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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 29, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, January 29, 2007

Bianca was at the park with Miranda, Spike, and Emma when Julia and Kathy walked up. Kathy went to play with the other kids, and Bianca asked how Julia and Kathy were related. So, Julia explained the situation with Jim and Linda. Julia also expressed her worries about being a new mother. Bianca suggested Julia bring all of Kathy's belongings to Pine Valley, so she could have continuity. Julia thought it was a smart idea.

Bianca expressed her doubts about letting Maggie back into her and Miranda's life again. Then, Kathy hurt her finger and Julia eased her pain by giving her a checkup and whispering something into her ear. Kathy smiled and ran off. Bianca asked what Julia had whispered and Julia revealed that she said, "I love you!" Bianca believed Julia knew exactly how to support this little girl and did not need to worry. Julia then stated that adults needed support, too, not just children.

Bianca looked enlightened and asked Julia to watch the kids because she wanted to see someone. Bianca left.

Ryan and Annie were in the penthouse. Ryan asked why Annie did not want to find out who Emma's biological father was. Annie stated donors were anonymous for a reason. Ryan suggested that maybe the donor wanted to be a father. Annie said that was her worst nightmare. Annie then explained that she had to fight for every moment she had with Emma.

Annie was nervous that the donor might bring her to court and try to take Emma away. Annie asserted she would never go to court over Emma again. Ryan asked if Annie would ever share moments with Emma. Annie said she would with people like him because Emma and Ryan had a special connection. Ryan smiled and promised he would never let anyone take Emma away from Annie. Then, Ryan announced he was Emma's father! Annie looked stunned!

Kendall looked distraught over the portrait and Zach was upset that Kendall saw it. Derek stated that it was evidence, and Zach informed him that the dart was not there when he found it in the warehouse. Everyone was concerned because the killer was very fast. Derek, Tad, Josh, and Jack started discussing the suspects and who was most likely the killer. Josh believed the love letters Zach found were a big clue.

Kendall announced that Josh drugged Zach to get the letters. Jack asked if Kendall wanted to press charges, but she did not. Zach pulled Tad aside to inform him that Josh knew he killed Dr. Madden. Tad then understood why Josh was acting hostile towards him. Derek got a phone call from Adam saying that there was an attack at the Chandler Mansion. Josh thought it was Babe, but Derek stated it was Dixie.

Everyone rushed off, except for Zach and Kendall. They stayed and discussed their next move. Kendall asserted that they were a team and she would not leave Zach. Zach said he did not want Kendall out of his sight. Then, they hugged.

Kendall and Zach went to the warehouse to try to jog Zach's memory. While Zach looked at objects, he remembered a conversation he had with his mother. Zach's mother said that he and baby Michael were going on a trip with her. Zach asked if their father was coming and she said no. Zach then wondered if Michael would have been a respectable man if their mother were still alive. Zach also wondered if he really was responsible for his mother's death. Kendall assured Zach it was not his fault, and they embraced.

Babe called for help because Dixie looked ill. Dixie said she felt hot, but thought it would pass. Then, just as Krystal and JR entered, Dixie collapsed. Krystal called 9-1-1 and JR and Babe gave Dixie CPR. Then, Adam walked in and was horrified. Zoe arrived next and announced that she found a box of gardenias outside. Adam accused Zoe of poisoning Dixie.

Meanwhile, JR was next to Dixie as he pleaded with her to stay alive, especially for Tad' sake. Dixie then whispered that JR needed to give Tad his child. JR promised to never stop looking for Kate. Dixie said she was not talking about Kate, and informed JR that Tad was the father of Krystal's baby. The EMTs arrived and took Dixie to the hospital.

JR and Krystal left, but Babe, Zoe, and Adam stayed. Adam grabbed Zoe and called her a murderer. Babe defended Zoe and then Josh pushed Adam off of Zoe. Jack and Derek arrived to question Babe and Zoe. Zoe denied any part in the attack. And, Babe realized that Dixie ate the pancakes intended for her. Just then, Bianca entered.

Tad, Jamie, Krystal and JR arrived at the hospital and watched as the doctors worked on Dixie. Krystal and Jamie went to call relatives, while JR and Tad talked. JR said Dixie was thinking about Tad. Tad asked how he knew that, but JR said nothing. Then, Di, Del, and Opal arrived. Everyone waited anxiously as Tad went to see Dixie.

