One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 12, 2007 on OLTL

The arsonist struck again, this time at Nora's house. Matthew collapsed from smoke inhalation, but Bo eventually revived his son with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Lindsay agreed to help Dorian in stalling Viki's date with Clint, but after a faux pas, Lindsay confessed. Blair caught Starr and Cole kissing. John wondered how his scarf fiber had been near Spencer's body. John and Natalie continued to grow further apart.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 12, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, February 12, 2007

Spencer's reading of the will is interrupted by the surprise appearance of his number one patient and beneficiary, Miles. When Miles is questioned about his face and how it is healed, Miles tells them that Spencer saved his life when he operated on him and helped him remove the tumors that had plagued him his whole life. Blair concurs that Spencer helped a lot of the people in the room but it came at a price of continuing violence by Spencer's hand. Miles can't believe that Spencer is capable of the horrible things he has been accused of and vows to help put Spencer's killer behind bars. John informs Miles that he has now become a suspect as Spencer gave him a million reasons to be on the list. When everyone leaves Spencer's suite, Miles stays behind to view Spencer's last will and testament again.

Talia blows a chance to catch the arsonist when she gets a clear shot and doesn't take it. Antonio questions Talia about her actions but Talia claims that she was unsure whether the arsonist was armed or not and didn't want to shoot an unarmed man. Antonio tells her that she could have fired a warning shot but Talia counters with she didn't want anyone to be hurt when the bullet landed. Although Antonio has a hard time believing Talia's story he still covers for her in front of Bo when he questions how the arsonist got away.

Michael makes it home just in time to prevent Marcie from reading the card that was sent with Tommy's cup. Michael lies that he was the one who sent the cup and that the card was a sappy poem that he wrote and accidentally threw away with the box. Marcie wonders why Michael is so out of sorts so Michael confesses that he was summoned to Spencer's suite to hear his last will and testament. An intrigued Marcie wonders what Spencer could have left him but Michael tells her that it was not worth mentioning. Marcie tells Michael that she and Tommy will always be there for him giving him the peace of mind that he deserves.

Dorian has a talk with Evangeline regarding her desire to see Todd and Blair happy together. Evangeline can't believe that Dorian has had a change of heart and wonders if she can convince Blair to give Todd another chance. Dorian says that she has tried but Blair won't listen to her. When Evangeline comments on having spoken with Todd, Dorian becomes curious as to how Cris takes her relationship with Todd. Evangeline tells Dorian to mind her own business as she can take care of her man and still maintain a friendship with Todd.

Nash admits to Jessica that he is getting used to the fact that Tess is not coming back. In fact he tells Jessica that he is happy that Tess isn't coming back not only because he wouldn't want Jessica to get hurt but also because he would miss Jessica if she left. Jessica admits that she would miss Nash as well and the two begin to kiss passionately. They fall into bed but stop before they go any further. Jessica tells Nash that they cannot be left alone again just as Antonio walks in. Jessica covers for their being flustered by telling Antonio that she is coming down with a cold and Nash was watching her. Nash scoops up Bree while Antonio suggests that Jessica lie down and gets some rest.

Natalie confides in Vincent about her argument and not quite make up session with John. Vincent wonders why Natalie believes that John killed Spencer. Natalie tells him that she doesn't anymore now that she and John have talked about it but it doesn't change what she did to protect him. Vincent calls John a fool if he gets angry at something Natalie did to protect the man she loves. John walks up and Vincent covers with a story about Valentine's day. John doesn't believe him and tells Natalie that it's time for them to go home where they can discuss the day's events.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Evangeline came to Todd's office and brought him breakfast. He admitted that without Blair, he wasn't doing so well. Blair came by and gave him her resignation from the paper. Todd refused to accept it, but Blair insisted.

Bo again confronted Rex about Spencer's murder, believing that Rex is covering for someone. Bo quizzed Adriana about who Rex is protecting. Adriana insisted that her boyfriend wasn't helping someone out, but Bo still wasn't convinced. After, Adriana worried to Rex about what would happen if Marcie and Todd learn the truth about Tommy. Rex planned to find out how John's investigation was going so he could keep him from finding out about the child.

