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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 5, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, February 5, 2007

Emily counted her cash over a drink at the Lakeview. Dusty came in and asked about the money. She said it was payback for a loan. He then asked why she missed the meeting with Lucinda. She said she forgot. Dusty told her he was tired of her pity-party, and that she loved running the paper. Emily said she was not up to it anymore. Dusty told her she was just scared. Emily's phone rang. It was her trick from the night before. He told her he had a great time and asked if he could give her number to a friend. She agreed. Dusty told her about another meeting--another chance for the paper. Her phone rang again. It was her "john's" friend. She headed upstairs to his room. Inside, she and a man had a drink and she told him it was $1000 upfront.

At home, Luke told Faith he heard her throwing up. He asked what was wrong. At first she said she wasn't sick, but after Luke's prodding, she said she was sick. Luke then asked her about losing weight. She said everyone in the house was obsessed with food. Faith went away and Luke called Lily.

Lily chatted over coffee at Java with two possible business partners. They left and Lucinda happened by. Lily told her about the business idea, organic baby food. Lucinda shot the idea down. Lily asked her mother if she trusted her or not. Lucinda said she did, but maybe the job was too much for her to handle. Lily's phone rang. It was Luke telling her to come home.

At home Lily wanted to know what was going on. Luke told her about Faith throwing up more than once that he knew of. Faith walked in and called him a liar. Lily asked if she made herself sick. Faith denied it but did mention other girls in her school did it. Lily convinced herself it was a stomach bug. Lily then got a call from her business associates from earlier. Lily promised them seed money by the next day.

At the cabin Paul tried to decipher his bracelet vision. He figured it was Meg and ran off to Fairwinds. At Fairwinds, Meg and Craig kissed on the couch. Craig stopped and Meg asked him why. He said he didn't want her like that. She said she owed him still for the fake diary entries. She didn't like him toying with her. He said he wasn't and let her take a nap. Paul banged on the door and let himself in. He tried to take her away. Meg resisted and asked if a vision spurred this episode. He told her about the bracelet and said he sensed trouble. Craig came back in the room. Meg sent Paul off and told him to not try to save her from his visions anymore. Paul told her to be careful and he told Craig not to hurt her.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Margo vows to find out who stole Will's bonds and Casey continues to feel tremendous guilt. Adam wakes up to find Gwen gone. Will arrives looking for Gwen and Adam baits him about their relationship. Will attacks Adam and Casey arrives and breaks up the fight. Will thinks Casey also believes he stole the bonds and leaves. Meanwhile, Margo shows up at the cabin to tell Will that she has been promoted to Chief of Police. Gwen asks Margo not to pursue the robbery at Crash saying an investigation would derail her and Adam's hard work. Margo says she'll think about it. Casey realizes Adam set Will up and Adam admits all saying Will won't be prosecuted for stealing from himself. Gwen walks in on Casey saying they can't let people think Will is guilty. Maddie tells Henry she thinks Jade stole the bonds. She meets with a bondsman and questions if he's seen Jade. Furious Jade overhears and tells Maddie she has proof that she's innocent. There is video of Jade at the gym during the time of the robbery. Maddie won't apologize and things get physical. Will breaks them up with the news that Adam and Gwen suspect he's the thief. Lily catches Faith with a box of laxatives and is disbelieving when Faith lies that they are for a friend. Faith accuses Lily of being the liar she's the one taking diet pills. Lily tries to defend herself and Lucinda walks in on the argument. Faith tells Lucinda that Lily is trying to make her fat and goes to her room. Lucinda says Faith is preoccupied by her weight because Lily is obsessed with hers. When Lucinda leaves Lily is tempted to take another pill. Later, Lily tells Faith that she must see a therapist.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Katie arrives at the station to leave a congratulatory note for Margo on becoming the new Chief of Detectives. While she is there she runs into Jack and as she is talking to him about her earlier run-in with Vienna and some "loser", Brad walks in. Jack figures out that "loser" Katie was talking about was Brad. Brad tells Jack he needs money for a haircut so he can go on some job interviews and after Jack gives him some money he leaves. Katie and Jack continue their talk and Katie tells Jack that she really wants to make everything right for Parker. Jack tells her that everything is not her fault and Jack leaves to go to Margo's ceremony. As Katie is getting ready to leave she runs into Henry who explains he is there to hit up Margo for a job. Katie lets Henry know that she doesn't think the station is the place for him and as she begins to tell her how bad she feels about everything that has happened Vienna walks in. Katie makes a quick exit and leaves Henry and Vienna to talk. Vienna tells Henry she is trying to convince Jack to let her back on the farm and Henry lets her know that he is at Margo's swearing in ceremony. At the hotel Katie is running late and slams into Brad drinking the beer he bought with the $20 Jack gave him.

