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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 29, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, January 29, 2007

Dusty and Emily saw each other at the hospital. He told her he had a business solution for her. She was not interested and she was meeting Tom. Tom came and Dusty left. Tom told Emily they wanted to send Daniel to boarding school. Emily disagreed. Tom said with all that had gone on it would be the best. Tom left and Dusty came back. She told him about boarding school, and he convinced her it was a good idea. He then told her Lucinda decided to buy part of the INTRUDER.

Out at Emma's Jack tried to get the real reason out of Brad why he moved back. Brad was elusive. Jack told him he needed to do chores around the farm and help out until he got a job. Jack left and Vienna came down. She had a list of chores to do for Emma and Brad offered to help. First were the dishes and Brad started to help, but somehow left that to Vienna. Then they wound up at the woodpile. Brad instructed her on the fine points of axe-handling. Later they chased a chicken through the house. They fell, Brad landing on top of her. Jack walked in.

At Crash Maddie and Casey went over the robbery, after coming from his parent's house. Maddie hoped the thief would be caught and Casey's guilt compounded. Maddie went off to school. Elwood showed up, since Casey called him earlier to meet, and wondered what happened. Casey told him about the break in. Casey then gave Elwood the bonds to hide in the dorm. He reluctantly took them.

Adam and Iris met at Java. Iris wanted to know why he wanted to see her. He handed her an envelope with a bond in it. He wanted to discuss getting rid of Will. Her interest piqued she wanted to know the plan. He wanted her to plant it at Will and Gwen's so Gwen would find it, and then Gwen would see Will was sabotaging her career. Adam promised Iris some of Gwen's millions when she was a hit. Iris agreed. Adam called Gwen.

Gwen looked at her photos form the photo shoot and remembered Adam's words of encouragement. Will came in and tried to make her feel better. He handed her a class catalogue so she could pick out classes. Adam called and asked if they would meet him at Java. They said they would.

Will and Gwen sat down with Adam in the coffee shop. Adam apologized for things going wrong and he gave Gwen the things left over from the making of the demo. He also said he'd help out in the future if he could and it was still possible. Gwen went out with her things to take home. Adam apologized to Will, and Casey came over. They talk about the missing money. Adam seemed to direct the discussion to Casey. Will left and Casey went after him telling Adam he needed to tell Will the truth.

Isis found the spare key and let herself in Will and Gwen's. As she looked for a spot to put the bond, she said Adam was the better brother for Gwen. Before she hid it, Gwen came inside.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jack and Brad argue over Vienna, but are interrupted by Holden who invites them to dinner. Lily, preparing dinner resists snacking, but Faith gorges when Lily isn't looking. Lily welcomes Vienna, and when tempted by the food, pops a pill which Faith observes. Brad insults gays and Jack clues Brad in about Luke being gay. Natalie tells Faith she heard her being sick; but Faith asks Natalie not to tell Lily and Holden. Emily's disappointed not only that Daniel's going, but that he's so relieved to be leaving her. Emily feels the need for a drink before her meeting with Dusty and a handsome stranger offers to buy one for her. At the stranger's invitation, Emily accompanies him to his room. Casey's anxious to confess to Will about stealing the bonds, but Adam astonishes Casey when he informs Casey that he'll take care of the fallout from the stolen bonds. Iris joins Adam to tell him the mission was accomplished. Meanwhile, Gwen finds the bond that Iris left behind. Will's confused about the presence of the bond and is astonished when he realizes that Gwen's accusing him of stealing his own money.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Out front of Lily and Holden's home, Vienna interrupts Brad and Jack fighting over Brad's inappropriate remarks about homosexuals. Vienna assumes the two men are fighting over her, but Jack quickly tries to correct her. Vienna then assumes the fight was over Carly and as she tries to comfort Jack, Parker arrives and becomes angry after seeing Vienna hugging Jack. Jack convinces Brad and Vienna to leave Lily's and he goes inside with a moody Parker.

Inside the Snyder home Natalie lets it slip to Lily that she thinks Faith is sick. Faith covers her tracks by telling Lily a friend from school has the flu and Natalie was mistaken. Once Parker and Jack are inside, Jack apologizes to Lily for Brad's comments and Lily accepts. As the family gets ready to sit down for dinner both Parker and Faith refuse to go to the table. Holden tells Parker and Faith to go spend time outside and the two lament over their family problems and specifically their issues with their mothers. Jack and Parker leave after dinner and once they are back at the farm Jack tells Parker he wants to help him deal with his mom leaving.

After leaving Lily's, Vienna and Brad go back to the farm where Vienna admits to Brad she thinks he is a great guy, but that she likes Jack. Brad tells Vienna that Jack will always love Carly, but he is willing to let Vienna use him to make Jack jealous. Brad and Vienna start to make out in the kitchen, but Parker and Jack walk in. Jack becomes angry at the two for being so careless in a house filled with kids and tells Vienna it is time for her to leave the farm and she agrees to go to the Lakeview. Then Jack tells Brad it is time for him to get a job and help out around the house.

