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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 19, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, February 19, 2007

Holden and Jack question Paul as to why the kids are there in the cabin. They send the kids out so they could talk. Paul told them the kids just stopped by and maybe they just needed a friend. Jack warned him to stay away from the kids. Paul said they just liked to talk with him. Holden warned him too, and then they left. Back at the farm the guys told the kids running off wasn't a good idea. They were caught in their lies and were told to stay away from Paul. He was bad news. Holden and Faith went outside. Holden asked her why Paul. Holden reminded her of the pain Paul had caused their family. Holden grounded her for a month. Faith just seemed worried about missing dance class. Inside Jack questioned Parker. Parker said no one could fix his problems. Holden and Jack go outside. The kids commiserate about being grounded. Faith picked up Meg's bracelet from the trash and she put it on.

Gazing at the cabin fire, Paul saw the vision of the bracelet falling on the stone and a barking dog.

Emily, out shopping, ran into Dusty. He asked her where she's been since Intruder business was falling by the wayside. Dusty asked her if she was in trouble. Emily told him to stop checking up on her and she was really working on a story. Dusty didn't believe her. She confessed she didn't know what she wanted. Dusty told her to decide or she was fired and he left. Emily made a call. The madam soon came by and asked her what she wanted. Emily said she was flattered by her attention and wanted to try it. Cheri told her the terms and set up a meeting at the bar to get to work.

Casey apologized to Will and he accepted. Casey headed out the door and Barbara was there. She read Casey the riot act about the theft. Then Margo showed up, and Casey left. Will got a call and Margo was leaving since she saw Babs. Barbara stopped her. Margo apologized. Barbara said she was pressing charges and cut Margo down on her parenting skills and their shared history with Tom and Hal. Margo left. Will came back out. Will told his mother he was not dropping the charges and for her to leave him alone. He told her that he and Gwen were OK, and he thanked her for her help. Barbara told him how much she liked Gwen and wanted the best for them.

The girls scratched at the grave in the woods looking for Gwen's wedding ring. Maddie freaked out when she saw a glove in the dirt. Gwen calmed her down. They kept digging for a moment and gave up. Gwen covered the grave and they left for the diner. There they talked about the accident with Adam and of how scared they were. They discussed going to Margo but Adam was her son. They hoped no one would find the body or her ring. Isis came up. Maddie ran off and Iris sat down. Iris asked about Will and Adam. She knew about "Adam" planting the bond. She asked Gwen about her music. She then noticed her missing ring and dirty hands. Gwen said she was gardening. Gwen left and Maddie was outside. Maddie left her bag under the table. They decided to leave and come back for it.

Gwen went back home to Will. Will told her about the visitors. Gwen acted nervous and Will asked about the ring. She told him she loved him. She went to the car and washed her soiled hands in some snow. Isis saw from the bushes.

Casey and Margo met up at Al's. Margo said she was checking up on him when she went to the cottage. They wondered about Adam. Casey said he didn't know. Maddie came back in and eavesdropped on them talking about Adam.

The ring rested on the grave.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Katie gathers friends as she awaits her show's debut. Katie is mortified to see her encounter with Brad and then falling on her face as the opening. Katie walks in on Brad and Vienna and slaps him hard across the face. Kim arrives and to Katie's surprise wants to hire Brad as a co-host. Paul has a vision of Meg's bracelet falling toward the fangs of a beast. Haunted by the hospital scene, Meg can't sleep and takes a couple pills to help, washing it down with vodka. Craig finds Meg passed out in a deep sleep and puts her under a shower. She assures him she wasn't trying to hurt herself, only wanted to forget for a while. Craig and Meg share a warm moment where each is honest about their past. It ends in a kiss and they begin to make love. Lily asks Faith about Meg's bracelet and she defensively assures her mom she didn't steal it. Lily is interrupted by a business call, and Faith feels neglected. Faith sees a way out by lying to Lily about going to a classmate's home, but ditches her friend and calls Parker to join her. The kids agree to run off to Chicago and buy Paul a poster, when a vicious dog enters the area. Faith and Parker run up a tree to escape the dangerous animal, when Paul arrives to save them. Meanwhile, Lucinda and Lily discuss the stress of family, and alone Lily takes another pill.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

As Meg and Craig continue kissing at the Wagon Wheel Motel, Craig pulls away and asks Meg if she is sure that she wants him. Meg convinces Craig that she wants to make love to him and the two do. After they finish and as Meg doses off she whispers Paul's name. Craig wakes Meg and reminds her she is with him, not Paul. He tells her he knows where he stands and Meg informs him that she doesn't regret what happened with him, but that she had been with Paul for a long time and the vodka and pills from earlier in the night probably just confused her. Craig thinks he should leave, but Meg convinces him to stay and the two make love again. As Meg and Craig wait for pizza they have ordered, Meg tells Craig that she was once very much in love with Paul, but that she needed to get away from him. She also tells Craig that she is afraid he isn't that different from Paul, but Craig tells her even though most people think he is a monster he wants to be there for her and take away her pain. Meg explains that he can't fix the fact that she accidentally killed a patient and he tries to persuade her to put it in the past and move on with her life, because she is essentially a good person who made a mistake.