At first, Joe and Jeff told Tad to leave, but eventually allowed him to speak with Dixie. Dixie was unconscious as Tad spoke to her. Tad begged Dixie to beat death again for her family and for him. Tad also said Dixie was his one and only. Then, Dixie opened her eyes and fumbled to remove the oxygen mask from her face. In a weak voice, she uttered the word "Together." Tad smiled and said, "Together. Forever."

Then Dixie's eyes closed and her head slumped to the side. A monotonous tone rang out as her heart monitor flatlined. Tad's face grew serious as he called out Dixie's name.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ryan told Annie that he was Emma's father. Annie did not react well and asked if this was about pity. Ryan told her there was a DNA test and that he was Emma's biological father. Annie asked why Kendall would not have told her that Ryan was the dad. He told her that Kendall's motives tended to be about Kendall.

Ryan offered to take another DNA test but Annie said no way. Ryan said he was surprised, happy, and confused. Annie said that it didn't have to change anything, but Ryan said it changed everything. Emma walked in and gave Ryan an acorn and they bonded.

At the Chandler Mansion, Adam berated Babe and told her that if Dixie died, it was on her head. Babe tried to defend herself, and Jack told him to go to the hospital to be with his family. Babe told Josh that she had to go to the hospital to see JR. Zarf told Derek and Jack that he wanted to cooperate.

Jack got the call about Dixie and when he told Derek, Bianca, Zarf, and Josh ,the only reply was from Josh. He said that it could have been Babe. Bianca told Zarf about Kate and how she would never find her. Jack took Bianca out of the room and he told her to be careful of Zarf/Zoe.

Julia tried to entertain Kathy, but she didn't speak. Father Clarence showed up at the park and told her that chicken tenders were her favorite food. Julia asked him if he knew her parents and he said that he did. He told Kathy that when it snowed, it meant that her mommy and daddy were sending messages from heaven. Father Clarence made Kathy smile, and she told Julia that she liked applesauce. Julia turned to thank Father Clarence, but he was gone.

At the hospital, Dixie flatlined and Joe and Jeff tried to revive her. Tad, J.R., Jamie, Opal, Di, and Del waited outside for word on her condition. Tad had flashbacks of many Tad and Dixie moments, when they were young and happy. JR, Jamie, and Joe also had flashbacks of many years before with Dixie.

Babe arrived at the hospital and immediately went to JR. Joe went outside and told them that she was gone. Tad left, JR. went in to see Dixie and fell apart as they played Dixie singing "You Are My Sunshine." They each took turns telling Dixie goodbye and showing anger and grief. A hand touched JR's shoulder, and it was Dixie dressed in white.

Tad went to the park and saw Julia, he told her about Dixie. Kathy took his hand and asked to see his quarter trick. Tad told the girl a story of how he had lost a quarter in the park as a child. He said that he looked everywhere, but couldn't find it. There was just one place that he hadn't looked - and he pulled a quarter from behind Kathy's ear.

As an angel, Dixie looked on. She suddenly realized that Kathy was her "beautiful Kate." As Kathy embraced Tad, she spotted Dixie in the distance and waved to her.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Aidan and Jamie wondered why the Satin slayer was able to figure out how to get to the victims so easily. So, they went to Fusion to do some detective work. With the help of some equipment, Aidan was able to find a listening device that the killer had hidden in Fusion. However, once they found it, they did not remove it, and pretended not to find it at all.

Annie was in her slip and headed to the bathroom when she woke up. Meanwhile, Ryan was walking out shirtless and they ran into each other. They awkwardly laughed and got out of each other's way. Then, they met up in the living room after they got dressed. Ryan asked Annie if she had decided whether or not she would tell Emma that Ryan was her father.

Annie said she was glad to know that Emma had good genes, but was not sure if she wanted to tell Emma. Ryan asserted he would not fight Annie for parental rights, but simply wanted to get to know his daughter. Annie trusted him, but knew that telling Emma would mean that all three of them were linked for life. Annie was also uneasy about entering a romantic relationship with Ryan because of this.

Annie announced that she and Emma were going to move out. Ryan was upset and begged her to stay. Then, they looked at each other and could not avert their eyes. Finally, they embraced and kissed passionately. Annie pulled away and left to run an errand. Ryan immediately poured a bottle of water over his head to cool off from the hot kiss. The nanny brought Emma in. The little girl had a tummy ache and wanted her mother. So, Ryan held Emma and comforted her instead. Emma seemed pleased.

