One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 22, 2007 on OLTL

Rex revealed to Michael that Tommy was really Todd's son. Natalie and John grew apart as John's health slowly rebounded. Starr confided to Langston that she and Cole had kissed. Todd asked Viki for help. Spencer 'married' a drugged Blair in a macabre, pretend wedding ceremony. As Spencer began to consummate the marriage, someone stabbed Spencer with a pair of scissors.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 22, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, January 22, 2007

Marcie, Tommy, and Michael pay John a visit. After Marcie leaves for her "Mommy and Me" class with Tommy, Michael stays behind for a few moments to talk to John about his recovery. John shares with Michael his frustration with his slow recovery and the damage that it is causing to his relationship with Natalie. Michael reminds John how much Natalie has giving up to help nurse him back to health but John feels that he doesn't need a nanny. Michael wonders if John's moodiness has more to do with Spencer getting off lightly for their father's murder. John does admit that he wished he had killed Spencer when he had the chance. Michael also recalls how easily it would have been to kill Spencer on the operating table when he fell of the roof but reminds John that Spencer is still alive because neither of them are cold blooded killers.

Marcie runs into Adriana at the club on the way to her class and refers to Tommy as TJ. Adriana gets flustered and asks Marcie why she called him TJ. Marcie tells her that it is a nickname but Adriana discourages her from using that by saying that children as young as Tommy can become confused when their parents give them nicknames. Marcie is a little confused but starts calling him Tommy again based on her suggestion.

Talia shows Cris pictures of Vincent's warehouses that she has found on his computer. Cris doesn't know how those pictures ended up on his laptop but Talia begins to grow even more suspicious about Cris' involvement in the burning of the warehouses. As Cris tries to convince Talia that he did not burn any of Vincent's warehouses, an officer discovers the turpentine soaked gloves that Cris owns. Cris explains to Talia that he uses turpentine as an artist which has already been proven but Talia wonders what an artist needs with a pair of fire retardant gloves for which Cris has no explanation.

Antonio and Evangeline wait anxiously at the police station for Talia's return from searching Cris loft. Evangeline shares with Antonio her disbelief that she and Cris have grown romantically since their first meeting at Statesville. Antonio tells her that when two people are meant to be together they will find a way regardless of the circumstances. Vincent's lawyer shows up waiting to find out the details of the investigation as well. Evangeline warns him that he will be forced to look at his own client when no evidence is found at Cris'. Unfortunately Talia returns and shares with Antonio the evidence that she found and how she is going to have to arrest Cris on suspicion of arson. When Evangeline returns to Cris', he fills her in on how the photos of Vincent's warehouse were found on his laptop. Evangeline wonders how someone could have gotten a hold of Cris' laptop without his knowledge.

Nash and Jessica bump into each other in the steam room and Nash demands to know why he has become public enemy number one in her eyes. Jessica hesitates and then tells Nash that she is doing it for his own good since she knows that every time he sees her he sees Tess. Nash tells Jessica that he knows that Tess is gone and that when he looks at her he sees Jessica. Nash also admits that when he kissed her in the mine, he was kissing Jessica and that he is attracted to her even though he doesn't want to be. After much prodding from Nash, Jessica admits that she is afraid that if she doesn't hate Nash then she will have to admit that she has feelings for him which will ruin the life she has with Antonio.

Rex is dismayed to learn that Spencer knows that Marcie and Michael's Tommy is Todd's son. Rex tries to convince Spencer that TJ is dead but an increasingly delusional Spencer insists that he and Blair are going to get married and raise all of Todd's children including little TJ. Rex decides that he has to do whatever it takes to make sure that Spencer does not destroy a happy family.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nora forced a clearly agitated Marty to sit down. Marty claimed she was okay. Nora pointed out that Marty had felt powerless when she was raped and more recently when she was held hostage by Spencer. Her friend added that Todd had been involved in both events. Marty added that this time there was also a gun involved.

Natalie helped John get ready for his physical therapy. When the therapist arrived, Natalie left and headed to Marty's. She wanted to find out what John owes Marty. Natalie told Marty that John needs time to heal and he doesn't need a shrink. "Stay away from him," she barked, while blaming Marty for the problems in her relationship. "Stay away from Spencer and stay away from John," Natalie concluded as Marty slammed the door behind her. Natalie returned to John's apartment. John exploded at her for visiting Marty.

Starr told Langston that she and Cole "hooked up," which meant they kissed. The two mean girls came by but quickly fled when Cole arrived. Marcie popped in and reminded Cole and Starr that they weren't supposed to be spending time together. Cole and Starr pretended to break up to stop the gossip mill. Langston told her no one bought their act.

Rex and Adriana squabbled. Adriana urged Rex to forget that they ever knew that Tommy was Todd Jr. Rex hoped that they'd covered all the bases. Rex wondered if it was "our call" to make that decision for them. Rex worried that Spencer might spill the beans to Todd, and he wished he could do something to stop Spencer from ruining Tommy, Michael and Marcie's lives. Adriana got an urgent call to go and meet her lawyer. Michael knocked on Rex's door and reported on his conversation with Spencer. Michael asked Rex, "What do you and Spencer Truman know about my son that you are not telling me?"

