One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 29, 2007 on OLTL

Spencer's murder produced a long list of suspects, and many of Llanview's residents acted suspiciously. Natalie arranged to watch the forensics team with Spencer's body and managed to snag a piece of yarn resembling John's scarf. Clint and Viki went out on a date. Nash accidentally knocked himself unconscious. A mystery man was angry over Spencer's murder.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 29, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, January 29, 2007

Bo arrives in Blair's room with Cole and Starr right behind him just in time to see Rex standing over Spencer's body with a pair of bloody scissors in his hands. As Rex tries to speak, Bo tells him to shut up and sends him outside of Blair's room. Starr is hysterical as she sees her mother unconscious and dressed in a wedding dress. Paige examines Blair and finds the syringes with the drugs that Spencer used on her. Paige is concerned due to the fact that Spencer gave Blair a muscle relaxant that could compromise her already weakened heart. As Starr and Cole await word on Blair's condition, Bo asks her if Todd knows that she is there and Starr informs him that she tried to get in touch with her dad but his cell phone kept going to voicemail. Bo makes the kids call their parents again to tell them where they are. He also informs his detectives to perform tests on Blair to see if she was assaulted by Spencer. After asking Antonio to be there when Blair wakes up, Bo finally goes to have a talk with Rex who realizes for the first time that Bo thinks that he killed Spencer.

Michael finds John collapsed in a hospital waiting room. He asks John what he is doing there fearing that John may be having a relapse and seeking medical attention. John tells him that he couldn't wait and had to take care of Spencer. Michael tells John that they no longer have to worry about the good doctor any longer. He tries to move John but realizes that John has no energy to help him. Michael finally succeeds in getting John off the floor but their exit is thwarted by Natalie.

Vincent tells Cris and Evangeline that he is trying to give Cris the benefit of the doubt regarding his warehouses. Evangeline vouches for Cris as Cris reminds Vincent that if he had anything against him then he would come after him face to face. Cris wonders why Vincent is having a change of heart and Vincent informs him that it is due to the words of Natalie who told him that Cris would never burn down his buildings. Cris issues a stern warning to Vincent letting him know that Natalie's fiancÚ is alive and well and that Vincent should get any thoughts he has of wooing Natalie out of his head.

Jessica arrives home from the party and catches Nash asleep on the couch. He apologizes for falling asleep and then wonders where Antonio is. Jessica tells him that Antonio got called away on police business. Nash asks her if he can stick around until Bree wakes up and Jessica agrees. When he finds a pair of binoculars lying around, Nash wonders if someone is a peeping Tom. Jessica takes him out on the fire escape and shows him the view of the stars from the binoculars. She tells him that he remembers when Nash used to point out the constellations to Tess. Nash is amazed that she remembers but is also saddened as it makes him want to take Jessica in his arms and kiss her. Nash decides that it's time to leave since Antonio won't be home until the morning and wouldn't be too happy to find them alone together. Nash ends up at Capricorn and shares a drink with Layla.

Clint accuses Viki of hiding her feelings. Viki tells Clint that she is not hiding her feelings but they cannot have any relationship as long as he is with Dorian. Clint says that despite what Dorian thinks, they are not together but he hangs around her because she seems to enjoy his company. Clint reminds Viki that her new heart wasn't open to him after her transplant but Viki then reminds Clint that he was dating another woman at the time. Since they are both single, Clint sees no reason why they couldn't be together. When Viki demands to know what Clint wants from her, Clint says that he wants to go out on a date with her. Viki agrees to go out on a date with Clint who tells her that he'll call her to arrange their date.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Marcie awakens in the middle of the night to comfort a teething Tommy and finds Michael missing. She goes downstairs to see Roxy who is tending to the front desk to see if she has seen Michael. Roxy tells Marcie that she hasn't seen Michael but she assures Marcie that when Michael returns she will let him know that Marcie is looking for him. Roxy also assures Marcie that no one gets past her since she is like a hawk at the front desk only leaving to go to the bathroom and even then she leaves the bathroom door slightly open. If anyone leaves or returns, she will know.