Zach and Kendall were still at the warehouse when Tad came in. He looked distraught, so Kendall and Zach realized that Dixie had died. Kendall went to console Tad, but he walked right past her and began to chastise Zach for not figuring out who the killer was yet. Kendall stated it was not Zach's fault and that Zach was doing everything he could to help. Tad got a call from Aidan, telling him about the bug they found at Fusion.

Tad relayed the news to Kendall and Zach and left. Kendall was freaked out that her office was bugged, and decided they needed to catch the Satin Slayer at any cost. So, Kendall offered herself as bait. At first, Zach refused, but eventually gave in. Zach explained that there had been a birthday party for his mother on the night she died. Kendall then suggested they throw a party to bait the killer.

Babe and JR woke up on the couch together. Babe explained that Dixie died by accident, because Babe was the real target. Babe assumed JR would blame her and lash out, but he hugged her instead. JR stated that he did not want Babe to die and did not want Little Adam to grieve like he was because his mother died. JR also said he needed Babe, and he kissed her.

Adam came in and saw this. Adam was outraged because he blamed Babe and Zoe for Dixie's death. Babe left and JR defended his wife. JR stated that Babe helped him get through the night without alcohol or violence. Adam remarked that JR should not stay with Babe just because it was what Dixie wanted. Adam believed Dixie was a good person, but it did not mean JR had to do everything she wanted.

JR recalled the secret Dixie told him about Krystal's baby. JR asked if Adam would dump Krystal if she cheated on him. Adam said it would break his heart, but he would have to "wipe her out." Meanwhile, Krystal was in Dixie's room because Di spent the night in there. Di was sad that she did not get a lot of time with Dixie. Di also regretted betraying Dixie by stealing her identity.

Di left and Babe came in. Babe felt guilty about Dixie's death, but Krystal assured Babe it was not her fault. Krystal went to see Adam. Adam was disappointed that he did not connect with JR on the same level that Dixie did. Krystal said Adam connected with Dixie in a special way. Adam stated he did not know what he would do if he lost Krystal.

Meanwhile, Tad came to see JR. JR explained that Babe helped him get by peacefully, and that he wanted their marriage to work. Tad was glad. JR asked who would help Tad during this hard time. Tad said his children would, and JR looked concerned. Then, they agreed to get through this ordeal together.

Next, JR left and Tad searched for a hidden listening device. Adam loudly verbalized his outrage when Tad found a bug. Tad was annoyed because Adam tipped off the killer. Then, Krystal realized that the killer used her to get to Babe because she had asked Winifred to buy peanut butter for the pancakes.

Meanwhile, Babe found JR in Dixie's room. Babe asked if she could help JR in any way and he said yes. JR asked Babe to help him decide if he should ruin his father's life to save Tad's life by revealing that Krystal was having Tad's baby. Babe looked shocked!

Kendall and Zach went to Fusion and began to purposely talk near the bug. Kendall announced that she wanted to throw a party in honor of Dixie, Simone, and Erin. Kendall said it would be a charity event for the Amelia Cambias Foundation. Zach thanked Kendall for doing this for his mother and the other women. Then, they went to leave, but the elevator opened and Annie entered. Annie glared at Kendall!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Bianca visited her brother's apartment to find out that Zoe was staying there. She seems flabbergasted that the singer would be staying in a building she owne without her knowledge, and thought that Zoe might be stalking her. Zoe seemed to think that having Bianca close was the best part about it. Josh appeared just then and Bianca yanke him out into the hallway, demanding to know why Josh would let Zoe stay there, only an elevator ride away from her apartment.

Josh flippantly referred to her by their mother's name, and noted that not everything was about her. The door to the apartment flew open again, and Zoe told Bianca that it should be clear to her - Josh moved her in so that he could keep an eye on her, because he still believed she was the Satin Slayer. Zoe told them both that it was understandable, since she showed up at the mansion and, soon after, Dixie was dead.

She realized the raven-haired duo needed to have a brother-sister chat so she excused herself by saying that she planned to ask the officer down the hall if he was interested in a walk. Before leaving, Zoe asked if either of them had heard from Babe. Finding that neither had, she slipped out of the apartment quietly. Josh admitted to his sister that not hearing from Babe had been driving him crazy. He noted that he didn't think that Zoe was guilty, which meant the killer was out there running free,-and planning his next hit. Seeing the anguish in Josh's eyes, Bianca covered his hand with hers in a gesture of comfort.

