One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 5, 2007 on OLTL

Spencer left behind a recorded message, and Todd, Blair, Paige, Dorian, Evangeline, Michael, and John gathered to listen to his taunts. Jessica admitted her feelings for Nash. Starr and Cole were determined to stay together. Antonio and Talia staked out the arsonist.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 5, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, February 5, 2007

After falling from a ladder and bumping his head, Nash has a vision of Tess who is angry with him for falling for Jessica. Nash tries to convince Tess that his love for Jessica does not in any way diminish what he felt for her. Tess tells Nash that she wants him to be happy and could deal with him being with anyone but Jessica. She also reminds him of all the people who will be hurt by his feelings for Jessica. Nash accuses Tess of not wanting him to be happy. When he tells her that he loves her, Jessica appears and asks him if he loves her more than he loved Tess. Nash covers for his outburst and then wonders why Jessica has come to visit. She reveals to him that she went down to the station to tell Antonio about their kiss but took it as a sign that she shouldn't when Antonio got called out on an investigation. They agree to keep their kiss in the steam room their little secret.

Evangeline is hot under the collar when she shares her news with Cris that Nora does not want Evangeline to be seen with Cris while the arson's are being investigated. After sharing her feelings that Nora shouldn't be able to tell her who she can and cannot be seen with, Cris surprises her when he tells her that he agree with Nora. Cris tries to convince Evangeline that it wouldn't be good for their relationship if they continue to see each other under these circumstances. Evangeline disagrees with Cris saying that she wants everyone to know that she believes in Cris' innocence. Cris tells her that she can say that now because she is still collecting a paycheck. Evangeline angrily storms out of Cris' loft.

When Cole and Starr get caught in the park together, Blair goes off on Marty. She demands that Marty keep her son away from Starr and tells Starr to stay away from Cole. Blair screams at Marty for getting Spencer off which lead to the death of her unborn son and the demise of her relationship with Todd. Blair reveals that she turned down Todd's proposal and that she and the children will now be staying at Dorian's. Starr and Cole leave the park with Starr heading to Dorian's with Langston. While Langston is marveling at Dorian's huge place and servants, Starr is angry with her mother for making the decision to not marry her father. Back in the park, Blair blames Marty for bringing bad things to her and Todd every time their paths cross. Marty defends herself but it falls on deaf ears as Blair issues another warning about Cole staying away from her daughter. When Marty and Cole return home, Marty tells Cole that they will both find the happiness they deserve as long as they stay far away from the Manning's.

As John prepares to answer Bo's question about whether John killed Spencer, Natalie tries to jump in with an alibi for John. John comes clean with Bo and tells him that he was at the hospital the night Spencer was killed but he swears to him that he did not kill Spencer. A disbelieving Natalie storms out of Bo's office when it appears that Bo is going to allow John on the investigative team. Bo wonders why Natalie is so convinced that John killed Spencer and John tells him that it's her problem. Bo decides to allow John on the case as part of the team and not the lead since Bo has decided to take the lead for now. Bo advised John to get plenty of rest since they are going to be putting in long hours. He also advises John to go home and try to resolve things with Natalie.

After John leaves, Evangeline visits Bo and tries to get information regarding the arson investigation. When Bo wonders what Evangeline really wants to know, Evangeline confesses that she wants to know if they have another suspect since Nora has said that she should not be seen with Cris while the evidence is pointing to him. Bo also agrees with Nora's suggestion but they conversation is interrupted by a phone call letting him know that a suspect has been arrested in the arson investigation. Evangeline is stunned when Cris is lead into the station in handcuffs.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Vincent and Shawn run into Layla in the park who berates Vincent for believing that Cris is responsible for the burning down of his buildings. Vincent asks Layla what else he should believe since all the evidence points to Cris. Layla tells him that he should listen to his instincts which should be telling him that Cris is innocent.

Evangeline can't believe that Cris is being arrested for a crime he didn't commit but Bo doesn't back down as he instructs Talia to finish booking Cris. When Evangeline and Antonio wonder why Cris was at the building, Cris says that he was supposed to be meeting someone there for a possible job but now realizes that it was a set up. When Nora advises Evangeline and Antonio not to get involved with Cris' investigation, they both resign from their positions. Cris tries to talk both of them into taking back their resignations but Evangeline and Antonio stubbornly refuse. Nora warns them both to get their acts together especially Antonio who has used the department as a revolving door. While in his jail cell Cris tells Evangeline that if she loves him, she will go back to work since their love is stronger than she gives it credit for. Upstairs, Talia tells Antonio that some of the other detectives don't like the fact that Antonio got a coveted job with the department even though he doesn't need the money. They also believe that Antonio makes a mockery of the badge every time he turns it in when things don't go his way. Antonio reconsiders his resignation as he takes an interesting call regarding another suspicious fire.

