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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 12, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, February 12, 2007

Craig tried to convince Meg to regard Sarah's death as an accident and reminded Meg that they were in on the cover-up together. Jack arrived on police business that involved Meg and Craig, and he wasn't sure the dead woman's dairy was legit. Jack was certain the police would uncover the origin of the diary. Meg was overwhelmed with guilt and told Craig she didn't want his help ever again.

Emily was about to pick up a stranger when an attractive woman, Cheri, accused Emily of working her turf. Chaz and Dusty arrived, and Emily pretended she was working on a news story. After Dusty left, Cheri confronted Emily and wanted to hire her.

Maddie wanted Casey to admit that he hadn't set up Will, but Casey still wouldn't reveal Adam's guilt. Lisa forgave Casey, but Tom told Lisa that she couldn't drop the charges, since the stolen bonds weren't hers. Tom wanted Casey to face the consequences of his actions. Jade tried to convince Will that it was Adam, not Casey, who had made Will look guilty. Adam warned Gwen not to believe anything Jade said about him.

Meanwhile, an angry Will looked for Adam. Gwen started to realize that Adam, not Casey, had incriminated Will. Later, Casey admitted to Will that Adam had deliberately made Will look guilty. Adam accused the horrified Gwen of wanting him as much as he wanted her. Adam grabbed Gwen and tried to pull her into a kiss when he was hit from behind and knocked out.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Paul told Meg he knew she was responsible for her patient's death. When Meg said she'd had nothing to do with Sarah's death, Paul called her a liar. Affected by Paul, Meg told Bob she had to talk to him and confessed she had killed Sarah.

When Brad wanted Jack to help get his impounded car back, Jack realized Brad didn't want Vienna to know he was broke. Jack convinced Kim to give Brad a job at WOAK. Later, Vienna was angry when Brad canceled their date in order to work.

When Casey had to spend the night in jail, Tom and Margo wanted to know why he thought Adam could help his case. Casey wanted to use his one call to talk to Adam but couldn't reach him. When Casey was taken to his cell, Margo finally broke down.

Will and Jade went to look for Adam. Gwen saw that it was Maddie who had clocked Adam, and the girls thought he might be dead. By not answering Adam's phone when Margo called, Maddie and Gwen made an unspoken agreement and decided to cover up that Maddie had hit Adam. The girls started to dig in order to bury him and soon heard Will's voice call for Adam.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gwen and Maddie were out in the woods and still trying to figure out what to do with Adam's body when they heard an angry Will calling for Adam. The two were forced to hide from Will and Jade as Will and Jade searched for Adam to confront him about setting Will up for stealing the bonds. Just as the two were set to stumble on Gwen and Maddie, a call from Margo interrupted them. Will relayed his conversation with Margo to Jade, and the two decided to stop looking for Adam and to go to Margo and tell her what they knew about Adam's involvement in planting the bonds to make Will look guilty. Gwen and Maddie were successful in their attempt to put Adam in a shallow grave, and they left the woods to clean up before people saw them covered in dirt.

After her conversation with Will, Margo told Kim that she believed that something was going on with Will. Margo told Kim that she was worried about Adam's whereabouts, and as the two tried to figure out where he might be, Jade and Will told Margo about Adam's involvement with the bonds. Jade also told Margo about Adam trying to leave town then Margo and Kim went to the police station to confirm Will's story with Casey. After being led up to the interrogation room, Casey asked Dallas to find Maddie and make sure she was okay. Margo asked Casey about setting up Will, and Casey didn't deny Adam's participation but told Margo she needed to talk to Adam. Margo put out an APB for Adam and reminisced about Hal's love for Adam before calling him and telling him to call her immediately because he was wanted for questioning in framing Will, and only she could help him.

Maddie and Gwen both returned to their homes and tried to clean themselves up after burying Adam, but both kept remembering what they had done. Dallas arrived at Margo's to check up on Maddie, and he told her he was there to make sure she was all right, at Casey's request. Maddie told Dallas she was fine, but Dallas didn't seem to believe her and asked her to get Adam so he could speak with him. Maddie convinced Dallas to leave without speaking to Adam, and as he went, he unknowingly took out the trash bag containing Maddie's dirty clothes. Back at her home, Will found Gwen shaken and upset in the shower, and she begged him to forgive her. He told her he was sorry that she had gotten hurt and that he knew Adam had framed him to try to get Gwen. A guilty and distraught Gwen asked Will to never ask her to forgive him again.

Meg continued to try to explain to Bob how she had been responsible for the death of her patient, Sarah. Meg told Craig to leave her and Bob alone so they could discuss how Meg was to blame for the patient's death. Meg told Bob about missing one of Sarah's allergies and then accidentally giving her the medication that had killed her. Bob immediately questioned Meg about the diary that Sarah had supposedly written telling how she'd wanted to die.