Nash and Bree met Clint at the Palace for lunch. Clint noted that Bree looks like her mother, which was a little odd since the baby has brown, curly hair and dark eyes. Regardless, he was surprised when Nash called Jessica the mother, rather than Tess. He warned Nash not to get confused.

Jessica guiltily thought of her steamy encounter with Nash. Viki, who was visiting, suspected that something was bothering her, but she told Viki that she just needs a new job. Viki invited her back to the Banner, but Jess refused. Nash then came by and reiterated how he has feelings for Jessica. Jess reminded him how she loves Antonio.

Antonio was pleased to see John back on the force and helped him decorate his office. John looked at Spencer's autopsy report and noted that Miles is yet another suspect. Natalie tried to tell John how she'd doctored the crime scene, but kept getting interrupted. Rex then arrived and told John to drop the Truman case, but John was determined to solve the murder.

Adriana thanked Todd for printing an article touting Rex's innocence. She was surprised when he stated that Dorian put him up to it.... Jessica asked Todd for a job. He gave her her first assignment: to investigate Miles.

Dorian joined Clint in his booth at the Palace and showed him pictures of Kelly's baby. She noted how Kelly and Kevin had forgiven each other and that she and Clint could learn for them. They were interrupted when Viki called to invite him to Jamie's birthday party. Dorian decided to go to the gathering, as well.

The Vegas decorated the diner for Jamie's party. Evangeline was the first to arrive. Todd called her during the party; Cristian was annoyed when she left to check on Manning.... Viki and Clint arrived, arguing over whether Dorian caused Viki's horse accident.... Jess and Antonio bonded at the event.

In a montage set to Bebo Norman's "Nothing Without You," we saw Jamie and the gang celebrating.... Dorian looking in at the party and Adriana gesturing that she enter with her.... Evangeline comforting a distraught Todd... John looking over forensic photos. "Someone tampered with the evidence," John said out loud as the screen faded to black.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's bedtime in Llanview and Starr, Natalie, and Jessica are reading stories before going to bed. Starr is reading The Once and Future King to Jack, Natalie is reading The Mummy's Curse while John sleeps, and Jessica is reading Wuthering Heights while waiting for Bree to go to sleep. Each of them cast people they know as characters in the stories they are reading.

In Starr's story, Todd, the king, has locked his queen, Blair, in the dungeon where she is awaiting execution. He has given her the death penalty because she betrayed him with a scoundrel. Blair's servant, Dorian, vows to save Blair's life. Evangeline is introduced as a princess from a neighboring kingdom that has been selected to be King Todd's new wife. She comes with her bodyguard, Cristian. Todd likes Evangeline, but can't marry her until Blair is dead. Cris wants Evangeline to marry him instead of Todd. Todd then visits Blair in the dungeon and tells her that she's been replaced and will be executed tomorrow. Blair doesn't care about being executed because having a broken heart is worse. Dorian shows Evangeline to her chambers and Cris to the servants' quarters. Sir Cole comes to see Todd. While Todd is occupied with Blair, Cole sits in Todd's throne and pretends to be king. Starr enters, and she and Cole race to each other and greet each other with a hug and a kiss.

Later, as Cole presents treasure to King Todd, Starr walks in and demands that Todd not execute Blair. Todd tells her he can't stop the execution because he won't forgive Blair. Cole then declares that he wants to marry Starr. Starr, however, is already engaged to a prince in a different kingdom, but she doesn't want to marry someone she's never met. Todd doesn't care and takes Cole to the dungeon. Evangeline walks in and bonds with Starr as they discuss how they want to marry knights, but can't because they're royalty. Cris won't let Evangeline marry Todd or leave her alone with, as Starr and Evangeline call Todd, a "cruel, heartless bastard." Dorian enters and says that Todd won't be a problem for much longer.

