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Josh's determination to get Babe away from JR had him pushing Krystal to reveal her secret to Adam. JR stopped Krystal from telling Adam the truth about the baby's paternity. Adam accused JR of betraying him to further his own agenda. Ryan proposed to Annie. Tad resented Julia's attempts to replace Kate with Kathy. Sean and Colby lamented their dysfunctional families. Josh interrupted an intimate moment between Bianca and Zoe.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 12, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, March 12, 2007

Ryan went to the police station to see Alexander. Ryan stated that because Alexander was still alive, it made his will invalid. Therefore, Ryan was no longer the head of Cambias Industries. Ryan, however, was pleased to no longer work for Cambias because he wanted nothing to do with Alexander. Ryan said his children mattered more to him than money and power. Alexander did not care about Ryan's indifference toward the company because he had already chosen Ryan's successor.

Zach and Kendall stormed in. Zach threw down the papers a messenger had delivered to him earlier. Zach told his father to take his company "to hell" with him. Alexander said Zach had to take over Cambias Industries. Otherwise, Alexander would wipe out Kendall. Zach leaped at his father and grabbed his neck. Zach warned Alexander never to threaten Kendall again.

Kendall and Ryan pleaded with Zach to let go of Alexander, and he did. Alexander proceeded to explain that Fusion would not survive if Zach did not take over. Alexander also threatened to turn Cambias Industries into the Michael Cambias Foundation. The foundation would help criminals escape prison time by providing them with expensive defense attorneys. Zach and Kendall were disgusted and walked out.

Ryan stated that he and Zach were survivors because they'd had to overcome terrible fathers. Meanwhile, Zach and Kendall went home. Zach was distraught over his choice. Zach did not want to take over Cambias Industries, but he also did not want to ruin Fusion or foster criminals. Kendall said there might be a reason for Zach to take the position. Kendall then proceeded to announce her pregnancy. Zach just stared at her.

Di, Julia, and Annie were discussing Annie's love life. Di and Julia wondered why Annie had not said yes to Ryan's marriage proposal. Annie explained that Ryan had never said he loved her. Annie also worried that Ryan might miss the kind of woman that drove him crazy, like Kendall.

Ryan went to Wildwind. Ryan said he had good news and bad news. The good news was that they had a lot of free time, but the bad news was that they were unemployed. Ryan explained the situation, and Annie laughed. Annie did not care about her job but wondered if Ryan was sad about his. Ryan did not seem too worried.

Ryan looked at Annie and said that she drove him crazy. Annie was very pleased by the comment. Ryan asked for an answer to his marriage proposal. Annie was silent.

Erica announced to JR and Tad that Babe was alive. JR called Erica sick, but she insisted it was true. Erica said they could ask Jeff, Joe, Kendall, Zach, Jack, or Krystal to prove it. Then, JR remembered Little Adam saying that Krystal had taken him to see his mommy. Erica went on to explain that Babe's fake death had been staged to protect her from the killer. Erica also admitted that Josh was treating Babe.

JR demanded to know where Babe was, but Erica wanted JR to understand that Josh had saved Babe's life. JR said he understood, so Erica told him where to find Babe. JR left, and Tad asked Erica why she had really told JR about Babe. Erica said Tad would have to ask Babe, and she left. Tad saw Krystal leaving with Little Adam. Tad said they would have to put their trip to see Babe on hold. Krystal looked shocked, and Tad explained that he knew everything.

Adam walked in and heard that Babe was alive. Tad left as Adam questioned Krystal. Adam was upset that Krystal had lied to him about Babe. Krystal insisted that she had been protecting her daughter but apologized for lying to Adam. Adam accepted the apology. Adam then wished that JR and Babe would get back together, but Krystal was skeptical.

Babe was very sad about leaving her mother as she recalled the last time she had run away. Babe stated that she had been a different person then. Josh promised to take care of everything and to provide Babe and Little Adam with a good life. Josh left, and JR entered. JR and Babe just stared at each other.