Bo visits Rex's cell and tries to get Rex to reveal all that he knows about the night Spencer died. Bo shares with Rex how he thinks of him as a son and wants to do what he can for him but Rex has to help him. Rex sticks to his story that he does not have any other information regarding the night in question. Bo releases Rex but tells him that he should not leave town. Rex goes straight to Adriana who has had a strange talk with Dorian who is now Rex's biggest fan since she believes that he did kill Spencer. Dorian offers Rex any assistance that he will need in the form of a lawyer and money to help him beat the murder charge. After Dorian leaves, Rex tells Adriana how he finally found the father he never had only to potentially lose him since Rex lied about not knowing who killed Spencer.

John wants to know why Natalie thinks that he wants to break up with her and Natalie reveals that he has been pushing her away for weeks now. She also reveals that she believes that he killed Spencer. John can't believe it but tells Natalie that she has to trust that he didn't do it. Natalie counters that neither one of them trusts the other which leaves them at an impasse. Natalie wonders if John even loves her anymore. John pulls her into a kiss which leads to them making up in bed.

After a misunderstanding, Viki and Clint go on their date. They end up taking a night time horse ride. After, Clint wonders if Viki had a good time especially since he taught her everything she knows about riding a horse. Viki reminds him that she had been riding since she was a child and it was actually Jessica that he taught to ride in his own special way. Viki does admit she had a good time until Dorian comes and makes a snide comment about her when she finds out that they are on a date. Dorian makes a gesture that spooks Viki's horse causing Viki to fall and hit her head.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


In Bo's office, Antonio tells everyone that one of his properties has burned down and now knows that Cristian didn't start the fire because Talia made sure Cris was in custody when the current fire broke out. Aaron, Vincent's lawyer, accuses Antonio of setting fire to his own building. Antonio is outraged, and Bo takes step to settle the situation. Talia informs everyone that the arson squad determined that the accelerant used in the fire was turpentine, just like in the other fires.

Cristian convinces Evangeline to take back her job with the DA's office. Evangeline is still convinced that Vincent is setting Cris up, but he's not so sure. He thinks it could be Aaron. Evangeline says that Aaron is just doing his job by angling for reasonable doubt, but becomes more and more convinced that Aaron could be involved in setting Cris up. A guard then comes to Cris's cell to bring him up to Bo's office.

Cristian is released due to lack of evidence. Vincent now believes that Natalie was right about Cristian, and he decides not to sue the city anymore. Aaron is unconvinced and warns that he isn't giving up this fight. Vincent then asks Cris if he believes that he (Vincent) set fire to Antonio's property in an attempt at retaliation. Cristian says that he doesn't think that at all. Evangeline then starts talking to Nora about getting her job back at the DA's office. Evangeline realizes that the case isn't necessarily over, even though Cris was released. Nora agrees and says that Aaron is not going to give up on this case. Evangeline maintains confidence in Cris. Nora and Evangeline make up and decide to continue working with each other. While they are talking, Bo and Cris leave. Evangeline is curious why Cris left without her. Aaron returns after Evangeline leaves and insists that there is a conspiracy going on. Nora defends the police department and Aaron accuses her of only doing what Bo tells her to do. Nora takes offense and Vincent fires Aaron. Nora says she underestimated Vincent and vows to find the arsonist.

Evangeline shows up at Cris's loft, angry that Cris left without her. They make up and head upstairs to shower together.

At the diner, Lindsay is reading the newspaper about Spencer's death while talking with Marcie and Tommy. Marcie thinks that someone they know killed Spencer. She talks with Lindsay about how both she and Michael do not think that Rex actually killed Spencer. Lindsay doesn't understand why Rex was at the crime scene and knows that he should know better than that. Marcie thinks Rex is trying to protect someone.

Clint takes Viki to the emergency room, and Michael and Paige check her out. Dorian arrives at the hospital to ask how Viki is doing. Clint says that Dorian is the reason Viki is there. Dorian refuses to take blame and insists that it was an accident that the horse got spooked. Clint knows that Dorian is jealous of Viki and says that she's behaving like she's in junior high. Dorian says that she is only there to make sure Viki isn't seriously hurt. At that time, Viki calls out in pain from the hospital room. Dorian says that this is a good sign; it shows that Viki doesn't have a head injury. Then Viki yells Dorian's name from the hospital room. Clint doesn't believe that Dorian spooked the horse on purpose, but still tells her to leave. She asks him out on a date, but he doesn't answer her. Clint then goes in to see Viki, who discovers that she only has a sprained wrist. Viki is extremely mad at Dorian, is sick of Dorian meddling whenever she and Clint are together, is tired of trying to be above Dorian's snide remarks, and wants to make Dorian pay for what she's done, which makes Clint a bit worried.