In taking care of his newly discovered daughter, Ryan deftly made Emma feel better by allowing a bear in a doctor's outfit to attend to her ailments. After consulting with the doctor, he informed the girl that the best remedy for her tummy ache was ice cream. As she enjoyed it, he asked after the cause of her pains, and found out that a mean boy laughed at her.

He went back into consult mode, found that the doctor thought the best medicine was to laugh right back at the boy - and that she needed to practice. He put a dab of ice cream on his nose to help the process along. Emma made a total recovery, and Ryan suggested that they go back to daycare. He assured the little girl that they would practice laughing all the way there.

Annie barged into Fusion and demanded to know if Kendall thought she could run Ryan's life. Kendall asked Zach to leave them alone so they could talk, but Zach refused. Kendall told him it was all right - as the confrontation might not be pretty. After informing the guards of his game plan for the day, he ordered his wife not go anywhere without them. She promised that she had way too much to do to leave, asked that she email him his guest list, and get to work.

The blow-off infuriated Annie, who insisted that Kendall explain why she didn't divulge the information about Emma's paternity. Kendall simply stated that it wasn't her secret to tell, and started to make a phone call. Annie stalked over to her side of the desk and grabbed the phone from Kendall, slamming it back into the cradle.

Annoyed, Kendall reminds Annie that she didn't want to know who the donor was, and Ryan donated anonymously - making it clear that Kendall should keep what she knew to herself. Annie countered by saying that what Kendall really wanted was for Ryan to have and love only one child - Spike - and to love only one woman - Kendall. Kendall swore that she would be fine with whatever Ryan decided to do with his own life and noted that Annie sounded selfish, wanting all of Ryan's time and attention when there was a killer running around.

Annie replied that she and Ryan were just friends, and Kendall fired back that Annie would be happier if Ryan had one less friend in her way. Annie thought that Kendall had gone way too far, but Kendall seemed to be unfazed. Annie told her that it was one thing to try to keep something from her, but keeping something from her child was a completely different story. Kendall continued to let Annie rant, angering Annie even more.

Annie announced that talking to Kendall was pointless and started to leave. Kendall called out to her, and asked what she and Ryan planned to do about Emma. Annie told her that it was none of her "damn business" and stalked out.

Adam was furious that someone had bugged their home, and impulsively snatched the device from Tad, tossed it on the floor, and stomps on it. As Krystal lamented being the cause of Dixie's death because the killer heard her order the pancakes for Babe, Tad reported to whoever would listen that, once again, Adam had willingly shown his stupidity by destroying the only evidence they had. Adam fired back that Dixie's death was on Tad's head because he didn't find the listening device sooner.

Appalled, Krystal demanded that Adam apologize for saying such a horrible thing. He did so, grudgingly, and then took off on his favorite rant - which involved blaming everything that happened on Zoe. Krystal told him that they should wait until the police completed their investigation, but Adam's mind was made up.

Both Tad and Krystal tried to get him to end his rant prematurely, but Adam made it clear that he has to focus on that or nothing at all. Enraged, he flung his scotch glass toward the fireplace and asked the powers that be who was going after his family. Quietly, Tad told him that a better question might be who was going after Zach Slater. He explained the clues that Zach had been able to unearth and, when Adam questioned aloud why all the other women had to die, Tad explained that the killer wanted Zach to suffer.

JR told Babe that with her dying breath, Dixie told him that the baby Krystal was carrying was Tad's. Babe appeared distressed as JR wrestled with whether to tell the truth and ruin his father's marriage, giving Tad a daughter...or if he should continue to let everyone live a lie. Babe begged him not to say anything and, with startling clarity, JR realized that his wife was in the know. Babe swore that David was the liar in the situation, and that he preyed on Dixie's vulnerabilities and her desire to give Tad a child.

Distraught, Babe related that Dixie went to Krystal with the accusation, and Krystal denied it. JR mildly raged about the fact that Babe had known since Thanksgiving that his mother was struggling with the demon but chose not to tell him. Babe told him that she chose to do so because David had already been wreaking too much havoc. JR then revealed that Colby also knew that something was going on between Babe and Josh, as well as a secret between Krystal and Tad. He demanded to know if she thought Colby was lying, and further, what it was that Dixie knew that would lead her to believe what David said.