At the Snyder Farm, Kim tries to convince an angry Katie that Brad would be the perfect co-host for her show Oakdale Now. Vienna tells Kim that she thinks Brad should co-host with someone besides Katie, which infuriates Katie even more. As Jack returns home to the farm, Katie blames him for Brad being hired at the station in the first place. Kim defends Brad and Jack and tells Katie she thinks the show will be great. Katie is not convinced and threatens to quit if Brad is her co-host. Vienna insults Katie again about not being able to keep Mike and a visibly shaken Katie is comforted by Kim who continues to try to convince her that working with Brad will be best for the show. Meanwhile, Jack takes Brad outside to talk to him about not being so hard on Katie when Parker bursts in with news about the dog attacking Faith and Paul in the woods. Jack follows Parker into the woods, while Brad goes into the house to retrieve a shotgun.

At the mall, Lily discovers that Faith is not with her friend, but has run off again. Lily is frantic to find Faith and calls Holden and tells him that Faith is missing. Once Holden arrives at the mall he questions why Lily would allow Faith to go off with a friend and is upset with her for taking a business call instead of staying with Faith. Lily tries to explain why she let Faith go as the two get a phone call from Jack telling them that Faith is in the woods and they should meet him there immediately.

Out in the woods, Faith and Parker have been chased up a boulder by a vicious dog. Paul, who had earlier had a vision of similar events, has come to the kid's rescue and picks up a large stick to keep the dog away from the kids. After Parker is accidentally pushed off the boulder, he runs to get help as Paul tries to keep the dog from attacking him and Faith. As the dog attacks Paul a gunshot scares the dog away and Faith climbs down to help him. Paul has been bitten, but is not badly hurt. As he gets up he discovers Meg's bracelet and he realizes his vision of the bracelet falling to the ground and the dog were not of Meg being in danger, but Faith. Jack, Brad, and Parker arrive and as Jack tries to help Paul, Holden and Lily find them all and Holden yells at Paul about staying away from the kids. Parker and Faith immediately come to Paul's defense by telling Holden what happened and demand that he apologize to Paul. Everyone tries to convince Paul to go to the hospital, but he refuses. Before he goes he tells Faith and Parker to give their parents a break and tells Jack, Lily, and Holden to try to be more accepting of their kids.

Back at the farm, Vienna continues to criticize Katie and Kim defends her and is annoyed by Vienna's constant input. Henry arrives at the farm and Katie finally relents to having Brad as her co-host. But from the twinkle in her eye, it is obvious she has a plan. Katie tells Kim she will make it work and Kim agrees to give the show a try with both of them and if they find Brad isn't working then the show will once again be Katie's. Henry and Katie leave so that Katie can share her plan with him. Once the two are together Katie tells Henry that she believes that Brad will self-destruct in a few weeks leaving her to take her show back.

When he returns to the farm Brad tells Vienna that he saved the kids and Paul from a huge "beast". An impressed Vienna hugs Brad. Out on the porch, Parker and Jack talk about Parker's lack of sense recently especially in regards to running off. As the two are talking Parker tells Jack about Paul's visions, but Jack rejects the idea that Paul can see things before they happen. As their conversation continues, Jack tries to explain to Parker that he needs to accept that Carly is gone and that he, Jack, is there for Parker and will always be there. Parker begins to cry and hugs Jack. At the Snyder home, Faith is sent upstairs as Lily and Holden continue their discussion about Lily's lack of judgment in letting Faith go off earlier. Holden tells Lily it seems like she is the one falling apart, not Faith and he can't trust her judgment. After Holden leaves to check on Faith, Lily goes to her purse and throws out her diet pills.

While Meg and Craig continue frolicking in her hotel room, they hear a knock at the door and presume it is their pizza. As Meg gets up to answer the door in a bed sheet, she is surprised to find Paul bleeding at her door. She asks him what has happened and he stares at her.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Casey helped his dad at home. They went through brief and files concerning Casey's case. Tom said unless Adam came back, they may not be able to drop the obstruction of justice charge. Maddie came down, got flustered with all the Adam talk and left. Casey was scared Maddie was going to break up with him. Maddie wrote something about the murder on her computer at Al's, and then signed it as a goodbye letter from Adam. Casey came in and asked how her paper was going. She told him it was personal. Casey thought it was about him and ran off. Maddie sent the letter as an email.