JR began to cry and declared that it was the miracle he had prayed for. Babe asked if JR remembered how much he had hated her before she had been attacked. JR stated he was a new person and wanted a second chance with Babe. Babe asserted that she wanted a divorce and expected JR to threaten her.

JR regretted that he had made Babe expect the worst of him. JR explained that even if they got a divorce, he still would not tell Krystal's secret. JR then reminded Babe that she had asked for a second chance after he had jumped out the window. JR wanted to take things one step at a time, like Babe had suggested after his accident.

Meanwhile, Erica went to see Josh in the casino, just as he bought Babe's fake passport. Erica tried to explain that Josh's plan to leave with Babe was foolish, since Babe always chose JR. Josh said Babe would not take JR back again because JR had been blackmailing her. Still, Erica insisted that Josh's plan would not work.

Josh asked if Erica had told JR about Babe. Erica said she'd had to protect Josh. Josh was enraged and rushed to Babe's room. When he arrived, JR was holding Babe's hand. Meanwhile, Tad went to the casino and saw Erica. Erica informed Tad that JR was blackmailing Babe. Erica asked Tad to help her find out what he was blackmailing her with.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

At Babe's bedside, Babe told JR that they were through for good, but JR pledged his undying love. Josh entered and told JR to leave, and JR thanked Josh for saving her. Josh asked Babe if she was going back to JR, and she said that she wouldn't be with either of them. Tad entered, and she told him that she wanted to visit, but she needed to talk to JR alone. Tad left and took Josh with him. JR told Babe how he had hated himself after she had died and had told Jamie that if he had a chance to do it all over again, he would do right by her. Babe had doubts about his intentions.

Erica was intent on finding out what secret Babe was hiding. She asked Tad to find out the secret, but he told her to back off. He told her that life was too short to ruin it for anybody. Erica went to Bianca at the Miranda Center and tried to convince her to leave with Erica to stop Josh. Erica said that she had told JR that Babe was alive and Josh had her hidden in the casino. Bianca was thrilled at the news and went to tell Zoe.

Ryan continued making a case to Annie for them to be together. She said that not too long before, he had loved Kendall. Ryan told her he had gotten over it and loved Annie. He said that she was a wonderful mom and would make a wonderful wife.

Zach was a bit shell-shocked at the news of Kendall's pregnancy. Zach was afraid and a bit uneasy but told Kendall that he wanted the baby. They began kissing and talking. He asked when it was due, and she said she didn't know yet. He said that he knew he could not take Cambias. Kendall told him to take Cambias and turn it into something good that his father would never recognize.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Zach went to see his father in prison. Zach announced that he would take over Cambias Industries. Alexander was pleased to hear that Zach was taking over his legacy. However, Zach declared that Cambias would no longer be his father's legacy. Zach explained that he was going to rebuild Cambias completely, and it would have nothing to do with Alexander.

Alexander looked nervous and said Zach could never escape his legacy, but Zach smiled and stated that his father had no hold over him. Then, Zach walked out. Alexander screamed for Zach to return, but Zach kept walking.

Jonathan did not realize Kendall was in the room when he announced the news about Ryan's proposal. When Jonathan saw Kendall, he quickly left Ryan and Kendall alone. Ryan admitted that he had proposed to Annie. Kendall was surprised but said she was happy for him. Then, she ran out of the room and slammed the door.

Ryan was confused. However, when Kendall returned, she explained that she was sick. Ryan realized she was pregnant and immediately congratulated her. They reminisced about her pregnancy with Spike. Kendall recalled her cravings and weird dreams about belly button balloons.

Ryan and Kendall laughed together and wished each other the best. Then, Kendall commented that Annie was very understanding because she still wanted to marry Ryan, despite his vasectomy. Ryan got a worried look on his face as Kendall received a phone call.

Zach called Kendall and asked her to meet him right away at the casino. Kendall left, and Jonathan returned. Ryan expressed his worry that Annie did not know about the vasectomy. Jonathan explained that Annie had admitted she was in love with Ryan. Ryan was relieved and felt he just needed to make Annie realize he was worthy.

