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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 26, 2007 on GL
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Monday, February 26, 2007

At the police station, Mallet turns over the gun that was found above the elevator where Alan was shot. Dinah is there also, questioning a police officer about identity theft. She gets no real help. When she and Mallet run into one another, she tells him that she is taking care of the mess left behind after her identity theft. She apologizes for taking up so much time with it. He tells her that he gets nervous when she apologizes and asks her if she is keeping back any secrets. He tells her that it is unusual for an identity thief to have any kind of contact with his victim—the smiley faces makes it seem that Dinah as a target is more than random. He doesn't really think that Cassie would be involved but if she is, her target wasn't Dinah. Dinah leaves and goes for a drink at Outskirts. Because she can no longer run a tab, Remy offers to buy her drinks. After pumping her for information about Alan's case, Remy is told by Dinah that she knows nothing and resents that he is using their friendship to get information from her. When he says, "for real?" she acknowledges that she only said that because she thought it sounded like the right thing to say. Vanessa tracks her daughter down at the bar. She is livid that Dinah sent a nasty email to the station's major advertiser. Dinah tells her that she did not send the email. Vanessa is skeptical. While Dinah tries to convince her mother that someone else sent the message, Vanessa insists that Dinah apologize to the advertiser anyway. She tells Dinah that she and Matt are not on the same financial grounds they once were so she has to make sure her purchase of the station not have any financial setbacks. After Vanessa leaves, Dinah asks Remy if he shot Alan. He says no and the two strike a deal to help one another.

Buzz and Olivia are at Towers auditioning wedding reception food and drink. Buzz says he's chosen Coop as his best man and tries to pressure Olivia into choosing Ava as her maid of honor. Olivia is very resistant, believing that Cassie is the better choice. She gets a call from Jeffrey saying there is an emergency and she needs to meet him on Main Street right away. She lies to Buzz, telling him there is an emergency at The Beacon. She leaves to meet Jeffrey. His emergency is about him. He is concerned because he referred to Ava as his daughter. Olivia says he needs to talk to a therapist, that she can't help him. She tells him not to do anything stupid, though. In the heat of the discussion she tells him that Ava's not some young intern he's working with, she's their daughter. They both stop short. "Did I just do that?" Jeffrey responds, "Yeah." She butts him off the bench. "What was that for," Jeffrey asks. "For getting me in this mess in the first place," responds Olivia.

At the farmhouse, Josh tells Cassie not to worry about the gun. She insists that since the gun is gone, and she can't remember what she did that night, she is responsible for Alan's shooting. She wants to turn herself in. Josh tries to convince her that that is ridiculous and would ruin her life as well as RJ's. Mallet arrives at the home with more questions about the shooting, but they are for Josh, not Cassie. Mallet tells Josh that he's wondering why Josh is so interested in whether the gun used had been found. Cassie interrupts, asking if Mallet is accusing Josh of the shooting. Mallet asks the two where they were when Alan was shot. After a brief hesitation, Cassie stands tall with Josh and tells Mallet that the two of them were together the entire time. Mallet leaves to return to the station. When RJ arrives home from school, Cassie tells Josh that she almost ruined everything for her and RJ. Josh tells Cassie that nothing will happen to her on her watch. Back at the station, Mallet learns the gun was registered to Alan-Michael Spaulding.

At Cedars, Alan-Michael is standing over Alan's bed, admonishing him for all his past mistakes. Ava is outside the room when Jeffrey arrives. He tells her that she should stay away from AM because he is bad news. Ava gets a phone call and walks away. She returns to the room after Jeffrey has left and walks in on AM standing over Alan's bed. AM immediately falls to the ground and lies that he saw that Alan's lips were dry and tried to rise up to put water on them. Ava thinks he is heroic and moistens Alan's lips with a moist towel and squeezes AM's shoulder. She returns AM to his room and confesses that she has feelings for him and that is why she can't commit to Coop. A nurse gives AM medication which makes him fall asleep. Ava leaves and Jeffrey arrives. He wakes up AM with a threat to him as both Ava's lawyer and her father. He tells the young man that if he ever hurts Ava, he'll put AM back in the hospital for a very, very long time.

