." When Janet started to cry, Amanda thought that she had done something wrong. Janet assured her daughter that she was crying out of happiness, not anger or sadness.

Janet started having feelings for Trevor, and Trevor the same. They started a romance and Tim did not approve at all. Tim set out to ruin the relationship. He sent Janet letters stating that he would let Amanda find out about her past, left a jack-o-lantern with an axe cut into it on her doorstep, and tried framing her for putting Tim in a meat locker. Tim finally confessed to the meat locker scheme, leaving Janet in the clear. Trevor asked Janet to marry him, Janet avoided the question many times. When finally confronted by Trevor why she could not accept his proposal, she told him that her ex-husband came back to Pine Valley and wanted to re-kindle their romance. The real reason is that Janet made a plea to Natalie to bring Tim home safe after he ran away. In return, she would not marry Trevor.

Janet was so intent on not marrying Trevor that she hired an actor, Albert Carrington, to pretend to be her husband Axel. She and Erica auditioned many actors, but Albert won the part. Albert was convincing, but slowly everyone caught on that he was not really Janet's husband. In fact, Tim and Amanda innocently contacted the real Axel by Email thinking that they were writing to the Axel that Janet had introduced them to! When the real Axel showed up in town, things got hairy. Albert and Janet, however, managed to run him off before he could leak their scheme to anyone. But Trevor got wise and convinced Albert to tell him the truth about what was going on. Janet and Axel planned to remarry so that Janet would legally unable to marry Trevor. The stage was set for an elaborate fake wedding. What Janet didn't know was that Trevor had planned a real wedding. At the Wildwind chapel, Trevor confronted Janet and she confessed that she the wedding was a scam. Janet might not have changed her mind about marrying Trevor except that Natalie appeared to her and gave her permission to go through with the wedding.

Married life proved uneventful for Trevor and Janet until the Fall of 1999. Sophie Malinowski, Janet's former cellmate at Statesville, busted out of jail and showed up in Pine Valley. Sophie demanded a large sum of money from Janet. If she didn't get it, she threatened to kill both Trevor and Amanda. Janet reverted slightly to her old ways --- talking to mirrors and thinking about the darker side of life. She paid Sophie off, but Sophie then asked for more money. The final showdown came at an old warehouse on the east side of town. There, Janet planned to kill Sophie. Sophie outsmarted her and got the upper hand of Janet. In a struggle, Janet clobbered Sophie with the crowbar that she'd planned to use on Janet. Trevor arrived and found Sophie dead on the ground. He ordered Janet to go home while he cleared everything up. Trevor planned to dispose of the evidence, but he was caught before he could do anything. Derek hauled him into the station for questioning and Trevor, knowing that Janet could spend the rest of her life in jail, took the fall for Sophie's murder. Trevor signed a confession, but slipped away before he could be cuffed and jailed. Trevor returned home and bid a final farewell to Janet and a slumbering Amanda. As the sirens wailed in the distance, Trevor vanished into the night.

Trevor kept in secret contact with Jackson Montgomery during his flight from justice. Trevor was eventually cleared off all wrong doing when Arlene got the eyewitness who'd fingered Trevor as the murderer to admit that he had a grudge against Trevor for busting him many years earlier. Trevor refused to return to Pine Valley and asked that Janet and Amanda join him and start anew in Colorado.

Janet lived happily in Colorado with Trevor for many years, but resurfaced after Amanda returned to Pine Valley. She was living in a warehouse in Pine Valley, and it wasn't long before mysterious 'accidents' began to befall anyone who was mean to Amanda. It was soon revealed to be Janet who was behind these accidents, but her biggest 'accident' came when she rigged Erica Kane's Mardi Gras ball with explosives. In the ensuing chaos, she kidnapped Babe Carey (she had already taken Little Adam) and took her to a cabin, where she revealed that Trevor was getting a 'cooling off' period (in a freezer). Babe was rescued and Janet taken to prison, but she had one last ace up her sleeve -- she knew that Dixie Cooney Martin was alive and well.