Gwen and Will went out shopping for a new wedding ring. Margo stopped by to chat. Will questioned her about her sons setting him up. A clerk came out and he went to sign a receipt. Margo and Gwen discussed missing Adam. Margo drilled Gwen about her relationship with Adam and his location. Margo asked if there was more to the story. Gwen explained her rebuff of Adam's advances. Margo left. Iris came up and asked Gwen why she was lying to her husband. Iris told about the gardening story and wondered why she lied. Gwen explained it off. Iris was just happy about a real ring and left. Will asked Gwen why she was so jumpy. Gwen's phone rang and Will answered. Maddie said their troubles were over. Will asked about what problems. Gwen grabbed the phone. Maddie told her she fixed the problem and they hung up. Will got on his knees and put the ring on her finger. They kissed while Iris watched from the shadows.

At home Tom and Margo lamented the fix their boys had gotten in. Margo felt like a failure. Tom said they needed to take responsibility for their actions. Casey came home and overheard. Casey snuck back out.

Emily and her madam discussed her "trick" in a hotel room. Emily asked about the client and Madame told her she knew all the men. Dusty called Emily and wanted to meet her for Intruder business. She declined. Madam wondered if it was a boyfriend. Emily said no and told her not to worry. Madam left. Her guest came in and he didn't speak. He told her to be quiet and he ripped her clothes off. He was rough and bossy. Em played along for a bit and told him to back off. He liked it and they proceeded. After Emily overheard the john on the phone discussing some drug deals of some bigwig, Frost, she tried to get some information.

Susan saw Dusty in the diner. She thanked him for all the help he'd given Emily. Dusty said Emily's mind wasn't on the paper and he didn't think he could help much more. Susan wondered where Emily had been spending all her time. They tried to figure out what was going on. He told Susan Emily was at risk of losing her job. Later Emily came in and talked to Dusty. She told him she had a hot story.

Paul produced the bracelet for Meg at the Wagon Wheel. Meg wouldn't let him in the room...Craig was naked in the bed...Paul told her they story of Faith and the dog. He told her he loved her and begged her to come back to him. Craig listened from behind the door. Paul said he'd use his gift to help people and that he was a changed man. Meg said it wasn't enough and for him to leave. Paul worked his way into the room, saw Craig and, overcome, had to sit down. Craig exited quickly. Paul told her she was in danger from Craig and asked her if she was in love with Craig. She told him they had their chance and it was over. He got up and said he would still fight for her. When Paul left, Meg cried Craig came back with pizza and consoled her.

Friday, February 23, 2007

At WOAK, Katie is about to begin a cooking segment, making meatloaf. Kim wonders where Brad is, because he's late, but Katie says she's sure she can manage without Brad. She begins the segment, going over the recipe, but as she's about to mix the ingredients together, Brad comes in with another man, holding a leashed Doberman pinscher, the same dog that attacked Faith, Parker, and Paul in the woods. When the dog suddenly barks, Katie jumps, and Brad laughs as she gets egg on herself. Brad then tells Katie and their viewers that he rescued the dog from the pound after "stunning" it in the woods last night, and he says a vet checked the dog out and thinks it was hit by a car, then went into the woods to lick its wounds and got freaked out. But Brad says the dog, which he calls "Rusty," is just fine now, as they can all see.

Jack, Parker, and JJ are having breakfast at Al's Diner, and Parker is being surly, as usual, with JJ. Jack tries to put them both in a better mood by saying he has tickets to the hockey game tonight, and they could all go, but Parker reminds JJ he has band practice, which Jack had forgotten about. Jack then tells Parker he could go if he does a couple of extra chores, but Parker says he hates hockey. Jack doesn't believe that, since Parker used to be all about hockey, and he eventually gets Parker to show some interest in going to the game, but then his cell phone rings, and Jack has to leave to check on something involving Brad. He tells them he'll drop them off at school, but JJ and Parker both say they're still eating and won't be allowed into school for another half hour, so Jack tells JJ to keep an eye on the clock, and he asks Parker if he can trust him to actually go to school. Parker says yes, so Jack leaves, and Parker then mocks JJ some more. JJ has had enough and tells Parker he's tired of everyone feeling so concerned about Parker, saying he's not the only one who misses their mom. Parker yells back that he doesn't miss his mom at all, as JJ walks away.