Cole is thrown in the dungeon and tells Blair about how he loves Starr. Dorian comes to the dungeon and tells Cole and Blair that she's poisoned the king's wine. Even though Cole really likes that idea, Blair convinces him to go save Todd. To get him out of the dungeon, Blair pretends to be sick while Cole calls for the guards. Todd returns to the throne room, and Dorian offers him some wine. Evangeline and Starr are sobbing because Starr doesn't want her mother to be killed and Evangeline doesn't want to marry Todd. Evangeline gets up and tosses the cup of wine from Todd's hands, much to Dorian's chagrin, and declares that she wants to marry Cris. Todd demands that Cris be taken to the dungeon. Dorian gives him a new cup of wine. Cris throws Todd's cup before the guards take him away. Dorian refills the cup again while Evangeline screams for the guards to let Cris go. Dorian gives the cup to Todd and says that he should say a toast to himself. At that moment, Coles comes in and tells Todd not to drink the wine, which infuriates Dorian. Cole tells Todd, who is curious as to how Cole escaped, that the wine is poisoned. Todd asks Dorian if that's true, and she balks at first, until Todd asks her to drink the wine. She refuses, which shows Todd that she did indeed poison the wine. He asks her why, and she says that he's a tyrant and everyone would be happier without him around. Blair appears and says that she wouldn't be happy if Todd were dead. Todd is amazed that Blair doesn't want him dead even though he's given her the death penalty. Because of this new development, he forgives Blair, cancels the execution, announces the engagement of Starr and Cole, and announces that each couple should kiss. Dorian sits in the throne and accidentally drinks the poisoned wine and dies.

In Natalie's story, she is an archaeologist on an expedition with Rex and Roxy. Rex reads the hieroglyphics on the wall of the room and determines that the treasure must not be disturbed. Roxy doesn't care and tries on some of the crowns and jewelry. Rex continues to translate the hieroglyphics, which say that the most powerful king in history is buried in that room. His wife, who was murdered by a man that looks a lot like Vincent, is buried in the other sarcophagus. The king's heart was broken when his wife was murdered, so when he died, he had his heart cut out and put in his wife's tomb. If his heart is returned to him, the king will come back to life and reunite with his wife. Natalie and Rex decide to open the wife's sarcophagus. Once they open it, the mummy of the wife pops up suddenly.

Natalie finds the pharaoh's heart and put it in the hole in the king's sarcophagus. At first, Roxy thinks that the whole thing is a sham, but then the sarcophagus opens and the king, John, appears. John is angry to be woken, but when he sees Natalie, he's awestruck. Natalie is a dead ringer for his wife. John gets confused, but wants to love Natalie. She loves him back and they kiss. Rex thinks that this is the epitome of a "meet cute." While Natalie and John are together, Rex and Roxy start to take some of the treasure. John then says that only one thing can separate him and Natalie. He says that no piece of treasure can be removed from the room, otherwise everyone there is doomed. John and Natalie leave while Rex and Roxy unload the treasure. Rex gives Roxy a piggyback ride out of the room, while she unknowingly wears a pair of earrings from the room outside.

In Jessica's story, she and Antonio, as lord and lady of the house, are reading by the fire when the stableboy, Nash, knocks urgently at the door. Nash tells them that their horse, Heathcliff, is dying. Jessica convinces Antonio to let her go see the horse before it passes away. Antonio wants to buy Jessica a new horse to replace Heathcliff so she'll have something to take care of. Antonio and Nash then talk about how Antonio treats Nash more like a brother than a servant. Nash is about to tell Antonio about his and Jessica's affair when a maid, Talia, summons Antonio back to the house on urgent business. Jessica then comes out of the stable and Nash tells her that he almost spilled about their affair. They each deny that they love each other, then meet in an embrace and kiss. Jessica is determined not to tell Antonio about their tryst, but Nash wants to tell Antonio because Antonio has treated him so well. Nash tells Jessica that she has to make the decision to tell Antonio or not.