At Java, Will lets Maddie and Jade know about his argument with Gwen over the bonds and the fact that he found Adam in Gwen's dorm room this morning. Jade leaves to find Adam and Will confides in Maddie that he really didn't want Gwen's CD to be a success because he was afraid that if she was successful he might not be enough for her. After their talk Will leaves and as Maddie gets ready to go the check cashing guy comes in and tells Maddie he thinks he has found the man that cashed her bonds. The man tells Maddie that the kid who cashed the bonds was very nerdy and named Elwood.

Gwen walks in on Adam and Casey arguing over Casey wanting to confess to stealing the bonds and when Gwen asks what is wrong Casey tries to come clean, but Adam interrupts Casey and tells Gwen about the fight between him and Will. After Casey leaves to get ready for his mom's ceremony Adam follows him to the hall and warns him again not to say anything about the bonds. Adam returns to Gwen's room and when she tries to call Will, Adam stops her and tells her how much she has impressed him and that he has begun to have feelings for her. Adam kisses Gwen, but she pulls away and tells Adam she loves Will. Adam apologizes for kissing her and tells her he hopes she can forgive him and he won't cross that line again. As Gwen dresses for Margo's ceremony, Adam waits in the hall and is confronted by Jade. She tells Adam off for using her to pass time before he could be with Gwen and he tells her he is no longer interested in her. Then Adam suggests that Will could really use a friend right now and may be Jade should be spending her time consoling Will. Jade storms off and Adam takes Gwen to Margo's swearing in.

Back in his dorm room Elwood tries to get Casey to play poker, but Casey declines and then he also reminds Elwood not to mention the bonds to anyone. Casey leaves Elwood in the dorm and then goes to his mother's ceremony. Maddie goes to Casey's dorm room to confront Elwood and she tells him that she knows he stole the bonds. Elwood tells Maddie she has it all wrong, but before he can tell her what really happened Maddie storms out and tells Elwood not to go anywhere. Elwood calls home and tells his mom she was right about Casey being a bad influence. Before going to Margo's ceremony Casey goes to Will's house and apologizes to him about everything he is going through and tells him he knows he didn't steal the bonds. When Will questions Casey about why he believes him, Casey quickly leaves and Will seems curious about why Casey would apologize. Jade arrives at Will's and tells him she knows that Adam was the one who set him up.

Everyone arrives at Margo's swearing in ceremony as the new Chief of Detectives. Before the ceremony begins Margo tells Tom that something is wrong between Gwen and Will and she doesn't think it is just about the bonds. Once he arrives, Margo talks to Casey about the break-in at Crash and her earlier conversation with Gwen about dropping the case. Margo tells Casey that she isn't going to drop anything until she knows who stole the money.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

At Java, Lily discussed with Faith eating disorders and their dangers. She also told Faith about the shrink. Faith said her mother needed the shrink with all her weight issues. They went to the office. Lucinda called and wanted Lily at work. She left Faith at the therapist and went to the office. Lucinda asked about the seed money she gave to the baby food company and blessed her out. Lily defended her decision and ran out. Faith waited for her mother and Parker came in for an appointment. The two decided to leave together.

Jade told Will Adam set him up and that she had proof. She told him Adam said their marriage was over and he broke up with her so he could get with Gwen. Will didn't believe it. She told him he didn't really know his brother, and he shouldn't let Adam get away with it.

