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Passions Recaps: The week of January 29, 2007 on PS
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Monday, January 29, 2007

Tabitha predicts a terrible omen, something ghastly and horrifying that will hit Harmony, and it will affect the Russells, Lopez-Fitzgeralds and the Cranes. One person will cause it, but Tabitha doesn't quite know the identity of the person yet. All she knows is that the person is working for the dark side.

Julian calls in Dr. Gasparro to keep an eye on Eve since Miguel is insisting that she checks on Fox's condition to see if he has a terminal illness. Sam is keeping close tabs on Miguel because he keeps saying things that could incriminate him. Miguel insists that he has nothing to do with Fox's accident. In addition, Miguel tells Sam that Julian is paying off Dr. Gasparro to lie in order to cover Fox's fake terminal illness. Eve tells Miguel that if Fox is faking anything, everyone in the OR will know. Kay feels guilty about Fox's accident because she feels that she should have been with him on their wedding night. Fox pulls through the surgery and is in recovery. Eve tells Miguel that she found no proof of Fox's terminal illness.

The doctor finds evidence of Fancy's sexual assault, but Sheridan is not convinced. She is anxious to wait for the DNA results. She feels the test will prove that Fancy is mentally unstable. Luis apologizes and promises Fancy that he'll protect her by finding the guy who raped her. Ivy is blaming Luis for not protecting Fancy. The doctor finds a match in the DNA database but is shocked at the identity of the rapist. Luis matches the DNA results, but he is baffled as is Fancy and everyone else. No one wants to believe that Luis is the rapist.

With Gwen out of the picture, Theresa is having second thoughts about giving up on Ethan. Whitney tells Theresa that she will live in a constant state of chaos if she does not stop the madness. Jared is free and clear without any baggage, and yet Theresa insists on chasing Ethan, the man that has caused her nothing but grief.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Noah wakes up in Paloma's bed with a major hangover and little memory of the night before. When he realizes he's undressed, he worries he had sex with Paloma in a drunken stupor!

Valerie urges Jared to stay in town and fight for Theresa. Meanwhile, Ethan and Theresa squabble over their respective relationships with Gwen and Jared.

Fancy reels after learning shocking news at the hospital.

Miguel is triumphant when Eve announces she found no trace of Fox's supposed illness during surgery. However, Miguel's victory is short-lived when Dr. Gasparro reveals he detected a tumor after Eve left the operating room. The crooked doctor reiterates that the tumor is inoperable.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Amid the drab early American décor of the Bennett living room, an overly made-up Jessica discusses love and family, particularly her mother's recent death, with Paloma. They exchange girlish confidences. Jessica defends Spike and is enthused to hear about Paloma's burgeoning romance with Noah, who arrives with flowers for Paloma. They talk and Noah tells Jessica how much he loves her and how much her mother loved her. Jessica leaves the area. She sits on the stairs while Noah and Paloma kiss and daydreams of a different Spike, one dressed in a suit, white shirt and pink tie, and, strangely, with his hair combed back looks a lot like a short version of Noah. In her imagination, Spike comes home kisses her tenderly and tell her that they will have a wedding just like Kay's. In the living room the kiss ends. Paloma tells Noah that it was the best one yet. Noah starts getting cold feet and tries to warn Paloma off by telling her that he is too old for her and that she is Luis' little sister. Paloma points out that she is about to graduate from the police academy and that she can make her own dating choices. Before Noah can say anything more, she pulls him into a passionate embrace and kisses him with such fire that he leaves the Bennett house in a daze.

At the mansion, Theresa, Ethan, Jane and Little Ethan share a cozy breakfast. In lightening fast time, Ethan has gotten over Gwen, packed his and Jane's belongings and moved to the mansion. Theresa leaves the kitchen and meets Whitney in the hall. At first Whitney warns Theresa against Ethan and encourages her to go after Jared, but after listening to Theresa and witnessing the cozy kitchen scene starring Ethan, Jane and Little Ethan, she changes her mind. As Whitney plays devil's advocate, she points out to Theresa that she needs to let go of Jared and that she can do that by taking off Jared's ring. Theresa hems and haws, but eventually takes off the ring.