Slowly, Babe admitted that Dixie saw Tad and Krystal making love. Babe explained to him that it was a one-time thing, born out of an attempt to comfort Tad after the earthquake, the discovery of Greg Madden's body, and the realization that his tenuous connection to Kate was gone forever. She swore that it wasn't a big thing, but JR's rage started to show, as he drew parallels between that affair, and the one his own wife had. Babe tried to tell him it didn't matter, but JR pointed out some simple arithmetic proving, in his mind at least, that the baby was Tad's. Babe tried to call him off the trail, citing that he was in emotional overload because of his mom, but JR had had enough and asked her to tell him the truth for once in their marriage.

Unwilling to deny him that one request, Babe admitted that Krystal's baby was Tad's. Just then, the father in question entered the room. He crossed the room silently and picked up a framed picture of Dixie and her son. He then informed them about the bug that they found downstairs and proceeded to sweep the room. In the process, he stopped to admire a blanket that Dixie had crocheted, and noted that she had planned to make one for Kate someday. He pronounced the room clean, and left as quickly as he arrived.

Babe thanked her husband for not telling Tad about the baby, but JR admitted that he only did it because Tad was having hard time being in that room around Dixie's things. He asked her again how he could make a decision - rip away the child his father loved, or give Tad the child he needed? JR demanded to know how she could ask him not to do the one thing that Dixie asked him to do before she died, and Babe told him that she was trying to protect Adam, believing that he and her mother had a real shot at a happy family. JR seemed hell-bent on telling, but Babe reminded him of how he felt when Miranda was ripped out of his arms when it was revealed she wasn't his.

She asked if he really wants Adam to go through that. Further, she noted that if he told, there would be an all-out war between Adam and Tad - and asked if he really wanted that when Tad was still grieving. JR kept coming back to the point that Dixie thought it best to be honest, but Babe begged him to think about the consequences before making a final decision. She implored him to give them a chance, and then left him alone to think. He heard his mother's voice in his head again, making the decision that much harder.

Back downstairs, Adam considered aloud the possibility of life without Krystal, had she tasted the pancakes. Krystal told him not to drive himself crazy with all of the possibilities, but Adam told her he couldn't help it.

Zach arrived at the funeral home and, after being shown where Dixie was resting in a coffin, he asked for a few minutes alone. His wish granted, he leaned on the casket and began to apologize. He told her that she died because of him, and begged her to find a way to forgive him. Ryan showed up, and he apologized to Zach for accusing him of not caring. Zach said that Dixie would be the last woman to die because of him, and Ryan was curious to find out his plan.

Zach told him that they were throwing a party and that the guest of honor would be the killer. Ryan was wary of dangling Kendall like bait in front of the killer, but Zach assured him that they had enough security to protect her when the killer was unable to resist the urge to attend. Zach then reiterated that no more women would die because of him and he took his leave. Ryan stared at the coffin for a moment, and then heard someone behind him. He turned and saw Di in the doorway, and barely made it to her side to catch her as she collapsed.

As she clung to him, she tearfully uttered that she wanted her sister back. A few moments later, the undertaker returned and Di handed over Dixie's mother's Bible, so that it would be buried with her. After he took the book and left, she thanked Ryan...and then whispered to her sister that they would get whoever was responsible. She walked out, and the undertaker returned - giving Ryan an envelope that had just been delivered. He opened it and found a note warning him to stay away from Slater - noting that Zach was responsible for killing Erin, and he would be responsible for Kendall's death, as well.

Maggie ran into Zoe in the park and immediately began to harass her, believing, as many others did, that she was guilty of the murders. Zoe asked a series of questions, quickly figuring out who her most recent opponent was. She asked Maggie how she could love Bianca, only to betray her. Taken aback, Maggie attempted to declare her relationship with Bianca off-limits, but Zoe failed to see why she should let the topic go. She extolled Bianca's virtues and asked how a passing fancy or a cheap thrill could trump someone who offered what Bianca did.

Flustered, Maggie told her that the problems she had with Bianca would stay between her and Bianca, and that they would work it out. She then asked Zoe how she knew Bianca and how she knew about their broken relationship. Zoe told her that she was a friend of Bianca, but beyond that was more complicated. She then admitted that she was in love with the youngest Kane. Maggie refused to believe the words coming out of the singer's mouth, saying that the media and her medical books were very clear about Zoe's disorder.

