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Passions Recaps: The week of March 5, 2007 on PS
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Monday, March 5, 2007

Miguel is hovering around the hospital to make sure that Fox won't pull anything before his treatment. Miguel is not aware that Julian paid a nurse to administer Placebo instead of the real drugs. The nurse plans to peel the label off the real I.V. bag and places it on the bag with the saline solution so that Eve won't suspect a thing. In addition, Julian plans to distract Eve with news of their long lost son. The nurse bumps into Miguel and the label from the I.V. bag falls off. Now, the real drug is mixed in with the Placebo, so Fox could be accidentally treated with the real drug at some point in time. Finally, Fox's treatment is underway. Miguel is amazed that he is actually going through with it. Fox thinks his marriage with Kay is secure now that he is getting his treatment. The nurse may have administered the real drug since it was mixed in with the saline solution when she dropped it because Fox is feeling sick all of a sudden. Meanwhile, Julian is distracting Eve with news of their long lost son. He thinks that they can find their son in record time since Alistair is not around to interfere. At first, Eve is not pleased that Valerie is going to be helping with the search for their son but becomes agreeable when Julian tells her that she is the best. Eve and Julian decide to bury the hatchet while they search for their son. Julian wonders if it's possible for them to end up together after finding their son.

Whitney goes off to help Theresa while Chad has his hands full dealing with Vincent. Chad tells Vincent that it's over, but that encourages Vincent even more since Chad has said those same words in the not so distant past. Chad tells Vincent to leave him alone and that he does not love him. Vincent does not let up until Chad gives into his passion again. Let's just say that Chad is somewhat occupied with Vincent at the moment, and Whitney has not even crossed his radar.

Theresa tells Whitney that the blackmailer wants her to marry Jared. She is devastated because the man she loves all of her life is finally free, and she cannot marry him. Moreover, she does not want to lose her position as Mrs. Alistair Crane because she wants to clear Luis and Miguel's name. Theresa brags to Whitney that she made love to Ethan and it was incredible.

Luis is settled in the Crane Executive Apt and is ready to work on clearing his name. He has access to the best surveillance equipment, so things might be looking up for Luis, or maybe not. Luis goes to a hardware store and pretends to be an FBI agent. He asks the storekeeper if anyone purchased hydrochloric acid. The storekeeper tells him that a Luis Lopez Fitzgerald purchased the acid. Luis tells the man that it has to be an alias. The man tells him that the purchase was in cash, and the person showed ID. In addition, the person also purchased duct tape and he had a skeleton key copied. The police surrounds the store that Luis is in and orders him out. Apparently, the storekeeper reported it because he wanted the reward for catching Luis.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Unaware that the nurse accidentally mixed up the drugs, Julian tells Fox to drop the act when Fox is indeed suffering due to the mix up. Fox knows something is wrong because he really is feeling pain from the results of the medication. The nurse begins to wonder if she really mixed up the drugs after Miguel ran into her, and she realizes that it's a possibility. While Kay is at Fox's side, Miguel watches from the outside and insists that Fox is faking his illness. Miguel grabs Kay as soon as she walks out of Fox's room, and he tells her that Fox is faking his illness. Kay tells Miguel that he is crazy and goes back to Fox's side.

Chad is caught up with Vincent's advances again, and he tells Vincent repeatedly that it's over between them. After a heated love making between the two, Vincent is excited about the taped session. He plans to use it against Chad, in the future, each time Chad refuses his advances. If Chad tells him "no," Vincent will show the tape to Whitney. Chad keeps telling himself that what he has between himself and Vincent is just sex and not love. They are giving each other something that a woman could not possibly give them. Chad gets a call from Valerie, so he leaves for work. Before leaving, Chad tells Vincent to focus on Valerie while he focuses on his wife because they cannot keep seeing each other. Vincent refuses to accept that arrangement because he wants Chad to himself.