Meg thought back on Craig's involvement in faking and planting the diary, but Meg said the diary wasn't relevant, but what was significant was Meg's failure to write down all the allergies. Bob chastised Meg for not telling him sooner what had happened and condemned her actions. Bob fired Meg then told her he would notify the police and medical board. After her conversation with Bob, Craig comforted a distraught Meg. He thanked her for not telling Bob about his part in faking the diary, and he told her he could handle it, but Meg told him to forget it and let her be alone.

At WOAK, Jack introduced Brad to the night manager of the studio where Brad was supposed to work pulling cables. After Jack left Brad to get to work, Brad called Vienna and invited her down to the studio. Brad searched the studios of WOAK for a place to romance Vienna, and once she arrived, he began to try to impress her with lies of a big project he was going to work on for the studio. The two shared a drink then began to kiss, and just as they were getting serious, Katie walked in and caught them in the act.

As it turned out, the office that Brad and Vienna were cavorting in belonged to Katie, and she immediately kicked them out and called Kim to get Brad fired. As Vienna and Brad were leaving, Jack returned to give Brad cab fair and stopped Katie before she could tell Kim about Brad and Vienna's escapades. Jack convinced Katie to say nothing to Kim and to let Brad keep his job. Brad continued to lie to Vienna and told her any menial job he did was because he would soon own the network the studio belonged too.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

At Emma's, Parker was late for school, and Jack rushed him off. Meg walked in, and Jack asked her about the patient dying. He told her he was going to speak with Dr. Bob. Meg wondered if Jack needed to arrest her. He questioned her about the diary. She denied knowing about it. Jack wanted to know who had done it. He thought it was Paul's handiwork then said it was Craig. He said Craig would implicate Paul if Craig had done it.

Jack tried to guilt Meg into a confession. Meg ran out. Paul went to the door, looking for Meg. Jack started to question him. Meg returned and stopped it. She was ready to move out. Jack told her they were family first, and he left.

Paul told Meg he knew about what had happened, and he was glad she had taken his advice about doing the right thing. Paul grabbed her hand and had a vision of her bracelet falling on a stone. He warned her of life-threatening trouble. Paul asked her if she was going to Craig. She sent him off and took the bracelet off. She threw it the trash.

Jack ran into Parker outside. Parker reported that he had done all his chores. Jack mentioned the therapist, and Parker rebelled. They talked about Parker's mother. Jack said Parker needed to stop resisting his help and that he loved Parker like his own.

Katie filmed her first segment for "Oakdale Now" at WOAK. During the filming, she tripped over Brad, who had slept overnight on the floor of her office. Katie's office was trashed from a poker party Brad and the crew had had overnight. Kim told Katie to carry on with the segment, Brad and all. Brad started cleaning up the mess, and Katie turned it into a segment about cleaning. They both bungled around the office. Brad joined the segment, and Kim liked their chemistry.

At home, Margo made calls, trying to find Adam. Maddie arrived downstairs, and Margo told her Adam had set Will up. She asked when Maddie had last seen Adam. Tom and Casey walked in; Casey was out on bail. They discussed the upcoming trial and Casey's gambling. Tom and Margo decided Casey needed to move back home.

Later, Casey and Maddie talked about his gambling problem. Casey told her he needed her to help. She asked him not to tell anyone what he'd told her about Adam planting the bond. Casey said he would and then dissed Adam for running off. Casey asked her to forgive him. She did but wondered if he could forgive her. He asked why, but she left.

Gwen screamed from a bad dream, and Will woke her up to comfort her. He asked what it had been about. She said it was the stress. Will said they should finish her demo to brighten her mood. Gwen didn't want to have anything to do with it yet. Will took it personally. Gwen talked him down but remained muddled and mysterious.

Will asked about the dream again. Gwen said it was about her burying their trust by believing Adam, and in the dream, Will hadn't loved her anymore. Will reassured her. They made love. After, Will noticed her wedding ring was missing. Gwen knew where it was.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Holden was back in town, and he and Lily took Faith to Al's Diner, where they were met with more of the same surly attitude she'd been giving Lily. Lily went to the counter to order something, and Holden tried to get Faith to open up to him, but she insisted she didn't actually have a problem and wasn't purging and using laxatives like they thought she was. Her cell phone rang, and it was Parker, who told her he was standing outside and suggested she make up a story so she could ditch her parents and go somewhere with him. She pretended the call was from a classmate with whom she was doing a science project, and she claimed that because she'd had to go to the psychologist appointments, she and the other girl needed to make up some time on their science project or they'd both get an F on it.

Holden agreed to let Faith go back to school to work on the project. Faith hung up her phone and said she'd walk to school. Lily, who had returned to the table, said she'd drive her, but Faith resisted, saying it was just a couple of blocks and questioning their trust in her. Holden and Lily agreed she could walk to school, so she left and met Parker outside. They headed for Paul's cabin in the woods.

