Passions Recaps: The week of March 12, 2007 on PS

Theresa's wedding to Jared was interrupted, and Ethan tried to win her back. Theresa's secret kept her from Ethan. Luis escaped with Sheridan's help. Vincent threatened to tell Whitney about him and Chad if Chad disobeyed. Kay ended it with Miguel, but Tabitha intervened so Miguel would not pursue Charity.
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Passions Recaps: The week of March 12, 2007 on PS
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Monday, March 12, 2007

Miguel was upset that Kay had broken it off with him, so he decided to leave town and asked Charity to marry him, but Tabitha might have something to say about that. She gave Miguel some love potion so that he could lust after Kay once again; however, Miguel was lusting after Charity. Tabitha had to take action -- and soon. She jumped on Miguel and hit him over the head with a pot to prevent him from going off to find Charity, but nothing seemed to be working.

Tabitha managed to conjure up something heavy enough to hit Miguel on the head, and she succeeded. Tabitha had to give Kay a love potion so that she could lust after Miguel. She cast a spell so that she could give Kay the potion and also gave Miguel another dose. Tabitha was astonished that Miguel was lusting after her instead of Kay. She managed to turn things around so that Miguel would go after Kay. Miguel chased after Kay, and they made mad, passionate love.

Fox tried to convince Julian that he was getting the real drug and not the placebo, but Julian thought it was all in his head because he knew that he had paid off the nurse so that Fox wouldn't get the real drug. Fox was convinced that he was getting the real treatment because his hair was falling out.

Jared was hyperventilating after his heated conversation with Ethan. The blackmailer sent Theresa a message to make sure that she married Jared. Ivy overheard that Theresa would be marrying Jared, so Ethan wouldn't be in the picture, and she was overjoyed by the news. Ivy told Ethan to live with the fact that Theresa loved Jared and would be marrying him. She also reminded him that Theresa had destroyed his life.

If Fancy found Sheridan with Luis, Sheridan would be one sorry aunt. She looked all over Harmony for the Crane executive apartment. Meanwhile, Sheridan was in the Crane apartment, kissing Luis, but a telephone call interrupted them. Sheridan decided to take a shower, and she fantasized about Luis being with her in the shower.

Sheridan pretended that the hot water was not functioning well so that she could get Luis to join her in the shower. What Sheridan did not expect was Fancy showing up and telling her that she was a scheming bitch. Sheridan was shocked out of her mind with disappointment.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Julian questioned Ethan's hold over Theresa, but Ethan didn't care what Julian thought. Ethan expressed his disappointment to Julian about Theresa marrying Jared. Ethan was confused about Theresa's motive for marrying Jared, and he smelled a rat. In addition, he thought that Theresa was as conniving as Alistair in that she never did anything without an ulterior motive.

Jared was ecstatic about his impending marriage to Theresa, but he questioned why Theresa was crying. Theresa told him that she was crying because she was excited, but the real reason Theresa was crying was because the mystery person was blackmailing her. Eve walked in the room and told Jared that he could not marry Theresa because he was still sick. That news would not deter Theresa from marrying Jared, even if she had to marry him without Eve finding out.

Eve was angry. She walked out and demanded that Whitney give her an answer as to why Theresa was in such a rush to marry Jared when he was ill and she was still in love with Ethan. Whitney did not reveal Theresa's secret. Theresa prayed that Ethan would never find out that she was marrying Jared. Ethan appeared out of nowhere, and he told Theresa that he was aware that she was marrying Jared and demanded to know why she was going through with it. Theresa told Ethan that it was none of his business.

Ethan pulled Theresa into a kiss and told her that he was the only man that she loved. Theresa pulled away and told him that the love was gone and that Jared was the man for her. Shortly afterwards, Theresa received a message from the blackmailer confirming that she would go through with the wedding with Jared, within the next hour.

Whitney delivered Theresa's trousseau so that she could prepare for her wedding. Jared was ecstatic that he was finally marrying Theresa. Jared didn't have a best man, so Theresa paid an orderly $500 to stand in as a witness. Ethan looked on pitifully as Jared married the woman of his dreams.

Julian met up with Eve in the hospital corridor, and Julian asked her if Valerie had contacted her about their son. Eve was too distraught to discuss it because she had been told that Chad was her son, and it had turned out to be untrue, so Eve did not want to get disappointed all over again. In addition, she and Julian weren't together anymore, so that made it even more stressful for Eve. Julian assured Eve that he would do everything in his power to help find their son.

Fancy went to the Crane apartments to look for Luis, and she accused Sheridan of trying to steal Luis away from her. Sheridan kept telling Fancy to stay away from Luis because Fancy could not make Luis as happy as Sheridan could. Luis heard a commotion and decided to check it out. Sheridan informed Luis that Fancy was getting too attached to the situation. Fancy looked around the apartment and wondered if she was interrupting anything. Luis made it very clear that nothing was going on between him and Sheridan.

Fancy didn't trust Sheridan, so she mentiond to Luis that Sheridan was just like her grandfather, Alistair. She had cold water running through her veins. Sheridan reminded Fancy that the same blood was running through her veins. Fancy and Sheridan continued to fight, so Sheridan used the opportunity to mention Pretty, Fancy's sister. Luis knew nothing about Pretty, so he asked Sheridan to tell him the story about Pretty. Fancy appeared nervous.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jessica was in the hospital, having memories of a half-man/half-woman, while outside her room, Paloma, Sam, Simone, and Noah discussed an intervention. Spike showed up and tried to see her. Sam stopped him, but he insisted that he had more rights than Sam did as her father. Sam insisted that Spike leave, or he would be arrested. Spike insulted everyone and left, but not before getting in several cheap shots about Simone and Rae.

