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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 5, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, February 5, 2007

JR and Jamie were secretly watching Babe and Josh kiss. Jamie wanted to confront Babe, but JR wanted to return to the house because he had a plan. So, JR and Jamie went back inside. Babe and Josh then stopped kissing and said their final goodbye. Babe thanked Josh for his love and left. Meanwhile, Kendall was standing on the balcony dressed like Zach's mother when a man put his hand on her shoulder. He asked if she was Amelia and then Zach grabbed him. Then, Tad, Aidan, and Ryan surrounded the man. Zach asked who he was and if he knew Amelia. Then, JR walked in and announced the man was Raymond Jenkins, his nurse. Zach realized he was Amelia's lover, Raymond. Jenkins said this was true. Zach asked if he became the Satin Slayer to get revenge for Amelia's death, but Jenkins denied this. Then, Babe came in and asked what was going on. JR glared at her and stated that someone was living a lie and explained about Jenkins. Babe was concerned for JR and wanted to take him home. Jamie asked if this was what JR wanted and JR agreed to go home with Babe. Then, Derek came to take Jenkins to the police station. Zach wanted to go along, but Derek refused this because Zach was too emotionally involved. So, Derek took Jenkins away and Tad went with them. Kenny then smugly asked Kendall if he was off the hook, but Kendall just looked at him snidely. Then, Ryan asked if Kendall needed anything. Kendall told Ryan to help someone who needed it, like their son. Kendall then asserted she was staying with Zach and demanded Ryan leave, so he did. Meanwhile, Zach was on the balcony. Kendall joined him and they embraced. Then, Zach explained that Jenkins' voice helped him recall a fight between his mother and father on the day she died.

Aidan, Di, Jonathan, Amanda, and Del went back to Wildwind. They discussed the night and the possibility that Jenkins might be the Satin Slayer. Amanda and Del were convinced that Jenkins was guilty, but Aidan was skeptical. Aidan was not certain because there was no evidence. Aidan then revealed that the police were able to trace the phone number and credit card that the gardenias were ordered from. Still, the phone number came from a disposable cell phone and the credit card was a stolen from Fusion, so it was a dead end. Jonathan was irritated because even if they caught the killer, it did not change the fact that Erin was dead. Then, everyone went to bed and Jamie came home. Jamie discussed the night with Julia. Jamie was also skeptical about Jenkins being the killer. Julia sensed Jamie was upset and Jamie explained that all hell was going to break lose tomorrow.

Jenkins was at the police station. Tad asked Jack if he could be a part of the interrogation, but Jack refused. Tad promised he would not let his emotions mess up the case. Tad also stated that he was an expert on the Cambias family and would be an asset to the interrogation. So, Jack allowed Tad to participate. Then, Derek, Jack, and Tad began to question Jenkins. Jenkins admitted that he was Amelia's lover and that they were supposed to run away together on the day she allegedly died of natural causes. Still, Jenkins did not believe this was how she died. Jenkins also denied killing anyone. So, Tad stated it was going to be a long night and proceeded to ask the same questions over and over again. Jenkins looked frustrated and confused.

Bianca invited Zoe into her apartment to get to know Zoe a little better. Bianca asked what Zoe's favorite food and relaxation methods were. Zoe said she loved cheesecake and a warm bath. Bianca was surprised by these answers because Zoe was a wild rock star. Zoe said that the crazy life of a rack star no longer thrilled her. Still, Zoe was acting as Zarf for so long that she did not know how to be Zoe. Also, she wondered if she would be losing a piece of herself if she gave up Zarf completely. Bianca then asked if Zoe was going to take the estrogen. Zoe admitted that she lost touch with her supplier, so she could not get the proper amount of estrogen. Bianca urged Zoe to consult a doctor instead of a black market dealer. Then, Zoe said she was scared to transition, especially because of her experience on New Year's. Bianca proceeded to detail a terrible New Year's she had. Bianca explained that she had just come out to Erica, who was ashamed and disappointed by the news. Still, Bianca went to a New Year's gala where a reporter asked if she was gay in front of everyone. Bianca explained that although she was embarrassed, this public outing was the first step to becoming who she truly was. Then, Josh came in and looked upset, so Zoe left. Josh then announced that he said goodbye to Babe for good, even though he was still worried JR was going to hurt her.

