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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 12, 2007 on GL
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Monday, February 12, 2007

Harley follows Daisy to Main Street and questions Daisy about her boyfriend and her drug use. Daisy is defensive and says she thinks that Harley would rather she had not return to testify. She also says that she believes that Harley hates her. Harley says that she loves her but she is angry with her. Gus and Jeffrey have followed the women to Main Street as well. Gus tells Jeffrey to find a miracle that will allow them to still be able to adopt Sydney. While Harley is telling Daisy that Daisy is partially responsible for the death of Tammy and that Daisy's actions have probably cost Harley and Gus custody of Sydney, Donovan makes an offer to Gus and Jeffrey. He says that if they allow the baby to go with her uncle and aunt, they will be allowing the baby to have a good and solid home, otherwise Sydney would go into the foster care system. Donovan says there is no way that Gus and Harley would ever be granted custody of the baby. Harley overhears this and can't believe it is true. She believes it is a scam. Donovan says he can't believe Gus and Harley really believe they have a chance at custody and leaves.

Daisy suggests that she leave and sign over any rights to ever be involved in Sydney's life and leaves. Jeffrey tells Gus and Harley that Daisy might be on to something. Gus and Harley return home and admire Sydney. Harley can't believe that she may have to choose between Daisy and Sydney. She realizes that Sydney is the chance for her and Gus to "have a child together." She admits that Gus would most likely want to choose Sydney rather than a troubled stepdaughter. Gus admits that it would be lovely to be able to raise Sydney with Harley and help her become a wonderful young woman. However, as hard it is to say it, if Sydney can really be raised by a loving aunt and uncle it would be good for her. Daisy has no one but Gus and Harley. He would choose Daisy. A tearful Harley embraces Gus.

With fake i.d. in hand, Daisy goes to Outskirts and has a drink. She sees Donovan at the end of the bar and approaches him with a proposition. If he gets the aunt and uncle to relinquish custody to Gus and Harley, she'll do anything he wants her to do. Donovan tells her to meet him at his hotel room the next night.

At the Spaulding mansion, Beth is on the telephone demanding that Jeffrey's secretary have him call her as soon as possible so she can fight this divorce. Doris taunts Beth, telling her that if Beth tries to interfere with her and Alan's engagement, she'll bring Lizzie down as an accomplice to murder. Alan interrupts their arguing. Beth says she will sign the divorce agreement, but only if Doris leaves the room. As Alan is walking her out, Doris reminds Alan that if anything changes in their arrangement, he will spend the rest of his life in prison. In Doris's absence, Beth begs Alan to give their marriage a second chance. She reminds him that they produced and lost a child together. She admits that while their marriage was initially a business arrangement, but they both know it had become much more. After much silence, Alan begins recalling his feelings for her when she was first starting to show her pregnancy at the island home. Just as he is starting to be sentimental in his feelings for Beth, he sees Doris watching him through the French doors and changes his demeanor. He speaks angrily to Beth and insists that the divorce is what he wants. Beth tells him to sleep with one eye open. Doris returns and is satisfied that Beth has agreed to the divorce. She demands that Beth hand over her wedding ring. Beth tells her that her ring is a symbol of her union with Alan. She suggests that Doris's symbol with Alan be shackles. When Beth leaves, Doris tells Alan to take her out to dinner—she feels like celebrating.

Josh arrives at the Farmhouse bearing pre-Valentine's Day roses for Cassie. When he realizes she's not there, he calls her on her cell phone to remind her of their dinner reservation for 6:30. Cassie tells him she'll meet him there after she visits with Reva. At Outskirts, Cassie asks Reva if she had been talking to Jonathon. Reva is caught off guard for a minute until Cassie tells her that she's been talking to Tammy all the time. Cassie tells Reva that Tammy wants justice served against Alan. When Reva asks Cassie if Tammy told her to seek vengeance, Cassie abruptly leaves the bar to meet Josh at Towers.

