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Passions Recaps: The week of February 12, 2007 on PS
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Monday, February 12, 2007

Kay is having doubts about Miguel having sex with Charity, but she cannot ignore what she saw. Julian calls the Charity imposter to make sure that she is still in town just in case he needs any more damage control. On another side of town, Jessica drops by a diner extremely drunk asking to be served food, and her order is refused because she is under the influence. Miguel comes to her rescue. Miguel unburdens himself on a very drunk Jessica, and Jessica tells him to dump Kay. She kisses him afterwards, and Miguel pushes her away. Jessica mentions to Miguel about the night she saw the faux Miguel and Charity taking off their masks, and it got Miguel thinking. He says all he needs is proof so that Kay will believe him. The faux Charity decides to go out on the town because she feels that no one will recognize her. Jessica spots the faux Charity at the diner and points her out to Miguel.

Whitney tells Chad that she has met her secret admirer and wants Chad to meet him. It turns out to be Chris, Sheridan's husband; however, Chris claims that he did not send her any champagne. After Whitney leaves to go get a drink, she returns and overhears Chad on the phone setting up a meeting with his lover. She asks Chad about it, and he covers by telling her it's work related. Chad feels the need to see his lover because he does not want him exposing their relationship.

Theresa tells Pilar about the text message from Gwen, and Pilar doesn't see anything wrong with the truth coming out, but Theresa feels she needs the Crane name behind her to protect Miguel and Luis. After convincing Pilar that she needs the Crane money and power to help Miguel and Luis, she finally sees Theresa's side.

Fancy and Luis arrive at the Blue Note looking for Rae since she has information on Sheridan's rapist. Fancy tells Luis that even if the rapist is caught, she is not sure if they can be together. Sheridan overhears this and smiles gleefully. Fancy thinks that she will make Luis' life miserable if she stays with him. Luis reassures Fancy that he will be there for her no matter what, and Fancy puts her mind at ease. Meanwhile, Rae chases the peeping tom into a storage room. She tells him that she knows who he is and what he did. In addition, she tells him that Luis is on his way over to arrest him, and there is nothing he can do to stop her. The peeping tom pulls out a knife and lunges at Rae. She blocks it and grabs him from behind and tries to get him to drop the knife. They struggle, and Rae knocks the peeping tom out, or so she thought. The peeping tom gets up and stabs her in her back. She falls on the floor to her death. Simone goes looking for her and discovers her dead body and blames Luis for murdering her.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jessica spots a young woman at the diner and recognizes her as the girl who peeled off a Charity mask at the wharf. She tries to point her out to Miguel, but the Charity imposter takes off before he can see her.

Pilar and Theresa question Rebecca about Gwen's threatening text message. Pilar quickly realizes Rebecca doesn't know Theresa's secret and stops her daughter from revealing any information. After Pilar and Theresa leave, Rebecca calls her daughter for the scoop, but a confused Gwen claims she never sent Theresa a message.

Simone is devastated as she cradles Rae's dead body on the floor of the Blue Note storeroom. Luis and Fancy find them and call for help. When Sam arrives on the scene, Luis shares his theory that the rapist killed Rae to stop her from revealing his or her identity. The Russell family tries to comfort an inconsolable Simone.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Miguel convinces Kay to go to the diner to see Jessica, so that she can tell Kay about the Charity imposter she saw. When they get there, Jessica, who has been brainwashed by Julian, lies and denies seeing anything because she does not think that Kay deserves to be happy when she is not. Julian meets Spike in the alley and tells him that he may have to "take care of" Jessica because she is a loose cannon and may spill the beans to Kay at any time and expose the deception that Fox started and that Julian is continuing. Julian also berates Spike for running down Fox. Spike retorts that he was only following the orders that Fox had given him. He also tells Julian that he will handle Jessica. Before a frustrated Miguel can get the truth from Jessica, Kay gets a phone call about Fox and leaves for the hospital. She refuses to ride with Miguel and accuses him of lying about his relationship with Charity. She takes a cab instead. Miguel stands on the sidewalk outside the diner and vows to learn the truth. Inside, a drunken Jessica starts feeling remorseful and decides to find Kay and tell her the truth. Just as she is leaving, Spike walks in. He grabs her. She tells him that she is going to find Kay and tell her the truth. Spike convinces her to go for a walk. When they get outside, he pulls out a knife, but Jessica does not notice.

Things look very grim for Luis after Simone finds Rae's body in the storeroom of the Blue Note. She is convinced that Luis is the murderer, especially after his medallion is found clutched in her hand, and says so in front of Sam, Eve, T.C., Fancy and Luis, who are also in the storeroom with her. Luis has no explanation and has not seen his medallion since Fancy's attack. Fancy cannot alibi him for the few minutes that he was looking for Rae after they first arrived at the Blue Note. On the sidewalk outside, Paloma and Noah almost share a sizzling Valentine's Day kiss, but Paloma glimpses someone in a black ski mask, pulls her gun and races after the perp. Noah follows and is impressed by how easily she subdues and handcuffs the masked ruffian. Back in the Blue Note storeroom, Simone breaks down when the morgue attendants try to take Rae away. Eve and T.C. comfort her, but she vows revenge on Luis, who is shaken and anxious to find the real killer. His phone rings. It is Paloma, who tells him that she has Fancy's attacker. Sam, Fancy and Luis rush out to meet Paloma.