Natalie tells John and Michael that Spencer is dead and although she is suspicious of the two brothers, she helps them to get out of the hospital undetected. After John and Michael leave, Natalie walks over to the crime scene and asks the forensics expert in charge if she can observe them while they go over the scene. The detective agrees but asks Natalie not to touch anything as Natalie has taken time off from her studies to take care of John. She tells Natalie to keep her mouth closed and her eyes open. As Natalie is standing over Spencer's body, she spies a piece of fiber that closely matches the scarf that John was wearing. While no one is looking, she takes the fiber off of Spencer's body and hides it in a handkerchief.

Bo tells a giddy Todd that Spencer has been murdered. He also reminds Todd that given his history with Spencer, he is going to be considered a suspect. Todd feels that he is guilty in thoughts only. Antonio gets ready to ask Blair some questions but Todd tries to stop him by saying that Blair is too drugged up to know what she is saying. Antonio wonders why Todd is so anxious if he has nothing to hide but Todd tells Antonio that he only wants him to wait for Blair's sake. Antonio informs Todd that the more he tries to keep him away from questioning Blair the guiltier he looks. Todd stands aside so that Antonio can question Blair who tells him that she cannot tell him who killed Spencer because she was too groggy to see who it was. She does believe that whoever killed Spencer did it to protect her.

When Marty arrives at the hospital, she angers Starr by implying that Todd may have killed Spencer especially since no one can account for his whereabouts during the murder. Starr believes that Marty is only saying that because she still harbors hatred towards Todd due to the rape. Starr tells Marty that her father is not responsible for Spencer's murder. Starr pulls Todd aside to tell him how she and Cole found Rex standing over Spencer's dead body. Todd hopes that Rex will keep his mouth shut about what happened. As Starr is talking with her dad, Marty tells Cole to be careful especially after being caught on a crime scene. Cole tells his mother that he is glad that Spencer is dead.

Bo tries to get Rex to come clean regarding his involvement with the Manning's and Spencer. Rex tells Bo that Todd is almost family since he is involved with Blair's niece and that he is also Todd's employee. Rex insists that although things look very bad, he did not kill Spencer. Bo pleads with Rex to tell him whatever it is that he is holding back but Rex keeps quiet forcing Bo to take him down to the station for questioning. Rex makes Bo promise not to help him in any way.

Michael gets John back to the boarding house but they are almost caught by Roxy who is taking another potty break. John manages to get upstairs before Roxy exits the restroom. Roxy tells Michael that his wife was looking for him and the next time he decides to leave, he should leave Marcie a note. Michael goes upstairs to John's room to make sure that he is all right. They both share how even though Spencer is dead, it doesn't make them feel as good as they thought it would. However, the both agree that things will be so much better now that Spencer is gone. Natalie returns to find John in bed and kisses him goodnight before comparing the fibers she found with John's scarf. She becomes very concerned when she sees that they could be matching fibers.

Michael goes home to Marcie who was worried about him when she woke up and found him gone. Michael tells her that he couldn't sleep and decided to take a walk. Marcie asks him how John is since she found him coming out of his room. Michael tells her that John was having trouble sleeping but hopefully they will all be able to sleep better from now on.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Starr was upset when Todd stated that the damage Spencer did might never be undone. Starr wished Truman had died the first time, when he'd fallen off the roof. Blair began to panic over the idea of what Spencer might have done to her while she was unconscious. Later, a sympathetic Talia came by to gently question Blair. Blair explained that she doesn't remember much since she'd been drugged, but that Spencer had tried to rape her. Thankfully, the results from the rape kit came back negative.

Marcie informed Michael of Spencer's death. She was surprised when he admitted that he already knew and admitted that she was a little perturbed at the idea of knowing the murder victim. Michael didn't think Truman deserved her sympathy and was pleased that he'd been killed. "I would die for you two," he told her and Tommy. Marcie thought the murderer was Todd and began putting together the "facts" that would make this so. "This isn't one of your mystery novels!" Michael angrily snapped, urging her not to discuss the crime. "Our son is never going to have to know him," he stated. The couple then turned on the news and were shocked to learn Rex was a suspect. Lindsay later came over and tried to cheer up Marcie.