Zoe said that she did not have a disorder, and that Maggie didn't know the first thing about her. Maggie said that she knew Bianca, and how big Bianca's heart was. She demanded that the singer stop trying to take advantage of Bianca's unending kindness. Zoe swore that she would never hurt Bianca, and Maggie warned her to stay away from their shared love interest, as Zoe wasn't Bianca's type and never would be. With a sly grin, Maggie walked away, perceiving herself as the victor.

A short time later, Kendall arrived at Josh's apartment and, without waiting for him to invite her in or tell her he wasn't alone, Kendall launched an attack at him, berating him for revealing the truth about Emma's paternity. Bianca vaulted to her feet, hoping that either one of her siblings could confirm the words that had just left her sister's mouth. Kendall couldn't, so Josh explained how Kendall stumbled upon the knowledge. Bianca was flabbergasted at the lengths they would go to so that they got what they wanted. Josh told her that he and Kendall fought for the people they loved, saying sometimes it was dirty - and sometimes it worked out.

Kendall belatedly chimed in that sometimes it didn't. Bianca noted that fighting dirty was not necessarily something to be proud of. Kendall insisted that she had very good reasons for keeping Emma's paternity to herself, but Josh thought that she needed to give up the ruse, since the truth was out. He restated the obvious - that the Satin Slayer was still at large - and that she should be more concerned about that. Still irritated with him, Kendall pointed out that he was probably more concerned about Babe than his own family. Irate, Josh stormed out, unwilling to say something he would regret.

Once Josh was gone, Bianca challenged Kendall's "right reasons" for keeping Emma from Ryan, saying that the situation was very similar to when Babe kept Miranda from her biological mother. Kendall said that she would never forget holding Bianca while she cried over the child she lost, but moved on to something even more important. She told her baby sister that they had a plan to catch the killer, and that if something should go wrong, she wanted Bianca to promise to take care of and fight for Kendall's son. Bianca didn't even want to entertain the possibility, but Kendall made her sister promise. Bianca asked whom she would have to fight for Spike, and Kendall quietly admitted that Bianca would have to battle Ryan.

Bianca refuseD to be a party to Kendall's plan and her big sister accepted that, but asked that she please do whatever she could to get custody of Spike, because the thought of Annie raising her son was too painful to bear. Bianca put all of Kendall's wishes aside, and asked why Kendall felt the need to put herself in harm's way. Kendall noted that the whole ordeal had just about destroyed Zach, and since he put his life on the line for her when she was in a coma, she thought it was time to pay him back. Bianca asked if Kendall had considered what losing her would do to Zach, but Kendall told her that it was time to put an end to the killing.

Bianca begged for a way to talk Kendall out of the plan, but Kendall told her the plans were set. She tried one more time to get Bianca to promise to keep Annie away from her son, but Bianca blew it off again because she refused to allow Kendall to leave either one of them. She then begged Kendall to be safe and the sisters hugged.

Zach arrived at the Chandler mansion and said that he came to offer his condolences. Adam, who had answered the door with Krystal by his side, told him that what they needed was to find the person responsible. Before they could delve into that conversation, Tad descended the stairs and joined them. After Tad assured him that the place was clean of bugs, Zach told Tad that there was a plan in place to flush out the killer, and he wanted Tad to be on board.

After hearing him out, Tad agreed with the plan and they both said that Babe needed to be there. Neither Krystal nor Adam agreed, noting that JR just lost his mother and should not risk his wife. Zach and Tad told them that the killer would try again, and it would be better if it happened in a controlled environment, but the elder Chandlers wanted nothing of it, and invited them to leave the house. Once outside, Tad told Zach that he had better hope that the plan worked, because Zach didn't want to go through what Tad was going through.

Friday, February 2, 2007

A newscaster recapped the Satin Slayer murders before Kendall's big party began at her home.

Zach and Kendall prepared for the party after security made sure there were no sound devices hidden anywhere. Zach remembered how happy his mother was on the day of her party before she died. Zach pulled Kendall close as Ryan and Josh walked in. After Kendall ushered Josh away privately, Ryan showed Zach the note the killer gave him at the funeral home. Seeing the note made Zach realize that the killer truly thought he killed his mother. Worried that he wouldn't be able to make it through the night, Zach asked Ryan to keep an eye on Kendall all night.

