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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 22, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, January 22, 2007

At the cabin, Paul threw a picture of Meg into the fire. He had second thoughts and saved it. Parker came out to see him and asked him if he knew if he was ever going to see Carly again. Paul said he didn't know and the visions were a burden. Parker left and Paul threw the picture back into the fire. He then had a vision of blood flooding the hospital floor.

Meg attended to a patient in the hospital when suddenly the monitors went off. Meg called a code blue and a doctor came into help. After their attempts to save the woman failed, Dr. Bob came by to console her. Then Craig showed up and tried to reassure her. Craig wondered if Paul was on her mind and then offered to take her out. She declined but on good terms. Later as she was leaving, Dr. Bob asked her to stay and help with the blood drive. She agreed.

Katie asked Mike, at home, if he forgave her. He said he did. She then asked him if they should start back trying to have a baby. Mike said it was too soon. She wanted to know if he was 100% in their relationship, and if he wasn't he should leave. Mike told her it would take a while to get back to that point. They went to see Tom at home.

Tom was brought home from the hospital. Maddie made him a healthy breakfast and he sat down to enjoy it. Adam was there too. Casey showed up and Margo caught him outside. She discovered his poor grades and agreed to not tell Tom about them just yet. Back inside Margo went to get some of her mad money and discovered it was missing. They tried to figure out where it went when Mike and Katie came in. Adam and Casey leave. Adam grabbed Casey outside and asked him if he stole the money. Casey denied it. Maddie came out and she and Casey went to Java. Back inside Margo told Katie it was probably best to wait on a family. Katie planned a party for all the good news.

At Java, Casey confessed to Maddie about his bad grades. Maddie blamed the gambling. Casey said it wasn't a problem anymore. He pulled out his laptop to work on a paper. Maddie left him to it. He went to the poker site.

At Emma's, Jack and Brad caught up. Brad called Carly a lying tramp and Jack said to stop all the Carly bashing. Jack asked him why he was back. He said it was to help out around the farm and to take a break from his factory job. Vienna showed up. Jack introduced her to his shirtless brother. Vienna explained she had been banished from Leonia and needed a place to stay. Since Emma was OK with it, Jack agreed. Jack told her she had to pull her weight around there and had Vienna stacking firewood. He asked again why she was there. She said it was the people. She went for a walk. Brad congratulated Jack for still having what it takes with the ladies, after watching him with Vienna.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

When Emily learns that Daniel has been traumatized as a result of the kidnapping, she turns on Craig. Daniel, hearing the ruckus, comes downstairs and Emily tells him to stay away from Uncle Craig. Margo tries to intervene and takes Daniel upstairs. Emily launches into Craig, but Lily intervenes. Elwood discovers Casey been racking up more gambling debts. Elwood reminds him of all the money he owes and tells Casey to get the money soon. Casey realizes he's in trouble but has nowhere to turn, admitting he's broken his word to his brother and stolen from his mother. Jade and Lily have gone shopping for work clothes for Lily. Lily whines about her weight and reveals that she stopped taking the diet pills because Holden disapproved. Jade airs her concerns about Adam and Lily reassures her Adam and Gwen have their hopes up about the impending visit with the record exec, but Will arrives revealing that they're broke. The brothers argue and realize that without money the project is dead. Barbara offers money but Will doesn't want to take it, upsetting Adam and Gwen. Will is reluctant but sees how much it means to Gwen and accepts. Adam tries to undermine Will in front of Gwen. Bob tells Meg that the husband of the woman who died earlier is insisting on an autopsy. Meanwhile, Paul's sees a blood soaked poster and realizes the corridor is at the hospital. Paul can't stop the vision and charges into the blood drive, warning everyone to leave. Meg tries to stop him but he insists that someone is going to die.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gwen and Adam continue to celebrate the impending completion of her demo, but when Adam tells her she did a good job convincing Will to take the money from Barbara Gwen tells him that isn't what happened. Adam continues to try to prove to Gwen that Will wants to shut down the demo so he can have her all to himself and stop her music career.

At Tom and Margo's house, Casey and Jade look on as Will accepts the $10,000 in bonds from Barbara, but he tells her it is just a loan. When Barbara tells Will she needs a favor from him he gets upset and tries to give her the money back, but Barbara quickly corrects Will and tells him she was just asking that he was careful with the bonds because anyone who gets their hands on them can cash them. Casey overhears this exchange and then watches as Barbara and Will leave to put the money in Lisa's safe at Crash. Moments later Casey receives a call from Elwood who informs Casey that he needs his money back by tomorrow or Elwood's parents will call Tom and Margo and tell them about Casey's gambling problem. As Casey tries to persuade Elwood to hold off his parents, Adam overhears Casey and asks if he is in trouble again with gambling. Casey denies he's in trouble and then Maddie comes out and tells Casey that his mom wants him to go to the store. Casey leaves and Adam goes inside to talk to Jade and tells her that she probably shouldn't stay for dinner. Jade is upset with Adam and tells her she won't be second to Gwen and leaves. After she is gone Maddie warns Adam that things tend to go wrong when Jade is angry.