Later, Antonio wakes Nash in the stable and tells him that Jessica is feverish and has been acting strangely since Heathcliff died. Antonio says that Jessica is delirious and is calling for Nash. Talia is caring for Jess when Antonio and Nash arrive. Jessica is happy to see Nash, but apologizes to him for not being able to choose between him and Antonio. Nash apologizes because he shouldn't have forced her to make a decision which is tearing her up inside. Nash offers to leave and never return, but Jessica doesn't want that to happen. Antonio sees that Nash and Jess love each other greatly, and bows out gracefully. Jessica is worried that Antonio is angry at her, but he assures her that he isn't because you can't help who you fall in love with. Jessica apologizes to him, and he tells her that he loves her enough to let her go. He also says that Jessica will always be the great love of his life and that Nash will always be his friend. Then he leaves. Talia also exits the house, and tells Antonio that if there is anything he needs, she'll be there for him. Jessica feels bad because Antonio is all alone now. Nash and Jessica are thrilled that they can start living their lives together now. Nash then picks up Jessica and carries her to the bedroom.

After finishing her story to Jack, Jack is unimpressed, but Starr wishes real life could be like that book. Natalie thinks that the story she read could be prophetic and that her relationship with John could be doomed. Jessica looks out the window sadly after reading her story, feeling how it connects to her own life.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

When Nash drops Bree off, he and Jess face an awkward moment. She's leaving for work and asks him to accompany her out so that they can chat in private, but Antonio wants to talk about the job. Something big is coming up; he's booked Nelly Furtado at Capricorn so Nash will have lots to do. He thinks Nash should have a date, maybe Layla, but learns quickly that she's just not the one. Antonio also mentions how great of a relationship the three have though Nash thinks it's complicated. He quickly clarifies complicated as just hard for everyone, being so busy. They don't understand why Jess has a need for a job.

Adriana is worried about Rex who still can't sleep very well. He admits to seeing Spencer's body complete with stab wounds every time he closes his eyes. When she says hi to Tate Harmon, who's just come into the diner, Rex suddenly cheers up. He can't believe she knows him and is ecstatic to receive an introduction. He gets the former major leaguer to sit with them, takes a picture of Tate and Adriana with his cell phone and takes pleasure in hearing some baseball stories. Adriana is beyond belief when Rex even gets the man to toss some imaginary pitches at him. But she's pleased to see that Rex has forgotten all that has kept him preoccupied, for the time being.

Miles looks into the mirror and sees his old reflection, causing him great anxiety.

Jess arrives at Spencer's old suite and knocks gently. Getting no response, she's able to trick the porter into letting her into the room. She pokes around a bit, recording her observations and is thrown for a loop when Miles emerges from behind a rack of clothes. She reminds him of their appointment. He's less than receptive and suggests that he throw her out. His answers to her questions are either silence or brief, as in one word answers. Jess can't believe there are no other reporters there. He shows Jess a picture of his old face and she recoils in horror. He owes Spencer a lot, he tells her. He has somewhere to go; Jess helps him to fix his haphazard shirt collar and get his jacket on. He insists that the Spencer he knew was different and that he's not hiding anything.

Marty receives a visit from Nora who asks point blank who killed Spencer. She has no clue, Marty responds. She's just getting lots of pressure, Nora confides. Now John is on the case and that's not too good as he's too close to it. The women cover several topics; Marty shares her latest vicious run-in with Blair and how she had really hoped to make Llanview her home again. Nora cites the fact that she believes that Matthew willed her awake while in the hospital. Marty tells her to be happy, be grateful and to be on guard. Receiving a call from the school, Nora learns that she needs to pick up a sick Matthew and get him home. He caught it from me, she sniffles.

