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Monday, March 5, 2007

At the police station, Cassie stares in disbelief at the tape Frank is showing of her with a gun in the parking garage across the street from Towers the night of Alan's shooting. Josh tells him to turn the tape off and tells Cassie to stop talking. Frank tries to get Josh to understand that by having Cassie answer his questions, he may not have to arrest her. Cassie says that she could possibly be the shooter since she can't remember everything from that night. As Frank continues to question Cassie, she reveals her hatred for Alan since he is responsible for Tammy's death. Josh continues to urge her to keep silent. Frank ends up placing Cassie under arrest. Josh leaves the interrogation room and runs into Buzz. He asks Buzz to talk Frank into letting him speak with Cassie. Frank allows Josh to see Cassie in her cell for five minutes. Cassie is convincing herself that she is guilty and asks Josh to look after R.J. Josh tells her that everything will be fine and that he will be with her for the rest of his life. She urges him to go to R.J. to explain what is going on. When the guard takes Cassie away to see her lawyer and to prepare to go before the judge who will be setting bail, Josh follows them to the police lobby. He sees Cassie in cuffs, looking at a picture of Tammy and Sarah. He steps forward and announces to Frank that he knows Cassie didn't shoot Alan because he, himself, did!

In his hospital room, Alan-Michael awakes with movement in his left leg. Ava is there but did not see his leg move. He tells her he had a bad dream that Alan had died and no one went to his funeral. He asks her to go to the police station to get information about Alan's case. He tells her to ask for Jay, a policeman who once worked for the Spauldings and is very loyal. She arrives at the station and Jay gives her access to the files once he learns that Mr. Spaulding sent her. Jeffrey is at the station and confronts her about her reading confidential police files. She says that if he's going to turn her in, go ahead. She believes that Frank, as a Cooper, has it in for the Spauldings. Jeffrey warns her not to get sucked in by the Spaulding family. She leaves and Jeffrey calls Olivia to meet him on Main Street.

After Ava left Alan-Michael's room to go to the police station, Alan-Michael asks the nurse to send any visitors away, especially if they are his family. He runs into Dinah in the hallway while he is out in his wheelchair. Dinah tells him that the word on the street is that it is payback for Alan that he was shot. She leaves him and goes to Towers where she meets up with Remy, who she had summoned. She offers Remy the job of helping her deliver hush money to a man she once knew who is now in a European prison and will be released soon. He is the one who emptied out her bank accounts. When Remy asks her why she didn't go to Mallet, Dinah responds that she doesn't want to drag Mallet into another one of her messes and wants to handle this one on her own. Remy agrees to help her.

At The Beacon, Olivia sees flowers outside Dinah's door and knocks to let Dinah know they are there. Dinah assumes they are from Mallet but Olivia reads the card that is addressed to Di Di Warren. At the same time, Buzz is in Jeffrey's room, telling him to decline Olivia's invitation to their wedding. Jeffrey doesn't seem willing to decline. Buzz leaves him, telling him to stay away. Buzz and Olivia run into one another in the hallway and decide to elope. Buzz goes off to make the arrangements and Olivia leaves to clear her calendar so she can get away. When she receives the call from Jeffrey to meet him on Main Street, she learns that he wants her to help him keep Ava safe from the Spauldings. He tells her how Ava always seems to need to have a project to work on. Once her project was making a nursery for "Coop and Lizzie's baby." Now her project is Alan-Michael. He suggests that he and Olivia become her new project—she can't work on fixing her messed up parents. When Olivia asks what they need to do first, he tells her to clear her calendar for a week. Olivia is hesitant since she's supposed to be eloping with Buzz, but says she'll move some things around.