Little Ethan wants Ethan to live with him and Theresa permanently. Theresa fantasizes about her passionate night with Ethan. Moments after, Theresa receives a text message from the blackmailer ordering her to stay away from Ethan, or risk putting her family in danger. Ethan walks into Theresa's office, with a rose, disguised as a deliveryman. Whitney walks in with Jane and Little Ethan, so Ethan decides to spend some time with them. Theresa takes Whitney aside and tells her that someone (the blackmailer) is preventing her from being with the man of her dreams. Ethan is willing to be with her, but the blackmailer is forcing her to marry Jared. Both Whitney and Theresa wonder if the blackmailer is gay or is a woman. Theresa is determined to find a way to help her brothers and get the man of her dreams, regardless of what the blackmailer tells her to do.

Whitney leaves Theresa's office, and she finds Chad in the hallway at Crane Industries. Vincent conveniently walks out of the elevator, and he suggests that he, Whitney, and Chad should double date. Chad does not oppose the idea because he does not want to Whitney to get suspicious of him and Vincent. Vincent leaves smiling, but Chad is not very pleased.

Luis is at the hardware store in disguise, and he cannot believe that the police are privy to his whereabouts. While holding a gun, the store clerk tells Luis that he recognizes him and decides to call the police. Luis tells the clerk that he is innocent, but the clerk refuses to listen since he expects to collect a reward for turning Luis in. Luis smashes a few things and manages to knock the clerk out and makes a run for it. When the police get to the scene, Luis is nowhere in sight. Luis goes into hiding again, and Ethan finds him. He tells Ethan about being set up, and Ethan tells Luis to turn himself in. Luis tells Ethan that it is imperative that he finds the real killer.

A very distraught Pilar walks into Theresa's office. She tells Theresa that Luis is surrounded, and Pilar tells her that she cannot bear to lose another son after losing Antonio. For the first time in her life, Pilar is excited that Theresa is married to Alistair because she has all the resources at her fingertips to help her brothers get out of jail. Pilar is certain that someone is setting Luis up .

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

In Fancy's bedroom at the Crane mansion, Ivy admits to Fancy that she has been wrong about Luis. Ivy says that she is sorry that she overreacted. Ivy says that she knows how Luis was raised and that he could not do all the horrible things that he has been accused of. Fancy is relieved and shares all her feelings and fears with Ivy. Meanwhile, lovesick Luis is in hiding at a Crane executive apartment. He searches the Internet for clues, but misses Fancy. He ignores the fact that the phones might be tapped and calls Fancy anyway. She answers, but he hangs up without saying anything.

Chris finds Sheridan in the Mansion living room and they make up after the previous evening's disagreement. She is distraught after reading the paper and finding out that Luis has been arrested and escaped arrest. Chris points out that she spends more time worried about Luis than about him and their son James. Sheridan vows her love and agrees to spend the day with Chris, who leaves to make lunch. Sheridan quickly searches the Internet and leaves the mansion. A few minutes later, Fancy and Ivy come downstairs as Chris returns with lunch. He asks them about Sheridan, but neither has seen her. After Chris leaves them to look for Sheridan, both Ivy and Fancy suspect that she is with Luis. Luis hears an intruder and hides. When he grabs the intruder he finds that it's Sheridan, who said that she was able to track him down because she remembered leasing the apartment when she worked for Crane. Sheridan tells Luis that she agrees with Ethan that Luis should stay away from Fancy until he can prove his innocence. When Luis agrees with her, she smirks, but Luis doesn't notice.

Ethan is at his desk in his law office working on Luis's defense when Chad enters. Chad asks Ethan how he was able to handle the triangular relationship that he had with Gwen and Theresa. Ethan tells Chad that it wasn't easy, but that eventually his heart led him to Theresa, who he loves the most. Ethan has an insight into Chad and realizes that he is also involved in a triangle. Chad is relieved to be able to talk to Ethan, but he does not tell Ethan that his relationship is with Vincent. He lets Ethan think that there is another woman involved. He also stops short of telling Ethan that he is being blackmailed. He does tell Ethan that he is addicted to sex and that he can't stop meeting with the other "woman." While they are talking Vincent walks in. They exchange pleasantries, then Chad follows Vincent into the hall and they have heated words. Chad demands that Vincent leave him alone, but Vincent threatens to reveal everything to Whitney.