Nat realizes that something is bugging John on the case; at the same time he's beginning to believe that someone has taken some evidence. He requests that a couple of the crime scene photos be blown up. Vincent appears at the station to see Natalie and notes how nervous she appears to be when she knocks over some hot chocolate he's brought her. She did something terrible and will lose John if he finds out, she admits. Vincent immediately thinks that she was cheating on John which irritates Natalie as being so typical of a man's thoughts. John was acting crazy and she was only watching out for him, trying to help him to get better, she continues. John observes the two talking and figures it's about the arson case. He meets Lt. Johnson, head of CSU, who hands him the new pictures. It's the end for me, Natalie tells Vincent. She would be her boss in forensics and she already thinks that Nat is pulling strings due to Bo. John takes Johnson into his office and tells her he has one question. He wants to know all personnel who were in the room with the murder victim. John learns that Nat showed up in the hospital room (Johnson assuming it was a tip from Bo), mentioned she felt sick at the blood and bent over the body. No one told her to get close to the body; she was just there. After Johnson leaves, John mutters that he knows for a fact that Natalie doesn't get sick at such sights. Miles shows up and demands to know the progress in the case. John wonders where the man himself was. In the hospital, he replies. He wasn't released until the next day. Nat takes Vincent's advice to talk to John. He immediately accuses her of tampering with evidence and wonders if he should have her locked up.

Nash runs into Jess at the diner. She's working, she tells him. She starts her article and mentions how confused she is by something that Miles said to her. "Clear and sweet is my soul. Clear and sweet is all that is not my soul." And is Miles his first or his last name? she wonders.

Miles pays Marty a visit.

Nora and Matthew get home. An unknown person pours turpentine around the perimeter of the house and lights a match! As Nora dozes off after taking some cold medicine, the flames start to surround the front of the house. Awakening from the sound of the smoke detector, she sees the fire and screams for Matthew, who is upstairs. She grabs a fire extinguisher but is thrown back and knocked down from a quick explosion, a fireball. Matthew races downstairs and sees his mother lying on the floor.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Asa came to see Viki and urged her to speed up her romance with Clint — mainly so Clint would stay away from Dorian. Viki noted that who Clint chooses is up to, well, Clint. Asa told her to use her "feminine wiles." This was Viki's cue to leave so she could meet Clint at the Palace. Lindsay then arrived and tried to stall Viki by saying she needed help with a charity event. Lindsay was horrified when the random cause she picked had meaning for Viki and made her cry. Viki agreed to help; Lindsay confessed that she made up the event in order to keep Viki from meeting Clint in time. Viki was angry, but not at Lindsay.

Meanwhile, Dorian hung around at the Palace. Clint arrived and Dorian invited him for a drink. He noted that he's waiting for Viki, but Dorian offered to "keep him company." Later, Viki finally showed up; as Dorian left, Viki gave her the death stare. Dorian realized that Lindsay had blabbed about their plan.

Starr and Cole met in secret at the coffeehouse. They lamented having to sneak around. Blair was furious when she caught the teens together and dragged Cole away from her. Starr was humiliated by the scene Blair was making.

Miles came to see Marty and asked her to be his shrink. She was suspicious of Miles's intentions. Miles couldn't believe she thought badly of Spencer. "He had evil in him," she stated. "You're saying he was possessed?" Miles cracked. Miles argued that Truman was trying to protect himself. They were interrupted when an angry Blair barged in with Cole. She threatened to get a restraining order against the teen.... Miles hightailed it out of there and went to the Palace.... Starr told her mom that she's going to be with Cole, no matter what. Blair explained that she doesn't want to see Starr get hurt.

John confronted Natalie about doctoring the crime scene. She explained that she was doing it to protect him. He reminded her that what she did was criminal and was hurt that she'd suspected he was Spencer's killer. He was also furious that she compromised the case. Still, he didn't intend to arrest her and planned to let Bo decide what to do with her. McBain wasn't sure what this meant for their relationship.

Nora's house continued to burn as she lay unconscious on the floor. Matthew screamed at her to wake up; she did, and panicked as she looked around for her son. He was trapped on the second floor and began to choke on the smoke. Nora wrapped a blanket around herself and crawled upstairs and grabbed an unconscious Matt. Bo soon arrived on the scene and got both of them out safely. He was extremely shaken; an understanding Talia tried to comfort him. After, the fire chief reported that the blaze had been started on purpose; they concluded that it had been the work of the arsonist. Bo believed that the late Drew was keeping an eye on his little brother.

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