After leaving Margo's, Will finds Gwen at Crash and she questions whether he really wants to take money from his mother. Will admits he would rather not take the money, but now that they have the money they should use it to finish the demo. He also reassures Gwen that he wants her to be happy and would have found another way to get the money if his mother hadn't offered it. Gwen is convinced that Will wants her to have a music career and after they are done discussing the bonds, Gwen leaves to attend the dinner at Margo's while Will puts the bond in the safe and returns home to study. Casey arrives at Crash in time to see Will putting the money into the safe and once he sees Will leave he goes in and opens the safe that holds the bonds.

Earlier at the Lakeview, Emily tells Dusty she could kill Craig for what he has done to her and Daniel. Dusty tells Emily that Daniel's problems aren't with Craig, but with her. He tells her that what Daniel needs is a good mother. Dusty tells Emily that Daniel should be her first priority and she needs to let go of all her anger and mistrust of Craig and simply focus on her and Daniel. Emily leaves and goes to Margo's to try to see Daniel, but Daniel tells her she doesn't want to spend time with her. An upset Emily leaves Daniel with Margo.

Lily continues her talk with Craig about Emily's distain for him. Craig tells Lily that Emily should really be blaming Paul for all of her problems. In turn, Lily confides in Craig about her weight issues and her brief time using diet pills and Holden's disapproval. Craig tells her that as long as she is being safe she should do what she needs to feel good about herself and that Holden worries too much. As Craig leaves, Lily removes the diet pills from her purse and takes a few as Lucinda walks in to meet her and quickly criticizes her for spending time with Craig. While they are talking, Dusty arrives and asks Lucinda to buy Craig's former interest in The Intruder to help Emily keep her part of the paper. Lucinda agrees to buy the paper, not to help Emily, but to spite Craig.

At the Memorial Hospital blood drive Paul has gone crazy, flipping over tables and tearing up posters, trying to get Meg out of the hospital before his vision of blood flowing down the halls of the hospital becomes reality. Meg is angered by Paul's rampage and after she gets him to calm down Bob arrives and convinces Paul to go to his office with Meg and talk to him. Once in Bob's office, Bob injects Paul with a sedative and he clams down. After being called to retrieve Paul, Barbara arrives at the office and tries to comfort Paul who is still insistent that he must get downstairs to save Meg who has gone to run the blood drive. Paul tells Barbara she must get downstairs now or someone will die. Just then we see Meg being held at gunpoint.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

At Crash, a hesitant Casey stole Will's bonds out of the safe. He then trashed Crash to make it look like a robbery.

Over at Katie's she and Mike get dinner together to take over to Tom and Margo's. Mike loaded the car and gave Katie a letter he saw in the mail. She opened it and saw it was from Simon. Katie read it with a smile on her face. It was an apology from him. Mike came back in and asked what it was. She told him it was a bill. Henry then paid a visit. Katie sent Mike off. She showed Henry the letter. He tried to burn it but she wouldn't let him. She said she would tell Mike about it. Henry advised her to get rid of it before he went on his way. Katie read it again and reminisced about Simon. She then hid it in a book.

At Tom and Margo's, the family dinner was underway. Tom came down with Margo and Daniel. Adam and Gwen discussed Will's feelings about her music career. Maddie chimed in and said Will was behind Gwen 100%. Everyone wondered what was holding Casey up. Maddie asked Adam what was going on with Jade. Adam explained it was a family dinner and she wasn't family. Maddie warned him not to cross her. Casey finally came. Daniel asked Margo if Craig was coming since it was a family dinner. She told him no and that Craig was not responsible for his kidnapping.

Casey's phone rang. He went outside to talk. It was Elwood. Elwood's parents were demanding to be paid immediately or they would call Tom and Margo. Casey told him he had the money. He slipped away to Java to meet Elwood. Katie then arrived at Margo's. She asked where Mike was. He had slipped back home to write a toast in honor of him and Katie reuniting. Mike went to get a book for inspiration and found the letter from Simon. Over at Java Casey counted out the bonds for Elwood. Adam walked in and saw the bonds.

At the hospital, the crazy gunman made everyone get on the floor. He asked Meg who killed his wife. Craig then came in and was made to get on the floor too. Meg questioned the man about his wife and tried to placate him. The gunman then found Barbara hiding, trying to make a phone call. He thrust the gun to her head and dragged her out. Meg realized the man's wife was the lady who died with her there. The man realized Meg knew something. He forced her into a room and let everyone else go. Meg told him she was there and what happened. The gunman said she knew whose fault it was and explained all the allergies his wife had. Meg then remembered the lady giving a litany of her allergies and her mind wandering. Craig sneaked into the room. The gunman figured it was Meg's fault and said she killed his wife and he was going to kill her. Craig tackled him right before he shot Meg. The two struggled on the floor.

