One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 19, 2007 on OLTL

Jessica was surprised to learn that Miles was Mitch Laurence's brother. Rex gave Todd a phony death certificate for Todd's son. Evangeline found a distraught Todd and offered him comfort, which led to a kiss. Cristian was upset to learn not only of Evangeline and Todd's kiss but also that Jessica cared for Nash. Cristian turned to Blair.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 19, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, February 19, 2007

Todd calls Evangeline and asks her to meet him for dinner since he needs her input on a story he is writing about Nora in his newspaper. Evangeline sensing that the story is not going to be a flattering one for Nora tells Todd that she cannot meet him since she already has plans with Cris. Todd invites Cris along since Cris never has much to say and they won't have to worry about entertaining him with conversation. Evangeline agrees as long as Cris comes too which makes Todd happy. Cris finds Evangeline who apologizes for leaving Jamie's party for Todd. Cris tries to get Evangeline to see that Todd is using her and wants to be more than friends. Evangeline reminds Cris that Todd is deeply in love with Blair and was upset when Blair turned down his proposal. Cris feels that Todd is looking at Evangeline to fill that hole in his heart. When Evangeline asks Cris if they can stop by Todd's office for a moment so that she can talk to him, Cris reminds her that she needs to spend less time with Todd and more time with the people she really cares about. Evangeline agrees and then goes to break the news to Todd that she is going to be spending her evening with Cris alone.

Michael interrupts Rex's underwear modeling session with Adriana and Layla to vent to Adriana and Rex about Spencer's gift to Tommy a.k.a. Todd Manning Jr. He tells that he managed to get the card away from Marcie just in time to prevent her from learning the truth about their son. Michael, Adriana, and Rex all become concerned about what Spencer and Todd will do next. Rex informs them that although there is nothing that he can do about Truman, he can do something to stop Todd from continuing his search. Rex produces the fake death certificate to Michael who worries whether or not Todd will believe the document. Rex is convinced he will and sets off to find Todd. Michael talks to Adriana about the burden of having to keep Tommy's parentage a secret from Todd, Marcie, and eventually Tommy but Adriana reminds him of the devastating consequences of Tommy being raised by Todd.

A frustrated Jessica informs Todd that she is quitting her job since she has been unsuccessful in getting an interview with Miles. Todd helps her out by calling Miles and inviting him to the newspaper so that he can reveal Spencer's killer to him. Miles rushes over and then becomes angered when he finds out that Todd lied to him so that his niece could get her story. Todd tells Miles that if he has nothing to hide then he should want to sit down and talk to Jessica about the kind and decent Spencer that only Miles knew. Miles agrees and begins to open up with Jessica about his childhood and how his father gave him up the day he was born due to his horrible disfiguration. He also tells of the many doctors, nurses, and patients who were also afraid of him. Miles believes that he would have committed suicide had it not been for Spencer and his declaration that he could give Miles the face that he should have been born with. When Miles reveals that his last name is Laurence, Jessica shudders and recalls her encounters with another man with the same last name and the first name of Mitch. Jessica is shocked when Miles tells her that Mitch Laurence was his brother.

Rex stops Todd as he is on his way to Capricorn to meet up with Evangeline and presents him with the death certificate on his son. Rex explains how he followed Spencer's trail to a family in Cleveland who had a son the same age as Todd's. When Rex couldn't find any records on the birth of the child he became suspicious and had a DNA test run to determine the child's identity. Unfortunately the DNA matched the sickly child who ended up dying. Rex apologizes for bringing Todd bad news and then takes his leave as Todd falls apart upon realizing that his son is dead. Evangeline is on her way up to speak with Todd and finds him distraught in the elevator.