Kendall arrived at the casino, and Zach had the entire outside patio decorated. There was a poster that said, "We're having a baby!" Zach had even gotten balloons that had belly buttons on them. Kendall was shocked that Zach had remembered her dreams from her pregnancy with Spike. Zach stated that he remembered everything about Kendall, and they kissed.

Then, Zach gave Kendall a gift. It was a chain with a key charm on it. Zach said the key was for their future, their family, and his heart. Zach thanked Kendall for saving his heart. Zach showed Kendall baby clothes he had already bought. Kendall laughed and announced that she had thought of baby names. For a boy, it would be Zachary Ethan and for a girl it would be Amelia Bianca. Zach smiled and kissed Kendall.

Bianca had tears in her eyes when she saw Babe. Bianca was very happy and told Babe that she forgave her for everything. They both cried and embraced each other. Bianca said she wanted to be friends again, and Babe said she had never stopped loving Bianca. Bianca then asked if Babe planned to leave town. Babe said leaving was just a desperation move that she did not want make. Babe wanted to stay in town with her family and friends.

Babe explained that JR wanted her back. Babe then asked Bianca about JR's behavior while she had been "dead." Bianca explained about JR leaving Zoe at the cemetery. Bianca also stated that JR had sincerely apologized. However, Bianca warned that JR was broken and would probably revert to his old ways. Babe agreed and said her marriage was over.

Babe declared that she needed to get ready for a custody battle. Bianca asked about the blackmail. Babe said JR had promised not to use it against her. Bianca warned Babe again that JR might go back on his word and that her secret was bound to be revealed.

Adam had Colby meet him at the mall. Adam told Colby that Babe was alive. Adam then asked for Colby's help to buy baby clothes for Charlotte. Colby was very excited and promised to be the best sister, sister-in-law, and stepdaughter. Adam was very pleased and wished that the entire family could get back together, since Babe was alive.

Colby said she knew a way to get Babe and JR back together, but Adam told her to stay out of it. Colby wondered why her father had become so laid-back. Adam stated that Krystal inspired him to trust love, faith, and honesty.

Josh told Krystal that her secret was ammunition for JR. Krystal was annoyed with Josh because he was acting like JR. Krystal believed that Josh had used her secret to coax Babe into leaving town with him. Krystal also accused Josh of pressuring Babe, just like JR. Josh said he was nothing like JR. Josh also said Krystal was the threat to Babe, not him. Josh explained that Babe would sacrifice her life for Krystal's. Therefore, Babe would stay with JR forever because she feared JR would tell Krystal's secret.

Meanwhile, Tad saw JR outside and asked to talk with him. Tad asked about the blackmail and promised to stop JR from hurting Babe. JR swore on Dixie's grave that he would not use the blackmail and that he would never hurt Babe again. JR asked Tad to stop digging for information on the blackmail, and Tad agreed. JR went inside and heard Josh and Krystal discussing the secret. JR told Josh never to tell the secret, and Josh left.

JR told Krystal about his visit with Babe. JR said Babe wanted a divorce, but he vowed to stop at nothing to win her back. Krystal seemed distraught, so when Adam returned home, he asked her what was wrong. Krystal said she had never meant to hurt Babe and Adam and began to cry. Krystal also stated that she had made a mistake.

Krystal admitted that JR was blackmailing Babe with Krystal's secret. Adam looked worried. Meanwhile, Tad followed Josh after he left the mansion. Josh urged Tad to uncover the secret of the blackmail because it was the only way to save Babe from JR.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ryan briefly stopped packing his office long enough to gaze at pictures of him with his children and the two most prominent women in his life. A few moments later, Annie walked in but, thinking she was interrupting a moment, started to leave. Ryan convinced her to stay, and she told him that she was having a hard time with the change that was causing them to leave Cambias. He asked her how she did with surprises, and she replied that given the ones he had thrown at her and the fact that she was still standing, she should be okay. He told her that there was something in his past that he should have told her about before proposing, so she sat down and tried to prepare for the worst.