Michael visited Spencer. Spencer started talking about Tom and Todd Manning, then he gave Michael a message. "He doesn't know who the baby's father is, but I do," Spencer crowed. Michael said he wished he had killed Spencer on the operating table. Spencer mentioned Rex, causing Michael even more confusion. Michael left the room as Spencer's attorney arrived. Marty hovered outside of Spencer's room. Spencer didn't like what his attorney wanted him to do, so he killed him. (Yup, you read that right Spencer murdered his own attorney.) The patient was getting ready to leave the scene when Marty began to enter.

Todd told Blair he dreamt that Spencer and Blair were laughing at him. Blair assured Todd that her affair with Spencer was the biggest mistake of her life. She reminded Todd that he had once called their relationship a train wreck. Todd insisted that Blair was upset that she'd lost the baby and begged Blair to return to him. Todd thought that if they could find his son, that would bring them back together. Blair said that she doesn't think their relationship can be saved. Todd said he regrets not killing Spencer on that rooftop. Blair said she didn't want to be with a man who's biggest regret was not killing someone. Todd told Blair that after a while she'd be itching for him.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Michael questioned Rex about what he knows about Tommy's birth parents. Rex told Michael that Tommy is Todd's son. Michael couldn't believe it, but then Rex explained how he found out and why he decided to keep it a secret. Michael began to worry about the mental illness Tommy might have inherited from Margaret Cochran. Michael wondered how he would ever tell Marcie. Rex's suggestion: Don't tell her. Nobody has to know that Tommy is Todd's son. Ever. Michael didn't know if he could lie to Marcie. "That would just kill me," Michael said as he left Rex's apartment.

With suitcase in hand, Spencer tried to escape from his hospital room. Marty walked in and suddenly he was back in bed, spouting off insane and wacky remarks. Spencer joked about killing his lawyer (when in reality he had done just that). Spencer brought up Cole and his relationship with Starr. Marty told Spencer that his luck had run out and she left. Spencer put his dead lawyer in his bed under the covers and slipped out, wearing the dead guy's suit. Spencer knocked out the security guard with an injection and then headed to Blair's room. She was sleeping. Spencer drew the curtain around her bed.

Marty headed to John's apartment to warn him about Spencer. John blamed Marty for Blair's accident and Spencer's holding her hostage. During their conversation, Natalie showed up at the front door and began listening in. John said he was grateful that Marty had kept him from killing Spencer. Then he added that he wasn't sure he could trust Natalie "with things like this." Natalie heard loud and clear.

Todd asked Viki to help him convince Blair to remarry him. "I'm not giving up until I get her back," he barked. Viki reminded Todd that he was rushing the proposal. She said she's convinced that Blair still loves him, and urged him not to take no for an answer.

Earlier, Dorian brought Blair some gifts. Blair explained that she no longer wants Todd in her life. "We're not good for each other," she said. Dorian took an unusual turn and pointed out that Blair loves Todd, and that she was giving up on him. Todd arrived to hang out with Blair. Blair began muttering, "It's over. It's over. It's got to be over."

After Marty left, tension continued between John and Natalie when he suggested that one of them move out. Natalie wondered who would take care of John. She started to cry and said she wanted things to be the way they were before. Natalie left and ran sobbing into Viki's arms. Nat wondered what she could have done differently in taking care of John. Viki reminded Natalie that John is proud and that John can't be told what to do. She added that Natalie wasn't John's mother. Viki suggested that Natalie let John make his own decisions and that she remember that John loves her.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

As Nat approaches the door to John's apartment, she overhears voices. It's Marty and John and she's not liking what she's hearing. She learns that Marty was involved when John tried to kill Spencer at the hospital. He thanks her again for protecting him but hasn't told Natalie anything because he doesn't trust her. Marty convinces John to confide in her which he agrees to do providing that she won't do the opposite of what he wants like Natalie does. He admits that Nat drugged him which surprises Marty though she understands why she did it. Natalie wants him to change too much and he's made it clear that he can't and won't. "Because you're so perfect?" Marty inquires. He needs trust from everyone and though he's not blaming Nat for their problems, he can't be the man she wants. He can't be happy until Spencer is dead. Natalie softly and quietly leaves.

Jess shares a secret with Viki. Not only did Nash kiss her in the steam room but she kissed him back. She's confused and worried and doesn't really know if it was Jess or Tess. What if Tess is coming back? She's worried that Tess will sleep with him and she loves Antonio. Viki is curious; is it Tess or really Jess who is interested in Nash? She's made a commitment to both Antonio and Jamie and unless it was a mistake, she needs to fight her feelings towards Nash, Viki counsels. She's concerned about her daughter though. She always knew the difference between the feelings of herself and Niki.