Buzz pays Alan a visit. To ensure that Alan is indeed in a coma, he thumps him in the nose a couple of times and even bites his toe through the blanket. When Alan doesn't respond, Buzz tells Alan that his boy AM needs some fatherly advice. He also tells a comatose Alan that Olivia is happy with Buzz and they have set a date. He leaves the room after telling Alan it is the best conversation the two have ever had. Buzz finds Olivia on Main Street and Olivia confesses that there was no emergency at The Beacon--she had left to meet with Jeffrey. Buzz tells her that it is okay for her to see Jeffrey since he's the father of Ava. Olivia is rattled by the entire situation and tells Buzz, "I don't need to apologize to men anymore. Just put that on your wedding cake and eat it!" Buzz's response: "Huh?"

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vanessa visits Dinah at the Beacon while she is working on her computer contemplating who could have stolen her identity. Vanessa tells Dinah that she wants to treat her to lunch at Towers. Dinah and Vanessa while having lunch begin to discuss the fact that someone is after her. Vanessa tells her that she is convinced that the letter to the advertiser was not written by Dinah for it came from a different computer. Vanessa tells Dinah that it could be possible that someone truly wants to punish Dinah for something; Dinah agrees. Vanessa asks Dinah if he could be in prison never really knowing who "He" could be. Dinah states that she does not think that he could be the one toying with her, but she will check it out. Dinah asks Vanessa for money at least $100,000.00, and Vanessa refuses because she says she does not have the funding right now. Dinah tells her mother that she loves her, and she will find a way somehow to get the funding to keep her at the life she has become accustomed to. Mallet and Marina arrive at Towers after questioning those they suspect to be involved in Alan's shooting just as Vanessa and Dinah are leaving. Dinah refuses to mention anything to Mallet about the discussion she has just had with her mother. She asks her mother to n keep Mallet out of this for she has caused him enough throuble in the past.

Meanwhile, Dinah arrives back at the Beacon alone and begins to look over the envelope with the signature smiley face on it from the anonymous person plotting her demise. She receives a call from someone who has informed her that her worse fears have come true. Released from prison is the one person she was concerned about, and she says that she will wait for him and be ready with what he has in store for her.

At Cedars, Beth and Lizzie visit Alan as Doris is making herself known to the press as Alan Spaulding's wife. Doris is pretending to be upset with Ashlee by her side (who is no doubt concerned about Alan), Beth storms in and pretends to cry over Alan, and she and Doris begin to have words with name calling and accusations to the press about each other. Doris still insists that one of them (Beth or Lizzie) shot Alan. Beth and Doris begin to wrestle with each other over Alan's hospital bed, as the kids (Ashlee and Lizzie) pull them apart. Beth insists she is still pregnant with Alan's baby and Doris calls a nurse to the room to insist on an exam for Beth and her unborn child. Beth, unwilling to be examined, leaves the room with Lizzie as she meets Mallet and Marina in the hall to question them about the shooting of Alan, for they are all suspects.

Each of them is questioned individually by Mallet or Marina. After talking sincerely to them, Mallet suspects Beth, and Marina suspects Lizzie for they claim they both had motive to kill Alan, but Mallet tells Marina that Beth could have shot him out of love for it does not seem that the shooter intended to kill. Beth after all confessed to Mallet that she still loves Alan, and she said that no one would ever understand her feelings for him.

Later on, while Ava is consoling Alan-Michael over Alan and his own condition (still faking his paralysis) Ava leaves to get food and Alan-Michael goes to see Alan while Beth and Lizzie are in heavy conversation. For Beth has just confessed to Lizzie that she is not indeed pregnant. Lizzie promises to keep this secret. Lizzie and Beth both question each other of who is guilty of this and could it be one of them? Alan-Michael wheels himself in the room, and asks them if one of them did it. Tell me now, and I will do all to protect you from harm. They both look at each other. Alan Michael wonders. For his gun was the one who seems to have shot Alan, but who is G-U-I-L-T-Y? His own gun was taken from the Spaulding mansion.