At Towers, Josh presents Cassie with a pre-Valentine's Day present. It is a friendship bracelet Cassie made with Tammy when Tammy was a little girl. Josh says Cassie had tucked it away in a closet after Cassie had donated Tammy's clothes to charity. Josh believes the bracelet should be out where Cassie can see it and touch it. Cassie can smell Tammy's perfume on the bracelet. She is overwhelmed and the two stand and hug one another. While they are embracing, Cassie sees Alan and Doris enter the restaurant. Josh suggests the two leave when he realizes that Cassie can't take her eyes or mind off the couple. Alan sends over a bottle of champagne, which infuriates Cassie. She asks, "What is this? A consolation gift? Sorry I murdered your daughter?" Josh goes on the offensive with Alan, and dumps the champagne bucket in Alan's lap. Josh yells that Alan is responsible for the deaths of three young members of Josh's family. He tells Alan that if the law doesn't get him, Josh will. When Doris interjects that Josh should be arrested for assault, Josh tells her that after he's done with Alan he will be coming for her. Cassie and Josh leave.

Alan wants to leave also, but Doris insists they stay, telling the waiter to bring Alan a dry dinner jacket, more champagne, and the appetizers. Beth arrives at the bar and starts to leave when she sees Alan and Doris. She decides to stay, only to storm out when she sees the presents the couple are exchanging. Doris has bought her own engagement ring "from Alan" and the two flaunt it in front of Beth. After Beth is gone, Doris informs Alan that she's already picked out their wedding rings and the two should marry as soon as possible. Alan suggests they have a small wedding with a Justice of the Peace. Doris nixes that idea, saying they should have a lavish wedding with the entire town in attendance. She reminds Alan that she can always produce Gillespie's confession that he was Alan's hired hit man.

When Josh and Cassie get home to the farmhouse, Cassie says that she is so tired but can't sleep. Josh gets her some sleeping pills Felecia had prescribed for her. As Cassie is falling asleep on the couch, Reva arrives to see how she is doing. Josh assures her that he is handling everything for Cassie and that he should return to helping her. As Josh is leading Cassie upstairs to bed, Reva watches through the window and whispers, "Happy Valentine's Day, Bud."

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Harley and Gus share some time with their kids at home on Valentine's Day awaiting for Judge Greene's ruling in the custody battle for the baby, assuming that Daisy has gone back to school. While exchanging cards with Zack and Jude they receive a call from Daisy's school that Daisy has not attended any of her classes. Harley being a worried mother assumes that Daisy has gone to get herself into trouble. Harley goes to Outskirts Bar and shows a photo to the bartender, and he informs her that he overheard a conversation between Daisy and Donovan regarding a meeting at Towers later that day.

As a concerned mother, Harley storms into Donovan's room at Towers just in time before Daisy finishes her offer, which Donovan was no doubt willing to accept. Harley informs him that she is under age and threatens to have his law license revoked for such behavior. Daisy informs Harley that she is the one to blame that she would risk anything to make this up to Harley and Gus. Meanwhile, they arrive back at the house to see the family, and while outside Harley puts Daisy's doubt to rest that she has stopped loving her for her actions. She tells her that she still loves her and she just needs her to straighten up and behave the way she knows she should.

Harley and Daisy go inside to find that Gus has received a letter from Judge Greene on his ruling. Daisy takes the boys upstairs and Gus begins to read, that they have indeed lost custody to Sydney's Aunt and Uncle. They are heartbroken, but decide that they are Sydney's real family and they should not appeal. They are also informed that today is the day of the turnover of custody. They must go meet the couple and hand over Sydney. Harley and Gus arrive with Sydney and meet only the Uncle. They begin to inform him of favorite toys, clothing, feeding schedules, etc;. Harley begins to realize that she must say good-bye. They hand the baby over and return home to find that Daisy has cleaned up Sydney's things, and Daisy begins to cry and say that this is all her fault. She apologizes and Harley and Daisy embrace. Harley reassures her that it is alright. The boys come into the kitchen to ask where the baby is, and Daisy says that she will have the talk with them. Gus and Harley embrace and say that there is hope for her after all. They look at the cards on the table made by the boys and begin to realize they still have a wonderful family.

