One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 5, 2007 on OLTL

Jessica realized that she had to make a choice, as Antonio grew suspicious. Marty suggested that Jessica write her true love's name on a piece of paper. Todd presented Evangeline with an over-the-top birthday gift. Natalie confessed to Bo that she had tampered with evidence, and John had covered it up. David was arrested for Spencer's murder. Asa praised David for a job well done.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 5, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, March 5, 2007

After Evangeline's day of pampering, she and Todd discuss their kiss and mutual attraction. Evangeline alludes to the fact that their may be something between them but it is probably because they are both lonely. Todd tries to get Evangeline to not think about Cris or Blair at that moment. He tells her that he enjoys her company and that maybe they should just hang out and go from there. Just as they are about to kiss, Starr angrily interrupts them by storming into Todd's penthouse. She asks Todd how he can betray her mother by kissing another woman. Evangeline goes upstairs to change while Todd tries to calm down his daughter. He reminds Starr that he and Blair are no longer together by Blair's choice and that they have no right to tell him who he can and cannot spend time with. Starr wonders why she can't say anything but they can tell her that she can't hang out with Cole. Evangeline comes downstairs and tells Todd that she's had a moment of clarity and she realizes that she still loves Cris but Todd is persistent as he asks her to pencil some time in for him everyday so that he can see make her smile.

After realizing that neither Rex nor Michael had anything to do with Spencer's murder, he has the two men brought from their holding cells. John tells them that he knows they are not lying about Spencer but they are still carrying a secret and he knows that it has something to do with Tommy. John tries to reason with Michael by warning him that secrets have a way of coming out and you can either wait for it to happen or you can determine how it comes out. Michael and Rex remain mum about their secret. Before leaving Rex wants to know who John suspects the killer is but John just looks at him and shakes his head.

Natalie talks to Miles about her sordid past with Mitch Laurence while he waits for information on Spencer's murder from John. Miles tells her that he is happy that she was able to get away safely. Natalie reminds Miles that she almost died because of Mitch and that she did not get away totally unscathed. Miles confides in Natalie that he was an outcast in the Laurence family since he was as ugly on the outside as they were on the inside.

After returning Cole's wallet, Marcie goes off on him about his recent rendezvous with Starr that took place while she was watching Tommy. Cole apologizes and begs Marcie not to fire Starr from her babysitting gig. Marcie agrees to let Starr continue to watch Tommy but warns Cole that breaking the rules to see Starr is not worth the risk. Cole disagrees and wonders if Marcie knows how they really feel. Marcie tells him that she knows and decides not to tell their parents this time about their secret meeting but warns him that if he is going to continue to see Starr then he should be more careful and not leave so many clues around like his wallet that she found in between the cushions on the couch.

Blair breaks the news to Starr about the death of Todd's son with Margaret. Starr believes that this explains why Todd is kissing a woman he doesn't love. Starr yells at Blair blaming her for breaking up their family yet again. Dorian scolds Starr for yelling at her mother but Starr runs off in anger. Dorian tries to get Blair to understand how she is constantly confusing Starr by saying one moment that she and Todd are through but then getting back together with him the next minute. Blair declares that this time it is over and that she will not be getting back together with Todd. Their conversation is interrupted by John who arrests Dorian for the murder of Spencer Truman.

John takes Dorian to jail and then takes a picture of her on his cell phone. When Dorian pleads with John that she did not kill Spencer, John ominously states that he did not say that she did. John finds Natalie and calls her into his office. He tells her that he is going out of town for a little while on business. He doesn't tell her what the business is but says that it has nothing to do with their personal relationship. Natalie asks him to think about their relationship and if he wants to see it continue the way it has been because she knows she doesn't want it to.

Michael runs home to Marcie after being released from jail. A thrilled Marcie asks him what happened and Michael tells her that he and Rex were both being held but they were released after John realized that neither one of them killed Spencer. After taking a shower Michael goes over to his son and tells him that he has nothing to worry about while a skeptical Marcie looks on. Rex also runs to Adriana who is very happy to see him. She becomes relieved after Rex tells her that they were wrong about Michael having killed Spencer.

