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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 5, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, March 5, 2007

Jack asked Brad why he wouldn't stop giving Katie a hard time at WOAK. Katie came in and they both went after Brad. He left. Jack told her about Brad and Carly's' history. Katie told him it was her fault, since she brought up the broken affairs to Brad. Then she asked Jack why he was taking up for her. He said he was protecting her from brunt Brad and that he may not play fair with the job situation. She thanked him and they made plans for a drink later. She left and Brad came back. Jack wanted an apology which Brad easily gave. Brad said he wanted to clear the air so Jack and Katie could hook up. Jack said no. Brad told him to let go of Carly. Jack called Katie and took a rain check on the drink.

Henry and Vienna warmed up at the Lakeview. Someone saved them from the stranded limo. She told him she loved him and would give him all the money she had. He asked why and she told him she could transfer her assets and save them from the prince. She asked him if he was ready for the grand prize and stop playing second fiddle for Katie. Henry told her she hardly knew her...the waiter came over and Vienna gave him a $100 tip...Henry said he'd do it. Vienna left and Katie came in. Katie wanted to come up with a plan to get Brad fired. Vienna came back and started kissing Henry. Katie's jaw dropped and asked what was going on.

Parker and Faith shared lunch on a field trip to the oldest house in town. Parker asked her why she had to see a shrink. She went over all the family problems and then her weight issues. Parker told her she looked fine.

Out at the farm Paul had a vision of someone taking a baby. Holden walked up and Paul told him he needed to tell him something. They went to the diner. Paul told him about his visions, and then the specific vision. Holden didn't know what to make of it. Paul said he needed to protect Ethan. Holden wondered if he was nuts or if it was just a ploy to get close to Meg. Paul suggested destroying the teddy bear to thwart the vision.

Inside Lily got ready to feed little Ethan and someone came to the door. It was Dr. Simon, Faiths doctor. Lily wondered why she was there. Dr. Simon said they missed an appointment. Lily just forgot and she apologized. The doctor said she didn't think Faith was being honest and could be getting worse. The doctor thought she was still purging and is just being sneakier about it. She asked Lily if they talked about dieting at home. Lily said it did come up sometimes. The doctor told her to watch what they did at home. Later Faith came home. Lily asked her about her day and all she could talk about was carbs and healthy foods. Lily checked her back pack and her pockets. She found laxatives in Faith's jacket. Lily told her to stop and to stop lying. Holden came in and Lily filled him in. They tried to talk to her. Faith knew Lily was still taking diet pills. Lily said she wasn't and that Faith would now be searched when she came home. She had to run out. Holden said he'd take care of napping Ethan and Faith. Lily poured herself a glass of wine, downed it ad went out.

Parker stopped into Al's and talked to Paul for a bit. He asked Paul how you know when a girl likes you. Paul said if it was who he thought it was, she was into Parker.

At Crash Gwen readied some music and Maddie walked up. She told Gwen Margo thought the voicemail from Adam was real. Maddie said it couldn't be. Will overheard and asked why it couldn't have been Adam. They avoided the subject. Will asked them why they'd been so jumpy. He wanted a spring break vacation. Gwen said she couldn't because of homework. Maddie was messing with the music and Adam's voice came over the speakers. Gwen jumped up and told her to cut it off. Maddie left. Will demanded to know why Gwen was freaking out. Will asked her if she slept with Adam. Gwen said she didn't. Will told her to tell him what was going on and they'd work it out. Gwen said she'd tell him.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