Layla finds Nash and gives him a pair of her new line of men's underwear as a gift. Nash wonders if he will ever find anyone who will see him in them. Layla tells him that it is highly unlikely since he wears a sign that says he is in love with an unavailable woman. Layla reminds him how his feelings about Jessica will only lead to pain and should not be told to anyone least of all Jessica. Nash tells her that it's too late since he already told Jessica how he feels about her. Layla wonders how Jessica responded and Nash reveals that Jessica has feelings for him as well. When Layla presses for more, Nash tells her that he and Jessica kissed and almost made love.

Roxy stops by Michael and Marcie's looking for a new knitting needle or a bottle of vodka since she recently lost both. Marcie tells her that she has neither so Roxy decides to see little Tommy until Marcie stops her since the baby is sleeping. When Roxy wonders where Michael is, Marcie tells her that he ran out on an errand. Roxy begins to wonder if Michael is having an affair especially after he was also missing one other night. Marcie brushes her off but secretly wonders herself if Michael is having an affair. When Michael returns without the item that he left for, Marcie tells him that Roxy thinks he is having an affair which Michael quickly dismisses. Marcie tells Michael that she knows that although he is not having an affair, he is lying to her especially about where he was the night Spencer was killed.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cris walks up while Layla and Nash are talking about Nash's close encounter with Jessica. Cris plays it off by asking if either one of them has seen Evangeline since she went to go see Todd and has not returned. Layla wonders if Cris is really all right with Todd and Evangeline together given the fact that everyone knows that Todd has a crush on her. Cris tells them both that it doesn't matter how Todd feels since Evangeline is in love with him and will rebuff any advances that Todd makes. After Cris leaves, Layla wonders if he overheard their conversation. Nash thinks that if Cris did he would already have told Antonio. Layla tells Nash that he can never speak about his feelings for Jessica again because it will only lead to pain for everyone involved.

Rex commiserates with Adriana regarding all the lies that he has told to protect Michael and little Tommy. He wonders if maybe it is now time for him to come clean with everyone. Adriana tells Rex that he must keep Tommy's secret for Michael and Marcie's sake. Rex shares with Adriana how he took away the last bit of hope that Todd had for finding his son but Adriana is convinced that they have done the right thing. She makes Rex promise that he will not tell anyone about Tommy's parentage or that he believes that Michael killed Spencer.

Marcie begs Michael to tell her the truth about the night of Spencer's death. Michael tells Marcie how he found John passed out in the hospital not far from Blair's room and helped him get back to his room before anyone found them. When Marcie wonders if John could be responsible for Spencer's death, Michael is adamant that killing Spencer would go against everything John believes in. Marcie reminds him of how John killed the man who was holding Michael hostage with little regard for Michael's safety. Michael says that the man would have killed him if John hadn't shot him first. He begs Marcie to let it go but they continue to argue about whether or not John would be capable of murdering Spencer until they wake up little Tommy and Marcie storms out of the room.

John and Natalie brainstorm about who would have left fibers behind from John's scarf at the crime scene. John asks Natalie if she murdered Spencer and an appalled Natalie tells him that she didn't do it even though she wishes she could have. John believes her but as they continue trying to figure out who would set John up, John has a memory of Michael borrowing his scarf before Spencer was murdered. He leaves Natalie behind and goes to visit Michael who begs him to stop looking into Spencer's murder before he finds out something that he wished he hadn't.

A shell shocked Jessica reveals to Miles that she is Mitch's daughter. Miles is amazed and happy that he has finally found his niece but Jessica doesn't have the same reaction. Miles begins to ask her questions about her family, her husband, and her children. When Jessica tells him that she has a daughter and a step daughter, Miles becomes even more overjoyed at the prospect of meeting the family. Jessica asks him to take a step back as she is not so sure that she wants someone related to Mitch and friends with Spencer in her life. Before she has a chance to process things any further, Cris comes storming into Todd's office demanding to speak with her. Miles leaves and Cris tells her about the conversation he overheard between Layla and Nash regarding Jessica having feelings for Nash and their almost love making session. When Jessica appears stunned, Cris tells her that he knew Nash was lying but Jessica comes clean and admits that everything Nash said was true.