At the station, Bo told Antonio that he doesn't think Rex killed Spencer, but does think he's hiding something or is protecting someone. Antonio wasn't so convinced of Balsom's innocence. Meanwhile, Adriana freaked out when she found out that Rex was being kept in a holding cell for the time being. She believed that he did know who the murderer is; he explained that he'd gone to the hospital to find Todd, when he encountered a dead Truman. "You had the murder weapon in your hand?" said a disbelieving Adriana. "My timing was off," he cracked, to her annoyance. She urged him to tell Bo what he knows, but he insisted that he didn't know anything. He assured her that he's not going to be charged. After, Bo again questioned Rex. "What were you doing at the hospital?" he asked. "I like the Jell-O," joked Balsom. Bo was not amused. Rex argued that Spencer's killer probably hadn't had a choice. Bo decided not to arrest him, but to keep Rex in a holding cell for as long as possible.

Natalie and John tried to get to sleep, but couldn't. Nat admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about Spencer's death. They made some small talk as he asked Natalie to bring him a couple of items. She then demanded to know what he'd been doing at the hospital. He replied that he went to see Michael, but she didn't buy it. Nat then started going on about how he trusts Marty, but not him. He was furious when he realized she'd eavesdropped on his and Marty's conversation. John snapped that he has plenty of reasons to not trust Nat. "There's nothing I wouldn't do to protect you," Natalie said ominously.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

The residents of Llanview are either being questioned or asking the questions in the pursuit of Spencer's killer. Most are not only happy that he's gone but are willing to shake the hand of the murderer.

Marcie seeks out help from Nora, to ease her mind that Rex couldn't possibly be the one who saved Blair's life. Nora admits that Rex isn't being cooperative and is obviously protecting someone, but he's merely being questioned. She agrees that such a good guy as the one Rex has become could hardly be the slayer. Marcie loses her temper quickly though when Nora suggests that even Michael could be the suspect. She defends him indignantly and emphatically and mentions the fact that he could have done the deed on the operating table previously and no one would have known. He SAVES lives, he's a doctor, she states in no uncertain terms.

Evangeline pays a visit to John who admits that he's been thinking about her very often lately. He asks if she thinks he's the killer but the description of the actual murder doesn't sound like him, Evangeline discloses. Besides, he couldn't have even gotten to the hospital so the idea is a bit farfetched, she continues. He still has no peace, John divulges. Death was too easy for Spencer and he didn't pay enough for his actions. He and Nat are still going through a lot of difficulty, he confesses, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Evangeline is happy to see the same old John. They talk briefly about Cris and wonder who might be setting him up. She gets a call from Nora, asking to meet her at the diner.

Dorian catches Blair as she attempts to get dressed and check herself out of the hospital. She has no rest there and needs to get home to get it, Blair states. She also thinks that Dorian is acting nervously and appearing guilty but Dorian is quick to assure her that she is not the murderer. She wouldn't have left Blair alone if she were there to save her, Dorian explains. She hopes the killer does get away though, even if it's Todd, but he wouldn't have left Blair alone either. After the talk continues on about Spencer, Blair decides that she is now entirely too exhausted to leave. She gets back in bed but after receiving a call that the police have come to see her mother, she dresses and heads out.

Michael visits Rex and asks why he was in the hospital. The response that he was protecting Michael is quickly addressed. He doesn't need any protection, Michael adamantly states. The secret of Tommy will go to his grave, Rex continues. And Michael can live in peace. How can he live in peace when a man died, Michael asks. Even if he was evil? It was wrong. When he wonders how he can be around Todd, Rex loses it. He is not to be near Todd. They can't change what was done and things will get easier as time goes on. I'll never be able to thank you enough, Michael tells Rex. So many sacrifices have been made. They vow never to betray their secret or trust. Too many people would be destroyed. Upstairs, Nat waits to see Bo who is questioning Todd, and begins to ask Talia questions. The police officer is highly suspect, though Nat quickly assures her that she's interested in the forensics and the case due to the fact that so many of her family and friends were involved in Spencer's life. Talia finally tells her that there is no lead, which Nat is quick to phone into John. Meanwhile, in Bo's office, Todd insists that he did not commit the murder and that he has an alibi; he was with a woman. After being pressured by Bo and Antonio, he claims to have been with Addie, to thank her for saving Blair's life. Bo doesn't believe it for a minute, as Todd adds on that he wanted to ask her a favor, which is private. Bo figures that Todd is planning on Addie confirming the alibi, even if it's not true, and he sends Antonio and Talia to question Addie. He agrees to let Todd leave and the newspaperman vows to write both an obit and a eulogy. Someone has to speak, Todd continues. Might as well be him. When Nat finally gets to see Bo, she learns of Rex being held and dashes off to see him. Michael is still there but the questions she asks of him are quickly answered by Rex. She shares that John couldn't be the killer because he was home. She scolds Rex for being so stupid to pick up the murder weapon. Later, alone, Rex mutters that Spencer had to die, that there wasn't any other choice. Nat storms upstairs again to Bo's office. He admits that he thinks Rex is protecting someone. Suddenly, John shows up. He wants to come back to work and he wants the Truman case. Michael bumps into Marcie; she catches him in a lie as he told her he was going to work. He was there at the last minute, he claims. He wanted to tell Rex that they believe in him.