Doris and Ashlee on Main Street begin to discuss going home. Ashlee says she does not want to go there. Everyone in town is talking and Doris tells her that she must be strong like her. Ashlee tells her that the material things mean nothing to her; that love is all that is important. "What if Alan dies?" Ashlee asks. Doris replies, "Then we inherit all of this." Ashlee looks at her mother, knowing how manipulative she is once and for all.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Inside the Light: Fathers and Sons

Ecstatically Buzz Cooper rejoices over the clean bill of health he received from his cardiologist. As he skips down the hallway, he glimpses Alan still on his bed in a coma. Buzz pronounces his good news to sleeping Alan and then he laments that maintaining his health always makes him think of the time that he will die. In those times, he always wonders did he do a good job with his sons and did his teach them the right way to live. He wonders if he taught them how to give and receive love and was he a good example for them to follow. If he sons turn out like him, Buzz wonders if he will feel proud or feel as if he failed them.

Meanwhile Alan-Michael pops out of bed to retrieve a photo of Ava and him that fell to the ground. He then resettles in his wheelchair and rolls down to his father's room. Frank is talking with a nurse inside the room. Alan-Michael listens at the door as Frank tells the nurse that he prefers to help innocent victims. Seeing Alan down isn't really surprising. Though he'll find the shooter and arrest him, Frank begrudgingly admits that he'd rather give him a medal.

Buzz's conversation narrates the next scene as Coop prepares to be a nice guy once again and babysit Emma. Buzz narrates how he gives a lot of advice and ponders how much of it is actually good. God help his sons, Buzz speaks, since seven out of ten times a father gives bad advice. Again, he feels that setting an example is the best that he can do. Meanwhile, Coop realizes he's too early to babysit and goes down on Main Street where he finds his father and Olivia playing around together at CO2. Olivia apologizes for not telling him Jeffrey was on the phone earlier. Buzz takes it in stride and they kiss goodbye.

Coop wanders over to Olivia who wants to know why he's not babysitting. Coop promises to be back before Emma returns. He notes how cute Buzz and she look together. Olivia agrees they are kind of sappy. But they love each other, Coop adds. They make up after fighting, Olivia says, which is good. She can't imagine her life without him. She comments that she sees a lot of Buzz in Coop. Humbly, Coop smiles and thanks her before leaving.

Buzz's narration ponders the big question: When is it too late? Sometimes the wheels are in motion, headed for something ugly, but you can't stop it. Meanwhile, Alan-Michael commences trimming Alan's beard. He stands over him, trimming with a comb and scissors, remembering the first time Alan taught him to shave. Many men say shave with the grain. Alan told him to buck convention; go against the grain. Alan-Michael tells Alan how they found his gun, but how can they possibly prove anything when he was in a wheelchair. "But as for the rest of the family..." Alan-Michael wonders. Alan appears by the door (his body is still in the bed) and tells Alan-Michael that he isn't concerned with the rest of the family. He wants to talk about him. Alan-Michael gulps as he stares at him.

Alan-Michael continues to shave his father and Alan balks that he's making him look like a leprechaun. Alan-Michael asks Alan's figment to be more grateful. No one else bothers to come in to take care of him. Alan agrees, but Doris and Beth check in to see if he's dead yet. He smiles because Alan-Michael is here with him—although, he senses his son feels like Frank Cooper does about him. Alan-Michael doesn't want Alan dead. Alan thinks that Alan-Michael feels he deserves what happened. Even so, Alan wants to know who will care for the family, protect them. Alan-Michael retorts that people need protection from the Spauldings, not the other way around.

Alan wonders how hard it is for his son to sit in the wheelchair all day long. When Alan-Michael glances at the figment, he tells him that it's brilliant. "Something you would do?" Alan-Michael wonders. The figment tells him that he's more like him than he wants to admit. Alan-Michael starts to tell Alan's figment that he doesn't know what he's talking about but the figment has disappeared, leaving Alan-Michael with a thoughtful look on his face.