When Katie scoffs at Vienna's assertion that she and Henry are in love, Henry backs her up. Henry insists it isn't a scam, but Katie begs him not to sign the papers. Henry is torn, but knowing that Katie is a dead end for him, signs the papers. Later, Jack runs into Katie and admits that when he told her he couldn't meet her for a drink, it was because he didn't want to go out with her. Already shook about ending things with Henry, Katie bursts into tears. Jack apologizes and comforts Katie. Luke tells Holden he's not going on the class trip to Florida for spring break. Luke finally admits that the trip is a hook-up scene and he doesn't have anyone. Dusty presses Emily to tell Jack the truth about her bruises, but Emily insists that the bruises are her business and not a police matter. Emily arrives to talk to Cheri and discovers a party in progress, which Cheri insists she join. A reluctant Emily heads into the back to change as Dusty arrives. Emily tells Cheri she has to get out of there and sneaks out unseen, but Dusty is tweaked. Gwen is about to reveal the truth to Will when Maddie arrives and covers, claiming that Adam tried to rape Gwen. An outraged Will rushes off to confront Jade and Gwen lambastes Maddie for making things worse. Jade arrives along with a bouquet from Adam. A suspicious Maddie accuses Jade of sending herself the flowers. Gwen and Maddie arrive at the florists to confirm their suspicions, but the florist is no help. They find a package for Gwen on the doorstep from Adam. Gwen opens the package, and it's her wedding ring.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

As Katie and Jack finish their dinner at Al's Diner, Parker and JJ arrive from hockey practice and question Jack about why he would be with Katie. She tries to leave, but Jack insists she stay and right after they order food for JJ and Parker, Jack receives a call to report to the station. Katie offers to watch the boys and drop them off at the station after they eat and even though the boys are reluctant to stay with Katie they agree in an effort to make things easier on Jack. As Katie tries to entertain the boys they give her a hard time until she tells them about how she got her black eye from the hockey puck. The boys think it is cool as she delights them with the story of her first hockey game and taking a puck to the face. Just as Jack returns, he sees the two boys Outside of Al's giving Katie a few pointers about hockey and Jack decides to step in and give Katie a hands on lesson in hitting a rock with a hockey stick.

After running out of the party Cheri setup, Emily phones her from the bar at the Lakeview and tells her she lost her shoe as she ran out of the hotel room in an attempt to avoid Dusty. As she finishes the call Dusty drops her shoe on the table and begins to question her about where she's been. He tells her that he followed her to the Avalon Hotel and that he saw her go into a room with a group of businessmen and call girls. Dusty questions what she is doing and why she is being so reckless, but Emily denies everything and gets angry with Dusty. As she goes to leave, he stops her and tells her he is worried about her because she has lost control and that they have become friends. Emily tells Dusty she is in complete control of her life and that he has nothing to worry about, but she wants him to stay out of her personal life. After Emily's speech Dusty leaves Emily alone in the bar and Cheri arrives to confront Emily. She tells Emily that she is worried that she and Dusty are going to make trouble for her business. Emily reassures her that all she wants to do is make money for Cheri and keep her clients happy. After Dusty leaves he goes to the station to question Jack about Cheri and The Avalon Hotel. He tells Jack he needs the information for an investment he is looking into for World Wide and informs Jack about the party he discovered there earlier with Cheri's girls. Jack is more than happy to help out and makes a call to vice.

At Crash, Will questions Jade about Adam's whereabouts and Jade tells Will that she has no idea where Adam is and that she doesn't want him back since all he wants is Gwen. She continues to speculate about why Maddie and Gwen are acting so weird and questions whether or not they are the ones who may know where Adam is. Will defends the girls to Jade and tells her he doesn't know why Gwen and Maddie are acting so strange. Barbara arrives to talk to Will, as Jade leaves to tell Margo about the flowers she received from Adam.

At the cottage, Gwen and Maddie search through the package Gwen's ring arrived in to see if they can figure out who sent it back. Gwen believes that the package came from Adam and that he must still be alive. Maddie doubts that Adam is behind the ring's reappearance and blames Jade, which sends the two girls packing up to go back to the grave to search for Adam's body so they can confirm that he is dead. As the two get set to leave the house with shovels and flashlights they are met at the door by Will and Barbara. The girls say that they are going out at night to search for nocturnal plants for an assignment Maddie has to complete and question why the two are at the house. Barbara tells them that they she and Will need to go to Washington that night to receive a medal in Hal's honor the following day. Barbara asks Gwen to go with them, but she declines saying that she is too overwhelmed by school to go. Later, Barbara and Will leave for a night in Washington to accept Hal's medal while out in the woods Gwen and Maddie discover that Adam's body is gone from where they buried him.