Nash stops to see Jess and must quickly cover when he's greeted by Antonio instead. Since Antonio and Jess have a party to go to, Nash agrees to babysit when Antonio realizes that Jess forgot to pick up the gift for Asa and Renee. Shortly after, Jess returns home and is surprised to find Nash. When she tells him she doesn't know where her head has been, he smugly replies that it's been in their kiss. It meant nothing, she assures him and they must forget it. He's curious to know whether it was Tess or Jess kissing him. He's pretty sure he was kissing Jess. She admits that indeed it was her but she never wants to feel that again.

Rex looks for Michael but finds only Marcie at home with the baby. He makes up a story about losing a bet and heads to Rodi's to look for him.

Michael runs into Todd at Rodi's and mentions how they have many things in common. He's unable to continue the conversation because Todd spots Evangeline and heads for her table. She's apprehensive because Cris was supposed to meet her but hasn't shown up or contacted her. She listens to Todd's anxieties after his proposal to Blair while she fills him in on all of the circumstantial evidence found against Cris. They give each other a pep talk. Though Todd doesn't like Cris, he's sure he's innocent. Stop acting like a girlfriend and start acting like a lawyer; hire someone and pull the strings, he tells her. Evangeline is impressed over the advice. And Blair and Todd have been through similar feelings towards each other before. They both are sure that all will work out. Just as Michael wanders over to their table to say something he'll regret, Rex runs in and pulls him aside. Spencer will not divulge anything about Tommy as he hates Todd so much. Go home to your family, he continues. Antonio is there to pick up dinner for Nash and stops to chat with Evangeline. They have to prove Cris' innocence but he's sure everything will work out.

Michael gets home, pretty depressed and just asks to have a hug from Tommy.

Cole and Starr run into each other at the hospital. He's there to tell Spencer off after holding his mom hostage. Starr is unable to talk him out of heading into Spencer's room(the cop outside the room is sleeping)so she advises him that she'll be going in with him. They find a covered up Spencer fast asleep or so they think. When Cole pulls the blanket off, they make a gruesome discovery. In the meantime, Spencer is in Blair's room, given her a shot to calm her down and announces that he's going to marry her before Todd does. He reminds her of her promises when she was in his room. Blair groggily agrees that she remembers and while she can only weakly protest, Spencer changes her clothes. She's decked out in a wedding gown and veil. Todd stops by to see Blair but recalling her last words about there being too much damage, he changes his mind and leaves.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Rex, Natalie, John and Michael were all unified in their hatred toward Spencer. Michael assured Marcie that they (including Tommy) would always be a family. While Marcie slept, Michael vowed to her that no one would take Tommy away from him and that he'd do whatever he had to do to keep it that way. He then left their bed...

Natalie and Rex had a drink at Rodi's and talked about how Spencer had ruined her relationship with John. Natalie called John's physical therapist and learned that John has been keeping the details of his successful recovery from her. Natalie said she and John would be fine once this Spencer thing was taken care of. She told Vincent she had to make things right with John before it was too late. Natalie rushed off.

Marty suggested that John learn to live his life without his vendetta against Spencer. She began to panic when she heard that Cole hadn't showed up at the youth center. Marty left. John thanked her for the advice and added, "don't be offended if I ignore it." John made a cryptic call to someone. It turned out he had called his physical therapist, who was very impressed by his recovery. John had his session. When we next saw John's apartment, the phone was ringing and the machine picked up. John apparently wasn't there.

Todd told Jack a bedtime story. Jack insisted the main character be King Daddy, married to Queen Mommy. Todd said that the King shall prevail and shouldn't give up on winning back the Queen, and that the monster would be gotten rid of (the monster, of course, was Spencer). The ending of Todd's story was that the King and Queen would live happily ever after. "Even if the King has blood on his hands," Todd said as he left Jack's room.

Starr and Cole discovered the body of Dr. Truman's lawyer dead in Spencer's hospital bed. Starr and Cole were convinced that Spencer had killed him and panicked as to where Spencer might have gone. The security guard didn't know what to do but grabbed the kids and didn't let them leave.

Lindsay had lunch with Dorian to celebrate Blair's recovery. She did not want to discuss her breakup with R.J., but she was quick to blame the break-up on Nora. Lindsay thought she and Dorian had lost their chance with Buchanan men, but Dorian wasn't so sure that was true. Clint popped by their table for a little hello but then headed back to Llanfair with Viki for a nightcap. Dorian and Lindsay agreed to break up Viki/Clint and Paige/Bo.

Meanwhile the Buchanans celebrated Renee and Asa's anniversary. Once everyone left, Asa made a mysterious phone call to someone to "take care of it," and then Asa told Renee there would be a perfect ending to this day.

Spencer proposed to his "bride" Blair, and answered yes on her behalf. He began kissing Blair, who cried out for Todd. Spencer waved a needle in front of her and said she'd never see Todd again. Spencer injected Blair with something and told the imaginary reverend that the wedding could begin. He recited his wedding vows to Blair, who, in her doped up state, kept saying, "No, no." Spencer told the imaginary reverend he could go. He kissed the bride, called her Mrs. Truman and began to consummate their marriage. Someone came up from behind and stabbed Spencer with scissors. He turned and looked at his assailant and said, "You." That last moment of the episode showed Spencer looking pretty dead on the floor and Blair spattered with blood.

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