Ryan told Annie that back when he had been married to Greenlee, he had been convinced that because of who his father was, he could never become one on his own. Greenlee, however, had felt that having a child would rid him of the doubts he had. He admitted that he hadn't believed her and confessed that he'd had a vasectomy to make sure that he didn't have any accidental children, a decision that he regretted. To his surprise, Annie took it well, saying that he hadn't suddenly loved Emma more when he had found out that they were biologically related.

Annie asked Ryan how he felt about adoption, and he admitted that he'd never thought about it. She told him that the thought of being able to give joy and hope to a child who had never experienced it before would be very rewarding, and Ryan told her that she made it seem appealing. He was then struck with a whim and demanded that she accompany him to a mystery destination. Before she knew it, they were on the private Cambias jet, and he was pulling her leg by intimating that they were going to go to Ireland to pick up some props that he had promised to have for Emma for St. Patrick's Day.

Annie looked out the window and called Ryan's bluff, noting that Ireland's skyline looked a lot like New York City's. He fessed up to their destination but still didn't tell her what his plan was. They landed, but he told her to stay on the plane while he ran an errand. When he returned a short while later, he first showed her the hats that he had picked up for Emma, Kathy, and Spike. She seemed flabbergasted that he would do something so extravagant for the props, so he followed by telling her that he had stopped at a jewelry store.

Annie held her breath, and Ryan pulled out a ring box and showed her a large engagement ring. Although she realized more each day how crazy he was about her and how much he wanted them to spend the rest of their lives together, she still needed more time. He accepted that and told her that he would tuck the ring away for safe keeping until she had an answer for him.

Zoe rushed into the fake hospital room that had been hiding Babe for the past few weeks and gave her best girlfriend a hug. Begging relief from another crying session, Bianca announced that she was going to step outside to call home and make sure that Miranda was sleeping. Once in the hall, she ran into her brother and gave him a big hug for saving Babe's life. Josh said that he was glad that Babe no longer needed to be mourned but was still upset that the word had gotten out.

Bianca related that she had heard from Erica about Josh's plans to spirit Babe and Little Adam away from Pine Valley, never to be seen again, and noted that Erica had felt pushed to spill the beans so that she wouldn't lose the son she had so recently found. Josh understood Erica's motives but noted that Erica's decision had cut Babe off at the knees, preventing her from doing anything. He then asked his baby sister how he could possibly protect Babe. Bianca assured him that Babe was ready for whatever kind of fight JR had in him, and Josh protested, saying that the fight wouldn't have had to take place if Erica hadn't opened her mouth.

Bianca told Josh that even though it hadn't been Erica's place to spill the beans, the plan he had hadn't been that great, and it would have boiled down to kidnapping and a life on the run for the rest of their lives, something that Babe wasn't fully prepared to do. She then noted that what Erica Kane wanted, she generally got. Bianca said that he should understand that because both he and Kendall were just like their mother. Josh recoiled at the comparison, but Bianca deftly laid out the evidence: although Josh had insisted that Erica keep the secret, she had talked anyway; similarly, Babe had told Josh numerous times to stay out of her relationship with JR, and yet there he was again, offering to help.

Bianca said that Babe had sworn that things were over between her and JR and noted that Josh needed to trust Babe's word. He told Bianca that it wasn't Babe he didn't trust -- it was JR. He insisted that if they were somewhere else, he could give Babe the better life that she deserved. Bianca told him that he needed to let Babe go to him on her own, not try to drag her away when she didn't want to go. Josh relented a little, admitting that he hated to see Babe afraid. Bianca told him that Babe wasn't staying out of fear -- she was staying because she had built a home and a life in Pine Valley, and the town held her heart.

Back inside the room, Babe asked Zoe to tell her what had happened in the cemetery, and Zoe told her that Bianca shouldn't have burdened her with that. Babe said that she was sorry that it had happened and even sorrier about the way that JR had treated her. Zoe said that JR had apologized and that she was over it, but Babe continued to lament that Zoe would have been safe had it not been for her. Zoe covered Babe's mouth and said that she was done letting the young woman guilt herself endlessly, especially since it wasn't good for her health.