Dusty and Lucinda arrive at the Lakeview for the meeting with Emily, but after inquiring with the bartender Dusty learns Emily left when she learned Dusty was running late. Lucinda is upset by Emily's disappearance and Dusty tries to reach her by phone, but Emily doesn't pick up. Lucinda continues to complain to Dusty about Emily and her inconsistent behavior. Dusty tries to defend Emily, but Lucinda believes the deal to buy the Intruder was a mistake.

Meanwhile, Emily is upstairs with the stranger she met in the bar and after she ignores the phone call from Dusty she asks the stranger, Steve, to help her forget about everything in her life. The two have sex and after they are done Steve asks for Emily's number and then Emily goes to take a shower. Once she is done she comes out believing she may have just met a nice man, but instead finds Steve gone and her shoe stuffed with money. Emily figures out that the man assumed she was a prostitute.

As Gwen and Will continue their fight about the stolen bond appearing at their home, Adam arrives and walks in and pretends to try to help resolve the fight. He suggests that the bond might not even be one of Barbara's bonds and tells Will to call the bank to check the serial number. When the banker confirms that the bond is one of Barbara's, Gwen becomes more convinced that Will stole the bonds to end her music career. Will tells Gwen he had nothing to do with it, but Gwen doesn't believe him. Gwen then tells Will she can't be with him right now and leaves, followed by Adam. Once alone Will realizes that Gwen finding the bond was a set-up and he leaves to find out who is framing him. Will finds Iris at the Lakeview and tells her he knows what she is up to. Meanwhile, Gwen goes to her dorm to be alone and as she cries on her bed Adam arrives.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Meg went over the dead patient's file and still blamed herself for the death. Craig came in and asked why she was worried, and reminded her he saved her life. Paul stopped by and Craig left. Paul told her he stopped fighting the visions and cam in for tests, which all came back OK. Paul told Meg to hold his hand so he could see how she died. Meg turned him down and he left. Craig came back and said he'd listen to her if she had anything to tell. She didn't. Then Dr. Bob walked in with the autopsy report, and she did die of an allergy to her medicine. But there was a diary and she planned to commit suicide by not revealing her allergies to the doctors. Craig came back with coffee for the relieved Meg. He then mentioned the diary. Meg asked how he knew about that.

Katie brought Jack Simon's letter at Emma's for evidence and to let him know about Carly. Jack asked her why she was upset. Katie told him Mike was gone because of the letter. Jack hugged her and Parker saw them. He then accused the two of hanky-panky. Katie assured him it was not the case. Katie then apologized about Carly. Parker called her a liar. He said he read the book and knew se wanted to get Carly in trouble. Later Katie told Jack the boy was right, she wrote the book for revenge. Jack asked her to stay away from the kids for a while.

At the Lakeview bar Will grabbed Iris and demanded the truth. Iris said she didn't steal the money and she had an alibi. Her sponsor came by and told him she attended AA meetings all night.

Over at the dorm Adam told Gwen he was worried about Will. Gwen struggled with her feelings. Adam hugged her and Barbara walked in. They told her about the theft. Barbara asked if they had called the police. She then wrote out a check for the demo. Adam took the check and Iris rushed in. Iris told them that Will was after her and trying to frame her. Adam dragged her out in the hall and told her to keep cool or there plan would be blown out of the water. Iris left after being promised some of the money. She saw the check.

Inside Barbara told Gwen that she didn't know what Will would do when he was scared of losing someone he loved. Gwen asked her if she thought he did it. Adam walked back inside. Gwen realized that Will loved her and that was all that mattered. Meanwhile Barbara made her way to the cottage and Will was there. She told him about the check. A furious Will felt ganged up on because everyone thought he was crazy. Gwen called to apologize but Will threw the phone. An upset Gwen got more comfort from Adam's arms.

Friday, February 2, 2007

At home, Faith overhears Lily on a business call, being testy with someone; when she hangs up, Lily asks Faith if she's eaten anything yet. Faith says she had a salad and that she isn't very hungry. When Lily suggests she needs more than a salad, Faith mouths off to her. As Lily begins to lecture Faith on her attitude, her phone rings again, and it's a business associate with a problem. Luke comes in and tells Lily that he and Faith will be okay while she goes to handle her business problem; when he sees the tension between them, he jokingly says they both need a time-out. Lily goes upstairs to get ready to leave, and Luke asks Faith what's wrong; she says, "Nothing. I just hate her." Faith tells Luke that Lily thinks she's "queen of everything" and can order everyone around. When Luke tells her their mom is always on their side, Faith counters that Lily wasn't on Luke's side when she first found out he was gay. Luke is surprised to find out she knew about that, but he tells her that Lily came around and now even defends him if someone says something against gays. As Luke asks again what Faith is so angry about, Natalie walks in and asks why they're fighting; Faith says, "Because no one ever listens to me --- ever!" and storms out of the room. Luke asks Natalie if anything is happening with Faith that he should know about; she tells him about Faith throwing up and then not wanting her to tell their mom about it. Lily comes back down as Faith returns and tells Faith she'll take her to Java tomorrow so they can have some time alone to talk. Luke reassures her that they'll be fine while she's gone, and Lily leaves. Luke then tells Faith, "I know what you're doing."