Babe, JR, and Jamie were at the Chandler mansion. JR assured Jamie he would not lose control, so Jamie left. Then, JR said he made a decision in regards to Krystal's baby. JR said he would not tell Adam that the baby was Tad's. Babe was relieved and said JR would not regret his decision. Then, JR said Babe just had to do one thing to ensure he would not tell. JR proceeded to write on a piece of paper and asked Babe to sign it. Babe inquired what the paper was. JR said it was a document that would give JR full custody of Little Adam. Babe was confused. JR stated that he would only keep Krystal's secret if Babe signed the paper!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ryan found Annie sleeping on the couch, where "supermom" had been sewing Emma a costume for her Valentine's Day pageant. Annie admitted she's no fan of Julia's, but Emma gets along great with Kathy, so Annie is considering Julia's invitation to move into Wildwind. Annie also told Ryan that while she's not used to sharing Emma - especially with a man who's trying to make up for lost time - she's going to tell Emma that he is her father. Ryan toasted "Emma and the future." Annie noted she's still moving out, because she doesn't want to confuse Emma while she figures out if she can have a relationship with Ryan. They gazed at each other and both (separately) fantasized about making love in front of the fire. Ryan toasted "boundaries," and Annie toasted "limits." She fled upstairs, leaving Ryan to ponder Emma's costume.

Zach recalled hearing his mother argue with his father, but said, "I don't want to remember," and started smashing stuff. Kendall joined in, diffusing his rage. She suggested torching Zach's old house to get rid of the memories. Zach said the Cambias Curse - his dad's cruelty - killed his mother and twisted Michael. Kendall said she didn't believe in curses and kissed him. Later, they snuggled in bed, and Kendall revealed she didn't use birth control this time. She suggested having a baby would be perfect; Zach said it's too dangerous right now. Kendall promised things will work out, and they started to make love again.

Babe insisted that she and JR will raise Little Adam together, but JR said he's divorcing her; he knows what happened in the shed because he saw her kissing Josh. She insisted it was just a goodbye kiss. JR revealed he saw her go to Josh's room on New Year's Eve. JR warned her to sign the document or see Krystal "hit the pavement." Babe was defiant, but JR cited her friendship with transgender Zoe as an example of her unfitness to be a mother. He also told her about the incriminating recordings of her professing devotion to the "freak." Oh, and then there's that photo of Babe and Zoe curled up in bed. Babe realized all JR's talk of starting over was a scam. "You're unbelievably dumb," he spat, asking if she inherited the "sleep around" gene from her "slutty" momma. Babe begged him not to hurt Krystal and Adam because Dixie trusted her with the secret of Tad's baby. JR hobbled out, then Babe tore up the agreement and threw it in his face. JR said Dixie died because of Babe. "You should be in the ground, not her," he charged. "I'm glad I kissed Josh," she hissed. "Finally got the truth out of you," he countered.

Jamie told Julia that JR's life is about to go down in flames, and he wants to be there for his brother. Kathy interrupted their make-out session because she was afraid of a "gazillion-eyed" monster. Jamie brandished a tennis racket and used a blanket to make them "invisible" to the monster as Julia beamed with pride. Later, Jamie reported successfully vanquishing the beast, but Kathy returned, saying the racket only works when Jamie is present. Later, they cuddled in bed with Kathy.

