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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 26, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, February 26, 2007

Lily and Lucinda discussed the baby food deal at Al's. Lucinda was upset that Lily fronted them more money and stopped Worldwide funding for the project. Craig came in looking for Meg and listened in. Lily left after her mother kept questioning her. Craig came over and asked about Lucy and Johnny. Lucinda said she heard nothing. Craig told Lucinda she ruined Lucy's life because now she would always have to be on the run. Craig said it was all personal. Then he went off about how lonely she must be. Lily came back and Lucinda left. Lily told Craig about the business problems. Craig told her it was all a control issue with Lucinda. Craig suggested moving money from some Worldwide subsidiary to hers until it takes off and not tell Lucinda. It sounded like embezzlement to her but she didn't dismiss it. She then told Craig about her problems with Faith. She then went on about her weight. Lily popped some diet pills after

Katie confessed her feelings about Mike never coming back with Jack at the TV station. Brad and Vienna came in. They wanted to celebrate. Jack and Katie went off. Vienna and Brad drank champagne. Brad told her about the dog incident. Things started cooking on the set and clothes were coming off. Vienna got an urgent phone call from her brother. She found out the Prince was going to sue her for the theft of the necklace. Vienna threw her mink on and ran out.

Jack and Katie went to the hockey game that Jack had tickets for. Katie asked stupid questions and Jack had to explain everything to her. Jack told her the kids couldn't make it, so he thought he'd take her. Katie started getting into it, mush to Jack's surprise. Someone recognized her from the show and asked about Brad. Then a puck flew and knocked Katie in the eye. Later they went to Al's and Katie iced her eye. Brad came in and razzed her about the huge shiner. He told her she couldn't do the show looking like that.

Guilty Gwen and Maddie talked about the body that was found in the woods. Maddie went off to check the body and to see if it was Adam's, and to confess if it was him. Gwen tried to talk her out of it. Maddie ran off. Iris overheard them in the street. Maddie went to the morgue and found the body in question. She sneaked in, and Iris followed. Maddie found the sheet-covered body and stared at it. Dallas surprised her and asked what she was doing there. She lied about it being school related. He didn't buy it. She said the thought the body may be someone her sister killed. Dallas told her it was from blunt trauma to the head. She asked who it was. He couldn't tell her anything. She left but sneaked back in after he left. She worked up the nerve to pull back the sheet.

Gwen went home and Will was waiting for her. He could tell she was nervous and told her Adam wasn't coming back. Then he started talking school. Gwen said she was working on it. Will pressed her for an answer about her behavior. She imagined what Will would do if she told-he understood in her mind and then she saw the police come in and arrest them--Back to reality, she said she was sorry she hurt them. Gwen lied down and Will left. She got back up to call Maddie and Iris came to the door. Iris told her she knew what she did and about the body in the woods. She put all the clues together and saw Maddie at the morgue and asked if it was Adam.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vienna is threatened with deportation and frozen assets. As Jack comforts Katie, Vienna pushes her aside to enlist Jack's help. When she can't get the help she needs, Vienna makes plans to leave town and Henry turns out to be her chauffeur. Emily and Dusty meet a potential advertiser. It's Eliot, Emily's "client." Eliot asks Emily if she's a journalist or a hooker. Later, Dusty demands to know what's going on between Emily and Eliot. Jared and Kip attack Casey, demanding the money the owe him. Will steps in and Casey wonders why Will stood up for him. Will confides that the longer Adam is gone, the more upset Gwen is. Iris demands Gwen tell her what she's done and tries to blackmail Gwen. Maddie comes from the morgue and tells Gwen the body wasn't Adam's. Gwen sends Iris packing, and Maddie encourages Gwen to lighten up around Will. Later, Jade tells Gwen and Maddie she's gotten a phone message from Adam.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