Ava returns to Alan-Michael's hospital room complaining how Jeffrey pulled her aside at the police station and tried to convince her that everything was Alan-Michael's fault. She finally remembers to tell Alan-Michael that he, Lizzie, and Beth are in the clear and that Cassie is the prime suspect in Alan's shooting now. He tells her that he is being released and will be going back to the Spaulding house to recuperate. Ava volunteers to live there with him so he won't be alone, surrounded by those evil women—Beth and Doris. She tells him they can conduct Spaulding business all the time and he'll have a 24/7 ally. Alan-Michael looks pleased.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Against Cassie's pleas, Josh goes through the details about how he accidentally shot Alan. Cassie tells Frank Josh didn't shoot Alan, but she can't prove it. Later, Josh begins to feel the pressure of the situation as an enraged Alan-Michael promises to use all his resources to put Josh away for life. Cassie breaks the news to RJ that Josh won't be coming home, as Josh walks down a dark hall to his cell. Jeffrey is frustrated to find out that Ava is moving in to the Spaulding mansion to take care of Alan-Michael. He calls Olivia to join together to stop Ava from moving in. Alan-Michael is greeted by his new step-sister Ashlee, as he and Ava make themselves at home. Later, Jeffrey asks Ava to meet at Outskirts because Olivia needs her. Olivia says that she and Ava need to have a real relationship, but Ava vents to Jeffrey that Olivia only wants to get close to her because of an agenda. Jeffrey argues that's not the case. When Alan-Michael calls Ava and she doesn't pick up, Jeffrey feels their mission is accomplished. Olivia asks Buzz to postpone the elopement for a couple days, but she won't tell him why. Later, a very upset Ashlee quits her job and admits to Coop she's quitting because Doris is making her. In an awful mood, Buzz announces that the wedding is off, and Coop tries to assure Buzz that Olivia still wants to marry him. Ashlee is about to leave when they offer to make her an honorary Cooper.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Inside the Light: Tough Love

Daisy makes a cell phone video for Tiffany while she's sitting on the bench on Main Street. She's unhappy living in Springfield and divulges that she bought drugs off a boy at school. She said she felt sorry for him, and it's good to have them just in case. Meanwhile Harley is burning cookies again. She's a wreck trying to figure out how to reach Daisy. She's kind of miffed that Daisy digs Gus more than her. Gus thinks that Daisy just likes being a Daddy's girl and Dylan would probably be her favorite if he were there. Harley reveals that he is there-and he's single, she adds, joking with Gus that she's going to "hit" that.

Gus is surprised that she didn't tell him about Dylan being at the dance or that she was even going to the dance to check up on Daisy. He disappoints Harley by not being jealous about her ex-boyfriend being around. They exchange a little romantic banter, which ends with Gus saying he's going to to post Harley as his light. Daisy enters and Harley attempts again to reach her daughter. She announces that Dylan is in town, unwittingly tattling on herself for following Daisy to the dance. As they argue with Gus refereeing, Leah unexpectedly comes over with her head down. She apologizes for the way she treated Daisy and wants to be a study partner with her. Daisy suspects ulterior motives for the freshmen suggesting she study with her. Nonetheless, she agrees to help her and they go upstairs.

Harley is happy that she got Daisy to focus on homework. She gleefully tosses her parenting books in the trash. Now she feels maybe she needs to breathe and just give Daisy space. She wants to be like Gus instead of over thinking things. He says that he's not thinking at all. They once again stir up some sensual heat in the kitchen when there's another knock at the Blushing, Harley takes the flowers, impressed that he remembered they were her favorites. Dylan tells her that the flowers are for their daughter. Harley takes it in stride, saying that Daisy is being so good, upstairs studying. She decided to back off and be more relaxed with her. Blinking, Dylan reminds Harley that a relaxed approach is not what they agreed to the other night. Harley agrees, but she doesn't want Daisy to feel trapped in her life.

Gus chimes in that rules are made to be broken and what Daisy responds to a softer hand. Dylan receives Gus's advice with a furrowed brow and reminds them that a lack of rules is what got her involved with Gillespie. Harley understands, but says that Daisy's a different girl with homework on her mind now. Discouraged, Dylan knows that today is a workday for teachers. He doubts Daisy is studying. Feeling a duped, Harley goes upstairs to check on the girls.

Meanwhile, Gus attempts to ease Dylan's worries by saying that Daisy is like a daughter to him. She's not his daughter, Dylan quickly retorts. Apologizing, Dylan admits that he worries about what can happen with Daisy because of his own past with Harley. Undaunted but not overly optimistic either, Gus believes they are making progress with her. Harley returns downstairs, announcing that Leah and Daisy have disappeared.