Friday, January 26, 2007

At Katie's cottage, Mike finds the letter from Simon and reads it. Katie leaves Tom and Margo's house after she finds out that Mike went back to their place to work on a toast for the party. When she gets there, Mike asks why she lied about the letter from Simon. Katie tells him she was going to tell him about it later, because she knew how he'd react. He thinks she saved the letter as a souvenir of her time with Simon, but she denies it and then says she's tired of having to defend herself all the time; when she says, "I can't do this anymore," Mike says they finally agree on something; he wants her to be happy, but with him feeling the way he does, she won't be able to be happy with him. He says, "What kills me is I end up hurting you more than he does." Mike goes upstairs and packs; when he comes back down, Katie asks where he's going, but he says he's "just going." They kiss and say goodbye to each other, and he leaves.

Casey gives the bonds he stole from Will to Elwood and asks him to repay his debts for him so he can return to his dad's party. Elwood isn't happy about it but agrees, and Adam watches as Casey offers to give one of the bonds to Elwood for his trouble. Later, Elwood meets up with one of the guys who loaned money to Casey and gives him a bond; the guy says he wants cash, but Elwood says this is as good as cash and is all he has to give him. Elwood leaves, and Adam walks up and tells the guy he'll give him face value for the bond right now. The young man takes the money and leaves Adam with the bond. Adam calls someone on his cell phone and tells them to meet him tomorrow morning for a "win/win" situation.

Will meets Gwen at Tom and Margo's house. Lisa calls Margo from Crash and tells her the place has been robbed, and Will's bonds have apparently been stolen. Tom tells Margo she'd better go handle this one herself. Maddie suggests that Jade might be behind the theft. Margo takes Gwen and Will to Crash with her, and she has Will describe everything he did when he locked up the bonds. After he shows them how he set the alarm, Margo tells him that although the alarm is wired to dial the police station and the alarm company, neither place had a report of the alarm going off.

When Casey gets back to his parents' house, Maddie tells him about the robbery at Crash, and Tom says Will's bonds probably won't be covered by insurance because they were like cash and there's no verification that the bonds were in the safe. They both go to Crash, where Jade comes in just as Maddie is again accusing her of being the thief. When asked for an alibi, Jade doesn't have one, saying she was out walking, just like she was when Gwen accused her of being the Slasher. Casey shouts at Maddie to leave Jade alone, saying she didn't do it. Maddie thinks Jade did it to ruin Gwen's life again, but Jade snidely says if she wanted to ruin Gwen's singing career, she'd just play the demo for someone. She asks if she can leave, and on her way out, Adam stops her and says he believes her. Will tells Gwen they can use his trust fund money next year to pick up on the demo, but Gwen says she needs some time to deal with all of this. Maddie asks Casey why he was defending Jade, but then she apologizes and says she'd forgotten that this was all "happening to you, too," because Casey was so involved in getting Gwen's demo made.

At the hospital, Jack arrives and shoots the distraught husband, who is pinned underneath Craig. Although Jack managed not to hit any major organs, the man bleeds profusely and is taken away on a stretcher, but not before he accuses Meg of having killed his wife. Meg tells Craig and Jack that the husband thinks she killed his wife because she went into anaphylactic shock and died while Meg was on duty. Jack says he'll go check the woman's medical records but tells Meg from what he heard, she saved a lot of people by making a connection with the man and getting him to let everyone else go. After Jack leaves, Craig tells Meg he can see there's something she's not telling Jack, and he recommends that she not talk to the police about it until she's had a chance to regroup. He thinks Meg is too conscientious and is wondering whether she forgot some little detail that might have saved the woman's life. When Jack comes back, he tells Meg he saw that she was the nurse who did the medical history before surgery, and he asks if that means she asked about the woman's allergies; Meg says yes and that she wrote them all down. She says she needs to get some fresh air, and she leaves; Jack then tells Craig thanks for saving Meg's life, and Craig says, "And vice versa. I guess we owe each other now." Later, Craig overhears Meg thinking out loud, "He's right; I did kill her."

Barbara goes to Bob's office and tells Paul his vision was right; he asks if Meg is okay, and she says yes, but she tells him that Craig is the one who saved her. Meg comes in to talk to Paul, and Barbara is upset with her for not believing Paul in the first place and for having him drugged to keep him quiet, but she leaves them alone to talk. Meg apologizes to Paul for not believing him before; he starts to cry, saying with all the blood, he was scared that it was her who was hurt. Meg asks how Paul knew that man was coming for her; he says he didn't know that, that his visions aren't that specific, and he just saw blood and the poster for the blood drive; Meg tells him what happened exactly, and she says she'll never doubt him again. Barbara returns, and Meg leaves. Barbara tells Paul she's gotten him officially released from the hospital, but he says he wants to stay and let them run whatever tests they want to on him to find out why this is happening to him. Barbara can't believe Paul wants to stay and thinks it's because of Meg, even though Meg keeps walking out on him. He tells her Meg's just scared, and he says she needs him.


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