Coop is on Main Street at CO2 where he sees Ava with Alan-Michael kidding around. Alan-Michael goes off to work while Ava talks and shares a laugh with Coop. He informs Ava that he would love to have dinner with her at Towers for Valentine's Day and she states that she will have dinner with him, but only as friends. They agree to meet after work. Alan-Michael is up to his old tricks planning a candle-lit dinner for two at Towers also. Ava tells Alan-Michael that she has plans and will be unable to work this evening, and Alan-Michael insists on driving her to Towers for her other planned dinner. For he has dinner plans also (Knowing that the plans he has are with Ava). Arriving at the Towers Restaurant Ava meets Coop, Alan-Michael storms in to insist that she is having dinner with him even though he had been informed otherwise. Coop and Alan-Michael Begin to argue and Ava is caught in the middle. She storms out to leave the two alone and tells them to work it out. Ava goes back to her room at Towers, and she begins to work. Alan-Michael comes in with Champagne and begins to try to apologize, and she states that she does not want to talk with him, and she storms out the door. Meanwhile a knock happens at the door. Coop has come to give Alan-Michael a piece of his mind to finish what had started over Ava, and Coop and Alan-Michael begin to fight. Ava comes back to the door to hear a great deal of commotion only to find the two of them fighting on the terrace. As Ava opens the door she sees Alan-Michael go over the edge, Coop has pushed him over. Ava Screams..."No"!

Lizzie is at the Spaulding mansion looking at picture cards that she had made of the family that she has lost. She is shredding them in a paper shredder. Ashlee comes in and tells her that she wants to take her out to cheer her up. Lizzie says no way, but Ashlee insists and carries her out. They arrive at Outskirts and Ashlee informs her that she has a blind date for her. Lizzie gets furious, but it is too late they have already been seen by the blind date. Lizzie agrees to stay for a few drinks. While beginning to talk Ashlee makes an excuse about the time, and the dress fitting that she has scheduled with her mother Doris' and the wedding to Alan Spaulding. Ashlee leaves the two of them to get acquainted. Lizzie start to leave but as a nice guy he convinces her to talk and have another drink. Lizzie begins to tell him about her awful family (Her Grandfather Alan). Her date tells her he has read the papers and what a huge crime had been committed. Lizzie starts to inform him that her Grandfather protects his family. She sees the picture behind the bar of this lost family, and begins to realize that Alan is guilty of all of this, and his selfish ways took her family and Tammy from her. Innocent people have lost their lives at his selfishness and she will no longer defend him regardless. She begins to cry and rant, as her date embraces her and tries to console her. Lizzie arrives alone from her date at the mansion to find a framed picture of Alan, and begins to destroy it. While looking at the photo, she tells Alan's picture that he should be the one that is dead. She Shreds his picture, for he has cost her everything she has ever cared about...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Inside the Light: Hands On

To kick off the Guiding Light's 70th anniversary year of volunteerism, the cast and crew spend a week in Biloxi Mississippi rebuilding three homes. All of the cast members interviewed express their excitement about the opportunity, though completely weary of their construction skills. Justin Deas (Buzz) expresses that, even if it turns out a tenth of the way they expect it to, then they will have made a difference. Ron Raines (Alan) sits in a tuxedo offering his expertise in changing light bulbs. Crystal Chappell (Olivia) thinks it's a wonderful idea because everyone needs help. Marcy Rylan (Lizzie) wonders if she should remove her acrylic nails for this job.

In Biloxi, Robert Newman (Josh) and Kim Zimmer (Reva) load their bags into a van and together take a tour of what the city looks like now, eighteen months after the hurricane. Tearfully, Zimmer stares at dilapidated buildings. It's heartbreaking to see so much still undone. It's important that people come and volunteer.

At the Hands On Center, the cast and crew is greeted with open arms and treated to a short seminar about the families they will build for. Three women whose homes fell through the cracks were left with dilapidated housing. Frank Dicopoulos (Frank) expresses how he thought things were just being rebuilt. It blows his mind to see that it's still practically just like the day after the storm.

Afterward the gang is split into teams. Team one is the "Stud House," team two is the "Drywall House," and team three is the "Finish House." At the Stud House Zimmer, Chappell, Kurt McKinney (Matt Reardon), Corey Robinson (Remy), and others meet the owner, Miss Ethel. She describes what happened to her home. The rising water cornered her in the house. She wound up getting into her refrigerator and cutting a hole for air. She survived because the appliance floated in the water.

At the Drywall house Newman, Nicole Foster (Cassie), Stephanie Gatschet (Tammy), Elizabeth Keifer (Blake), and others worked for an older woman named Gerta. Foster speaks German (I think) to the woman. She shows them water stained, dirty, framed photos of her family. Sadly she hopes this is the last time she ever loses her home.