Today's episode concluded with music from All American Rejects titled "It Ends Tonight." " target="_new">Click here for more.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Zach showed up at the police station and asked to speak with Jenkins. Derek allowed this and Zach went into the interrogation room. Zach gave Jenkins a picture of Amelia and asked Jenkins to tell him about his mother. Jenkins explained that they met in her garden and that they loved each other very much. Zach asked if she loved his father. Jenkins said yes, but because she felt like Alexander needed her. Jenkins explained that Alexander used her as eye candy to entertain guests. Jenkins also said that Amelia did not want her sons around Alexander because she wanted them to have a good, loving upbringing. Zach asked why Jenkins came to Pine Valley. Jenkins said he came to see if Zach was living a good life, like Amelia wanted. Zach asked if Jenkins killed the women because Jenkins wanted to punish Zach for killing Amelia. Then, Jenkins stated that if anyone pushed Amelia it was Alexander, not Zach. Meanwhile, Tad and Ryan were discussing the case at the police station. Ryan wondered why the killer would warn him with a note about Zach. Tad thought the killer might be was using it as a diversion tactic. Ryan was still not sure and thought they should try to get the killer to make contact with him again.

Erica went to the penthouse to see Ryan and instead saw Annie holding Spike. Erica stated that Annie would never get Ryan and his child. Annie replied that she already had Ryan's child. Erica was infuriated and grabbed Spike. Then, Annie explained how Kendall found out Emma was Ryan's daughter. Annie further stated that she and Emma were just as much a part of Ryan's life as Spike and Kendall were. Erica did not agree and said this was not over. After Erica stormed out, Emma came in and exclaimed, "Ryan is my Daddy now!" Annie asked why Emma thought this. Emma overheard Annie and Erica's conversation. So, Annie tried to explain how Ryan was her father, but the little girl did not understand or care. Emma was just happy that Ryan was her father.

Babe walked into an unrestricted area of the casino as the killer lurked behind her with a syringe. However, the killer was scared away when a security guard saw Babe. Then, Kendall came out of her room and invited Babe in. Babe explained that JR wanted a divorce. Babe then asked Kendall if JR said anything to her about their marriage the night Kendall came to the mansion. Kendall admitted that JR never forgave Babe and that she was helping Josh get Babe that night. Babe was upset that Kendall helped tank her marriage. However, Kendall asserted that Babe's marriage was already over, but she just did not know it yet. Babe looked hurt and Kendall actually felt badly. Kendall asked if she could help, but Babe said no one could. Babe then opened the door to leave and Kendall hugged her. Meanwhile, Erica was outside the door and looked appalled. So, Babe left and Erica came in. Erica chastised Kendall for hugging Babe and telling Ryan about Emma. Kendall explained how Ryan found out and Erica was furious with Zach. Kendall asserted it was not Zach's fault and that she loved her husband. Erica believed Kendall should be with Ryan and worried Annie was taking her place. Kendall said Erica should be more worried about Bianca and Josh's love lives. Then, Erica explained that Annie felt she and Emma were equal to Kendall and Spike in Ryan's life. Kendall looked perturbed and Erica left. Then, Kendall went to the penthouse. Annie answered the door and Kendall announced she was there to take her son!

Bianca called Maggie and asked her to meet at the park. When Maggie arrived, she kissed Bianca passionately. Maggie stated this was how they should be again, but Bianca disagreed. Bianca explained that her family needed her and that she could not focus on Maggie. Bianca needed time away from Maggie to decide what she wanted to do. Maggie snidely remarked that Zoe could help her decide. Bianca was annoyed that Maggie was so rude about Zoe. Maggie said she did not trust Zoe, especially because she was really a man. Bianca informed Maggie that the last person she slept with was a female on New Year's. Maggie looked hurt, but still wanted to work things out. However, Bianca would not change her mind and asked Maggie to go back to Paris. Maggie wanted to call Bianca, but Bianca said she could only handle emailing. Maggie then hugged Bianca, professed her love, and left. Bianca began to cry alone.

JR showed up at Josh's apartment looking for Babe. Josh and Zoe did not know where she was. JR stated that she slipped security and left the mansion. Josh and Zoe were concerned, so Zoe called Babe. Babe picked up and said she was fine. They made plans to meet each other at the park and hung up. Zoe relayed the news that Babe was fine. Then, Josh demanded to know what JR did to Babe. So, JR admitted he dumped Babe. Next, JR asked Josh to tell Babe that the clock was ticking and that he needed her decision. Josh was confused, but JR did not explain and left. So, Josh wanted to meet Babe, but Zoe did not think it was a good idea. Zoe promised to give Josh a full report and left. Then, Bianca came in. Josh explained that JR wanted to hurt Babe and assumed JR saw their stupid kiss. Bianca said the kiss was not stupid, but Josh was. Bianca felt JR had the right to dump Babe because she cheated on him. Bianca also partially blamed Josh for Babe's failed marriage. Then, Josh admitted that the kiss was a goodbye kiss. Still, Bianca felt Josh was being shortsighted. Then, Erica came in and announced that all of her children were being shortsighted.

