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Passions Recaps: The week of February 26, 2007 on PS
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Monday, February 26, 2007

Fox refuses to get prep for his treatment but has to go along with it to avert suspicion. He has a change of heart and decides to go home to Kay so that Miguel won't have his way with her. Back at Tabitha's house, Miguel pleads with Kay insisting on his innocence and Fox's guilt. He pleads and begs until he manages to kiss Kay passionately. Kay hesitates but kisses him back. While Kay and Miguel are about to make love, Fox is right outside Tabitha's door ready to go upstairs.

Whitney advises Theresa not to meet the blackmailer alone because it's way too dangerous. Theresa insists that she has to meet the blackmailer because he knows her every move; consequently, Whitney suggests she has her office inspected for bugs. Theresa's plan is to pay the blackmailer off so that she can be with Ethan. She gets an email message from the blackmailer insisting that she meets with him. Theresa asks him what he wants, but he would rather meet her and discuss it. Whitney tells Theresa that it's a trick because the blackmailer is not willing to part with his leverage on Theresa. Whitney manages to talk Theresa out of meeting the blackmailer for a minute there, but the blackmailer manages to talk Theresa into meeting him. Theresa goes off to meet the blackmailer.

Luis takes Fancy away from Harmony to ease her nerves. Fancy tells Luis that Sheridan is the one who attacked her even though Luis does not believe her. Fancy is trying to get comfortable with Luis, but she keeps hearing Sheridan's voice in her head telling her that she can't stand to be touched, along with the memories of her attacks. She pulls away from Luis, and he promises to have her attacker caught and put in jail. Luis camps outside Fancy's window to make sure that she is safe. Someone made sure that Luis and Fancy receive things that they thought each other sent. They are both gushing over how thoughtful each other is but none of them sent those things. The perpetrator drugs Luis's tea and makes his way back to Fancy's room and inserts tubing underneath her door. It appears as if it's meant for toxic fumes to be released in her room in order to render her unconscious. Back at the Crane Cottage, Chris questions Sheridan about her scratches and bruise marks. Sheridan comes up with a story about teaching James to climb trees. Sheridan suspects that Chris does not believe her. She immediately accuses Chris of taking Fancy's side over hers. In addition, Chris accuses Sheridan of being obsessed with Luis, and Sheridan admits that she has never stopped loving Luis, and she'll always love him. Chris believes that Fancy was assaulted, but Sheridan continues to claim that Fancy is unstable and is making up stories as she goes along. Chris implies to Sheridan that due to the fact that she is not over Luis, her jealousy could be getting the best of her. She could be hurting Fancy out of jealousy. Sheridan storms out of the cottage and claims she is sleeping at the mansion, and Chris retorts that Luis is not there.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

As Martin changes for the renewal ceremony, a nude Katherine interrupts him. She tries to get him to make love to her. Though he is clearly tempted, Martin refuses.

Pilar chastises Theresa for trying to break up Ethan and Gwen, especially on a day that is about the celebration of marriage. Theresa defends herself as Pilar tries to convince her to stop her tricks.

Gwen enjoys her new job but Ethan has a tough time being Mr. Mom.

Sheridan and Chris attempt to break into Otto's house after slipping through the front gates. After a close call with one of his henchmen, they finally get inside.

Kay worries that the shadow over foreseen her wedding to Fox could be Miguel. Meanwhile, Ivy instructs Valerie to find Miguel so she can get Kay out of Fox's life. Valerie hacks into Theresa's cell phone records and discovers calls to Mexico. Valerie dials the number, believing she's located Miguel.

Noah wants to contact his enemies to tell them Fancy doesn't know anything. Maya reminds him there is no way to contact them and that the plan wouldn't work because they are dealing with violent people.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

When Chad opens the door to his apartment, a deliveryman is holding yellow roses, which have been sent to him by Vincent. He convinces Theresa that the flowers are for her. When she leaves to make tea, Chad calls Vincent and demands that he stop. Vincent torments Chad by sending explicit scenes to Chad's cell phone that are from a video that Vincent made showing Chad and Vincent in bed together. Whitney walks in and looks to see what has Chad so engrossed.

The situation looks grim for the Lopez-Fitzgerald clan. At the B&B where Luis and Fancy are staying, Luis stops Fancy's attacker, but not before acid is spilled on Fancy's leg. The attacker manages to escape into the bathroom, leaving Luis holding a jar of acid over Fancy as Sam rushes in. Fancy has not seen the attacker, who can defy the laws of physics and reality, even as they exist in Harmony. When Sam and Luis investigate the bathroom, the window is still locked and there appears to be no way out of the bathroom. As if things were not bad enough, the key to Fancy's room falls out of Luis's pocket. Luis says he has never seen the key and that he is being set up. Sam tells Luis that he followed them because he was worried about Fancy. Sam says that the hotel has surrounded by police and that no one except Luis has seen the attacker. Sam then handcuffs Luis, reads him his rights and arrests him for Rae's murder and the attacks on Fancy.

At the same time, Theresa is meeting the blackmailer in a dark alley as agreed. She is astounded to learn that the blackmailer wants Ethan for him or herself. This is a terrible dilemma for Theresa, who loves Ethan, but knows that if the truth is exposed, if everyone finds out that Little Ethan is Ethan's son, she will loose all her power and money, which in turn will mean that both her brothers will go to jail for crimes they did not commit. As she is thinking about what she should do, Ethan finds her. She tries to get him to leave, but both hear the voice of the blackmailer. Ethan goes looking and finds a question box that responds to Theresa's voice when she says certain words. Ethan tells Theresa that he recognizes it as a more sophisticated version of a voice box used in toys made by Crane Industries. Theresa tries to give the box the silent treatment because she doesn't want Ethan to know anymore than he already does, but when he says he can hook it up to his computer, she says "No" and the box responds, "Little Ethan." Theresa fears that the jig is up and that Ethan is about to find out everything.