At the Finish House Dicopoulos, Ricki Goldin (Gus), Jordan Clarke (Billy), Caitlin Van Zandt (Ashlee), Mandy Bruno (Marina), and others cry as their homeowner, Rozinna, tells the story of her feeling responsible for not getting her family out in time. She had had surgery a week before and didn't take them to safety as she usually would. The water rose over the stairs, and her brother swore they weren't going out like that. She shared how it felt to have so many people around her asking for things, needing things, and even without having anything herself, she felt compelled to share. Gina Tognoni (Dinah) laments about the woman's sadness that God forgot about her. She knows that, "God shows up right on time, and He did. That's why we are here today. He didn't forget about her."

The cast and crew work on these homes for a week. At the end of day one, the entire cast and crew is jazzed. They feel a sense of pride and can't wait to return the next day. They spend the night in military style barracks that house the volunteers. They feel that it is like a huge slumber party. Staying at the volunteer shelter also means waking at 5:30am to cook (or ruin in Michael Dempsey's (Alan Michael's) case) breakfast.

Beth Chamberlain (Beth) describes how Hands On is not just about houses, but also about rebuilding communities. They spend a day tutoring local elementary school students. Gatschet relates how its horrible that these kids know what it feels like to think they'll die. It's amazing that today they can laugh and play with smiles on their faces. Michael O'Leary (Rick) seems to have had the most fun playing with the kids at recess.

While Zimmer launches an investigation on who broke the "number ones only in the port-o-potty" rule, Keifer faces her fear of nail guns. Rylan arrives at the site after being sick the previous day. Dempsey is confident working with Jordan Clarke who has done carpentry for forty-five years. The families seem to be living in the homes during the reconstruction. The actors discuss how the kids have taken to them and look forward to seeing them when they return from school. They all agree that knowing who they are building the homes for makes it all worthwhile. For the Finish House, the show decides to not only finish it, but furnish it as well.

A Part of the teams leaves their homes for an ancillary project in New Orleans. Rob Bogue (Mallet) expresses how that was hard for him to leave after having become emotionally invested in the home. Michelle Ray-Smith (Ava) explains the Sunflower project in which they plant sunflowers all over the city to absorb the lead from the ground. The flowers are pretty and at the same time, they protect the children from the lead. They also paint school murals. Raines believes the experiences put life and your own problems into perspective.

The cast also tours the Ninth Ward. Home after home after home after home is destroyed, standing only by the wood's own will, if standing at all. The cast is silent, devastated by debris littered lots where homes once stood. Bruno expresses that it makes her sick that, "a year and a half later, it's still like this. It shouldn't be like this. We live in an incredible country. We have to do something about it. We have to fix it."

Back at the Stud House, Chamberlain and Bogue discuss how they are ahead of schedule. Each home is showing progress. Dicopoulos states that everyone is determined to make it perfect, to make it right. The cast discusses their momentum and drive for everything to come together. Soon, the Finish House is ready for its reveal.

Rozinna enters the kitchen, takes one look, and sobs. They hug her and Clarke welcomes her home. Yvonna Wright (Mel) describes how Rozinna touches all the things, wondering if they are really hers. Rozinna can barely contain her joy as the women reveal her daughter's room. They pile on her with hugs. She can't contain her sobs as she thanks them all and the cast applauds her.

Robert Newman rallies the cast, as Josh often does, saying that no one knew what to expect from this. Guiding Light started in January of 1937. He recounts the poem that was recited on each radio episode, the poem that they have returned to the show's opening: "There is a destiny that makes us brothers. None goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own. Zimmer, Chamberlain, and Tognoni express how rare it is to be involved in such a life-changing event. It instills in them that one person can make a difference.

Dicopoulos makes a speech at their final dinner thanking Hands On. He feels that a member of the organization was always there to help him every step of the way, especially when he had no idea of what he was doing. He congratulates Hands On for welcoming them and helping them complete their tasks. Rylan thanks Hands On for making them feel so welcome. Foster shakes her tool belt around her waist as if it's her moneymaker, proud that she's mastered how to wear one and find things in it. At the Drywall House, the current phase is finished, but Gatschet tells us that GL has sponsored the house (and the Stud House), and it will be completed and furnished. Keifer says, "I have learned the value of community. Possessions come and go, but your neighbors are what's important."