Talia and Antonio go out for a beer at Rodi's. Antonio is taking a little time to decide how to tell Jessica about the fire destroying his building. They then talk a little about the LPD and how Talia likes it there. Talia opens up a little about her past, saying that she used to work in Lower Manhattan. She liked it there until 9/11. She doesn't really want to talk about it and leaves abruptly. After she exits Rodi's she looks very pained at discussing anything about her previous job.

Dorian and Lindsay meet up at Rodi's, and Dorian tells Lindsay about what happened with Viki and Clint, spinning it so that she doesn't look guilty, which Lindsay doesn't buy. Dorian is convinced that she can get both Adriana and Clint to forgive her. Lindsay asks Dorian how she's going to accomplish that. Dorian tells Lindsay that she is going to get Adriana to forgive her by convincing the police that Rex is innocent of Spencer's murder. She tells Lindsay that Rex can be useful to her because of his close connection with Bo. Bo and Paige then enter Rodi's and Lindsay longingly gazes at Bo. Dorian insists that she and Lindsay should work together to get back their Buchanan men.

Clint and Viki head to Rodi's and meet up with Bo and Paige. Clint tells Bo and Paige about how Viki hurt her wrist. Viki says she's going to go after Dorian, which Bo encourages.

Marcie goes to the hospital to bring Michael some dinner. One of the nurses insinuates that Michael was at the hospital last night when she talks about how crazy it was at the hospital. Michael covers up by saying that the nurse saw him at the hospital during the day and must have assumed that he was there that night. Marcie is worried because she knows Michael will be a suspect in the murder and wants to make sure his alibi is foolproof. He assures her that he was with John that night.

Adriana doesn't think Rex knows who killed Spencer, but Rex insists that he knows. Rex refuses to tell Bo anything because he thinks that whoever did murder Spencer did the world a favor. He also tells her that he picked up the murder weapon to make sure that the only clean set of fingerprints on it were his. Adriana tells Rex that he should tell Bo the truth, and then tries to pry some information out of him by asking various questions. Rex doesn't want to tell her anything so she doesn't have to lie to the cops. He subtly mentions breaking up with Adriana to protect her, but she wants to help him protect whoever he's protecting. He tells her that he thinks Michael murdered Spencer because he saw Michael running from Blair's room the night of the murder. He also tells Adriana about Michael showing up at Rex's apartment because Spencer was babbling about Tommy, which forced Rex to tell Michael the truth. Adriana decides to help Rex keep the secret and believes that Spencer deserved to die. She is worried, however, about what the cops will do if they figure out Michael's involvement, while Rex is worried about John's reaction to finding out that he's hunting down his brother in the investigation of Truman's murder.

Meanwhile, a mystery man looks up information about Spencer's murder on the Sun's website. He then makes flight reservations to Llanview.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Adriana worries over Rex's lack of sleep due to his obsession with Michael and Tommy. When they arrive at Rodi's, they see Michael who wants to talk to Rex alone. Adriana almost ruins it when she alludes to the secret in front of Marcie and the guys have to cover up quickly. Once Marcie heads out for a special assembly at the high school, they can talk freely. They only hope that John doesn't find out anything during the murder investigation or that the killer left anything behind. Later, Adriana tries to convince Rex that they need to move on, forget about all of this. What about Michael? Rex asks. He can't forget any of this.

Starr refuses to speak to Blair as she gets ready for school. Their family is broken apart and she's not allowed to see Cole. At the same time, Cole argues with his mother over being kept apart from Starr. She's just jealous because he has someone and she doesn't, he tells her. He quickly apologizes. Both of the teenagers vow that they will go against their mothers' wishes; both Blair and Marty quickly call the school and order that the kids be kept apart or further action will be taken. Blair blames Marty for her current lot in life but Dorian thinks that perhaps Blair is upset because Marty was right about Todd all along. And now she's broken-hearted. Blair doesn't regret falling in love and having her children.

At the diner, Cris and Evangeline try to get Carlotta up to snuff on all that's been happening with the fires. Evangeline spots Todd sitting alone and joins him. Telling him that he looks like hell, Todd denies it at first, but admits that he's down because of his family moving out. It's for real this time, he relates. Vange can plainly see that the man is broken-hearted.

John and Nat take pleasure in the previous night and early morning spent together. Nat wonders if it's enough now for them to spend the rest of their life together. She points out the special evening that John had planned before his accident. He believes that things will have to get better with them first; they must have no secrets or lies between each other. There's hope though, he says, or he wouldn't have allowed them to get back together. He emphasizes why he was at the hospital the night of the murder and also answers Nat's question about protecting someone. He would never cover up. She would do anything to protect someone she loves, she stresses. They're different in that way.