JR was at home with Little Adam. Winifred brought in cookies and hot chocolate. JR explained that sometimes mommies and daddies did not stay together. Still, JR promised that Little Adam would always have his father and his grandfather. JR said their family would consist of the three Adams. Then, JR looked at the chocolate chip cookies and remembered his mother and smiled.

Babe went to the park to meet Zoe. Babe explained that JR was a bastard drunk or sober and that she was a fool for being with him. Zoe stated JR did not deserve Babe. Babe then informed Zoe that JR was blackmailing her and making her choose between Little Adam and Krystal. So, Zoe offered to help Babe by finding a way to blackmail JR. Zoe then went to get them coffee. Babe sat alone on a bench and waited as the killer approached her dressed as a homeless person!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

JR settles in with his son and tries to tell him that the best lesson he could ever learn is to never trust women. The conversation is interrupted when Krystal and Adam join them, mildly arguing about something Adam had done. When JR inquires, Krystal tells him that his father set up a trust fund for baby Charlotte. Knowing the truth, JR cryptically notes that nothing is too good for Adam Chandler's child. JR tells his father that he thinks that trust funds and will changes are premature at this juncture, and Adam assures him that both JR and his sister are well taken care of. He notes that this new fund is a way of welcoming their newest family member into the fold.

Ignoring questions about Jack, Erica announces to her two younger children that they need to stop fighting about JR and Babe and get ready to go on a family cruise. Both Bianca and Josh are stunned, but before they can protest, Erica insists that there is no room to argue, because this is the only way to save both Bianca and Kendall's lives. After listening to Erica go on for a few more moments about how great of an idea this is, Bianca realizes the truth beneath it all. She informs her brother that Erica must have already pitched the idea to Kendall, who turned her down and sent her to convince them. Apparently, Bianca deduces, Erica thinks that all of her children need saving from their own lives, as well as the Satin Slayer.

Kendall shows up at the condo and demands to know where her son is. Annie tells her that he is in another room, sleeping, and asks what Kendall meant when she said that she came for him. Kendall tells her that as his mother, she is able to take him at will. She pushes past Annie and comes face to face with Emma, who informs Kendall that because Ryan is her father and Spike is her brother, that means he has to stay with them. Annie quickly sends her daughter off to color, and Kendall barely waits for the little girl to exit the room before berating Annie for not waiting to tell Emma about her true paternity. Annie ignores the commentary and says that she needs to call Ryan so that he is aware of her plan to take their son back. Kendall tells her that she shouldn't bother because she plans on taking Spike no matter what. Then, Annie asks Kendall if there is someone still out there that wants her dead. Annie tries to convince her that taking Spike is a bad idea, but Kendall is sure that the police have the guy responsible. She admits, however, that on the off chance that Jenkins' is innocent, the casino has enough protection to keep them both safe. She tells Annie she will send for Spike's things, and takes off, leaving a flustered Annie in her wake.

Jenkins clarifies that if anyone killed Amelia, it had to be Alexander Cambias Sr. This sends Zach into a rage, and after smashing the chairs and the shoving the table out of the way, he goes for Jenkins' throat. Jack and Derek rush into the interrogation room and pull Slater off of their suspect. Infuriated, both men tell Zach that his outburst is exactly why they didn't want him questioning Jenkins in the first place. As Jenkins watches wide-eyed from the other side of the room, Zach is commanded to leave with a warning that they would come after him if he jeopardized the case in any way.