While looking for a missing Chad inside the Blue Note, Whitney meets up with Theresa. When Theresa says that Ethan has also disappeared, Whitney discloses that Jared and Ethan have been fighting over Theresa in the parking lot. Theresa says that she has deep feelings for Jared, but she has been waiting a long time for this chance with Ethan and she does not want to lose it. The girls decide that they have to try to figure out who sent the text message to Theresa telling her to stay away from Ethan or her secret, that Ethan is Little Ethan's father, will be exposed before she wants it to be. When Valerie comes over to the table they try to question her to see if she is the one, but decide that she is not. Later her boyfriend, Vincent, comes over. Theresa questions him about his job as a tabloid reporter. After he leaves, she decides to hire him to work for her. She tells Whitney that Vincent is terrific at digging up the dirt and he might as well do it for her. Theresa believes that the person who stole the memory stick that held all of J.T. Cornell's blackmail secrets is the one who sent the text message. She believes that Vincent is just the guy to find out who that is and report that information to her.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Paloma has the suspected rapist in custody. Noah stands by and is amazed at the way Paloma took control of the suspect. Luis and Fancy make their way to the wharf to meet up with Paloma and Noah. Paloma does a search of the attacker's clothing and finds duct tape and other suspicious items. She reads him his rights and takes him to the precinct while the others follow along. While there, Luis assures Fancy that even though he still has to deal with Rae's murder, at least she now knows he's not the one who raped her. Fancy hopes that the worst is behind them. Meanwhile, Noah professes to Paloma that he cares for her. Paloma informs Noah that she cares for him too and they kiss.

At the hospital, Kay is with Miguel when Ivy and Julian barge in. Ivy and Julian demand for Miguel to leave. After Miguel leaves, Ivy hurls insults at Kay. Kay is told that she can visit with Fox. Kay is holding Fox's hands while she whispers her love to him. Fox wakes from his coma. Ivy and Julian join them in the hospital room. Kay asks Fox if he remembers what happened the night he was hit. Fox tells her that it was Miguel who hit him with the car.

Miguel is back at home talking with Pilar. Pilar is sorry to hear that Miguel still hasn't been able to prove that he's being set up when it comes to Charity. Pilar tells Miguel that both Fox and Julian are true Cranes to the bone. Miguel is still determined to find the truth.

Theresa and Whitney are in Theresa's office at Crane Industries. Theresa decides to put Vincent on the Crane payroll so that she can get the dirt on whoever is sending the text message. Theresa checks her computer for e-mails and the screen is controlled by a masked person. Theresa and Whitney watch the video message and can't figure out if the person is a man or a woman. They both realize though that this mystery person knows more than they thought. The mystery person tells Theresa that her future will not be with Ethan and that Ethan will come to hate her when he finds out how long she's kept the secret of Ethan being Little Ethan's father.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Fox tells the police and Kay that Miguel is the hit and run driver. Paloma tells Miguel that there's strong evidence to support Fox's claim, such as the dented car, and Fox's blood on it. Miguel denies it and claims that Julian and Fox set him up. Kay apologizes to Fox and tells him that she let her feelings for Miguel get in the way of her trust for him. Julian tells Fox that Miguel is out of the way now since there is irrefutable evidence to convict him.

Sheridan and Chris hear the news on TV that Fancy's rapist has been caught, and Luis is in the clear. Chris thinks that Luis and Fancy can now resume their relationship. Sheridan pretends to be in agreement with Chris, but deep down, she wishes Fancy were not with Luis. Chris suggests to Sheridan that they take a trip to Europe to get away from all that's happening, but Sheridan tells Chris that she has to stay in Harmony for her family. Chris thinks she is staying in Harmony because of Luis.

Fancy and Luis are relieved that her attacker has been caught. Unfortunately, the attacker has an alibi on the night of Fancy's attack, so Luis is back to being the number one suspect. Fancy tells Luis that she believes that he did not attack her or kill Rae. Fancy is terrified of the man in the mask because it is conjuring up images of her attack, so Luis vows to find her rapist and clear his name so that Fancy will never have that look of fear in her eyes again.

Ethan and Jared continue to fight over Theresa while Theresa is being haunted by the masked man with threats to stay away from Ethan. Theresa feels that if she tells Ethan the truth, she will not be haunted by these threats anymore. She hires Vincent to find JT's memory stick, which contains secrets about her and others in Harmony. Ethan realizes that Theresa has been acting strange since she tried to tell him something but got interrupted. He intends to find out despites the interruptions. Jared offers to help Theresa because he does not trust Vincent.

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