Before the school assembly takes place, Marcie is asked to keep an eye out to make sure that Starr and Cole are kept from each other. Britney and her pack overhear and she offers to spy on them. Pointing out all of the good traits that spying would showcase, along with the bad, Marcie suggests that it would be better to build herself up instead of tearing someone else down. Britney storms off but mentions how it's more fun to tear someone down. There's a guest speaker, Tate Harmon, who is a graduate of Llanview HS and a former major league baseball player. He's there to talk to the kids about drug awareness. Cole hears some taunts when steroids are mentioned. After the assembly, Starr is able to slip a note to Cole.

At the exact same moment, several of Llanview's citizens receive a phone call from a dead Spencer. They are told to go alone, to the Palace Hotel. A room number is given. They are curious and nervous, and tell their loved ones to wait behind. As they arrive and congregate in the room, they wonder what could be going on. They learn that Spencer has paid for the room well in advance. When there's a knock at the door, John answers with gun drawn. It's an attorney, Jim Mulligan, who enters with a DVD, for all to see. Spencer begins to speak to them.

Starr and Cole meet up at the diner. She's sorry about the reactions of some of their fellow students during the lecture. She's tickled when Cole tells her that he only cares about what one person thinks. Adriana meets Tate, sort of, when she knocks into him.

Marcie returns to Rodi's but is unable to find Michael (who was one of those summoned to the Palace). Rex covers up awkwardly and offers to have lunch with her.

Nat is all for honesty. She took evidence from the death scene. "What have I done?" she laments.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Jessica and Antonio were hoping for a quiet night when the phone began ringing, Bree woke up and Nash knocked at the door. Antonio was called to a stakeout and left. "You are not supposed to be here," Jessica told Nash. Nash wanted to see Bree and Jessica said it would be okay for Nash to take her. Unfortunately, she claimed, Bree was fast asleep. Jessica grabbed her head and said she was dizzy. Nash wondered if she was pregnant again. No, Jessica said, "this feels different." Nash wondered if she was still Jessica.

Antonio and Talia waited outside of a building. The two shared a cup of coffee. Talia shared some chai with him. She asked why Antonio hadn't told Jessica about the arson at his office building. Antonio left to make a phone call. Talia saw someone approach the building and ignite a flame.

Everyone watched Spencer on TV with varying amounts of interest. He promised them he'd be having the last laugh. Spencer left his eternal hate and contempt to the Buchanans. Spencer confirmed that he had fooled Marty and thanked her for keeping him out of jail. He gave her a copy of her framed diploma. He left Evangeline the statue of justice. He gave Dorian a mirror, "so you can stare at the only person who actually loves you." Dorian ran into Paige and Bo in the lobby and told them about the video. She suggested Paige go upstairs and see what was being left to her. Spencer taunted Todd with the news that he knows where Todd Jr. is, and left him the blanket he wrapped Todd's son in. He added that a present was being delivered to Todd Jr. Michael looked pained. Michael said he was going to the hospital (he was really heading home) as Paige entered the suite. Spencer accused Blair of using his love as a weapon against him. He returned his engagement ring to her, which Blair begrudgingly took. He had nothing to say to Paige, but reminded her that she had been drunk while operating on Thomas McBain, and left her a bottle of cheap champagne. Spencer urged Michael and John to work together to find Spencer's killer. He added that he'd watched their father bleed to death. He left John "a challenge. To find my killer and make the bastard pay." Spencer announced that he had left all his money to "pure unadulterated goodness." On another video we saw the horribly disfigured face of Miles. The people in the hotel suite didn't know what to make of this reveal.

Bo asked Dorian for a drink while he waited for Paige. Dorian called Lindsay and told her to get to the Palace hotel ASAP. Lindsay arrived in a casual outfit. Dorian begged Lindsay get Bo to make a statement to clear Rex's name. Lindsay happily joined Bo as he waited for Dorian.

Starr brought up a present for Marcie. "It was left at the front desk," Starr said. Starr asked Marcie for advice. Marcie couldn't tell Starr what she wanted to hear but suggested Starr give it time. She added that if she gets caught and breaks the rules, things will get worse. Starr left. Marcie opened the gift, a silver engraved cup, and started to read the card when Michael barged in and told her to stop. A startled Marcie dropped the cup and it fell to the floor.

Cole ran into Tate and told him he was "the loser who was taking the steroids." Tate was impressed that Cole admitted to him he had taken drugs but reminded him that Cole had wanted to take them, and it had nothing to do with the team. The two chatted and Cole gave him his number if he wanted to talk in the future.

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