At the hospital everyone is shocked to learn that the DNA evidence obtained in Fancy's rape kit points to Luis as Fancy's attacker. Fancy refuses to believe that Luis hurt her and searches for another explanation. Luis is dumbstruck and cannot figure out what happened to him because he only remembers a dream about Fancy in a cheerleading costume. Pilar suggests that perhaps he was drugged, but the needle which the viewers saw stuck in his neck has left no bruise or puncture mark and no one has thought of testing Luis for drugs, so he shrugs it off. Ivy, who has apparently forgotten to tell Fancy that Fox is lying near death, is insistent that Luis be arrested. She is unwilling to entertain any explanation other than that he is a brutal rapist who has violated her daughter, despite years of evidence as to his character and upbringing. Filled with righteous indignation, she stalks off, calls the mayor, who calls Sam and insists that Luis be arrested. Sam reluctantly arrests Luis, even though Fancy refuses to press charges. Sheridan calls Ethan in to defend Luis. Sam, Luis and Sheridan head for the police station, leaving Chris, Fancy, Ivy and Pilar at the hospital.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Paloma counsels Jessica to leave an abusive Spike.

Sam arrests Miguel when broken glass from Fox's hit and run matches Miguel's damaged headlight.

Pilar and Ivy battle over Luis and Fancy's relationship. Deeply traumatized by her rape, Fancy breaks down. Meanwhile, Sheridan takes advantage of Luis' vulnerability.

Whitney pushes Theresa to come clean about Little Ethan's paternity. Fearing she'll still lose Ethan somehow, Theresa wavers. Whitney warns Theresa not to allow the lure of the Crane power and money to stop her from telling the truth.

Friday, February 2, 2007

While Fox is in a coma, Kay tells him that she is there for him; however, she is confused about Charity and Miguel because she does not want to believe that Fox would set her up. In addition, she does not believe that Miguel is the one who deliberately hit Fox with a car. Kay feels just horrible because Fox is in a coma and is terminally ill, or so she thinks. Kay tells a comatose Fox that she loves him and does not want to lose him.

Jared has a terrible dream about fighting with Ethan over Theresa. He tells Chad that Valerie convinces him to stay in Harmony and fight for Theresa. Jared has come to the realization that he will never be first in Theresa's heart. Theresa plans to tell Ethan that Little Ethan is his son. Her secret is placed on the back burner because Ethan has an emergency. He has to go down to the police station to represent Luis and Miguel. Vincent, the tabloid reporter is threatening to print a story on Ethan in regards to his break up with Gwen. Chad promises Ethan to run interference to prevent Vincent from running the story. After which, Chad gets a call from his lover and tells his lover that they cannot see each other anymore because he loves Whitney and does not want to hurt her anymore. Chad breaks his word in mid sentence and decides to see his lover after all. He tells his lover that this is the last time that they will meet. Theresa is waiting for Ethan and prays that nothing gets in the way of her telling Ethan the truth, but Jared shows up before Ethan, and that puts a monkey wrench into Theresa's plan. Jared tells Theresa that he changes his mind and wants to marry her.

Miguel tells Luis that he thinks that they are being set up. He did not hit Fox with a car and Luis did not rape Fancy. Luis does not remember what happened in Fancy's room, but the DNA seems to match his. Pilar and Miguel agree that Luis and Miguel are being set up, but by whom? Pilar thinks that only Alistair could do such a thing, but Luis states that he saw Alistair die. Sheridan accuses Fancy of causing trouble for Luis. She tells Fancy that she forced herself on Luis and not the other way around. In addition, she tells Fancy that she faked the other attacks so that Luis could sympathize with her, and as soon as she got Luis alone, she forced herself on him and called it rape. Fancy turns the tables on Sheridan and tells her that she is the one who wants Luis to herself. Sheridan expects Fancy to give up and back off so that Luis will be available for her. Luis is still getting foggy memories. He remembers Fancy dressing in a cheerleader's outfit and they were making love; consequently, he thinks he may have raped Fancy. Theresa bribes Judge Reilly into granting bail for Luis and Miguel. Luis goes to see Fancy and asks if she believes that he didn't rape her.

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