Later, Coop scares Buzz awake as he sleeps on the sofa at Olivia's. He wanted to leave Molly a note about Emma and wonders what Buzz is doing there sleeping without his fiancée. Buzz admits that at his age, sometimes he needs to rest away from her. Coop takes that to mean Olivia's been all over him. Coop comments that he should be so lucky. Buzz wonders why he isn't so lucky as he ushers him out into the hallway. Coop doesn't want his love life ruled by luck. Buzz encourages him to get out there and shake things up—stop being such a nice guy all the time. Coop thinks Alan-Michael has the upper hand right now. Buzz tells him again to stop being a nice guy. Coop asks if he wants him to throw Alan-Michael into oncoming traffic. Buzz tells him, no—Be the traffic!

While Ava goes to see Alan-Michael, Buzz takes Coop down to the station to get Frank to help him teach Coop how to fight for the woman he loves. Coop just wants a nap before he has to sit Emma. Buzz encourages him to do what he has to do to pay the price for love. After some prompting, Coop finally asks what is he supposed to do. Buzz wants him to meet a girl who can clue him in as to what he's up against.

At the hospital, Alan-Michael and Ava devise a plan to sneak him out of the hospital. Ava distracts a nurse while Alan-Michael stealthily wheels himself out of the hospital. Later Buzz takes Coop to the hospital to visit the nurse Ava was just distracting. She specializes in spinal injuries. Buzz says that Coop is interested in getting into the field and leaves Coop alone to charm the cooing nurse. Coop asks her to go for a bite to eat and she agrees. She flirts with him enough to make him blush before going to change.

At Towers, Ava wheels Alan-Michael off the elevator and Ava reminds him that he said he had to come there for work. Alan-Michael replies that his work is a meal with her. To her surprised face, he further states that she didn't think he'd risk sneaking out of the hospital for nothing. Alan-Michael senses she still doesn't trust him. Ava just wants to go ahead and settle into their date. Alan-Michael picks up on the word date and Ava shrugs it off. They've never had one before, and they deserve it. After a little flirting between the two of them, they settle down to a bottle of champagne. Just then, Coop enters with the coquettish nurse.

Coop and Ava spot each other and Coop brings Jessica by the table for introductions. Alan-Michael recognizes her as a nurse at the hospital. Coop asks about his condition and Alan-Michael stands by his loss of senses and movement in his legs. Once they are gone, Alan-Michael encourages Ava to let her feelings out about seeing Coop with another woman. Ava wonders if he thinks the nurse if pretty. She doesn't know what her problem is. Coop can date whom he wants to date. At the next table, Jessica tells Coop that he's staring at Ava and Alan-Michael. He admits how much he doesn't like Alan-Michael. Coop tells Jessica she's the coolest girl he's ever been on a date with. "Makes you want to sleep with me, doesn't it?" she asks. Coop blushes and she asks him what he really wants since it's not intimacy. Coop asks her opinion on Alan-Michael's spinal injury. As she explains how touch a go a condition like his can be, she's called away from the table by the hospital.

Coop takes a drink and observes Alan-Michael scratching his leg. Ava leaves their table and Coop slips into her vacated seat. He asks Alan-Michael again about having no feeling in his legs. Alan-Michael repeats that he has no feelings. Coop asks him to go for a walk and promptly wheels him toward the Towers' balcony.

Out on the patio, Coop asks him how his father is and mentions that they found Alan-Michael's gun. Alan-Michael says he's in a wheelchair; he couldn't possibly have shot Alan. Coop doubts him, but Alan-Michael insists he didn't do it. Coop believes Alan-Michael is the type of guy who would use his "disadvantage" to his advantage. Alan-Michael continues to deride him and Coop suddenly jerks the chair, ready to send Alan-Michael over the balcony to prove that he can walk. He saw him itching his leg. Alan-Michael goads him to do it. Coop continues to rattle and lift the chair, screaming for him walk before he falls over the balcony.

Alan-Michael struggles with his arms to stay in the chair. Ava runs out and demands that Coop stop. He asks him if he's crazy. Frank emerges and admonishes Coop. Back inside, Frank tells him that he's going about his fight the wrong way. Coop blames on it advice from Buzz. Winning seems more important to him now than his prize. Frank urges him to gain a new strategy. Frank encourages him to think of himself. If he loses himself in his fight for Ava, then it's not worth it.