On Main Street, Daisy questions Leah's desire to do homework while Leah is amazed that they actually snuck out. Leah admits she really wants advice about boys and sex because Daisy is experienced. She's vying for the attention of some high school senior. Daisy seems to be bruised by her reputation, but she agrees to lend the freshmen advice. Most of it isn't good, especially her cavalier attitude about sex. The two are accosted on Main Street by Daisy's three parents who blast her for sneaking out. Leah finds a way to slip off. In the middle of the argument between the four, Bobby McDougal, Daisy's canceled date for the dance approaches. He wants to apologize for standing her up. It was his mother's idea after hearing the rumors about her. Gus tells the high school football player that now isn't a good time to talk. When he mentions going to the library, Harley shoves Daisy at him, asking can she go with him. Daisy doesn't want to, but Harley and Dylan pressure her. Gus tells her that she doesn't have to go. She decides to go with him, giving her father a curt goodbye. Harley hopes at the library that hanging with a good kid might keep Daisy out of trouble for five seconds.

Bobby leads her to a suite at the Beacon instead of the library. Daisy isn't interested in a younger guy, but she does wander into the suite that his parents keep for business purposes. Bobby offers her alcohol and urges her to loosen up. She can have whatever she wants. Daisy wants an older guy and attempts to leave. Bobby locks her in the suite. She knows what he brought her there for, he says. Daisy tells him that she's a virgin, but he doesn't buy it, tousling with her. Suddenly she becomes cool about the whole scene and offers him vodka. While he isn't looking, she laces his drink with whatever pills she bought from the drug dealer at school.

Inebriated a short while later, Bobby announces that he can handle his liquor. Daisy pulls away from him more easily now that he is woozy. She paints an "L" on his head and takes a photo of him with her cell phone as he tumbles on the floor in front of the bed. Just before she leaves, she realizes that Bobby is unconscious. Frantically she shakes him and then calls Gus. Harley answers the phone. Daisy sobs, wanting Gus. Harley asks what's wrong and Daisy cries that Bobby won't wake up.

When Gus and Harley arrive at the hotel, they discover Bobby passed out. Daisy attempts to explain the date rape situation she found herself in, but her parents ignore her, tending to Bobby. Harley screams at her. Gus investigates what drugs she gave Bobby and how much. Daisy has no idea what the drugs are or how much she gave him. Harley shakes her, admonishing her for not calling them or the police before this got out of hand. When Bobby can speak, he implies that Daisy is the orchestrator. Daisy yells that he is a liar and begs them not to believe him.

Down at the station, Daisy again tries to explain what Bobby did. Harley admonishes Daisy that it's always someone else's fault. As far as Harley is concerned, the whole situation is Daisy's fault, despite Bobby's intentions. Daisy should never have been in that room and she never should have had a drug store in her purse. When Frank ambles up, Harley tells him to "book her!"

Frank takes Harley aside to see that she is really scared and hurting for her daughter. Harley doesn't know what else to do. She begs him to help her with Daisy as he did seventeen years ago. She begs him to save Daisy by locking her up. Frank believes grounding Daisy is a more proper course of action. Grounding, Harley replies, is for mouthing off or sneaking out of the house. Daisy has been involved in vehicular homicide and drugs. Harley is convinced she must do something bigger than grounding before Daisy gets in bigger trouble. Frank thinks that if Daisy said she was attacked, then maybe she really was. Gus will handle that part of it, Harley says, but Daisy must be taught to make better choices before she winds up pregnant or dead or in jail for the rest of her life.

Reluctantly, Frank approaches Daisy and explains that she will have to spend the night in jail and then be arraigned. Daisy anxiously wonders when she can go home. Frank just advises that she be glad she's still underage. She will go to juvenile detention. She blames Harley for pawning her off on someone else because she can't deal with her. Harley tells the child that this is all about her and her behavior. Daisy gets hysterical as she is put in a cell and Harley stares harshly at her. When Frank returns to Harley, she falls into his arms, sobbing.

While in jail, a prostitute asks Daisy if her pimp left her in there. Daisy sobs that her mother left her-again-and she hates her! Meanwhile, Gus vists Bobby in emergency at Cedars. He advises Bobby not to bother talking as he has just had his stomach pumped. Close to Bobby's face, Gus quietly discusses Bobby's football scholarships and admission to Northwestern. He doubts attempted rape and conviction charges would help him hang onto those things. The teen wants to protest, but Gus urges him to save his soar throat. Gus tells him to explain to people that he just had the stomach flu-an affliction that Daisy had nothing to do with. He reminds the teen that he's a police detective and his job is to find liars. He believes Daisy told the truth about the incident in the hotel room. When the boy won't look at him, Gus gets up to leave, adding that the police station and Springfield Journal are on his way home. Antsy, Bobby sits up. Gus asks him to relax. If they have a deal, just say the word. Reluctantly, Bobby utters that they have a deal.