Theresa and Whitney are in Theresa's office when Theresa tells her that she is going to give in and follow the blackmailer's instructions to marry Jared. Whitney tries to talk her out of it, but Theresa holds firm. They part. Theresa goes to the hospital and Whitney goes downstairs, where she runs into to Chad and Vincent. Vincent invites Whitney for coffee, but before she can accept, Chad tells her that she needs to go to the daycare center and feed lunch to Miles. Vincent catches her at the elevator and suggests a double date that evening, Vincent, Valerie, Whitney and Chad. Whitney accepts. She thinks it will be good for Chad to have another male friend. Vincent hides his smug smile.

Jared, who is making a full recovery after nearly dying of a gunshot wound the evening before, is happy to see Theresa, who agrees to marry him. She tells him that she loves him and that he is her future. She vows to put Ethan in the past and concentrate on Jared.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Fox is frustrated that the placebo is making him uncomfortable, so he grabs the nurse's arm and threatens her if everything doesn't go as planned. Kay walks back in the room and is shocked at Fox's behavior. Fox apologizes to the nurse and tells Kay that it's just a muscle spasm due to the medication. Kay asks Fox, point blank, if he is sure that it's Miguel that ran him down, and Fox continues to lie to Kay. Kay decides to stay with Fox until he falls asleep.

Pilar stops by Tabitha's house to get an update on her son's case. Miguel tells Pilar that he is still trying to prove that Fox is lying, but Fox is always one step ahead of him. Then Miguel begins to wonder if it was all an accident and doubt that Fox is seriously undergoing treatment. Pilar tells Miguel that if Fox dies, it will be on Miguel's conscience that he was harassing Fox during his last moments on earth. Shortly afterwards, Kay arrives home, and Miguel tells her how much he wants her. They both kiss.

Fancy is busy at the mansion trying to find information about Luis online, and Chris wonders if Sheridan is with Luis. Fancy doesn't trust Sheridan, so she does not put it past Sheridan to be with Luis. Chris admits that there is a possibility that Sheridan and Luis are together. Chris and Fancy talk while they have a drink. Chris knows that Sheridan loves him, but at the same time, she has a bond with Luis.

At the Crane apartment, Luis tries to find some lead on who is framing him, but he is not getting anywhere. Sheridan fantasizes about comforting Luis and giving him a massage. One thing leads to another, and they begin to kiss. Sheridan's fantasy is interrupted when Luis prevents her from hurting herself with a knife while chopping vegetables. Luis tells Sheridan that she is putting herself in danger by being with him, but Sheridan doesn't care. Her goal is to make Luis forget all about Fancy, so she will do what she has to do to accomplish that. Sheridan let it slip that Fancy has something to do with Pretty staying away all those years. Luis is curious and wants to know more. Sheridan pretends to not want to say anymore, but Luis wishes for her to continue.

Theresa throws Jared for a loop after proposing to him. She is pressured by the blackmailer to marry Jared right away. Jared is shocked and wants to know why Theresa is in such a rush to marry him. Theresa peers on her instant messenger screen and sees the blackmailer's message, and she utters Ethan's name. Jared gets angry after hearing Theresa mentioning Ethan's name, and he asks her why she keeps leading him on. Theresa tells Jared that's not the case. She tells Jared that each time she is supposed to marry Ethan, something comes up. Jared tells Theresa that nothing will stand in the way of them getting married, so Theresa calls Judge Reilly and asks him if he can perform the ceremony right away. Theresa does not tell Ethan that she is about to marry another man because she does not want Ethan trying to stop the wedding.

Ethan calls Judge Reilly about the motions he filed for Luis, but the judge tells him that he is about to perform a marriage between Theresa and Jared at the hospital.

Whitney runs into Vincent at Crane Industries, and Vincent asks her out to dinner. Whitney suggests asking Chad to tag along, but Vincent tells her that he wants to talk to her alone. He tells Whitney that he wants to talk to her about someone with whom he is in love, but the person is not aware of it. Vincent asks the waiter to take a picture of him and Whitney.