Cole finds Starr at home and warns her that Marcie is on to them after finding his wallet in her couch. Starr begins to worry until Cole tells her that Marcie has agreed not to tell their parents this time. She shares with Cole the arguments she got into with her parents and finds it ironic that although everyone else's life is falling apart, they are the ones who are called silly.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Dorian is visited by Miles who has come to see the person responsible for the death of his good friend, Spencer. Dorian declares her innocence and then snaps back at Miles with her predictions of his new life out in the real world. She warns him that all the Laurence men seem to have an evil gene in their body which leads Dorian to believe that it is hereditary. Miles reminds Dorian that since he is the black sheep of the family, he feels that it will save him from being like the other members of his family. Dorian wonders about how Miles will fare out of the protective walls of the hospital he was in especially with his naïve interpretations of the people he comes into contact with. Miles believes that underneath Dorian's rough exterior is a nice person who he hopes to get to know a little better. Clint also pays Dorian a visit to check on her and to see if she would tell him the truth about what she knows about Spencer's murder. Dorian swears that she did not kill Spencer nor does she know anything about Spencer's murder. Clint believes her which leads Dorian to believe that Clint still cares for her since nothing shows a person you care like a visit in jail.

A furious Natalie throws money at Marty while she accuses her of being the reason Natalie and John have been so distant. Marty asks her questions to get at the root of her accusations but the answers Natalie gives leads Marty to believe that Natalie is just being paranoid. Natalie wonders how Marty manages to make any money with her whack diagnosis of patients. Marty accuses both Natalie and John of being unable to communicate. After a few more minutes of Natalie's tirade, Marty tells Natalie that if she wants to work on her relationship with John then she needs to talk to John. Natalie storms out and Marty heads out to relax and have a glass of wine but discovers that the only money she has is the $5 that Natalie threw at her. Miles buys her a drink while they commiserate over their rough day.

Natalie heads back to the station and runs into Vincent who wonders how she is doing. As they are talking her phone rings but Natalie refuses to answer John's call telling Vincent that if it is important then John will leave a message which he does. Vincent tries to convince Natalie that she is the most important person in her life and that she should think about what makes her happy for a chance since she deserves it.

Clint mistakenly believes that Nash is feeling guilty that Antonio got hurt while saving Nash's life. He tells Nash that he shouldn't feel guilty since Clint knows that Nash would have done the same thing if the roles had been reversed. Antonio wakes up so Nash and Jessica go in to visit with him. Jessica assures Antonio that everything is all right especially with Carlotta helping Jessica with the girls. Antonio is worried that Jessica and his mom are taking on too much where the girls are concerned and suggests that Nash move in with Jessica for a little while. Jessica balks at the idea of Nash staying with her and insists that if she needs any help she will contact Adriana or her sister. When the nurse comes in to get Antonio for more testing, Nash questions Jessica in the hallway about why she turned down Antonio's suggestion that they live together temporarily. Jessica reminds Nash that she can't be alone with him but Nash feels that they need the time to work out their situation. Jessica tells Nash that she has to figure this out on her own since she is the one who will be hurting the family she loves. Antonio overhears their conversation as he is being wheeled out of his room.

Starr and Cole spend a little time together that is interrupted by Jack and his need to embarrass Starr by bringing out old photo albums. Cole is amused especially when finds out that Starr likes reptiles. When Starr threatens Jack with bodily harm if he does not turn over the camera that he took, Cole tells Starr that she overreacted to Jack's humor and is pleased that he learned a little more about his "girlfriend."

John thinks about his relationship with Natalie while en route to his mysterious destination. He thinks about the good times and the bad times that they have had recently and listens to Natalie's message telling him that everything is going to be OK. John leaves Natalie a message telling her not to do anything crazy while he is gone and that they will talk when he gets home. After arriving in sunny California, he finds a very toned and tanned David Vickers and tells him that he has proof that he murdered his brother.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

As Antonio is being wheeled out of his room to be taken for tests, Jessica and Nash argue out of his earshot. Antonio tells the nurse that he'd like to talk to Jessica before the tests. Antonio is starting to get suspicious about Jessica and Nash, but Jess calms the situation for a while by saying that the whole fire thing really freaked her out. She apologizes to Antonio for making him think she blames him. He wants to make sure that's all it is, and she asks him what else it could be. When the nurse returns to take Antonio for his tests, he tells Jessica and Nash to go and get some rest. Before they leave, Nash notes that Antonio is getting suspicious, and Jess says they'll have to be even more careful.