Ryan stops the elevator and double checks to make sure that he and Tad are on the same page. Tad tells him that since Jenkins didn't seem to know what V-TACH was and didn't have any ribbons or gardenias on him when they nailed him, the chances are that the killer is still roaming the town freely. Since Ryan is the only one the killer has gotten in contact with, he needs to be the one to reach back. Revealing a hunch that Fusion is still bugged even though the place has been deserted, the men agree to have a conversation in the office that might convince the killer to tip his hand a bit. They open the doors to the main office, and they talk about how Zach thinks the killings are all about him, and how it might be best for everyone involved if they just got Zach out of the way for good. Tad notes that it might be better to convince the guy to leave town than anything else more permanent, but Ryan says that since they have all talked about getting Zach out of their lives for years, if something were to happen to Zach, he wouldn't lift a finger to help him. Tad asks why Ryan brought him to the offices to have this conversation and Ryan assures him it was for privacy's sake. He asks the oldest Lavery what he expects Tad to do with the information, and Ryan tells him he had hoped for some assistance. Given the current climate of Pine Valley, Ryan notes that if Zach were to have some sort of accident, the Slayer would certainly get blamed and no more innocent lives would be taken. Tad admits that he is more than uncomfortable with the level to which Ryan has taken this vendetta, and says that he is going to forget that they ever had the conversation. They silently signal to each other that they hope the conversation flushes the Slayer out of hiding, and Ryan leaves the office while Tad stays behind, and waits. As he does, he pulls out a framed picture of Simone and remembers when they first met. After a brief stroll down memory lane, he eyes a gun laying on the table with a renewed sense of vengeance. Moments later, as Tad paces the floor, a fax comes through. Tad grabs the paper and finds another note to Ryan from the killer, requesting that they meet up at the pump house at nightfall.

Babe talks to a homeless person and tells them of a great restaurant where they can get in out of the cold. As she searches her purse for some cash, the "homeless person" brandishes a needle from behind the junk piled in their cart. Just then, ZoŽ and her guard return with drinks and save Babe from her certain fate. The vagrant puts the needle back in its coat pocket, takes the money Babe offers and leaves. The guard, who had been informed of her separation from her previous bodyguard, warns her that she can't be too careful. He offers to get in touch with a friend of his that moonlights as a guard and, when she agrees, he steps away to make the call. Once alone again, ZoŽ insists that there has to be something that they can use to get JR to back down. She asks if it is about Babe's affair with Josh but the younger Mrs. Chandler denies that, saying that practically everyone knows about it. She assures ZoŽ that JR has something much meaner to use, and that she needs to decide what to do without her mother knowing about it, since she would give up everything she has to make sure that Babe and her son stay together. ZoŽ asks if the secret JR is holding over her had has anything to do with their friendship and, seeing an out, Babe relates the news that JR saw them sleeping in bed together, and took a picture. Upset that an innocent situation could be used to void her parental rights, ZoŽ apologizes profusely. Babe won't hear of it, and ZoŽ tells her that there has to be something that they can find to use against him. Just then, a bulb fairly appears above her head and she said that if there are no secrets, they would just have to create a situation that JR would want to keep under wraps. In hushed tones, ZoŽ tells her best girlfriend her plan, and although Babe is thoroughly amused by it, she tells ZoŽ that she needn't humiliate herself. ZoŽ assures her that it's the least she can do for the one person who stuck by her side when everyone else was content to see her as guilty.

Zach returns to the casino and hears a conversation he had with his father soon after his mother's death, wherein his father admitted that they would both grieve equally for Amelia, and noted that he would never leave his oldest son, nor let him forget his mother. Soon after, Kendall returns with her son in her arms, and she tells Zach that Spike will be staying with them. Clearly not happy, Zach demands that she take her son back to Ryan's place immediately. Kendall tells her husband that because the cops have Jenkins, she believes it's safe for Spike to be with her, especially since all Annie is doing is using her son to get closer to Ryan. Zach, knowing his wife better than just about anyone, asks if she is willing to endanger her son just because she is jealous of Annie. She begs Zach to tell her what happened that made him change his mind about Jenkins being the guilty person. Zach admits that he pushed every button he could think of, including telling Jenkins that he was responsible for killing his own mother, and nothing happened. All he saw was his mother's lover still so in love with her that he wants to take care of her son. Kendall tells him that she doesn't care, and that he can quadruple the security and have 100 men follow her - she will not let anyone else take care of her son.