Back in Ethan's office, Chad is telling Ethan how stressed he is about having an affair with Vincent and also maintaining his marriage. Ethan tells Chad to get rid of the other woman and focus on Whitney. As Chad is about to leave Ethan's office, he picks up a message from Whitney telling him that she is at the Seascape. He also gets a message from Vincent; it's a picture of Vincent and Whitney. Chad rushes over to the Seascape. Vincent puts him on the spot by asking him to tell Whitney who he really loves. Whitney is confused, so Vincent tells Whitney that Valerie is the woman of his dreams, and she makes him forget about any other woman. In addition, Vincent tells Whitney that it's similar to Chad forgetting all other women when he met her. Whitney thinks that what Vincent tells her is sweet, but Vincent is trying to get under Chad's skin. He wants to make sure that Chad understands that he can tell Whitney their secret at any time. Whitney sees Theresa from a distance and excuses herself from the table. After Whitey leaves the table, Chad threatens Vincent.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Chad tells Vincent to leave Harmony for good, and Vincent reminds him that he has the upper hand since he has those sex tapes of them together. Vincent tells Chad that he will keep the truth from coming out about them if Chad admits that he loves Vincent. Whitney hears the tail end of the conversation and asks what Vincent could possibly tell her. Chad tries to get out of the dinner date that Vincent arranged since Valerie is a no show; however, Vincent and Whitney manage to keep Chad at the restaurant. Vincent is truly cunning in that he uses Valerie's absence to shed light on Chad's affair. He tells Whitney that Valerie might be seeing someone else, and Whitney immediately thinks how awful it is to be in love with someone who is seeing someone else behind her back. Meanwhile, Chad tries to tolerate Vincent's behavior. He knows that Vincent is trying to break him down, so he is maintaining his cool.

Miguel's goal has and will be the same for a while; he is trying to convince Kay that Fox is lying about his illness. At this point in time, Kay believes that Fox is truly sick; however, Miguel's persistence does get the best of her.

Chris asks Fancy if there is anything that Sheridan could tell Luis to make him stop loving Fancy. Fancy thinks to herself that Pretty is still haunting her. Fancy and Chris try to figure out where Luis could be hiding. Fancy finally figures out that Theresa could be helping Luis. Chris thinks that it's Sheridan who is helping Luis. Fancy manages to bypass the passwords and gets information via the Crane database. Chris tries to convince himself that if Sheridan were currently with Luis, nothing would be going on between them. Fancy thinks differently because she knows that Sheridan is still after Luis. Fancy has figured out that Luis could be hiding at one of the Crane apartments, and she is off to see Luis. God help Sheridan if she is around. Sheridan is trying her best to make Luis forget about Fancy and focus on her instead. She does this by dropping innuendos about Fancy's past with her sister, Pretty. She also pretends to be always there for Fancy and all she does is tearing Fancy down. She grills Luis about his feelings for Fancy and why he loves her. Sheridan communicates to Luis that no matter what they have been through they always seem to manage to be apart of each other's lives. Sheridan fakes getting burned, so that Luis could console her. She runs a little guilt trip on Luis about being a perfect family and how selfish she is by choosing Chris over Luis. She even manages to tell Luis that she told Fancy that she wasn't good enough for Luis. Sheridan is doing a good job snowing Luis because he is eating up every word. They share a kiss.

Whitney tells Theresa that if the blackmailer goes through with his threats, Ethan would find out that he is Little Ethan's father, and that would not be such a bad thing. Theresa reminds Whitney that Luis could get the death penalty for Rae's murder, and Miguel could go to jail for Fox's hit and run accident. Theresa's and Jared's wedding plans are underway. Ethan shows up at Jared's hospital room wanting to know if he is really marrying Theresa. Jared acknowledges that the best man has won. Meanwhile, Theresa is telling Whitney that she does not think that she could marry Jared in Ethan's presence. Theresa is willing to marry Jared to satisfy the blackmailer's wishes, but as soon as her brothers are exonerated, she will try to fix things between her and Ethan. Whitney reminds Theresa that it won't be that easy since she will be married to Jared. Back in Jared's hospital room, Ethan tells Jared that he is not going to marry Theresa tonight or any other night. Jared tells Ethan to get over himself and leave his hospital room. In addition, he tells Ethan that he is marrying Theresa tonight, and there is nothing that he can do about it. Jared and Ethan get into a heated exchange and suddenly Jared starts hyperventilating.

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