The toxicology reports showed that Jessica was not high on drugs or alcohol. Jessica continued to remember the" thing" that she had seen. Her friends and family still thought that she was hallucinating but didn't know why. Sam wanted to take her home, but Spike was listening and did not intend to let that happen. Once they returned to the Bennetts' house, Sam was called away.

Noah, Paloma, and Simone tried to intervene with Jessica so that she would leave her abusive situation. Spike lurked outside, trying to figure out how to lure Jessica away. After the intervention, Jessica went to her room to rest. Paloma, Noah, and Simone talked downstairs. Simone left to prepare for Rae's funeral. Noah and Paloma commiserated downstairs as Spike crept out of Jessica's closet.

Luis asked Fancy about what had happened to her sister Pretty. Fancy avoided answering and instead blamed Sheridan for trying to break them up. Sheridan said that she loved both her nieces. Luis decided that he didn't have to know about what had happened with Pretty because all families had issues. Chris had followed Fancy and listened outside the door.

Sheridan continued to insist that she was afraid that what had happened between Fancy and Pretty would happen between Sheridan and Fancy. Fancy said that Sheridan was twisting everything and started to hyperventilate. Chris heard everything. He called the police to tell them where Luis was and disguised his voice.

Fancy, Sheridan, and Luis heard sirens. Before they could react, they heard Sam at the door. Chris hid in the hallway and gloated. He was confident that once Sam had Luis in custody, Luis would be out of Sheridan's life for good. Inside the apartment, Luis told Fancy to arrest him.

Judge Riley began the wedding ceremony but stopped it because Theresa was so distraught. Ethan looked on through the door. He did not believe that Theresa really wanted to marry Jared because he knew that Theresa loved him. Inside the room, Theresa had the judge start the ceremony. She was desperate to marry so that the blackmailer did not tell her secret.

Theresa imagined that she was marrying Ethan, not Jared. The judge caught her daydreaming and tried to give her more time, but she insisted that the ceremony continue. She said her vows to Jared but saw Ethan in his place. Just as Judge Riley was about to pronounce them married, Jared passed out.

As Eve and other doctors worked to save Jared, Theresa blamed herself. In the corridor, Whiney tried to comfort her as Ethan looked on. Eve rushed Jared to surgery, fearful that his death was imminent.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spike played on Jessica's insecurities, encouraging her to leave her family and friends. Unaware of what was happening upstairs, Noah and Paloma engaged in some playful flirting.

Chad had to rein in his anger toward his lover when Whitney showed up.

When Sam and the cops arrived at the apartment, Luis forced Fancy to arrest him so she wouldn't get in trouble. He also had Sheridan sneak out the back. Chris pretended to have just arrived, but Fancy quickly realized he had been the one who had tipped off the police to Luis' whereabouts. While no one was looking, Fancy allowed Luis to escape. Sheridan found Luis and demanded he get in her car so she could help him get away.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Time and time again, Jessica kept falling for Spike's manipulations. He kept telling her that she was all alone, and Jessica bought it. Paloma went to the Bennett house to give support to Jessica. Spike was tormenting Jessica, so she went downstairs for support, but Paloma was making out with Noah. Jessica took that as a sign that she was all alone and had no one to look out for her, so she went back upstairs to put up with more of Spike's emotional abuse.

Meanwhile, Paloma was ready for Noah to make love to her, but Noah was hesitant. He wanted it to be someplace special and not in his father's living room. Besides, he did not want to move too fast because of what had happened with Fancy. He wanted to get to know Paloma first.

Sam put out an APB on Luis. Fancy was sure that Sheridan was the one helping Luis to escape. She told Chris that Sheridan was very manipulative, since that was all she had known growing up with Alistair and Julian. Fancy was worried that the longer Sheridan was with Luis, the better chance she had at stealing Luis away from her.

Meanwhile, Sheridan had taken Luis to the Crane cabin for refuge. Sheridan cried and ran a guilt trip on herself to gain sympathy from Luis. Luis rushed to the bedroom to comfort Sheridan. She placed herself in Luis' arms so that she could get him in a compromising position, and it worked. Luis ended up kissing her.

Theresa was frantic about Jared, but Eve assured her that Jared was going to be just fine. Jared wanted to continue the ceremony, but Eve told him to postpone it because of his health. Ethan was relieved because he thought he had a chance to talk Theresa into marrying him instead of Jared. Ethan overheard Theresa on the phone with the blackmailer, so he knew someone was forcing her to marry Jared and not him.

Ethan demanded to know who was forcing Theresa's hand. Ethan wanted to know if it had anything to do with the secret she had been keeping from him since Rome, and Theresa denied it. Jared lied to Theresa and told her that Eve had given him the go-ahead to marry.

Valerie told Eve and Julian that she had found their son. Julian was amazed that Valerie had been able to get information on their son that quickly. Alistair had always prevented the flow of information. In this instance, Valerie had called in some favors. In any event, Valerie told Eve and Julian that their child had been brutally abused.

Chad was worried that Whitney suspected something about his affair, but it turned out that Whitney thought that Chad was jealous of Vincent having a crush on her. That was a relief for Chad. Valerie finally showed up and told Whitney how great Vincent was in bed, and it was quite obvious that Chad felt uncomfortable. Whitney confronted Chad about it, and he played it off.

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