Ryan returns home, and immediately relieved, Annie tries to inform her part-time beau about what happened when Kendall came by. Before she can, Emma rushes into the living room, calls Ryan Daddy and then tells him that her brother is gone. Annie sends her away again, and then tells Ryan that Kane women had been in their home all day. Annie gives him the rundown of her encounters with Erica and Kendall, and Ryan surmises that Kendall was exercising her legal right to be a horse's ass. Annie apologizes, noting that this uproar is the last thing he needed, but Ryan tells her not to worry. He grabs his coat, says that he is going to take care of Kendall, and heads out the door.

A short time later, Krystal and Adam stretch out on the couch and indulge in an over the top cute make out session, which pretty thoroughly grosses JR out. He asks them to take it somewhere else, and Krystal starts to comply but Adam tells her they can't move until he gives her one more surprise. JR can barely take their open love fest and is saved by the bell when his cell phone rings. He finds Babe on the other end, asking if they can meet up since she has now come to her senses. He tells her that she can come to the house, but she requests somewhere more private, like his office - and he readily agrees. He hangs up the phone and informs his father and stepmother that they will indeed have the house to themselves. Worried because JR won't have a nurse with him, Adam rushes to instruct the driver to put JR's wheelchair in the car. With Adam gone, Krystal tells JR how glad she is about his speedy recovery. JR tries to blow it off by insisting that he wouldn't be in the office all day. Krystal plows on, saying that she has been quite impressed with him lately, and thinks that he has a real shot at being happy with Babe. Because of that, she knows that Little A will never have to be without one of his parents. Knowing what he intended to do, JR comes across as less than enthused by all of the praise.

Adam returns to his wife in the living room, and reveals that his surprise is a private birthing coach. Krystal notes that the sentiment was sweet, but that she really didn't need it. The coach tries to get them to focus but Krystal can't get into it. She tells them that she had to do little more than sing 99 Bottles of Beer to birth Babe, and the coach tells her that not all births are alike. She goes on to note that geriatric births can pose additional problems. At that, Krystal, offended at being called old, demands that Adam get the coach out of their house.

Bianca tells her mother that if all she has to do is meddle in their lives because she knows what is "best", then she can just leave. Instead, Erica tells them what she is seeing now, which can definitely land in the category of worst - one daughter is a murderer's target, her son is in love with another target, and her other daughter is in love with a rock star who is a murder suspect. Josh helpfully offers that Bianca needs to stop denying that she is into ZoŽ, and Bianca notes that the only reason she spends a lot of time with the musician is because Josh invited her to stay in the building. Erica is mortified at those living circumstances and asks if Jack signed off on the additional tenant. Bianca notes that Erica shouldn't care because she and Jack are no longer together. Before Erica can answer or the fight can continue, ZoŽ bursts into the apartment and slams the door shut. Josh rushes over to find out if Babe is okay and if she asked for him. ZoŽ tells him that his beloved is fine but indeed, she needs no man to get through life. She then turns to Erica and despite all of her wishes, gushes over La Kane as any fan would. She notes that she would love to talk at length but has something pressing to attend to. Erica, somewhat flattered and a bit floored, indicates that she understands and then watches the singer flit away. She then rushes nearer to her children and says that perhaps she judged too quickly. She suggests they all step back and examine the fact that Bianca is attracted to a man. Immediately irate, Bianca suggests that he mother stop before she causes her youngest daughter to lash out in a way that she would not be responsible for. Erica keeps pushing and Bianca notes that she will lose all control if Erica suggests that any attraction she has to ZoŽ means that she isn't gay. Erica quickly states that she would never say something like that, but would like to make one suggestion before ZoŽ runs off to get her surgery. Erica tries to make it clear that she accepts Bianca as a gay woman, and Josh tells her that is a good start. Bianca quickly notes that their mother will surely ruin it, and that she does - by noting that she has heard there are many people that happily go both ways. Bianca tells her mother to say what she really wants: for ZoŽ to turn back into Zarf, and for Zarf to make Bianca straight. Erica tries to right her wrongs by saying that when Bianca goes out with ZoŽ, they won't see two lesbians. Before she can dig herself in deeper, ZoŽ comes out dressed in decidedly female attire, shocking Erica. She tells everyone that she is on a mission, and assures Josh that everything is under control. Bianca questions if ZoŽ is ready to go out into the world as a woman, and ZoŽ notes that she is ready to accept the challenge. She leaves, and Bianca notes that the woman that left is the woman she had been telling her mother she likes. Erica finally gives up, deciding that all of her children make stupid moves despite her best attempts at helping them to avoid the pitfalls in life. Josh uses Erica's own life as an example and tells her that he never once told her to not be with Jeff or told her that the person she cares about is a total zero, and the reason why is because it's none of his business. He goes on to tell her that if Babe's marriage implodes, he will do everything to make her his again. If that happens, and they end up married, he tells his mother that he will expect her to suck it and be nice to her. Erica tells him that while she will do everything she can to stay in his life, she will never take orders from her children. She walks out, and Bianca admits that the last thing Erica said was probably correct. Josh doesn't care and grabs his jacket. Bianca asks if he is planning on tracking down Babe and her brother notes that Babe and ZoŽ are probably getting into trouble and that can't be any kind of good.