Josh asked Kendall if Babe was coming, but Kendall thought he didn't even care about her well-being. Kendall reminded him that Babe wanted nothing to do with him and, if he truly loved her, he would let her go to be with JR.

At the Chandler mansion, Babe pleaded with JR to open his door because he had been locked in his bedroom all day. She entered the room and begged JR to keep his mouth shut about the paternity of Krystal's child. JR couldn't forget that it was Dixie's dying wish, but Babe said that was only because she loved Tad more than Adam.

Babe informd JR that she had not told Krystal that he knw the truth, because he hadn't made a decision yet. JR thought Babe would hate him if he told the truth, but Babe insisted she could not get angry at him for doing what he thought was right. Suddenly, JR brought up the kiss Babe shared with Josh on New Year's Eve. Babe admitted she kissed Josh back, but came back to JR because that was where she wanted to be. JR still had trouble believing her affair with Josh was over.

Zarf visited Bianca to return a doll that Miranda gave her during Christmas. After hearing the story behind the doll, Bianca insisted Zarf keep the doll, but he said no. As soon as Maggie walked in, Zarf left. Maggie realized that something was going on with Bianca and Zarf, but Bianca insisted they were just friends. Maggie apologized for insulting Zarf, but was worried that he would take advantage of Bianca's big heart. After Maggie left, Bianca called Zarf and asked him to return and see her. Zarf told Bianca he thought he upset Maggie when he talked to her at the park.

When Tad went to the mansion, Krystal began to shut the door in his face. Tad pushed his way through, insisting that he tell Babe about the party so she could decide if she wanted to attend. JR and Babe went downstairs when they heard Tad, Adam, and Krystal yelling. Tad quickly informed Babe of the party. She agreed to go, but JR said it was not worth the risk. Babe said she had to go to the party to honor the victims and catch the killer. JR decided to go to the party, too, promising to keep Babe safe. Once alone, Adam admitted to Krystal that Babe might actually be good for JR.

Del, Di, and Aidan informed Julia and Amanda about the party before they headed out. Amanda and Julia wanted to go, but Jamie said Julia was not invited. Jamie said Julia could get hurt, so it was safer for her to stay at home and be with Kathy. Kathy arrived downstairs, upset that her doll's dress needed to be repaired and her mother was not there to fix it. Jamie tried to comfort Kathy by telling her that his mother went to heaven, too. Jonathan went downstairs, promising not to cause any trouble at the party.

As the party got started, Opal and Palmer were among the first people to arrive. Zach informed the guests of the real reason behind the party. He told everyone to try to have a good time because the killer was watching them. Kenny Adler walked into the party, but Kendall wondered why he would go if the cops thought he was the killer. When Babe and JR arrived at the party, Josh immediately bashed JR for putting Babe's life at risk.

Babe told Josh she was there because she wanted to be, and Josh stormed off. Ryan told Kendall that although he was still angry at her, he didn't want to see her be the killer's next victim. He told her that she didn't know anything about his relationship with Annie and Emma. Before walking away, Kendall told him to prove that Emma would not interfere with his love toward Spike.

At the park, Annie ran into Julia. As Kathy and Emma played, Annie asked Julia how she became Kathy's guardian. Julia informed Annie about the accident and how Dr. Madden lied about her being able to carry children. She apologizedd to Annie for taking out her anger toward Madden on Annie by questioning Emma's paternity. Annie said that they should forget the past and start fresh. Annie asked Julia if she knew of any apartments for rent, so Julia mentioned a spot open at Wildwind. Annie promised to think about the offer.

Josh immediately took Babe away after her bodyguard went to get her a drink. JR grew worried when she disappeared, but the panic subsided when he saw Babe hollering at Josh. Babe told him the bodyguards would come after her, but Josh thought JR brought her to the party so the murderer could kill her and JR could get sole custody of Little Adam.

Josh insisted on getting Babe out of town, but she wanted to stay put. Babe told him she no longer loved him and he needed to let her go. Josh said he loved her, but wouldn't stand in her way if she wantd to be with JR. From outside, JR and Jamie watched Babe give Josh "a goodbye" kiss.

On the balcony, a man appeared outside. He saw Kendall, from behind, dressed in a white dress with a white ribbon tied around her neck. He asks if it was Amelia and touched her shoulder.



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