A distraught Todd shows Evangeline the document which shows that the son he never knew is now deceased. Evangeline asks him where he got the document and wonders how he could easily believe something that could be a fake. Todd goes over the story that Rex told him regarding the baby being adopted by a family in Cleveland and then becoming sick with infection before succumbing. He starts crying over losing Blair, and the son that he wished he could have known. Evangeline tells him that she will be there for him for as long as he needs. Todd tells her how grateful he is for her support which leads to a passionate kiss between the two friends. Evangeline pulls back and is shocked by what they just did. Todd apologizes and Evangeline tells him that he was hurting and that they should let it go. After the elevator doors open, she runs out in search of Cris.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Clint and Viki are playing backgammon as an end to their date at Asa's mansion, and Viki wins. After their game, Viki rants about how Dorian made Lindsay try to distract Viki from her date with Clint so Dorian could take Viki's place. Clint doesn't want to talk about Dorian. Viki feels a pain in her sprained wrist, and brings up Dorian again. Viki is amazed that Clint can continue to take the high road where Dorian is concerned, given how infuriating Dorian can be. She then wonders what Dorian would think if Dorian knew that Viki was spending the night with Clint. Clint asks Viki if she'd like to spend the night. Viki asks Clint if he's serious, which he is. Asa then storms in to tell them that Nora's house burned down. He tells them that Matthew and Nora will be staying at Asa's for a while. Viki thinks that's very nice of Asa, to which he responds that Nora is family. Viki asks how the fire started. Asa tells her that it was arson, but they don't know who the arsonist is. Asa then wonders what exactly he walked in on, thinking that Viki and Clint were on a date. Clint confirms this, which thrills Asa. He says that they belong together and it's about time they realize that. He then leaves Clint and Viki alone and promises not to disturb them anymore. Clint and Viki end their date with a kiss and Clint walks Viki out.

At the Sun, Cristian asks Jessica if it's true that she and Nash came close to having sex. Jess is shocked that Nash would be spilling about that to Layla, while Cris tells her that she should be more worried what Antonio will do when he finds out. Jess begs Cris not to tell Antonio, but Cristian wants to because she was cheating on Antonio. Jessica insists that she didn't go all the way with Nash, while Cris thinks that kissing and nearing sex is enough to be considered cheating. He tells her that it's not going to go away if she just doesn't think about it, and asks her outright if she almost had sex with Nash. She admits that it nearly happened, but they stopped themselves before they went too far and agreed that it will never happen again. Cris thinks Antonio doesn't deserve being lied to, and Jessica agrees, saying she feels incredibly guilty and punishes herself for it every day. She then accuses Cris of acting morally superior, to which he replies that he's trying to be a better person. Jess begs him again not to tell Antonio because it would break Antonio's heart. Cristian tells her that she should have thought of that before this happened. Jess tells him that she just wants time to figure this out. Cris relents and tells her that he doesn't want to hurt her or Antonio, but is still worried about what will happen if Antonio finds out. He agrees to keep quiet for a while, but hopes Jess will do the right thing and tell Antonio.

Bo tells Antonio and Talia that Matthew only had some minor smoke inhalation and is fine now. Because Matthew was nearly killed in the fire, he wants the arson case to be the top priority. Antonio asks Bo a little more about Matthew and Bo starts to get upset, which Antonio understands and assures Bo that he wants the arsonist caught just as badly as Bo does. They then discuss that they have no new leads on the arson case. Nora's fire fit the M.O. of the arsonist, but it doesn't fit the pattern that had been previously established. Bo, Antonio, and Talia throw some ideas around, including that this fire could be due to a copycat, or to a perp that Nora busted sometime in the past, or to a possible robbery cover up, or to a pyromaniac. Bo tells Antonio and Talia to go out and talk to their snitches and offer a large reward to the first person to give them a name. Bo then goes to his office to talk with Matthew.