At the police station, Dallas and Margo read through letters that suggest she should resign as the Chief of Detectives. The two discuss her job and Margo talks about how much she wants the job and needs it for the money, especially since Tom is still on the mend. As they finish their talk, Jade arrives to give Margo the news about the flowers. Margo questions Jade about the delivery and then puts Dallas to work talking to the florist. Margo tells Jade she hopes that Adam is still in town and asks Jade to tell Adam to come home if she talks to him. Before she's done, Jade tells Margo that she learned from Will that Adam tried to assault Gwen. Margo is upset by what she has been told and tells Jade she will question Gwen about what happened with Adam.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Paul sees Meg and she says she wants to try to be friends, but Paul wants more from her and won't pretend otherwise. Holden enters, asks to speak to Paul. He assures Paul he destroyed Ethan's teddy bear so they don't need to fear the vision. Lily is shooting a baby food commercial with Ethan, and the execs want Faith to join her. Faith rejects the idea and tells Lucinda about the commercial. Lucinda shuts it down. Lily defends her decision, and later Holden backs her up to Lucinda. After, Lily pitches promotional plans as Lucinda enters in time to hear, and surprisingly approves. The baby food women return with a gift for Ethan: a bear identical to the one Holden destroyed. Margo tries to call Gwen without success. Casey's court date looms and there's still no sign of Adam. Margo worries he's not returning because he did something worse than hide that bond at the cottage. She exits to investigate. Gwen and Maddie realize somebody knows what they did. Gwen fears Jade knows the truth and moved the body. Maddie tries to talk Gwen out of turning themselves in. They enter the cottage and find Margo waiting for them. Margo asks Gwen if Adam raped her, but the girls assure her that didn't happen. Later, Margo learns Maddie went to the morgue and her cop instinct kicks in, wondering why she'd go there. Gwen and Maddie sneak into Jade's room to search for clues, just as Jade is about to enter.

Friday, March 9, 2007

At Lily and Holden's house, Gwen and Maddie go into Jade's bedroom, where Maddie manages to hack into Jade's computer (password: "Will"), but before they can learn anything, they hear Jade approaching. They hide, while Jade and Natalie come in; Jade realizes someone's been on her computer, and when Natalie says it wasn't her, she assumes it must have been Faith. They walk out, and Gwen and Maddie take the opportunity to leave. Jade braids Natalie's hair, then asks her to give her 30 minutes to herself, then she'll read a story to Natalie. Natalie leaves, and Jade tries to figure out who was using her computer, but she quickly realizes it might have been Gwen. Later, she reads the story to Natalie, but when she says goodnight, she sees that Natalie is scared because of the wind outside, so she asks if she wants to sleep with her tonight; Natalie says yes, so Jade covers her up and lets her snuggle next to her.

Gwen and Maddie drive back to Tom and Margo's house; Maddie wants Gwen to come in, but she says she doesn't feel right at Margo's anymore because of Adam, so she leaves to go home and try to get some sleep. Maddie goes in and is startled by Casey, who comes out of the kitchen with popcorn and tells her there's a Hitchcock documentary on TV they can watch together. They sit to watch it, but the first movie being discussed involves a woman being accused of murdering a man, and the man she is talking to says maybe she didn't hit the man as hard as she thought she did, that maybe he's still alive. As the plot begins to parallel her own life too closely, Maddie turns the TV off. Casey apologizes, thinking the subject of murder is still too fresh in Maddie's mind; he's referring to her sister, the Slasher. Casey keeps telling Maddie she didn't do anything wrong (in connection with her sister's murder spree), but as he insists she's the best person he knows, Maddie becomes more and more upset. Casey also tells Maddie he knows how much a part of the family she's become, and he says he can see she's as concerned about Margo as he and Tom are; he tells Maddie it might be easier for Margo if Adam was dead, because the way things are now, she'll spend every day imagining Adam lying dead in a ditch somewhere. Maddie can't take it anymore and says she has to go out for a breath of fresh air.