Bogue is tearful, saying how proud he is of his cast mates, proud that their name is up on the Hands On wall. Rylan feels it will be hard to go home when so much more needs to be done. What they have accomplished is great, but so much more needs to be done. Bogue additionally says it's important that these people in need never feel abandoned again.

The show ends by encouraging us with the words, "Find your light. Be the change. Volunteer." They ask that we visit the Find Your Light website to see more footage and sign up to volunteer with the show on future projects.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cassie wakes up, pops a few more pills and gets up angrily making a Valentine's dinner for Josh and RJ. She believes nothing is going to ever be perfect again as long as Alan is around.

Buzz and Olivia sit eating chicken wings at Outskirts celebrating their Valentine's Day discussing the unfortunate happenings surrounding Gus and Harley's court case with Sydney. Buzz points out the similarities between Daisy and Ava. Frank comes in with Jeffrey. Cassie wanders in asking all of them why they're not out there working on Tammy's case. She's distraught – she just wants to sleep. She insists Tammy just wants justice – Alan needs to pay. Buzz gives Olivia a Valentine's Day present – a double frame containing a picture of Emma and Ava. Cassie sits with Jeffrey and Frank. Jeffrey asks her if she's seen a doctor to get her some help with sleeping. Cassie tells Frank she wants Alan to pay – but he's bullet proof. Cassie sees Tammy's ghost and walks out. Olivia tries to call to her, but Cassie is unresponsive.

Ava walks in and sees Coop and Alan-Michael fighting on the balcony. She yells for them to stop and just then Alan-Michael falls backwards off the balcony. Alan-Michael is taken to Cedars unresponsive. He needs surgery. Ava thinks Coop may have done it on purpose. Coop lets her know Alan threw the first punch. He tells her if this is what it took to get her to see what kind of person Alan-Michael is, he'd do it all over again. Ava has to give consent for Alan-Michael's surgery. Coop calls Buzz to tell him he's at Cedars – there's been an accident. Buzz, Olivia and Jeffrey go to Cedars. They get to the hospital and learn what happened. Ava won't leave until she learns the outcome of Alan-Michael's surgery. Frank wants Jeffrey to stay as a lawyer and wants to know from Coop what happened. Coop tells him they were fighting, Alan-Michael fell. Frank asks Ava what she saw. Coop tells Frank she only came in as Alan-Michael was falling. Coop admits to Buzz they were fighting over Ava, but he slipped on his own. Jeffrey follows Ava to tell her she doesn't have to handle this by herself. Jeffrey learns Ava signed the surgical consent form. Jeffrey tells Olivia he thinks Ava needs a mother.

The surgeon comes out wheeling Alan-Michael. He tells her he has a spinal-cord injury and it's too soon to know the outcome.

Lizzie, while looking at a picture of Alan, takes out a knife, saying Alan ruined her life just like he ruined her father's life. Remy comes in and tells her to stop – put the knife down. Remy and Lizzie find a common bond in this situation – in their pain. Remy begs her to give him the "silver bullet" that will put Alan away. Remy leaves after asking Lizzie to think about his offer – and call him. He asks Lizzie what does Sarah deserve.

Dinah lures Mallet to a restaurant for a Valentine's Day date. Dinah and Mallet discuss the situation with Alan and Doris. Dinah offers to help – by getting the "story" of Alan's wedding on tape. Dinah asks for the check, gives the matre'd her credit card – it gets declined. Her backup card has expired. She's embarrassed. They won't let them leave without paying the bill. Dinah starts an auction of Mallet's clothes – starting with his tie, next to his shirt and boxers. Dinah successfully auctions off all Mallets clothes and covers the bill. As they're leaving, Mallet's phone rings – it's Lizzie. She wants "this" settled. She logs a complaint against Remy. There's been a restraining order against him. Remy warns Mallet to put men on Alan's wedding.

Dinah calls the credit card company to find out what's wrong with her card. She learns her checking account has been emptied.

At the Spaulding mansion, Cassie breaks a window pane on the door and glares through at Lizzie. Cassie tells Lizzie they need to talk about Tammy. Tammy's ghost comes in with Cassie. Lizzie asks Cassie if she's been drinking. Tammy tells her to ask Lizzie – why was Jonathan on that old country road. Lillian comes in and asks what is going on. Cassie see the knife and says she has nothing to lose. Lillian talks with Cassie. She tells Cassie how she sometimes fantasize about doing something to Alan. Cassie is uncomforted. Cassie remembers her dinner cooking at home. Lillian tells Cassie Alan's bad karma is going to catch up to him. Tammy's ghost add "sooner than he thinks." Cassie goes home. Tammy's ghost tells Cassie to look at the picture in the paper of Alan and the article about their wedding. Cassie says she has to RSVP.