After sealing the deal with a potential advertiser, Elliot, Dusty confronts Emily about her relationship with Elliot and he questions how she got him to close the deal so quickly. Dusty is convinced Emily is keeping information from him and that she is rushing off to meet their new client, but what he doesn't know is that Elliot is one of Emily's patrons from her job as a call girl. Emily tells Dusty that her personal life is hers and that Elliot is just like every other contemptible businessman she has met before and she just played him to get him to close the deal. After finishing her talk with Dusty, Emily receives a call from Elliot who tries to convince Emily to meet him, but she declines. As she tells Dusty she has another story to follow up on he insists on going with her to meet her source. After Emily convinces Dusty to leave, Elliot arrives and confronts Emily. He tells Emily that he has talked to Cheri, her madam, and that he arranged for her to be with him tonight. The two leave and go to Elliot's hotel room and in the hallway we see Dusty has followed them.

In downtown Oakdale, Vienna is shocked when Henry arrives as her limo driver to take her to the airport. Henry calls Vienna out on trying to out run the law and Vienna explains to Henry about the prince trying to extradite her. Once Henry hears her tale, he makes a hasty retreat to try to avoid aiding and abetting another fugitive. Vienna pleads her case and convinces Henry to drive her to the airport with the promise of a large gratuity. On the way to the airport, Henry pulls over to get his money from Vienna, but once he is paid Henry discovers he forgot to fill the car with gas leaving the two stranded in the middle of nowhere. Vienna insists on getting her money back and Henry relents. A frustrated Vienna gets out of the limo to walk and get help while Henry falls asleep. Vienna returns cold and distraught over her situation and asks Henry to hold her to warm her up. The two snuggle in the back of the limo.

Will is rightly concerned with Gwen's behavior and is convinced that she is lying to him and not telling him what is really going on. From his home he makes a phone call to Gwen that goes unanswered because at that same time at Al's Diner Jade tells Maddie and Gwen that she just received a voicemail message from Adam. Maddie quickly dismisses Jade and says there is no way Adam would call her, but Gwen asks to hear the message. Jade hands her the phone and Gwen says there is no message, but Jade tells them that there was a message. Jade accuses Gwen of deleting the message and the three argue over the call from Adam. Jade grows suspicious of Maddie and Gwen and how they are convinced there is no way that Adam could call her. In an attempt to prove that Adam did call her, Jade tells the girls she will call Margo and have her use her investigating skills to confirm the call from him. Gwen and Maddie tell Jade not to bother Margo until she has an actual phone message from Adam that Margo can hear and then leave her to return to their homes. With the two gone, Jade decides to call Margo and tell her about the call from Adam. Once Margo arrives, Jade hands over her phone and tells her about the call and the fact that Gwen might have deleted the message. Jade also tells Margo that Gwen tried to convince her not to tell her anything about the call and that she is sure that Gwen and Maddie are trying desperately to hide something. Margo warns Jade not to lie to her or try to set up Gwen, but to make sure she tells her anything she knows about Adam's disappearance. After their talk Margo takes Jade's phone and asks for her permission to answer it if it rings and Jade agrees.

As Maddie drops Gwen off at home the two fight over their run-in with Jade. Gwen tells

Maddie she is making them look like they are hiding something and tells her she needs to think more clearly. Then Gwen lashes out at Maddie and tells her they are in this because Maddie killed Adam. Gwen then apologizes to her and says the fight with Jade has made her nervous. Then the two convince themselves that Jade is just delusional about the call from Adam and Gwen goes inside her home while Maddie returns to Margo's home.

At his house, Will receives a phone call and even though he hears nothing on the other line he believes it is Adam. After the call he goes through the files Adam has left for Gwen about her demo and finds a note that Adam wrote to Gwen telling her how amazing she was. Will's insecurity about Gwen continues to grow out of the fear that she may be missing Adam. While pouring over the folder filled with memories of Gwen and Adam working together Will convinces himself that something is going on with Gwen. When she finally arrives home Will attempts to get Gwen to talk to him by telling her that the worse thing he ever did was lie to her about Jade. Gwen gets flustered by Will's admission and retreats to bed while Will continues to have concerns about Gwen's feelings for his brother Adam.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

At Al's Meg waited on tables and didn't do a very good job. Her boss told her she would have to pay for all the orders she messed up. Craig came in and saw. He asked her if she was ready for him to take care of her. Meg told him she could take care of herself. Craig paid off the manager and closed the joint. They were the only ones there. Meg wasn't happy. He turned on the radio and they danced in the diner. Morning came and Craig tried to get her to go to Fairwinds. She told him the first time they slept together she was drunk and she may do it again and she'd let him know. She went off.