At the Sun, Todd repeatedly tries to call Evangeline, and is annoyed when she has her cell phone off. Jessica stops by on her way home from the hospital to drop off her story about Miles. Todd wants her next assignment to be to find out everything she can about Evangeline. Jessica assumes that Todd just wants to get Evangeline in bed, and refuses to take this assignment. She thinks that Todd is the reason Cris and Vange are breaking up, and tells him that Evangeline still loves Cristian. She also says that Todd is wrong for her because he still loves Blair, and that he's too complicated for Evangeline. Todd guesses that Jessica isn't really talking about him at all and thinks something is going on with her. Jessica avoids talking about herself. Todd is impressed by how strong Jess has become since her integration. Jessica leaves, saying again that she won't take this assignment. Todd then works on getting information himself, and discovers that Evangeline's birthday is tomorrow.

Miles orders more drinks for him and Marty at the Palace, and then buys everyone in the bar a round. Marty tells him that he shouldn't have to buy friends by buying drinks for everyone. Miles doesn't understand the problem, and Marty explains that they're not real friends. He says that he'll take any friends he can get and toasts his and her friendship. Marty tells him that they can't be friends while he's her patient. He then jokingly fires her, and she tells him not to stop therapy. He tries to drink her wine, but she stops him, warning that he shouldn't mix his drinks; otherwise he'll end up sick. He then orders another beer, and Marty warns him about hangovers. He says that can be his new experience for tomorrow. Marty asks Miles why he chose beer. He says that it's so he can enjoy being drunk and thinks being drunk is fun. Marty tells him that beer can pack a big punch, too. Miles is impressed with her alcohol knowledge, and she reminds him that she was quite the party girl in college. Miles tries to get the attention of the bartender to order yet another beer. When he gets his drink, he falls off his barstool, very happy that he is drunk. Marty then helps Miles to his room, and as he enters, he collapses. Marty helps him up and onto the couch. They both fall on it, Miles reaches out and kisses Marty, and he tells her that that was another first for him. Marty is surprised that that was his first kiss. Miles then passes out, and Marty covers him up before she leaves.

Meanwhile, Evangeline evades a call from Todd and meets up with Layla at the Palace. Layla wonders what's wrong with Evangeline. Vange tells Layla that she and Cris broke up. Layla placates her and tells her that they'll make up, but Evangeline says it's really over. She explains that Cris came to her apartment and found her and Todd saying good-bye, but Cris misinterpreted it as them being together and wouldn't let her explain what he walked in on. Then she tells Layla about what happened between her, Cris, and Todd at the hospital, and how they all kind of blew up at each other. She continues on saying that she went to Todd's and he got her a fancy lunch and a massage. Layla wants to know if Todd sees them as friends. Evangeline felt like Todd was seducing her. She then talks about how Starr showed up at Todd's penthouse and thought that Todd and Evangeline were having sex. Vange says she felt like she was cheating on Cris, and Layla reminds her that she and Cris aren't together anymore. Evangeline's hurt by that comment. Layla tells her not to feel guilty, and Evangeline repeats that she loves Cris, not Todd. Layla reminds her that she tends to have a thing for complicated men, bringing up her relationships with R.J. and John. Evangeline insists she's changed and doesn't want to change Cristian. Layla tells her that she has to figure out a way to get Cris back. After Layla leaves to check up on Nash, Evangeline pulls out her cell to call Cristian, and is sad that he ignored her call.

Nash ends up at the Palace after leaving the hospital, and orders a scotch and asks to keep them coming. When Layla comes to talk to him, he tells her that he and Jessica realized they were in love when they were trapped together in the fire. He says that it's Jessica he loves, not Tess, and declares that Jess is amazing. He then wants Layla to tell him that he has to avoid Jessica, but he doesn't know if he can do that, or even if he wants to do that.