In her bedroom at Tabitha's Kay and Fox, who had extensive surgery and flatlined twice after a serious hit and run injury earlier in the day, start to make love while unknown to Fox, Miguel hides in the closet. Curiously, Fox has no stitches or broken bones and very few bruises. Miguel interrupts them by calling Kay's cell phone. He convinces Kay to stop what they are doing. She in turn convinces Fox to go back to the hospital. When Fox leaves the bedroom to get dressed, Miguel predicts that Fox will refuse treatment because he is not really sick, and this will verify all that Miguel has been saying. At the hospital, Fox tries to get Kay to make love to him, but she refuses and tells him that love is not about sex, but communication. He reluctantly goes back to bed while Miguel skulks around. When a nurse comes in to put in a shunt so Fox can begin treatment, he absolutely refuses. He declares that he has decided to forego the treatments. Kay looks disillusioned, and outside, a smug Miguel gloats.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Chief Bennett takes Luis to the police station to re-book him for the latest attack on Fancy and the murder of Rae. Fancy tells Sam that she knows Luis wouldn't hurt her. Sam tells her he has no other choice because all evidence points to Luis. Sheridan joins them at the station. Sam speaks with Fancy in the back of the station. Luis asks Sheridan if he could have a few minutes alone. Luis breaks free from the chair that Sam has handcuffed him to and escapes while Sheridan is watching him from another part of the room. Sam and Fancy return to find Luis gone. Sheridan tells Sam that she doesn't know where Luis is.

Miguel continues to plant doubt into Kay's head about why Fox is refusing the treatments. Kay questions Fox why he's had a change of heart. Fox tells Kay that he'd rather be able to make love to her properly than to live. Meanwhile, Julian is talking with Fox's treatment nurse. Julian informs the nurse that he knows she's hiding her gambling debts from her husband. Julian blackmails the nurse into agreeing to give Fox fake treatments. While Kay and Miguel are speaking in the waiting room, Julian takes the chance to tell Fox that all is okay. Kay returns to Fox's room and is happy to hear that Fox decided to take the treatments. Miguel still knows that Fox is lying.

Whitney questions Chad about the gay porn on his PDA. Chad's explanation to her is that he accidentally transferred the video when he was trying to send other files from his work computer. Whitney then questions him why it was on his work computer. He tells her that when Alistair was running Crane that he made money from videos such as those and that those some companies were still trying to contact Crane for new business. Whitney gives in to Chad's explanation.

Jessica is forced into turning another trick. Spike takes her to the hotel room and drops her off. Spike then goes to the wharf and demands that Chris help him rob money from Crane Industries. Chris refuses but Spike threatens to kill Sheridan and James. Chris is reluctant but he and Spike make their way to the office. Back at the hotel, Jessica undresses and lays in bed. Jessica decides to leave and heads toward the door when the mystery John comes out of the bathroom and asks where she's going. She turns around and screams. Her John seems to be half man/half woman because he's dressed with a pant on one leg and a skirt on the other.

Ethan and Theresa are on the wharf. Theresa grabs the box from Ethan's hands and throws it in the water before the voice reveals the secret about Little Ethan. Ethan begs Theresa to tell him what she's hiding but she takes off. He follows her back to her bedroom at the mansion. Theresa still doesn't tell Ethan her secret. Ethan tells Theresa that Gwen filed for divorce. Ethan and Theresa share their hope for a future together. Passion takes over and they kiss.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Julian is thinking about the nurse he paid off to give Fox Placebo instead of the real drugs. Miguel is lurking around the hospital hoping to convince Kay that Fox is lying. The nurse Julian paid off accidentally drops her check in front of Miguel. She manages to stop Miguel from picking it up. Miguel is confused that Fox is about to undergo the treatment.

Jessica is terrified by her latest john, who happens to be the peeping tom. He tries to calm Jessica down by telling her how much he loves her, but that does not work. Afterwards, he pulls out a razor while he walks towards Jessica. Noah, Simone, & Paloma come to her rescue right in the nick of time. She tells them about the creature who tries to attack her, and they think that she is on drugs and not making any sense. Eve treats Jessica and is interrupted by a phone call. The call is from someone who claims to be her and Julian's son.

Sam places an APB out on Luis for escaping while Sheridan blames Fancy for Luis' predicament. Fancy insists that Sheridan is the one who attacked her, and Sheridan continuously blames Fancy for Luis' troubles by causing her to feel guilty.

Ethan and Theresa make love. The peeping tom is keeping tabs on her, and he/she leaves an instant message on Theresa's computer telling her that she will pay. Luis walks in on Ethan and Theresa while they were in the moment. He is desperate for help since he is on the run. He asks for Theresa and Ethan's help. Ethan wants to turn him in and hires investigators to find Luis's killer, but Theresa offers to help Luis by offering him cash and giving him a place to stay. Theresa's conscience is bothering her, so she attempts to tell Ethan the truth. She does not get the chance. The peeper sends her a message. He wants her to marry Jared, in the hospital, this very night. On the wharf, Sam spots Luis and pursues him. Luis gets away, and Sam gives out an order to shoot to kill Luis if he resists arrest.

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