Zoe said that she had gone to visit because she was so thankful to whatever higher power was out there for sparing Babe's life. She said that she thought of Babe as an inspiration. Babe turned the tables and said that she had heard about Zoe's trip to the endocrinologist and the transgender group -- and cited those as reasons why Zoe was the true inspiration. Zoe related how terrified she had been going to the meeting, and how she had found the strength to stay because of Bianca.

Babe thought that Zoe and Bianca growing closer might mean something more, but Zoe blew her off and continued with a few more details about the meeting then said that she had never been happier. Babe complimented the exterior changes, as well, prompting Zoe to show off her new dress. Bianca and Josh returned to the room just then, and Bianca made fun of Zoe. Then, Zoe gave the young doctor an impromptu hug and kiss to thank him for saving Babe before she and Bianca took their leave.

Alone, Babe asked Josh where he had gone. He told her that he had gone to see Krystal to make sure that JR couldn't ambush Babe with the knowledge of her survival. Babe thanked him, and he apologized for Erica's behavior that had ruined their plans. Relieved, Babe told him that it was better that she stay and find a workable custody plan for her dealings with JR. She asked if he understood, and he told her that he knew that she couldn't be happy unless the people that she loved were happy too. He told her it was the thing he loved most about her and kissed her to make it true.

Babe broke away prematurely and shyly changed the subject, remarking at how beautiful Zoe had looked and how deserving she was of a good life. Josh told her that she deserved the same, and Babe replied that she would have hers eventually -- once she found a new place to stay that wouldn't tick JR off, since it was important to keep a measure of peace between them until the custody agreement was in place. She started to comment on a relationship between the two of them, but Josh jumped in and told her that they were starting over. He got up, left the room and reentered, introducing himself as if for the first time. They played the game for a few moments before he returned to serious and told her that he knew she was going through a rough time, and that he could be whatever kind of friend she needed him to be to help her get by.

Krystal tearfully told Adam that Babe would do anything to protect her, and so JR, with the knowledge to destroy both of their worlds, had Babe right where he wanted her. Adam pleaded with his wife to tell what kind of secret could be so horrible that she had felt she'd had to keep it from him. JR overheard and rushed in at that moment and demanded that Krystal keep her silence. Krystal insisted that the best course of action would be to tell all, but JR wouldn't back down. Colby joined them in short order, asking why they were fighting when they had so recently reached a happy place as a family.

Krystal, sensing the very real urgency in JR's voice, asked Adam to take Colby outside so that she could talk to JR alone. She promised that after doing so, she would tell him the truth as planned. Reluctantly, Adam did as she asked and led his youngest child out to the patio. Once alone, Krystal insisted that she would be revealing everything that night despite the fact that even though it might be the last thing that Babe wanted, it was the best thing for her. JR demanded that she tell him what Josh had told her, believing that Josh had somehow pressured her into making the decision to tell the truth.

Krystal told JR that if anyone had pressured her, it had been JR -- because history told her that the secret was just the thing he would need to keep Babe in line. JR promised that his raw emotions from when he had thought Babe was dead should be proof enough that he would never hurt her again. He also pointed out that Babe wanted her to keep the secret as a way of protecting her, and Krystal blurted out that Babe should not have to shoulder that burden.

JR then asked about Adam and what she thought the truth would do to him. She told JR that the last thing that she wanted to do was hurt Adam, but it was the best thing for everyone. JR detailed how unhinged Adam would become once he found out the truth and the vengeance he would seek because of it. He noted that at that moment, Krystal and Charlotte were Adam's heart, and if that was taken away from him, Adam would make sure she regretted it for the rest of her life.