Back at the hospital, Ava takes Alan-Michael over to a camera crew and asks him if he's ready. He agrees that he is. He speaks into the camera, making a public statement about his family, assuring everyone of the stability of the company, and asking the world to pray for Alan's recovery. Coop watches on the screen as Alan-Michael and Ava stand together. Alan-Michael states that they are a united front and Coop's face sours.

Later, Alan-Michael lies in bed and Ava holds his hand, telling him how strong he was. She saw something in him that she hasn't seen before. She leans in and kisses him on the lips as Coop watches from the doorway. After a long kiss, Ava leaves Alan-Michael in the dark, stroking his lips. She touches hers as she walks down the hallway. Coop confronts her and she tells him that she cannot even look at him right now.

Meanwhile someone strokes Alan-Michael's chest in the dark. He calls Ava's name. The lights come on and it's Beth, congratulating him on his little TV speech. He asks to what does he owe this pleasure. Beth pouts, "No, pleasure here, Pumpkin." She reveals a steel clipboard from behind her back and whacks his legs with it. "Whoo! Look at that! It's a miracle!" she touts when Alan-Michael juts up from the bed, gasping in pain. "Or maybe it's me. I'm the miracle worker. Lord knows you couldn't move before I came in this door." She snaps her fingers, saying that he looks like he could get up and run a race. Now that she's helped him, he's going to help her.

Meanwhile, Coop says to Ava that everyone in a relationship has to decide what he or she are willing to give up in order to come together with another person. He doesn't believe that Ava is willing to do what it takes to be with him. He was willing to give up so much for her until he realized what he looked like to himself when he confronted Alan-Michael. He tells her that he can't lose the person he is in order to be with her. He tells Ava that he's walking away from her. She gives him a distressed stare as he leaves her standing there.

Coop returns to CO2. Buzz is there. He tells his father that he's not him. He must do things his own way. He is done with Ava. He wants to put his life together. He wants to start by cutting his hours at the business and going back to school. He wants to get his life back on his own. Buzz proudly hugs him.

In the hospital room, Alan-Michael rubs his legs and Beth explains that Alan-Michael is the only one who can help her get rid of Doris. Alan-Michael wonders what happened to her being pregnant. Beth responds that they are two of a kind. Though he's obsessed with Ava, Beth believes that they can work together to make Spaulding all theirs. Alan-Michael is already CEO. He doesn't need her. Beth says that she could reveal he's faking. That would open him up to Ava's mistrust and becoming a prime suspect in the attempted murder. "Don't you see, you could be Alan..." Beth says to him. Resigned, Alan-Michael admits that he already is.

In Alan's room, Buzz tucks his covers. He tells him, "You know, you should be proud of yourself. I know I am," and he walks out of the room.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Daisy wants to go to the high school dance. Daisy asks Gus to take her shopping for a dress. Harley excitedly comes in telling Daisy to get ready to go shopping with her. Harley "runs into" a boy from the neighborhood, introduces him to Daisy. Daisy learns Harley asked him to take her to the dance. Daisy accuses Harley of hiring a babysitter to watch her at the dance. Reva comes in as Harley and Daisy are arguing. Reva tries to smooth things over and offers to take Daisy to buy a dress she saw at a shop down the street. Reva gets her a dress and a henna tattoo. Harley is annoyed with Reva for getting involved again. Reva sides with Daisy on how Harley set her up with a date. Harley accuses Reva of leaning on Daisy to help her through her troubles. Daisy models her dress for Harley and Gus and receives their approval. She gives Gus a present as a thank you for how he's been supporting her. Gus knows the watch was stolen and makes her take it back.

Gus goes to the station where Frank informs him he's being assigned to the Spaulding shooting case. Gus tries to get out of it, but Frank won't cut him loose. Gus learns the gun is Alan Michael's. Gus is now interested - and involved. Billy visits the station to check up on the progress of the case. He sees the board containing pictures of suspects and a picture of the gun. He doesn't get any help from Frank and leaves.