Vienna packs her bags to move out of Emma's house. As she tells Jack goodbye, she also tells him not to be too bitter about women. She goes outside and asks Brad to be nice to Jack because he's going through such a difficult time. Brad talks her into letting him take her to the hotel so she won't be alone, and they leave. Inside, Jack opens a letter from Parker's school saying that he's been skipping school; after calling for Parker, he realizes Parker's gone. He asks JJ where Parker might be, but JJ is reluctant to be a "rat" like Parker was. Jack explains to JJ that Parker's still a kid, and it's important that they find him, because it's getting late, so JJ admits that Parker snuck out after he thought JJ was asleep, and he says it's not the first time it's happened, but he doesn't know where he's been going.

At the Lakeview, Kim runs into Katie, who's having a drink by herself. Katie tells Kim about Mike leaving her again, and Kim expresses her condolences but says she has an offer for Katie. She's created a new TV show called "Oakdale Now," and she wants Katie to be the hostess. Katie is glad that Kim still believes in her, and Kim says hopefully soon, Katie will believe in herself again. Katie promises to consider the job offer, and Kim leaves. Vienna walks in with Brad, who asks for her credit card so he can get her checked into her room and possibly get an upgrade for her from the female desk clerk; Vienna spots Katie and goes over and starts harassing her about leaving Mike alone right after he took her back. Katie eventually stops Vienna by confessing that Mike has left her again; Vienna apologizes for her remarks, saying she'd never have said those things if she'd known that. Katie gives Vienna a hard time about her "escort," and Brad walks up, asks Vienna who her friend is, and invites Katie to join them upstairs for a drink. Katie tells Vienna that she may be alone, but it's better than this. Vienna decides she's not in the mood for company and tells Brad she'd rather just go upstairs and rest tonight; when she leaves, Brad asks Katie what she said to Vienna. Katie says, "The truth." Brad responds by saying now he knows why she was sitting all by herself when he first saw her.

Parker shows up at the cabin where Paul's been staying and says he wants to talk to him about his visions, because he used to have them, too. He tells Paul he had several visions when Jack was missing, but he didn't have any about his dad being shot and killed in Washington, so he couldn't warn Hal about that. Paul tells him that's not his fault, that the visions are beyond their control. Parker wants to know if all Paul ever has visions of are big things, bad things, and Paul says yes. Paul says he has a feeling right now that something really bad is happening, but he doesn't know what, and it's driving him crazy. Paul tells Parker about his dysfunctional family and says as a kid, there's not much Parker can be expected to do, but he shouldn't push away the people who love him. He then tells Parker that he needs to go home to Jack and not come back, and he gets Parker to leave. At the farm, Parker tries to sneak back inside, but Jack sees him and tells him he knows about him skipping school and sneaking out of the house at night; Parker sarcastically says, "Wow --- you should be a detective!" Jack tells Parker to go upstairs and they'll talk about this in the morning.

At the hospital, Craig tells Meg he knows about the diary and that it clears Meg of any wrongdoing; Meg is stunned to find out he knows anything about it and realizes this means he had something to do with it being found. Craig says he'll tell her everything, but not there at the hospital, and he gets her to agree to go to his place with him. When they get there, Meg says she should just tell Bob and Jack what Craig's done, but he says that won't bring the dead patient back to life, it will just stop Meg from being able to help people in the future. Meg says he's using the 1-2 punch of excuses and then justifications for what he's doing and that he's not doing this to help her, he's doing it so he can have her. Craig tells Meg there's no "grand design" here, he's just trying to help her keep her job because he admires her for doing the kind of work she does. When he asks what's the harm in letting him help her, she replies, "That I might end up being like you." Realizing she may have actually hurt Craig's feelings, Meg apologizes. Craig says his "disregard for traditional ethics" is what people dislike about him, but he says there's nothing he wouldn't do to keep her being who she is, and that "a few added lines in a diary" is all it takes to enable Meg to continue on with her life. Craig then tells Meg that he wants her to like him, "because if I can get you to like me, I won't be who everyone says I am." As she leans in close to him on the sofa, Craig tells her she's "too close and too beautiful" for him to remain a gentleman, and she asks what he'd do if he weren't a gentleman. He kisses her, she responds, and as she lays back on the sofa, her bracelet falls off her wrist.

In the cabin, Paul accidentally cuts his finger, and suddenly, he has a vision of a girl's arm with a bracelet on it, and the bracelet falls off her wrist.



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