When Antonio is done with his tests, Cristian arrives to visit. Cris asks Antonio how Jessica is doing, and he's surprised that Jess and Nash left together. Antonio thinks that Jessica and Nash are spending too much time together, which prompts Cristian to ask if Antonio thinks Jessica and Nash are having an affair. Antonio is shocked that he'd immediately go there, but Cris explains that it's a residual from what happened between him and Evangeline. Antonio wants to know if Cris really thinks that Evangeline is hooking up with Todd, and Cris wants to know what Antonio thinks the deal is between Jess and Nash. Talia then stops by, bringing Antonio a gift and asks for input on what to do for the arson investigation. After getting some advice, she leaves. Once she's gone, Cris says that Talia is a looker, and Antonio is confident in her ability to track down the arsonist. Cris asks Antonio again about Jess and Nash, and Antonio wants to know if Cris knows something that Antonio doesn't. Cris then gets a call from Evangeline, which he ignores because it's over between him and her, and he almost slips about Jessica and Nash's affair. Antonio explains that he knows what Cris is going through, but he'll get over it and move on. Antonio tells him that he trusts Nash, and more importantly, he trusts Jessica. Cristian compares his situation with Evangeline with Antonio and Jessica.

On the tropical island, John accuses David of killing Spencer. David is surprised by this, and John is surprised that David isn't surprised by all the goings-on in Llanview. He then asks David what he's been up to. David details how he got to this particular piece of paradise via bus to Miami and stowing away on a discount cruise. He also had a relationship with a Cantonese runway model with a titanium hip, but she accused him of being a gold digger. He was upset by this and took the rest of her money and booked a first class ticket to this island. He's been very comfortable there, saying that the locals have accepted him and given him the nickname "Blanco Stupido." After this long story, John tells David that he has proof that David killed Spencer. John takes out the picture of the hospital lobby, which shows David entering the hospital wearing scrubs. John also checked with immigration and found out that David arrived in Llanview before the murder occurred and left Llanview two hours after the murder. David then admits he killed Spencer. John is surprised that David would confess, but David explains that there are no extradition laws for that island. David also tells John that he should be thankful that David killed Spencer so John wouldn't have to. David scoffs when John wants to take him back to Llanview. John then shows David a picture of Dorian in jail and tells David that Dorian is the prime suspect. David agrees to go back to Llanview with John once he finishes his piña colada.

Natalie goes to Bo's office to make a confession, which surprises Bo, because he doesn't know what she'd have to confess about. She tells him that she took evidence from the Truman murder crime scene. He angrily asks her why she'd do that. She tells him that she found evidence that would have incriminated John in the murder. Bo wants to know what evidence she took. Nat tells him that she took a couple fibers that looked like they belonged to John's scarf. She explains that she instinctively protected John because she doesn't want to lose him again. He then tells her that the fibers could still be relevant, but she says that she got rid of them. Bo is very disappointed in Natalie and even more disappointed that John helped her cover it up. Nat asks him if he's going to arrest her. He tells her he won't, but that she's no longer in the forensics program. He says she can also keep her desk job, but if the murder goes unsolved, he'll have no choice but to arrest both Nat and John and they'll both face criminal charges.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Jess decides to have a chat with Marty and confesses that she's in love with two men. She admits that she was unable to keep her distance from Nash and Cris overheard him giving the details to Layla. She's certain that her feelings for Nash do not belong to Tess; she's gotten to know him through Jess' eyes. Marty tells her that Antonio will sense that something is going on and she had better tell him before he finds out from someone else. Jess realizes that she has to choose before it's too late.

Nash drops off insurance papers to Antonio but gets more than he bargained for when Antonio starts to give him the third degree. Why were he and Jess in the storage room? What were they talking about and what were they doing? Nash reminds him that he was getting glasses but has no idea why Jess was there. They were locked in and they talked, mostly about getting out of the storage room. He asks Antonio if he's a suspect and the answer is that he's trying to piece things together. Are you having an affair with my wife? Antonio asks point blank.

While Lindsay is at the police station to drop off some donated artwork, she stops into Bo's office to say hello. They have a talk about relationships, finding new ones and taking back old ones, and also about Matthew being down, especially having lost tapes that he had of Jen. She tells him what a great father he is. Talia asks if she can go back to Capricorn, having had previous experience in this area and search for overlooked evidence. One of their own was almost killed and she needs to do more, she tells Bo. He reluctantly agrees and later she returns with something new. There were odd patterns of footprints around the area where she was knocked down, she shares. She's brought back pictures and dirt samples. Bo thinks the arsonist has a history and opens up the search to a wider area. Dorian is thrilled to see David, come to bail her out, but is beyond shocked when he replaces her in the cell. He's signed a confession, he's committed the murder of Spencer and he really doesn't want to discuss it. John states that there's a video of David at the hospital the night of the murder. She wonders why he came back but it hits her suddenly. John took a picture of her in jail and showed it to him. David came back for to save her. He couldn't let her take the fall, he tells her. She puts her hands through the bars and he tenderly kisses them. She'll get him the best lawyer that money can buy.