Lillian is drowning her sorrows at the bar at Towers. Billy joins her, much to her dismay. Lillian is furious about how Alan treated Beth. She angrily storms out. Gus runs into Lillian at Cedars. Gus tells Lillian he's concerned about Lizzie. Lillian is on to Gus - she knows he's poking around as a cop, not a concerned family member. Lillian tells Gus she was the one who brought the gun to the wedding. She tells him she was afraid to leave the gun in the house for fear that someone else would try to use it. She tells Gus she followed Alan into the elevator, telling him how angry she was for how he was treating Beth, so she pulled the gun on him. Alan wasn't scared. He told Lillian he would get back with Beth as soon as he could get rid of Doris. She believed him. She just lowered the gun. Gus asks her if she just put the gun up on top of the elevator. Lillian says yes, unconvincingly. She assures Gus she did not shoot Alan. Gus wants to know how someone could have the found the gun on top of the elevator, then shoot Alan.

Back at the station, Gus shares Lillian's story with Frank. Frank doesn't believe Lillian's story either. Gus, again, begs to be taken off the case. Frank learns Alan-Michael's gun wasn't used to shoot Alan.

Josh and Cassie let Reva know Cassie is in the clear - Alan-Michael's gun was used in the shooting - not Josh's (which is still missing). Josh wants to celebrate, but Reva doesn't want to celebrate. Josh walks Reva out thanking her for supporting Cassie and him. Reva leaves, looking upset when she watches Josh go back into the house to a hug from Cassie. Cassie is now angry that she didn't shoot Alan - she didn't get justice for Tammy's death. Josh tries to talk some sense into her. Cassie says all the words, "start a new chapter" "wipe the slate clean" - they're just words. Josh agrees. It's going to take more than words to make things new. He asks her to marry him. RJ comes out to ask what's wrong. Cassie tells him "nothing, nothing at all - ever again. Josh sits him down to talk about him and Cassie getting married. RJ wants to see the ring. RJ pulls out his secret decoder ring to use temporarily. RJ gives them his blessing.

Friday, March 2, 2007


Gus and Harley are discussing Daisy. Gus tells Harley that he is proud of how she is handling Daisy - trusting her. Harley comments the trick is giving the illusion of trust. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door - it is Leah. Harley introduces the girls and tells Daisy that she and Mel decided it would be nice for Leah and Daisy to go to the dance together since Leah knows what it is like being the new kid in town. Daisy immediately sees through Harley and knows why Leah is there. She is there to spy on her. Daisy insults Leah who in turn calls Daisy a criminal and walks out. Suddenly, Harley gets a call; the guy from the jewelry store is calling to thank Daisy for returning the merchandise. Harley and Daisy argue which leads a discussion about Daisy needing to go out there and make friends. Harley asks if the other kids talk behind her back. Daisy replies they do not. They say things right to her face. Harley tries to console her daughter. She declares that Harley just does not understand. An incredulous Harley reminds Daisy that she was the pregnant girl in high school, to which Daisy states Harley's solution was to drop out. While they are arguing, Daisy's date calls and cancels. Harley tells Daisy she can go alone but Daisy is not anxious for that kind of humiliation. Gus suggests he take her to Towers and she can sneak in with a bunch of cool kids so no one will know she is arriving alone.

While walking to Towers, Daisy pours her heart out about how the kids blame her for Tammy's death, as if she does not already blame herself. She laments that no one cares about her; Gus states a lot of people do, him for one. Daisy admits that she also feels bad about them losing Sydney since that was her fault also. Gus tells her it was not her fault but she does not believe him. Daisy tells Gus to admit he is mad at her. Gus swears he does not blame her and tries to assure her that Sydney is where she belongs. He tells Daisy to get over it; he has. Gus assures Daisy that she is a nice person and tries to tell her that others have been through what she has in high school; including him. Gus tells Daisy that when he was in high school, his father was killed and there were a lot of rumors floating around about him being a dirty cop. Gus tells Daisy she just needs to stick it out and believe in what she knows to be true. Feeling better, Daisy asks if she can skip the dance. She knows she has to make new friends and will; she just does not want to face everyone tonight. Gus agrees and offers to stop for a pizza. Later, as they are eating, Gus asks Daisy to promise to go to the next school dance. After all, how will she find a nice guy? Meanwhile, Daisy fantasizes about dancing with a nice guy - Gus.