Gus visits Daisy in jail. The teen is still crying and blaming Harley for not wanting her. Gently he talks to her, telling her that it's hard for Harley to trust her after her lying so much. While he and Harley are still debating on the best way to deal with Daisy, he wants Daisy to understand that they do agree that she can't just do whatever she feels like. Daisy retorts that she's being jailed for being spontaneous. Gus corrects her that she's reckless and Harley can't keep saving her every time. Daisy humbly asks if Gus is there to save her. He says that she has to learn to save herself. "I did! I put the pills in his drink," Daisy retorts. "Legally," Gus tells her. She has to do things the right way.

Daisy nods that she gets it and thanks him for talking to her like an adult. She heads toward to cell door. Gus doesn't follow. Daisy wants to leave now that she's been talked to and has agreed to change. This isn't Gus's call. It's Harley's call how long she has to stay there. She sobs, promising to be better. She as cries, begging Gus not to leave her there, he hugs her, telling her that it's time to prove to her mother that she's better. Daisy admits she can't do it. She's scared. Gus is on duty tonight. He's right down the hall and he promises they will get through this. Daisy asks him to stay with her in the cell just a few more minutes.

At home, Harley vows to never give up on Daisy again. She sits at the kitchen table and stares at baby pictures of Daisy. She lays one of the flowers from Dylan onto the album and painfully stares into the distance.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Alan-Michael visits with Alan at the hospital. Beth joins him and tries to persuade the two of them to become a team. Alan-Michael let's Beth know he doesn't need her – he has Ava. Beth wants to put doubts in Alan-Michael's mind about how far Ava would go to stand by him. Alan-Michael asks Beth how she'll handle their relationship if Alan survives – can she handle them both? She tells him she can. Rick comes in and lets them know Alan's condition hasn't changed. Rick asks to speak to Beth privately. Rick wants to know how far along she is and if the child is his. Beth tells Rick it is Alan's. Rick asks her if she's sure it's not his. Rick tells her Mel won't take him back. Rick asks Beth why she's sticking by Alan. He tells her they need each other. Just then one of Alan's monitors goes off. Beth assures Alan-Michael that Alan never cared about him the way he cared about Phillip. Alan-Michael and Beth make a deal. Beth wants to know how he plans to get Ava to bed considering his wheelchair act. They want to get Doris out – keep the Spaulding money in the Spaulding family.

Cassie tries to assure RJ that Josh is coming home soon. Cassie goes to the station to see Josh and he doesn't want to see her. Cassie tells Gus that Josh is lying to protect her – she shot Alan. Gus questions Cassie and confirms she doesn't know enough of the details to have been the one who shot Alan. Doris walks in and tells Cassie she's going to make sure Josh gets the maximum.

Josh gets a visit from Billy down at the station. He asks Billy to keep an eye on Cassie and RJ. He tells Billy it was self-defense and he'll beat the charges. Josh is returned to his cell and Cassie makes a scene – telling Josh she won't let him go through with it. Mel comes to defend Josh and lets Doris know she's filed a motion to have her taken off the case. Mel works on getting him out on bail. Cassie tells Gus she won't leave until she sees Josh. Billy stops Cassie in the middle of telling Gus Josh is protecting her. Gus gets a call that Alan has taken a turn for the worse.

Harley comes to the station to check on Daisy. Harley and Gus let's Daisy know the charges have been dropped – they get a new beginning. Daisy starts the new beginning by telling Harley she never wants to see her again.

Reva gets a visit from Dillon. Dillon fills Reva in on what's going on with Daisy. Reva defends Daisy and says Harley went overboard. Dillon tells Reva she should have handled Jonathan that way – maybe he would still be here. Reva tells Dillon Daisy needs more love.

Daisy sneaks in after Dillon leaves and asks Reva if she can move in with her. Reva defends Harley and assures Daisy she's (Reva) not a pushover. Harley walks in during their conversation. Harley tries to make up, but Daisy isn't budging. Harley asks her to come home. Daisy tells her no – she's staying with Reva. Reva tells her she has to go home and work things out with Harley. Daisy tells Harley she has to start by believing her. Reva takes Daisy's side. Harley tells Reva to mind stay out of it. Harley tells Daisy she pulled the same stuff when she was her age. She made bad choices – that's how she ended up with Daisy. Daisy said it was finally out – she's just a big mistake. Harley tells Daisy she's not a mistake. Reva tells Daisy she's made more mistakes than Harley has. Daisy asks Reva if when she got a second chance with Jonathan did she try to change it. Reva just tells her is was different. Harley asks Daisy to go wait in the car. Harley tells Reva she is on Daisy's side – she's her mother. She tells Reva she's got enough to worry about with Josh. Reva didn't know about Josh confessing to Alan's shooting. She goes down to the jail to see him.