In Bo's office, he tells Matthew that Nora is getting some stuff to bring to Asa's. Matthew asks him why they can't stay at Bo's place. Bo tells Matthew that he and Nora discussed that option, but they both think it's best for Matthew and Nora to stay at Asa's mainly to stay away from the media. Matthew wants to know who could do something like this. Bo doesn't have an answer for him, but vows to find the arsonist. While waiting for Nora, Bo asks Matthew if he wants to talk a bit more about the fire. Matthew tries to downplay it and realize that he and Nora are very lucky to be alive. Bo concurs, but also tells Matthew that he has every right to be upset. Matthew can't believe that most of his stuff is gone, especially the videos that Jen made for him. Bo calms him down and tells him that they'll talk to Will, Lindsay, and Rex to get more pictures of Jen for him, because he really wants to fix this for Matthew. Bo tells Matthew that he's glad that Matthew is safe and he wouldn't be able to live if anything had happened to Matthew. Matthew doesn't want Bo to tell Nora that he was being a baby, which Bo scoffs at. He tells him that Matthew is no baby and that he's very proud of Matthew. The fire chief then enters bringing in a rather small box with all the belongings that they could save from the fire. Matthew is shocked by how little was salvageable. Bo and Matthew sift through the remains together, finding a picture of Bo, Nora, and Matthew, some ruined videotapes and photo albums, and a picture of Matthew and Jen. Bo can see that Matthew is getting upset and wants to save the rest for later, but Matthew is determined to continue to save Nora from any sad memories that the box might contain.

Meanwhile, Talia is down on herself for hesitating when she had found the arsonist, and worries about what might have happened if Matthew or Nora died. Antonio tells her that she needs to let it go. Talia wants to go to Bo to tell him what happened that night because it's weighing heavily on her mind and it's driving her crazy.

Jessica then shows up at the police department to see Antonio, who asks her about her interview with Miles. She says it was interesting and asks him about his day. Antonio says it was rough and they'll talk more when they get home. He wants to hear every little detail of her day.

At the diner, Todd is sitting alone looking sadly at the death certificate Rex gave him. Marcie, who was taking Tommy out for a ride to calm him down and get him back to sleep, arrives at the diner and asks Todd if she can sit with him. At first Todd refuses, but after some prodding, he relents and tells Marcie to sit down. She asks Todd to watch Tommy while she goes to the bathroom and he adamantly tells her that he won't. She asks him why he's being so rude, and he shows her the death certificate. Marcie apologizes and tries to sympathize with Todd, but he asks her to leave him alone, which she does. After Marcie leaves, a random boy asks his father why Todd looks so upset. His father tells the boy that he doesn't know but they shouldn't ask Todd either.

While Marcie is away, John asks Michael if he knows who killed Spencer. Michael tells him that he'll be sorry when he finds out who is the murderer. John wants to know what that means. Michael refuses to answer any more questions, but John wants Michael to come clean. Michael says that whoever killed Spencer did the world a favor. John agrees, but he still wants to find the person before anyone else does. Mike knows John is only doing this to honor their father's memory, but he says that their father is wrong and John should just let the case go. John wants to know why Michael is so determined not to answer any questions, so Mike spills that he knows who killed Spencer. John demands to know who the murderer is, and Mike hedges a bit, asking John if he really wants to know that badly. He tries to convince John that he should just leave it alone because the killer is most likely someone they know. John asks again who the killer is, and Michael says that he doesn't know specifically. John is getting frustrated by Mike's lack of answers and all the generic theories that he's come up with so far. Mike tells John that if he really loves him, John will let the case go. John tells Michael that the evidence is pointing towards Mike and asks him point blank if he killed Spencer. Michael is shocked that John could think he's capable of murder, and again asks John to let go of the case because pursuing it could ruin the lives of people they care about. John asks one more time what Michael is hiding, but Mike refuses to say anymore. John warns him that he should be safe and that he can't let the case go.