Outside, Adam released his frustrations at being kept in the dark, causing his daughter to slightly recoil from him. She let on that she didn't know exactly what the secret was, but she had overheard a conversation between Krystal and Tad when she had been hiding in the tunnels after the boat accident. Adam demanded that she tell what she knew, but all she could remember was that it had been around the time that Madden had been killed, and Krystal had voiced her concern that if things hadn't gone the way they had hoped, Dixie had held a secret that could shatter their worlds.

JR told Krystal that it wasn't too late to change her mind -- that he had given her the perfect way out by telling his father that the secret had to do with her past. He said that if she really wanted to protect Babe and if she really loved Adam, she would keep the secret about Charlotte to herself. Just then, Adam and Colby rejoined them in the living room, and Adam asked JR to take Colby back out of the room so that he could talk to Krystal alone. The children left, and Adam asked, almost too calmly, if she was planning to reveal the secret or if he needed to call Tad, since it was his secret as well.

Shocked, Krystal told Adam not to call Tad and then admitted that JR had found out from his mother. Adam hypothesized what Dixie could have held over her head, but Krystal told him not to make it about anyone but them. He told her that as long as they loved each other, there was nothing that she could tell him that could destroy them. Tearfully, she negated that statement. She told her husband that because she loved him so deeply, she couldn't keep lying -- and slowly related how she had gone over to comfort Tad after Madden's death and had ended up sleeping with him.

On the patio, Colby revealed to her brother that she had told Adam everything that she remembered overhearing, and JR ripped into her for it, saying that she should already know to keep her mouth shut. She assured him that the only things that she knew were that there was a secret and that Dixie knew about it.

Zoe and Bianca showed up at the Valley Inn bar and paused at the entrance. Zoe was somewhat scared of her first full-fledged venture into society as a woman, and Bianca assured her that they could celebrate just as well somewhere else. Zoe declined, saying that if they were going to celebrate, they needed to do it at the place that served the best wine. They went in, and everyone turned to stare. The maitre d' approached, referred to Zoe as Zarf, and asked if the rock star would be staying with them again. Zoe denied it and then asked that he refer to her by her chosen name.

Bianca and Zoe were seated, and they ordered shortly before Barbara and Sean showed up. Barbara was overly exuberant at seeing her stepdaughter again and was unapologetic at interrupting their outing. She asked to be introduced, but when Bianca attempted to politely decline, Barbara took liberties and did so herself before realizing who she was talking to.

Although Sean was obviously embarrassed, Barbara loudly asked her son the name the musician had used when arrested in conjunction with the murders. She then obnoxiously pointed out that Bianca had to still be acting out. Bianca stated that she was simply having a drink with a friend, and Barbara dragged her out of the bar so that they could talk. Left alone with Zoe, Sean uncomfortably noted that he had all of the singer's CDs before gratefully answering the phone call that interrupted them. He found Colby on the other end, begging him to go over.

In the foyer, Barbara lured Bianca into a showdown, berating her for hanging out with any manner of freak that might cross her path. Years older and much better able to handle herself, Bianca reminded her stepmother that Barbara had certainly never approved of Bianca after she "came out," recalling that she hadn't wanted her daughter Molly tainted by Bianca's choices. Barbara tried to regain some footing, invoking Bianca's father's name and insisting that he would not be okay with the way she had been living her life. Bianca flung the half-hearted accusation back in Barbara's face, saying that if Barbara really cared about what Travis wanted, she would have tried harder to stay in touch and to keep his children closer together.

Bianca then noted that unlike Barbara, her father wasn't a bigot -- and that she had learned really quickly that intolerance stemmed from ignorance and stupidity, never expecting that the first person she would see it from would be Barbara. She then extricated herself from the situation and returned to the table, apologizing for her stepmother's behavior. Zoe admitted that she had overheard the last part of the conversation and was exceedingly proud of the way Bianca had handled herself. They filled their glasses and made a series of toasts before drinking.

Babe thanked Josh for everything, and he was just about to leave when JR burst in and insisted that Babe go with him. Josh tried to kick him out, but JR ignored him, instead telling Babe that Krystal was on the precipice of decimating her life.