Rick stops Doris from seeing Alan. Rick asks her if she wants him to make it. He calls her a "flaming drama queen". Rick wonders what's more harmful, letting him live or putting him out of his misery.

Friday, March 9, 2007


Remy meets Dinah at Outskirts to discuss their upcoming trip to Spain. When Remy asks what she is going to tell Mallet, Dinah says she will tell him she is working on a story. Suddenly, Mallet walks in and asks what story. Dinah tells him it is about identity heft. Mallet asks Remy to leave so he and Dinah can be alone. Mallet notices that Dinah looks melancholy, which he attributes to her identity theft problem. Dinah does not want to talk about it anymore, so Mallet tells her about the romantic night out they are going to have. Dinah replies that it does not sound good to her and explains that she has to go out of town for a story.

Marina comes across a jewelry owner who has just been robbed by a guy wearing a gray sweatshirt. Marina sees a guy in a gray sweatshirt running and tries to apprehend him but he resists--leading a Good Samaritan to knock the guy out with his briefcase. The man and Marina flirt a little but when the police arrive and Marina goes to take his number; he is gone. Later, at the station, she gets a bulletin from Interpol regarding a robber who is en route to Springfield. It is her Good Samaritan. Meanwhile, the man, Cyrus, is waiting to meet an unsuspecting Dinah.

Beth sees Ava at Outskirts and tries to discourage her from moving into the mansion by pointing out how nice and innocent Ava is and how the mansion is not the place to be, especially now that Doris is around.

Cassie approaches Lizzie at the mansion to talk about Josh. Cassie insists that Josh did not shoot Alan and asks Lizzie to speak on Josh's behalf. Suddenly, Alan-Michael arrives and tells Cassie that anything concerning the family goes through him. He takes her into the living room where she tries to appeal to his sense of decency; she knows he does not want to be like his father. Alan-Michael thinks the case against Josh is fairly open and shut but Cassie insists that he is innocent. Cassie brings up the things that Alan has done and states that Josh does not deserve this. Alan-Michael tells her he cannot talk to the judge but promises to talk to her about this later tonight. He arranges a meeting at a motel in Oakdale.

An upset Reva is visiting Josh in jail, raving about how he is protecting Cassie. Josh asks a guard to escort Reva out so Reva stomps on the guard's foot and asks to be locked up too for assaulting an officer. The guard puts them both in an interrogation room and tells them to work things out or he will lock them up together. Josh insists to Reva that he did shoot Alan but she does not believe him. She tells him that Alan took a turn for the worst and asks if he is willing to go to jail for all those years for Cassie. Then Reva calmly tells him Cassie did not shoot Alan, she did. Josh knows she is lying, and points out that Cassie had more motive and opportunity. Having pretty much admitted that he is covering for Cassie, the pair argues and Josh states that he can do the time but Cassie cannot.

Besides, he figures he will get off on self-defense. This gets Reva upsets and she points out the holes in his plans--what if Alan wakes up and remembers who shot him? Or what if he dies? Reva argues that Josh could spend the rest of his life in prison, away from Cassie. Reva points out that she sacrificed for him and it was not so he could spend years in jail. She even asks him to think about their kids but Josh is adamant about going through with it. Later, Reva posts Josh's bail. Going through his affect, Josh sees a text message from Cassie telling him she's meeting with Alan-Michael in Oakdale. Josh goes there to tell her not to talk to him. Suddenly, Alan-Michael arrives with the police--apparently, Josh is not supposed to leave the county. He set Josh up because he did not want his father's shooter walking around free.

Reva is with Billy ranting about how Josh did not think this through and laments that she could lose him forever. Billy asks Reva if she is upset about what Josh has done or because he did it for Cassie. Reva states that she would not want that either. She tells him that this is not about jealousy. Later, Reva points out what if Cassie isn't even the one who shot Alan and asks if they ever found the gun.

Meanwhile, someone has the gun in a secret hiding place at the Spaulding mansion--Beth.

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