Jack walks into WOAK and whispers to Kim that that's the same dog that attacked people in the woods, and Kim is horrified but says they'd better not do anything sudden, since it looks like the dog is under control. Katie recovers from the shock of the dog's appearance and takes a completed meatloaf out of the oven, only to have the dog jump up and grab the meatloaf off the counter and begin eating it. Brad thinks it's hysterically funny, but Katie is not amused. When the camera stops rolling, Kim takes her aside, where Katie claims that Brad is getting more and more out of control, and pretty soon, there won't be a show left at all. Meanwhile, Jack tells Brad that the dog could have bitten Katie or someone else and that he had no business bringing it to the set; he tells Brad he's really pushing it now. He leaves, and Kim comes in and tells Brad that he'd better not be late for his call again, or he'll be fired on the spot; she also says she never intended for Brad to overshadow Katie on the show, and it had better not happen again. Brad says he understands and that he'll apologize to Katie, which he does. He then asks Katie if it was hard talking about all that home-sweet-home stuff on TV when she no longer has a husband at home to cook for; Katie tells him he needs to stop listening to Vienna, but Brad tells her maybe she shouldn't take it out on him just because she's upset her husband left her. He leaves, and later, Jack wanders back into the studio to find Katie almost in tears; she tells him she realizes Mike's never coming back, and she lays her head on Jack's shoulder and begins to cry.

At the Wagon Wheel motel, Craig asks Meg to move into Fairwinds with him, saying he has ample room, and the Wagon Wheel is not a very nice place to stay. Meg wonders what strings are attached to the offer. He tries to convince her he's just offering because he cares about her; he suggests it would be best if she got away from Paul, because Paul wants to suck her back into his unstable world. Then he says he has to go conduct some business but will come back in an hour to see what her answer is. He leaves, but while he's gone, the motel manager knocks on Meg's door and asks when she's leaving the room. He tells her a man already paid her bill, and he has people who want to rent the room. When Craig returns later and knocks on her door loudly, the manager comes by and asks him to keep it down. Craig says he's come to move Meg's things to his place, but the manager says she insisted she wasn't going anywhere, so she didn't check out, although she left right after that. Craig finds out where Meg is and goes to Al's Diner, where he sees her waiting tables. When he approaches her, she says he shouldn't have assumed he knew what her answer would be, and she says she'd rather stay at the Wagon Wheel and work at Al's to support herself for the time being, so that she can stand on her own.

At Gwen and Will's place, Gwen is looking at their computer when she sees an e-mail message from Adam Munson. She can't believe it and tells Will it can't be from Adam, but Will sits down to read the message, which is the fake apology that Maddie wrote and sent under Adam's name. Gwen says they should probably go over to see Margo, and Will agrees. Meanwhile, at Tom and Margo's house, Maddie overhears Margo booking a plane flight to Los Angeles, where she plans to try to track down Adam. Maddie wonders why she can't just do her investigating from here, but Margo says she wants to be the one to find Adam. Casey comes in and says he's just heard from Adam, and he shows her a printed copy of the same e-mail message that Will and Gwen read. Will and Gwen arrive, and Maddie takes Gwen aside and says she broke into Adam's e-mail account, so Margo will think Adam actually sent the message. Just then, Jade and Luke come to the door, because Jade wants to return a sweatshirt that belongs to Adam, and Luke wants to let Margo know how sorry he is for all that her family's going through. Margo thanks them and goes to put the sweatshirt away, and then Jade hears about the e-mail and reads Casey's copy. She says that can't be right, because Adam would have copied her on it, because he owed her an apology, too. Maddie flies off the handle about how Jade never meant anything to Adam, and Luke intervenes, telling Maddie she's out of line. Jade storms out, and Luke tells Maddie that Jade's part of his family now. Luke leaves, and Casey tells Maddie that she just burned Jade so bad, Jade will probably try to go find Adam now just to prove she was wrong about him.

When Luke and Jade are alone, he tells her Maddie was out of line but had a point about Adam not treating Jade like a girlfriend. Jade tells Luke that since he has zero experience in relationships, he shouldn't be giving her advice in that area. He's stung by that comment and says he just hasn't had a chance to make someone happy yet, but that he never saw that "spark" between her and Adam. Jade admits it didn't seem to be there, and she apologizes for her remarks, saying she didn't mean to hurt his feelings when he's always been there for her. She assures him that he's a great guy, and there's a great guy waiting for him out there somewhere. Then she says she and Adam might have gone further if Gwen hadn't come between them, and she tells Luke that Gwen and Maddie are always trying to turn people against her, but one day they'll pay for that.

Casey, Will, Gwen, and Maddie decide they're hungry, and Maddie says she and Gwen can make pancakes if the guys will go to the store to get some orange juice; Casey and Will leave, and Maddie tells Gwen she's worried that Jade really might go look for Adam. Gwen thinks Maddie was right before when she said that if they play it cool, this might all just blow over. The guys come back with the OJ, and when Margo walks in, the girls ask if she wants pancakes, too. Margo says she has to go to the station, because someone just found a dead body in the woods near the airport.



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