Harley has gone to Towers to check on Daisy when she gets a call from Gus telling her that Daisy decided to skip the dance. When Gus asks where Harley is, she lies that she is at the store. Suddenly, she is shocked to see Dylan. Dylan explains that his mother has kept him up to speed about Daisy and since he was in town on business he decided to surprise her at the dance. Harley starts talking to Dylan about their daughter, mainly that she is wild. Dylan points out he knew two wild kids in high school who ended up having an amazing child. Dylan assures Harley things will get better. He then asks Harley if she ever thinks about how things would have been if they had gotten married way back then. Harley can barely imagine; her life would be totally different; besides she would not have had her boys. Harley brings up Peter and Bridget and Dylan confesses he and Bridget are on their way to divorce. However, the one silver lining is he will be able to visit town more often. Harley admits to Dylan that she does not want Daisy growing up too fast like they did and states they have to get her under control.

Cassie and Josh are reveling in their engagement. Suddenly, Cassie wonders how Reva will react. Josh figures he should be the one to tell her and gives her a call. When Reva does not pick up, Cassie suggests he track her down in person. Josh agrees since this is not the kind of thing about which you leave a voice mail. When Josh leaves, Cassie gets another visit from Tammy's spirit. She congratulates Cassie on her engagement and states she is there to say goodbye. She could not say goodbye unless she saw Cassie was happy. Cassie pleads with Tammy's spirit to stay longer and suggests maybe it is not right for her be happy since Tammy is gone. Tammy's spirit disagrees and reassures Cassie she will always be in her heart. She states that Cassie being with Josh makes it easier to go. Cassie hugs her daughter's spirit and again pleads with her to stay. Before she vanishes, Tammy tells Cassie she loves her and tells her to be happy with Josh. Just then, there is a knock at the door - it is Frank asking Cassie to come to the station with him.

Reva is at Billy's when she gets a call from Josh. However, she is not anxious to answer and just hangs up and decides to call him back later. She tells Billy she would much rather hang out with her best friend. Later, who should arrive at the door but Josh? After telling them the gun which was found in the elevator where Alan was shot was Alan-Michael's, he gives them some more news: he asked Cassie to marry him and she accepted. Reva is shocked but quickly tells him she is happy and congratulates him. Reva starts making small talk about their wedding plans. Josh realizes Reva is shocked and assures her he will always be there for her. Reva gives her blessing for his new marriage and asks him to give Cassie her love. When Josh leaves, Billy asks Reva how she really feels. Reva responds by hurling her glass at the door. An upset Reva rants that she hates them being together. When Billy asks her why she just did not tell Josh that, she really has no answer. She just confides that a part of her held out hope Josh would eventually come back to her. Then when Tammy died, Reva could not just take Josh away from Cassie after she had already lost so much. Reva admits this is all her fault; she pushed them together. A tearful and angry Reva admits she just has to accept this. Billy suggests she speak to Cassie but she refuses. Reva points out that Cassie is good for Josh and asks him to help her deal with this. When Billy asks what is next for her, Reva replies she is free. She has no children at home; she can do whatever she pleases. She has no idea what is next and she is excited about that.

At the station, Cassie brings up the police finding Alan-Michael's gun. Frank tells her what Marina had told him earlier. Namely, the bullets did not come from Alan-Michael's gun; they came from a vintage Luger. He knows Josh owns one. Cassie realizes Frank thinks she or Josh shot Alan. Frank responds he only wants to ask her some questions. Meanwhile, Josh got Cassie's note about being at the station. There, Marina tells Josh about the bullets coming from a vintage Luger. Knowing that Cassie is being questioned, Josh guilts Marina into letting him go into the interrogation room by pointing out that Frank is questioning the mother of her dead friend. Marina lets him in, and Josh advises Cassie not to say another word. Meanwhile, Marina and another officer look at a surveillance tape from the night Alan was shot. As Cassie tells Josh what Frank told her about the gun, Frank gets hold of the surveillance tape and plays it. It shows Cassie in the garage with a gun in her hand.

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