JR arrives at his office and finds his soon-to-be ex-wife inside. She tells him that for the record, she hadn't been cheating on him and really did want things to work between them. JR ignores her words and says that they need to get down to business. Babe goes on to say that she is through begging for another chance, because a man that would use an unborn child and their son as a weapon is a man that she can't love. She asks that he consider joint custody since being apart from either of them would hurt their son, but JR tells her that she is caught between a rock and a hard place and he is under no obligation to negotiate anything with her. JR stages a mock scene in which he explains away all of his bad actions of the past to an imaginary court and how he really loved his wife and didn't mean to hurt anyone. Babe calls him out on his lies, but JR is unmoved. She admits that she knows he wants to hurt her and Krystal for the wrong that they have done, but pleads with him to keep the secret so that he can spare Adam's feelings. JR tells her that she needs to give it up - all she has to do is give him what he wants and no one will get hurt. Bitter and angry, Babe looks JR in the eye and tells him that she will give him one more chance to do the right thing before he seriously ends up regretting it. She asks if there is anything she can offer to get him to change his mind, and JR tells her no. Just then there is a knock at the door and he tells her to see who it is. Noting that she isn't his secretary, she tells him to get it himself. When he does, ZoŽ bursts in and lays a kiss on him long enough for Babe to take a picture.

Zach gets a phone call and tells the guards to allow the visitor in. Kendall asks who it is and her husband tells her that Ryan had arrived. The man in question then bursts into the room and tells Kendall that she will give him back their son, or he will take her to court.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Ryan demands that Spike come home with him, but Kendall wants the baby to stay with her. Ryan threatens to sue for custody of Spike until the killer is caught. Kendall thinks that she is secure enough at the hotel, but Ryan reminds her that security guards and cameras haven't caught the killer yet. Ryan asks for Zach's take on the situation, but he promises to stand behind the decision Kendall makes. As Kendall and Ryan argue, Tad comes in and announces their plan worked. He shows Ryan the fax from the killer asking to meet in half an hour. Tad quickly informs Zach of the plan he and Ryan came up. Tad, Zach and Ryan decide to go as backup for Ryan, despite Kendall's pleas. Ryan walks into the meeting room, as Tad and Zach hide in corners.

At the police station, Derek tells Jackson is getting better, but is unable to remember what happened to her before she was attacked. Erica tells Jackson that is worried about the choices Kendall and Bianca are making with their lives. Jackson says he is busy with the murder case, but is sure Erica can handle it. Erica gushes about Bianca and Kendall's problems, but it only catches Jackson's attention when she blurts out that Ryan is the father of Emma. Jackson says that he knows about Zoe living with Josh and spending time with Bianca, but is doing everything in his power to keep Bianca and Kendall safe. Jackson tells Erica that Barbara has been badgering him with phone calls checking on Sean. As officers continue to hand Jackson's messages from the governor, Jackson asks to continue their discussion at their home later on. When Erica goes to their home, she is surprised to see Barbara answer the door.