Brad soaked Katie with beer at the Lakeview. He tried to clean her up with club soda and sprayed it all over her. Vienna came over and told Katie she could have Brad since she was leaving town. Katie, wet--mascara running, declined the offer. Henry appeared, and Vienna and Brad found their own spot. Henry asked Katie what she was going to do with her life now. Katie said she may work on a show called Oakdale Now. Henry loved the idea. Katie still possessed visions of Mike coming back. Henry told her to keep her options open. Brad asked Vienna to stay around. Brad tried to talk his way up to her room. Vienna told him she didn't want to hurt him if she stayed around, but she did decide to stay. They celebrated over drinks and invited Katie. Katie said no and left.

At Margo's swearing in ceremony, Maddie walked up to Casey and told him she solved the case. They were interrupted by the ceremony. Jack got some info from a fellow police officer on the side. Margo gave a speech and gave accolades to Hal. Jack told Casey he needed to talk to him. Margo saw them and cut her speech short. She wanted to know what was up, and Jack told her he had a warrant for Casey's arrest. Margo wanted to know why and a scene was created. Jack said it was for the theft of the bonds. Disbelief all around. Maddie blamed Elwood, and Jack said Elwood ratted out Casey by saying he needed the money for his gambling debts. After a period of silence, Casey confessed. Tom told him to be quiet. Everyone told Tom to calm down and let Jessica handle it. Gwen realized Will didn't do it, and he showed up. Gwen went after him. Margo told Jack to handcuff Casey. They headed to the station.

In the station Jack needed to go to Parker's doctor's appointment. Margo wanted to take Casey's statement. Tom didn't think it was a good idea. Maddie asked Casey why he did it. Meanwhile Gwen followed Will home. She tried to apologize, but he wouldn't hear it. He told her to leave him alone. She refused. Will walked out.

Friday, February 9, 2007

At Worldwide, Lucinda, Dusty, and a businessman named Chauncy Kelman are waiting for Emily to finish a phone call and make her presentation about the Intruder. Dusty goes out to see what's keeping her, and Emily tells him Daniel called to wish her luck, but Kelman reamed her up and down about that and about her time in both a psych ward and jail; after all that, she's not so sure she wants to fight for her position at the paper. Dusty says Kelman wants her job running the Intruder, and he convinces her that he believes in her and that she needs this opportunity, so she goes ahead and makes her business presentation. She does a great job of selling both the paper and herself as its editor, and Lucinda ends up telling Dusty that she'll offer Emily the job "on probation." Dusty tells Emily she got the job, then invites her to dinner so they can brainstorm about the paper, but Emily says she has other plans tonight.

At the psychologist's office, Lily makes phone calls trying to locate Faith. Jack comes in to pick up Parker from his appointment and finds that both Parker and Faith have gone missing. The doctor tells them that since they're friends, they're probably together, and Jack agrees, saying Parker's been doing a lot of running off lately. He asks Lily to give the kids a few more minutes before they panic about them, and he has security at the hospital check the security cameras to be sure the kids left by themselves and not against their will with someone else. Lily calls Luke to let him know what's going on, and she and Jack commiserate about how much their kids hate them right now. Jack tries calling Parker's cell phone several times, but Parker never picks up.

Faith and Parker go to Java to get something to eat and drink, but they're not there very long before Will comes in. They leave before Will can spot his brother, and Parker takes Faith out to the woods near Paul's cabin. Lying down on the ground, he tells Faith they're in a spot his dad used to bring him to, with a hot spring underneath that warms the ground above. When his cell phone rings again, he sees it's JJ, but he knows Jack probably had JJ call him to see if he'd answer. He tosses the phone to Faith, who tosses it back, and they keep this up until Faith throws it too far, and Parker has to go look for it in the bushes. While he's gone, Faith turns and screams when she sees someone standing over her; Parker hears her and tackles the man, who turns out to be Paul. They tell Paul what they're doing, and he offers to take them back into town and help with "damage control." They get to Java, and just as Paul is telling Parker to call Jack, Lily and Jack walk in and see them. Paul tells them the kids left their doctor's office alone, which was wrong, but then found him in the woods, where he'd slipped on some ice and hurt himself; he tells them the kids helped him hobble back to town. He limps out of Java, and Jack tells Parker to tell him what really happened. Parker asks how much trouble he's in, and Jack says lots, but he wants Parker to know that he understands that he's been through a lot, and they'll help each other get through this. Meanwhile, Lily takes Faith outside and tells her she was worried sick about her, but Faith tells her she waited for her like she was supposed to, but once again, her mom forgot all about her.