Marcie comes back from the diner because Tommy is finally starting to fall asleep. She tells Michael about Todd, and thinks about how she can't imagine what it's like to lose a child. Michael reassures her that that will never happen. Marcie then asks what John wanted, and tells Michael that John won't give up until Spencer's killer is found.

At Capricorn, Layla tells Nash that he needs to stay away from and forget about Jessica. As he's flashing back to how he almost had sex with Jessica, he realizes that he probably can't do that.

Nash sees Tate at Capricorn and refuses to let him pay for his drinks. Nash tells Tate that he's a big fan, but Tate wonders if Nash has a business proposition for him. Nash asks him if that would be so bad. Tate only thinks that because Nash bought his drink for him, but Nash insists that he's just a fan. He'd also like Tate to sign a ball for Bree. They then chat a little bit about how Tate got into baseball and how Nash got into winemaking. Tate is surprised that there is a vineyard in Pennsylvania. After their little chat, they agree to see each other again.

Evangeline then walks into Capricorn and asks Layla if she's seen Cris. Layla tells her that he left a while ago, and didn't say much of anything before he left. As Evangeline flashes back to kissing Todd, Layla asks her what's wrong. Evangeline thinks that Cris is mad at her for taking off to see Todd, and insists that she needed to be there for Todd. Layla thinks it's a good thing that Cris is jealous and that he'll get over it. Evangeline that spills that she and Todd kissed. Layla's shocked at this announcement. Evangeline says that she was caught up in the moment, but they both realized it was a mistake. She vows that it will never happen again. Evangeline wants to tell Cristian about the kiss. Layla thinks her sister has lost her mind because Cris will flip out over this news. Layla give Evangeline three reasons not to tell Cris. He's a man, he hates Todd, and he's Puerto Rican. Layla explains that Latin men tend to be jealous and possessive. Layla tells Evangeline that if she tells Cris that she kissed Todd, he'll freak out. At that moment, Cris returns to Capricorn.

Layla tells Cris that Evangeline was worried that Cris was freaked out that Evangeline was gone for so long. Cris tells them that he's tired and just wants to take Evangeline home to talk.

John heads to Capricorn to get a beer and tries not to think about the fact that Michael may have killed Spencer.

Meanwhile, we see the arsonist about to start another fire.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Michael meets with Natalie and tries to encourage her to get John to drop the murder investigation. He confuses Nat when he says that Spencer will ruin a whole new generation. She asks if he's referring to Tommy. No, he quickly covers up. It's just that his family has suffered enough. Nat is pretty sure that she can't stop John, even when Michael blurts out that he won't like the ending. John is right, Natalie just enjoys controlling, he says angrily. She is pretty angry in return and notes that she and John are not doing very well and she'll lose him if she pushes on this. He apologizes but is pretty sure that John will be destroyed when he learns the identity of the killer. John already has a suspect in mind, she informs him. He wonders who. She finally consents to speak with John.

A visit to Dr. Crosby is called for but John learns that the doc is on a leave of absence. Marty is taking his place and urges him to talk to her in confidence. He grudgingly admits that he thinks he knows Spencer's murderer and it's his own brother. He doesn't really believe it but the little evidence that he has points to Michael. He thinks he did it for him. He feels that after a smart Michael left home on a scholarship, he felt as though he were abandoning John and is making it up to him. Marty notes that John has an exaggerated feeling of responsibility for both his brother and the law. What will he do? Cole pays his mom a visit and refuses her offer to see a movie together; he suggests that she hang out with adults for a change and go to this thing called a club. She reluctantly agrees to go to the concert at Capricorn, provided he behave. Once she leaves, he makes a quick call to Starr, who is babysitting.