At the Lakeview Dusty called Lucinda to come over. She did, and he asked her about Elliot, the network guy. Lucinda said she thought he hid his bad side with his congenial demeanor. Lucinda told of how Elliot once scared off a prospective female employee and a pretty woman should watch herself around him.

Upstairs Elliot and Emily were getting ready to do their thing. Elliot asked about Dusty and Em told him he wasn't her boyfriend. Elliot doubled her fee and said he liked it rough. He threw her on the bed. Emily tried to run and he grabbed her. He continued despite her protests and struggle. Their fighting escalated as did Elliot's libido. Someone knocked. It was security... someone called about the noise and he explained it away. Emily had a bloody lip and he sent her away. Back home her mother saw her lip and asked what happened. Susan asked if she was raped and wanted to call the police. Emily said it was a guy she met. She told her mother to forget about it. Susan left and Emily curled up in bed.

Susan called Dusty about her concerns and told him she got beaten up. Dusty went upstairs to Elliot's hotel room. It was empty but he let himself inside. He went to Emily's and was waiting in her room after she came out of the shower. He told her Susan called and he wanted to know what happened. Emily denied it. He said he knew it was Elliot. Dusty asked if she slept with him to get the ad revenue. She said no. He still wanted to know why she did it. She started going on about how if she was someone else no man could hurt her. He talked about loss and how it could affect a person, and that she deserved better. She broke down and he held her in his arms. Dusty put her to bed and sat with her. Susan checked in and left them alone.

Morning came and Emily asked if Dusty sat with her all night. He went to get coffee. She pulled the money out of her purse and fixed her face. Dusty came back and she told him she was fine. Dusty tried to get her to go to the police. She said no one would believe her. Dusty wanted to know exactly what happened. Emily said she was wrong to go up to his room and it wouldn't happen again. She apologized and thanked him. Dusty took his leave. She sighed and put her money away with the rest she'd earned.

Friday, March 2, 2007

At WOAK, Brad prepares to interview a college basketball coach about March Madness; Kim wonders where Katie is. Brad tells her Katie is "blue," then explains that she has a black eye. Katie runs in and insists she can do the show, but when Kim sees her face, she tells her she can't go on the air like that, and Brad will have to handle it. Jack walks in and overhears this, and after Katie walks away, Jack asks Brad to please take it easy with Katie, because she's been through a lot. Katie leaves and tries to call Henry but has to leave him a message. She returns to the studio after Brad's interview is over, in time to hear him leaving Vienna a message saying they need to resume their romantic encounter and celebrate his TV success. Katie says he apparently hasn't heard the news that his "hottie" is leaving the country to avoid being extradited by the Prince of Leonia. Brad says he can't believe Katie's that tacky, and he suggests she get a life and leave his life alone. Katie storms off, upset, and Jack, who again has just walked up, confronts Brad and asks what he just did to Katie. Brad wants to know what Katie means to Jack, and Katie, looking on unnoticed by the brothers, seems interested in hearing Jack's answer.

In the back of the limo, Vienna snuggles against Henry in an effort to warm up. She tries to get him to walk for help, but he refuses; she thinks he'd do it for Katie, and he tells her he would, but Katie would do it for him, too. As he talks about Katie, Vienna wonders what Katie's got that she doesn't have. Henry starts to make a list, and that convinces Vienna that Henry loves Katie. She tells him Katie doesn't look so good today, and hearing about her black eye, Henry gets worried and tries to call Katie. He leaves a message on her phone, then he tells Vienna he and Katie were married once, but he let her go because she wanted Mike more. Vienna thinks that's the most romantic thing she's ever heard, and she tells Henry he's wonderful and deserves to be the sought-after one. He says maybe someday, but she says, "No, no, no --- not someday! Now!" and kisses him passionately. He asks if she's sure about this, and she says yes, so they make love in the back of the limo, and Vienna tells Henry he's the "most amazing lover" she's ever had. She writes their initials in the window fog and tells him she's falling in love with him. Henry, taken by surprise, tells her she doesn't mean it, because she needs to leave the country before the Prince can find her and take everything she owns away, leaving her to live with Henry "below the poverty line." She says that gives her an idea.