Lillian brings Lizzie her bridesmaid dress. Lillian offers to "fix it." Lizzie tells her it's perfect.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Frank is at Cedars trying to persuade an angry Coop to calm down. While he is warning Coop that Alan-Michael cannot be trusted and will use Coop's anger against him they get word that Alan-Michael has woken up. The pair and Ava enter his room so Frank can take his statement. Alan-Michael informs Frank that he fell off the balcony while he was arguing with Coop; it was an accident. When Frank and Coop leave the room, Ava thanks Alan-Michael but he tells her he simply told the truth. Later, Ava asks Alan-Michael what the doctor said. Alan-Michael confesses that while he did not say anything, he noticed that he could not feel the doctor pushing down on his legs. A frustrated Alan-Michael confesses that he cannot move. Ava offers to hang around the hospital or moral support. When she returns to the room later, Alan-Michael is gone.

Alexandra tries to talk Alan out of marrying Doris, who she views is a gold-digger. However, her pleas fall on deaf ears; Alan is determined to go through with it. At the same time, Beth is in Doris's room finagling an invitation to the wedding. Doris refuses at first but she relents just to get an argumentative Beth out of her hair. At the same time, a disgusted is ranting to Ashlee how the wedding is a joke. A happy Ashlee is convinced that her mother loves Alan but Lizzie is still upsets and warns Ashlee that her happiness will not last six weeks. Meanwhile, Remy gets a job providing security for the wedding using the name Tom Jenkins.

"Tammy" appears to Cassie outside the farm; she is upset that Alan is getting married as if everything is okay. But everything is not okay and will not be until Cassie keeps her promise and reminds Alan of what he took. As Cassie is leaving, Josh approaches. He sees her putting something inside her purse and asks what it is. Cassie states that it is a recipe that she wanted to try out tonight but she needs to go out shopping for ingredients. Josh suddenly suggests that they go to Chicago for the night but Cassie is not interested. Josh guesses that her reluctance to leave town has to do with Alan's wedding and suggests that going to Chicago might take her mind off of it. Cassie is adamant about staying in town and hurries off.

Beth arrives at Alan's wedding with Rick who is not all together sure that Beth should be here. Lillian arrives for Lizzie's sake and calls Alan a monster. It is very clear that no one in attendance, save Ashlee, is happy about this wedding. Suddenly, just as Doris and Alan are about to say their vows, Cassie bursts in. She starts to grab something out of her purse and proclaims that Alan does not deserve to live. Both Rick and Josh try to restrain her, but Cassie keeps yelling and takes a photograph out of her purse-one of Tammy. Cassie rants about how Alan took her baby and yells that everyone needs to know what kind of monster he is. Josh grabs hold of Cassie and is able to talk down. He gets her out of the room and Cassie breaks down telling him she is sorry. Josh admits that he had a feeling that Cassie would come here though he was hoping he was wrong. Josh offers to take Cassie home so she can get some sleep and she agrees. When Josh leaves to get the car, "Tammy" appears and tells Cassie she cannot sleep yet. They have not finished what they wanted to do.

Surprisingly, Doris still wants to go through with the wedding. Alan has some doubts about going through with it today, but Doris is adamant and warns him that if he is having cold feet; think of prison. The pair exchange vows (with Doris having written hers and Alan just parroting the "love, honor and cherish" mantra) and are married to the disgust of Alexandra, Lizzie, Beth, and Lillian. Afterwards, a bitter Beth complains to Rick that she feels humiliated. That she has been victimized, used up and cast aside. She goes to leave the room and tells Rick not to follow. Meanwhile, Ashlee is asking an uncomfortable Alex to give her lessons on how to "fit in" in the Spaulding lifestyle. Ashlee admits that knows many people are not happy with this wedding but she wants to prove herself. Later, Alan and Doris are dancing. Suddenly, Alan goes out for a smoke. When he returns, his bloody body falls into Doris's arms.

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