At the Lakeview, Craig spots Katie and tries to make nice with her, saying he misses her. She becomes sarcastic with him, telling him he could help her do a spot on her new TV show about how to alienate everyone you know; he says he thinks she knows how to do a bang-up job of that herself. When she tells Craig she thinks he's responsible for Daniel being hurt, even if he didn't actually have him kidnapped, he fires back that perhaps she's the reason Carly's kids have been hurt. As she tries to leave, Craig grabs her arm, but Henry walks up and tells him to leave Katie alone. Craig walks away, but after Henry and Katie sit down, he comes to their table and tells Katie that Henry might be filling the role of "absent husband," but Mike's not coming back. He suggests she not keeping pushing away the people who still care about her, or they might not come back, either. Henry again tells Craig to leave, and he does; Henry then reassures Katie that she's nothing like Craig, and she says that at least she wants to try to change and become a better person. When she suggests they toast to "growing older and wiser," Henry says he'll toast to the "wiser" part.

Gwen goes to the police station, where she sees Maddie but not Will or Adam. In the interrogation room, Casey confesses to Tom and Margo that he had been gambling online and losing money because he couldn't stop. He tells them he and Elwood figured out a way to cheat at online poker, but the people behind the Web site found out and came after him; they ask how much he had to pay them, and he tells them about $2,800. Margo asks who on earth would loan Casey that kind of money, but he says he just borrowed from different people in the dorm, thinking he'd win it all back. Tom says he'll try to get bail set so Casey won't have to spend the night in jail. Elwood arrives, and Maddie accuses him of being behind everything that happened, but Elwood explains how the whole gambling thing became an addiction for Casey. Dallas comes to take Elwood's statement, and Gwen tells Maddie she's going to keep looking for Will.

Dallas comes in and tells Tom and Margo they've recovered all the missing bonds. Tom and Margo ask Casey if he's told them absolutely everything, and he says yes. Just then, Will arrives and bursts into the interrogation room, demanding to know why Casey would do this to him. He tells Tom and Margo about Gwen finding one of the bonds at their house and accuses Casey of planting it there so that it would look like Will stole the bonds, knowing that Gwen wouldn't want to prosecute her own husband for stealing his own money, and thereby getting himself off the hook for the crime. Casey doesn't deny or confirm this, and Tom and Margo take Will out of the room, where Margo tells him he's free to make a statement if he wants to; he does, and Tom tells Margo they need to get to the judge right now before the statement is part of Casey's record, or he won't get out of jail tonight.

Maddie goes into the interrogation room and tells Casey she knows he couldn't have been the one to set Will up. She tells him if he won't tell her who did, she'll find out for herself, and she says it will break her heart if he doesn't tell her the truth right now.

At Tom and Margo's, Adam calls and makes a reservation for a flight out of Oakdale, then packs his bags to leave. On his way out the door, he runs into Jade, who asks where he's going. He says he has to go back to LA because of Gwen's demo, but Jade tells him to try again, saying that with both of his brothers in trouble, that's a poor excuse. She accuses him of being the one who set it up to look like Will stole the bonds, but he denies it. She tells him he used her, but he says they enjoyed each other's company and had some great sex. She agrees, then asks for a goodbye kiss, but when he kisses her, she reaches in his pocket, grabs his car keys, and tosses them off into the bushes. Angry, Adam tells Jade to leave; she does, but when he turns around, he spots Gwen coming his way, so he takes off, too. Gwen catches up to him in the woods.


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