The information sunk in, and as Krystal pleaded for Adam to understand, the only thing that Adam could give voice to was the question of whether or not the child she was carrying is Tad's. Although she said nothing, her silence spoke volumes.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Annie and Ryan returned to Julia's home after their romantic St. Patrick's getaway to New York. Annie turned on some soft music and shared a dance with Ryan before they lay in front of the living room fireplace. Annie told Ryan that she wanted Emma to have the best childhood ever -- a plan he was more than willing to make happen. Ryan said his dreams were to share hers with a big house, more children -- and matching tattoos, he added jokingly.

Annie and Ryan shared a passionate kiss as Jonathan walked in. Ryan told his brother he had been just about to leave, kissed Annie goodbye, and headed out the door. Jonathan told Annie he knew he had made the right decision by telling Ryan how she felt about him. Annie thought Jonathan had made a mistake, and she feared the way Ryan had treated her might not have been genuine.

Tad did some research on Krystal's credit history to find out what secret she was carrying. His research was interrupted when Julia knocked at the door. She told him that Kathy wanted Tad to be her "daddy date" for an upcoming parents' picnic but emphasized that she had repeatedly told Kathy that he was not her father. Tad took offense to Kathy's invitation, barking that Julia should explain to Kathy who her real parents were.

Tad said he felt like he had reached a dead end in finding Kate but kept praying God would listen to him. Tad declined Kathy's invitation but offered to step in as an "uncle" if she ever needed one. He received a phone call and told the person he would be right there. Julia went home and sat with Annie by the fireplace.

At the casino, JR burst into Babe's room, telling her that Krystal was going to admit the truth to Adam. Babe told Josh to stay while she and JR went back to the Chandler mansion.

Krystal confirmed Adam's suspicions about the baby belonging to Tad. Colby listened as Krystal told Adam how Dixie had found out about the truth and had then told JR. Realizing Krystal had never planned to tell him the truth, Adam said he had no more questions for Krystal. Krystal continued to proclaim that she had kept the secret because she loved him so much. Adam told Krystal that she had destroyed their marriage, along with any love he'd had for her.

Adam said he had been suspicious when Krystal had told him she had only "talked" to Tad the night they had spent together, but he had wanted desperately to believe her. When Babe and JR rushed in, Adam immediately went after JR for lying to him. JR tried to take Adam's alcoholic beverage from his hand as Adam's anger raged. JR admitted he had used the secret to blackmail Krystal, but he knew he had ruined his life in many ways.

JR told his father he had not told Tad about the baby, so that should prove his loyalty. No one else had to know the truth, JR added. Babe encouraged Adam to think about how much he loved Charlotte before making any drastic decisions. When Tad went over at Adam's request, Adam told him to take Krystal and their unborn child out of his house.

Shortly after hearing Krystal tell her father that Charlotte belonged to Tad, Colby went outside to tell Sean that her family was falling apart. She thanked Sean for going as he placed his jacket around her shoulders. Colby said she had started to like Krystal, but Sean said it was a mistake to like parental figures because they only looked after themselves. Sean told Colby about his mother's affair and her attempts to bed Jackson, proving his mother had never thought about his needs for a second. Sean held Colby as she told him that she just wanted her family back together.

Bianca and Zoe shared wine and chocolate cake at Jackson's old apartment. When Zoe asked if Bianca had heard from Maggie, Bianca said not really, but had often wondered how Maggie was doing. Bianca admitted that she had always thought her relationship with Maggie could last through any obstacle. Bianca said that returning to Pine Valley had been painful, but meeting Zoe had changed her life by teaching her how to be brave.

When Zoe dripped some wine on her lip, Bianca tried to wipe it off with her finger. Right as Zoe leaned in to kiss Bianca, Josh burst through the door, announcing what was happening with Babe, JR, and Adam. He admitted that he was glad the truth was out because the secret wouldn't burden Babe anymore. Bianca told Josh that he had pulled the same trick Erica had, so maybe he was not so different from their mother.



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