After Janet was back in Oak Haven, she convinced JR to visit her. She agreed to share information about Dixie with JR in exchange for a guarantee that he and Babe would treat Amanda well. Babe forgave Amanda for her role in the destruction her mother had caused even though JR refused to believe anything Janet had to say about his mother.

Although Amanda was hesitant to have contact with her mother, she turned to Janet for help when the Satin Slayer was endangering the lives of women in Pine Valley. Amanda and Jamie Martin visited Janet to gain insight into the possible motives of a killer in order to determine the identity of the Satin Slayer. Janet explained that when she was not well and had committed murder, she had not done so out of revenge but instead out of love. Amanda thanked her mother for her help and promised to visit more often.

Janet developed a surprising alliance when Adam Chandler was committed to Oak Haven. He had recently discovered his wife Krystal was pregnant with Tad Martin's baby. Adam had spent months eagerly anticipating the birth of his new daughter and was devastated by the news. His family worried about his course of revenge and planned to keep him in Oak Haven until after Krystal gave birth to the child. At first, Adam wanted nothing to do with Janet until he realized Amanda visited Janet often and could provide information about what the Chandlers were up to.

Adam secured his release from Oak Haven and he helped Janet escape in exchange for her help in seeking retaliation against Tad. Janet hid in a secret room Adam created in the Chandler mansion. Adam's family was unaware Janet was in the room when they locked Adam inside. Janet was ecstatic that she and Adam were trapped together and she used the time to make a move on Adam. Instead of returning Janet's romantic declarations, Adam found a way for them to escape.

Adam wanted Tad to feel the pain of having a child taken away and he used Janet to lure Tad's son Jamie to him. Janet pretended she needed to be rescued and she called Jamie for help. When Jamie's car approached the location Janet had provided, Adam ran his car into Jamie's. Janet was unaware Amanda was in the car with Jamie. Both Amanda and Jamie survived the car accident.

Janet was enticed by Adam one more time when she agreed to help Adam steal Krystal's newborn daughter Jenny. The plan was for Janet to turn the baby over to adoptive parents and then disappear out of the country. Janet kidnapped Jenny but decided she wanted to keep the baby. She also kidnapped Amanda so they could create a new family together. Amanda was able to convince her mother that what she was doing was wrong. Janet agreed to consider allowing Krystal and Tad to raise their child. She interviewed Tad and Krystal to determine if they were fit to raise Jenny. Janet approved of Tad and Krystal as parents and returned their daughter to them.

After Jenny was returned to her parents, Janet headed back to Oak Haven and she began new medication. Amanda visited her mother often but was saddened when

Janet began to suffer memory loss due to her medication. Janet remained in Oak Haven until the spring of 2010 when she escaped once again. This time, Janet did not make direct contact with her daughter. Instead, Janet followed Amanda's new career as a model for Fusion using the cyber name "Amandafan." Janet stalked Amanda by using the "Amandafan" persona. At first, Amanda was flattered by the attention and responded to "Amandafan." Eventually, Amanda realized the fan was a stalker and could possibly harm her. Police officer Natalia Hubbard was assigned to guard Amanda. Janet revealed her identity as Amanda's stalker when she kidnapped Amanda. She knocked out Natalia in order to get to Amanda. Brot Monroe and Amanda's husband Jake rescued the women.

After she was captured, Janet explained she planned to kidnap Amanda and her son Trevor and take them to Italy where Janet could best manage Amanda's modeling career. Janet suffered a stroke shortly after her confession and was admitted to the hospital. While Janet recovered, she repeatedly told Amanda how much she took after her. Janet's comments caused Amanda to question her own sanity. Jake reassured Amanda she was nothing like her mother by planning to remarry her. Janet stole Amanda's wedding ring in an attempt to stop the wedding but she eventually mailed the ring back to Amanda.

When Janet recovered from her stroke, she headed back to Oak Haven. In the summer of 2011, Janet was overjoyed when Erica Kane was also committed. Janet immediately welcomed Erica and invited her to join her "posse" which included Marion Chandler and Annie Lavery. Janet created a picture during art time of Erica and Janet as best friends and encouraged Erica to participate in the yoga session she led.

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