After Faith left, Holden wondered what had happened to make things so much worse for Faith between the time he'd left for his business trip and that moment, and Lily took that as an indictment of her mothering skills. Holden assured her that was not what he'd meant, but he said he had been talking to Lucinda about how maybe Lily was trying to do too much. Lily grew even more upset that he and her mother had been discussing her job and her kids. Holden tried to calm her down and apologized for making her feel he was accusing her of anything then he said he had to go to the farm to check on things for Emma.

Lily said she'd wait at Al's because she had a business meeting in 20 minutes. Later, the two women from the organic baby food project met with her, and Lily suggested some advertising in alternative parenting magazines and on cable TV, They said that would take more money and asked if she'd need Lucinda's permission. Lily bristled at the very idea and opened her checkbook, asking how much they thought they'd need.

At the Snyder farm, Jack greeted J.J. when he returned home from school, but Parker was not with him. J.J. said he didn't know where Parker had gone and that Parker barely talked to him anymore, even when they passed each other in the halls at school. Jack told J.J. how much he appreciated his help since Carly had left but also said J.J. didn't need to try to be strong all the time, and he promised J.J. that he'd get a handle on Parker and his anger.

J.J. went to play video games, and Jack called Parker's school. Holden walked in, and Jack told him that Parker had skipped school again. Jack asked Holden where Faith was, and he said she was supposed to be at the science lab. Jack asked the person at school if the science lab was still open, but he was told that it was closed. Jack told Holden, and he said he thought they were together and visiting a "new friend" of Parker's. He told Holden he'd explain in the car, and they left.

Paul had a vision of a bracelet hitting some rocks. He left the cabin for a while, and while he was gone, Parker let himself and Faith in, not knowing whether Paul was there or not. Faith got spooked and decided to leave, but when she opened the door, Paul was standing there, about to walk back in. He asked if they were having a meeting of the Oakdale Juvenile Delinquents Club, but they told him they were there to thank him for covering for them the other day. When he asked what their parents had done that was so horrible, they told him their parents thought they were crazy and wouldn't leave them alone. He said parents weren't supposed to leave kids alone but that their parents were at least decent people, unlike his own father, whom he'd had to escape.

When Parker and Faith asked how Paul had "escaped," he told them he had looked at paintings in art books, and he told them about a particular painting called "The Sleeping Gypsy." Paul described the Rousseau painting to them, saying there was a gypsy asleep in the desert with a powerful lion standing over him; Paul had always thought the lion was there to protect the gypsy, so he'd told himself that the lion would protect him, too, while he had been a kid, and then when he'd gotten older, he'd thought of himself as that lion, protecting the people he loved. As they discussed how cool it would be to actually hang that painting over the fireplace at the cabin, Holden and Jack entered, with Jack demanding to know why the kids were with Paul.

At Tom and Margo's house, Casey tried to reach Adam on his cell phone, but Maddie told him to stop trying to call Adam. When Casey said he needed to talk to his brother, Maddie apologized, but Casey said he was the one who should apologize, for lying to her, and he told her he wanted to go see Will and Gwen and apologize to them. Maddie tried to tell him that it was not the right time to do that, but he said he was going anyway and invited her to join him. She said she just couldn't, so he left, but she changed her mind and started out the door to find him.

At home, Gwen realized she'd lost her wedding ring and freaked out about it, even though Will tried to assure her it was okay, since it had just been a gumball machine ring in the first place. When she wouldn't calm down, he told her she hadn't had it on when he'd seen her in the shower the night before, so it dawned on her that she had to have lost it while she had been digging a grave for Adam. Frantic, she told Will she had to go find the ring. He offered to go with her, but she said she wanted to go alone.

Gwen went to Margo and Tom's and caught Maddie on her way out the door, telling her about the lost ring and asking for Maddie's help. Maddie didn't want to go back there, but she ultimately agreed when Gwen pointed out that if anyone found Adam, they would find her ring, too, which would link her to his death. Gwen grabbed some of Margo's gardening tools, and they headed for the woods. Once there, Gwen told Maddie they needed to dig around Adam's "grave" to look for the ring. As they dug, they uncovered Adam's gloved hand, and Gwen screamed.

At Will and Gwen's place, Casey got Will to let him in, and he apologized for all that had happened. Will wanted to know if it had been his idea or Adam's to set him up, and Casey said it had been Adam who'd said he'd cover for Casey but that if he'd known that Adam had meant to frame Will, he wouldn't have let him do it. Casey said he'd almost told Gwen the truth, but Adam had stopped him by saying Will would never go to jail for stealing his own money.

Casey apologized again and told Will his dad said he could get six months to ten years in jail for what he'd done. Will told Casey that he was never going to forget what Adam had done to him and Gwen, and he said Gwen didn't even want to say Adam's name anymore. Casey remarked that Maddie also seemed particularly upset about Adam's involvement in the whole thing.



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