Jess makes a phone call to Cris, again pleading with him to keep quiet regarding her close encounter with Nash. Evangeline listens to Cris rant about Jess and the fact that he's keeping quiet for Antonio, not her. He's so appreciative of Evangeline and her high standards, he continues. Reflecting on her own close encounter with Todd, Evangeline decides she'd better tell him the truth. She kissed Todd, she professes, but it wasn't romantic, he was in pain. She attempts to explain in all honesty but Cris goes ballistic and shouts that they are a lie. He wants no part of it. She can't believe it's all over after one kiss. She cheated on him; she didn't slap him or push him away, he yells. He doesn't believe that she's not attracted to Todd and storms out.

Miles visits Jess and Antonio learns of his relation to her. He has a funny feeling about the man, he admits. Miles confesses that he sees his old self when he looks into a mirror, never met his brothers or saw a picture of his own mother. Spencer gave him a new life but he's dead now and therefore Miles is all alone. He didn't ask for Spencer's money. He's ecstatic to know that he now has family and he wants to meet Viki. Antonio agrees that he deserves a chance. He also learns that Miles has never been to a concert or club and will provide him a ticket for the Nelly Furtado concert at Capricorn that night.

Todd pays his sister a visit and shows her the death certificate for his son. Viki tries to persuade him to grieve and move on, though Todd is feeling badly about not wanting anything to do with the child when Margaret was pregnant. Reminding him that she was crazy, Viki assures him that he's not alone and is resilient. It's all an act, Todd replies. Jess and Miles arrive and a shocked Viki learns of his identity. Todd is amused. Miles would like to make up for Mitch and never even knew he had family. She reminds Todd that it was his idea for her to meet Miles for the interview in the first place. He thinks Miles' story is fake but Viki is willing to wait and see.

Evangeline cries her eyes out; she refuses to answer any of Todd's calls.

Blair heads into Capricorn looking for a job as a singer. Nash is reluctant but agrees to have her audition. He's sold and tells her she can start immediately. Cris and Antonio both arrive and a venomous Cris states that he doesn't like Nash and doesn't trust him, as Antonio sticks up for him. He doesn't like guys who move in on other men's women, he continues. Antonio wonders if he means Nash, but Cris states that he's referring to Todd and Evangeline. Blair overhears. Antonio thinks that if Evangeline was honest, then Cris should accept it. What if Jess kissed someone else, he asks. They're interrupted by Nash and the conversation is put on hold.

Someone sets fire to a Nelly Furtado at Capricorn poster.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Nash and Antonio welcomed Nelly Furtado to Capricorn; apparently they were friends from way back. Antonio welcomed Jessica and Miles to the gala. Cristian glared. Jessica asked to speak to Cris in private. Meanwhile, viewers saw the arsonist prepare to set another fire. Jessica demanded that Cris let her handle this situation (her kissing Nash and keeping it a secret from Antonio) on her own. Miles asked if he could buy Blair a drink. Adriana and Rex made a pact not to talk about Todd or Spencer. Blair ran into Marty and they began arguing. Blair and Cris went out to get air. Blair told Cris that Todd didn't know how to have fun, at which point Cris pulled Blair into a hot kiss. Nash ran into Jessica in the stock room and she slapped him. Jessica blamed Nash for her troubles. They argued and then they started kissing passionately.

Natalie told John she knows he thinks that Michael killed Spencer. John didn't want to discuss it. Natalie and John argued, and she stormed out. John called Bo. He wanted to talk to him about Truman's murder.

Marcie and Michael left Tommy in Starr's care to babysit. They were off to hear Nelly Furtado. Michael was having a hard time not worrying about Tommy Jr. Meanwhile, Starr welcomed Cole, and they had pizza. They started to watch a movie and then started kissing.

Todd dropped in on Evangeline, who didn't want to see him or discuss the kiss. Evangeline thought what happened was her biggest mistake. Todd didn't want that to ruin their friendship; he didn't want to lose the best friend he'd ever had. He assured he that he wasn't going to hurt her. "Let me be your friend," he said. Evangeline opened the door and Todd tried to cheer her up. Todd wouldn't let Evangeline have the remote control and when she went after him for it, she fell on top of him.

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