Asa suggests that Nora and Matthew continue to live in his mansion as they have difficulty finding the perfect new house. Or at least Matthew himself, when Nora protests that she's his son's ex-wife. She's waiting for her insurance check and is pretty frustrated about it. She has nothing and has resorted to wearing Renee's clothes. Just then, packages are brought in by the maid. He's arranged to have clothes delivered from the shop at the Palace. Nora is very touched and extremely happy. She doesn't know what she'd do without him. Lindsay stops by with a surprise; she's had Jen's pictures copied and a DVD made of her tapes for Matthew. And more – copies of pictures of Sam for Nora. She heard from Bo, she tells a confused Nora. Twice in the same day, Nora is overcome. Then she hears that the insurance company won't pay her.

Nat dreams of her and John having a great reunion but is awakened suddenly when there's a knock at the door. It's Vincent, who wants to make sure she's ok, since she wasn't at work. She admits that she made a confession, has lost her position in the forensics class and may lose her job and more. Vincent thinks she's gotten a raw deal and knows for sure that she's more than just a desk job; that if she did something wrong it was for all the right reasons. Nat talks about her stilted relationship with John but feels uncomfortable. It's also possible that John may lose his job on account of her and though they were getting back on track, he will be angry when he learns what she did, confessing to Bo. Vincent admits that he would like to start over himself because he has a lot to prove. He also confesses that Nat isn't the spoiled brat he thought she'd be, while she admits to his not being as creepy as she thought. She's thankful for the pep talk. He reassures her that she'll be fine and as she gives him a hug, John returns. Vincent makes a hasty retreat as John tells him he has a gun. "I do too," Vincent says. "What'd I miss?" John wonders.

David receives a visitor. "You did good, you earned every penny I paid you to kill your brother," Asa announces.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Dorian interrupted Evangeline and asked what was up with the David Vickers murder case and what it would take to get the department to drop the charges. Evangeline reminded Dorian that David had taken someone's life and he wasn't going to get off with a slap on the wrist. Dorian visited David and said she was going to hire the best lawyers for him. David said she didn't have to. "I didn't do it," he said.

Todd met Viki for dinner at the Palace. Blair interrupted them. After some unpleasantries with Todd, Blair headed to Miles' table (who was nursing a hangover) and offered to buy him a drink. She ordered Miles a Kramer Melt, her cure for a hangover. Miles told Blair he had been drinking with Marty. Miles hoped that his life would turn around. Blair suggested he watch who he becomes friends with. Miles asked her why she didn't like Marty. Evangeline showed up at the Palace wearing the necklace Todd gave her, but told Todd she couldn't accept the gift.

John reminded Natalie that she's a big girl, so he wasn't going to comment on her spending time with Vincent. Then he said he thought David killed Spencer. After John and Natalie made love, Natalie told John that Bo knows about her tampering with the murder site and he's aware that John knew about it. John blew up at her. "I can't believe you did this again!" he yelled. They had a very nasty argument. Natalie suspected that Bo will fire her eventually. She added that Vincent also knows about this (sort of). "That scum," John exploded.

Asa told David he proved what he was made of and shook David's hand. Asa suggested David tell them he stopped Spencer from killing Blair. David explained that his mother was in love with Asa. "You broke her heart," he explained. Asa continued that David would be paid "when he gets out." Asa told Nigel that he had David kill Spencer to see if David "had what it takes to be a Buchanan."

Nash denied he was having an affair with Jessica. Antonio followed up with, "Do you want to have an affair with Jessica??" Nash danced around that question. "Having an affair with a married woman isn't exactly my idea of a good time," he told Antonio, and added that he can barely stand to be in the same room as Jessica. Before Nash left, he reiterated that there was nothing going between him and Jessica.

Meanwhile, Jessica insisted to Marty that she loves both Nash and Antonio. Marty suggested she write down the name of the man she really wants to be with. Jessica did that with some difficulty. Miles ran into Jessica as she left Marty's, and then Jess ran into Nash. Nash told Jessica he's pretty sure Antonio is "onto us." Miles told Marty that he's glad she was his first kiss.

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