Amanda and Jamie decide to go visit Janet in an effort to find the Satin Slayer. Janet is thrilled to see Amanda, but Jamie is quick to blurt out that they need a favor. They tell Janet about the killer, who seems sad for all of the victims and their families. Amanda assures her mother she is not in any danger, but Babe is. Janet apologizes to Amanda for hurting her by trying to make Babe her new daughter. Amanda tells her mother that she thought she could get into the killer's mind, but Janet claims she is no longer crazy. Jamie tells Janet that he knows it is painful to go back to the past, but asks her try to Amanda and Babe's sake. Janet says the killer could be motivated by love - not hate - as she was when she became insane. She tells Amanda that she didn't realize the consequences of her actions until Zach paid her a visit in jail, so perhaps the Satin Slayer can't see that he or she is really killing people. Janet asks Amanda if perhaps Ethan's mother blames Zach for the death of her child. Jamie and Amanda look at one another, thinking they may have a new suspect.

Josh goes to the Chandler mansion to find Babe, but Krystal says she has no idea where Babe is. Josh rushes off after Krystal mentions that he should be lucky JR is working at the office and didn't answer the door. Krystal tells Adam that Josh is still pursuing Babe, even though she has told him repeatedly she wants to make her marriage work. Adam is doubtful about JR and Babe's marriage being saved. He tells Krystal that JR has been collecting evidence against Babe for the past few months to use in a possible divorce. Krystal is enraged when she finds out JR has been spying on her. Adam tells Krystal that Chandler men don't forgive so easily, but it was harder to keep everything a secret from her.

After Babe snaps a shot of Zoe planting a kiss on JR, JR tries to snatch the phone from Babe's hand, but Zoe holds him back. Zoe and Babe threaten to show the picture to all the press and the Chandler Board of Directors. Zoe tells JR that if he takes his photo of her and Babe to the public, Zoe will tell them JR wanted a threesome. Babe gets a telephone call from Krystal to let her know that Josh is trying to find her. Babe tells her mother that everything is under control and hangs up. Josh rushes in as Babe asks for another chance with JR. He quickly realizes that JR must have something huge he is blackmailing Babe with. JR encourages Babe to share what he has against her with Zoe and Josh, but Babe is silent. After Josh and Zoe leave, Babe once offers joint custody and her shares of Chandler mansion. JR turns down Babe's offer, even saying that she should have been the one to die - not Dixie. JR sits in his office, thinking about his mother's dying wish to tell Tad he is the father of Krystal's baby. JR goes home to find out that Krystal and Adam have decided to have a "no secrets" marriage. Adam says that if JR confides in him, he will pass it along to Krystal from now on. Krystal tells JR the same goes for Babe. Once alone, JR tells Adam that he needs to inform him of something Dixie said before she died.

Josh and Zoe follow Babe to the parking deck. Babe tells Josh that her whole world is unraveling and having him in the middle of everything only makes it worse. She asks Josh to stay out of her life before he walks away. Babe thanks Zoe for helping her, but Zoe says that is only half of what Babe has given her by accepting her when the rest of the world shunned her. Zoe and the police officer leave as Babe gets in her car with the bodyguard. After Babe buckles her seatbelt, she gets out of the car and finds the bodyguard unconscious on the ground. Babe rushes over and is pulled from behind in a person dressed in all black. Babe screams and fights the attacker with all her strength, but the attacker plunges a syringe in her neck.

Josh rushes off to see Kendall to find out what she knows about Babe and JR's marriage. Kendall says Tad, Ryan and Zach's life is at stake, making her problems more important than Babe. Frustated, Josh says "Thanks for nothing!" and slams the door as he walks out. A casino employee brings Kendall a note, which says "Leave him now or you die!"

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