Evangeline meets with Nora and learns that the mayor's office is requesting that she not be seen in public with Cris. Vincent's lawyers are making lots of noise and he doesn't want the D.A.'s office compromised. Vange is highly indignant and insulted and mentions her integrity as one of her traits. Nora is sympathetic but agrees with the mayor. Vange tells Nora that the mayor can stick it when she's also asked to issue a press release stating that she backs the police department and D.A.'s office.

Antonio and Talia learn that Todd did not sign in at the visitor's desk at the home. He forgot and no one was at the desk, Todd states, as he walks in behind them. Addie is summoned to the lobby and as Antonio begins to question her, Blair walks in to protect her mom.

Friday, February 2, 2007

A frustrated Nash tried to do repairs around the Buchanan home. Clint interrupted him and the guys chatted. Clint admitted his confusion over his feelings for Dorian and Viki. He then asked if Nash is developing feelings for Jessica. "I suspect I have the same feelings for her that you have for Viki," Nash replied. Clint pointed out that Viki is single while Jess is a married woman. He suggested Nash be a "man of honor" and warned him not to get himself hurt. Too bad Nash didn't heed his warning on a more literal level: later, he returned to his repairs, when he slipped and knocked himself unconscious. He then saw a vision of Tess. "I've got a bone to pick with you, jerk!" she began.

Meanwhile, Jessica stopped her run when she spied Marty sitting outside. Jess confided in Marty how she and Nash kissed, and is feeling guilty. Jessica wondered if she should tell Antonio the truth; Marty said she couldn't give her an answer, but that marriages based on love and respect survive. Later, Jess went to the station and overheard Antonio telling Talia how he and Jessica have trust in their marriage.

At school, Starr and Cole snuck in a conversation while peeking at each other through the library stacks. Starr hoped that Spencer's demise would mean that their family's problems would go away and she and Cole could be together. Starr wished they could date like "normal" teens and go the movies and ice skate. Cole promised he'd soon take her to do both. Right after he left for class, the librarian asked Starr if she needed help. Starr quickly grabbed a book and said she found what she was looking for. Turns out that book she'd chosen was Romeo And Juliet.

John was anxious to return to work, but Natalie didn't think he was ready. John told Bo that he wants to work on the investigation surrounding Spencer's murder. Bo argued that he's too close to it, but John insisted. Nat tried to stop him, but the guys asked her to leave. Alone, Bo asked John if he knows someone he cares about is the killer. John replied that he takes his job seriously and would never cover for someone. Bo still didn't want him taking the case. Natalie returned and said that John had been with her when Spencer was murdered. John quickly amended that she's lying.

At St. Anne's, Addie informed Antonio that Todd had come by to get Addie's help in convincing Blair to marry him. Blair was annoyed with Todd for bugging her mom, but Addie thought her daughter should reunite with Todd. Blair instead dropped a bomb: she's taking the kids and moving out. Todd couldn't understand this, but Blair explained that they're "deadly" together. Later, Starr and Cole met in secret in the park ... where they were caught by their moms.

A mystery man looked up information on Spencer online. After reading that Truman was murdered, Mystery Man angrily threw his laptop across the room.

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