Outside Al's Diner, Meg runs into Craig and tells him her boss just gave her a break so she could go move some things from the farm to her motel room. Craig offers to help, saying he happens to have a large vehicle right there that could haul her stuff for her. It dawns on her that Craig might have arranged with her boss to give her some time off, and Craig asks if she'd be grateful and kiss him in thanks if that were true, but she says if that's true, she'd "never ever" kiss him. He manages to talk her into letting him help her move her things from the farm to the motel anyway. They go to the Snyder farm, not realizing that Holden and Lily are there.

At the farm, Lily is meeting with Phyllis and Miranda, the 2 women from the baby food company; they are scouting the farm as a location for their baby food ads. Holden comes downstairs, and Lily introduces them, and then they leave to go look around the farm. Holden says he thought Lucinda put the brakes on that project, and Lily becomes angrily defensive, saying she wishes he would stop grilling her about work. Lily admits she's tense, so Holden has her sit down and begins to massage her neck to get rid of the tension. He asks her how she got the funding for the baby food company, and she says every company has discretionary money, and she found some. When he asks where she found it, she says she thinks she hears the women returning, so she goes outside, but it's Craig and Meg. Holden goes inside with Meg and begins questioning her about what she's doing with Craig and why she feels she has to move out of Emma's house. Meg doesn't want to discuss Craig with Holden but tells him she's moving to the Wagon Wheel so she can prove she can stand on her own two feet for a change. She says Craig wants to be her friend, and she's letting him because she can use a friend right now.

Outside on the porch, Craig asks Lily how business is going and whether his tips were helpful. She says yes, and when Phyllis and Miranda return, she introduces them to Craig. They say that now, they'd like to shoot a TV commercial on the farm and have Lily and Ethan be the "face" of their baby food company. Craig thinks that's a great idea, but Lily says she'll have to call them tonight with her answer. They leave, and Craig says she should do it, and he says Lucinda won't care how it all came about after the company starts making big money for her. Meg and Holden come out, carrying boxes, and Meg gives hers to Craig and asks him to take it to the car. Then she asks Lily to try to get Holden to give her a break and stop thinking she can't handle things; Lily says to give her a couple of decades for that. She tells Meg to be happy, then she goes back inside. When Meg turns to leave, Paul is there. He tells her he had no idea she'd be there, that he came to see how Faith and Parker were doing after the dog attack incident. While he's there, he says he also needs to tell her he still wants her; then he leaves and goes inside to find Lily. He asks how the kids are, and Lily says they're doing okay; he gives her the bracelet Faith dropped in the woods, but she recognizes it as Meg's and says she knew Meg was the real reason he was at the farm. He says he also bought a book for Parker, mainly because he didn't want it to look like his coming to the farm was all about Meg, but then he admits that it's always all about Meg. Holden walks in and rudely tells Paul that Meg's gone, so he can leave now; Lily stops him and walks Paul out to the porch, where she apologizes, saying he's welcome anytime because he saved Faith's life. He thanks her, and she goes back inside, where she tells Holden about the baby food commercial idea. Holden seems to think it's a good idea to have Lily be the spokeswoman for the company, but she asks him not to mention it to her mother just yet. He says he won't, and he tells her he needs to finish some chores, but he'd like to have a "secret rendezvous" with her later. Holden leaves.

Outside on the porch, sitting over in the corner, Paul sees a small stuffed bear and picks it up; immediately, he gets a flash of something bad and puts it back down. However, he picks it up again, this time holding it longer, and he sees a woman picking up a baby from a crib, with the bear lying by the pillow, and as the woman holds the baby, she screams.

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