It's a dark and stormy night in Oakdale, perfect for a "haunting." At Will and Gwen's house, Gwen feels the wind blowing through her open bedroom window; telling herself that she didn't open that window, she shuts it, but she's extremely jumpy, hearing tapping noises outside and even hearing someone whispering, "Gwen" repeatedly. She decides she needs to just act normal, so she gets a slightly rare steak to eat and turns on the TV, finding the same Hitchcock documentary that Casey and Maddie are watching. As the movie hits closer and closer to home, Gwen, too, turns it off. The phone rings, but when Gwen answers it, there's no one there. She then goes into her bedroom to grab a baseball bat that's underneath her bed, climbs into the bed with it, and falls asleep. Gwen dreams that she and Maddie are trying to bury Adam, but she keeps hearing his heart beating, and when she bends down to move a shirt from the makeshift grave they're digging, Adam sits up and grabs her arm. Gwen screams and wakes up. Getting up, she walks to the front door, unlocks it, then turns and sees her steak plate tilted on the coffee table, with blood from the steak pooling onto the table. She goes to clean up the mess but turns and sees Adam standing by the door; he says, "Surprised to see me?" Gwen screams again, runs back to the bedroom to grab the baseball bat, but she sees no one in the living room when she returns. The phone rings again, but the answering machine picks up, and when Gwen hears Will's voice, she grabs the phone to talk to him. He can tell she's not doing well, but in the middle of their conversation, the connection becomes fuzzy, and Will asks Gwen if someone else is on the line. Before she can find out what made him say that, the connection is broken. Will calls his mom and tells her he needs to get back to Oakdale as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Gwen's phone rings again, but this time, there's no one there. Panicking, Gwen unplugs the phone from the wall, and when she looks towards the front door, she sees a shadowy figure walk by. At the end of her rope, she grabs the bat and storms outside, shouting, "Adam! Adam!" No one answers, so she goes back inside, where she sees muddy footprints across her carpet. Following the footprints into her bedroom, she pulls back the bedcovers, only to find the bloody stick that Maddie hit Adam with in the woods. Screaming, Gwen finds her car keys and gets in her car to leave; turning on her headlights, she sees Adam illuminated there and screams again, but when she looks again, he's gone. She drives over to Tom and Margo's house, and when Maddie leaves to get her breath of fresh air, she sees Gwen, who insists that Maddie has to come with her so she can show her something. Driving back to Gwen's place, Gwen is very shaky and upset trying to tell Maddie about having seen Adam, to the point where she almost wrecks the car, right in front of a policeman. The officer pulls her over and makes her take a breath-a-lyzer test, which Gwen passes; after Maddie tells the officer a lie about feeling sick but also mentions that she lives with the police chief and her family, the officer lets them go with a warning.

Back at Gwen's place, the muddy footprints have disappeared, as has the stick that was in Gwen's bed. Gwen is afraid Maddie thinks she's losing her mind, but Maddie says that people like Louis and Adam who like to hurt women also like to scare them, and that if Adam is indeed alive, this is exactly the kind of thing he might do to Gwen. Gwen angrily goes outside again, daring Adam to come and get them, but Maddie leads her back inside, where Gwen suddenly remembers that the phone is still unplugged. When she plugs it back in, it rings, and when Gwen picks it up, holding it so Maddie can hear, too, she hears, "It's Adam. Meet me ... in the woods ... You know where."

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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